Maryland Will Open Criminal Investigation Of Kavanaugh If Ford Files A Complaint

download-7Not long after President Donald Trump ordered a one-week investigation of the FBI into allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Maryland officials have announced that they will launch a criminal investigation into the attempted rape allegations of Christine Blasey Ford if she files a complaint.  That would create the unprecedented situation of a nominee under criminal investigation as the Senate voted on confirmation.

Montgomery County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger and Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy noted however that they would have to apply the law as it existed at the time in 1982.

That would mean investigating Kavanaugh 36 years later for a crime that was a misdemeanor (either assault or attempted rape) with a one-year statute of limitations.  According to the Baltimore Sun, they stated “The Montgomery County Police Department and the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office stand ready to investigate any sexual assault allegation from any victim where the incident occurred in our jurisdiction.”

That investigation would by necessity go on for weeks — prompting likely calls for an additional delay.

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  1. ” A good lawyer can get a sodomy charge reduced to ‘following too closely’ ” (anonymous)

    Beth Wilkinson seems to be a good lawyer. She was Harold Ford’s attorney when Morgan Stanley accused him of sexual harassment. He was exonerated. I like Ms. Wilkinson’s demeanor, and her resume’ is impressive, IMO.

  2. Ok admin of this blog . . .
    You should pin this comment up high, because it undermines the very premise of the article.

    It appears that the legislative removal of the statute of limitations for sex crimes in MD occurred AFTER C.B. Ford’s accused crimes.
    That means by ex post facto clause/doctrine, even if Kavanaugh committed the crime, it occurred before removal of the statute of limitations, and the removal is not effective for him.
    In short he cannot be charged for a 36 year old alleged crime.

    1. Gary T.,
      Stogner v. California seemed to settle this issue.
      That 2003 SCOTUS decision held that the state can not retroactively apply revised ( expanded) statutes of limitation.
      In view of that decision, it’s not clear why
      there continues to be disagreement over any potential criminal charges resulting from the allegations against Kavanaugh.

  3. Be real – our old frail senators are no saints and their friends and families do not need to call them hypocrite.
    As for the politics, we are winning in competition with the Africans and Banana Republics, not just in nicer suites, white shirts and ties – just as they put their puppets to protects them, ours need it too.

  4. Okay, folks, let’s be real here. Those one-piece bathing suits are better than a chastity belt. If they were serious about raping her they would have never let her get to the bathroom.

  5. The more Kavanaugh is looked into, the better. This should never be the shoe in that the Republicans have tried to make it. The Supreme Court should never have extreme bias as is found in Kavanaugh. The ABA complained of this 12 years ago. If the Senate needed a two thirds yes vote on a nominee then the candidates would be left or right of center but not an extreme right wing nut like Kavanaugh. Irrespective of the sexual abuse issues, Kavanaugh is not SCOTUS material. That was obvious from his performance on Thursday.

    1. Yeah there’s no “extreme bias” to be found in RBG, Kagan, or Breyer or Sotomayor is there? It’s there.

      Kavanaugh clerked for Justice Anthony Kennedy who was confirmed 97-0. Justice Kennedy put Judge Kavaugh at the top of his list of who he thought should replace him on the court.

      The man was ambushed with this allegation….and is being called a rapist…and not just a rapist, but a gang rapist, and a drunk – all over the airwaves. If you were in the process of having your reputation, your career, your good name, and your family literally destroyed…and your wife was being harassed and threatened…and you family’s safety and well-being was at risk…how would you “perform”? Would you sit back and “take it” or “excuse it” while showing the “appropriate” decorum and composure and respect due toward the very senators and slimeballs who were slandering you, calling you “evil” and attempting to literally destroy you over a political ideological difference?

      I commend Judge Kavanaugh for having the composure and control that he did under the circumstances. And I think he will be confirmed.

      1. You don’t concern yourself at all whether any of the charges are true? There are a number of witnesses reporting he was often drunk and a mean one at that. It that’s true it makes him a current day perjurer. If both of those are true, on what basis are we to believe him incapable of the rest? Certainly not by taking his word for it.

        1. I actually do concern myself with what is true or not. But how do you know? I don’t buy Ford’s story. I believe Judge Kav over her story…without a doubt. She’s not credible to me. It’s clear Kav was a drinker and partier in high school. And it’s also clear that he worked hard both in his studies and his sports. And it’s clear that he did well academically in college and law school and got prestigious clerkships. It’s clear that he worked hard to build an impressive career for himself. And a family. And community volunteer work. And he still likes to drink beer and probably a few too many every now and then. This doesn’t make him a drunk. Or a rapist. And he has a breadth and magnitude of close friendships that few can match. And he’s been cleared by the FBI to hold Top Secret clearances with access to the nuclear codes. if you think the FBI does a shoddy and incompetent job of running down background checks before they grant clearances at this level, well then, so be it. I don’t agree with that. I believe this latest FBI investigation will clear him once again. And I believe the anger he showed during his testimony was entirely appropriate and to be expected from anyone being falsely accused who is doing his best to defend his name, his reputation, and his innocence.

          1. Your concern for the truth should lead you to advocating for an investigation. What I see is someone who has gotten away with things because people wouldn’t investigate. In 2006, there was a Senate referral to the Justice Department for perjury based on alleged false testimony surrounding his knowledge of and use of stolen Senate information. The Bush Justice Dept. refused to investigate it. He lied about his involvement in tortute issues (borne out by the Emails Republicans tried to keep out of the public record. The drinking and partying you acknowledge doesn’t match Kavanaugh’s claims about his own behavior. Pay attention to the areas the White House has dictated the investigation must not cover and that will tell you what they don’t want you to find. Do you beliebe Renate was a good friend that 14 boys claimed to be Alumnae of out of respect and admiration for her friendship?

            Regarding his anger, it appears to me he has lasting resentments going back years, certainly this episode has given him more to stew about. How do you think he’ll respond when he gets issues brfore him on the Court when one of the sides is Planned Parenthood, or anybody he thinks funded his opposition, or someone associated with the Clinton’s? Did that angry man look like someone who would hold a grudge? That anger could just as easily be from someone who felt entitled to a position he’d worked towards his whole life and saw it slipping away?

            One last little lie, “I got into Yale with no connections!” What did his parents do again? Pity the poor fool whose parent’s were a janitor or a bus driver.

            1. enigma – when I was at Creighton University in 1963, I, and about 10 others, took out this very lovely girl, Midge Olsen. I never got any further than taking her back to the dorm. 😉 And I doubt that anyone one else did either. However, she was the best company and the sweetest girl. I can believe the Renati thing, since I would be part of the Olsen alumni and damn proud of it. 🙂

                  1. You’ll find her quote in this article.
                    “I learned about these yearbook pages only a few days ago,” Dolphin said in a statement to Times about the yearbook. “I don’t know what ‘Renate Alumnus’ actually means. I can’t begin to comprehend what goes through the minds of 17-year-old boys who write such things, but the insinuation is horrible, hurtful and simply untrue. I pray their daughters are never treated this way. I will have no further comment.”


                    1. enigma – Thanks, Renate also said that Kavanaugh didn’t even get a kiss goodnight. Kavanaugh thought he had kissed her good night. Whatever, taking it on both their versions, at least from the two of them it didn’t go far.

                      BTW. I have stated this several days ago, both Chrissy’s and Brett’s yearbooks needed advisors with an iron fist. My yearbook is so clean you can eat off it. 🙂

                    2. Paul – I have a different belief, backed up by no evidence other than Occam’s Razor, except in this case neither of their stories is the simplest and most likely. I believe that 14 different boys didn’t get to gether to “honor” a good friend but to brag about their exploits. Renate, now married and having this blasted al over the media, catching her by surprise, denied it, having never acknowledged it her whole life. There is another woman mentioned, he’s in the “Wendy Whitney Fan club.” I suspect that another meaning as well. Whoever their yearbook advisor was, they slept on the job and if they were paid anything it was too much.

                    3. enigma – I did see a tweet that Chrissy admitted in college to being an alcoholic and promiscuous. She said she had 64 partners from grade 10 through 12, I think. I don’t don’t stand behind the tweet, it is supposedly by a classmate of Chrissy’s.

                    4. Paul – The alleged Kavanaugh incident is supposed to have taken place when she was 15 or in 9th or 10th grade. Alcoholism and promiscuity could be a brought on by the alleged assault? Of course, there are tweets saying pretty much anything out there, some pretty wild on each side.

                    5. enigma – she was in her late teens according to the original repressed memory. Her newly created memory put it in 1982 because she could not remember how she got home, therefore she was not driving, therefore she did not drive herself there. So, really, it is working back by lack of evidence (I cannot remember how I got home) to it must have happened in 1982. However, she also could not have been driving in 1983, she still would have been on a provisional licence assuming she took drivers ed and stayed out of trouble.

                      Regardless, she came to the party (this is her story) with another girl and abandoned her with 4 boys, two who had just tried to kill her.

                      Oh, there is new information on the 2nd front door. They got the building permit in 2008 and a picture of the house in 2011 shows the door in place and no construction going on.

                    6. Paul – I need to ask you for a cite on the timeline of repressed memories. All I’ve been able to find is what I believe to be terribly biased sources like Sen. Ron Johnson and Fox News hosts, suggesting what may have happened in their attempts to discredit Ford.

                    7. enigma – according to her therapist notes from 2012, when she recovered her repressed memory, she was in her late teens and there were four boys. By the time she writes her letter to her Congresswoman, it is her, 2 boys in the room and 2 other boys in the house and she is 15. All of this is part of her testimony before the committee.

            2. Enigma asked: “How do you think he’ll respond when he gets issues before him on the Court when one of the sides is Planned Parenthood, or anybody he thinks funded his opposition, or someone associated with the Clinton’s?”

              My guess is that Judge Kavanaugh would approach an issue before him in the same way Justice Ginsburg would.

              She’s not shy about publicly airing her political views and built-in biases, now is she? She HATES President Trump and does not hide her contempt. What’s the difference?

            3. His anger is a response to being wrongly, unjustly, falsely, and outrageously accused and he is defending his innocence. What would you do if you faced the same? Maintain composure? Give “due respect” toward sitting senators who are slandering you on the news, calling you “a probable rapist”? Calling you “evil”? They are attempting to destroy him with their totalitarian tactics, yet he should stay calm and take it? The expectation, that as a judge, he should just take this onslaught and character assassination “in stride” with “proper composure” is what is truly outrageous.

  6. This was nothing more than a 15 year old girl who had a crush on an older 17 year old boy

    She followed him around to everywhere he went that is how she knows so much about him and his high school days

    Unfortunately for her he paid her no attention

    That is why he does not recall her

    Ms Ford is unstable due to her youthful days of promiscuity

      1. David Benson is the King of Making Stuff Up and owes me eleven citations (one from the OED) and the source of a quotation, after seventeen weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – That from the King of Making Stuff Up. God, the irony.

  7. This is getting out of control. Attempted rape?!!! Wow! Even if her story was true, every little part of it, it’s nothing compared to a real attempted rape, where the guy rips your clothes off, removes his clothes, hits you, restrains you, etc. This was a high school drunk episode with her and someone that couldn’t get to second base. And it don’t believe the part about a guy covering her mouth. If one hand was on her mouth, and another trying to get her suit off, where were her arms and legs? She could have ripped his hand off her face and kicked him in the groin. He didn’t tie her down. For the Democrats to believe that story is shameful. She was part of the women’s march. Do the math folks! It’s another hit job from the left.

    1. I can speak from experience. Taking those one-piece swimsuits off takes the co-operation of the girl. 😉

      1. Paul, most guys wear a one-piece that doesn’t go passed their waist. That’s why you were having such difficulty. 😉

  8. Let’s see women slightly outnumber men in the US that would make men a minority. As all minorities in the US are granted some special privilege of a sort shouldn’t men be granted one? How about Presumption of Innocence until PROVEN guilty, I don’t even think that one would cost money. Is there a #Men-too or #Innocent-Male or some group for the protection of innocent men. Hell I would even wear a funny blue hat shaped like a P.., well you know what I mean. Just a joking.

    1. If women continue to fail in their natural function of having babies, there won’t be a “U.S.”

      The U.S. population is imported.

      The few American children created are not nurtured, they are processed in day care facilities.

      Women have a duty to every country; make it.

      There are fewer and fewer Americans every year.

      Unconstitutional “Affirmative Action Privilege” does not represent achievement through merit.

      Achievement is performance after higher education.

  9. If you’re having a difficult time imaging what will come next, just throw out reason and logic. Then, put on a pussy-hat, onesie pajamas and cat slippers, prop your eyelids open with toothpicks and binge-watch MSNBC for 8 hours and then CNN for another 8 hours. Don’t sleep. Eat nothing but Kale and drink soy lattes. Imagine you hate Trump and all conservatives. You should then be prepared to imagine all sorts of things. And then multiply that by 100.

    1. I’ll bet by then we all discover repressed memories that we were all at that party. All the millions of us.

      1. My guess is we’ve seen enough of the allegations of sexual misconduct. Anything requiring physical evidence to prove an allegation has not been effective. However, character assassination has less of a burden of proof. How many people will come forward to describe BK’s excessive drinking, him being a belligerent drunk, defining what they understood boof and devil’s triangle meant at the time. All of this won’t require actual evidence to accomplish the goal.

    2. I can only pray that if she files charges (after Soros pays her 1 mil) that she gets arrested for filing a false accusation. That would be karma.
      A candidate for the highest court could be arrested? This is worse than I expected from the left. Way worse. What’s next, you say? I’m hoping for The Man Upstairs to intervene in some manner. We can’t count on our senators any longer.. They cave to the left way too much! In the meantime, five more false accusations will be leveled at him, no doubt.

  10. Of course they could. There is no statute of limitations in Maryland. I don’t think they would, however, based on the evidence and lack of rape.

    However, if they did, then Kavanaugh, as a defendant, would be entitled to Dr Ford’s medical records, including her treatment for mental health issues. He would also be able to question her therapist, as well, and his or her methods for retrieving controversial repressed memories.

    1. change: Local county says they would use the laws of that time prior to the statute of limitations running out as a basis for the investigation. It would not however cause an indictment if that should be the case. just informational same as FBI. They have put no llimit but the story going round is a judge under investigation for a crime. No. Because statute of limitation is in force. Their decision is a way of keeping control. It’s also a sneaky way of keeping it going as long as they want and guess which county has all Democrat commissioners. BUT tit requires a written complaint be filed. in person.

  11. “WE’LL STOP IT”

    “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” Page texted Strzok in August 2016.

    “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it,” Strzok responded.

    Ben Franklin, we gave you “…a republic, if you can keep it.”

    “That’s all folks!”

    – Bugs Bunny

  12. Partisan Democrats in the Mongomery County, Md. government playing games. Thanks, Jeff Flake.

      1. He’s out in three months and, with scant doubt, cheesed his career in politics is over. He’s doing maximum damage on his way out the door. I’m guessing he’s got no K Street offers.

  13. I saw this coming a mile away, two weeks ago in fact once I confirmed that there was no statute of limitations in MD.

    It would absolutely behoove C.B. Ford’s Democratic handlers to keep this trump card ready, and file those sex assault charges with the most opportune timing — just about when the FBI has come back with a wash for anything substantively negative on Kavanaugh, and the Senate appears to be on a straight line to confirming him.
    As JT points out, having a Supreme Court Justice going into the job with an open police investigation for sexual assault, may just give some Senators pause, and/or cover.

  14. I’m guessing Maryland Law addresses the filing of a false criminal complaint? This is not like charges in the media and Senate where apparently you can do anything you want free of worry. And the complaint would not necessarily just be vs Kavanaugh. So go ahead Ms. Katz & functionary Bromwich. Go ahead and tell your client to file the criminal complaint.

    1. It won’t be a false complaint, if Ford can reasonably say she was mistaken, memory off.
      And that seems to be a viable fall back position for all her claims.

      1. if Ford can reasonably say she was mistaken, memory off.

        She can’t reasonably say that, but lots of people are playing let’s pretend.

  15. Did anyone think that this wouldn’t be the next step in the Dems move to delay and obstruct. The Dems are going to come up with everything and anything by the end of next week. Next Friday will come and there will be another bi*#$ from the Dems. I’m surprised he wasn’t spotted at Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 with smoke coming from his index finger.

    1. Next charge warming up in the batter’s circle: “Satanic ritual child sex abuse,” and behind him, “assistant to Pol Pot in Cambodia,” then something to do with “animals,” rinse, repeat, enhance, increase outrageousness…

      Wash my mouth out with soap for agreeing with uber-war monger Lindsey Graham: “…if you believe this stuff you should not be driving a car…”

      1. As far as your uber war monger remark there is absolutely zero doubt that title belongs to the DNC since 1909 in terms of most wars started with them in the Oval Office, Most USA military killed and wounded etc.

        The main source of information if you want me to post it again is the NY Times anniual World Almanac and Book of Facts. which lists all the major and medium ones and most of the minor ones attributed to the

        The few conflicts or police actions left out can be found in the US Military’s listings. Stupid comments without proper research always come back to bite you in the butt and that is THE MOST Common one.

        I use 1909 just to drive the point home as that is when the first elected progressive took office … Woodrow Wilson. He had Four, The leaders of the pack of course are Wilson, FDR, Truman, LBJ.

        The ratio of deaths between the GOP and the DNC of USA military is 95% + DNC to 5%- GOP.

        When you think oiif war and politics think of the XX Century as The Century of the Great Socialist Wars as the three different types ALL stemming from the same source; Marxist Leninism, came from International (Communist), Progressive Liberal (which took over the DNC), and National (Fascist & Nazi) in order of appearance.

        Owners of the most deaths etc. are assigned according to who started the conflict. Bush gets credit for Iraq up to the time Obama declared it won for example but LBJ gets credit for all of Vietnam. Reason? Had the not started or got us into it the second wouldn’t have occured.

        However there is one school that gives Bush credit for all of the War on Terrorism now in it’s 18th year.

        (War Powers Act enacted by a Democrat legislature and President was in response to four small ones under Reagan. To Date that Act has been used twice to gain permission (Bush and Bush) and twice ignored Clinton in the Baltic and Obama for the expansion into othere countries besides Iraq.

        As a result it was not needed under Trump as the question was moot by the failure of Obama to conclude anything except takingi credit for finishing up Iraq. That claim is more than likely false which raises the GOP score to something less than the Korean War.)

        All of us in the combat arms knew it was unwise to go to war under a DNC President however. They don’t know what they are doing, got and get a lot of us killed for nothing, and then have nothing to show for the effort except more wars.

        If you want to dispute remember to cite your sources and don’t leave anything out. If you have no facts just zip up iyour lip and shut up about whose the war mongers.

        It’s as stupid as claiming DNC is pro women instead of victimizers of women as a party policy when al it takes is one word to destroy your argument – Clinton.

        Which brings us back to the morals of the DNC in the present discussion. They have none.

  16. “The Montgomery County Police Department and the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office stand ready to investigate any sexual assault allegation from any victim where the incident occurred in our jurisdiction.”

    Note the word ‘any’.
    A long line at the Office of the District Attorney….and the Plaintiff’s Bar!

    1. It wasn’t an attempted rape, he was a juvenile, and the charge is time-barred.

        1. Even in her telling, it’s not attempted rape. She gets away from the high school cornerback and he leaves the room chuckling.

        2. enigma – honestly, every time you tried to get to first base, was it attempted rape?

          1. Paul – Every time I forced someone into a room, held her down, started removing her clothes and muffled her screams… that would be attempted rape? The chargeitself depends on intent but there is no suggestion he was planning to stop.

            1. Enigma, you simply “believe” Kavanaugh’s accuser. He vehemently, emphatically denied it. But you don’t “believe” him.

              Do you believe Keith Ellison’s accuser? Both Ellison and the media are accepting HIS explanation that she is a disgruntled ex who is trying to destroy HIM. They believe HIM, not her.

              “We have become a society where someone can be criminalized instantly by the public due to an allegation. No evidence, corroboration, or testimony under oath is required for them to be instantly labeled a perpetrator. It should disturb the hell out of everyone.” -Jedidiah Bila

              1. TBob – Believing her becomes much easier by listening to him. I disbelieve his description of his drinking and how it affects him. I disbelieve his meaning of “Renate Alumni,” as apparently does she according to her comments. I disbelieve his relating “Ralphing” to a weak stomach. I confess to having been tainted by watching him deny knowing he was working with stolen Senate notes which he did under oath in 2004, 2006, and 2018. I disbelieve him in the Ford case, partially because of the additional allegations, especially the one at Yale which reporters latched onto because of Yale alumni discussing it on the Internet. She didn’t come forward, reporters found her. I believe her because of Mark Judge’s book, describing the atmosphere at Geotgetown Prep, including the drinking, and the behavior of Bart O’Kavanaugh.
                If you want to talk about Ellison I’m willing but I’m sure we can agree he has nothing to do with Kavanaugh’s guilt or innocence.

                1. enigma – did you read the book, or did you read what was written about him in the book? I have yet to have any admit the actually read the book. 😉

                2. I can understand opposing him on the merits. I cannot stand what the Dems have done to him by ambushing him with this flimsy 40 year old unprovable, unsubstantiated, uncorroborated accusation of something that to me sounds like drunken high school antics that got out of hand and then they all carried on. But what this flimsy accusation did was give the Dems an excuse to probe deeply into his high school years of partying and overdrinking and being a teenager. Now they are probing everything from his life some 40 years ago and with this, they intend to ruin his adult life and career and family. And I am disgusted by it. The Dems have publicly stated that they will not stop until Kavanaugh is derailed and kept off the court.

                  1. “The Dems” seems to be overly broad don’t you think? I heard Republican Senator after Republican Senator empathize with the two (now three) weeks of suffering and anguish of victim Kavanaugh and his family. Where was their recognition of 36 years of her pain? Except for possible ramifications of his perjury, Kavanaugh still has a lifetime appointment as a Federal Judge, which he got by lying his ass off on other matters.

  17. Way to go Repubs; you let the Dems call the tunes and now we are paying the price.

    November 2nd isn’t far away; if you haven’t confirmed Kavanaugh with all the advantages that we gave you, then why do we need you?

  18. Remember the “Extreme Vetting” that orange Swamp-Thing wanted for immigrants? Well why not for those seeking lifetime appointments, too.

    1. Dave137……..Most judges seeking lifetime appointments haven’t expressed a desire to fly airplanes filled with people into tall buildings.

      1. And yet, Kavanaugh is being treated with more scrutiny than people who have expressed a desire to kill Americans and Jews.

        7 FBI investigations, the most minute detail of his teenage yearbook scrutinized on international television, and mobs following him, his family, and his friends around, threatening them.

        I would say that is a FAR higher standard than immigrants from nations with high risk for terrorism, where DEATH is on the line.

      2. so uh, 15 or 16 out of millions upon millions? Right….

        this is to “but ya know, they were all them dusky fellers too, I’ll reckon” cindie – karen

    2. Extreme vetting and character assassination are two different things. Remember the howl about due process for people entering the country illegally?
      Now you all want to poo poo due process for an American citizen because it’s a “job interview”?

    3. Dave:

      False equivalence.

      “Extreme vetting” refers to a rigorous screening process for potential migrants from regions known to the State Department to be high risk for terrorism. These regions have high support for Osama Bin Laden, global Sharia Law – which kills apostates and gay people, as well as other mainstreamed extremist, violent views.

      He is simply following the recommendation of the intelligence community.

      However, if you want to skip the pesky background checks on prospective migrants from terrorist regions, especially those with an ISIS presence, then you are responsible for violence that can occur here.

      The now 7 thorough FBI background checks that Kavanaugh has undergone is actually far and away more thorough than the “Extreme Vetting” of immigrants from terrorist nations. We simply do not have the resources to devote such undivided attention to each and every one of them, nor do we have data available at all on many of them. Why would a dictatorship keep or provide accurate records implicating its own citizens to the US?

  19. So, since the alleged incident occurred 35 plus years ago, it’s beyond the one-year statute of limitations, and therefore, the press release is just a CYA by the local law enforcement officials.

      1. People keep saying that. I checked the Maryland code and I’m not finding a provision which suggests that. It appears that the statute of limitations in Maryland is by default 1 year unless otherwise specified.

      2. Gary T. There wa s no sex crime……and even if Brett had been accused of a sex crime, the FBI would have discovered that in the background checks.since 2012.

        1. Well, whether or not there was a sex crime, C.B. Ford says there was, and that is enough for Montgomery County’s police and DA to open up an investigation and charge.

          1. Gary: The Montgomery County Police are required to investigate the allegation if Dr. Ford files a complaint. The statute of limitations in 1982 was 1 year, so Kav is not going to be charged, but that is a decision made by the State’s Attorney, once the police report is received. So he will be investigated by the police if she files a complaint, even though the investigation will not lead to a charge. He was 17 at the time, but he could be charged as an adult, if the SofL did not preclude the filing of a charge. CURRENTLY, there is no SofL on sexual assault in MoCo, but the law requires that any charges be brought under the law in effect at the time of the incident. Back then it would have been a misdemeanor with a 1 year SofL; now it is a felony with no SofL. There really isn’t any point in filing a complaint with the local police, unless Dr. Ford believes that the FBI investigation is politically biased.

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