Georgetown Professor Under Fire For Profane Kavanaugh Rave

Georgetown_sealGeorgetown University professor Dr. Carol Christine Fair is under fire after her profance Twitter rant   against Judge Brett Kavanaugh went viral. I have written previously in opposition to the growing discipline of teachers and professors for their political commentary on social media.  This is no exception.  However, I have left the posting in their unredacted original despite my view of Fair’s commentary as both vulgar and reprehensible.  However, since the issue is whether such posts should be subject to discipline, they are not redacted. Warning: the tweets below contain highly offensive language.

Dr. Fair is an associate professor within Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service.  She has previously ranted about the GOP and politics including declaring “GOP doesn’t care about women. We knew this. Fuck them.”

Her commentary however is befitting more of a rage texting drunk than an academic at a respected institution.

She was not satisfied with addressing Kavanaugh’s record on its merits and instead said such low-grade observations.  She adopts Trump’s tactics of adopting insulting nicknames in calling Kavanaugh “Kreppy Kavanaugh.”

When North Carolina Pastor John Pavlovitz called Sen. Lindsey Graham as someone who lost his soul, she responded “Nope. The ratfucker never had one,” Fair tweeted in response to Pavlovitz. “He got two assholes instead. The second one acts like a mouth . . . except it spews shit en lieu of verbiage.”

Fair’s Twitter page has a banner contains a hearing of reads, “DON’T GRAB MY PUSSY.”

Despite my criticism of Fair for these postings, I still believe that this is an exercise of free speech and there is no indication that Fair is unfair to conservative students.  As such, Fair is rightfully the subject of condemnation but not termination.  These comments go to core political beliefs, though expressed in the crude possible way.
What do you think?

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  1. The public is has lost patience with the style of provocative, polemic, accusatory rant this woman posts on Twitter. Only the mass media still values these outbursts, for their attention-grabbing power. Twitter addiction eliminates a journalist as serious. The media is flirting with audience abandonment in their infatuation with infotainment.

      1. David Benson is the King of Making Stuff Up and owes me nine citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after sixteen weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – and you know this because?

  2. The lady needs professional help. That kind of anger, aside from being non-productive, is physically damaging over the long term. No one is hurt by her anger but her, and clearly she is on the edge. I wish her well.

  3. “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted”. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov ‘Lenin’, she is the result of our failed educational system, very embarrassing.

  4. your first A. comments are accurate and fair, but the question remains- why would you tweet something shows you to be a hysterical unhinged maniac?

  5. Whether Dr. Fair should be able to engage in vulgar ranting to me is more of an employment issue than a First Amendment issue. Of course the First Amendment permits such speech but her employer could have restricted it in the employment agreement. Personally, I like having the rantings of such people published for all to see. Instead of convincing anyone of her point of view, she simply proves that reason has checked out of her brain and gone looking for a more accommodating host.

    1. HLM, the problem is if she incorporates that type of thinking into the teaching of young minds. I think she is teaching political science where the students have to learn how to think and deal with different ideas and cultures. Her actions on twitter are narrowminded and profane. I think we might do better without her. I understand why many do not want Kavanaugh as a SC Justice. She should be arguing the facts not ranting.

      1. Allan – maybe Dr. Fair is a “wise Fourth Wave Feminist” and her rants count more than facts. 😉

        1. David,I looked her up from the start. I am not impressed by degrees. They are easy to get. What is more difficult is learning how to think. A lot of people with degrees can’t think even if they went to an Ivy League university or grad school.

          Mental illness hits all strata of society and doesn’t necessarily stop one from teaching or research, but can make them appear very quirky.

  6. I think it’s more interesting to learn that one of Yale’s law professors, a woman, is telling her students that they need to dress in a sexy manner for their interview to clerk for Kavanaugh! See @jaredbeck for that info.

    It is frustrating to have people unwilling to make legitimate arguments, however, people also just ventilate. When they are ventilating they may swear. That’s when you use the mute button twitter has available. If she cannot or does not ever make a rational argument on policies, that would concern me.

    1. I think we’ve had one rendering of Prof. Chua’s advice, which isn’t necessarily precise or representative. BTW, Prof. Chua’s daughter has been on deck to work for BK. You fancy Prof. Chua pimped her?

      C’mon, he’s had dozens of female clerks and there are dozens of women willing to put their name on an attestation to his manners.

  7. ” a rage texting drunk”

    That type of person is teaching our children how to think when she has no self control and seems to lack an understanding of what our free society is based on.

    Normal discouse didn’t work for those that tried to stand up to the left’s vulgar behavior. That is why Trump with his unappealing language suddenly is very appealing to many Americans and that is why if he chooses he will win a second term. Mr. nice guy goes nowhere when dealing with leftist morons. Kavanaugh is Mr. nice guy who didn’t do a thing to anyone and if it wasn’t Mr. Kavanaugh but someone else the left would be trying the same thing on that other individual.

    The hard left knows no comprimise only double dealing and hoping those that follow them remain stupid.

  8. C. Christine Fair is a Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor in the Security Studies Program

    according to what I could find.

    1. David Benson is the King of Making Stuff Up and owes me nine citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after sixteen weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – Fair is not going to make the cut this year.

  9. If her Twitter account identifies her as a Georgetown professor, the university should be able to hold her accountable for her comments. If she appears on Twitter as simply a member of the unwashed rabble — no flag on th play.

  10. Another Dr. with three names on a tear. PS: As I said yesterday I still think the other three name Dr. will not tell her story it’s all about dragging out the process. Any truth that Dr. CBF scrubbed her social media sites before being outed?

  11. In regard to the Kavannaugh thing with Congress putting him on the Supreme Court. I refer to a movie called Blazing Saddles. There is a scene whene they let some black folks into town. But then the Sheriff or Mayor said: But NOtT THE IRISH! I would make the same comparison of Uncle Clarence and this Brett dude.

  12. What is a “Twat”? Some student called her that on some other website. I do not quite get why a professor would use the Twitter thing. A Twit is a thing. Is she really a Twat with a Thing like that student said?

  13. If I was a parent paying Georgetown tuition, I’d be furious that my kid was being taught by this potty mouthed piece of creepy, vulgar garbage. Educators are supposed to be role models. She indeed is…for Antifa and street thugs. We are doomed if this piece of filth is educating the next generation.

      1. David Benson is the King of Making Stuff Up and owes me nine citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after sixteen weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. For all I know her lectures are all Fourth Wave Feminism, attack males and the GOP. If we bet, I think my money is safer than yours.

  14. What do I think? I think that several generations of hiring have turned arts and sciences faculties (and teacher training faculties and social work faculties and law faculties) into sandboxes for political sectaries. The thing to do is

    1. Stop using them to sort the labor market. In 1928, about 6% of each cohort passed through baccalaureate granting institutions. We can certainly do with less in the way of tertiary schooling and more vocationally-oriented tertiary schooling.

    2. Take their toys away: cut away their autonomy, cut positions, cut fellowships. Stop subsidizing private higher education. Ration the subsidy to public higher education, close institutions, close programs, eliminate distribution requirements &c.

    1. Unfortunately, these days it seems you need a BS/BA to get a good eighth grade education. And a BS/BA piece of paper to get a job that could be carried out by a reasonably alert person with that eighth-grade education. I suppose in the not-too-distant future, everyone will have to have a PhD for any kind of success at all in life. Of course, on average, people are not smarter than they ever were. They just collect more diplomas.

      1. The engineering firms I know about encourage strongly for new hires to continue for their Master’s degree, but not more. That is for engineering positions of course.

  15. For security reasons, Dr. Fair should not be allowed back on the GU campus….And should be interviewed by the Secret Service & FBI ASAP.

    Dr. Fair’s social media rants are following the same pattern that was posted by mass school shooters & cop killers prior to the event.

    Dr. Fair has expert military knowledge of suicide bomber vests, IED’s & assassination hit squads. Will any GU students show up on Monday for Dr. Fair’s class?

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