“Show Me Your Passports”: Woman Rages At Spanish-Speaking Family In Virginia

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 11.16.21 AM.pngTelemundo has posted a highly disturbing video of a white woman screaming profanities at a Spanish-speaking family and demanding to see their passports.  The offensive tirade captures our age of rage in this country. The video was taken by the Guatemalan woman who appears the target of the enraged diatribe at Andy’s restaurant in Lovettsville, Virginia.  The incident is painfully reminiscent of the video of New York attorney Aaron Schlossberg that we discussed earlier in the year.

In the video, the woman demands to see the passport of the mother dining with her 7-year-old child and other members of her family.

Telemundo 44

She screams “Go back to your fucking country . . . You do not fucking come over here and freeload on America.”  The scene continues outside where she seems to say that she does not want to see the United States becomes “Sweden.”  President Donald Trump has often raises Sweden as an example of the dangers of undocumented immigrants. The woman screams how  “I’m tired of this shit. … You [censored] freeload on us!”

The video is chilling and highly disturbing.  Indeed, the most unAmerican display in the video was not the family trying to have lunch with a young child but the woman demanding passports simply due to their conversation in Spanish.

The restaurant has said that the woman will not be allowed to return, but the police arrived after the woman had left the scene with her male companion.

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  1. can anyone imagine a ten thousand person force of people trying to breach any of the following borders?


    what do these countries know that America doesn’t?

    1. Add this

      Why Haiti immigrants never even try to go into the Dominican Republic? Answer: They will be killed!

    2. That America is, was, and always will be a nation of immigrants?

      this is to “I argued with my high school history teacher and lost” kurtzie

      1. CHINA

        what do these countries know that America doesn’t?

        That America is, was, and always will be a nation of immigrants?

        Huh? So those 6 countries know the United States is a nation of immigrants and we don’t? Good thing you responded with a question, because stating that as a fact would be just stupid.

        They likely know that we know we are a nation of immigrants. They also likely know that our internal politics will make it very difficult to remain a nation if we have no defensible borders.

        This is to I know I can get at least 1 billable hour out of this migrant horde Markitty.

        1. you know what the Vietnamese communists did to the Chinese in Vietnam not long after they won? They threw them out. So much for lefitst nonsense. 78-79 one year and they threw 230,000 of them out of the country. These were Chinese ethnics that were overwhelmingly born there. That’s nationalism in play. It’s a natural instinct of social order.

          And for all their faults, which in my viewpoint are many, the Viets are tough as hell. When the Chinese made a mass infantry incursion into North Vietnam, partly as reprisal, they got their nose bloodied badly.

          There are so many incidents like this just in recent world history that anybody who fails to get the picture self exposes as a naive and gullible dope.

          read Amy Chua World on Fire. She’s a Harvard prof and uses the argot of the chattering classes to deliver some subtle truths they studiously avoid. But then again she is Chinese American. If she was white she would either be too naive to understand or too scared to speak.

          1. Haha. Is this the hannity trope of the day? So, let me see if I’ve got this right; America, the last, greatest hope of man on earth, the shining city on the hill, should comport itself like Vietnam? Haha, you gullible rubes and dupes would sell your mothers if hannity and the day glo bozo told you that she was part of the “deep state” or some such nonsensical hooey.

            this is to “ya, well America’s not really that great anyway” kurtzie

            1. Marky Mark Mark – the NPC run a subsubscript variant of the gullible rubes script.

      2. Marky Mark Mark – NPC played the immigrant script. Why are we not surprised.

      3. Mark M, slanderer,

        most Americans are not immigrants, even if there are a lot. Moreover, how many generations have to be here before they’re not immigrants? This “nation of immigrants” stuff is pure propaganda nonsense. I utterly reject it.

        Thank God most immigrants are NOT smart-alecks like pathetic loser mark m. Usually it’s only stupid white liberals who have no respect for patriotism and normal patriotic feelings. Phony social climbers who fear they are on too low of a rung and don’t want to betray what lies behind their verbal lace curtains! Usually just a system hack job and a big load of credit card debt.

        Go set up a lemonade stand on the Rio Grand if you’re such a bleeding heart! Most apologists for mass migration rarely step out of their lilly white enclaves, whether home or work or school, where they all apologize for mass migration, try and one-up each other for how enlightened they are, which conceals a sort of middle class anxiety, a fear of being considered a hillbilly, or too plebian to identify with rednecky uneducated natives shoveling scheiss whose jobs are endangered by mass migration. It’s a self deceiving lie, virtue signalling dreck. It makes me sick.

        There are days when I say: let America be over-run by barbarians and foreigners, because if the natives here are too stupid and weak to keep the place as their own, then they don’t deserve it anyways. .

        Nature has no preferences and its only morality is success. Weakness leads to destruction. A stupid weak heartless self hating puke who can’t identify which horse he rode into town on deserves to be left behind.

        1. Mr Kurtz – according to Marky Mark Mark he is doing appellate work in the federal system, which means he is sucking hind teat after the Federal Public Defender’s Office. I think he also does bankruptcies.

          1. Well. I don’t know. I have friends in that office who aren’t half as naive and stupid. most of the cd lawyers I know are pretty realistic. I fully support the due process rights of the accused for my own part even when they are despicable. But that aint my wheelhouse.

            I think he’s the type that works in some half arsed “public interest law firm” or maybe a fundraiser working on polishing his schtick. He was really triggered by me mentioning Big Sugar Daddy Soros.

        2. More awesomeness. Buffoons like you don’t even have a clue about the real world. I see it every. single. day. You, in your little flyover shithole only know what the bozo ball-baggers on Pravda Faux News swill out to you and the other hicks, rubes, and dupes. I regret to inform you, merely because you and your ilk are uninformed and frightened of those who don’t look like you doesn’t mean they–like all the other migrant waves throughout American history–aren’t coming. So, roll up your sidewalk, get last call at the Sonic before it closes at dusk, and settle in to watch the stop-light blinking.

          this is to “but I’m sooo skeeeerd!” kurtzie

  2. The display was rude and wrong. Still I understand it. I have long said that if LEGAL and illegal aliens coming to this country spoke English 75% of the opposition to them would vanish. Our British forefathers laid the foundation for who we are today. A place where nearly all the people south of our borders would come to if given a choice. English , a common language, is part of that foundation . Of all former colonies none are more successful than those of the British. The USA, CANADA, HONG KONG, AUSTRALIA, INDIA, all English speaking . But numbers don’t lie. Spanish speakers Will dominate this country in about 40 years. Spanish Will be The common toung, the British foundation will be lost. We are and will be 2 people one English speaking and one Spanish. Absent a civil war this is our future.

    1. Im not so sure it will be as simple as that. probably the fastest growing language here is Mandarin or some variation of it. And tons of money coming to North America too. there may be a lot more complex breakup coming than Huntington envisioned

  3. Trump is directly responsible for this abhorrent behavior. He stokes the fires of divisiveness and racial hatred. Just last night, he falsely claimed that Democrats were paying those multiple thousands of Hondurans and Guatemalans to march toward the U.S.. He also claimed, with no evidence whatsoever, that there were “Middle Easterners” and Mexican gang members mixed in. When challenged about the proof of this allegation, he had no answer. Because Trump is gong to try to use this as a wedge issue to stir up his base, if anyone is paying these people, it is Republicans, trying to give “the Donald” an opportunity to look like a leader.

    I would like some Trumpster to cite to me what Democrat ever claimed to support open borders, no immigration rules and no deportation. If you can’t do so, then admit that Trump is lying when he blames Democrats for illegal immigration. Obama deported historic numbers of illegals. BTW: if you haven’t noticed, Trump is the one in charge now, not Democrats.

    1. All the wealthy celebrities in California that were going to leave the U.S. if Trump got elected didn’t. They have ordered body guards & hired goon squads to stock up on guns & ammo….Just in case the 7000 immigrants breach the gates of their multi-million dollar mansions. Maxine Waters also has extra security muscle….Shoot to kill, ask questions later.

          1. Silicon Valley is a much different scene than Hollywood. They’re very eccentric up there.

        1. PH,

          Try & breach the mansion gates of Puff Daddy Comes or Ellen Degeneres in California

            1. With just commercial properties alone the demand for security is endless. Still most of those jobs pay no more than $12 per hour.

              1. The national median is $13 an hour plus benefits. LA sure does suck.

      1. I regret to inform you that this site has little to do with reddit, or wherever those of your cognitive and intelligence level congregate to trade fairy tales about the boogyman. That being said, please keep posting materials Just. Like. This. It reinforces my smug sense of self-superiority over absolute morons such as yourself and the other gullible rubes, dupes, klan wannabees, pocket-traitors and grifters on the make who also fail to recognize the most salient question: “what is that ticking sound?”

        this is to “I have a ‘toughie’ handle because I won’t say anything to anyone in real life” palie who saw a horsey

        1. Marky Mark Mark – NPC tried a self-defense script then moved into the old tired klan wannabees script.

          1. It’s the very staleness of all the NPC slogans that makes it funny

            orange man bad! believe women! refugees welcome!

            1. Mr Kurtz – the mere fact that they are calling it stale lets me know we are hitting them where it hurts. 🙂

          2. Kitty Wampus – I only identify and brand NPCs. I am on the fence about you right now.

    2. What Dems or Gop ever pushed English as the official language of the country ?? Or denial of federal jobs and benefits to Non citizens ?? Or made it a felony to be here illegally or to hire illegals . None. We are governed by fools. AT least Trump says what most of us think and he enforces existing laws .

      1. solvermn – Democrats in CA are allowing illegal immigrants to vote in elections. Illegal alien children are being taught in public schools and illegal aliens are drawing welfare checks.

        1. Where is your proof that Democrats in California are allowing illegal immigrants to vote? Cite something, other than Trump and Faux News.

          Illegal children are in public schools all over the US., in every single state. I don’t know about welfare checks, because most of them are afraid to sign up for any type of public assistance.

          Illegals are drawn here by Republican owners of businesses that rely on unskilled labor that will accept less than minimum wage, and who are unlikely to fie workers comp, sexual harassment, age discrimination and other employment-related claims. Business, such as hotels, restaurants, nanny services, landscaping, pallet factories, nonunion construction, and so forth are where you’ll find them. Have ICE do regular sweeps of these businesses. HEAVILY FINE businesses that hire them, and include the cost for deporting them in the fines. The fines could help cover ICE’s operating expenses. After a second or third violation, jail the owner of the business for a period of time. Taking away the incentive to come here will stop illegal immigration more effectively than any fence will. Doing this is a far better solution than separating parents and children and putting children in cages.

          1. you are right that many business owners like these features, but news for you, quite often they are Democrats. who knows how many.

            But Chicago is pretty much a one party state. A Democrat party state that is.
            And in the city of Chicago where there are mexicans in every kitchen from the Greek diner to the Chinese restaurant. These are generally employed by Chicago Democrat restaurant ownership.

            there are over 8 thousand different restaurants just in chicagoland. checking papers as you suggest would require thousands more ICE agents who are more needed targeting higher payoff choices.

            another example of Democrats owning businesses that employ a large number of illegals would by Tyson chicken., many years ago, caught red handed.
            Who were big Clinton donors. You can look that up if you think I’m exaggerating.

      2. they are barely making a run of it. the situation worsens. trump’s pathetic ag sessions is busy rooting out a few thousand visa overstays and asylee types on medicaid, a bandaid, a waste of effort, and doing nothing about ten million illegals who snuk in and are completely off the books.

      3. Unfortunately for you, your ilk, and the gullible rubes, dupes, klan wannabees, pocket-traitors and grifters on the make, “most of us” don’t think like you buffoons. Don’t let the vagaries of the electoral college (ask someone to explain it to you) confuse you into believing you and your ilk are in any way near the majority. I understand that the other hicks who live in your one-blinking-stoplight, flyover shithole may wear pillowcases as headwear, but you woefully-misguided idiots will always be considered clowns. So sorry you can’t get a date.

        this is to “but sissy says I can kiss real good” solvie

        1. Most weak sisters like Mark M live in California and NYC.

          The electoral college is here to stay. We won’t let a big infestation of idiots hold too much power over the rest of us who hold most of the territory. You understand that? I’ll give you a chart that should explain it clearly enough


          The other blue parts not on either coast are mostly black regions like major metros and Mexican border areas. Outside those regions with teeming masses of humanity, we have the rest of us.

          mark M, you don’t know where I live except it’s just flyover to you. Best for you to stay out of flyover. Confine yourself to California and Manhattan if you are smart.

          One day you may find yourself like a gullible missionary boiled in a pot by Micronesian headhunters that you presumed that you could civilize. To each such fool I say, as a postscript, good riddance!

    3. ridiculous!

      there is an invasion and you side with the invaders. own your position!

      and stay anonymous; your neighbors might not like to know they live alongside a collaborator with foreign invasion.

    4. “Trump is directly responsible for this abhorrent behavior. He stokes the fires of divisiveness and racial hatred.”


      Oh, I think there’s lots of blame to go around starting with Leftist agitators hellbent to start a race war. Trump is just calling them on it, so obviously he is to blame. BTW Dems support open borders because they have no power without them.

        1. And with that compelling rebuttal to mespo, YNOT dropped the mike — directly on his foot —- and left the forum cursing his fortune.

    5. We are a generous and welcoming people here in the United States but those who enter the country illegally and those who employ them disrespect the rule of law and they are showing disregard for those who are following the law. We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States, undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently, lawfully to become immigrants in this country.

      President Trump really has no shame.

    6. Just last night, he falsely claimed that Democrats were paying those multiple thousands of Hondurans and Guatemalans to march toward the U.S.. He also claimed, with no evidence whatsoever, that there were “Middle Easterners” and Mexican gang members mixed in.

      Hypocrite much? Now you require evidence for an allegation to be believed? Not a chance. We’ll use your previous standard and require you prove his allegation false. Keep in mind it takes 1 Democrat and 1 ME or Mexican gang member to validate his allegation.

      Ready. Go!

    7. Come on, psychosis-girl said the allegation was false!

      An award-winning journalist did investigate the migrant mob, and is now reporting that Guatemalan intelligence identified people from at least three different overseas countries have joined in with the Central American migrant caravan…Members of the vicious gang MS-13 were present in the caravan as well. The criminal group is infamous for its brutality.


      1. MS 13 certainly is coordinating migrant activities as part of its criminal enterprises. And they usually send a coyote as a guide. Of course. Maybe democrats think they all got their travel-plans from Travelocity?

  4. I would guess without much fear of contradiction that the vast majority of USA citizens cannot string a simple sentence together without profanity. It is a cultural failing regardless of other differences.

    My hard and fast rule is in three parts

    a.north of the border or just inside USA I speak only American Standard English. I don’t speak any foreign languages and especially not slanguage. It’s my job to know the language and the speakers to speak the language. If they can’t be understood not my problem. The exception is someone new to the country.

    It does them no good to speak the home language when they are presumably preparing for a citizenship examination.

    b. South of the border I speak and continue to learn only Spanish for the same reason in reverse. Now I am the guest or huesped. The exception is when someone wishes to practice conversational Standard American English.

    c. Other countries. I make a habit of using Lonely Planet Phrase Books if I have some forewarning. That worked well in Florida at my favorite coffee shop when the barista could not speak much English yet but spoke four languages. LP usually has one useful colloquialism. The barista was getting frustrated trying hard to be helpful so I yelled in Romanian “Don’t sweat the small stuff!” That got a big laugh and some instant help from real linguists A year later she was speaking American Standard Engish and enrolled in a University.

    Traveling by sailing vessel (my house) or working merchant marine those books came in handy at almost every port. except I couldn’t find the phrase in Korean for Your Welcome.

    There is absolutely no excuse for profanity…..apart from some light very light comment when you hammer your thumb. or find out you got the GF’s present of a nice blouse or pair of shoes in he wrong size.

    As for politicians? I learned to expect nothing else using Perez-Castro and Motor Mouth Harris as examples.

  5. Lovettesville is in democrat central Loudoun County Virginia. It’s packed with rich holier than thou democrats who use illegals as slave labor to mow their 13 acre lawns, clean their 10,000 square foot mansions and clean out the stables of their Fox Hunting horses.
    Nearly everyone who lives around here agrees that this is a staged.
    Either that or the lightbulb over even hardcore democrat heads about the democrat party’s intention to destroy America by Cloward and Pivening the US with illegals is finally begining to come on.

    1. “Lovettesville is in democrat central Loudoun County Virginia. It’s packed with rich holier than thou democrats who use illegals as slave labor”

      I wonder if Peter Shill lives in Lovettesville.

    2. Envy much? Pro tip: hannity laughs at you and your ilk for continuing to fall for the big con. So sorry for your loss.

      this is to “but what is that ticking sound?” simple dawn

  6. There’s no need to go on like that lady did, America doesn’t have a national language, they stole and bastardised ours, I’m British and we’ve spoken English for millennia not just over 150 years.

  7. Immigration is a highly complex issue – who should be allowed, who should not, must they be able to speak English, must they have a host sponsor, must they be above or below a certain age, must they have a marketable skill, must they have a clean verifiable public record, must they be healthy, must they have financial resources, must they prove refugee status, what caused their desire to migrate, did the US arm the gangs and supply the drugs to their home countries? Did western corporations, protected by the CIA, take valuable resources from their countries? What if any help should they receive from US taxpayers? And what form should that help take?

    To say, “build a wall” is tragically irresponsible. Most illegal immigrants came to the US with legal tourist visas, student visas, work visas, green cards, etc. A wall would not keep our those who enter legally on temporary visas.

    The first step is for western governments and corporations to stop terrorizing and exploiting people in oppressed countries and to help them develop infrastructure and a decent quality of life.

    1. “To say, “build a wall” is tragically irresponsible.”

      Samantha, we have an army of 6,000 – 10,000 heading to our border right now. They illegally entered into Mexico breaking down fences and violently accosting Mexican authorities. A good deal of the transport is likely aided by drug traffickers where drugs have been killing over 70,000 Americans per year. They have burned American flags and carry their own flags representing the “countries” they are “escaping” from. Within their ranks that will be crossing the border are terrorists and a number of criminals.

      It is true that we need to stop illegal immigration on every front, but the wall definitely sends a message and adds to American security whether it be from illegals, terrorists or drugs.

      1. did you see the video of them ripping down the pathetic Mexican border fence?


        Let me ask. what kind of “Refugees” fly the flag of the place they are escaping?
        and move in a column like infantry?
        If they fly the flag then they are not refugees they are an invasion force?
        normally asylees and refugees are running from a place they don’t like, and so they don’t fly the flag. here, we see the column is flying the honduran flag, and they have actually burned an American one.

        repel the invasion, simple obligation, will the government do its most basic job?

        watch people and see how they respond to this. it’s an acid test if there ever was one.
        are you loyal and patriotic American or not?
        Loyal and Patriotic Americans do not apologize for invasion.

          1. yes of course. at Sam.
            and I want people to see why we need a REAL WALL and not a pathetic border fence like Mayheeco has

            boy the days of the brutal Mexican government suppressing the Chiapas rebellion are over! when guatemalens passed in those days, they didn’t ask for papers, they gave them PLOMO and a narrow grave in the jungle

            1. Samantha likes to blame Americans for the difficulties in other countries. Our young and older men and woman fought to make this country free and have continued fighting ever since. I note a huge number of young men marching towards our country. Why don’t they march on the leadership of their own countries. We are the escape valve helping to prevent revolution.

              1. Honduras, always a mess. Pepe Lobo is pleased to see these folks hit the road, no doubt.

    2. i agree with some of what you say, there is an economic exploitation of third world countries for natural resources. but that was an earlier episode. china is the new active player in that game and the primary arena is africa. let them beware

      whatever its exterior causes, the interior reality for america is this.

      a) mass migration illegal or legal, swells the labor force, depressing wages. natives don’t like the economic competition

      b) mass migration comes wholly from outside of Europe and causasion majority nations and thus has a diluting effect on the white population. you can call that bigotry for people to be concerned about but if you have studied history for the past century then you know that it usually turns out very badly for white people when “decolonization” happens. usually a bad very bad result for whites who have to remain alongside. rarely is it a peaceful event such as in Hong Kong turnover.

      go back a few thousand years there is historical evidence that in some places white people migrated and displaced previous populations themselves; and yet in other places were displaced. i doubt in the mists of ancient time this ever happened very peacefully. hence mass migration can very often be a matter of grievous concern as economic and resource competition one day turns deadly.

      remember this. even today, in the most unfree places in america– jails– there are riots….. and when the riots happen, when things “jump off,” you better be standing with your own kind, lest you end up more quickly shivved, ventilated, and bleeding out your noble premises and liberal blood into the cruel Earth.

    3. oh please. Visa overstays from Asia are not the big problem.

      The big problem is not the thousands of immigrants with papework problems that the scurvy dog Jeff Sessions is trying to deport now, The big problem is the millions of blatantly illegal EWIs. who are majority from mexico and central America.

      EWI is an immigration law term for “entered without inspection” which is now the neologism for illegal immigrant, which is a naughty phrase now lawyers are not supposed to say anymore.

    4. Immigration is a highly complex issue –

      No it isn’t. People complexify it in order to hide their objects and motives.

    1. @fishwings

      I bet you do not live in a majority black and/or hispanic area. And I also bet if you live in an urban area, it is somewhere surrounded by upper middle class people and you send your kids to private school.


        1. @fishwings

          Ok, well you still have to like me. I’m Hispanic myself and a member of a recognized “victim” class.

          I respect libs who actually practice what they preach. Just haven’t met very many.


    2. yes, good, fear helps sharpen instinct and keeps one ALIVE

      contentment is for fools

      1. Haha. Please post more hannity “fear” nonsense. Like most of your ridiculous prattle, it reinforces my smug sense of self-superiority over you ingnorant, uninformed clowns.

        this is to “I wanted a ‘hannity was here’ tattoo across my lower back, but they said it would hurt” kurtzie

  8. https://www.npr.org/2015/10/03/445339838/the-unintended-consequences-of-the-1965-immigration-act

    understand that the big initial loss in this demographic war was 1065. the war was the remaking of America as a multiethnic society as opposed to the preceeding social fabric of European stock. that is to say, white people

    there is a detailed history of this which has been documented. it was not just a thing that came about to swell the labor force, drive down wages, thus to benefit the capitalists, it was also a thing specifically intended to dilute the “White vote” etc. this is not conspiracy theory folks, this is historical fact.


    some jewish leaders took point on the issue and pushed the reform act. perhaps they were afraid of majority white gentile populism? npr says so—-

    “The nation’s national origins-grounded immigration laws could not escape an assault by these reformist passions, and critics of the national origins system found the liberal wing of the Democratic Party receptive to their demand that immigration reform should be a part of the civil rights agenda.

    Who would lead, and formulate what alternatives? Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy cautiously stepped out on the issue in the 1950s, sensing that a liberalization stance would gather vital ethnic voting blocs for his long-planned run for the presidency. His work on a refugee bill caught the attention of officials of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, who convinced Kennedy to become an author of a pamphlet on immigration, with the help of an ADL supplied historian, Arthur Mann, and Kennedy’s staff. The result was A Nation of Immigrants, a 1958 bouquet of praise for the contributions of immigrants and a call for an end to the racist, morally embarrassing national origins system. The little book was initially ignored, but its arguments would dominate the emerging debate.3 The ADL, part of a Jewish coalition whose agenda included opening wider the American gates so that increasing U.S. ethnic heterogeneity would reduce the chances of a populist mass movement embracing anti-semitism, had made a golden alliance.4 John F. Kennedy was no crusader on immigration (or anything else), but he was an activist young President by 1961, comfortable with immigration reform as part of his agenda, elected on a party platform that pledged elimination of the national origins system.

    Whatever Congress might have had in mind on immigration, it was understood that real action waited on the President’s agenda. Since Kennedy’s 1960 victory had been narrow, he moved very slowly on sensitive issues, especially those where he expected formidable resistance. The death in May, 1963 of staunch defender of the national origins system Congressman Francis Walter came just as Kennedy was finally moving on civil rights legislation, and it seemed natural to link the two causes whose joint target, by long agreement among liberals, was “discrimination.” Kennedy sent a special message on immigration to Congress in July, asking for repeal of a policy that “discriminates among applicants for admission into the U.S. on the basis of the accident of birth,” and since the basis in the census of 1920 is “arbitrary” the entire system is “without basis in either logic or reason.” The Asia-Pacific Triangle limits should be abolished at once, national origins quotas ended in five years, to be replaced by a selection system based on individual skills and family reunification, “first-come, first-served.” There would be a minimal increase in total numbers — from l57,000 quota immigrants to 165,000. Reform never meant increased numbers, as the reformers constantly assured the public.5

    This initiative, along with the rest of the Kennedy program, was inherited by Lyndon Johnson after the assassination. He also inherited Kennedy’s determined reformist advisers on immigration, among them Myer Feldman, Norbert Schlei, and Abba Schwarz. The latter convinced the new President to endorse reform in his 1964 State of the Union Address and to hold a meeting with ethnic leaders where Johnson repeated the key slogan of the attack on the national origins system: “We ought to never ask, “In what country were you born.?”

  9. Very disturbing. This must have been frightening for the small child involved.

    First, the woman was utterly and completely wrong to make such a scene and aim such venom at a stranger. Second, this is a symptom of many Americans being completely fed up with the broken immigration system. Democrats oppose tightening immigration. Registered Latino voters favor Democrats because of the free stuff and their open border policy. Corporate Democratic donors like the cheap labor. Republicans say they oppose illegal immigration, but have been milquetoast about actually fixing it, as corporations like the cheap labor. Meanwhile, the American citizens are screwed. Politicians spend far and away more time, effort, and treasure protecting illegal aliens who broke the law than the citizens they are sworn to represent.

    You know what happens when a mob of 7,000 illegal immigrants aggressively shoves its way through South America to break through our borders, adamantly refusing to go through the legal process? It greatly offends the citizens they demand to support them, and sours race relations. The millions of illegal immigrants generates tensions and resentment.

    When all immigration occurs legally, then immigrants are our welcomed and honored guests. No longer would anyone be suspicious that someone broke our laws to take advantage of our generosity, because it would be nearly impossible to do so. That, alone, would greatly ease tensions.

    A couple of cities near me have boiling racial tensions between blacks and Latinos. There is such rage, that there are often comments posted among mothers that gangs of black kids jumped their Latino 3 year old. And the Latinos fight blacks, too, all because of racial tension. Illegal immigration directly harms existing poor and lower middle class communities, which are disproportionately comprised of blacks. And yet, black voters obediently keep on voting for Democrats, who keep on dumping illegal aliens in their community to depress wages, compete for housing, and fill up schools with ESL learners who bring down test scores and make entire classes have to slow down academically. School administrators will openly state that they cannot bring test scores up because they have too many ESL.

    A manageable amount through the legal immigration system allows us to extend an opportunity to thrive in a free, capitalist nation. Hordes of illegal immigrants angrily demanding to be let in, defying our laws, is entitlement to a severe degree.

    If you want to immigrate to the United States, you must go through our legal immigration system and obey our laws. Period. Respect us and our laws or don’t come. Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said it best.


    One final point, there seems to be a paradox among the Democratic Party. On the one hand, Kavanaugh’s gender and that of Dr Ford was taken as proof of his guilt, because men are viewed as predators. And yet, they support mass illegal migration of mainly young men from areas so high in crime and violence against women that crime is often one of the stated reasons for immigrating. So…Democrats fear men as inherently violent, so they support mass migration of young men from countries with more violence against women than the US. Democrats support violent AntiFa, and view almost any act a Caucasian does from brushing his teeth to going to bed at night as some sort of racism or white privilege. And yet, it supports mass illegal migration from Socialist dictatorships similar to Fascists. In addition, some of the migration comes from countries with cultural attitudes towards women, gays, and non believers that make the KKK seem like wimps.

    They seem to be having trouble making up their mind. What do they believe will happen to women if they import lots and lots and lots of men from countries with high violence against women, without a background check, or interview, or any other attempt at weeding out dangerous people?

    I believe in a meritocracy immigration system. There are deserving people around the world, in every country, who would be a credit to our country. They want to be here. They want our freedoms and they would not bring the hatred and violence with them. Political dissidents, scientists, poets, artists, singers, writers, or just people who don’t support their current system. It would benefit us to identify those who would become part of our community and extend our hands.

    As an angry, entitled mob demands entrance, and extends a rude gesture to our laws and sovereignty, meanwhile in Venezuela, millions of people starve under a Socialist regime. Does this entitled, rude mob have it as bad as the Venezuelans? Because I would far rather use the money to airlift out the starving Venezuelans who have had enough of Socialism, and can’t wait to join a Capitalist Republic. We don’t have unlimited funds. To triage, help the Venezuelans first. For God’s sake, get some sort of Underground Railroad up and running to evacuate at least the children still alive.

  10. i will add one moderating thought to this: it’s not the poor migrant who sets this in motion. it is powerful forces of industry and social engineering that gin these mass migrations up, from the industries that hire people without work papers, to the industries that lobby for more, to the industries like the mass media that manipulate public opinion to try and deter natural feelings of nativism, to the masterminds like Geo Soros and others who relentlessly are trying to change human nature to fit their utopian dreams. To remake europe and america, quite frankly to make it less “WHITE”

    the poor migrant is just a pawn, a person of flesh and bones, trying to make some money in a more orderly society. they are not in themselves bad people for trying to migrate, and even willfully breaking laws to do it. BUT NOR ARE WE BAD PEOPLE FOR WANTING TO ENFORCE OUR OWN LAWS AGAINST IT.

    1. Vigilantism occurs when parties feel their concerns are not being addressed by society. In this case the vigilantism is being promoted by lawlessness permitted by the Democratic party. There are laws in place that are not being enforced and that creates vigilantes that take it upon themselves to do the enforcement.

      That is not good and the woman portrayed in this video acted in an unacceptable fashion. We don’t know why she felt that family was illegal but if they were illegal then they didn’t belong in that restaurant or within the borders of the United States.

      1. the lady was rude and stupid, but her sentiments are natural.

        americans who have not traveled abroad are usually ignorant of how jealous people are of foreigners, because they have never had the experience of being a foreigner.

        americans that is to say white americans are usually super-ignorant of how ethnocentric most people are on Earth we are the most deracinated group of individuals ever, a herd of cats

        1. I have travelled abroad a lot. I find most people very accomodating and curious all over.

      2. If any of you nonsensical buffoons ever figured out that hannity is playing you for the fools that you are, you would have found out on day one that the foreigners were tourists visiting from South America.

        this is to “but Rush said the Post and the Times were baddies” allan / allen

          1. You think he’s Cpl. Klinger?

            Klinger: “I’m Section 8, head to toe. I’m wearing a Warner bra. I play with dolls.

            Col. Potter: “Horse hockey”

    2. Well said.

      If we throw open our borders to anyone who would come, Western values would be overrun within a year. There would go women’s rights, gay rights, the economy. We’d all starve.

      We have a budget to spend. We can blow it all on illegal immigrants and have zero left over for Welfare, Social Security, national defense, the environment, humanitarian aid, etc. There are 325 million of us and 7. 4 billion people in the world. We are already built out in many areas, and have to fight to keep open space and national parks. Where’s everyone going to go? Where are they to live, find work? Are they nice? There are a certain number of jobs open right now. Flooding the market with unskilled workers wipes out those openings for those who are here legally as residents or citizens, which really, really angers them. That is one of the reasons why Black/Latino race relations are quite poor out here in CA. It’s so bad gangs of black elementary students have been jumping Latino kids lately.

      Cause-Effect. Ease racial tensions back down, and cool resentment, by shutting the border up tight. If you want to come here, respect us and our laws. When the only people who get in are those who are invited and granted permission, it will improve tensions. Once people become citizens, they are supposed to be one people comprised of the many. Stopping illegal immigration cold will also dismantle the servant caste the Democrats created in the US. Whenever you hear that crops will rot in the fields, remember this is the same argument the Democrats gave against emancipating the slaves, and later in support of share cropping. Some things never change.

  11. age of rage. this is not an age of rage. i have a friend that served in bosnia. he said, you go down the streets and certain houses are fine, kids playing outside; then other houses are rubble, nobody there, gone, where? that’s rage.

    serbians were demographically annexed out of bosnia hercegovina. they eventually got rage over it. americans are being demographically annexed out of america. we will get rage eventually, it comes, and caravans with a multitude of migrants are just the thing to boil the pot quickly.


    did you hear what they said: SI SE PUEDE~!



    border fence: no good. we need a WALL! with mg emplacements if necessary, too

    1. There needs to be an investigation into this mob. It’s too organized to be organic. It’s an organized, funded invasion. Who is organizing them, feeding them, housing them? There should be hell to pay to any organization that aids and abets a foreign invasion.

      1. There is no question in my mind that there is an organization involved and that organization has allied itself with alot of bad people including drug traffickers and likely terrorist leaning organizations.

        1. who has organized the caravan? certainly not a mob, rather, the column, of aggressive refugees? probably a lot of help from many…..

          a, the mexican government, that green lighted them, Obrador said he would give visas for refugees en route North

          b) the honduran government, such as it is, always a mess

          c) “human rights organizations” which are counted in the thousands in America, tens of thousands worldwide, the biggest donor of which is Geo Soros, through his “constellation of nonprofits”

          d) i wonder what dirty tricks operatives in the USA would want such a thing? now i mean not private persons but persons embedded like bloodsucking ticks in various agencies with a reputation for various kinds of illegal activities. pure speculation here, no evidence, not looking, just idle speculation. use your imagination.

        1. I hope this caravan is on the nightly news. I also hope the glorious antifa keeps up their nefarious activities. Gets Trump more and more votes.

  12. one lady gets pissed and exercises her free speech, it’s a big story on telemundo

    six, seven thousand honduran border crashers disregard mexican borders and surge north to do the same to america, not a story

    it will get a lot uglier than middle aged white women wagging their fingers, before it comes to a head. this is not chilling; what comes will be

  13. Well we’re they legal immigrants, American citizens or was our interrogator right? Seems to me that matters.

    1. mespo – It seems to me it hardly matters. The woman had no idea, she simply presumed it was her right to act as she did. If the family she went after were legal immigrants or American citizens, you might agree it was a racist attack based on assumptions. if they were here illegally, the woman’s actions and assumptions were no different.

      What seems to be a majority of the people here aren’t concerned about the woman’s actions, they understand, blame Democrats or George Soros. They have accepted “nationalism” as the way of life. #Sad

      1. That it matters not if members of the family were criminals or not speaks volumes. It mattered to that lady who is free to inquire. She did it rudely but the question seems fair game.

        1. According to that logic, any person who looks like they might not have been born in America is an open target to be questioned and harassed? And how pray tell are the wrongfully accused supposed to respond? What is the acceptable criteria to stop and question someone?

          1. Any citizen can ask anything they care to of another. Would you deny them that because it might embarrass someone? With 22 Million illegal migrants milling around and refusing to assimilate putting a little pressure on them to go is a good thing.

            1. This isn’t about any citizen asking another. In this case and the way it would most often apply, it’s about the assumption of a white person cursing at and making assunptions about a person of color. How could that possibly go wrong? Combine that with those wishing to exercise their second amendment rights, we can have citizen’s arrests, let’s throw in a little stand your ground and you can have killings on the streets, not that American history isn’t replete with such activity. Welcome to mespos America. She’s fortunate she didn’t get a violent response.

              1. i got it Enigma. You want to take away white people’s free speech rights to offend “people of color.” Isnt that right? Come out with it boldly if that’s your opinion.

                1. Let me repeat what you said. White people have a right to offend people of color? That is the only situation where this would apply. I boldly say they have no such right.
                  “Assault does not necessarily involve a physical attack. Assault is any action that causes the other person to fear bodily harm. It can be a slap, a punch or a shove, but it can also be a verbal threat of violence, aggressive posturing (a raised fist, jabbing a finger) or yelling angrily in someone’s face.”

                    1. The standard for being in “fear for your life” seems to be very low these days. Try going around screaming and cursing at people and let me know how that turns out?

                    2. The Left does it in a steak house to Trump cabinet members and conservative Senators and Leftist pundits applaud. I assume they like it.

                    3. I don’t think they get insulted because they’re conservative, I think those particluar ones have been insulted for being liars and more. Of course I’d rather be shouted at than have a pipe bomb sent to me.

                    4. Looks like all you’d get is a fake bomb if the NYT is to be believed. Convenient October surprise courtesy of some mad Leftist I’ll wager.

                  1. the right to free speech includes the right to offend\
                    you will notice that assault requires something physical, more than words

                    you may not like it but it’s the law

                    1. Mr Kurtz – If you read the entire definition of assault, it can be verbal if there is an implied threat. Something any police officer would understand, if they are “in fear for their life” they get to just shoot people and get off.

              2. The Guatemalans don’t get any bonus points for being “people of color,” which I suppose you define as nonWhite. Their racial identity is about as relevant as their menu choice. Just like our interrogator doesn’t get any points taken away for being white. This isn’t racial, it’s legal. Either the family or it’s parts are legal, or they’re not. That you cast everything in racial terms is your mindset not everyone’s. Like I said, I have problems with delivery not the question. And if a violent response was made, it wasn’t justified by the question or the delivery.

                1. You believe that family would have been approached in that manner had they been white? What criteria was she using to decide to inquire about them as opposed to anyone else in the restaurant. Color may not have been the only factor, ethnicity could have been another. Same thing. You can pretent it wasn’t about race, show me an example of white people being questioned in that manner?

                  1. Well the article said she was set off by the family speaking Spanish. I’m not pretending; you’re projecting you usual tripe: white people bad; everyone else good. Gets a tad old and Farakanny. And obviously those POCs from down Mexico way don’t think they’re being hassled here as they are sneaking in not out.

                    1. In the course of an average day I might hear a little Italian, German (of which I speak a little) some Chinese, Vietnamese, and because I live in Florida, hardly a day goes by I don’t hear a little Spanish. Never once has it crossed my mind to stop and curse any of them and demand proof they deserve to be here. Never once have I said or suggested anything that applies to all white people. Some white people like that woman feel entitled to take liberties that could get her hurt.

                    2. I had to look up CCW reprocity not being as gun literate as many here. Even carrying a gun when verbally assaulting someone doesn’t ensure your safety. In the Wild West that is Florida, they get to stand their ground too!

                    1. Yes, that may happen in South Africa, in America migrants from European countries (unless they’re persons of color) have nothing to be concerned about. Where’s thet wall on our Northern border?

                    2. ” Where’s thet wall on our Northern border?”

                      Where are people breaking through gates and police along with burning our flag? our southern or our northern border.?

                      When white Canadians start acting like those to the south we might have to put up a northern border barrier, but somehow that doesn’t seem to be likely.

                    3. Allan – we do not want a wall on our northern border because we need to periodically invade Canada.

    2. Mespo sez:

      “Well we’re [sic] they legal immigrants, American citizens or was our interrogator right?”

      I love the ‘our interrogator’ perspective; so much room for expansion.

      We all should all be happy when a brown shirt with no authority demands ‘papers’. Think of the fun that could be had.

      1. I love the way you conflate our government and citizens protecting our border with Nazi genocide of Jews and others. False equivalency much? I fault only this women’s demeanor, not her sentiments.

  14. well said

    i might add that for many native born blacks and hispanics with lower education, it was they who suffered most from low wage competition, and it is they who are benefitting from reduced migration. their employment levels are at a high tide over many decades

    so perhaps the chattering classes of academe and mass media underestimate the appeal that trump has even outside the stereotypical bigot in flyover

    1. @Mr Kurtz

      My father came to the US after WW2. Went to NYC because most did at that time. Went to “flyover country” in the 1950’s. And that meant there were no latin gangs or crime in my hometown. How awful, right?

        1. @Mr Kurtz

          Actually my father was an American citizen upon arrival, not an immigrant. But Hispanic, yes. Was born outside the continental US myself.


          1. I am a great fan of Hispanic culture and people. I am also a native born American and reserve to myself and my people the same kind of ethnic zeal that I see in my Hispanic friends. I have also been fortunate enough to travel overseas to four Hispanic countries and know about the history of “Guerra des las Castas” and would like to avoid that for the US in the near future.

    2. Kurtz, if you’re concerned about low wages, then why vote Republican..??

      Republicans are working hard to erode labor unions through so-called ‘Right To Work’ laws. Republicans have steadfastly opposed any hike to the Federally mandated Minimum Wage.

      The Minimum Wage is only $7.25 per hour! Nowhere in America can one really live on that; even if they work 40 hours per week. Though jobs in big box stores and fast food restaurants rarely offer more than 30 hours per week. No wonder the working poor are so reliant on Food Stamps. They wouldn’t be eating otherwise!

      Therefore it’s totally disingenuous when Trumpers like you pretend to be concerned for poor Blacks and American-born Hispanics. Yet Trumpers will feign such concern when the issue is immigration. Like suddenly your heart bleeds for poor minorities!

      Ironically it’s poor Whites, more than anyone, who suffer from the low Minimum Wage and decline of labor unions. And those poor Whites are especially common in the so-called ‘Red States’. Sadly Republicans scheme to repeal Obamacare, denying those poor Whites any health insurance. Like your average Walmart employee can really afford a ‘free-market’ health system.

      1. Peter Shill’s answer to black and latino unemployment along with homeless veterans is to promote illegal immigration to take their jobs and benefits away. That is the Democratic position of today.

        The minimum wage is low. It is meant to be an entry wage and as that wage rises those jobs end and you place many poor black, hispanic and white people at a great disadvantage. They find it more difficult to get an entry level job that can lead to total economic independence.

        Right now a lot of those entry level jobs are being jeopardized by your type of person since it can become less expensive to use automation. Your idea of a good society is one where many people seeking work can’t find it.

        1. Allan, it’s amazing how reliably trite your comments are. I could write them myself to save you the bother. It’s always some reactionary response based on hackneyed, right-wing talking points. No imagination required!

          1. Peter Shill, I like your use of the word “trite”. Your problem is that you can’t economically refute those “trite” words because they are simple and economically true. Instead you make long comments that don’t mean anything or are totally untrue. Add to that you put many of those dumb comments in capitals thinking that shouting is the equivalent of proof.

            What do you think happens to jobs when the hourly costs rise too much? Customers are faced with higher bills, the worker is replaced with technology or the business moves abroad and the entry job disappears. You don’t understand these things and that is why you don’t realize what has caused Trump’s economic boom in an economy that was paralyzed by Obama. Take note, Obama policies stole jobs from the low wage earner and Trump’s policies provided more jobs and in addition provided a higher wage scale.

            1. Peter keeps telling us that economics and business are foreign territory to him. Not explicitly, of course.

              Again, I’d hold off attributing business cycle dynamics to the incumbent administration. Too many vectors in there. The two things you see which are a direct artifact of contemporary public policy are public sector borrowing (in re all administrations since 1960 have performed poorly) and inflation.

              1. Are you giving the incumbent no credit? Are you saying Obama policies were working?

                I don’t think so.

                Borrowing is a major concern.

      2. a) my heart does not bleed for nonwhites. you are correct about that. Rather it is your heart which does, and i simply point out to you how they have benefitted from Trump’s policies.

        b) i oppose all socalled right to work laws. i condemn them and i refuse their annoying pleas for donations. please keep in mind you don’t know me. i am a republican but i am a suporter of organized labor. Specifically, i have supported the Teamsters in many ways on many occasions. More than that I won’t say

        1. in my view i am not a racist, but i don’t care if others think i am. i would confess to being ethnocentric. i have no apology for that. i am white and i am partial to my ancestors who were all white. maybe i have latino or asian extended family for all you know. I can still be ethnocentric and a nativist to boot.

          i need not expose my personal details here. i pick the friends i like. i won’t enumerate who my friends are here, but I will say they include damn few white “liberals” of either party.

          and for the record I consider a lot of my Democrat friends flat out conservative. If a meet a snarky lilly white Republican liberal then I despise them as much as anyone.

          life is complicated but people like Peter Shill want to ignore the facts that don’t conform to their own stereotypes, just as much as any socalled bigot does

          1. There’s nothing disingenuous about it. It’s a regime of industrial relations wherein unions are voluntary mutual aid societies.

            1. Tabarrok I feel that is a fair characterization. Nonetheless, I support the right of unions to tax other workers for representation.
              Actually the dis-ingenuousness comes mostly from organized labor which can’t seem to admit the obvious and own it.
              I think the American regime founded with the wagner act and moderated by the Taft act has been very successful.

              I don’t see the need to emasculate the unions more than they have been by globalism and offshoring.

              I do have a problem with public sector unions who think they have or should have the same rights to strike as other workers, that is silly.

              I also deplore the worst unions out there, which are invariably teacher’s unions, the worst of the worst which is quite possibly the Chicago Teachers’ union.

              The Teamsters and the United Steel Workers and the United Auto Workers are my kinds of unions. Whatever their endorsements, their rank and file support for Trump is significant.

              During hte election, the American Federation of Teachers went after AFL CIO pres Trumpka for being insufficiently strident against Trump. This illuminates some of the differences between union rank and file.

              In America, “teachers” are usually good people and sometimes they are wonderful. …….Other times, they are profligate seducers of teenage boys, and doctrinaire rabid Democrats that have never seen a taxpayer’s dollar they did not want to steal.

              1. The unions haven’t been ’emasculated’ in law. The social and cultural basis for them has largely evaporated.

                A reconstituted regime in industrial relations might re-charter extant unions as voluntary mutual aid societies across the board. They have labor lawyers on retainer, operate credit unions, operate insurance programs, operate pension funds &c. What they don’t do is employ stewards and negotiate collective bargaining agreements. These sorts of unions could operate in the public or private sector.

                For collective bargaining, we provide a legal conduit to set up a company union which excludes a certain menu of employees from the bargaining unit: the President, his direct reports, their direct reports, the GC and his staff, the HR office, the chief of security, and the confidential secretaries of these people. The rest of the workforce are members. Once a union is voted in, membership is automatic upon hire unless you’re in a class excluded from the bargaining unit. Any company which is a subsidiary of a foreign concern or which employs workers in a jurisdiction different from the one which issued its corporate charter would have obligations under federal law to engage in collective bargaining should their workforce vote in a union. Other sorts of firms would have what obligations are written into state law.

                You might retain hiring halls in industries where short-term project-based employment is the order of the day.

      3. @PH

        Please describe in detail how mass, unlimited immigration RAISES wages and improves the living conditions of working class people already here.

        And calling me a bigot is not an answer. Besides, I’m Hispanic, I can’t be racist.


        1. antonio, you talking to ‘me’..???

          Because I wasn’t talking to you. So who’s calling you a ‘bigot’..?? It’s all in your head. You just want to take offense at something whether it concerns you or not.

          1. @PH

            What I asked was a fair question. Please explain how unlimited, mass immigration raises wages and improves the living conditions of those already here.

            No, you did not call me a ‘bigot’ but liberals often call anyone who expresses disagreement with one of their positions or when they do not have an actual answer.

            As for ‘talking to you’, this is an open forum and I can address anyone I wish.

            The question is still on the table.


            1. Antonio, Explain where I said I supported the caravans. I dont. It’s just an assumption you made.

      4. Peter Shill, the net effect of minimum wage laws is to give a small boost to a small sliver of the labor market while pricing another small sliver out of the market entirely.

        See (during the Depression) the efforts to enforce federal labor law which decreed a wage floor of 25c an hour. Given the total population of the country in 1938, the age structure of that population, the normal ratio of employed persons to persons over the age of 16, total employee compensation paid in 1938, and the length in hours of a typical work year, the mean hourly wage in a healthy labor market would have been about 50c an hour. Given changes in nominal compensation per worker, a contextually similar sum today would be a minimum wage of $19 an hour. One reason, among others, why unemployment rates averaged 18% of the workforce between 1929 and 1941.

        Unions these days are largely a rent-seeking operation organizing public employees and natural monopolies. Unions collect dues and then organize to elect Democrats who are dead set against public sector wage cuts, force reductions, or expedited employee discipline. The inflated compensation of public employees (manifest mostly in fringes and pensions) is then a pool for more union dues (which are deducted whether the employee likes it or not).

        Private sector unions began to lose their position in labor markets 60 years ago. They prospered in three settings: organizing craft workers who were difficult to replace, organizing industrial workers in oligopolistic sectors where you could institute an industry-wide master contract between a monopoly union and a limited menu of producers, and organizing industries vulnerable to gang infiltrators using strong-arm tactics. What they do, of course, is use legal and extralegal means to restrict labor market entry and boost the wages of union members. (i.e. they reduce overall employment levels). The changing nature of craft work, cultural changes in the dispositions of skilled workers and their employers, the decline of employment levels in oligopolistic industries, and the gradual destruction of organized crime have removed the social basis of unionism in the U.S. Private sector unions once organized 1/3 of the work force. Now it’s under 7%. Federal labor law isn’t that different from what it was in 1955, the workforce as a social organism is. The Wagner Act model of industrial relations always had its problems.

        Impecunious blacks and hispanics are largely low-skill tertiary sector workers. They don’t benefit much from unions or from promoting sclerosis in labor markets. They might benefit from wage subsidies and from more systemic and less perverse efforts to socialize certain costs (e.g. medical care, l/t care, and schooling), as well as crime control in slum neighborhoods. Not that liberals will ever advocate public order in the schools or on the streets.

        1. Tabby, where in America can you live on $7.25 per hour?? Nowhere!!! Even a college student, working summer vacations, can’t save any meaningful amount on $7.25 per hour.

          But it wasn’t always that way. Back in the late 1970’s, one could actually support themselves on a full time, minimum wage job. Since then, however, the minimum has been greatly outpaced by inflation.

          1. Labor markets are a venue for aspirant employers and aspirant employees to engage in mutually beneficial exchanges. It’s not the business of the employer to ‘support’ his employee; the transaction between them is partial and contingent. The employee is not bonded labor residing in his employers house like in a colonial apprentice system. You want to address the distribution of income, imposing costs on employers is a perverse way of doing that.

            We currently have price stability with unemployment rates of 3.8%. The rate consistent with price stability in 1979 was 7.3%. That’s as high as it has been during the post-war period. Not a great era. One reason frictional unemployment rates were so high was that the legal minimum – $2.90 an hour – was set at 1/3 mean compensation per worker. An analogous minimum today would be about $13 an hour.

            With an ordinary work schedule, $7.25 an hour puts you above the poverty line for a single person. If you lack medical insurance from your employer, you’re eligible for Medicaid. You’re eligible for SNAP. You’re eligible for housing vouchers if you wait in the queue long enough.

            Of course, people who cadge those sorts of jobs are supplementing family income, or are young and just entering the labor force, or are returning to the work force. Some are stuck in those jobs because they are very marginal people. The situation of very marginal people isn’t improved by shunting them out of the labor force so you can strike attitudes.

              1. David, it seems that you couldn’t understand what DSS said. It was rather elementary. Maybe someone can find a picture book to explain it to you.

            1. DSS, now that you explained your viewpoint, the accurate one, to Peter Shill he will run away and not engage in honest debate.

  15. Bigotry by anyone is bad. This so-called American citizen represents what used to be called an UGLY AMERICAN. Would appear she is still an UGLY AMERICAN. To the family this UGLY AMERICAN insulted, please accept my apology for an UGLY AMERICAN’s behavior.

    1. My only concern in your interpretation of this event is that you want to ignore the potentially dangerous concept that many of our newer immigrants, unlike the ones from the last century, refuse to assimilate into the very culture that has provided them the bountiful nation to which they want to emigrate. If you speak broken english with an accent, that is fine, if you refuse to learn english, that is a cultural destroying tactic and it is not fine and needs to be dealt with. Perhaps not with the vehemence of this woman but with the same intensity towards reaching the result of assimilation as quickly as possible.

      1. that ship has sailed already. English as a unifying force mostly just exists now because English is the lingua franca of business worldwide. certainly it’s not because it was lauded for its social cohesion effects at home,. the intended result of mass migration is exactly the opposite of social cohesion, it is social fragmentation that was precisely desired in the 1965 Immigration Reform act, in the first place, and ever since then too.

        see my npr links in other post.,

    2. Bob M: The woman in the video had an accent. Perhaps she was a legal immigrant and resented illegals. We don’t know. I agree that she was completely out of line. To say what she did and use that profanity in front of a child is appalling. But I can’t assume she was American. I couldn’t place her accent after listening several times. JT simply described her as “white.” That doesn’t mean much. It doesn’t tell us anything about her or where she’s from. She mentioned Sweden. Could she be from Sweden? Who knows. Her behavior was atrocious but that’s all that can be ascertained; certainly not whether she was an American citizen or not.

  16. While this kind of public display is uncalled for, I think feelings are especially raw at this time.
    The “caravan” is an organized “denial-of-service (DOS)” guerrilla tactic to overwhelm US Border Patrol resources as a means of undermining the sovereignty of the United States to control immigration (as authorized by our Constitution on Section I, Article 8). The organizers are in the shadows, but assumed to be “globalists-socialists” who plot how migration of poor people into nations with generous social benefits can achieve defacto the transfer of income and wealth they seek without changing any laws. To me, illegal immigration is the same no matter what the source country, however, there has been a wholesale breakdown of the nuclear family structure in Central America, responsible to a large degree for the poverty and gang lawlessness there. Do we want that disintegration of family imported to the US? This organized invasion calls for appropriate defense of our border to stop it from entering.

  17. I am Hispanic myself and pay for 3 bureau credit monitoring and identity theft insurance because there are MANY with surnames such as mine who would love to use my identity and social security number. I find this highly offensive. I also find it HIGHLY OFFENSIVE when White, Anglo liberals assume that because I possess such a surname, I must automatically support millions of people coming to the US while living and working illegally.

    Sure, it may be unfair to these particular people to be treated as such, but ordinary Americans are disgusted with “push 2 for Spanish”, while seeing their quiet towns, schools and ER’s being overrun with people who are disproportionately poor and require a lot of social services. I certainly am. And it doesn’t make me a Nazi to say so. Ordinary Americans are also tired of being accused of being the next incarnation of Adolf Eichmann for expressing a politically incorrect opinion on immigration (or any other sacred cow of the left). I wish the upper middle class (and wealthy) had to live under the same or similar conditions they foist upon working class people.

    And I blame both the cultural left and chamber of commerce types for allowing this to happen in our country. They support it for entirely differing reasons (left wants to ‘remake’ America and change our inherently racist past, the business right likes cheap labor).

    Lefties will never understand the appeal of Donald Trump. His supporters like him despite himself. They do not look at Trump as liberals viewed Obama in 2008 (as a messiah).


    1. Haha. Rich. Fake News. Pro tip: on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.

      this is to “ya, and I was on the rowing team at Yale, too” antonio the “great”

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