Papadopoulos Claims Trump and Sessions Approved His Outreach To The Russians

According to filings in federal court, former campaign adviser George Papadopoulos claims Donald Trump approved his proposal of a meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin ahead of the 2016 presidential election.  I still do not see that effort as particularly sinister or incriminating.  Bach channels have long been established in politics.  What is most notable is that he states that Attorney General Jeff Sessions also approved the trip.  That fact only reaffirms the clearly correct decision that Sessions made to recuse himself despite the President continued attacks on Sessions.  Indeed, the account of the Papadopoulos testimony could conflict with Sessions’ testimony before Congress – making recusal all but inevitable.

The disclosure came in a court filing  late Friday as Papadopoulos seeks to avoid a prison stint.  In a surprising move, Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not formally ask for jail time but told the court that up to six months would be fair.  That is pretty steep for a false statement and a cooperating witness.

The Associated Press is reporting that the filing suggests that Sessions liked the idea — as opposed to his prior testimony that he “pushed back” on the idea: “While some in the room rebuffed George’s offer, Mr. Trump nodded with approval and deferred to Mr. Sessions who appeared to like the idea and stated that the campaign should look into it. George’s giddiness over Mr. Trump’s recognition was prominent during the days that followed.”

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  1. Off topic but good news on the rearrest. We have had enough school shootings.

    Teenage Boy from NM Compound: We Were Being Trained for Jihad
    BY CLARION PROJECT Sunday, September 2, 2018

    The 13-year-old son of the leader of the Islamist cult in New Mexico told FBI agents he was being trained for jihad against non-believers.

    Meanwhile, on Friday, August 31, the FBI rearrested all five adults involved with the cult after they had been let off on a legal technicality two days earlier.

    The boy, one of 11 children found starving at the filthy compound, is the son of Jany Leveille, an illegal immigrant from Haiti and the leader of the cult. Also at the compound was Leveille’s husband (or boyfriend, as her son referred to him), Siraj Wahhaj, Jr., son of radical imam Siraj Wahhaj, Sr. based in New York. Two of the other adult defendants in the case are Wahhaj, Sr.’s children as well.

    The boy said he and another teenage son of Leveille were trained for jihad by Wahhaj. Jr. The children received instruction in firearms and military techniques, such as rapid reloads and hand-to-hand combat, according to an affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in New Mexico.

    The teenager said Wahhaj, Jr. instructed them that jihad meant killing non-believers for the sake of Allah and said that Wahhaj, Jr. wanted to “get an army together.” Documents recovered from the compound listed potential targets, including school shootings or an attack on Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the Southeast.


    1. That’s ‘breaking news’, Allan..??

      Neither Fox nor Brietbart is reporting it right now.

      1. Peter, not all news is on the MSM, cable channels or popular sites.

        I guess to you the arrest of people training children to kill other children is meaningless even after they were released when first arrested. What type of individual are you that has no concern for the lives of our children?

        You should realize that after the fact the shooting at Douglas Stoneman was reported in great detail, but how that shooting occurred was not. Part of the reason the shooting occurred was because of Obama’s Promise Program which kept the school from dealing with Cruz time after time again when he was thought to be a threat. Other students reported the potential life threatening threats. The FBI was warned multiple times, the police department was called I think some thirty times, a security person let Cruz in. There is so much more about that story that has not been in the news that it is sickening. Those local persons on the left have kept things as quiet as they could and didn’t take reasonable steps either before or after the shooting.

        I think it is time that you educate yourself because you seem only to know what is chewed up and fed to you by left wing sites.

    1. An “authentic republican”? You mean that weasel Max Boot?

      Thankfully all this hoopla will end today after a stake is driven through McStain’s heart and he is put in the ground. What a freakin’ circus.

      1. I understand Spiked, it’s like how long can they drag that traitor’s corpse down every street & ally?

        But stop & consider the same people have been dragging Hillary’s surfer smelling corpse for decades now. LOL:)

        And yes I’ve heard, McCain was a “War Hero”, yeah to the NVA & the Viet Cong!

        People do need to pay respect to Sen John McCain’s record. As I understand it if he would have destroyed one more of the US’s fighter jets he would have been classified as a Enemy Ace! LOL:)

    2. Mark as an appellant attorney you should be embarrassed. What you have just done is define an authentic Republican as one who represents his, Max Boot’s opinions, and not the opinions of the Republican Party or those supporting Trump since they are not really the same.

      Max Boot is a never Trumper. I know quite a few never Trumper’s in prominent positions and known nationally. In general they will respond, no I didn’t vote for Hillary, Yes, I like the Supreme Court nominee. Yes, I like the tax cut except it wasn’t as good as I would have liked (also said by Trump). On and on we can go and what we find is that the never Trumpers are mostly in agreement with Trump on the most important national policies but they don’t like him. They don’t like Hillary either.

      Congratulations Mark you are now fit to judge, based on likeability, who should be Miss America.

      1. As a prelude, I would point out that your “Nobody” in the nobody cared schtick is now down to 36%.

        An authentic Republican is a conservative. An authentic Republican is a patriot, and loves America. you are confusing trumpists for Republicans. Boot may be referred to a a “never trumper” but that is not what defines an authentic Republican. I’m–of course–referring the the Republican Party of Goldwater, William F. Buckley and yes, Ronald Reagan. I prefer conservatism largely as Buckley defined it:

        “a set of beliefs in limited government, low taxation, minimal regulation, local control, and individual liberty. It contains substantial faith in free-market capitalism as the optimal means of advancing the greatest good for the greatest many, and it includes an historic hostility toward illiberal, non-democratic regimes, particularly Russia…it also calls for upright, moral behavior.” Although not his greatest drawback, the day glo bozo fails even this rudimentary test.

        I believe that the greatest indicator of his utter lack of the basic fundamentals necessary to be an effective captain of the last, best hope of man on Earth and leader of the free world is his breathtaking incompetence in nearly ever arena–not limited to foreign relations; his lack of intellectual curiosity or rigor; his inability to tell the truth about matters great and small; his malevolent cruelty; his lack of concern for the role the President of the United States has in representing America–that shining city on the hill; plus that he’s the president of ALL Americans, and not merely his 36% of elderly white folks.

        Further, his narcissistic, paranoid, suspicious, and criminogenic predisposition renders him unfit to judge and identify the proper persons to hire to tend to the people’s business. His cabinet choices–whose antics would provide high comedy if the positions weren’t so necessary and serious, is a never-ending cascade of incompetence, corruption, self-dealing and disgraceful behavior–but which matches that of the day glo bozo. In short, character matters; but perhaps not to the foolhardy 36%: you, your ilk, gullible rubes, the dupes, klan-wannabees, pocket traitors and grifters on the make.

        I would be remiss to neglect pointing out other facets of the fundamental dishonesty of the day glo bozo. His “thief in the cashbox” mentality in monetizing the office of the presidency; as well as his own self-dealing, and that of his cronies and family.

        Finally, his entire administration is rendered suspect by whatever it is that the Russians have on him. One of the greatest interpreters of human nature once articulated a trueism which still reverberates: “methink the lady doth protest too much.” If the day glo bozo is innocent of being in bed with the Russians, why doesn’t he act like it?

        I am quite sure I’ve left out many, many of the further disgraceful evidences of the unqualified nature of the buffoon who currently is president, but this is a decent start off the top of my head.

        to allen

        1. It appears I hit “reply” to the wrong allen post. It should a reply to the nobody cared post below.

        2. Mark,
          Putting aside all the corruption, lies, etc., I think the most succinct summary of Trump’s failings is that he is not fulfilling his oath of office in any meaningful way.

        3. Congratulations Mark, you and your crowd have created a monster and now want to walk away from your deed. You created the need for a man like Trump. One can see that in the way you have been posting comments up to now.

          Mark, you don’t get to define an authentic Republican, the people do. Your ideas are your own and not anyone else’s unless they choose to agree with you.

          Your words have demonstrated the opposite of Bill Buckley whose name you now raise in defense of whatever position you wish to hold. Bill Buckley was great as was Goldwater who did not write the book you may have read. Reagan was a great President, but I note the flak Reagan had to take from the left and the press. Reagan handled things much better than Trump handles them today but Reagan’s time was different and perhaps more civil. The incivility of the left and some on the right have created a divide that should never have existed.

          You might have some positive feelings towards the politics of Buckley, Reagan and Goldwater but you don’t show them rather you demonstrate a verbal ANTIFA style of discussion.

          I note here how you define Trump’s capabilities. That is your choice and right, but I note how certain things have changed for the better in the country under the Trump administration so you now have an obligation to prove things are not better or prove Trump hindered this type of progress with something other than a drama queen’s bullsh!t. You haven’t done that nor have you engaged without being entirely insulting to anyone that believes in some of the policies that I believe have improved America.

          You also have engaged in tribalism with the 36% remarks failing to recognize that at the same time your use of the word white is as racist as one who promotes the erection of a statue of a soldier who wished slavery to continue.

          Keep making your comments in the fashion you do. No judge would accept such comments without proof and the same is here where intelligent people can look at your lack of proof and supercilious language.

          (First lesson of law: Learn to spell the name of the person you are communicating with. The name is Allan not Allen and has been written on this blog in that fashion more times than I choose to count.)

            1. Allan, doesn’t worry about what mental defficients have to say or what the writer of the day writes. I care about the nation and right now it seems to be doing well. The ticking is in the heads of a lot of people that can’t understand why Trump won and don’t even understand that at least in the past Trump appeared to be a Democrat.

              1. Allan, I asked some legitimate questions hollywood couldn’t answer and Fishwings ran him off them before he had to answer the obvious. These idiots have no interest in the truth nor will they ever admit they are backing the Lawfare approach.

                That ticking sound is their troll meter running.

                1. Olly, when they look at the meter they will not be able to understand why they have to pay the price. I agree, it is hopeless. None of them are willing to place all the facts on the table and discuss them. None of them are willing to discuss prindiples. However, the blog itself is interesting along with knowing how people think and act. I’m reading a book The Lies They Tell which is nothing more than short interviews with regular folk and listening to what those folk have to say. It’s very entertaining as are some of the idiots on the blog.

              2. “The nation…seems to be doing well.”
                Pissed off the Germans. Check.
                Pissed off the English. Check.
                Pissed off the Irish. Check.
                Pissed off the French. Check.
                Pissed off the Canadians. Check.
                Pissed off the Mexicans. Check.
                Pissed off the Iranians. Check.
                Don’t know what we’re doing in Syria. Check.
                Hopelessly mired in Afghanistan. Check.
                Got played by N. Korea. Check.
                Got played by Putin. Check.
                Pissed off the soybean farmers. Check.
                Pissed off the pig farmers. Check.
                Screwed with the auto manufacturers. Check.
                Meanwhile, the median male worker makes less than he made in 1979 (adjusted). Great job, Trump! Check.
                Trump and the wealthy get big tax cuts. Check.
                Abortion about to become illegal in 18 or so states. Check.
                LGBT rights threatened. Check.
                Fewer people have health care than before. Check.
                But, hey, “The nation…seems to be doing well.”

                1. I am not German.
                  I am not English.
                  I am not Irish.
                  I am not French
                  I am not Canadian.
                  I am not Mexican.
                  I am not Iranian.

                  Hollywood, those nations look at what is best for them. You can look out for those nations as well but I am an American and look out for American interests.

                  Our boys do not have to die all over the world in the interests of other nations.
                  Our wealth need not be spent all over the world on other nations.
                  Our agreements need not favor other nations.

                  We need not be a nation of idiots, but idiots like to join together because they think the more idiots there are the higher their IQ.

                    1. Pure stupidity based on a lack of logic and scientific intellect. Where is the definition of a lie? How is a lie determined? You still believe that 10 people with an IQ of 15 each is smarter than one with an IQ of 150.

                      When you go to your doctor I hope he doesn’t use your type of knowledge. The NEJM will have one article on the right thing to do but you will pick all the throw away garbage because 10 people with no training said something else.


                    2. Peter, lest we forget, Trump’s political career began with the moronic, racist Birther lie. I don’t think he will ever top that whopper, but it won’t be for lack of trying…

                    3. wildbill99 – and don’t forget that birther thingie came from the Hillary people to begin with. Probably John Podesta.

                  1. Gosh, Allan the American, you overlooked your fellow Americans: the soybean farmers, the pig farmers, the American auto manufacturers, the median American male worker, the American women who want abortions, the American LGBT folks, the Americans without health care. Aren’t they Americans, too?

                    1. Yes, and overall the American public is better off.

                      We were heading in the wrong direction and sometimes there is a bit of discomfort when the direction is changed.

                      You don’t understand these things so why trouble your head over this.

                    2. Somehow I think your “overall we are better off” analysis only operates if you personally are better off. You are just one person, All-in. There’s more of us than there are of you. Tick, tick, tick…

                    3. Foolish little boy, Hollywood. I am better off if the nation is better off. Proper economic policies make the nation and the people prosper. You belong in Venequela. It suits your ideology.

                    4. So, All-in, if the median American male worker is making less now than he made in 1979 (adjusted for inflation), pray tell how is the nation better off? Hint: it isn’t.

                    5. Employment for more people including minorities is up. Trump isn’t responsible for things that happened before he became President. You hear a number and you don’t understand what it means.

                    6. Hollywood, notice how Allan never fails to present himself as an older, wiser figure? Somehow Allan has a monopoly on common sense and only ‘he’ can sort out the complexities of politics.

                      Allan presumes that liberals are all rather child-like. And incapable of grasping economic issues. Nor can liberals understand the importance of Trump’s mission. Trump must demolish the government in order to rebuild.

                      See our government is like an old house with a crumbling foundation. And Trump, the seasoned developer, has to tear it down. The lot has to be cleared to create a blank slate.

                      So if it seems like Trump is merely a destructive maniac, wise seniors like Allan can visualize the finished project. Allan has faith Trump will build the greatest America ever. And us liberals must have faith in Allan’s common sense.

                    7. “Hollywood, notice how Allan never fails to present himself as an older, wiser figure? Somehow Allan has a monopoly on common sense and only ‘he’ can sort out the complexities of politics.”

                      No, Peter. It is just because you aren’t very bright.

                      By the way, I don’t assume Liberals are stupid or have no ideas. I limit that to Liberals like you that now very little and pretend to know so much.

                      No Trump need not demolish our government any more than dumb Liberals should demolish our Constitution and our law.

                  2. Unfortunately, your method of international relations had its swing of the bat in 1940. There was actually an organized “America Firsters” party who wanted to appease Hitler and keep America out of entangling alliances. That didn’t work out so well. Those who forget history (or never learned it in the first place) are doomed to repeat it. Smarter people than you, I or the day glo bozo constructed the modern system of mutual defense treaties and American involvement in wold affairs precisely because a world where peace and security reign is good for America. In other words, NATO. WTO, UN, IMF and the other mutual cooperative organization built by American efforts are clear-cut net benefits to America. I presume that hannity disagrees with me and history. So sorry for your loss. What is that ticking sound?

                    this is to “who knew that modern weapons weren’t stopped by oceans?” allan/allen

                    1. Solely as a public service announcement: the great American Charles Lindbergh was unfortunately involved for a time with the America First organization which I referenced above. Nevertheless, the life and times of this spectacular American and human are fascinating. One of my forever keeper books is the Lindbergh biography written by Scott Berg. it’s now 20 years old, but it’s one of the best biographies of great Americans that I’ve ever read. Oh ya, Berg won the Pulitzer for the book. That is all.

                    2. Marky Mark Mark – had it not been for the actions for FDR, we would not have antagonized the Japanese into attacking us. And once they did, if it were not for the actions of FDR (constituting acts of undeclared war) Hitler would not have declared war on us. We could have been happy campers selling stuff to the Germans and Japanese.

                    3. Mark before writing an appeal a good attorney generally knows their subject matter. You ought to learn yours. I am not an appeaser nor am I afraid of a strong America. I just don’t believe in bleeding America for the sake of other nations that do nothing to protect themselves. NATO involves a whole group of nations which means all pay in all ways not just the US and that is Trump’s point. You don’t have a strong alliance when only one body carries all the load.

                      No, I am not the smartest. It is just that the competition on this list is so dam- dumb.

                      History? I’m surprised based on how you talk that you are able to spell the word.

                      The ticking sound you hear is in your head. Learn your subject matter counsellor.

          1. So when will Allan be recognized for the troll that he is?

            Allan finds no argument acceptable but his — all fail for various claims of details that seem remote yet oddly consistent — especially given his vitriol.

            Allan expends too many words in the simple course of disagreement.

            To wit:

            “Congratulations Mark, you and your crowd have created a monster and now want to walk away from your deed. You created the need for a man like Trump.” — Allan

            I remember the movie ‘Sybil’.

            I will remember Allan in the same light; as he flounders around with statements such as, “… you and your crowd have created a monster…”, and, “[y]ou created the need for a man like Trump.”

            Such strange expressions of anguish — honest in expression yet lacking in observation — Allan is unaware that Allan is talking to himself.

            Good luck, Allan; much like PCS you spend too much time here being convinced of your presumed brilliance — few see it.

            1. R. Lien – when are you going to grow a pair and meet me for the duel? This is an open carry state so we will be okay until we start shooting. Either apologize for your gross insult or show up with a gun ready to defend yourself.

              1. There you go again, PCS; threatening people with guns and ammo while you stay in your air-conditioned house waiting for your wife to come home from work.

                You do not impress, PCS.

                What were the homilies you most recently shared with the newest brown-nose — Cindy Bragg — I think it was something to do with trolls and how when one knows something about something. Obviously, I didn’t care about your insight, but for some reason — despite my lack of acuity — you seem to arrive at a terminus you so greedily accuse other’s of.

                It’s been a week or so since I’ve reminded you that you’re an idiot, so let this post fill the gap.

                1. R. Lien – so, you didn’t grow a pair. And we now know you do not understand the concept of the duel. You are weasel-wording yourself out of an insult, which I will not allow. Apologize or back it up with your life. I am willing to put my life on the line.

            2. “Allan finds no argument acceptable but his ”

              You have yet to post an argument Lien and are just another alias for another person. You make the same faulty mistake thinking quantity is better than quality.

              I await any arguments you have that contain fact and proof about this President or any other President.

        4. “criminogenic” Learned a new word, thanks.
          And yes, it does describe our loutish, depraved President. Thanks again…

    3. Marky Mark Mark – what I saw was a politicized funeral. However, I was here in Arizona before McCain, I remember when we had real statesmen for Senators.

      1. Why do some posts not have a “reply” button? I have to respond via another post by the same erroneous poster. Anyway, I am very, very pleased to see you write something like your “antagonized the Japanese” folderol. Such utter nonsense reinforces my smug sense of self-superiority in all my missives here. I sincerely hope you don’t claim any history degrees. Thanks for playing.

        this is to “what is that ticking sound?” paulie

        1. “Why do some posts not have a “reply” button?”

          In all this time you haven’t figured it out? Go back to writing appeals where you don’t have to think too hard and bordom becomes an exciting day.

        2. Marky Mark Mark – FDR cut off Japan’s oil supply. They had at best 3-6 months of fuel available. He also cut off their supply of scrap metal. Then he was behind the Flying Tigers. We didn’t find this out until after the war when they wanted veteran’s benefits. On the Atlantic side we were following German submarines with American ships and radioing their positions to the British. This is an act of war. The US was supposed to be neutral.

          When the Japanese attacked, which was really not a surprise, just a surprise about the location, Hitler was asked what Germany should do. They really were surprised. His reaction was that, and I paraphrase, “Well, we are already at war with the United States, we might as well make it official.” And just as a footnote, the USS Ward attacked and sunk a Japanese mini-sub first. So, technically, we started it.

          BTW, I was a certified theatre, history and humanities teacher for the community colleges and certified for history and theatre for secondary. Secondary does not have a humanities certificate. I had enough English Lit classes to certify for an English certificate, but I never got around to getting it. That’s what happens when you have a misspent youth and graduate with 200+ semester hours. You are qualified in a lot of stuff. 😉

          1. You either intentionally or unknowingly neglected to mention that the oil embargo was put in place because of the Japanese invasion of French Indochina, as part of their plan to conquer the oil-rich Dutch East Indies. The sketchy argument for FDR involvement in the staffing of the Flying Tigers didn’t arise until very long after the war; moreover, it’s indirect at that.

            Public Service Announcement: An introductory but very readable and engaging book about the extraordinary story of the American Volunteer Group (Flying Tigers) is Robert L. Scott’s “God is my Copilot.” I read it as an adolescent and became a fan of the P-40 until I discovered the Vought F4U Corsair.

            1. Marky Mark Mark – it is none of our business who Japan invades. And the recruiting and training for the Flying Tigers was done before the attack on Pearl Harbor. And even though the Japanese attacked us and the Germans didn’t, FDR made the war in Europe more important than the war in the Pacific.

     Here is the Flying Tiger history from them.

    4. Mark, I just received an email from an unknown but in a way describes why we have Trump today. I took the liberty of posting the earlier few paragraphs later and the later paragraphs earlier because I know some on the blog get bored fast. The latter portion talks a bit about Obama.

      I talk occasionally about the fourth revolution. And Donald Trump is the leader of it.

      If you’re appalled at the lewd behavior of your president, you’re behind. That ship sailed when one was getting blow jobs by an intern half his age, in the Oval Office …AND. NOBODY. CARED.

      If you wish your president was decent and measured and refused to return fire at his critics, you’re behind. We already had that guy and he was called a war criminal, who should be tried at the Hague (Rosie O’Donell’s public announcement) and “retarded” (Chris Rock’s word – DEFINITELY not mine), someone who should force his daughters to go to war (Matt Damon’s suggestion) a monster who deliberately broke the levies in New Orleans to drown black people (Spike Lee’s claim) and on and on and on …AND. NOBODY. CARED.

      If you wish your president was upstanding and righteous and said all the right things, you’re behind. Mitt Romney already ran. AND. NOBODY. CARED.

      If you wish your president was a humble and honorable true public servant, without moral blemishes, you’re behind. Bob Dole (a man who gave his right hand to his country) and John McCain (a man who gave both arms to his country) already ran. AND. NOBODY. CARED.

      Donald Trump was the last branch to grab before the nation hit the ground. But he has changed the game in some ways. Nobody believes a nice guy can get it done, anymore. We’ve had nice guys …and nothing changed.

      Cutting taxes and repatriating a trillion dollars was the right thing to do. And it’s working. And only a guy who doesn’t give crap about what people think of him could’ve gotten it done. Moving the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem was the right thing to do. It sends a message to the rest of the middle east and, in turn, creates a stability hard to quantify. Presidents on BOTH sides of the aisle have promised to do it. It should’ve been done decades ago. But only a guy who doesn’t give a crap about what people think of him could’ve gotten it done.

      “The conditions that created a “president Trump” kinda started with Bill Clinton, who led to George W Bush …who led to Barack Obama.

      By the time we got to him, Mr Obama was going to be the antidote to incompetence and corruption and war mongering and, yes …even racism. But a very strange thing happened during Mr Obama’s presidency. Racism didn’t end. Corruption didn’t end. Wars didn’t end. And incompetence might’ve actually gotten worse. My full day of talking to the customer service agent at the newly created healthcare exchange, did NOT leave me confident.

      And what was discovered during Mr Obama’s 8 years, was that in a free market nation, over-taxing, over-regulating and a leader who constantly berates the business community and supports policies that place more emphasis on celebrating the “diversity” of people groups than on law and order for every individual, and foreign policies that take everything but the nation you’ve been elected to lead into account, simply doesn’t work.

      What was also exposed in those 8 years was how feckless and weak Republicans had actually become in their opposition to such things. And with candidates literally talking openly about socialism and nationalizing private institutions, a guy like Trump comes along and promises to re-set the foundation of the nation the way Americans understand it …and the way they want it. Is he really that much of a surprise?

      1. If you wish your president was a humble and honorable true public servant, without moral blemishes, you’re behind. Bob Dole (a man who gave his right hand to his country) and John McCain (a man who gave both arms to his country) already ran. AND. NOBODY. CARED.

        Neither man was humble. Dole was a political careerist and (per historian Steven Hayward) ‘a major heel’. McCain was certainly a man with many shortcomings in his public and private life. “Humble public servant” is a term which might apply to Harriet Miers or Brent Scowcroft.

        1. I question if “Humble public servant” applies to any major political figure in recent history. Dole like every politician can be criticized but I believe he would fit on the more humble side

          1. That’s because you never worked for him. The man had at one time wretched staff turnover.

      2. Okay; I see it now. Pocket traitor. A weakened NATO leads directly to an Eastern Europe dominated by Russia. Your balance sheet which only counts beans and frivolous expenses fails to include the external costs to an America with no allies or safe harbors in Eastern Europe. Thanks for playing comrade. Ask brother Putin if he knows what that ticking sound is.

        this is to “За здоровье!” allen/allan

        1. “Okay; I see it now. Pocket traitor. A weakened NATO leads directly to an Eastern Europe dominated by Russia.”

          Fool, read and think. A weak NATO means little. NATO protects the nations of Europe. They need us more than we need them. When they openly learn that fact they will contribute more to NATO and NATO will be stronger. I think they are learning that now.

          Haven’t you noted how the oil supply flows? Trump is pushing to have the oil supply come from other suppliers than Russia rather than permitting Russia to hold Germany hostage which is how Obama was managing world affairs.

          Allies? You are like Peter who thinks a lot of stupid people make a smart person. You shouldn’t want weak allies that can get you into a war. You want strong allies that won’t.

          I would go back to your former self where you said nothing and acted like a drama queen. You sounded smarter.

          1. I know this may be difficult to comprehend, so I’ll type it slow. We want Europe to be protected. That’s why we conceived NATO in the first place. We don’t need any help kicking your pal’s military around,as it is equiped with antiquated and unreliable hardware and filled with unmotivated soldiers–where’s the “white pride” in all that? But, they could create a problem in Eastern Europe. For better or worse, we are the guarantor of the free peoples of the world, as we are the uncontested most powerful nation in the history of the world. Again, smarter people that you or I determines long ago that a word composed of nation of free people was a net benefit to America. You might have heard that democracies don’t often initiate wars with other countries. FYI: I haven’t changed my posting style at all, I still hold nothing but utter contempt for all of your ilk, the gullible rubes, dupes, klan-wannabees, pocket traitors and grifters on the make. However, I find that toying with you and your ilk can be entertaining.

            this is to “what IS that ticking sound?” allen/allan

            1. “I know this may be difficult to comprehend, so I’ll type it slow.”

              Good, Mark, that will give time for your brain to keep up with what you write.

              “We want Europe to be protected.”

              Of course we do and we want Europe to be able to help protect itself. You would like to see them weak, for whatever God forsaken vision you have of the world, and let America appear strong based on their weakness. How paternalistic and utterly dumb you are Mark.

              No one is kicking their military around, but a wealthy nation like Germany can afford to pay especially since it is they who sit next to Russia and it is they that are buying Russian oil strengthening the enemy NATO is supposed to protect them from.

              “where’s the “white pride” in all that?”

              And here you goagain with your race-baiting rhetoric. Are you a closet racist?

              “we are the guarantor of the free peoples of the world”

              Hmm, the people of Venezuela aren’t very free today. Are you advocating our troops march into Caracas?

              “You might have heard that democracies don’t often initiate wars with other countries”

              You might have heard that the best deterrent to war is a strong nation with a strong economy. You might also have heard the recommendation to pick your fights carefully. Apparently that news has never reached your ears or your brain.

              “FYI: I haven’t changed my posting style at all”

              Apparently you can’t even keep up with what you have written much less anything else.

              “ I still hold nothing but utter contempt for all of your ilk,”

              That is a good thing because your contempt means I am on the right track. I am glad to see you get some intermittent entertainment. Now it is time for you to go back in your hole.

                1. Wow, what an intellectual giant you are Hollywood. Are you competing in the competition of who is the smartest…. dog vs pig vs Hollywood? You lose.

                  1. All-in, I have diagnosed your illness and I was trying to help. But you are beyond help. You have the true Trump Derangement Syndrome. Apparently, there’s no cure for you. After Trump is out of office, you will probably be eligible for OASDIB, if he hasn’t killed those benefits.

                    1. “All-in, I have diagnosed your illness ”

                      Next you will claim you went to medical school. There are cadavers that have more brain power then you will ever have.

              1. A+ for me on your wacky, disjointed, near-incomprehensible post, I am hugely pleased with myself; but, what is that ticking sound?

                this is to “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not taking it any more!!!” allen/allan

                1. “A+ for me”

                  That is probably the first A you have gotten in your life. Suddenly you have lost your tongue and are left having to make excuses for yourself. Keep digging the hole deeper and maybe the ticking sound will go away.

                  I expect we will be going back to your more typical responses that seem to be partial copies of one another. What a bore, just like your job.

                2. Marky Mark Mark – that ticking sound is the Democratic Party starting to implode.

            2. Marky Mark Mark – let me type this even slower. The Cold War is over. There really is no need for NATO. The EU wants its own army, let them have it, let them defend Europe. They sure don’t need us.

            3. ” gullible rubes, dupes, klan-wannabees, pocket traitors and grifters on the make” he says habitually insulting other users baselessly, falsely, and maliciously

              mark m constant slanderer active on turleyblog., despicable

            1. …And you understand, Hollywood? You can’t even create an argument based on fact and proof. Go to the library and read a book.

              1. One of my arguments is if All-in is for it, it’s wrong and I’m against it. he’s shown this multiple times.

                1. Now at least you are creating an argument. Not much of one, but that is about the best you have done.


    An NPR analysis found that in the month of August, Trump sent out 46 tweets containing the words “fake” or “phony,” far surpassing his previous record.

    In October 2017, Trump tweeted about things being “fake” or “phony” 30 times. It was a record for the year. But in June 2018, Trump sent 31 “fake” or “phony” tweets.

    “Donald Trump more and more is calling into question every other source of information besides himself,” said Brendan Nyhan, a professor at the University of Michigan who studies misinformation and trust in the media.

    While some of Trump’s core supporters believe him unflinchingly, for others the tweets and similar statements raise doubts and sow confusion about what the truth really is, said Nyhan.

    “I think Americans are often very concerned when they see leaders with authoritarian tendencies telling their supporters things that are false over and over again and attacking other sources of information,” said Nyhan. “And if that worries you when you see it abroad, it should worry you when you see it here too.”

    Edited from: “Trump’s Description Of What’s Fake Is Expanding”

    Today’s NPR

      1. “How should we regard a president who keeps dismissing negative news as ‘fake’?”

        You should state the significant tweets and prove they aren’t true. Unfortunately despite the number of tweets around you have a horrid record of proving what he says untrue while time has afforded the opportunity to unravel some of the truth proving a lot of what Trump says is true. Maybe “wiretapped” wasn’t the sophisticated word used by spooks but it was on target.

          1. Here you go, Allan, all of Trump’s false statements as of May 1. And this is the ‘president’ who keeps dismissing as ‘fake’ any coverage he doesn’t like.

            One should note that a Google search of “Documented Lies – Donald Trump”, reveals several pages of entries spanning a wide range of periodicals.

            1. See above and take note of the video regarding the lies behind Obamacare. That is a big deal and on video. That was not puffery. It had to do with convincing Americans “Too stupid to understand”. that is a bill involving 18% of the economy and is quite significant.

              Show me a lie or any puffery of Trump’s that was as significant.

              1. About 12% of the value added in the economy is attributable to ‘health care and social assistance’ (a category broader than just medical care).

              2. Allan, as I said, this isn’t the only story documenting Trump lies. Google has about 3 pages of them.

                And I find it interesting that you would be so desperate as to reference Obama’s ‘lie’. 3,000 lies for Trump as of May. Plus 46 accusations of ‘Fake News’ in August alone. And Obama’s rosey vision of ACA is held up as an equivalency!

                Obviously there is something seriously wrong with Trump. But fanatical supporters cannot possibly accept it. There is always a false equivalency to distract from Trump’s behavior.

                1. Peter, I brought up Obama’s lie documented by the architect of Obamacare “Gruber” so I could set an example that when one wants to talk about lying they should be able to produce what the lie is, document it and show the proof that it is a lie.

                  Quantity is not quality much like your voluminous writing is not quality but quantity and I don’t think you understand that based on what you repeat over and over again. 3 pages of junk is the equivalent of 2 lines of junk since both are garbage and that is what drives your mind into overdrive about the President.

                  Suffice it to say I am totally aware of the Presidents defaults and I voted for him. I care about policy and not politics.

                  I am waiting for you to produce a bunch of significant lies by Trump that in total even come close to the Obama administration lies about just Obamacare. Think of yourself as the fanatic as I am open and willing to discuss any of Trump’s defects that you are unwilling to document.

          2. I went through either this list or a similar one and have discussed a couple of “lies” which were BS and in fact the truth where the WP was lying. However, I am sure one can find a few “lies” similar to Obama’s “You can keep your doctor” so go ahead and provide significant lies of a similar nature and then we can discuss them. But when it comes to lies listen to Gruber who stated that the Obama administration had to lie about Obamacare in order to get it passed because the public would never accept it.

            I await the most significant of the lies to be presented by you Peter so we can discuss them and see if it really a lie or something else.

            For Gruber, ‘the architect of Obamacare’ go to:

      2. A propagandist with a gullible base. A terrified criminal who is increasingly cornered. A fearful narcissist who can’t psychologically tolerate watching his persona crumble.

        1. JJ – how about an innocent man who is fighting back. The press does not know how to deal with a president who fights back directly and instantly. At worst. it is “A Tale of Two Liars: The Press v Trump.” At best it is “New David v Goliath: Trump v The Pressitudes”

            1. JJ – innocent until proven guilty. Isn’t that the mantra? Or are we going to convict him on the word of the NYT?

              1. I certainly agree with the legal standard innocent until proven guilty. And if Trump ever ends up in a courtroom, that’s what I will strongly endorse.

                However, there is also a common sense standard and from that position, I think it’s hilarious to watch what Trump has said and done over the last 18 months and think that this is the behavior of an innocent man fighting back.

                1. JJ – I think it is hysterical that someone who was given an 8% chance of winning by Nate Silver won. Someone who had never run a campaign before knocked off every Republican candidate and then buried the Democratic nominee. And I love how he trolls the Fake New Media.

                  1. Well, he did have help from some pretty bad dudes. And everybody, except the cult, knows exactly what he’s up to regarding the media. He’s not trolling anyone. He’s used to an almost total lack of accountability for his actions and hates that, now that he is in the national spotlight, the media is doing their job in holding him and his people to account.

                    1. JJ – they are holding them to account by leaks, anonymous sources, CIA/DOJ/FBI drops? Oh, and least we forget, f**king for info. Let’s put the real whore into media whore. CNN is barely surviving because Ancient Aliens is getting better ratings. The Young Turks just had another round of firings. Gawker and Buzzfeed have already had theirs. More will be coming.

                      When even your anonymous sources say you are wrong, you are losing the war. 😉

        2. Bingo. What is that ticking sound?

          this is to the jj “terrified criminal” jewel.


      As time goes on we are seeing more and more of Trumps tweets being proven true.

    2. Peter Hill – NPR is afraid its ox is about to get gored. They are just as culpable.

  3. I’m not sure where to start this video at , say the 1 hour mark, but the jouicy stuff from recent cout filings is around the 1:05 minute mark.

    Mueller & his/Hillary’s/Obama’s Coup against our USA are Toast! I believe.

  4. If we had Bach channels been piped into every office on capital hill, the country would be in far better shape.

    1. Good catch, JJ; we’ll see if Beethoven channels can become as well-established in DC.😄

  5. Hello my friends & comrades. It’s been another epic day on planet earth. What better way to celebrate Labor Day in the U.S., than with a parade. A Russian military parade.

  6. I think it’s no more illegal to meet with Russians than it is to meet with Brits, Israelis or Chinese.

  7. Turley wrote, “The disclosure came in a court filing late Friday as Papadopoulos seeks to avoid a prison stint. In a surprising move, Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not formally ask for jail time but told the court that up to six months would be fair. That is pretty steep for a false statement and a cooperating witness.”

    Six months is not steep. It’s perfectly normal. And, when you consider the charges that were not filed against Papadopoulos (tampering with evidence, for instance, just to name one), six months is actually rather generous.

    Papadopoulos is angling for a pardon that he will only get if he has a way to incriminate Trump. But so far Papadopoulos has refused to admit telling anyone in the Trump campaign about the Russians having thousands of emails damaging to Hillary Clinton that they were willing to disseminate in exchange for “whatever” they would discuss at the meeting with Trump that both the Russians and the Trump campaign wanted Papadopoulos to arrange. So Trump has no current need to pardon Papadopoulos.

    BTW, Papadopoulos told a Greek government official the same thing about the Russians having thousands of emails damaging to Hillary Clinton that he told the Australian, Alexander Downer. He told that to the Greek official just a few days before Putin visited Greece, which in turn was shortly before the Agalorovs asked Veselnitskaya to attend the Trump Tower meeting.

    Did I forget to mention that the Russians told Papadopoulos that they were willing to disseminate thousands of emails damaging to Hillary Clinton in exchange for “whatever” they would discuss at the meeting with Trump that both the Russians and the Trump campaign wanted Papadopoulos to arrange?

    What do you suppose the chances might be that Papadopoulos told both an Australian and a Greek government official about the Russians having “dirt” on Clinton while studiously neglecting to tell anyone at the Trump campaign about the Russians having dirt on Clinton? Maybe Trump might have a need to pardon Papadopoulos, after all.

    1. L4Yoga enables David Benson, R. Lien and Marky Mark Mark – George only told Downer that the Russians had dirt on Hillary, not her emails. And Downer was involved in funding the Clinton Foundation. Sounds a little incestuous to me. Of all the people, in all the world, to get drunk with and unload on, why Downer? And where is Mifsud?

      1. PC Schulte,..
        You are correct that Papadopolous told Downer only that the Russians had negative information on Hillary, not that the Russians had hacked emails.
        Downer also said that the conversation occurred over drinks, but that Papadopoulos was not drunk.

        1. Tom Nash – evidently it is pricey to drink where George and Downer were. Someone went out and looked up their pricing menu for drinks.

      2. He didn’t say “dirt” either. He said “material.” He said it would be damaging to Clinton. He said the Russians would use it in the election. Are you sure want to play refutation by minutia with L4D?

        What makes you think the Greek Foreign Minister hasn’t ratted Papadopoulos out six ways from Sunday already? Wish thinking???

          1. PC Schulte,…
            “Enabling” is an OK word to to describe L4B’s interactions with those you mention ( and more).
            There is a less tactful description, a less polite description of her gushing admiration for anyone who might agree with her.
            And because today is Sunday, and because I’m always tactful and polite, 😒😉, I won’t use that other description.

        1. I’m not that interested wasting time with our AM propagandist.
          It takes much longer to untangle her lies and distortortions that it does for her to produce those lies and distortions.
          So playing that or any other game with the Queen of Sophistry is not my plan for this 3 day weekend.
          She claims earlier that “Papdopoloous told a Greek government official the same thing about the Russians having thousands of emails damaging to Hillary Clinton THAT HE TOLD THE AUSTRALIAN, ALEXANDER DOWNER.”
          ( the caps are mine).
          When corrected on that point, she acts as if she never made that claim.
          We can go round and round about what the meaning of the word “is” is, or similar games she likes to play.
          Anyone wanting to spent the last half of this 3 day weekend can fill much of the time left playing L4B’s games.
          That’s what she’s here for, although lately she has strategically stepped up another activity.

      3. Mr. Furtive Fallacy said, “And Downer was involved in funding the Clinton Foundation.”

        The Australian government granted foreign aid to Africa through The Clinton Foundation in 2006. In 2006 Downer headed the ministry of the Australian government that grants foreign aid. This necessarily means that the Minister of the Australian government who granted foreign aid in 2006 was involved in granting foreign aid to Africa through The Clinton Foundation in 2006. Sometimes a coincidence is just a coincidence. And other times, it’s a “Koincidence.” Like Papadopoulos telling the Greek Foreign Minister about Russian kompromat on Clinton right before the Greek Foreign Minister received Putin on his trip to Greece right before Agalarov assigned Veselnitskaya to attend the Trump Tower meeting.

      4. From Page 6 of the OSC sentencing memo on George Papadopoulos:

        Seventh, the lies were material to the investigation. The defendant’s lies to the FBI in
        January 2017 impeded the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential
        election. Most immediately, those statements substantially hindered investigators’ ability to
        effectively question the Professor when the FBI located him in Washington, D.C. approximately
        two weeks after the defendant’s January 27, 2017 interview. The defendant’s lies undermined
        investigators’ ability to challenge the Professor or potentially detain or arrest him while he was
        still in the United States. The government understands that the Professor left the United States on
        February 11, 2017 and he has not returned to the United States since then.

      5. “L4Yoga enables David Benson, R. Lien and Marky Mark Mark – ”

        You’re a child.

        1. Clarifying:

          “L4Yoga enables David Benson, R. Lien and Marky Mark Mark – ” — Paul C Schulte

          You’re a child, Paul C Schulte.

          1. How long will your enabling list get, PCS? Will it eventually include everyone but Allan, Olly, Squeek, and T Gnash.?

            You do realize the argument this would open; not that it cannot be broached now, except for the humor lost.

    1. Marky Mark Mark – they going to stage a Bloody Sunday protest for him? He is hurting their economy by making the tech companies move their money to the US.

  8. For those interested in a more cogent analysis of P’s sentencing memo, read the recent posts at emptywheel.

  9. More interesting than this particular thread in the tapestry of illegality is the Sam Patten plea. Patten, a Manafort associate, presents a twofer. He worked for Cambridge Analytica doing work on the campaign. And, using “back channels,” he funneled $50,000 in Russian money into the Trump Inaugural Committee. And he had not complied with FARA. Purportedly, the Committee was audited over a year ago, but the audit has never been presented. So, illegal Russian funds are now found in the Trump inaugural coffers. Wonder what nonsense Rudy will try to spin? Depite the allegedly “huge” crowds, the Trump Inaugural collected twice the funds of the far more elaborate 2012 Obama Inaugural. So, where did all those funds go? Is this yet another slush fund like the Trump Foundation was?

    1. hollywood – the inaugurals are not cheap. Think how much the Clintons spent or Obama. BTW, did anyone audit their inaugurals?

      1. I suspect the Obama inaugurals were audited although I can’t find information on them other than lists of donors. Questions about Trump’s inaugural include an unaccounted for $50 million, $26 million paid to some consultant/planner of Melania’s who apparently did next to nothing.
        It was pretty clear that Trump did a bare bones type of ceremony. Consider the entertainers he had vis a vis the ones Clinton and Obama had.

          1. Dude, you are so in denial. Read the link. The Obamas attended 10 balls. the Trumps attended 3.

                1. hollywood – Dude, you are right. Dude, I don’t know where the money went. 🙂

        1. All this man has ever wanted was to be accepted into upper crust NYC society. He’s a low-rent version of Jay Gatsby. He would have killed to have Celebrity A list people in DC at the inauguration. But he ended up with an amateur hour and a boring parade past empty parade stands.

          It wouldn’t be a surprise that they were doing dirty dealings/money laundering with inauguration funds. After all, that’s the foundation of his business model.

  10. What is the 7th circuit up to regarding digital electricity meters? 4th amendment indeed?

    1. You seem to say this about anyone who makes a plea. Then, the next repetitive claim is “process crime.”

      1. hollywood – I am saying this because his wife wanted him to withdraw his plea when they found out there was exculpatory evidence. However, they were not able to so this is his next best bet. Composing to a non-crime for a reduced sentence.

        1. His wife seems to be a loose cannon.
          BTW, a crime is a crime, not a non-crime. Ask Alex van der Zwaan. He did 30 days.

          1. hollywood – so those two campaign violations that Cohen plead guilty to, that are not crimes are still crimes?

          2. BTW, a crime is a crime, not a non-crime.

            Would it have been a crime if Trump, his campaign or even the RNC had paid Natalia Veselnitskaya for dirt on Clinton? Or someone else, perhaps a former spy for one of our allies who got the dirt on Clinton from the Russians and was paid by Trump, his campaign or the RNC. Would that be a crime? Would it be a crime if they took that dirt to the FBI and the FBI used it to get a warrant to spy on the Clinton team?

            Just trying to get a sense of what a crime is anymore. Maybe a crime is anything the DOJ is willing to prosecute.

            1. The point is they didn’t pay for dirt on Clinton. The point is they didn’t tell the FBI about the Russian contacts.

              1. The point is they didn’t pay for dirt on Clinton.

                So they committed a crime by not paying for dirt on Clinton? In other words, paying for dirt on Clinton from foreign sources is not a crime?

                The point is they didn’t tell the FBI about the Russian contacts.

                What if Team Trump and the RNC had gone to the FBI with the dirt and the FBI took that raw dirt to FISC to secure a warrant to spy on Team Clinton without verifying the accuracy of the dirt or disclosing who procured that dirt, would all that be perfectly fine?

                So, gathering and paying for information from foreign sources on an opposition candidate is perfectly legally as long as the FBI is informed?

                So why is the SC necessary if the crime(s) involved are nothing more than not disclosing to the FBI what contact was made with foreign sources?

                  1. You’re not even trying to keep up.

                    Now asking questions for clarity is considered not trying? Try answering the questions and it will go a long way toward me getting caught up.

            2. Had Trump paid any foreign national for dirt on Clinton it would not have become a crime unless and until Trump had used that dirt for electioneering communications that influence the election. Had that happened, the campaign expenditure would have become an illegal foreign campaign contribution. Had the Trump campaign taken whatever information Veselnitskaya discussed with them to the FBI, the Trump campaign would not have committed a crime. In fact, they would have effectively absolved themselves of any criminal culpability had they only gone to the FBI with whatever information Veselnitskaya discussed with the Trump campaign.

              1. “You don’t understand Donald Trump,” Stone recalled saying before rejecting the offer [from Henry Greenberg] at a restaurant in the Russian-expat magnet of Sunny Isles, Fla. “He doesn’t pay for anything.”

                1. Well, there you have it: the distilled essence of pretty much everything that currently beleaguers Trump, as revealed in the words of the rat-schtupper, Roger Stone.

                  Trump doesn’t pay for anything.

                  1. “He doesn’t pay for anything.”
                    “Trump doesn’t pay for anything.”

                    Diane is repeating herself and like R Lien thinks doubling the quantity doubles the quality. Is there no leftist with a brain?

  11. What is developing here is a consistency in lying by Trump and his pals. If that consistency includes lies as obstructions of justice, etc then the more the merrier.

    1. So true; I’m quite sure that all the gullible rubes, dupes, klan-wannabees, pocket traitors and grifters on the make are asking: “what is that ticking sound?”

            1. Afraid you might learn something? The article says what the article says. Try reading.

              1. hollywood – I don’t read the NYT because they bury the lede in the 18th para.

                1. Laughable that you gullible rubes, dupes, klan-wannabees, pocket traitors and grifters on the make purport to dismiss the Times because it publishes facts which reflect poorly on the day glo bozo. That newspaper has been the paper of record for generations. Pravda Faux News and its collection of hyperventilating screeching shills; not so much. But by all means, have fun with that. Might I suggest that you paranoid conspiracy-mongers agitate for another Benghazi hearing, or the release of the short/long form of President Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s birth certificate? (I forget which one you wackjobs are wanting). Thanks for playing. What is that ticking sound?

                  1. Marky Mark Mark – cut and paste again! You good for one spate of originality a day? Ah, you are such a disappointment.

              1. David Benson owes me nine citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after fourteen weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – what long sentences are attached? Certainly not yours.

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