Tonight we rang in 2019 at home in McLean, Virginia.  New Year’s eve is also my wedding anniversary. Twenty-one years ago,  Leslie and I eloped in Old Town Alexandria after dating eight years. Once again, we will celebrate two anniversary dates. I count the anniversary as our 29th while Leslie insists on counting this year as our 21st anniversary.  We will toast our anniversary and the New Year (as we did 20 years ago) with a bottle of Schramsburg Cremant.

Obviously, the year ended for Chicago Bears fans with a long-awaited winning season. Projected to be at the bottom of the NFC North with the Packers on top, the Bears finished the third seed with a 12-4 record. I am awaiting for the slew of New Year babies named Nagy in Chicago.

Tomorrow we will follow another tradition and make the Bowl of the Wife of Kit Carson Soup for friends at the house and celebrate the New Year with wasabi Bloody Marys. My father first introduced the soup to our family in Chicago, which is a Mexican turkey soup. I make enough for the 101st Airborne Division with two whole smoked turkeys in the soup. It is poured over rice with avocado and cheese added. It is hot but the cure for any hangover.

Happy New Year to everyone on our blog.

15 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!”

  1. And at light speed it took the New Year’s message 6 hours and 4 minutes to arrive from New Horizons at Ultima Thule. God bless, New Horizons!

  2. Happy New Year, and Happy Anniversary to Professor Turley!

    I’m grateful for all of the voices here.Sometimes we agree, and sometimes not, but it’s always interesting. I’ve learned a lot from you guys, so thank you.

  3. Happy New Year – 2019!

    The Constitution is 230 years old.

    Professor Turley, please send a copy to the Supreme Court.

  4. On this day,2019 years ago, the Lard was born on a Sunday. On Monday they call him Crisco. Praise the Lard and pass the ammunition. Eat free or die.

  5. Congratulations, Professor, to you and your wife as you celebrate and enjoy your family, friends and culinary traditions!

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