PETA Tries To “Bring Home The Bagels” With A New Campaign Against Anti-Animal Speech

100px-Peta.svgBagel-Plain-AltWe have previously discussed the seasonal distemper that seems to take hold of PETA each year.  Ironically, I am a huge animal lover (and many on this blog know) but I cannot understand how PETA has become such a fringe movement.  The latest campaign is an effort by PETA to change common expressions that it deems “anti-animal” language.” It is an effort to jump on the growing movement to ban terms or phrases deemed microaggressions by individuals or groups on race or gender or religion or sexual orientation.  Accordingly, PETA wants to call out people who say things like “bring home the bacon” in favor of “bring home the bagels.”  I personally find the latter to be a raw breadist sentiment for those of us on low carb diets (if not cultural appropriation).

PETA announced that anti-animal phrases should be as “unacceptable [as] racist, homophobic, or ableist language.”  According, it suggests that people dump “kill two birds with one stone,” with “feed two birds with one scone.”  That seems a bit odd since feeding scones to birds would be harmful.  For example, the Humane Society states strongly that “Birds should not be offered many of the foods humans eat.” For example, Bread (fresh or stale): provides no real nutritional value for birds.”  A scone adds large amounts of sugar, spices, raisins and other ingredients. Thus, saying “feed two birds with one scone” could be the equivalent of saying “poisoning two birds with one scone.”

PETA does little better with “Take the bull by the horns” which it suggests should be replaced with “take the flower by the thorns.”  Somehow it is not the same thing.

Sometimes it seems that you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a bad PETA campaign.

47 thoughts on “PETA Tries To “Bring Home The Bagels” With A New Campaign Against Anti-Animal Speech”

  1. The day before Thanksgiving half a dozen peta protesters make the headlines. The next day 40 million turkeys are consumed by Americans.

  2. They will have a hard time unless they can make a change to the rest of the bacon comment. It refers to the politicians and their campaign fund donors who have their snouts in the public hog trough. Somehow the bagel trough just doesn’t do the job however bagels do have their place in economics but not in this silly ludicrous nonsense way….

    The Miracle of the Bagel refers to the ability of market economics to have every day without fail just enough bagels in just the right places at jut the right time using the center of the bagel consumption world of NYC as an example. But expands in the explanation to include items like gas and diesel, flip of the switch electricity or turn of the knob propane or other fuels, food in the grocery stores , clothes , shoes, etc.

    Then compares it to the centralized planning system of socialist economics which has yet to prove itself anywhere in the world except one. Funding Moochers so they can take part in market economics and their ‘fair share” of bagels each and every morning on every street corner WITH Coffee.

    Meanwhile back to the hog trough of politics the number one reasons PETA will fail is PC has yet to come up with a way to sanctify reconciliation and ear marks… which brings us back to another form of bacon the tags in the hogs ears.

    This years reported failure of market economics… christmas trees grown to be cut, transported, decorated and tossed in the trash as just the right time every year. Now a bad way since it means the economy has produced positives far more than negatives in the homes of the USA

    As for me the rebound made the doomsayers of the left who are negative about everything look silly, ludicrous and nonsensical at least in my auto sell and auto buy account (sell when it reaches a certain high value and buy when others reach a certain drop in price) delivered just in time for Christmas – another sign of a positive vibrant and working economy which stayed FLAT minus the 30% reduction in dollar buying power of the last administration.with it’s flag of failure celebrating a point zero three COLA by year eight.

    And by the way the low yesterday was still 5,000 above those flat years best efforts
    and a bounce of some hundreds up and down is a comfortable change compared to the same bounce at 10,000 or even 19,000. than one from 24,000 to near 29,000.

    The economy isn’t back today that happened two years ago. The economy is just dribbling down court for another three pointer.

  3. Saying “feed two birds with one scone” does at least retain the meaning of the phrase, because if you actually do it you will “kill two birds with one stone.”

  4. Not to beat a dead horse over this, but “bringing home the bagels” is not as inclusive as “bringing home the bread” or “bringing home the beans.”

    1. Sorry Kitty, PETA is also suggesting the revised version be “feed a fed horse” that would invariably lead to colic and possibly death. Geez those people are weird!

  5. we have canine teeth for a purpose, those primates eating fruit from the trees are still in the trees.

    1. n. i. silver – I do think competing ideas and organizations are important. We need details on your organization.

  6. If not for PETA (and Peter Singer) people would have far less awareness of the immorality of humans causing animals to suffer. The animal slogan campaign raises awareness of historic human cruelty to animals. People have inhumanely, immorally, and unconscionably killed birds with stones, skinned cats, etc. without recognizing the suffering they are causing. Raising awareness of human-caused unnecessary suffering is a good thing. That it is similar to hate speech makes people pay attention. Great idea PETA!!

    1. “People have inhumanely, immorally, and unconscionably killed birds with stones, skinned cats, etc. without recognizing the suffering they are causing. ” How do you know they didn’t recognize the suffering they caused? It may very well have been intentional in many cases.
      Also, please note that people have inhumanely, immorally, and unconscionably killed people birds in all sorts of horrific ways, historically and currently.

  7. The Left has become more and more like a religion with a catechism. Theodore John Kaczynski was right, in his manifesto, in pointing out that the religious zealot nature of the left that will seek new classes of victims to advocate for. I think he mentioned fat people as an example. He was quite insightful for a madman and MKULTRA victim.

    1. I agree about Kaczynski. In fact I was debating writing about it a couple weeks ago.

  8. What’s going on in PETA’s garbage can?

    Yes, it’s true. The American symbol, the Bald Eagle has been trashed. Eagles don’t hunt anymore. They hang out at the PETA trash can & go dumpster diving.

    1. OK, so PETA wants people to avoid “anti-animal speech” that could be perceived as racist.
      What about the possibility that the animals themselves might be racist?
      They just ignore that issue completely, blame everything on people!
      Typical, typical.
      Well, a King of the Hill episode faces this issue head-on after Ladybird attacks a black plumber.
      The entire episode is easy to find on the internet; PETA and others would do well to watch it, and learn from it.

      1. Animals are definitely racist and non-inclusive. Everyone knows that “birds of a feather fly together.” They should be ashamed of themselves!

  9. Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! I had never really given these animal expressions much thought. But the time has come to separate the sheep from the goats.

    1. Darren:
      The next time you get 3-4 same size skin-on salmon fillets try this. Brine the salmon in about 6 cups of water and one cup each of salt and sugar for 15 minutes. Remove and dry the salmon. Spinkle The flesh sides with 1/4 teaspoon of kosher salt and 1/4 teaspoon of pepper. (This is enough for 3-4 small pieces) Press in. Then in a COLD pan sprinkle same amount of kosher salt and pepper in the bottom. Place Salmon fillets skin-side down in pan and turn heat to medium high. Each side will take 4-6 minutes to cook and you’ll have crispy skin and wonderfully moist meat. The key is the brining, cold pan and the fish siting on top of the kosher salt and pepper while the skin renders the natural fat out. Never had salmon better than this.

      1. Thanks Mark, I’ll give that a try next time.

        I usually make salmon in the oven, baking it at 415 degrees until it arrives at 145 degrees internal temp. I put it in a shallow pan skin side down on an olive-oiled pan. The oil makes for easy cleanup and the flesh sloughs off the skin easily when done. The salmon should be at least an inch think under this method to keep it from drying out.

        Since you mention you like brined salmon I might recommend to you Hawaiian Poke.


        1. fry it in olive oil and onions and garlic and add it to scrambled eggs with greek cheese
          seasoned with salt and ground red pepper

  10. For an organization that is responsible for the destruction of millions of animals they do not have any room to talk. They are idjits.

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