“Show Me Your Passports”: Woman Rages At Spanish-Speaking Family In Virginia

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 11.16.21 AM.pngTelemundo has posted a highly disturbing video of a white woman screaming profanities at a Spanish-speaking family and demanding to see their passports.  The offensive tirade captures our age of rage in this country. The video was taken by the Guatemalan woman who appears the target of the enraged diatribe at Andy’s restaurant in Lovettsville, Virginia.  The incident is painfully reminiscent of the video of New York attorney Aaron Schlossberg that we discussed earlier in the year.

In the video, the woman demands to see the passport of the mother dining with her 7-year-old child and other members of her family.

Telemundo 44

She screams “Go back to your fucking country . . . You do not fucking come over here and freeload on America.”  The scene continues outside where she seems to say that she does not want to see the United States becomes “Sweden.”  President Donald Trump has often raises Sweden as an example of the dangers of undocumented immigrants. The woman screams how  “I’m tired of this shit. … You [censored] freeload on us!”

The video is chilling and highly disturbing.  Indeed, the most unAmerican display in the video was not the family trying to have lunch with a young child but the woman demanding passports simply due to their conversation in Spanish.

The restaurant has said that the woman will not be allowed to return, but the police arrived after the woman had left the scene with her male companion.

278 thoughts on ““Show Me Your Passports”: Woman Rages At Spanish-Speaking Family In Virginia”

  1. “Chilling and highly disturbing?”

    You may disagree with her speech, but she has committed no crime nor has she threatened anyone. So, no, this does not qualify as chilling and highly disturbing.

    We have many millions of illegal aliens who actually broke the law and got away with it. I find that chilling and disturbing.

    1. Oh IVAN you are such a radical! Imagine that. Crime being more serious than naughty talk. Wow. Here is a right wing extremist. lol j/k

  2. Just as inexcusable as that Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi are advocating. RNC ought to seize the opportunity to denounce public boorishness regardless of its political or racial polarity. Wrong is wrong, no matter who’s targeted.

  3. here’s an idea worth executing:

    Import 1 family from Latin America who wishes to work, and export 10 American families who have members who are morbidly obese, gluttonous, slothful, prideful, and full of wrath. Memo to MESPO: we think you are hot so you need not worry even if your acorn is pee wee size.


    Bob & Jim

    1. Memo to Bob: kicking out obnoxious sexual deviants would be priority, except no one wants you.

      1. Tabby is showing his bona-fides for his esteem for all life….pro-life, from conception to natural death…..except when his self-loathing homosexual animus rears its head when he fails to collect any loads at the local bath house

        1. LOLOLOL

          go easy on old man Tabby. Not. Trolling these forums is what little sexual satisfaction he gets given his pathetic lonely existence

    2. a lot of third world people are really fat these days. obviously you don’t spend a lot of time around mexicans.

  4. Given the Left’s claim that President Trump and his army of …ists are a real threat to peace and security in the United States, why is a horde of migrants marching their way to our southern border? If the Left were serious and actually had the compassion they peddle, they’d be working overtime to stop the caravan.

    1. What should we do, call the Mexican Federales and demand they stop the caravan..??

      Seriously, it’s ridiculous that Trumpers think ‘the left’ wants these caravans. It’s just a stupid assumption by stupid people.

      1. Let’s start by analyzing what the Left is doing and then we’ll have good idea what they should do next.

        Go ahead, I’ll wait.

        1. Olly, these caravans are just an annoying distraction. No one on the left really wants them in the news.

          1. No, they really want them in the country. They don’t want them in the news only because the optics are not working in their favor..

            1. Why should we want them in them country, Olly? It’s just an irrational assumption on your part.

              1. Why should we want them in them country, Olly? It’s just an irrational assumption on your part.

                Abolish ICE. Sanctuary cities. Sanctuary states. Lawsuits on travel bans. Illegal aliens being allowed to vote. I won’t even bother getting into the political angle the Democrats have chosen to try to characterize President Trump and the Republicans as the party of anti-immigration, racism and bigotry. Not an assumption but fact. What is irrational is denying this is taking place.

                Why does the Left want them? Pure Power. You watch, as soon as they are no longer useful or worse, become a political liability, they will be discarded and forgotten.

                1. How stupid, Olly!

                  The truth is those caravans may be rushing here because they think Trump will close the border entirely in the not-so-distant future. And even if they have to spend a year in some ICE facility, they might think it’s worth it just to get in line.

                  1. What Olly said is not stupid, and what you said is also plausible; a lot of things are plausible. Of course the existence of at least 10 million EWIs (thats a neologism for Illegals) proves that a lot escape the net. So there is not a lot of worrying about the American side of things. Mostly they probably worry about getting raped and abused en route to America through the failed state and anarchy that is Mexico, which is another reason these columns may have formed. The causation may be complicated

                  2. The truth is those caravans may be …even if they…they might think…

                    You napped through Logics, didn’t you? Fronting the words, may be, if and might with the word truth does nothing to make your conclusion so.

                2. ” Not an assumption but fact. What is irrational is denying this is taking place.”

                  That is why Peter Hill is known as Peter Shill.

      2. Federales in Mexico should do exactly that, if it’s a sovereign, and if it’s not a failed state, and if they’re not on the take……All three of those are big “ifs”

        I do think that many in the Democrat party leadership want, in general, mass migration. Mostly because of the fact that most migrants from Latin America will tend to give birth to people who vote Democrat. Not all but most, especially in the first generation. Probably 2-3 generations down the effect is attenuated. But many do want it. They welcome quite frankly the browning of America, things like that. But an ugly and conspicuous column of migrants, no, I think the left finds that very embarrassing.

        trump probably isnt stupid, he knows it’s embarrassing, and he’s flogging it.

        Remember what Rahm Emmanuel said?

    2. “If the Left were serious and actually had the compassion they peddle, they’d be working overtime to stop the caravan.”

      Right. The US in the Trump era is the strangest sort of fascist country I’ve ever seen. You’d think the immigrants who were already here would be piling into boats, planes, trains to get the hell out of this fascist hellscape. Somehow, it’s not working out that way.

      The people who say “Trump is literally Hitler” misunderstand three things: 1) Trump, 2) Hitler, and 3) the meaning of the word “literally.”

      1. Exactly! If the Leftists actually believed what they hype about President Trump, Republicans and Conservatives, it would be them calling for increased border security, immigration (travel) bans and absolutely no migrant caravans allowed into our country until they could assure this country was safe for them to enter.

        The reality is their actions belie their words. Because if the United States really was the dangerous place the Left portrays it to be in the era of Trump, then they are the ones luring innocent sheep to the slaughter.

  5. Off topic but The Donald has gone from, referring to the Saudis’ story, “credible” to “worse cover-up ever”. Mind of a 3 year old.

    1. Good to know you follow the mind of a 3 year old.

      What do you believe President Trump should have said or done differently since learning about Khashoggi’s murder? Come on, gift us with that intellect of yours.

      1. It was thoughtless of him to find the account “credible”. No Sherlock he.

        1. That’s obvious from your original post, but it doesn’t answer the question.

          What do you believe President Trump should have said or done differently since learning about Khashoggi’s murder?

            1. I recommend you stop following the mind of a 3 year old, it’s affecting your reading comprehension. Obviously you have no idea what you believe to be a better choice of words; only that his word choice is not yours.

                1. You are aware that saying something is credible is not the same as saying you believe it to be true. It provides room for diplomatic decisions to be made as the investigation unfolds. Going the liar liar pants on fire route would be the action of a 3 year old.

                2. Benson:
                  The question is:

                  What do you believe President Trump should have said or done differently since learning about Khashoggi’s murder?

                  Can you answer that? There’s no right or wrong answer, just what do YOU believe?

          1. Do people remember when the Democrats were terrified of Trump becoming president and having the nuclear codes? The red button? The football? They said he would capriciously send us into war. Now, they are mad that he hasn’t declared war yet on Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea…

                1. So Democrats are now so hateful of Trump they want to destroy the US’ nuclear deterrent?

                  Because if the CIC can’t authorize a launch within a few minutes, THEN THERE IS NO DETERRENT. Might as well mothball all the trillions of dollars of nukes. Not a good idea, Democrats!

                  And here i was thinking they were afraid of Russia. I guess not!

                  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover the Democrats have PTSD over all things nuclear, after Harry Reid’s weapons release in the Senate. 😉

            1. Now, they are mad that he hasn’t declared war yet on Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea…

              That would be an example of Credible.

    2. Mind of a 3 year old.

      You’re not really in a position to criticize people for childish behavior. That aside, you’re in a trade whose practitioners typically employ a couple of research assistants and work in socially dysfunctional ‘collegial’ environments. When you’ve run a profitable firm with 22,000 employees, you get back to us.

    3. David, you still haven’t checked the dictionary for the meaning of credible or is that above your pay grade?

        1. You looked it up in the dictionary several days ago. Wow, you forgot the meaning already.

    4. “You can’t handle the truth!”

      – Col. Nathan R. Jessup

      Your reaction is of the mind of a three-year-old; as usual.

      “Rogue element” was a plausible, preliminary account for the Khashoggi murder. The JFK assassination was the act of a “rogue” element of American security/intel actors. President Donald J. Trump optimistically conjectured as to a rational explanation for Saudi actions. Saudi Arabia is a friend and ally of America. Ongoing investigations are producing evidence deleterious to the Saudis. The current Saudi despot may require replacement. America does not hold dominion over the Middle East. President Donald J. Trump will undoubtedly take appropriate action.

    5. President Trump briefly spoke with King Salman,who is suffering from early dementia. He believed the King doesn’t know anything about it. I don’t think the King knows where all of his wives are, at least one of which has been hidden away for opposing bin Salman’s succession as heir.

      It is credible the King knew nothing about it. It is not credible that the Saudis knew nothing about it, unless 15 guys happening to shop up at their embassy in Turkey with a bone saw and a body double is an everyday occurrence. The question is if bin Salman ordered the hit, or if his inner circle in power took it upon themselves.

      What is especially sad is that Khashoggi made a great deal of effor to call for change without condemning the Saudi government in general and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in particular. This raises the possibility that it was ordered by the imams. There has been tension between the Royals and the Clerics and the people of Saudi Arabia. Young Saudis want more freedom; the clerics want more authoritarianism. Only a non biased investigation, impossible in Saudi Arabia, can uncover the culprit.

      Khashoggi was by all accounts a good man advocating for more rights in his country. He was a legal resident of ours. As such, I hope our country considers him under their protection, and his murder an insult and offense to our country, as well as an ignoble deed. I heard the embassy has video footage of Khashoggi being cut into pieces while still alive, which makes one wonder why the Turks did nothing about it. Were the camera feeds unmanned spying equipment? (And, yes, everyone spies on each other, including allies and in embassies.)

        1. Like denying the Armenian genocide. I know. Until and unless they release the video to our intelligence, it’s just gossip. We do have video released of the Saudi body double wearing what appears to be Khashoggi’s clothes, only his own dark shoes with white soles instead of Khashoggi’s dress shoes. That indicates it was planned long in advance. Well, that and the 15 guys.

  6. View the photo of the Mexican Supreme Court at the link.


    The Justices are Mexican men.

    The American Supreme Court is little better than half American.

    Why is America forced to impose “multiculturalism” and Mexico isn’t? Oh yeah, huh? Mexico is free! Mexico, the land of the free, right? America, the land of the communist dictatorship.

      1. Alternatively, America could correct 157 years of nullification and violation of the Constitution.

  7. btw do you think that lady was drunk? i have seen a lot of foulmouthed drunk women behaving badly and this is perhaps just another example

  8. Did telemundo ever post any comments on “some girl from Ohio killed by an illegal” her name by the way was Mollie Tibitts a beautiful American girl.. Maybe someone should have questioned him for his passport.

    1. Relevance? Besides the fact that their skin was possibly brown? Hop right on the hayride wagon with squeKKK and the other ignorant, uninformed klan wannabees who foul this place with their Hitlerian dreams, you’ve earned your klavern robe, pillowcase set with pre-cut eyeholes and IQ reduction. So sorry for your loss.

      this is to “I can’t get a date, but hooray for white power” zambo

      1. Marky Mark Mark – your NPC is reaching into racist territory. Did you do that on you own or were you programmed that way.

          1. Not so much: I just call a spade a spade when I see it, since my presence here is solely for my benefit; I’m certainly not trying to coach up any of the gullible rubes, dupes, klan wannabees, pocket-traitors or grifters on the make. If the racists don’t want to be identified with the white-sheet set, they shouldn’t spout off with white-sheet set bigoted filth. so sorry for your loss.

            to mespo

  9. The full scope of the conspiracy behind this “migrant caravan” remains as yet unclear. Yet, already what has emerged shows that far from being a campaign for the rights of oppressed peoples it is a deliberate, pre-planned effort on the part of socialist enemies of the United States to damage American prestige and to embarrass American allies. The men and women moving their way north and subjecting themselves to significant hardship and risk are likely for the most part pawns in this game. They know only that someone has fed them the lie that they will emerge from this better off.

    Behind the march, however, are emerging the shadowy outlines of old enemies – socialists, communist dictators and parties whose real agenda does not include democratic government or individual liberty. It is the installation of oppressive, totalitarian regimes in this Hemisphere.

    Now, it’s time to keep pulling on the thread, to expose the truth and to find the facts. We know this much already. This is not immigration. This is invasion.

    1. Wow, a big, big conspiracy! Like ‘fake news’ and ‘deep state’. A made-for-Tumpers event just in time for the midterm elections.

      1. PH:

        i posted a long post with too many links. but, the timing may favor trump, as you suggest.

        i have looked at the presidency of guatemala and don’t think that regime qualifies as socialist, nor really the honduran government. considering the likely involvement of US agencies with elements of those regimes in the past, it is not entirely impossible that the caravan may have had a certain complicated set of supporters encouraging it to happen. and not just the likes of Geo soros and his worldwide set of migration-facilitators.

        1. Kurtz, I agree it’s all very odd. And I remember that just before the midterm election of 2014, the border was suddenly a big story for about a month. Then mysteriously the story disappeared completely.

          1. it could just be a bunch of coyotes and whatever gangs use them which ginned this up, for whatever reason. the best authentic reason I could imagine is that a bunch of traffickers said let’s coordinate a big move all at once, and dress it up in human rights talk, which will allow us to avoid prosecution.

            and maybe some human rights suckers have fallen for that.

            but evidently there are trucks and so forth moving them fast which implies a certain amount of official cover; likewise the clogging of public streets; how can that be allowed without some governmental green lighting?

            i am not sure why Guatemala or Mexico would allow this, really, the notion that those governments are helpless to stop a big flock of pobrecitos belies their history in every way.

            i fully support Trump but its not entirely impossible that the “Deep State” which raked him over the coals before has decided to help him out a little before the election

            I think maybe the war with Iran is off. Saudis are too damned crazy. But maybe the war with China is on? and they need a strong CIC out front to make it happen…..

            pure speculation here, no information to support that. could just be my fevered, paranoid, imagination

          2. i would add one more thing. “human trafficking” as a human rights problem, was advanced into law more and more the past 15 years, not just by a bunch of Democrats and various losers looking for Soros grants. Rather, it was something that had bipartisan support and saw huge activity by Hillary Clinton in her tenure as secretary of state, flogging Russia and China at the UN for their “violations.”


            the FBI for example, annually makes a big roundup of foreign sex workers and justifies it as an anti human trafficking effort. Not to say that it doesnt exist as a real problem but if so then considerably less than promoted as.

            Moreover the govt uses it to justify the kind of border interdiction which really doesn’t need a justification except to a bunch of leftists. but boy the government flogs it a lot and it’s getting a big mention in this event too.

            enforcement actions always involve developing informants. the best informants are the ones that have not been unmasked. which suggests that if there are human trafficking organizations– surely there are, it is likely as big a business as narco trafficking is now; but surely there areinformants in place in the gangs who also have a back channel to the police or higher authorities, whomever those may be.

            the use and misuse of NGOs by the CIA is a real thing. It is possible, although unlikely, but it’s possible this has been somehow ginned up not by a bunch of leftist freaks but in fact by Christians in Action. they might have green lighted a big push like this, gave the word out to all the coyotes and traffickers, that “now is the time.” and they might have gotten clearances from guatemala and mexico, too. it’s possible, though this is pure speculation, and I don’t really believe it to be the case.

            Their history of considering false flag actions like operation northwoods is worth remembering.

            the point is that the migrants are pawns but our reactions may be manipulated like pawns as well. and there is no reason that the government can’t be part of creating a problem and then fixing it as well. that sort of stunt kind of makes the government look good, doesn’t it?

            I am strongly nativist and will stay that way, but as i have gotten older I get tired of the constant manipulation coming from every direction. it’s part of the reason I like Trump who lacks artifice.

          3. Just like dubya’s terrorist warnings, they seemed to happen when votes were needed.

            1. funny coincidences huh
              i take everything like this with a grain of salt; today the news of mail-bombs suggests a crazed right winger; but one never knows. there is a “dialectic” which often transpires in America between news of outrageous events and a rush to some sort of government over-reach

              i would not consider the “wall” an over reach nor is it a new idea. A border barrier was authorized by congress many years ago just not properly implemented.,,,,,,but propitious timing always provokes my paranoia, in any direction

              A genius said:

              The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

              ― Lenin

              1. i take everything like this with a grain of salt; today the news of mail-bombs suggests a crazed right winger; but one never knows.

                Large buckets of salt.

                I believe the crazed part, but name all that would benefit from a narrative that it was a right winger, 2 weeks before the midterms.

                1. Olly, I wondered that, too. Especially with the inclusion of Obama. A deranged right winger migh target Antifa, but two former President? Through the mail, when everyone knows former Presidents get their own secure mail sorting facility?

                  1. Those targeted are the names most likely to be recognized in the media. Obama and the Clinton’s are relevant in name only. A crazy right winger would have struck when they mattered, not now. As far as I am aware, Soros has never been targeted here. Why now?

                    If they want to look for crazy, take a deep look into those willing to eliminate the bedrock presumption of innocence and the rule of law.

                    They are suicidal crazy!

        2. Egads! Your indefatigable sleuthing has uncovered the dastardly “soros” character. Your fact-based, detailed account of his nefarious deeds must surely trigger felony charges by the multitudes! Oh! The humanity!!!!

          this is to “I have the inside scoop on the trilateral commission, to boot” kurtzie

          1. Marky Mark Mark – the NPC found the Soros script and played it. Haven’t seen that for awhile, however Soros has been in the news so I suppose that triggered it.

          2. Mark M: You’re a slanderer. Do you retract your false and defamatory comment that i “watch hannity and bag his balls”?

            you should be banned from this site for repeated per se defamation, of myself and other users, false quotes, and general tomfoolery

            i see you got a different ip huh

          3. maybe you take the open society soup too Marky m


            18 billions can go a LOOONG way


            only a fool like Mark M diminishes the potential mischief of a world-historical vampire parasite globalist nation wrecker like Soros. He is infamous, for a thousand things, and will be remembered for good or bad centuries hence, when nobody will have heard of me or Mark M

            1. Haha. So many “facts.” You must be a riot at summary judgment hearings. So sorry for your loss, again.

              this is to “but hannity said this soros feller was a real baddie” kurtzie

              1. Marky Mark Mark – the NPC plays the “you are a bad lawyer” subscript.

      2. Conspiracy? Nah. Didn’t you see that Forrest Gump is leading the march northward? This thing is purely organic. These folks are hauling their home country flags to burn once they are accepted into the United States. They’re burning American flags to confuse the hostile locals. Now go back to sleep and I’ll read you more of this fairy tale tomorrow.

        Nigh, night!

    2. its questionable to call Geo Soros a socialist. people do, but he is quite the capitalist. the real history of “capitalists” like him or Armand Hammer is often “complicated”
      but i suspect that there are at least some of his “constellation” of human rights organizations which operate around the globe, which may be involved

      as for socialists, Pepe Lobo of Honduras is not a socialist. But he is surely glad to see the excess poor migrate to America.

      the current Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto probably qualifies as a socialist in a vague sense but the PRI is not exactly socialist and has done various things to liberalize the economy of Mexico in the capitalist sense of liberalization


      the president of Guatemala is literally a joke. Or a joker, to be precise. a comedian, from a circus family. but he is considered nationalist. it is hard to say whether a nationalist in Latin America is fairly considered a socialist or vice versa. it all depends on one’s perspective I guess


      his party


      a party of former officers during the civil war, probably they are not what we would call socialists. one jefe of the party is accused of genocide of indigenous.

      I am sure they were probably quite pleased to see thousands of indigenous that is to say less-white mestizos and indios, hit the road for North America.

      Bottom line, it is not wholly clear to me who really is behind organizing this, if it is organized and to what extent.

      It may also favor Trump, if you think about how people react. The timing may actually be favorable for him.

      1. I’m not going to get wrapped around the axle trying to figure out the politics behind 10k+ men, women and children on their way to our southern border. I’m interested to know what our response will be to them. President Obama certainly had an opinion on this at one time:

        We are a generous and welcoming people here in the United States but those who enter the country illegally and those who employ them disrespect the rule of law and they are showing disregard for those who are following the law. We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States, undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently, lawfully to become immigrants in this country.

      2. It may also favor Trump, if you think about how people react. The timing may actually be favorable for him.


    3. We need to build a wall at our Mexican border. We need to elect a President who will build a wall. A “wall” can be some troops at the border and some planes flying overhead. If any get in– lock em up and put them on a boat to China.

      1. I’ll just take effective border security, however that is done. Perhaps we arm those legal immigrants awaiting full citizenship and put them on the border. Tell them they will be given full citizenship immediately for following the rule of law and defending our border.

      2. A wall is a single point of failure. Scale the 30 foot tall wall with a 32 foot tall ladder and your home free.
        Look at an onion: layers. Security is like an onion: layers.

        1. yes security is like an onion. and a wall is a layer which is very much needed like an onionskin. thank you for your contribution

        2. Scale the 30 foot tall wall with a 32 foot tall ladder and your home free.

          Ladders more than 50′ high aren’t commonly vended retail and you’ll have to make your way over the other while armed guards are shooting at you.

        3. “Look at an onion: layers. Security is like an onion: layers.”

          This is acidhead talk

          1. its actually a solid principle and a well accepted simile
            a wall is always a good layer unless you are trying to create the illusion of permeability. which makes the secured area more of a …… trap

  10. By “white woman,” do you mean American?

    Professor Turley, show us your “multicultural” bona fides. Which percentage of hyphenates, minorities or illegal aliens live on your street and in your neighborhood? At which hyphenate/minority/illegal alien percentage will you be satisfied? Japan, China et al. don’t entertain foreigners but for visitation.

    How far has America been “transformed” from the intent described in the Naturalization Acts deliberately legislated by the Founders requiring citizens to be “…free white person(s)…” and the dictum of the Preamble, “… and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,…?” Southern California used to be America; now it is entirely an unintelligible foreign country.

    Exactly what kind of American are you; the kind that deliberately forswears its own race out of a sense of hatred for its own race – bizarre? If it is wrong to love one’s own race, it must follow that it is wrong to love one’s own family.

    Are you pro-invasion? You condone the Trojan Horse of insidious “immigration” which is actually surreptitious foreign invasion. The barbarians are at the gate. No, that’s wrong. The barbarians were allowed inside the gate a long time ago – why and by whom?

    1. Hurry! Run and hide! The orderlies will find out you’re on the internet again and ensure you take your meds this time!!!

      this is to “ya, know, overseer was probably a pretty swell job, when you think about it” georgie – paulie

      1. Marky Mark Mark – the NPC hit the mentally ill script. What will be next I wonder? Hmmm???

    2. Diversity and multiculturalism are seldom, if ever a strength but usually a source of tension and conflict. And constantly repeating the opposite does not make it so.

      1. “…whatever tends to a discordant intermixture must have an injurious tendency.”

        – Alexander Hamilton

        “Suppose 20 millions of republican Americans thrown all of a sudden into France, what would be the condition of that kingdom?” Jefferson asked. “If it would be more turbulent, less happy, less strong, we may believe that the addition of half a million of foreigners to our present numbers would produce a similar effect here.”

        Alexander Hamilton was even more blunt. He invited his fellow Americans to consider the example of another people who had been more generous with their immigration policy than prudence dictated: the American Indians. Hamilton wrote, “Prudence requires us to trace the history further and ask what has become of the nations of savages who exercised this policy, and who now occupies the territory which they then inhabited? Perhaps a lesson is here taught which ought not to be despised.”

        Hamilton was likewise unconvinced that diversity was a strength. The safety of a republic, according to him, depended “essentially on the energy of a common national sentiment, on a uniformity of principles and habits, on the exemption of the citizens from foreign bias and prejudice, and on that love of country which will almost invariably be found to be closely connected with birth, education and family.” He then drew out the implications of this point: “The influx of foreigners must, therefore, tend to produce a heterogeneous compound; to change and corrupt the national spirit; to complicate and confound public opinion; to introduce foreign propensities. In the composition of society, the harmony of the ingredients is all-important, and whatever tends to a discordant intermixture must have an injurious tendency.”

    3. George – I don’t know why Turley pointed out that the woman appears to be “white.” What is the relevance? Does that make her actions worse than if she were black or some other ethnicity? I think he was trying to tie her to Trump. But notice that she speaks with an accent. Likely she’s an immigrant herself. Maybe she’s pissed because she waited 12 years for her papers, and resents others who jumped the fence.

      1. Turley’s in the academic bubble. No one there would even think to ask your question.

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