More Photos Along a Green Dot Road

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

A few days ago brought me another business trip comprising six hours of driving to facilitate one hour of actual work. It did nevertheless provide an opportunity to visit another green dot road within country I haven’t seen in nearly thirty-seven years.

For me it brought a few quick memories of places, memories that were occasional and fleeting as I drove past. It made for a convincing argument that we must as individuals return to what we found as hobbies during our teen years as something that can remind us of whom we were then–that was, in fact, the person from whom we evolved.

Since my youth the outdoors and especially the woods and scrublands were where I preferred to spend my leisure. As I grew older it became more difficult to attain, primarily because now most of my occupation occurs indoors and typically behind this monitor and keyboard.  But still I instead often prefer the tranquility and solitude of the back country.

Here are some photos. Click each to enlarge:

Some years ago, this wilderness experienced wildfire, killing many of the extant trees. But ever since nature resurrects itself.

Unfortunately, I realized too late the filter fogged, so I lost some clarity.

Photos (C) 2019 Darren Smith

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