Costume Controversy Over Halloween Heats Up After Megyn Kelly’s Cancellation

In the aftermath of NBC cancelling Megyn Kelly’s show after her comments of growing up with black face costumes, the controversy continued over on CNN after CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers declared that the feelings of white people are irrelevant in barring the use of Indian and other costumes as cultural appropriation.  When commentator Kris Paronto (who is famous for his role in guarding the CIA annex during the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi) criticized Powers for saying the feelings of white people “didn’t matter,”  Powers responded by calling Paronto and others criticism her “racists.”  The exchange is an example of how little dialogue is actually occurring despite the focus on this issue. I have been critical of university efforts to ban certain Halloween outfits, but I can see the objections raised over their depiction.  The problem is that no discussion is possible when maintaining an opposing view is instantly and conclusorily dismissed as racist.

The latest Halloween flare up occurred after Powers tweeted, “Dear white people who are upset that you can’t dress up as another race or culture for Halloween: your feelings don’t matter. The only feelings that matter are of those who feel disrespected/mocked by you appropriating their culture for entertainment. Show some common decency.”

Paronto responded with an insulting picture from “Game of Thrones” with the caption “How Kirsten Powers sees herself after complaining about white people dressing up as other ethnicities for Halloween.” The picture showed Daenerys Targaryen, the white queen of  dark-skinned Dothraki tribe being carried by the tribe in adoration.  You can find the scene here.

Powers was understandably insulting and there were other such criticisms in response on her Twitter account.  However, Powers responded by charging racism:  “Sorry racists, but people of color don’t need a white savior. But they need white people speaking up about racial discrimination and no amount of harassment by crazy racists online is going to stop me from doing that.”

The insults capture perfectly the problem that we are having in the United States in discussing race. It is not true, as is often stated, that we do not discuss racial issues.  We actually talk a great deal about race and always have.  The problem is that we talk past each other — tossing insults and attacking the speakers rather than address the underlying issues.

There is no room in our politics for a recognition that the other side may have good-faith reasons for their views. The Powers-Paronto exchange shows precisely why you can have a roaring national debate on race with little actually being said.


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  1. I don’t care what someone wears or whether it is racist or ‘triggering’ [whatever that is] or otherwise offensive. I do care that the current fashion for attacking white people over everything is going to lead to the real tribalism that exists mostly in the minds of delusional leftist zealots at the moment.

    Years ago the ambition was to live without race consciousness and, for the most part, the white population embraced the idea. I certainly did.

    Now whites are expected to be fully race conscious again and be ashamed of being white. That will work with some, no doubt, for a little while.

    But at some point the resurrected white tribe is going to retain its self awareness and drop the shame and replace it, with what?

    We could start with the fact that the black population in America has an average IQ of only 85 with about half the black population at that figure or lower, a sad number not exactly offset by much higher rates of dependency and crime.

    How do you justify legal arguments for ‘disparate impact’ or social arguments for affirmative action or ‘diversity’ hiring, or aggressive integration [which blacks lately do not seem to want] in the face of that simple fact? What happens when the white tribe picks up that fact again and decides being white is a pretty good thing after all?

    Beware the demons you conjure.

  2. when I was little, we had close neighborhoods where we could not trick or treat because we knew teenage black kids would roll us and take our candy. we little white kids had to trick or treat in a pack too, our parents required it. when we were really little, of course our parents walked along, but they let us go unaccompanied too at some point. I cant remember when.

    when I got old and had my own kids, I aimed for a neighborhood where the kids would not have that problem, based on voluntary self organization into more amenable social groupings.

    i always encouraged a good heroic costume for the kids, never was into offending anybody, but a lot of people do stupid things around Halloween

    why apologize all the time? Look here: apologizing for supposedly racist comments only makes you look weak. it is better to look racist than weak. usually, it is only other white people who force white people to apologize anyhow, not blacks. I don’t blame black folks for the current spate of politically correct doctrinal-ism. I do think most black folks will assume that because I am white, I am racist. So there is no point in pandering to them. At the same time I am polite and prefer not to offend anyone, simply by sticking to mutually advantageous subjects.

  3. Check out Hillary’s Q&A Friday night, at the 92nd St. Y in New York where interviewer Kara Swisher of Recode, asked Clinton what she thought about Corey Booker saying “we kick ’em in the shins when they go low” …

    Hillary corrected her and said “oh that was Eric Holder who said that”…and then Hillary added, “yeah, I know, they all look alike”….!!!

    At which point the interviewer awkwardly laughed and said, “Oh, no they don’t” and then Hillary just laughed and laughed while the audience all collectively laughed with her.

    Ha ha, right, Democrats? Ha ha, right, mainstream media?

    Imagine if anyone other than a Democrat had uttered a comment like that like HIllary did?? It would be ALL OVER THE NEWS. But of course, it’s not.

    The liberal hypocrisy and selective outrage is beyond astonishing.

      1. Watch the clip in the link above.

        The interviewer actually said “oh! no they don’t!” in response to Hillary saying “I know, they all look alike, don’t they” and then laughed very uncomfortably, along with the audience, and then said to Hillary, “oh, well done.”


        “Well done”…?? meaning what? that Hillary made that comment to demonstrate how racist Republicans are? So Hillary gets a “well done” from the interviewer?? Come on. Do you get the joke, people? Because I sure don’t. The media/liberal hypocrisy is beyond astounding.

        1. Hillary Clinton is the RACIST. Not Donald Trump. Hillary just said “yeah, I know, they (black people) all look alike.” And she said it in an off-the-cuff comment meant as a JOKE?!!

          Where is the media outrage? Where is it?

  4. What a bunch of damn hooey! What is sooo bad about blackface? I loved Al Jolson’s “Mammy”. And what about this wonderful scene with Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney? Which youtube has apparently taken down the original, and all I could find is this which somebody took off their TV screen:

    And speaking of “cultural appropriation” that is a load of crap coming from a race (black), where the majority of their women wear white girl hair weaves on their head. Funny, but I don’t feel any outrage over that. Like they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    If the that collections of clowns, thugz, losers and idiots which compose a large percentage of the blacks in this country want something to get outraged over, how about that 77% illegitimate birth rate?

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. A Kid’s Perspective on the Costume Crisis

    My son heard something about the costume angst, and asked me what that was about. I briefly explained how white people used to dress up in blackface, which wasn’t very nice to black people, and how studios wouldn’t hire many people with darker skin, but would instead put makeup on white people. That meant that black people weren’t allowed to act in very many movies. He said that was really mean and unfair.

    I explained that now, when a white person wants to dress up as a famous black person, some people think it’s not right because of that history. I also said that’s not fair to black actors, because then their costumes won’t be as popular or make as much money if only black people can wear them. It’s also not fair that any race can dress up as a white character that they love, but only a specific race can dress up as a non white character. I gave the example of the Maui costume.

    He told me, first of all, no one is white. They are just different shades of tan. Then he looked at me really worried and said, do you mean that if the Red Ranger was played by a black guy, I couldn’t dress up as the Red Ranger or grownups would get mad at me? Or if I dressed up like the Black Panther? Will grownups get mad at me on Halloween for anything else I dress up as?

    I told him that the people who complain about the costumes weren’t trying to be mean; they were just confused on what the difference is between blackface and dressing up as someone you admire. I also said sometimes there are tricky questions where the grownups have to work out what the right thing to do is. I said you can dress up as whatever you like, and the grownups in our neighborhood would support you. I have no idea if there was a better way to put his fears to rest. I am angry and disgusted with the Left for making this an issue for children.

    What white Liberal saviors have accomplished is to make kids worried they will get mad at them for what they wear. It makes kids scared, when they should instead like whatever character they like, without a second thought about race. This movement makes them focus on race when they wouldn’t before. Badly done, Liberals. Use some common sense.

    1. Karen, A tough subject. I like that your child thinks of people in terms of shades of tan, like the “race” checkoff in Brazil which is what shade of tan are you. My own view re: imaginary characters, Red Ranger and Black Panther are your examples, is for the kids to dress up in the costume and keep their own skin. Any kid wearing a Superman, or Wonder Woman or Black Panther or Red Ranger. Costumes depicting other races are generally based on stereotypes and perpetuate a racist point of view. I suspect that’s why there is objection to them from those being stereotyped.

      Since you are making this a left-right issue, perhaps those on the right need to get some empathy for people who are marginalized by our society.

      1. Any kid wearing a Superman, or Wonder Woman or Black Panther or Red Ranger becomes that character regardless of skin tone.

        Sorry, touchpad also does erasures.

      2. bettykath – I am so white I am translucent. However, as a kid I was a big fan of the Black Panther comic book and if there had been a Black Panther costume, I would have proudly worn it. 🙂

    2. No. I don’t think they (“people who complain about the costumes weren’t trying to be mean; they were just confused on what the difference is between blackface and dressing up as someone you admire.”) are confused at all. I think they are a bunch of whiners and race baiters desperately looking for something to call racist so that they can distract from the REALITY of 2018 that blacks are much more the “victims” of their own crappy and trashy behavior than they are racism.

      Because, how are you going to sell “self help” to a bunch of illiterate and broke losers? Face facts, American Blacks are the joke of the world. And the Democratic Party isn’t going to get black votes telling them the truth about themselves.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  6. Powers: “The only feelings that matter are of those who feel disrespected/mocked by you appropriating their culture for entertainment. Show some common decency.” and “Sorry racists, but people of color don’t need a white savior. But they need white people speaking up about racial discrimination and no amount of harassment by crazy racists online is going to stop me from doing that.”

    I agree with the sentiments of Ms. Powers but need to point out that many white people don’t see themselves as racist because they don’t recognize that many of their words and actions perpetuate racial stereotypes and are offensive.

    For example, “atta, boy”, a common phrase used to compliment boys on some accomplishment. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up when it was said to me. I am not a boy, can they not see that? It was also said by a somewhat elderly white man, thinking he was complimenting the Black man for doing a small favor for him (pushing an elevator button). A simple “thank you” would have been appropriate but he used a phrase that suggested this Black man was not a man, a tactic used for generations to deny Black men their adulthood. Is that what the white man intended? Probably not, but that is what the Black man heard.

    For example, “even she is doing well here”, said by a white administrator during a walk around with a well qualified Black woman. Did the administrator intend a racist remark? Probably not intentionally, but totally tone deaf as to how it would be heard by the applicant.

    And how did I know that worked for a racial insensitive company? There were extremely few people who were not white and the few that came in didn’t stay long. They moved on mostly because of the unfriendly (racist?) environment.

    I sincerely hope that you all read “Waking Up White”. It was written by a white woman who thought she was free of racial bias.

    1. Sorry about the typos. I use mouse but the damn touchpad messes with my typing. Finally found the disable switch but it doesn’t work. I have successfully turned it off in the past but it turns back on, right after Microsoft decides to update my computer which was working just fine until they decided to “fix” it. I just removed the software and will reboot. Hope the mouse software wasn’t embedded in the touchpad software. Very frustrating lose paragraphs at a time.

      1. bettykath – so when everyone says, “Come on guys, let’s go!”, it’s insulting to the females in the group? Because that’s how I address a group of girls, too. I don’t say “gals” or “guys and gals”, I say “guys.”

        At this point, I suffer from crisis fatigue. Don’t have a crisis to fight? Then manufacture one. Eventually, everyone just gets tired of it.

    2. bettykath – in the nicest way possible can I say that you are a blooming idiot. Atta boys refer to EVERYBODY, male or female. I worked it a large corporation where managers were expected to give out atta boys at least weekly to one if not more of the employees working under them. They were literally called atta boys. Made no difference which of the two genders got one, it was an atta boy.

      exclamation: atta-boy
      an informal expression of encouragement or admiration, typically to a man or boy.
      noun: atta-boy
      a piece of encouragement or congratulations, especially a letter

      1. yes, an informal expression of encouragement to a man or boy.

        The atta boys I got were from the white male hierarchy of the firm where I worked as “the first woman who….”

        so, atta boy to you, Paul, for objectifying the women and girls to whom you so “honor”.

        1. bettykath – it is not objectifying you 3rd Wave Feminist twit. Did you read the second definition?

            1. bettykath – asking if you read the 2nd definition is a legitimate response. Clearly you did not. Go back and read it and then get back to me. I am really disappointed in your responses to this thread.

          1. In spite of your name calling, I’ll give this another try. Please read what I wrote again. I was clearly talking about the first definition, an exclamation. Throwing in an irrelevant definition might be considered grasping at straws, especially when combined with name calling.

            1. bettykath – the first definition works perfectly fine for the incident in the elevator. No one should have taken umbrage at its usage. The second definition covers the workplace I was at and the fact that no objectification was going on by the usage of the term. And you are a 3rd Wave Feminist twit, so I am just calling a spade a spade here.

              1. A white man calling a Black man “boy” is offensive given the history of white men calling Black men “boy” as a way of denying their adulthood. Just because that Black man you called “boy” didn’t punch you in the mouth doesn’t mean he didn’t want to – he’s just more evolved than you are.

                1. I think the most offensive thing to call a black man is, “baby daddy.”

                  Because that reduces him to something that you could buy at a sperm bank. Yet, black folks are perfectly happy with that set up, and now nearly 80% of their heathen offspring are out of wedlock.

                  You may object to black men being called “boys”, but since they will not be husbands and fathers, my thought it, “If the Air Jordan fits. . .”

                  Squeeky Fromm
                  Girl Reporter

                2. bettykath – you are a twit. An attaboy is an attaboy and is none racist.

    1. David Benson is the God Emperor of Making Stuff Up and owes me twenty-one citations (one from the OED and two from the Old Testament) and the source of a quotation, after twenty weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – the better question would be: if you went as Thomas Jefferson, who would be able to identify you? You would spent the whole night explaining who you were.

        1. mespo – yes, and 79 more and he moves up to Grand Mullah. Want to start a pool on when he makes it?

  7. Enigma, I may not always agree with you, but I would rather read your postings than watch CNN or NBC.

        1. David Benson is the God Emperor of Making Stuff Up and owes me twenty-two citations (one from the OED, one from the town ordinances and two from the Old Testament) and the source of a quotation, after twenty-one weeks, and needs to cite all his work from now on. – over time my sense of humor has gotten more refined. I no longer find the The Three Stooges funny, but I think Buster Keaton is a genius.

  8. On the Powers-Paronto exchange, JT writes that “The exchange is an example of how little dialogue is actually occuring despite the focus on this issue”.
    That jogged my memory about the comically stupid “Race Together” campaign Starbucks tried a few years ago.
    I know that JT was not advocating those kinds of farcical, contrived exchanges, but I couldn’t help but chuckle on thinking back about the Starbucks campaign.

    1. Tom….And all that campaign deserved was a chuckle. Libs are masters of overkill and silliness.

      1. Yeah, Cindy, that “Race Together” stunt had “bad idea” written all over it.
        I don’t think the SNL Pep Boys idea would have gone over any better.☺

          1. Starbucks’ concept was OK, but the setting was all wrong.
            I’ve always felt that contentious issues like politics, religion, race, etc. should be discussed in taverns and other establishments that serve alcohol.😉
            It helps to “enliven” the discussions.😂

            1. Tom……LOL….Oh yes,……..discuss religion, race and politics in a tavern….and don’t forget to have a dart game going too…..nothing like sharp objects flying through the air to make things lively 🙂

  9. Megyn Kelly explained that many Halloween costumes are deliberately tasteless. She then cited, as an example, those common masks that appear like a hatchet is stuck in the head. Kelly is correct: ‘Many Halloween costumes a tasteless by design’.

    But that explanation is going to sound condescending to an offended Black. Condescending to the point of hostile.

    The real issue with Megyn Kelly was her superstar-like paycheck for a lowly rated hour. Which may not be Kelly’s fault. The network offered that money with no clear plan of what to do with her. Kelly’s background was politics. Yet NBC tried to reinvent her as more of a Kathy Lee.

    But Kelly took the money and failed to transition. Therefore she had a target on her back. It happens in TV: ‘Stars that fail to deliver meet a shabby end’.

    1. Kelly spat on her FOX fans and expected to be a hero (heroine) at far left NBC not realizing they already despised her for her FOX history. She swept the board of fans but managed to leave with enough money to live very well. Nice that she took NBC to the cleaners.

  10. Let me get this straight. Black actors and other black people of note may not be the inspiration for children of all races to dress up as for Halloween? Blacks are a minority. So, therefore, only minority children may dress up as famous black people? Then the majority of costumes will be based on white people. Happy now?

    This is based upon a misunderstanding of black face. Black face and minstrel shows mocked black people. Actors dressed in black face because the studios for the most part created black roles the were caricatures. Many black people were denied even minor parts in movies, unless they portrayed servants or slaves. Even the natives in Tarzan were white people.

    Adults and children today who dress up as a black person they admire are showing their respect and appreciation. Black Panther is a cool movie, although the male lead was rather extraneous. Okoye had no super powers, and yet she kicked butts and took names the whole movie. With a spear. Her character was a rock star. Women and children dressing up as Okoye are expanding the deconstruction of racial barriers. Who cares about race?

    People can dress up as Diana Ross, Okoye, Maya Angelou, Tina Turner…whatever. It’s giving love.

    Refusing to allow white people to dress up as black people they admire is utterly and completely racist.

    Get over race already.

    1. Karen S – whites played the Indians as well. All speaking roles were played by whites.

      BTW, the minstrel shows were not meant to mock blacks, but it was more a method of telling jokes. At one long point the minstrel show was America’s most popular entertainment.

      1. So true. I love Westerns, but some of the tribal portrays just made me cringe. Seriously. The studio would rather have an obvious no name white guy playing an Indian rather than pluck someone, anyone, out of an actual tribe?

        Mark Twain loved minstrel shows. I don’t think there was much perception of how the jokes were at the black people’s expense, but the caricature was deliberate.

        1. Karen S – Jeff Chandler was nominated for Best Actor for playing Cochise in Broken Arrow. And Yakima Canutt played thousands of unnamed Indians.

              1. Cindy and Paul,.
                – I never heard that about Jeff Chandler.
                I think he was about 6’4″, so he would have really stood out in drag.
                He died when he was about 45 due to a botched, routine back operation.
                I think an artery was servered and he bled to death.

                1. Tom…….what a tragic death! As I told Paul, I heard Esther Williams interviewed on tv, and that’s when she shocked the world with the news she had walked in on him in the bedroom and he was wearing her clothes…Itt was years ago that I saw the interview……but will research.

              2. Paul C. If that’s the actor to whom Esther Williams was married, then he’s the guy…..I heard her interviewed on tv…..she talked about walking in on him at home and he was wearing her clothes. The host of the talk show where she talked about this was shocked…..I’ll see if I can find pics.

                1. Cindy Bragg – she talks about Chandler being a cross-dresser in her autobiography, but others deny it.

                  1. Paul C…..Esther and Jeff weren’t married just in a relationship….His crossdressing caused her to break it off. In the television interview, she was very convincing about this story. I really can’t believe she would make it up.
                    October 27, 1999|GLENN LOVELL | SPECIAL TO THE TIMES

                    Outraged friends and colleagues are rallying to the defense of late ’50s screen hunk Jeff Chandler to offset damage done to his reputation by Esther William’s racy bestselling autobiography, “The Million Dollar Mermaid.”

                    According to Williams, who began a love affair with Chandler during the shooting of “Raw Wind in Eden” in 1956, Chandler was “happy and secure only in women’s clothing.” Cross-dressing, she writes, gave the actor a sexual thrill.

                    Recalling the evening she allegedly found Chandler in red wig and flowered chiffon dress, Williams writes, “Here was my lover–a strong, manly figure by anyone’s estimate–who had just been standing before me in high heels and a dress. This was no joke. He enjoyed that kind of thing. He was a cross-dresser.”

                  2. Paul C…to respond to your below comment……teeheehee…I’m telling ya, when she announced it on the interview show on tv, she was believable. It was like she had wanted to tell people for years……and he had been dead for almost 40 years. Anyway, That’s what this reporter thinks. 😎

                    1. Cindy Bragg – I have both versions of Hollywood Babylon and I don’t remember Jeff in either version. I do have an interesting lesbian picture of Joan Crawford though. 😉

                  3. Paul C. …..Joan Crawford reference reminded me…I have an old actor friend who was in June Lockhart’s apartment one night many, many years ago… She pointed to a window across the courtyard and exclaimed……”And that’s where I saw Lana Turner and Ava Gardner making love one night~”
                    I’ve never seen Hollywood Babylon….will check out.

  11. America’s ‘Free Speech Crises’ Just Took a Very Dark Turn For the Worse
    Jim Sleeper
    2018 Oct 27

    Cry-baby Brett Kavanaugh didn’t help.

  12. To me, more disturbing than Kelly’s comments (which there was nothing wrong with what she was discussing), is the forced apology that followed and that she actually said she was sorry. I would have had more respect for her had she come out and said that having an opinion does not make one racist. She had a chance to call out NBC but failed.

    1. Darren…..he is right….being stressed out is a contributing factor. That’s why, from the beginning of the Trump era I have wondered why the Left delights in keeping people riled up, based on misinformation, lies and half truths? Trump never discussed sh**hole countries. That story came from Dick Durbin exclusively! Trump never said he hated muslims! He single handedly integrated Palm Beach haute societe! Where’s that story.? His son in law, daughter and grandchildren are Jewish but he’s a white supremacist……

      1. I believe one reason the left in the US acts this way is because they have little to offer otherwise. One strategy is to create a crisis, or at least the perception of a crisis, and then along they come to label themselves the saviors. It’s also difficult to manage economic or other metrics since those are highly nuanced and supremely complex. Right now the economic and employment numbers the average American are outstanding. They have not been that way for a long time. Most leftist Democrats cannot compete or rightly claim credit for the recent trends. So, they resort to fabricating the idea that racism, *ism, or whatever is rampant and thus avoid responsibility for actual governance by focusing solely on what they believe they can control.

        They also must believe that a content electorate is a threat to them and they try to elevate their relevance by harping on divisive issues. For many constituents that strategy does work. What I find most strange is that aside from the political class and figures in news media the ones who cry racism the most seem to be the people most removed from it–lily white middle to upper class college educated millennials and late cohort baby boomers.

        As for the discord cast around today in the public forum there are certain things that are approached as if they were not issues.

        Anecdotally when I attended Junior High School, about midway through one year a new student enrolled. A couple weeks later someone mentioned that he and his sister were Jewish. I remember talking and thinking that was interesting because we had never knew of any Jewish people who lived in town. I think the conversation lasted less than two minutes and it never came up again. Most people I knew, myself included were Methodist, or Baptist or Catholics. We never thought of each other as different.

        It wasn’t until I was in college and started seeing people from larger cities on the East Coast who did not hold Jewish people in high regard. I could not conceptualize what the controversy was. They seemed to me like anyone else. I guess I couldn’t wrap my thinking around theirs at the time.

        So as a teenager and today I have no preconceived investment in disliking Jews because it was never something we talked about or dealt with. If racism was not so openly shoved in everyone’s face I think it is more likely it will not be an issue for the youngest generation coming up today. Hopefully skin color will be for them no different than what eye color is for us today.

        1. Darren. You’re so right. The Left does want to be seen as “The saviors”.
          I enjoyed your anecdote……and regarding the Jewish community, growing up in Houston, where there was a large one, we were taught to revere it. My father held up the Jewish teenagers as models for good behavior and excellent students for his children to emulate.
          Our Baptist church even had a “sister synagogue”……..and my father, as the church musician, produced a joint church service where Psalms set to music were sung by all. Very moving and meaningful……and what an education!

          1. Oh Cindy I would love to hear the Psalms set to music. They are actually a hymnal.

            1. Foxtrot… was thrilling. I’ve used small antique hymnals from I think Scotland ….the pages are cut in half. The Psalms are on the top half and tunes are on the bottom half. And you turn the pages, tops and bottoms, to find the combination you want to sing. I think I still have one of those. My father had quite a collection of hymnal of all kinds.

              1. Cindy Bragg – I think the Psalms have been set to music by a couple of classical composers.

                1. Paul C….yes….you’re right….I believe they are the most widely used texts for sacred music.

  13. If Megyn Kelly had better ratings, she likely wouldn’t be going anywhere. Still, Turley’s characterization of her being fired over a single comment is misleading. This is the latest of a series of comments she’s made which would have won her points while at Fox News. Fox doesn’t want her back by the way.

    1. enigma/Longines……………Fox News channel is the thinking man’s/woman’s news source, which might explain your aversion to it.
      No offense, little buddy.

      1. Haha. hannity; fox & friends. Comedy abounds.

        this is to “boy, that hanniter feller shore is a looker, I’ll tell ya” cindie

        1. Markey Mark mark……That’s true.He’s so cute. Sorry you can’t watch Fox.
          Maybe when you’re older and your parents remove the child lock feature from your tv.
          What a big boy you’ll be!

      2. “Fox News channel is the thinking man’s/woman’s news source,…” So says Cindy.

        That’s rich.

        1. Anon….Yes it IS rich! And in the spirit of perestroika, I’m willing to share!

          1. And maybe someday, you’ll be a big girl, too Cindy. I’m not holding my breath, though.

            1. Anon……Oh! Don’t give up! Please keep clapping, boys and girls! Don’t let Tinker Bell die!

      3. I watch Fox News, how else can I keep up with all the false flag theories to explain away events they can’t acknowledge? Seriously, there are some serious reporters in the News division, even those with a slant like Chris Wallace are worth watching and he will at least ask some tough questions although he usually doesn’t push back more than once no matter how ridiculous the answer is. Carlson and Hannity are little better than Alex Jones and some of the other shows are unintentionally comedy.

        1. Enigma: “.I watch Fox News…………………..’

          Well, bless your heart. I’m serious… least you are trying to listen to people with whom you disagree, to say the least. It’s a positive strategy. I’ve been where you are.
          I wish you could have seen the young black conservatives in the Oval office yesterday. They are very brave to act on what they believe, knowing they will be mocked mercilessly and vilified by their own community. But they are such happy kids and so excited to be doing something positive for blacks.
          There is nothing wrong with having liberal blacks as well as conservative blacks in politics……it gives blacks a choice and shows true tolerance……. and that is progress.

          1. I improved (below) what I said……even though it was so profound the first time…LOL!! it didn’t post the first time!!

          2. There are black conservatives I respect, very few currently in office as they tend to blindly support Trump and never take a personal stand. I have come to appreciate Sen Tim Scott (SC) who did take a stand against the appointment of a particular Federal Judge (Marco Rubio stood with him blocking the appointment). He drew a line and I respect that. There is room for conservatives of every stripe in politics. Like every politician, if they sacrifice their integrity, I have no use for them. BTW, the black conservatives in the Oval Office must have been visiting or window dressing. Kellyanne Conway couldn’t name anyone that worked there.

            1. enigma…..No you misunderstood. Trump was honoring them in the Oval office. They were there for the Black Conservative Summit,organized by Brandon Tatum. please watch and see their wonderful energy. this is exciting!
              I am so impressed with their positive caring attitudes. Thanks for watching this, enigma.

                1. Enigma….This is not about Trump. What do you think of these young black conservatives? Aren’t you impressed that they are going against the status quo and doing so in such a positive, productive way?
                  They organized this Black Conservative Summit! And they want to change the world!

                    1. enigma…Well then that is very sad. Their motives are obvious and are to be commended. Young blacks trying to make the world a better place through unity and love!
                      Dr. King is smiling down on them, you can be sure. You are missing a lot by being hardhearted, but that;s you’re right., but it’s a missed opportunity, and that’s tragic.

                2. enigma – if you had been keeping up, this has been a big deal with black commentors on YouTube. Meeting with the President was the frosting on the cake.

                  1. Paul C……{hope this isn’t another double post}

                    I just wanted to say that if you’ll note the time posted on my comments to enigma last night, you’ll notice the majority of them were very nice, and sincerely so….and were written BEFORE Prof. Turley put up his “35 million” post, asking that we continue to be civil to each other, etc. So yay! I think at age 72, I may finally be growing up LOL…Anyway, just wanted to share the good news 🙂 Have a nice day 🙂 🙂

                    1. Cindy Bragg – I have always contended that we may have no control over growing older, but we never have to grow up. 😉

                  2. You might find this hard to believe but black Republicans dying to meet the President are on the fringe of the black community, much like the New Black Panther Party which had two members convincing Fox News there was some effort to suppress white votes across the nation. I don’t doubt their sincerity (although I do doubt some of those I’ve listened to like Pastor Mark Burns and Pastor Darrell Scott who appear to have their own agenda). They can join your pals Diamond and Silk and the black guy with the sign at the Trump rallies (Blacks for Trump) and everybody that posted a walk away video and you still won’t scratch the surface of the black community percentage wise.

                    1. enigma – I am amazed at the black community and its loyalty to the Democratic Party. Still, if anyone can make headway into the black vote it is Trump. 😉 He just has to nibble away. The Democrats have to retain 85% of the black vote and if Trump can get that down to 80% or less the Democrats are headed for the rocks.

                    2. enigma – you pretty much threw everything against the wall there and hoped something would stick.

                      I am surprised you could not see that Chrissy was lying like a rug and all the other accusers as well. Avenatti now has two (not one, but two) criminal referrals against him (and he is JT’s golden boy). If I remember correctly there is a criminal referral for the guy who reported the boat incident. And they are not done with Chrissy, the JSC wants info on the polygraph. Rameriz got off the hook only because she backed down in time. JW has filed a Bar complaint against Chrissy’s attorneys. Do you not see a pattern here?

                      Honest to God you cannot say you want to have Maxine Waters represent you? Speak for you? You are much too measured for that kind of rhetoric. Or Corey “I am Spartacus” Booker?

                      Honestly, who screws up Florida is no skin off my nose. 😉 In most states the governor does not have a great deal of power and I am sure that holds for Florida. Besides, the next hurricane, we can blame on the black guy. 🙂 I heard he was a bad to so-so mayor, he will be the same as governor.

                    3. Paul – You left your wall pretty well splattered as well. But any party that as a matter of policy tries to suppress black votes has zero chance to earn mine. I’m a single policy voter on almost nothing but that’s my line. Thanks for not trying to convince me it doesn’t exist.

                    4. enigma….The new Black Panthers WERE suppressing votes of older white voters in Philadelphia in 2008, It’s on video…many of us Democrats at the time called foul and Obama stood silent. But that’s what he does.
                      As far as the wonderful young black conservatives… need to forget about Trump and focus on those kids who have a dream! They have really touched my heart. And they remind me of the black kids I taught at the beginning of integration in public schools 45 years ago. The white kids, black kids and teachers all got along because we opened our hearts to each other. The principal was a wonderful older black man, who had picked cotton in Robinson County Texas as a youngster and young man. He had so much respect for everyone, and drilled the idea of respect into all of the kids. We never had ONE racial problem…..not even a hint of one! I hope you will open your mind and heart to the idea of at least listening to young black conservatives. They are the future of the black community, and America, and are so proud. How could you question motives based on what they are doing????
                      Don’t let your hatred of Trump affect your love (I’m assuming) of political freedom and political choice. Go talk to these kids. Write them, call them etc….How could you turn your back on them? What is YOUR motive for doing that?
                      C’mon, enigma! These kids need our support.
                      They are the future, and the future is here.

                    5. enigma…NEWS FLASH A political party that does NOT want the blacks to vote for the opposing political party and will do whatever it takes to keep blacks from voting for the other political party is SUPPRESSING VOTERS and their right to vote for whom they choose!!!!!
                      Death threats against blacks who want to vote Republican is SUPPRESSING VOTES!!!!
                      Ask black conservatives how many threats they receive!
                      YOUR party is suppressing their ability to want to vote how they choose!
                      Just ask them!!

        2. enigma……”I watch Fox News” Well, bless your heart. I’m serious. And even though you mock it, this is a good start: watching and listening to people with whom you greatly disagree.

          Maybe someday you’ll be tolerant of the young black conservatives who, unlike black liberals, risk so much by coming-out publicly as conservatives. They are mercilessly mocked and vilified by the liberal black community. It’s so brutal! But how proud they are that they are standing up to tsunamis of adversity in order to show the world who they are and what they believe,
          And when the liberal blacks will show them true tolerance, then there will be true progress in the black community. Conservative blacks and liberal blacks working together for good!

              1. TBob – I have no idea of the context you mean. I know it as a rallying cry for protestors asking the police to stop shooting unarmed people. You seem to be referring to something specific, you’ll have to elaborate.

                1. I mean in the context of the facts in the Michael Brown case. Did he have his hands up saying to the police officer, “Don’t shoot!” when he was shot?

                  1. I don’t know, whatever the circumstances of that particular case, it won’t reverse the trend, particularly of rarely getting justice even when the circumstances are clear and on video.

                    1. enigma….of COURSE you know that the story was that Michael Brown had yelled that when he was shot. It was a lie….you know it, I know it, all God’s children know it. It was a lie perpetuated in order to rile up Obama’s base and keep them in line, like good little liberal goose-steppers. So pathetic and demeaning and deceptive and manipulative.

                    2. Cindy – Unbelievable as this may seem to you, I have given up trying to remember all the names and all the details of all the shootings. I used to be able to keep up but honestly I cant. It’s too easy to confuse facts and details with multiple cases.

                    3. Enigma, I only asked because you said in another comment above that you could “deal with slant as long as they stick to the facts.” And you said that you thought Fox News actually “lied” in its coverage.

                      So I was curious as to what you considered “the facts” in the Michael Brown case.

                      Because as we all know by now, the “facts” in the Michael Brown case were NOT what most of the mainstream media…plus Al Sharpton and even Barack Obama and his wingman, AG Eric Holder, wanted them to be.

                      No, instead we learned that the grand jury had all the facts before them, and try as they might, they could not indict the police officer.

                      Instead, the “facts” said that Michael Brown was a thug who robbed a convenience store, marched down the middle of the street, and then attempted to grab the gun of a cop before he was shot. Those were “the facts.”

                      But that did not stop most of the media (and Obama, et al) from promulgating outright lies (Hands up, don’t shoot) that led to demonstrations, riots, and property destruction that we all now know were based on outright media lies.

                      Tell me where I’m wrong, Enigma.

                    4. While I suspect the “facts” you allege are off, I have no interest in researching this case to argue whether you are wrong. As I stated before, what the slogan means to me is a general statement which is highly valid. If you want me to throw you a bone I’ll say that Rev. Al Sharpton got it wrong by believing Tawana Brawley in her alleged rape. I imagine he learned something about vetting people from that experience. I don’t know what you wish to prove here? Long before he died I couldn’t watch Ed Shultz because he strayed way too far from honest representation of the facts. The same is true of Hannity. How many of your friends at Fox suggested false flag stories and a van with brand new stickers. They needed it to be a hoax because they really don’t like the alternative.

                    5. Enigma, I’m just pointing to one known, outright, blatant example of a lie that the media (and Obama, et al) pushed out there in order to stoke racial tensions — even though they all knew it was a blatant lie. “Hands up, don’t shoot” is only one example of these outright lies the media pushes out there.

                      Trump puts “Kids in cages” is another lie. Obama did it too. He started it. But now Obama is out on the campaign trail saying that Trump is putting kids in cages, and oh how horrible Trump is! The truth is that Obama did it too. He is a liar who the media refuses to call out. And Obama darn well knows it. So he continues to lie. Because he can.

                    6. TBob – To you “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” is a lie in one instance meaning you don’t have to listen to the truths in multiple instances across the nation. To me it is a general protest statement saying stop shooting unarmed black men and women. Trump is putting kids in cages, more than anyone in recent times. It did occur to a much lesser degree in previous administrations but that doesn’t make Trump less cruel. He is planning, or at least says he is, more variations of the same thing. Calling everyone else a liar to let Trump off the hook is disingenuous. Thursday he’ll go to Pittsburgh and read from a script about unity but by Friday he’ll be back talking about Globalists and Nationalists again.

                    7. Enigma,

                      You talk about wanting to deal only in “facts,” yet you won’t acknowledge that the ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ narrative is a lie. It is based on a lie. He was not shot with his hands in the air saying don’t shoot. But many people still today believe that he was. So your protest rallying cry is based on a lie about how Michael Brown died. Yes, unarmed black men are shot by cops. And so are unarmed white men, brown men and women as well. Hundreds of unarmed people are shot by cops each year. Some of them are black men. Show me the stats that support the ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ narrative. We haven’t seen any rioting in the streets or targeting and assassination of cops since Obama left office. Why is that?

                      I’m not “calling everyone else a liar to let Trump off the hook.” Again, we are talking about facts vs lies. I’m saying that the “cages” being used at the processing centers were in fact begun during the Obama admin and Trump has continued Obama’s own policies. Obama separated children and put them in “cages.” Wasn’t it cruel when Obama did it? And now Obama is out on the campaign trail actually demonizing Trump for doing the same thing he did himself during his administration. That’s the disingenuous part. That’s the lie.

                    8. Enigma,

                      Thank you for that info. It’s true that hundreds of people are shot by cops each year. Some of them are unarmed black men. There have been protests, which is not the same as rioting in the streets, looting, and destroying property. Cops have been charged and convicted of homicide in some cases. There are bad cops out there. But, is there an out of control epidemic where unarmed black men are being gunned down by racist cops? No. The numbers don’t support that narrative.

                      I have two relatives who died due to medical error while in the hospital. One was given the wrong medication from the wrong patient chart and it killed him. The other died from complications of a botched surgery. Stats show that 400,000 people a year die from medical malpractice/error. That’s a lot of people dying b/c of errors and mistakes. Cops make deadly mistakes as well. There is a legal process for dealing with it. How many unarmed black men are killed by cops in a given year? 15? It’s still too many, but let’s examine it case by case, in context, and from different perspectives using all the numbers and stats out there.

                  2. i don’t worry too much about the special case of unarmed black men getting shot too much by police, there is probably a reason for that which is special to them– namely they are responsible for a disproportionate amount of violent crime in the US as a group. I know some will say I am racist for saying so but you can check it out yourself. agree or not. let me continue…

                    NOW that being said, I feel it’s a threat to ALL of us, black white male and female young and old, if cops have itchy trigger fingers and are overly confident in their ability to get off the hook if they shoot somebody. every shooting deserves close investigation. and no the police should not believe for a second that they have any kind of right or license to hand out homicides as extrajudicial punishments.

                    its one thing for cops to have the discretion to catch and release kids with a case of beer or something paltry like that. its wholly another if they think they can get away with murdering anybody

                    and there are cases of it every single year which prove this

                    another problem in policing is the entrapment and abuse of sex workers. the cops out there forcing sexual service on sex workers “for free” in exchange for not arresting them– which is tantamount to sexual assault or rape as the case may be

                    another problem is the routine abuse of informants and snitches to just rack up prosecution numbers as the police turn a blind eye to the crimes their snitches and informants do. not just whitey bulger but routinely all over the place. this is an outrage and needs to be addressed, but it’s mostly a hidden abuse

                    so, i am glad, overall, for the increased attention that the police have received in the wake of some of these shootings, we should definitely keep a close eye on them

            1. enigma……a word in your ear: If you want to be taken seriously in a spirited political debate, I suggest you not link thinking people to HuffPo. You might as well provide a link to The Weekly Reader.

              1. Cindy Bragg – actually the Weekly Reader is more honest in its reporting than HuffPo.

                1. Paul C yes, that’s true. I hope I didn’t offend any WR devotees……….like my grandsons.. 🙂

    2. I like her face, but her show does not offer much, never has. The more I hear her talk, the more I dislike her. Sometimes, I pull up videos of her on the internet and turn the sound down, and imagine her saying things that I like. Her eyes are gorgeous. Her words and style of speech are annoying.

      1. Mr. Kurtz……….Ummm..Don’t look now, but 35 million people just read your comment 🤓

        Would you like for all of us to chip-in and buy you a Megyn👱‍♀️ blow-up doll?

        1. enigma…..The so-called Stepford hosts almost all have law degrees. Do you?

            1. Enigma. Huh? I said most of the women on Fox have law degrees, or similar educations. Do You?
              And most are Catholics…….not evangelicals. Enjoy!

                  1. You read too much into… well everything. I basically said they were clones which many people before me have said. If you want disdain for women of any hue, check your President. “Horseface, dog, etc”

                    1. They are not clones, well not like black liberal gangsta clones. These women have educations and are considerate of others and don’t want to murder police and slash their “hose” and other derogatory names for women. You must be so ashamed of what black liberals have become. That’s why black youths are turning to Conservatives.
                      I just ordered a Blexit tee shirt. ……..and am so excited.

                    2. Enigma….I really Don’t know how you can say they have an agenda. These people are so straightforward, simplistic in their wish for their viewers. Conservatives want freedom for individuals to flourish and be what they want to be. You miss so much in life with your hardheart What these people are is not complicated…..but, ithey’re just not “cool”. Neither was Jesus.

                    3. Perhaps you can’t see their agenda because yours is the same? I’m speaking much more to the people tied to the opinion shows although pretty much all of them are right there to tell the public what the President “really meant” when he lies.

                    4. Enigma….oh hell! I have been found out! So, I must have the same agenda as the women on Fox?? Suuuuuure I do…lol…When I’m limping around on my walker on the days I am able to leave my house and go to the store, I’m not really shopping, I am surveilling. Just yesterday I had the produce section under surveillance! I swear I saw a banana pointed at me. I reported it of course!

            1. now that goes back to when i still watched tv. i liked it

              i just check out “stepford wives” …it says that this satirizes submissive gender roles for women…. i will pass thank you, submissive females are usually my preference so I would find the satire irritating, that is, unless the story ends properly with a vigorous spanking? i suspect that it does not … on the original topic, I would, for free, be willing to give Megyn Kelly a very vigorous spanking for this recent faux pas! She probably needs a very firm correction!

              next question: what’s a Blexit?

              1. Blexit = Black exit from the Democrat plantation.

                But shhh…don’t tell enigma – he’s really happy with his current masters.

                1. Foxtrot….lol…….yes, enigma is all snuggly in his 1964 time warp. Well, looks like we lost Kanye, but he’s a tormented guy who has received untold numbers of death threats. That’s what the black liberals do to blacks who won’t goose step.
                  Oh well…..we’ve still got all those fine young people from the Conservative Black Summit! Go team!

                  1. Cindy Bragg – after black liberals called Kanye every name except white, do they really want him back. He is mentally ill, remember?

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