Ode To Stumps

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Nature can be mesmerizing when we afford ourselves the opportunity to believe such. Often we keep ourselves at a distance to the outdoors and view each element only as an abstraction: too ordinary and mundane and something simply to drive past.

In such as this example of nature before us, from afar we only see stumps in a drying reservoir. Yet for a small investment in our time and close attention, a century of nature’s craft shows some true woodworking.

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About a hundred years ago, what were trees was harvested to facilitate the construction of a reservoir. What remains today is a lake of stumps that for each endure the late summer heat, winter’s cold, and submersion during the sprint melt. The seasons have in effect preserved and carved the stumps into having unique characteristics, some quite striking to see during an ordinary day.

Summer provides a nice backdrop before the stumps’ return to submersion–hidden beneath snow, water and ice.

By Darren Smith © 2018

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