New York Police Seek Man In Vicious Attack

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 10.27.12 AM.pngNew York is looking for this man after a brutal attack captured on the videotape below (warning: the video is violent and disturbing. The victim is a 38-year-old man who was left unconscious from the vicious beat down and robbery.  The legal question is whether such attacks should be charged as a type of battery or attempted murder when they continued for such a prolonged period. The suspect was clearly enjoying the attack and resumed attacking the man but there is no way to prove intent to kill.

The victim was drunk after being dropped off by friends from a party at 3 am in front of a supermarket in the Bronx’s University Heights neighborhood According to the New York Daily News, the man was “talking s— to everybody” and began talking to his assailant.  That is when the attack occurs and the attacker even came back to get his hat and resumed the attack.


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  1. All to common with black youth, sadly. Don’t don’t tell anyone, cause I’m a racist for happening to be aware that it’s rampant in America.
    Sorry folks you can’t fix everyone and not all people are equal, except under the law, well they’re supposed to be. Half the world’s population are broke and ignorant, this stuff is common.

  2. Oh, and something I meant to say yesterday was, why are so many white people shocked about this kind of black misbehavior??? This kind of stuff is typical in your average black community and actually kind of tame. I mean, ‘bro didn’t pop a cap into the fat guy.

    Plus, WHAT IF, the fat guy said to the unarmed black man, “Who are you, and what are you doing out here???” Just like George Zimmerman said to Trayvon. Then, would this dude be justified in beating the crap out of the white guy??? Would Liberal Democrats be putting on red jackets and gray pants like the perp here, to show solidarity???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. This suspect will be identified fairly quickly. Then it’s just a matter of locating him.

  4. Oh my God, is that poor man going to be okay? What is wrong with people to just stand there? It used to be that a woman could stop a fight, because most men wouldn’t strike a female. However, our values have eroded to the point that gender is no shield now, either. I cannot imagine standing there like a lump while this happened, and I’m small.

    This attack did not just reflect poorly on the criminal, but rather to every useless spectator who stood there and didn’t help.

    I wish I could remember the name of the TV show, but I recall years ago they did a segment testing the response of bystanders. The show staged a series of fake attacks, always many on one, ranging from the “victim” actor being black, Latino, white, younger, older, appearing sober or drunk, just to see what people would do. (How did they get the participants to agree to the risk?) A few times guys got involved to protect the victim, but most of the time bystanders either walked away, filmed, or at the most called 911. Then, in one of the staged attacks, this car goes careering to the curb, and a woman leaps out. She ran in front of the “victim” with her arms out, blocking his “attackers” and blistered their ears scolding them. It was awesome. She was very brave, because nowadays she could have been hurt. She put all of those big guys who’d done nothing in the other scenes to shame.

    1. May I add that this criminal looks like a complete fool with his skinny sweat pants falling down.

      I bemoan the loss of honor in society, both for men and women. A good man is supposed to protect others and have a code of honor. People are more apt to film an assault than intervene. You read about the good guys from time to time, or see them on the news. They are more rare because our culture is decaying. Males are deemed toxic and if a guy opens a door for a lady, she may rebuke him.

  5. The good Professor Turley is going to lose his liberal card if he keeps pointing out activity which reflects badly on our sacred people of color.

    I suggest people download the “Color of Crime” from American Renaissance.

    It is amazing how good, tolerant liberals talk about diversity and tolerance while desperately trying to avoid it personally all while sending their kids to private schools or commuting long distances.


      1. Squeeky, The New York Post is a conservative paper owned by the same man who owns Fox News. And you think they’re trying to ‘cover for liberals’..????

        1. Sooo, did you get the link to work??? Here it is!

          I’ll try again.

          Meanwhile, notice how you just confirmed the/your belief in the bias of the Main Stream Media (MSM)??? You don’t think the Post publisher would cover for Liberals, which implies he would cover for conservatives. Therefore, you must believe that that the MSM which is 90%+ owned and run by liberals, would cover for liberals!

          Great! We are making headway with you!

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. The MSM is owned by huge corporations. They aren’t as liberal as liberals would like. However, by New York standards, The Post is fairly conservative. They were generally kind to Trump during the 2016 campaign.

                1. PH says: December 5, 2018 at 10:11 PM
                  That link is a no-go.//

                  Sorry, I forgot for a moment your still an American hatin Commie/fascist type & can’t listen to Willie Nelson/Faron Young type Americans.

    1. Antonio: When did Turley have a ‘liberal card’..????? These stories have been a staple of this blog since Day 1.

      1. Turley IS a self proclaimed liberal. And he holds liberal positions on issues other than free speech. His support for traditional free speech will get him referred to as a fascist soon enough.

  6. The victim was much bigger than the assailant, whose size has been estimated by police as 5’7” and 120 lbs. Yet the big fat guy never once punched back, letting himself be pummeled to the ground. Press reports say he is now comatose. It does make me wonder why he didn’t try to defend himself against a much smaller attacker. Maybe he is retarded, gay, or one of those sissy boys raised by a single mother…..? I don’t know, but I was raised by my Dad to always, always fight back. Do as much damage as possible. Even if you lose, you leave your mark on your opponent.

  7. Those must be be specially tailored pants to not fall down even amidst intense physical activity. Is there a secret manual containing the names of these tailors, along with other special information like “it’s OK to park in the middle of the street at rush hour” and if so, where can I get it?

    1. they usually wear belts to secure the trousers firmly under the groin, is what i have seen. otherwise the baggy pants routine might “Trip them up” so to speak

      I recommend an older work, “Pimp” by Iceberg Slim, a better read for its keen insights into human psychology. …the average street thug is not very interesting by comparison

    2. Pants falling down are not an athletic look, nor are feminine skinny pants on men. A cop told me once that they would take the belts away from prisoners, as per regulations. One after another their pants would fall down, and they would have to hobble like idiots. I seem to recall they would be handcuffed at the time, so they couldn’t hold their pants up, but it was a while ago, so don’t quote me on that.

    1. stomping and drop-kicking someone in the head who is already down, repeatedly, is certainly attempted murder

      if it was me? i might have gone down with that first punch, but the fat man had a strong jaw and took the first lick well. I speculate that in such a situation, if I were not unconscious, I would have probably found a shiv somewhere, such as possibly in my own pocket, and located it firmly into the aggressor’s femoral artery, as that would be the prime target from a down position. he would have bled out in about a minute or two with a nice ragged cut in the upper thigh area. be careful who you play the “knockout game” with thugs you never know what kind of old white dude is carrying a knife or gun or both. and that is a lot of us.

      1. People are shocked when I pull out my Spiderco barn knife when someone needs to open some package. Something smaller isn’t really helpful in opening feed backs or hacking through lead ropes. I don’t seem like the type.

    2. defensive positioning makes you stand out. be the grey man and remain unnoticed. most of all keep moving. don’t stand still that’s the usual big mistake of those harmed in the knockout game

      and keep a hand on a short length of steel hidden in the pocket. a 3 inch screwdriver is good enough and not very scary should it come before a jury after the fact

  8. If someone nearby had had a gun and shot the aggressor, someone else carrying a gun would have then shot the guy who shot the aggressor, and yet another would have shot that guy. Then the police would have come and accused the last shooter of being a mass murderer. Witness comments would depend on the shade of each player’s skin. So…nothing gained, multiple lives lost.

  9. No one told the guy to stop?! That’s what I hate about New York City! These fools are just sheep in wolf couture – willing to conform to whatever a thug-master of the moment commands! This is what passes for moral-righteousness in the Soros playbook: A baggy-pants punk who thinks he’s a prize-fighter for sucker-punching a drunken, obese, couch potato. Disgusting!

    1. Debirye, NYC has engineered a fantastically successful re-instatement of public order over the last 28 years. It hasn’t been copied much elsewhere. I’d suggest you read Heather MacDonald’s articles on the subject.

      1. when seconds count the police are only minutes away.
        the armed citizen with proper training,
        is the best defense to hooligans like the wooly headed perp

        please observe that wooly headed black street thugs do not just pick on white folks
        they believe in diversity and equality of opportunity for their victims
        here one knocks out an innocent hispanic
        article says this happened in new jersey

        1. please observe that both perps playing the “knockout game” had frizzy wooly hair and were the lighter variety. now allow me to advance a hypothesis.

          the darker colored “African American gentlemens” often may be more calm and less inclined to outrageous public displays of criminality, as compared to lighter mulattoes: who think they have something to prove to the other black kids. So they adopt the more “afro” style hair-do and may resort to more reprehensible public displays of violence like this.

          it may be hard for white folks to wrap their small imaginations around such a notion crippled as we are as a group in thinking about the facts of social and cultural perceptions of skin color and race– see, we are not supposed to think about that– but decades of having shucked off that politically correct intellectual malformation has allowed me to detect subtle patterns which may escape the radar of my less racially observant and more racially blind and thus prescriptively more virtuous peers. I confess, I am a sinner!

          i am offering this purely as a sort of sociological speculation, an area in which I am not qualified, however, yet based on my empirical observations, which are well tutored in the school of experience.

          in the area of self defense when confronted with a group of superior numbers, if flight is not an option, there is the question of which one to attack first, because superior numbers will almost always win unlike in the movies. So, the best plan then may be only to take out the leader in aggression with an overwhelming surprise attack, to capture the potential deterrence effect of the other observers thereby. Mark that the wooly headed mulatto is the one to select under such circumstances by virtue of this hypothesis, and not the darker potential belligerent.

          Such speculative studies in social dynamics are of course purely hypothetical, and under no circumstances would I recommend anything but a strictly lawful course of action.

          1. This guy looks like a Dominican to me; a mix of African and Hispanic. He has the Afro color and hair, and the Hispanic small stature. As well as the lack of impulse control and hot temper frequently attributed to his heritage. It appears that he’s had some training in boxing, and was showing off to the indolent bystanders.

            1. maybe so, i would not know, as the Dominican type is more of a NYC thing, they have not much edged into flyover land….. i try and confine my hypotheses to those groups in which i have a substantial amount of data upon which to conduct my “profiling”

              i only espouse empirically based political incorrectness, not arbitrary

          1. knives are illegal in jail too but look how many thousands get stabbed every year
            a wise person is armed if necessary regardless of legal compliance
            american society has wisely preserved the right to bear arms and defend oneself
            look to places that restrict that and pick somewhere else to live if you want to be free

    2. You risk your savings if you intervene in NYC, unless you do so without a weapon – in which case you risk your life.

  10. As a resident of northern NY if this had happened here that alledged attacker would not have survived. This video speaks volumes about the citizenry of that cesspool at the bottom of our state.

    1. The robbery rate in NYC is no worse than it is in Albany or in Syracuse. It is lower than it is in Rochester or in Buffalo.

  11. It’s NYC, you can’t expect them to stop a mugger. At least they got a clear picture of him.

    1. New York has engineered an 82% decrease in the homicide rate since 1990. The robbery rate is elevated (about 70% higher than the country’s metropolitan mean), but no worse than that of Phoenix.

  12. What? No pro-Trump articles today? The gathering gloom must be causing concern about whether tis careerwise better to just slow down or slowly shift away from the minority who claim fealty to the most corrupt administration in U.S. history.

    1. Sad you have to air your impotent fantasies on this particular post. I’m sure the good host will post something to trigger you today.

      This is an egregious act. Time for your lot to hide in silence and let what needs to happen take its course.

    2. You’re a nut, he isn’t. You don’t understand what motivates normal people, and you never will.

  13. The provisions in re assault in the Penal Law of New York are weak and deficient in specification. Ideally, assault charges would be sorted by degree according to intent and the punishment determined by a hearing in front of a judge and assessors examining standard templates filled out by physicians and physical therapists. People who maim others intentionally should be treated at least as harshly as those guilty of forcible rape.

    And more concealed carry, please. This mugger should have been cured by a dose of lead.

    1. No thank you. I think we are supposed to look back up at the aggressor through our bloody eyes an apologize. Isn’t that the new justice?

        1. No, Bill McWilliams is a nut, and I mean flat-out lunatic-fringe cray-cray. We were both replying to him.

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