Man Throws Ax At Train . . . Train Wins

trainwreck1In San Antonio, a man appeared intent on answering the most obvious question of “ax versus train.”  He found out when his ax bounced off the train and injured him.

The conductor saw the man fall and stopped the train out of fear that he had hit the man.  The man however took off and was later found by police blocks away with a head wound.

The man was taken to a hospital and may face charges.

29 thoughts on “Man Throws Ax At Train . . . Train Wins”

  1. The train in the photo above replicates the dysfunctionality that Darren Smith effected to and perpetuates on this website. I like to think

    of “JonathanTurley,” the website, as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. At once there appear the traditional and aesthetic Res ipsa loquitur and the

    austere and uninspiring “Block and Blue” formats.

    Perhaps Dr. Jekyll; perhaps Mr. Hyde.

    “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

    – Forrest Gump

    1. Liberty2nd – I am sure he didn’t “intend” to hit the train. The train just got in the way when he was throwing the axe.

    1. mespo – he would make the list if he killed himself? Boy, you’re harsh on this Labor Day. 😉

  2. I will have to admit that ax vs. train was not on my radar. Batman vs. Superman was not on my radar either. 😉 Is this a thing? Do I have to learn another new thing?

    1. I feel your pain, Paul.😊 I still use a flip phone…And that’s the end of the line for me. They’ll pry it from my cold dead hands. No more new things unless the things interest me… “Granny out” LOL

      1. I don’t carry a cell phone with me. If someone needs to reach me they can call me at my office or send an email.

        I’m with you on the old tech in many respects. 95% of the latest tech is truly unnecessary for a comfortable life.

        The telephone on my desk was made in 1983 and it has an actual bell for a ringer. It doesn’t feel cheap in my hand and it works just the same but with a pleasant ring.

        The car I drive most is twenty-five years old and has 480,000 miles. It has no tech on the dashboard. It isn’t needed. No Bluetooth, no InfoTainment, no spyware.

        My electric fry-pan was bought by my mother fifty years ago and it still works great.

        Last week our 30 year old blender gave up the ghost and I couldn’t repair it. So I bought another–one from the 1960s–off eBay.

        My washer/dryer set I bought twenty years ago when I also bought my Vacuum. (a Royal all metal)

        I’ve come to learn over the years how to buy quality for the most cost effective outlay. Simply, select the item having the greatest potential longevity with the fewest features, from the least costly yet most reliable source. Then, maintain it with rigid adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines or better.

        Here is an example.

        My recommendation for a lawnmower is:

        Honda HRX217VKA mower.

        The HRX217 is an excellent residential lawn mower in every respect. the VKA is the base model. It is well engineered, tough, and performs its role very well. It costs much more than some Chinese made junk lasting only three mowing seasons. I’ve had mine for six years and it has never broken down.

        Unless you have a pressing need for features beyond the base model I would not add anything. The reason is that all the sub-models use the same engine, have the same warranty, etc. Plus the mower starts so easily the electric starter is unnecessary. You’re better off saving the hundred-fifty or more dollars on future maintenance or for something else and not bells and whistles.

        One of my great hopes in life is that society will return to a time when they bought durable goods on the expectation these would last indefinitely. Pay more, and it will last.

        A “Buy Once” mindset

        1. An old-fashioned hand powered reel mower is far less expensive and will last several lifetimes. Better exercise as well.

          1. David Benson owes me nine citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after fifteen weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – no mower works well on desert landscaping.

        2. Darren Smith – I held out for a long time against the cell phone and then I had an emergency and needed to call my wife at work. I ended up with my first cell phone. Then I held out against the smart phone, however, now I have a smartphone and I love it. I will be upgrading again this year, primarily because I will get a better camera and larger storage capacity. I do have a landline, but it is for local calls and my alarm system only. All long distance calls, like to my Congress critters, are made from my cell phone. I also have a smart watch so I can answer the phone on my watch if I am away from my phone. It also gives me all the weather and Amber alerts. Speaking of which, an Amber alert was sent out Saturday afternoon and I was in the library. About 25 phones went off at the same time. 🙂 They are not the curse of the Devil, but they have to be kept well-trained. 😉

        3. I had a conversation recently with my appliance repairman, about how I wanted to almost Go Amish on appliances. I wanted a refrigerator that was just a fridge, without a motherboard. A solid oven with just dials. I don’t want a clock on every single appliance. No one should be that obsessed with telling time, and the biannual time change is a drag. I also want a dishwasher that does nothing other than wash dishes. No more sensitive computer chips or machines that go obsolete as often as a computer.

          He told me that Energy Star and other energy and water efficiency requirements necessitate the use of delicate, computerized parts. He said he would love an stove, but they are not being built.

          I especially despise my fridge. I got the new fad with 2 drawers for a freezer. That is a very inefficient design, as much of the space is wasted with the infrastructure of two drawers. Plus it is essentially a chest freezer design, and everyone with a chest freezer knows what a pain it is to find anything. If anything slides out the back, it is a pain to get it out before you can close the door. If you cannot reach the fallen item underneath, you have to unpack the entire draw and take it out to get to it. The ice maker broke immediately after the warranty expired. The glass shelves are flimsy, and the plastic parts for the drawers break easily. The super cool “French” doors, means that you cannot just shut the door to the fridge. You have to make sure the louvered doors nest together properly. I just wish I had a cold box with sturdy shelves and a door.

          I wish I could find a solid phone. They felt satisfyingly well made. I looked for one, but all I found on Amazon were cheap replicas made in China.

          1. Karen……I’m with you on all of that. I found a great old phone in an antique store. It was made for an executive because It’s in a box with carved ivory lid. You open up and the phone has a button touch keyboard and retractable coiled cord. Then we have a solid old timey (reproduction) wall phone in a phone booth my husband made out of French doors. He painted it red and made it look like a Briish one. So fun. Still have corrdless that is cradled in an actual oak wall pay phone from abt. 1910.
            Glad to hear your thinking on this.

            1. Those phones sound grand. Wish we could post pics on the blog because I’d love to see the UK telephone booth.

              1. Karen……..oh thank you. It’s fun, and our grandsons love it…It’s in our library and they say that’s their favorite room. Makes us feel good.

          2. For antique telephones I highly recommend e-Bay. There are also individuals who refurbish old rotary telephones, convert their cords to modular from the old four prong design, and install a chipset in the circuitry that converts the rotary dialed numbers into DTMF tones.

            In looking on e-Bay there are not as many old telephones as there once was. In fact its the lowest availability I’ve seen in years. This will correct at some point in the future though.

            Regarding the refrigerator I know what you are saying. I had to buy several recently for my business and I cringe every time I need to buy appliances. Even with all the required circuitry your repairmen mentioned, there is still no excuse to make flimsy, cheap products. But I guess the consumer wants this garbage so that is what they are provided.

            1. I was always hesitant to buy an antique phone on eBay, because I didn’t know if they would work with modern phone lines. Would love to give it a try. I’m a bit of a cinema nerd. One of the little enjoyable details in some of the grand old Hollywood movies are the telephones – from the candlestick telephone gripped desperately because the phone was only used to announce a death or calamity, the elegant device used by a lady wearing marabou heeled slippers, to the 302 Lucy Phone, when dialing a rotary was a kind of patient performance art.

              We live out a ways and there is no cell reception at the house. You have to go outside to the grape vine denuded by ground squirrels, and lean a little to the left, and you’ll get one bar. Landlines in general are still a good idea at home. Corded landlines have the added benefit that they work in a power outage.

              1. Landline phone standards have not changed. The antique phone should work although the phone company installer may have to fiddle. Inquire.

              2. Karen……lol about how to get reception at your house! I love old movies and the phones too. Don’t you wish you had an old switchboard, too?!
                We had a stick phone growing up that my mother still used until a couple of years before she died.
                Also, years ago we bought a 302 Lucy at a junk shop…it had been made into a lamp. The light comes on when you lift the receiver……and it is soooooo heavy! But I love that lamp.
                Let me know if you hear about a cable channel that only shows black.and white films and I will subscribe! …..and put on my grandmother’s satin mules, turn on the 302, and enjoy the show. LOL

  3. To his great surprise and consternation, the mighty Mjölnir was defeated. Damn Loki was probably up to his old tricks again.

    And with a swirl of his red cape, Thor walked away to battle trains another day.

  4. At last. The century long dispute between Casey Jones and Paul Bunyan finally came to a head; though they didn’t exactly bury the hatchet in the manner they expected.

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