DC Clerk and Supervisor Refuse Man Marriage License Because New Mexico Is A Foreign Country

Unknown.pngIt has been 106 years since New Mexico became a state but word is a bit show getting to the D.C. government.  Gavin Clarkson told the Las Cruces Sun-News that both a District of Columbia clerk and a supervisor refused to give him a marriage license because New Mexico is a foreign government and he needed to show a proper foreign passport.

Reportedly with other people in line laughing at the idiocy of the moment, Clarkson eventually was able to explain to both the clerk and the supervisor that New Mexico is a state in the Union and acquire his marriage license.

D.C. Courts spokesperson Leah H. Gurowitz issued the following statement: “We understand that a clerk in our Marriage Bureau made a mistake regarding New Mexico’s 106-year history as a state. We very much regret the error and the slight delay it caused a New Mexico resident in applying for a D.C. marriage license.”

It is not clear if the D.C. Court has broken the news about New York and New Jersey breaking from the English Empire.

27 thoughts on “DC Clerk and Supervisor Refuse Man Marriage License Because New Mexico Is A Foreign Country”

  1. Just give the Democrats a few more years.
    With their:
    1. Goebbelesque anti-Constitutional/anti-Civil Rights media fueling the charge of their violent, hate filled Waters/Antifa led stormtrooping Krystalnauchting brownshirt attacks on American Citizens
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    and those 2 clerks will be right.
    In fact they will be able to include every State of the Union.

  2. The probability that the DC personnel who failed to know the US states are non white is very high. Washington DC is a filthy stinking slum and a disgrace to America. The seat of the US Government should be cleaned up, starting with the DC government. Then the city should be bulldozed down to top soil and reforested with trees and turned into a national park. Move all the displaced to Baltimore where they will fit right in.

    1. Washington DC is a filthy stinking slum and a disgrace to America.

      About 1/2 the city is quite affluent and has little violent crime. Much of the building stock is moderately handsome. The dopey clerks aren’t the only one’s who can sing Sam Cooke.

  3. This has been giving us giggles for years. We have even celebrated our status in writing with “One of our Fifty is Missing.” It’s part of our Enchantment.
    Bienvenidos desde Nuevo Mexico!

  4. This is the type of government you get when diversity and affirmative action trump competence.

  5. The same thing happened during the last Olympics held here in the US. The ticketing office refused to issue a New Mexico man a US ticket because she was adamant that New Mexico was a foreign country.

  6. That this occurred in DC city government is not a surprise to those who live near it and must occasionally deal with it. There is no more hack-filled and affirmative action- and quota project-impregnated municipal government in the world and it makes DC, which should be among the most prosperous and beautiful capital cities of the world, a blight on and embarrassment to the United States. (Insert name of 3rd-world country here) has a better functioning government than the District of Columbia.

  7. My GUESS is that they were Ghettopotamii. Whatever, they deserve an Irish Poem!

    Throw In The Taos???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once were two gals from the hood,
    Who didn’t talk English real good!
    And geography? Worse!
    Their reply was quite terse!
    “New Mexico not be a state!” Understood?

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  8. Ah, the wonders of modern education where “facts” and civics, history & geography courses aren’t needed any more…

  9. When Harry Truman ran as VP and as President he was down graded or down cast as “The Man From Missouri”. People on the East Coast have a TTSDS problem (Think Their Shit Don’t Stink) You read about some of this on all the news about George H.W. passing. Trump is a Yorkie but not really a person who thinks he is that Yale kind of elite. Bernie is a different sort. More of a “turdy turd and a turd” kind of Yorkie. Thsoe words stand for 33rd Street and 3rd Avenue. I have heard East Coast people say that Utah is a musical instrument of some sort. And, that Oregon is some kind of gun. Ronald Reagan was Raygun. I am headed west this weekend. Kansas City, here I come.

  10. I moved to New Orleans from Albuquerque and the N.O. DMV thought my New Mexico driver’s license was from a foreign country. LOL!

  11. My only question. how did either of these 2 get their jobs? patronage or affirmative action?

    1. I had a much valued co-worker who made this mistake. I quite liked working with her and I’m fond of her as a person. She attended a rural school in a poor township in New York and she left school at 15 to get married. She and her sisters all have done pretty well in life and she’s solvent enough past 70 to do some exotic travel.

      As for the employees in question, in my experience, civil service examinations for entry level positions in the court system do not ask this question, but scores on those examinations would be correlated with a certain sort of general intelligence which is in turn correlated with retaining a certain amount of basic education. It’s a reasonable wager they’re AA hires. DC doesn’t have elected judges, so its unlikely they got their jobs carrying designating petitions. I’m wagering they did know someone in the skunkworks, however.

      1. You can’t hire generally or screen out based on IQ it’s deemed patently racist againsst blacks who have lower average IQs according to the Title VII types. So public employment even worse. There’s some HR type literature about this.

        Seems silly yes but it’s so

        the US military can do it and maybe at the exec level but line employees, forget it

        it’s racist of me to even say so. of course if it were untrue that their iq scores were generally lower then it would not be racist and it would be ok but since in point of fact they are generally on the average lower it MUST be racist because of the big lie that “all men are created equal” and so the pretzel logic of American equality-think goes on and on and on

  12. Something lacking in the DC education system? Like basic citizenship and knowing the states of the union?

  13. The stupider they are, the more they dig in their heels and refuse to accept the truth, and that you are a threat for stating it.

    Perfect bureaucrats

  14. And there’s “New” Orleans, too…..

    Whoever you are reading this, please don’t be so ignorant and so ideological as to deny that the two civil service doofuses are affirmative action hires of the worst kind, hired by another affirmative action idiot.

  15. I do know that New Mexico periodically gets requests for travel visas from Americans so they can travel through the state. Did we stop teaching geography sometime?

  16. Not all that unusual. It used to happen to me all the time when I was a resident of New Mexico outside of the western states. It still does although here in Thailand I don’t expect that many to know the difference or for that matter for Thai people to even know where Mexico is, much less New Mexico. On the other hand, after working in fire suppression and law enforcement for 20 years I will say it bares little resemblance to much of America. Especially the the East Coast and the South. In most states, especially where I grew up in SE Texass things were run by the “good ‘ol boy” system, in Nuevo Mexico it was the “Patron” system. I loved my years there, especially in Nuevo Mexico del Norte, except when it came to the divorce from hell, and hated to leave. A beautiful and wonderful state.

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