Washington Post: Warren Listed Herself As “American Indian” On Texas Bar Registration

The controversy over the past claims of Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren being a native American continued this week with a report in the Washington Post.  The Post reported that Warren claimed to be an “American Indian” on her Texas bar registration. Warren has denied claiming the status in her legal career despite being listed or referenced as a minority at a couple of law schools. This is a notable incident because it is a claim written in her own handwriting and was entirely unnecessary for registration in Texas.

Warren recently released a DNA test that showed a small possible fraction of Native American heritage. Stanford University Professor Carlos D. Bustamante is a respected academic in the field who has consulted on the national testing programs.

According to his report, Warren has a Native American ancestor from six to ten generations back. If Warren’s great-great-great-grandmother were Native American, she would be 1/32 Native American but it could date back further to 10 generations — making her only 1/1,024 Native American.  Even a 1/32 heritage may not translate into what most people would view as being Native American,  However Cherokee Nation principal chief Bill John Baker is 1/32 Cherokee by blood.  Warren claims Cherokee and Delaware heritage.

Warren touched off a firestorm with the release. Many noted that she degree of claimed DNA would make a huge number of people Native American. Moreover, tribal leaders were irate about using DNA as all. Cherokee Chuck Hoskin Jr., the tribe’s secretary of state, insisted “Using a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong. Senator Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage.”

Much of this controversy has been baffling. There is no question that Warren was a successful and worthy academic in her own right. However, she has left something of a morass of different representations and rationalizations. I am still unclear why using DNA is such an offense but Warren apologized repeatedly for her test. I am also unclear on what the standard is for claiming Native American heritage if it is not based on blood line. Finally, I do not understand what level Warren is expected to meet to satisfy sufficient ancestry.

The card is damaging for Warren not in the sense that it gave her a professional advantage with the Bar but it shows that she claimed to be a minority without prompting or necessity.

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  1. “This is the other moccasin dropping. And if there are any more, then she might as well take the teepee down because it’s over for her.”

    – Governor Mike Huckabee

    1. It’s not my spam filter, it’s the site’s. I reviewed the one referring to “men in their 20’s” and it contained a prohibited word beginning with “bast…”. Removal of that word and reposting will cure the defect that the prohibited word filter acted upon.

  2. In my family we always thought we were related to Jesus. We’re not Jewish, we just thought we were related to Jesus. So where’s that leave me?

  3. I believe the DNA test showed a possible Central or South American ancestor — not what would commonly be referred to as an American Indian ancestor.

    1. Yes, according to Fact Check, the Native American DNA that her DNA was compared with only included Peruvian, Colombian and Mexican ancestry, not native American Indian.

      1. Howardb,..
        – I think Sen. Warren should take another DNA test, if for no other reason than to keep this story alive and well and boomeranging.
        Then follow up the next DNA test with more statements.😉😊😂

        1. Tom, just think, Warren who gets ahead by pretending to be a minority might be one of the better 2020 Dem candidates. The Dems are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

          On the other hand as anyone can see the Republicans have a tremendous candidate in Trump who has been a very successful President despite all the opposition from lying and racist dems along with the fake media.

    2. Wait. Didn’t Sitting Bull and his boys kill the heck out of George Armstrong Custer and the 7th Cavalry at the Little Big Horn? If Indians are Americans, that must have been a “friendly fire” incident, the Americans killed the Americans, right? I always kinda thought Indians were the mortal enemies of Americans and vice versa. If Indians were here before 1789 when Americans came into existence, they are something other than American and the phrase American Indian is a foolish, oxymoronic contradiction in terms. I thought Indian was an American term from the American perspective and People was what Indians called themselves. It may be that all homo sapiens are native only to Africa.

  4. I don’t think she lied. She believed family lore of which she was proud. In my family, I heard since childhood about a famous person who was an ancestor. It was accepted as true until I did some research. He is a cousin, once removed. The common ancestor goes back to a 17th century immigrant. Those in the family who claimed him as an ancestor were not liars; they did not know better. Once I shared what I had found, none of them still claim him as an ancestor, but if they did now, they would be lying. I give Warren a pass on this.

    1. ” I give Warren a pass on this.”

      Of course you will. Being a Democrat comes with all sorts of perks.

    2. She knew perfectly well she didn’t grow up on the Rez and perfectly well no family member she knew in meatspace grew up on the Rez. She could look at herself in the mirror and see not a thing mestizo about her face. Not much excuse for her but self-aggrandizement within a particular social matrix.

    3. When Americans ratified the 19th Dumbmendment, did they expect composure and coherence? You support theft and confiscation of property (i.e. money); the violation of constitutional rights, to fund redistribution and social engineering – generational welfare and “Affirmative Action Privilege” too. No —-, Sherlock! What’s new?

  5. Now she’s promoting a wealth tax. Do you really think she’s going to screw herself.

  6. This woman got paid nearly $400,000.00 to teach one course at Harvard University. At the same time she was out campaigning against Scott Walker for a Us senate seat. How’d she do that over the internet?

  7. Eligibility for membership in the Cherokee Nation is based on whether one’s ancestors were enrolled by the Dawes Commission not by blood quantum.

  8. Let’s just say what we know to be true – she knowingly and repeatedly lied in a scheme intended to aggrandize herself monetarily and professionnally. Liberals will do anything to achieve their goals and she is a liberal – she believes the ends justifies her mean-ness and lies but we disagree.

    1. sbg
      Thank goodness conservatives would never dodge the draft by paying a doctor to say they have bone spurs, gain admission to Harvard by having daddy donate two million dollars, set up a fraudulent, so-called university to scam people, or take credit for having written a book that was authored by someone else – or how many more examples do you want as proof they’ll do anything to achieve their goals because they believe the ends justify their mean-less and lies and more and more people disagree.

      1. Thought you leftists were opposed to “whataboutism”. Has that changed now that one of your own has been exposed?

        1. “Has that changed now that one of your own has been exposed?”

          which one? Democrats across the country are silent about the Virginia chaos precisely because they are getting whiplash from seeing many of their own being exposed.

          “Democrats speechless as scandal engulfs Virginia’s leaders”

          “At the Capitol, lawmakers were dumbstruck over the day’s fast-breaking developments, with Democratic Sen. Barbara Favola saying, “I have to take a breath and think about this. This is moving way too quickly.” GOP House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert said it would be “reckless” to comment. “There’s just too much flying around,” he said.

          The black caucus quickly condemned Northam and called on him to resign after his initial comments about the yearbook photo, but the group has been silent so far on the allegations involving Fairfax and Herring.

          Democrats have expressed fear that the uproar over the governor could jeopardize their chances of taking control of the GOP-dominated Virginia legislature this year. The party made big gains in 2017, in part because of a backlash against President Donald Trump, and has moved to within striking distance of a majority in both houses.

          At the same time, the Democrats nationally have taken a hard line against misconduct in their ranks because women and minorities are a vital part of their base and they want to be able to criticize Trump’s behavior without looking hypocritical.

          Trump accused Democrats Thursday of political bias, tweeting that “If the three failing pols were Republicans, far stronger action would be taken.”

  9. How about her cook book, ” Pow Wow Chow”. Even some of that was plagiarized.

  10. Wait! You mean documents matter only when you want them to?

    Obama completed a document, a high school application in Indonesia, declaring that he was a citizen of Indonesia which would have required him to renounce American citizenship. That and the fact that his father was a foreign citizen of Kenya qualifies him, at most, to be a “citizen” and disqualifies him immutably from ever being a “natural born citizen.”

    Obama will never be eligible for the presidency. His false, fraudulent, illegal and unconstitutional term must be rescinded and his record fully abrogated and expunged.

    Obama is not an ex-president.

    Obama is an ex-fraud and ex-hoaxer; akin to “Pocahontas.”

    1. George asks: “Wait! You mean documents matter only when you want them to?”

      Sorry George, documents, racism, raping women, etc matter only when Republcians infringe upon these. When Democrats violate these issues, they make excuses as to why the people fail to understand their bleeding hearts.

      Lets hear an “Amen!” for First Ammendment and Free Press


      Editorial: Virginia’s leaders are not serving its citizens

      Virginia’s three top elected officials are not putting the interests of their constituents ahead of their own political interests. Gov. Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring have both admitted to acting, as young men, in ways that were at best racially insensitive, at worst disturbingly racist. Both are now interested in holding conversations about race. Both have been apologetic and expressed regret and anguish. But neither had shared with their fellow Virginians a word about their unsavory personal behavior until it threatened their own political prospects. Profiles in courage these are not.

      Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax faces a different challenge. Vanessa Tyson, a professor at Scripps College in California, has charged that Fairfax sexually assaulted her in a Boston hotel room in 2004. Her claims are detailed and deserve to be treated seriously and respectfully. Fairfax, who was unmarried at the time, acknowledges a sexual encounter, but says it was consensual. His account deserves a fair and impartial hearing, too.

      The accumulated impact of these rapidly converging and evolving stories has been to leave most Virginians stunned and embarrassed. The state’s reputation as well-governed and business-friendly is at risk. Northam’s statements have been odd, contradictory, and confusing. Herring’s have been contrite, but laced with heavy doses of lawyerly cynicism and calculation. We withhold judgment on Fairfax’s behavior until more is known — if it ever is. Still, his handling of the circumstances so far does not inspire confidence.

      So it seems fair to ask: If these men were truly public servants, would they not seriously consider leaving office and allowing others to take their place? They are not indispensable.

      Unfortunately, they might be unmovable. It is possible that all three will be able to cling to office, even if the will of the people moves strongly against them. It is possible that there will be no legal remedies for removing them. We hope that common decency and respect for the people who elected them will play larger roles in these men’s thinking than they appear to have so far.

      In the meantime, we urge our fellow Virginians to express their opinions. We will do our best to share them with the community. We are prepared to publish letters and let the commonwealth’s elected officials know what you think of them.


        1. Looks like Justin Fairfax sexually assaulted a woman and even left wing rags are piling on Justin too. yet, here you are whisling Dixie. Put away your “brown makeup” and just admit it…. #MeToo
          or just plain Et tu?


          Blackface, Rape Allegations: What the Hell Comes Next in Virginia?

          The commonwealth is giving us a lesson in just how batshit politics and politicians can be.

          And then, right after 2 pm, Tyson, who has an appointment at Stanford and holds a PhD from the University of Chicago, released her devastating statement about what she alleges Fairfax did to her in his hotel room in 2004. It’s disgusting, it’s gross, and it’s credible. She’s very specific about what she says happened, step by ugly step, and it’s all too believable. And if one needed further proof of her credibility, consider the lawyers she hired—the same firm that represented Christine Blasey Ford during her testimony against Brett Kavanaugh.

          What. Is. Going. On?

          Now, Fairfax. What on earth was he thinking? I mean doing that in the first place of course, but also his current behavior. If anything, he now looks even worse than Northam and Herring. F— that bitch? Seriously, dude? In a meeting, in front of a group of people? When you know you’re under the gun and being watched like you’ve never been watched in your life? And when you have a chance to go move your things into the governor’s mansion?

          He’s cooked. Forget the governor’s mansion. He might not even be keeping his job. Maybe he shouldn’t. The only reason he wouldn’t be is that nobody gives a shit about the lieutenant governor one way or the other most of the time, although this is looking like one of those times when they will and should care.

          1. 1. The sexual assault allegation against the VA Lt. Gov. is extremely serious.
            2. The complaint about someone dressing up as Michael Jackson for a ‘moon walking’ contest at age 19 is frivolous.
            3. The blackface/KKK photo while a med student shows insensitivity but it was nearly 40 years ago, and done in a time and place where it was considered o.k.

            That the leftist media is conflating all three, as if they are of equal significance, tells us a lot about CNN, MSNBC, and the others….

            1. “That the leftist media is conflating all three, as if they are of equal significance, tells us a lot about CNN, MSNBC, and the others….”

              Thank Chief Justice Earl Warren and all those who threw out religion from the public square. They have created their own set of beliefs which are solely responsible for our current zeitgeist. There is no absolute truth…its all just relativism.

              our country was founded on the belief, right or wrong, that we subscribe to Judeo-Christian principles. Throw those away and you get Northam, Moonwalk, Justin Fairfax, Trump, Newt, et al

              We told you so. Time to get back to the Good Book

              1. The Bible contains a passage that “when I was a child I thought as a child…..” That provides a useful framework for the VA political scene. It is neither normal nor necessarily desirable for a teen male to be hyper sensitive to the feelings of others. By the time he is 25 and in medical or law school, he is expected to exhibit young adult reasoning, and certainly obey the law. Thus you can’t reasonably equate a violent sexual assault in 2004 with wearing a goofy, racially insensitive Halloween costume in 1984.

                1. At home we often discuss how men post World War I, WWII, Korea War, Vietnam War, returned to civilian life, got a career, married, had children and purchased a family home all before the age of 30…and they acted like adults!

                  Fast forward to today’s “men” in their 20s/30s….it is just really pathetic what we have for males.

            2. Tin,…
              I think that Northam was a 24-25 year old Med. student in 1984.
              The “Klansman” in the picture next to Northam–if that is Northam– is harder to explain away.
              Northam appeared to first apologise for the photos, then said that is wasn’t him.
              Maybe he could make this all go away, or at least survive politically, if it were just a 19 year old kid doing a Michael Jackson impersonation 35 years ago.
              The “klansman” pictured, and Northam changing his story probably sealed his fate as a polical pariah.
              The only “way out” I can see for him is if he can prove it was NOT him in the photo(s); I’m not sure how many photos have or will turn up.
              If he had denied it was him from the start, IMO the burden of proof would be on his accusers.
              Given that he apologized for it, THEN denied that it was a picture of him, I think he now has to try to making a strong, convincing case that he wasn’t in the photo.

                1. Absurd,..
                  You have a guy in blackface, and a guy next to him dressed as a KKK member.
                  Halloween or not, that’s crossing a line.
                  Whether you or I “have a grip” on it ultimately won’t decide Northam’s fate.
                  The photo(s) are being widely viewed as racist and inflammatory, and I think with good cause, by his constituents.
                  Unless Northam pulls a rabbit out of the hat, I think he’s as good as gone.

                  1. Crossing what line? People dress up as witches on Halloween, too. Ergo, they’re devil-worshippers, or something something.

                    You’re giving voice to artificial feelings, and you need to stop it.

                    1. Absurd,…
                      – I would say that neither the outcry against Northam or the the offense taken by his actions are artificial.
                      Tell Northam to use that line of defense next….that this is an “artificial” issue.
                      That should play well.
                      As for the witches, they ones that I’m familiar with deserve every bit of ridicule that they get. Never met a “Samantha-type”.

                  2. “Halloween or not, that’s crossing a line.”

                    Funny how some want to neutralize donning black face and wearing KKK regalia as just a rite of passage, like everyone did it.

                    No, everyone did not do it. Anything KKK related is just evil, and wearing black face is demeaning the other

                    Imagine being a muscular, built, handsome man and dressing like a morbidly obese American who trolls internet forums and hangs a sign around his fat neck, “arent I funny for trying to look like a typical morbidly obese American?”

                    no it is not

                    Getting your kicks at the expense of others is what moral cripples do.

                    1. Estovir,…
                      I don’t know if you remember Earl Butz or Evan Meachan.
                      Butz was Nixon, then Ford’s, Sec. of Agriculture.
                      He not only told a tasteless, racist joke in 1976, he did it when John Dean was present on the airplane.
                      Even IF someone could excuse the joke, the sheer stupidity it takes to say something like that when Hall Monitor Dean was there is amazing.
                      Dean, of course, repeated what Butz said to the media….I don’t think he identified Butz by name, but he really didn’t have to.
                      The story was out, and Butz was forced to resign.
                      Evan Meacham served a short but “eventful” term as Governor of Arizona. So eventful that I won’t try to summarize it.
                      These are examples of things that happened 30-40 years ago; I don’t know what Northam expected to happen once the yearbook photo came out in 2019, but lack of tolerance for these kinds of stunts went out the window a long time ago.
                      This isn’t just some recent bout of overdone “political correctness” that is “giving voice to artificial feelings”. ( not quoting you)

                    2. Getting your kicks at the expense of others is what moral cripples do.

                      You’re not referring to anything real. You’re striking stupid poses. And you should stop that.

            3. If the Governor and AG of Virginia do not resign, it will be morally, legally, unconditionally and irrefutably acceptable for everyone everywhere to wear blackface and KKK hoods and robes in the United States of America.

              The precedent will have been set.

              1. “The precedent will have been set.”

                George, for Democrats it’s been morally and intermittantly legal since around 1880. Sometimes the names of groups change and the laws are stretched. After all what is Antifa? A leftwing group that covers its face, dresses in a type of uniform, is violent, works as a group causing damage. Come to think of it how does Antifa differ from the brown shirts?

              2. And what about men dressing up and pretending to be women? Isn’t that an appropriation of some sort? Yet Obama proclaimed Bruce Jenner a “hero.” Do women find that offensive?

                1. More wingnut tomfoolery. I always laugh at your ilk because of their obsessive preoccupation with other people’s sexual and/or gender preferences. Pro tip: life is to short to get your underwear in a knot over whom consenting adults want to sleep with. So sorry for your condition.

                  this is to “but that’s not how we did it in the ‘good ole days'” tinnie

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