Girl At Islamic School Accuses Headmaster of Assault . . . Mob Then Burns Girl To Death

We have previously discussed the violence and discrimination faced by girls and women in some Muslim countries. Nusrat Jahan Rafi, 19, is the latest such victim after she was burned to death. Her offense was reporting a sexual assault by Headmaster Siraj Ud Doula at her Islamic school, or madrassa. Sixteen people are accused of engaging in the conspiracy to murder this girl in Bangladesh.

Headmaster Siraj Ud Doula allegedly order the murder after Rafi refused to withdraw her criminal complaint that Doula groped her in his office — causing her to flee to safety.

On April 6th, Rafi was taking her final exams when she was lured to the roof of the school. She was then attacked by a group wearing burkas and doused with fuel and set on fire in an attempt to fake a suicide. Adding to this tragedy is that a fellow female student lured Rafi up to the roof by telling her that one of her friends was being beaten up. She was allegedly told that one of her friends was being beaten up. So a fellow female student helped murder a girl who merely reported her assault and brought her into the trap by using Safi’s concern for another student in trouble. She was then presented with a blank piece of paper to sign. Rafi stood her ground and refused to recant the charge. She was then drenched in kerosene and burned.

She survived with burns over 80% of her body just long enough to give a statement to police. She knew that she was dying in the ambulance and used her brother’s cellphone to record the names and facts of the attack.

This disgusting crime is not unique but one welcomed difference is that police in Feni has formally brought murder charges, including charges against both the headmaster and students for the Madrassa. Two local politicians from the governing Awami League party were also charged. There is also a charge by a policeman who videotaped Rafi’s original statement at the police station. He can be heard telling her to take her hands from her face and that the charges were “no big deal.” He is charge with illegally recording the victim and then sharing the tape online.

The fact that so many people could be convinced to commit such an act of total depravity is chilling. However, the bravery of Rafi was simply incredible, refusing to yield in the face of a threat to be burned alive. She is another face of courage among girls and women fighting for equal rights in these countries. However, the cost again is staggering.

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  1. They should punish all of those involved, after they are convicted, the same way they killed this young girl. If we punished criminals they same way they committed their crime, maybe this crap would give pause to future criminals.

  2. Bangla is one of the most backwards countries in the Islamic world. IMH and well traveled O.

  3. Cultural equivalence is a lie.

    THIS is why globalism is wrong.

    THIS Is why the UN is a joke for putting human- and women’s rights abusers onto human rights councils.

    THIS is why the United States is a better place to live than anywhere else for women. Not only do we have Western values, but we women enjoy the most robust free speech rights anywhere on the planet, including in the Western world. There are individuals who commit terrible crimes here, but there is no widespread cultural support for such crimes.

    1. THIS is why the United States is a better place to live than anywhere else for women.

      By whose scale of values?

      It’s good to appreciate your home. It’s good to appreciate your family. But you’d sound like a fool if you said you had the best mother in the world. You don’t. You have your mother.

      As we speak, about 20% of all pregnancies end in surgical or chemical abortion. The majority of 1st born children are ba@tards (though many are legitimated post-partum). About 40% of all marriages contracted are eventually dissolved by the courts. Our major meme generating institutions keep propagating the notion that men qua men are pathological and we suffer a kultursmog which leaves women with only a fuzzy sense of personal agency. We really have not got this human relations thing down pat. My parents’ contemporaries, ca. 1948, did a better job of this sort of thing.

      1. And did I mention the relentless promotion of sexual transgression by those meme-generating institutions, not to mention lunacies like sex re-assignment programs?

  4. this is a sad tragedy HOWEVER

    western men are scared of western women
    eastern men know the ancient wisdom better than the men of the west

    men are so afraid of women in america it’s a joke that we still worry about these trifling incidents from the third world.

    talk to some cops maybe. women here are totally wild and irresponsible and its getting worse fast

    1. “women here are totally wild and irresponsible and its getting worse fast”

      oh boy…


        watch your local paper for stories of women high school teachers molesting adolescent boys– you won’t have to wait for long

        talk to some cops about women assaulting men and then men not reporting– let me know if i made that up

        check out instagram maybe and see if girls havent gone wild., seriously,. you must be blind

  5. Pete Buttigieg, “2020 Presidential candidate” should steer clear of these countries also if elected: Add Bangladesh & Bhutan

    Meanwhile, Pete Buttigieg’s brother-in-law is accusing the gay Democratic presidential hopeful of hijacking his family’s history for political advantage by crafting a bogus backstory of poverty, homelessness, and homophobia.

    1. as Buttigieg’s father a professor was all about crafting history according to political gain

      “Buttigieg’s main areas of interest were modern literature, critical theory and the relationship between culture and politics. In addition to numerous articles, he was the author of a book on James Joyce’s aesthetics, “A Portrait of the Artist in Different Perspective.” He is also the editor and translator of the multi-volume complete critical edition of “Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks,” a project that has been supported by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Several of his articles on Gramsci, the Italian philosopher, writer and politician, have been translated into Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. He was a founding member of the International Gramsci Society, of which he was president, and the Italian minister of culture appointed him to a commission of experts to oversee the preparation of the “edizione nazionale” (national edition/complete works) of Gramsci’s writings. Buttigieg also served on the editorial and advisory boards of various journals, and he was a member of “boundary 2,” an editorial collective that publishes a journal of literature and culture.”

      what does wiki say about the communist gramsci?

      Gramsci is best known for his theory of cultural hegemony, which describes how the state and ruling capitalist class – the bourgeoisie – use cultural institutions to maintain power in capitalist societies. The bourgeoisie, in Gramsci’s view, develops a hegemonic culture using ideology rather than violence, economic force, or coercion. Hegemonic culture propagates its own values and norms so that they become the “common sense” values of all and thus maintain the status quo. Hegemonic power is therefore used to maintain consent to the capitalist order, rather than coercive power using force to maintain order. This cultural hegemony is produced and reproduced by the dominant class through the institutions that form the superstructure.

      that must have been a central aspect of Mayor Pete’s dad’s academic work.
      which according to Mayor Pete, he brought home from work and pounded the table with it.

      So Pete got the message.
      With the transvaluation of homosexuality from abnormal sexual taste, to elevated minority status, with the full support of capitalist powers who have strongly supported the gay rights agenda, Pete may have opportunistically saw a rising tide on which he could surf to fame

      and so he has!

      don’t pick on Chasten, the poor guy sounds like the junior partner way out of his depth.

      1. Glezman is a drama teacher. Read profiles of him. He sounds like an inveterately silly person.

        As for papa Buttigieg, he wasted his career trying to make use of the study of literature as an exercise in social and political theory. He and his wife married late enough that they only had time for one kid, who turned out to be addled by sexual dysfunction. All too sad.

        1. “sexual dysfunction”? You mean being gay? You want to talk about sexual dysfunction and the presidency of the United States? How about a fat, bald narcissist who brags about his perceived “right” to grab the genitals of young females he finds attractive because he is “famous”? Is that how you define normal, functional sexuality? This fat, bald man, who covers his baldness and scalp reduction scar with a rug that is glued down, who has anointed himself as a “vigorous young man”, yet he has saggy, badly wrinkled skin with a fake tan, a huge paunch that he tries to conceal with oversized ties, a broad rear end and cheap-looking dyed hair of varying tones depending on the day. He is a joke. He also consorts with porn stars and nude models and pays them off to keep quiet. That, in your opinion is normal sexual functionality?

          On the other hand, you have Mayor Pete who is a Rhodes scholar, Harvard law graduate and military veteran who is married to the man he loves. He is not tainted by scandal, and unlike Trump, is not a serial bankruptcy filer, racist, misogynist, xenophobe or someone who flaunts his malignant narcissism for the world’s entertainment. He is an articulate, fit young man with high ideals.

          What I find “all too sad” is that people like you are so deeply entrenched in Trump worship that you can’t see reality, so you engage in homophobic slurs and even attack Mayor Pete’s father, who is a much more honorable and educated man than Fred Trump ever hoped to be. But, wait. I forgot. Fred Trump was born in Germany, so he was handicapped by being an immigrant–right?

          Meanwhile, did you hear Mueller say, yesterday, that Trump was not only not exonerated, but that he understood from the beginning of the assignment he was given that he would not be allowed to indict Trump due to DOJ policy?

          1. Buttigieg suffers from sexual dysfunction and you suffer from emotional dysfunction.

      2. Radical postmodernist theory is aiming to be at the helm of the U.S. government. Egad.

  6. The fact that so many people could be convinced to commit such an act of total depravity is chilling.

    Virginia Governor Ralph “paint me black face” Northam and NY Governor Andrew “I’m Catholic” Cuomo embraced the decapitating of infant babies and selling their body parts, while Democrats and Pro-Aborts greased their cash registers as they looked forward to making money on these dead babies

    where is your article on that, eh, JD, Esquire, insert pathetic adjective for attorneys here?

  7. “The fact that so many people could be convinced to commit such an act of total depravity is chilling. ”

    Perhaps you need to observe events in that part of the world a little more carefully.

    1. “women fighting for equal rights in these countries. ”

      Yet leftist women in this country line up to march behind people like Linda Sarsour. What do they think she stands for?

    2. He observes them carefully enough to fuss over advertisements for above-ground pools posted in Saudi Arabia.

  8. The SJW go after people like Dean Sullivan for upholding our judicial system (and the Constitution), but don’t have anything to say about this atrocity.

    The Pinkos do nothing to earn our respect.

  9. Some relative in her family should kill the headmaster. And mob members.

  10. She should not have “dolled up” and sought the attraction of men.

      1. He’s the guy who used to post under the handle ‘Jack Ruby’. He’s remarkably consistent. All of his posts are failed efforts to be funny.

        1. “This is absurd” won “hall monitor” awards when she or he was young.

  11. And leftists in general and feminists in particular will walk over hot coals before criticizing the “Religion of Peace tm”

    Another reason not to take them seriously.

    Prove me wrong, I’m waiting for a leftist to criticize Muslim treatment of women in these comments.


    1. “Muslim treatment of women” don’t be ridiculous. to what degree was the religion responsible for the actions of these scumbags. What are the points of identification which show that the motive was religious as opposed to any other motive. Be more nuanced in your reading of this you ignoramus.

      1. Seriously? Muslims are required to believe that Mohammed lived the perfect, exemplary human life. Mohammed beat his wives, took trophy sex-slaves, raped a 9-year-old girl, and taught that women were basically to be treated like children because their minds were inferior. But I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that women are treated poorly in Muslim countries. Nothing to do with the religion which defines their entire view of the world. Right.

        1. Don’t give me blanket statements like these without substantiating them. Mohamed did live the perfect, exemplary human life and he was the best to his wives and he told his followers that “the best of you is he who is best to his wife”, this was in response to the complaints of the womenfolk that their husbands were beating them and the prophet chastised the men as a result.

          With regards to the slaves what you fail to realise is that captives of war were a common practice in that time period, such that to not partake in that, was an almost handicap against a rival power (think about what would happen when there is a war and the muslims have to keep ransoming the Muslim captives which occurred also and you fail to mention the christian powers who partook in that) it would spell economic suicide especially in the greater asia region in particular. The freeing of slaves was encouraged by the Prophet. Slaves were also given an ability to free themselves. Female slaves that then married with children were automatically freed. Now with regards to the welfare of slaves, this was much difference than the welfare of slaves in any other place for example if the master beat the slave, the master would have to free him, they had to be fed and clothed and given wages and so on. The westernised notion of slavery is one of inhuman treatment and forced labour with no pay and not rights (think transatlantic slavery). Serfdom in islam was was a completely different thing.

          Yes in islam one can theoretically marry at a young age both male and female. Islam brings a principle into play and that is the principle of maturity (in mind and body). Even if the lady is 20 and she is not matured in mind and body then she can not marry and the same for the guy. The western notion does not take into consideration the harm of the individual when it comes to relationships (think stds). “Woman to be treated like children” lol evidence pls. “But I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that women are treated poorly in Muslim countries”. Power, corruption, ignorance are some of the biggest culprits behind injustices and in this case it was a perfect amalgamation of these aspects of our humanity. Chivalry to all, honor and justice are very much encouranged, so once again what of islam orders men to burn and beat a woman who sought justice for a wrong that was done to her? And dont give me a shotgun argument.

          And dont get get me started on the injustices of the western world in particular countries like the UK and the US who bombed, raped the very women they claim to support, destabilised armed and supports even till today. How many people (including the women you attempt to defend) are killed in the west by losers and incels? What about the sickness of parents who promote gender dysphoria in children! Or the many men/cucks who have half their assets taken from them unjustly, look the the declining child birth (a sign of the weakness of the west), the daily stories of rape, pedaphilia (white males doing “sex tourism”, Catholic priests raping young boys, the rates of white pedophilia, the promotion of degeneracy such as incest), look at the many disenfranchised young men who resort to inceldom and the young girls who think its ok that they be sexualised.

          Manage your affairs before you worry about ours.

  12. The problem isn’t a deficit of ‘equal rights’. The problem is cruelty. Whatever measures might benefit Bangladesh, the importation of Western feminism (with all its stupidities and with its own cruelties) is certainly not among them.

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