Corsi Files Complaint Against Mueller For Allegedly Pressuring Him To Lie

Conservative author Jerome Corsi yesterday filed a “criminal and ethics complaint” against Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team trying to coerce him into giving “false testimony” against President Trump.  The filing was reportedly sent to a scattershot list of addresses including Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, D.C.’s U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu and the Bar Disciplinary Counsel.  There is no strong legal basis for such a challenge. If Corsi is charged, he is likely to be charged for alleged false statements and courts rarely explore the motivations in bringing otherwise valid criminal charges. The filing appears designed for public consumption before any indictment is brought against him.

The 78-page document declares that “Dr. Corsi has been criminally threatened and coerced to tell a lie and call it the truth.” He alleges that prosecutors wanted him to state that he acted as a liaison between Stone and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to implication the Trump campaign by extension through Stone.  To forcer him to give false testimony, Corsi alleges, Mueller’s office is now “knowingly and deceitfully threatening to charge Dr. Corsi with an alleged false statement.”

If Corsi is indicted as he has predicted, his counsel could be hit with a gag order on public statements. This filing could be intended to get the full record out to the public before any charge.

It is very difficult for any office to act on an allegation based on interviews with prosecutors, particularly before any charge has been brought.  Prosecutors and police will often push witnesses with accusations and demands.  However, if the charge is based on independent grounds, courts are leery of speculating on motive.  After all, if Mueller’s team truly believes that Corsi was a critical player with Wikileaks, they are allowed to press a witness on that theory.

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  1. I’m glad Hilary didn’t win. It would have been a terrible thing to watch her friends, acquaintances and aides going through a process like this. Boy, is she lucky.

    1. There may be a link between earthquakes and insomnia. They say that rust never sleeps. Maybe rust also worries about temblors.

    1. Continental Grift???

      We are getting farther away from China, tectonically speaking–aren’t we?

  2. Oh yes, Jerome Corsi, a gentleman who has yet to file a case he could actually win.

    1. says the guy with a ridiculous avatar some kind of hippie Jesus. you’re very serious i can tell

  3. A full declassification of everything the government has is needed. Show the people what the government has done and the information they have gathered and let the people decide if they have a case or if this has all been a charade.



    The attorneys general for Maryland and the District of Columbia are issuing subpoenas for financial records and other documents from more than a dozen of President Trump’s private entities Tuesday as part of an ongoing lawsuit alleging that the president’s business violates the Constitution’s ban on gifts or payments from foreign governments.

    The subpoenas seek details on some of the most closely held secrets of Trump’s presidency: Which foreign governments have paid the Trump Organization money? How much? And for what?

    All of the documents relate to Trump’s D.C. hotel, which is at the center of the emoluments case because of events foreign governments have held there and the federal lease that allows the business to operate.

    In addition to documents from more than a dozen related to the president’s company, including the trust that holds his personal assets, Maryland’s Brian E. Frosh (D) and the District’s Karl A. Racine (D), are seeking documents from managers of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and a slew of competing Washington hotels as part of an effort to try to show Trump’s property is unfairly siphoning business from competitors, according to the offices of the two attorneys general.

    Also receiving subpoenas are a number of federal agencies that may have some information about Trump’s hotel, which operates in the federally owned Old Post Office Pavilion on Pennsylvania Avenue downtown. At the top of the list is the General Services Administration, which leases the property to Trump’s company.

    Other agencies receiving subpoenas are the Commerce Department, the Defense

    Department, the Agriculture Department and the Treasury Department. The state of Maine also received a subpoena because of a visit Gov. Paul LePage (R) made to the hotel in early 2017.

    The Justice Department and the Trump Organization did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

    Edited from: “D.C. and Maryland Begin Seeking Trump Financial Documents In Case Related To His D.C. Hotel”.


    1. THE ABOVE LAWSUIT could be super-annoying to Trump. It could lay bare the inner-workings of his business empire by opening a slew of financial records.

      Notice that last paragraph says, “The Justice Department and the Trump Organization did not immediately respond to requests for comment”. In other words, Trump is using the Justice Department as defense lawyers against this suit which concerns his private company.

        1. Tom, why should the Justice Department defend Trump in this matter? Trump knowingly entered office with a web of business conflicts. No president has ever operated a business within sight of the White House. Don’t these conflicts bother you?

          1. Peter Hill – the DOJ is not defending Trump, they are defending documents.

            1. Paul, the DOJ should never be concerned with businesses the president operates from office. Especially when those businesses are within sight of the White House. Until two years ago, that was considered taboo.

              1. Peter,…
                The Attorneys General suing for the documents “are concerned with businesses the president operates”.
                The “justice departments”, if you will, of DC and Maryland have taken a position that the President is obligated to turn over those documents.
                Given these AGs’ involvement in this case, I think that the federal DOJ can legitimately take a position in this case.
                They won’t ultimately make a ruling, but since the DC and Maryland AGs have become involved re the documents and the emoluments issues, I don’t see why the Trump DOJ shouldn’t get involved.
                Most presidents in recent history have placed their assets in a “blind trust”, to be managed by a third party.
                Given the nature of Trump’s real estate holding, it’s not really practical to sell off those holdings like one would sell stocks or bonds or commodities to place in a blind trust.
                It appears that Ivanka and Trump Jr. are still involved in running parts of the Trump business; if there’s a conflict of interest, it would be because of their dual role in government and as managers of at least some of Trump’s assets.
                Maybe there’s already been some kind of firewall between the family members serving in the White House, and the Trump business ventures.
                But coming into office, my understanding was that Trump was turning the management over to family, including Ivanka and Junior.

                1. Tom, Ivanka works in the White House so that’s a conflict right there. If Trump’s empire is too vast and complicated for a blind trust, then he should have considered that before running for president.

                  1. Yes, it’s much better that the government be run by the sort of person who ran the Chicago Annenberg Challenge into the ground.

                  2. Trump’s sprawling business interests were well known to voters, and I don’t think that Trump made any promises regarding a “blind trust” placement of his assets.
                    So he was accepted “as is” by the voters who propelled him to his landslide victory over Hillary.
                    Since Trump has offered to donate income from that hotel to the government, it’s hard to see how he’d be in violation of the Emoluments Clause if he did that to resolve the issue.
                    It looks like Trump’s offer was rejected; I’m not totally clear on some of the details, but it looks like that offer did not satisfy the attorneys general.
                    That in turn makes it look like the DC and Maryland AGs aren’t really concerned about “emoluments”, but are instead hanging their hat on that Clause as part of a partisan political venture.

              2. ha ridiculous. I’m sure Massa Tom Jeff put his assets into a blind trust? puhleeze

      1. how many lawsuits do you think trump has handled in his life all before becoming POTUS?

        i would bet in the thousands… more than most lawyers by far

        he might be a lot better at lawsuits than you imagine

      2. Peter Hill – I do the government responds with the speed applied to the FOIA requests of Judicial Watch and the Hillary emails. They could be looking for those records until we are dead.

        1. No, Paul, the presiding Judge believes Trump needs to cooperate. This ain’t going away. And you’re a fool if you think Trump is fine with all the conflicts he has.

          1. Peter Hill – Trump has no control over the agencies that will be responding. Ask Congress. Ask Judicial Watch who is working with a very angry judge.

            1. Paul, what’s the problem? We shouldn’t mind that the president operates a hotel within staggering distance of the White House? It’s like you can’t seem to acknowledge the real issue here.

              1. Peter Hill – it is my understanding that Trump’s son is running the businesses while Trump is President. We have never had a President who owned 525 businesses before. The elephant in the room is that the vagina did not win and the Democrats cannot get over it.

                  1. We’re not being injured by anything they’ve done. The Democratic Party has nothing left but it’s talking points, which you serve up here.

  5. It seems like Mueller and his people are just laboring to create process crimes that they use to hang more scalps on their lodge poles. Ever since the Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby cases I have thought it is a mistake for anyone to say anything to anyone coming from the DOJ or FBI. They do not record their interviews and I no longer believe that their written reports are entirely honest. They had a sterling (but probably unjustified) reputation that in the last few decades has rotted away to stained and smelly rags flapping in the breeze..

  6. “….get the FULL record out” before the gag order comes? Nope, Jon. Not the full record, just the version written by Kellyanne, sort of like the cowardly tweeting instead of holding actual news conferences where lies get confronted while cameras are rolling.

  7. And in other news;

    foreign hyphenates steal another election in America.


    FIXED: How Democrats ‘Harvested’ Their Way to Victory in Orange County AFTER Election Day

    California has a new law, passed at the end of 2017, that allows any person to turn in a completed ballot on behalf of any other person, which has led to process dubbed “ballot harvesting.” At the end of Election Day, three Congressional seats in Orange County, California alone were projected were won by Republicans, only to flip to Democrats days after, when absentee ballots were counted. In California’s 39th Congressional District, Democrat Gil Cisneros beat incumbent Rep. Young Kim (R-Calif.) by less than one percentage point when all was said and done. In California’s 45th Congressional District, Democrat Katie Porter ousted incumbent Rep. Mimi Walters (R-Cailf.) in similar fashion. The same happened in California’s 48th Congressional District, where Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) was beaten by Democrat Harley Rouda. AB 1921, which changed the rules to allow anyone – not just a family member – to deliver a filled-in ballot on behalf of another person, is a likely explanation for how so many absentee ballots showed up in the wake of Election Day. The bill reads: Existing law requires that the vote by mail ballot be available to any registered voter. Under existing law, a voter who is unable to return his or her vote by mail ballot may designate his or her spouse, child, parent, grandparent, grandchild, brother, sister, or person residing in the same household as the vote by mail voter to return the vote by mail ballot. Except in the case of a candidate or the spouse of a candidate, existing law prohibits the return of a voter’s vote by mail ballot by one of those designees who is also a paid or volunteer worker of a general purpose committee, controlled committee, or any other group or organization at whose behest the individual designated to return the ballot is performing a service. And Democrats took full advantage of the rule. One ballot harvester even called it a Democratic party operation. “Yeah, we’re offering this new service, but only for like people who are supporting the Democratic party,” said a young woman caught on home surveillance video. “It’s a service. I’m just trying to pick up your ballot. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, 250,000 such ballots were harvested and returned in Orange County alone. The new law is disturbing for the integrity of American elections.

    – Big League Politics

    1. George, the reality is that traditionally Republican Orange County is no more. Politically Orange County has become more like L.A. County and most coastal regions of California. Republicans, under Trump, are veering towards pariah status here.

      1. The “reality” is that the invaders are pursuing complete conquest by any and all means.

        The barbarians are at the Tijuana gate.

        The “reality” is that American women were allowed to stop having babies.

        Americans are vanishing and America is vanishing.

        Ergo: Women in America have eliminated Americans and America.

        The question is will Americans allow the extinction of their population and nation.

        The American fertility rate is in a “death spiral.”

        National suicide – a bizarre anthropological phenomenon.

        China – 1.4 billion Chinese.

        India – 1.3 billion Indians.

        America – 225 million Americans.

        1. George, we don’t want a billion people. That would be bad for the environment. And for the record, the United States has 315 million people, not 225.

          1. Oh my, you must be correct.

            We want 6.3 billion enemies or adversaries and a homogeneous compound of only 700 million.

            That dudn’t make any sense.

            The critical factor is the trend of a fertility rate in a “death spiral.”

            America is vanishing. That can’t be good except for nationally suicidal, anti-American, liberal globalists.

            The United States has 254 million Americans and 74 million hyphenates.

        2. George: the really big problems are usually unsolvable. Enjoy your own life while you can and dont worry too much.

          If the white race can’t survive and thrive, after all its many advantages, then the verdict of nature is and will be: it did not deserve to survive anyhow

          we can’t affect that outcome any more than we could scoop out Lake Superior with a bucket

          1. Point taken. With reference to the comment above, please explain the compulsion of females to effect national suicide as a counterintuitive and incomprehensible anthropological phenomenon. Oh, and the, shall we say, oversight of men to allow it.

            1. i can explain. it was an unintended result of industrial civilization like many other results such as pollution. this was a sort of social pollution.

              it hit european kind first but the same effect is visible with respect to other cultures such as japanese; and even those which remain staunchly patriarchal such as chinese who also have seen a huge drop in fertility.

              so, maybe we white folks are not as weak and crazy and doomed as we seem to ourselves, at times

              1. “…chinese who also have seen a huge drop in fertility.” LOL! Surely, you jest! With a population of 1.4 billion, who needs a fertility rate? Ditto India.

                700 million “Americans,” globally, are not “…weak and crazy and doomed…” necessarily. Indeed they are at the mercy of the hordes numbering 6.3+ billion. One hopes they don’t ally themselves against America. Wouldn’t you agree?

                And since we’re on the subject, what have those loving, altruistic Chinese communists deployed anti-satellite satellites for? My guess would be to blind us – instantly. That would be a bad thing. And in India the “Navy is looking at inducting 56 warships and submarines to enhance its strength. This is apart from 32 warships under construction. In geopolitical dynamics, aircraft carriers are considered a sign of blue-water ambitions. India’s lone aircraft carrier is INS Vikramaditya. Accommodating 30 MIG-29Ks and six Kamov helicopters, the aircraft carrier is expected to be battle-ready by May 2019.” Now what does a nation do with a powerful blue-water navy?

                Nope, not “…weak and crazy and doomed…”

                One can only hope.

  8. Somebody call Corsi a waaaaaaambulance. Mueller’s nickname at the FBI was “boa constrictor.” How apt.

    In Mueller I trust.

    1. Watch the dutiful Obergruppenfuhrer Mueller deliberately perpetuate the WMD lie of George Tenet and Colin Powell to America, as his media allies widely and willfully promulgate his deceit.

    2. who cares what they called him. seriously, stop with the fawning hero worship already

  9. While the public is distracted by the invented Mueller sideshow, the bigger danger continues to play out in the background, obfuscated by the media to keep the danger of public opinion in check.

    America’s Cold Civil War
    Charles R Kessler

    1. wrong wrong. but thank you vinegart i read it.

      Don’t reject, rather, embrace that will to power, identity politics stuff. embrace the Nietzsche, Heideggerian stuff. That’s what has made the left strong

      and also get rid of that false distinction between normal and regime politics. in essence all war is politics and all politics is war. see instead Carl Schmitt, theory of the Political, and theory of the Partisan. That is what they should teach conservatives at Hillsdale instead of that other weak broth brewed up in the old bygone days of the enlightenment. Win or die!

    2. thank you vinegart for an example of why conservatives lose and leftists win

      it also explains why Trump is a winner. he thinks more like a socalled Nietzschean will to power guy than a textbook rule following Locke liberal

      Carl Schmitt, Heidegger, Nietzsche. In those names lies the future of the Republicans or there is no victory which can be long had. The Civil War is here already



    President Trump took to Twitter Monday morning, haranguing special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and witnesses to his ongoing Russia investigation. His tweets have become a common morning occurrence, particularly in recent weeks. But legal experts are calling Monday’s missives a newsworthy development that amounts to evidence of obstructing justice.

    Trump’s first statement went out after Michael Cohen, his former personal attorney who pleaded guilty last week for lying to Congress about the president’s real estate project in Russia. In his tweet, Trump alleged that Cohen lied to Mueller and called for a severe penalty, demanding that his former fixer “serve a full and complete sentence.”

    After the overt attack on Cohen came a tweet encouraging Roger Stone, a longtime adviser to Trump, not to become a witness against him:

    Roger Stone has a rule: ‘Deny everything.’ And he does.

    Several of Roger Stone’s longtime associates have been interviewed by the special counsel. The Post visited Stone, just as Mueller’s probe zeroes in on him. (Monica Akhtar, Erin Patrick O’Connor/The Washington Post)

    “’I will never testify against Trump.’ This statement was recently made by Roger Stone, essentially stating that he will not be forced by a rogue and out of control prosecutor to make up lies and stories about ‘President Trump.’ Nice to know that some people still have ‘guts!’”

    Norman Eisen, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, said that the most striking thing about Monday was that there were two statements in proximity.

    “It comes very close to the statutory definition of witness tampering,” he said. “It’s a mirror image of the first tweet, only he’s praising a witness for not cooperating with the implication of reward,” he said, adding that Trump has pardon power over Stone.

    “We’re so used to President Trump transgressing norms in his public declarations,” Eisen said, “but he may have crossed the legal line.”

    Edited from: “Trump’s Latest Tweets Cross Clear Lines, Experts Say: Obstruction Of Justice and Witness Tampering”




      It’s no secret that George T. Conway III, the conservative attorney and husband to White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, is a critic of President Trump. Known for posting subtle digs at the administration on his Twitter feed of more than 180,000 followers, he’s broadened his audience in recent months by slamming the president in op-eds published in the New York Times and The Washington Post.

      On Monday night, the president’s son snapped.

      “Of all the ugliness in politics, the utter disrespect George Conway shows toward his wife, her career, place of work, and everything she has fought SO hard to achieve, might top them all,” Eric Trump wrote on Twitter.

      Kellyanne Conway is a “great person,” he added, and her husband’s actions “are horrible.”

      Eric Trump didn’t indicate what, if anything, had prompted him to speak out. But his comments came hours after George Conway implied that President Trump’s Monday morning tweetstorm, in which Trump appeared to be trying to discourage longtime adviser Roger Stone from testifying against him in special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s probe, could be considered witness tampering.

      1. The above article is edited from: “Eric Trump Tweets That Conway Shows ‘Utter Disrespect For Kelly Anne'”

        Today’s WASHINGTON POST

      2. He’s a fat stupid chump. He has no future. His wife shines Trump’s shoes and he’s trying to regain some sense of self to combat that sneaky feeling he has that he is a Pathetic loser and not a hotshot lawyer as he used to think of himself. Midlife crisis.

    2. If and when the Special Counsel wraps this thing up, we’ll see if witness tampering is alleged based on the Special Counsel’s report.
      We already have allegations of “treason”, “violations of the Logan Act”, “violations of the Emoluments Clause”, etc. from some lawyers, and others, who claim that these are grounds for impeachment.
      Maybe we’ll see some resolution of these issues/ allegations before we bump up against the next 60 day “quiet period” preceeding the 2020 general election.


        1. When Trump is tweeting each day with references to people named in indictments or awaiting sentencing, he is certainly crossing a line. I would like to hear Professor Turley’s take on this.

          1. The only thing that will matter is if Mueller or Congress formally accuse Trump of witness tampering.
            Likewise, opinions about Corsi’s complaints against Mueller will be inconsequential, unless the DOJ or others accept the allegations of witness tampering, etc. against Mueller.

              1. whatever he takes to a grand jury is not an indictment itself. he can not indict a sitting president.

          2. It’s called free speech and the president has it too. Tant pis, dommage, quelle horreur! Trump is a fighter. He fights and we love him for it. You just want him to lay down and die. NO!

  11. Anyone please feel free to correct me if this chronology is wrong, but isn’t this this the real chain of events here: nearly 6 months before 9/11, CEO of Qwest Communications, Joseph Nacchio, was figuratively arm-twisted by Bush DOJ attorneys and then FBI Director Freeh to violate the criminal statute governing warrantless wiretapping. Nacchio refused to participate in this felony crime being driven by the Bush DOJ – about 6 months before 9/11 when no wartime circumstance existed (and it’s still a felony during wartime). The Watergate era FISA laws govern the one and only – path a president can operate within. Nacchio claimed he was sent to prison for several years for refusing to commit felony wiretapping. There was lawless domestic spying in the 6 months leading up to 9/11. After 9/11, the Bush Administration essentially “illegally” purged the U.S. Department of Justice of Justice of Democrats, liberals, LGBT employees, etc. during the “Monica Goodling scandal”. The Bushies also purged the intelligence agencies’ watchdog agencies of people like Mary McCarthy (Inspector General of CIA). In short, the Bush Administration destroyed all legitimate internal whistleblower channels for LEGAL whistle-blowing reports of waste, fraud and abuse. When Bush destroyed the integrity of the government oversight system, government employees loyal to their constitutional Oath of Office (which includes “domestic enemies to the U.S. Constitution in that loyalty oath), the most loyal officials resorted to leaks. It would be akin to Nazi prison guards contacting the Press about war crimes during WWII. Wikileaks, Edward Snowden leaks and other leaks would have never happened in the first place if AG Ashcroft and FBI Director Freeh had followed the law and enforced the laws. The next illegal response was using the “Espionage Act of 1917” to go after the most loyal government officials, the vast majority of investigations and indictments were used against “non-spies” like legal reporting of news by reporters. The DOJ essentially engineered their own crisis. Context matters!

  12. I recall an article in the NYTimes by a protected source that was at odds with the statements of Corsi. Therefore anything Corsi says different is a felony. That is how the :Libby Law work’s

    When I applied for a security clearance to work on a specific type of ship I submitted copies of all previous applications through 24 years of military and 3 years of law enforcement adding only that information from that point to the present. Then cited the Libby Law to keep from committing a felony.

    The agent or agency of the government was the company that has taken over operation of that particular fleet so the government could say it had downsized the navy using ‘civilian mariners.’ They were empowered to ‘act’ as agents.

    I heard nothing and forgot about it having since retired. But recently i received a letter asking if i was still interested as the final decision was in favor of the method used and asked for an additional comment on employment and addresses since it was submitted previousy.

    I declined ‘stating’ it would violate the age limits. since near 20 years had passed. They could have figured that out for themselves were they as cognizant as a rock.

    No way I would voluntarily put myself in such danger ever again. Given the use of that rule by the Special Counsel.

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