Taylor Swift Votes The GOP

downloadIf John Kerry was swift boated in 2004, the GOP appears to be Swift voted in 2016. In a measure of the power of celebrity status in our culture, Taylor Swift has reportedly caused a massive registration after she endorsed Tennessee Democrats.  For the GOP hoping for a “Brett bounce” of Republicans going to the polls (with money pouring in for both  parties after the Kavanaugh confirmation), Swift appears to have blunted the impact, particularly in Tennessee, with a single posting on Instagram. We remain a celebrity driven society.


Swift dropped her apolitical persona in a big way in urging her 112 million followers to get out the vote.  She noted her neutral history but noted “I feel differently about that now.”

She endorsed  two Tennessee Democrats–Democrat Phil Bredesen for Senate  and incumbent Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper.  Donald Trump has been campaigning hard for the Senate GOP candidate Marsha Blackburn.

Swift’s post supporting Democrats contrasts with the views

The response?  Some 65,000 Americans ages 18 to 29 registered to vote in the roughly 24 hours — a surge attributed by various officials to Swift’s posting.

She wrote  “So many intelligent, thoughtful, self-possessed people have turned 18 in the past two years and now have the right and privilege to make their vote count.”
Trump responded : “Let’s say that I like Taylor Swift’s music about 25% less now.”


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  1. The problem isn’t Taylor voicing her opinion although I’m not sure how informed it is. The problem is the sheep who follow. We have too many sheep, too many uneducated about our history and our values as a nation for over 200 years. Too many looking for a hand out and not a hand up. It’s pathetic and it will not make us a better nation to have a nation of sheep. Regardless of ones politics, we all should want voters who are informed and voting on issues not on what they are told to do. Imagine if Taylor Swift said vote for Jeffrey Dahmer and these people did so out of blind loyalty. Do we really want that kind of force directing our government? I mean she is a musician, not exactly what we need directing foreign and domestic policy. We have too many better candidates for that. Of course those on the winning side will say we want this, until it starts getting the wrong people in office. There are always two sides to the coin, just ask Harry Reid.

    1. While much of her post was who she was voting for a why it is not a plea for others to vote the same way. A substantial portion was a basic educate yourself, register and vote your conscience message.

  2. “the people are nothing but a great beast…

    I have learned to hold popular opinion of no value.”

    -Alexander Hamilton

    Alexander Hamilton – The Farmer Refuted, 1775

  3. Taylor Swift has reportedly caused a massive registration after she endorsed Tennessee Democrats.

    There’s a GW faculty member who may be in the market for a bridge.

  4. State legislatures must pass restrictions on the vote including criteria to be met. Taylor Swift should be arrested for debasement of the vote, subversion and acts deleterious to the republic. Now you know why the American Founders established a restricted-vote republic, distinctly not a one man, one vote democracy, which, Tytler cautioned, always concludes in dictatorship.

    Ben Franklin, we gave you “…a republic, if you can keep it.”

    Republic – governance by a body of citizens entitled to vote.

    republic noun

    re·pub·lic | \ri-ˈpə-blik
    Definition of republic

    1a(1) : a government having a chief of state who is not a monarch and who in modern times is usually a president

    (2) : a political unit (such as a nation) having such a form of government

    b(1) : a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law

    1. Crazy George, he’ll only be happy if the vote is restricted to white men able to pay a poll tax.
      Meanwhile, he wants to arrest Taylor Swift for exercising her First Amendment right of free speech.
      Maybe the nutbag wants to repeal the First Amendment as well….

    2. Crazy George won’t be happy unless the vote is restricted to white men able to pay a poll tax.
      Meanwhile he wants to jail Taylor Swift for exercising her right of Free Speech because he disaproves of her opinions.
      Maybe the nutbag wants to repeal the First Amendment as well…

        1. She has every right to her free speech. It’s perplexing the amount incredible support you have for someone that obviously is voting identity politics. Economy, Terrorism, military spending, tax relief? No wonder we are the laughing stock of all of our geopolitical foes. “And I voted . . . For The First Time”. La La La. Pathetic.

    3. Some of the people who post here seem like characters out of a Ken Kesey novel.

          1. Kitty:
            Novels for $200, Alex.
            And the Answer is: “This novel made into an academy award winning movie featured a young Jack Nicholson being tortured and torturing back Nurse Ratchet to the delight of some eccentric mental patients.

            1. Mespo – it’s not at all likely that Kitty was around in 1975. I know time flys, but jeez dude, that was 43 years ago!

                1. I believe she stated somewhere that she works on Capitol Hill. So I’m sure she has nothing better to do with her time than Google your movie references.

            2. mespo…….funny he would say that because I have often come here and felt like I was in the middle of a casting call for “Cuckoo’s Nest”………..😅

      1. Nurse Ratchett said, “Some of the people who post here seem like characters out of a Ken Kesey novel.”

      2. Tabarrok………please see my comment below to mespo on the subject. I have almost voiced that opinion several times. 🙂

    4. George, The Founding Fathers did not create a true republic! They scorned the Greeks and the Roman style of republic and created their own form. The American style of republic does not match the Greek classical form on purpose. Aristotle writes that a republic is Mixed Government and in order to have mixed government, one must have a class society. Please inform yourself: Classical definition of a republic 5th Rev.

  5. “Shut Up & Sing”

    – Laura Ingraham

    The American Founders intended for voters to meet criteria.

    Being “star struck” is not one of them.

    Neither are being naive, foolish and gullible.

      1. The original vote criteria were European, Male, 21 with 50 lbs. Sterling or 50 acres.

        Yes. I vote.

        Do you?

        Can you?

        Should you?

        I vote for the Constitution. Have you ever read it? Freedom, free enterprise and self-reliance. No redistribution (no taxation for any form of individual welfare). No social engineering (no affirmative action, quotas, rent control, fair housing law, non-discrimination law, etc.). No central planning (by regulatory, Fed or tax policy). No control of the means of production (i.e. regulation – the Commerce Clause regulating, to assure against bias or favor for any particular state or entity, only and nothing more than, the free flow of the stream of commerce “…with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;…”).

      2. Did you vote for your “fair share” of “free stuff” from the American wealth creator and taxpayer? Are you a welfare recipient or public worker receiving a check from the taxpayers? I guess we know how those votes will be cast. More, more and ever more!

  6. It’s both interesting and convenient the spike in registrations was reported without identifying the party preference of the registrants. The result could be a swing in either direction–or a cancellation of both sides with no change to the existing status. My skepticism and cynicism suggest if this were good news for the left and CNN, they’d report more than the total.

  7. My daughter’s friend voted for Obama for the first time because – He Is So Hot! That was all she had.

    1. CAT. All and I mean all of my male gay friends said the same thing. When I reminded them that he had stated and “believed” marriage was between a man and a woman, they said they didn’t care.

      1. So, the Clintons are embarking on a stadium tour this year. So…is Taylor going to tour with the rapist in chief?

        1. The philosophy with Dems starting back with the LBJ’ers and before…..”well, he’s a whore, but he/she is our whore.”
          And “yes, the pie was obtained illegally, but we all get a piece, see?”

      2. Marriage. Marry. Mary. Mary and Joseph, Mary Magdalene. Matrimony. Mater. Mater Dei. Mother of God. Marriage is irrefutably singularly and solely about motherhood and generating children. Marriage has nothing to do with sexual perversion or perversions of nature. Contractual agreements having nothing to do with procreation do not constitute marriage.

        The inmates have taken over the asylum.

        Stop the incoherence and hysteria.

        Call security.

    2. Fun fact: Obama will never be eligible for the presidency and Obama will never be a “natural born citizen” which is the constitutional requirement. At best, Obama was and is a “citizen.”

          1. “If James Comey had indicted Hillary, he would have convicted Obama.”

            – Andrew McCarthy

            The Obama Coup D’etat in America – the most prodigious abuse of power in American political history – soon to be adjudicated.

            Best of luck, Obama.

  8. Did you see Bart’s performance last night, where he praised the rodeo clown for his support of the judiciary? Doesn’t Bart know what Fatso said about Judge Curiel? Oh, wait, that’s right, I forgot. Bart is a politician and supporter of the biggest liar ever to occupy our White House, so either lying or being ignorant of facts is OK because we’re “winning”. Maybe whatever state gave him his law license will bring disciplinary charges for lying under oath.

    Meanwhile, were you aware that the Senators who voted in favor of party boy Bart only represent 44% of the American population?

    1. Did you see President Obama congratulating Judge Merrick Garland on his confirmation? Nope? Me neither. 😉

      1. Did you see how many more people voted for President Obama than voted for the rodeo clown? Nevertheless, swamp scum McConnell took away our right to a voice in a judicial selection made by a President who was voted on by the majority of Americans to shove in the most controversial and least popular judicial nominee in several lifetimes. This was to do anything to create tax breaks for the wealthy, to do away with civil rights, consumer and environmental protections and to funnel money to Christian schools. Do you know that the Senators who voted for lying party boy Bart represent only 44% of the American population? That’s OK with you? Well, it’s not OK with the rest of us that Republicans connive and cheat to get their way. One solace is that neither the rodeo clown or party boy will ever be viewed as legitimate. There will never be airports, libraries, public buildings or schools named after them because they conned their way into the position they coveted, thus earning their infamy. They really don’t understand that a title does not confer respect. Only integrity does, so they have power, but will never have prestige.

        I find it highly ironic that people like you, Olly, pretend to be patriots and to respect the “rule of law” but really don’t understand the meaning of these concepts. To you, patriotism and “rule of law” mean getting your way and stopping other people you disagree with from having a voice in their government. Have you gotten your Trumpy Bear yet?

        1. Umm. Considering The race card and the “hot Card” go figure. How about the Clown getting the highest black approval rating for a GOP President in history? Instead of concentrating on the 9 – 20 yr market, how about improving the life of the African American communities like you guys have promised for the last 100 yrs?

        2. Do you know that the Senators who voted for lying party boy Bart represent only 44% of the American population? That’s OK with you?

          I find it highly ironic that people like you, Olly, pretend to be patriots and to respect the “rule of law” but really don’t understand the meaning of these concepts.

          Get back to me if you ever figure out the whole electoral college and state’s rights thingy.

          1. Olly: not long ago, I went through some papers and found a piece I wrote in high school calling for the Electoral College to be abolished because it no longer serves any useful purpose and it skews elections unfairly. So, yes, Olly, I do know about the Electoral College and the reason for it in the first place. That reason no longer exists, and was never valid in the first place, just like Bart and the rodeo clown aren’t valid, either. Once they come down from their sugar high, maybe they’ll figure out why people do not respect them despite the titles they cheated to get. They might just learn that respect for the office of POTUS and for Justice of the SCOTUS does not translate into respect for either of them as people because neither of them deserve these titles.

            1. So a high school-aged Natacha writes a piece about doing away with the Electoral College. Based on your body of work on this blog, I’m not surprised to discover you believe you were/are superior in intellect and wisdom to our founding fathers.

              The reality is no one with the philosophical chops to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Madison and Jefferson would ever need to troll a blog as you routinely do. Your ideas would reflect reason and logic supported by a plethora of examples to support your thesis. You would be chomping at the bit to engage others with your sound political philosophy. And you would do so without the need for ad hominems. If you had it, you’d have shown it. You haven’t, and so you don’t.

              Try again.

              1. OLLY – I am sure Natacha’s paper was loaded with the requisite ad hominem attacks on her teacher, the Founding Fathers and the powers to be.

        3. The “masses” must not and were never intended to vote. The Founders knew, for example, that the “poor” would “sell” their votes. They did precisely that.

          “the people are nothing but a great beast…

          I have learned to hold popular opinion of no value.”

          -Alexander Hamilton

          Alexander Hamilton – The Farmer Refuted, 1775

        4. Anonymouse:

          “Nevertheless, swamp scum McConnell took away our right to a voice in a judicial selection made by a President who was voted on by the majority of Americans to shove in the most controversial and least popular judicial nominee in several lifetimes.”

          You’ve got your voice. Problem is that voice didn’t have enough votes. When that happens in a representative democracy, you lose. Somebody has to lose and somebody has to win. Welcome to the human condition, neophyte.

          1. mespo – when you live in a representative democracy, you have winners and losers (unless you are a Republican in Chicago).

    1. Men are the new pro-women, or something like that. I have got to take a look at that Dem. Party dictionary some day. Their definitions are so danged confusing.

        1. mespo – the Democratic dictionary is written on flash paper so that it can disappear in an instant to be replaced by the new, better and completely different definition. Have you boofed yet, today?

      1. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (Republican) is up for re-election. His t.v. ads show only his adult daughter and granddaughter, touting what he has done for women. His campaign slogan: “Hogan Backs Women.” He’s a Republican and these ads started running last week. His advisers must recognize that this is a critical message, given what’s been in the news with other R pols, esp. Trump and Kavanaugh.

        1. I am a white female Kavanaugh supporter. Mother of two men. And we are not apologizing for anything!!!

      1. Isaac…..huh? Susan Collins was not voting for a male court nominee over a female court nominee. Pay attention.

  9. A bunch of screaming 18 yr old highly intelligent and informed Taylor Swift fans are enough to take down the entire system.

      1. A bunch of inbred, suckers for cheap cliches and Hitlerian tactics, were enough to put Trump in the White House.

        That’s right, they chose Clinton! And they didn’t stop once he was elected. They’ve continued those tactics supporting the Russian collusion farce and opposing Brett Kavanaugh. They even got the Democrats in Congress and their MSM sycophants to expose themselves for the radical leftists they are.

      2. @issacbasonkavich

        I am none of the above. I am actually of Hispanic ancestry and proudly voted for Donald Trump! And you still have to like me since I am a member of a recognized “victim” group.


      3. Oh the wisdom of our neighbors to the North. They have a wonderland — all defended and paid for by “suckers for cheap cliches” using “Hitlerian tactics.” Canada spends $20 billion on defense; we spend $610 Billion covering their ungrateful arses.

        Let’s let Ivan and the rest of them defend their Moosehead themselves. Eh?

        1. mespo……….I have one fond memory of Canada….Hubby and I were in Old Quebec City about 18 yrs ago…..we wanted to walk (and shop) up and down what is known as the oldest city street with shops in North America (can’t remember the name). We stopped in the postal shop about halfway down the street and the clerk, an old man, started telling us about Richard Nixon. He said Nixon visited there whenever he could ( for years after his resignation) and that Nixon would stand out in front of his shop and look up and down the quaint street and exclaim “This is my favorite place on earth!” I thought that was a touching story, an insight into Nixon that few people would know about. Anyway, I was really moved by that and so grateful he told us.
          Other than Old Quebec City……..you can have Oh, Canada.

  10. I helped a young man sign up for his first vote this past week. I have zero doubt that the Kav fracas made him very, very uncomfortable and will surely vote Republican.

    I am also sure he doesn’t listen to whomever this article was about .What’s her name, I forget already

  11. Celebrity driven culture? The good professor hit the nail on the head. I am still amazed that your average American really believes the American way is best for all countries, at all times, regardless of their situation or historical development. And they want to impose it on the rests of the world (for their own good, of course)! All while being unable to find Azerbaijan or Zimbabwe on a map!

      1. good reason for you to stay in the Great white north, back from whence ye came, permanently

        1. Nope, I’m staying. I have a job to do. America needs more people like me, less ‘love it or leave it’, mindless types, more, ‘what’s wrong-let’s fix this’, types. Don’t be afraid, Mr. Kurtz.

          1. Ivan:

            “Nope, I’m staying. I have a job to do.”
            Consider yourself RIF’ed. Don’t need unskilled, holiday help. We’ve 22 million of those applicants now. You can enlist however. Maybe you’ll see the world the way it really is. Tip: when you hear bang, duck.

      2. We have lowered standards so non-Asian minorities can compete in school and job market.

  12. When I was working in Democrat politics years ago, the least reliable voting bloc was this age group. It’s easy to get them to register, because adults are in their faces……the hard part is getting them (especialy college kids) to the polls. And we ALWAYS had well known celebs on the Dems side.
    We’ll see if times have changed. Sure hope not.

    1. That may have been back in the day when people actually had to go to the polls. If it rained, fewer people showed up. Now they can vote by mail, making it easy for the less committed voters. In addition, many states have Motor-Voter laws, where people are automatically registered to vote when they get a drivers’s license. I think this benefits Ds much more than Rs.

      1. Kitty
        In the 1990’s one could vote on campus, at the grocery store, by mail….etc……and that age group still slacked off

  13. I would take her recommendation, in the belief that she is far more honestly informed than the politicians who object. Final confirmation of the wisdom of my choice came from his Disasterousness this morning when he lightly trolled her. Even the trumpet knows better than to rant on her, as her approval rating is only about 9X his, and dissing her at this time would mean a blue wave in November, especially in Tennessee. So, celebrities do in fact impressively affect elections, as we find them far more believable and genuine than the people they do not support.

    1. Her approval rating comes from a target market of 9 to 20 yr olds. I know it’s hard to sing and dance but, running the largest economy is a little bit harder.

    2. She didn’t actually make a recommendation other than for people to register, educate themselves, and vote their own consciences. She does lay out the reasons she will be voting for one of the candidates over the other. The post had a group of 17 year olds I deal with (in a different state) discussing the responsibilities of voting which can only be a good thing.

    3. Chuck Aspinwald:

      “So, celebrities do in fact impressively affect elections, as we find them far more believable and genuine than the people they do not support.”

      Suggestion, Chuck. Let the therapist hear you say this out loud. Then listen carefully as she explains hero worship and the inadequacies of those worshipers. The term “true believer,” often comes up. The phenomenon mostly festers in adolescents with low self-esteem, however we can find the occasional stunted adult suffering the same malady. Whole countries with beaten down populations can sometimes be fooled by guys with bad mustaches and join in.

      Hey, afterwards, you and I can catch the latest Marvel Comics film!! Thor is really cool.

  14. Hmmm. Unless your purpose is to mislead, perhaps you should rephrase your headline?

    1. NDGryphon………It’s a clever play on words…”Swift Voting” v. “Swift Boating”

  15. Most of her followers are pre-teens and they can’t vote so no one cares. “Neutral history” my ass…they’re all super crazy in Hollywood.

  16. getting groupies to register is far easier than having these squirrels actually show up on election day, the emotional high may have passed by then

    1. All you need is some puffy haired clueless boy band singer to completely derail this.

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