The Mark of [Mc]Cain: Mulvaney Declares That Ordering The Removal Of The USS McCain Was “Not Unreasonable”

I wrote recently about the demand from the White House that the military move the USS McCain from Yokosuka Naval base during Donald Trump’s visit to Japan. It was a disgraceful insult to McCain, our military, and the country. My hope was that the White House would do that right thing and fire the staffers responsible for treating an active U.S. warship as a petty prop. Instead, Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said Sunday that it wasn’t “unreasonable” for the demand to be made. In doing so, Mulvaney confirmed that the White House cares little for the principles of separating our military from politics or pettiness. Thus what might have been denounced as a terrible mistake is now embraced by the Trump White House as a reasonable use of our military to protect the President’s sensibilities. It not only makes Trump look like a unhinged egotist but also his Administration as cringing sycophants. It also contradicts the position of the Acting Secretary of Defense. That is quite an accomplishment even for a White House known for self-inflicted wounds.

Mulvaney said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he believes it was a “probably somebody in the advance team” who told the Navy to hide the ship and that “The president’s feelings toward the former senator are well known.” He added “some 23- or 24-year_old person went to that site and said ‘Oh my goodness, there’s the John McCain we all know how the president feels about the former senator maybe that’s not the best backdrop can somebody look into moving it,’ that’s not an unreasonable thing to ask.”

First of all, there is little need to guess about “somebody” since these were emails and saved communications. Moreover, why are the President’s feelings toward McCain relevant? This is about ordering a warship to be moved for politics or pettiness or both. It would be as improper if the President ordered it himself. We are not some banana republic where our military is ordered to secret itself so not to offend the commander-in-chief.

Mulvaney’s comments directly contradict the view of the military which has clearly indicated its opposition to this order as forcing the military into politics. What is most disturbing is that this was an easy call. All Mulvaney had to say is that it was an outrageous order given without the knowledge of anyone at the White House and that the staffer has been fired or suspended or sanctioned in some respect.

Instead, the White House has conveyed to these sailors and their families that they are serving on a vessel with a mark of [Mc]Cain.

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  1. The mark of the beast (McCain), sudo republican, sudo conservative, closet liberal, war monger, …. should be removed permanently from all military (MIC) vessels, buildings, etc ….. He is a major disgrace to the USA.

    1. “The truth hurts, but the truth will set you free.”

      – The Right Reverend Ralph Abernathy

  2. Time for a Cain Mutiny. On the Bounty. In Sagama County. With trick or treat. And crabs to eat. Ip cray on the ohu yeah. Long John Silver. Much ado about nothing.

  3. Fire them but leave decline to prosecute a deputy assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who made an illegal leak to the media!! Where are the prosecutions of Comey for his leakings . Really — fire a staffer for this?!?!?

  4. Professor ……I am getting a kick out of experiencing what I would call, respectfully a gossipy phase..LOL
    To wit:
    1) The gotcha moments when a televangelist is interviewed by former NFL Cheerleader, 2) a did he or didn’t he
    (Trump) call Meghan “nasty”, …….and 3) was the McCain spat so bad that team Trump really did have the Navy move the McCain boat?
    All that’s missing is an Ivory Soap ad… Can a stint on “The View” be far behind? 😎
    I really expect future posts to include prefaces like ” Hey, y’all, meet me after gym for an earful” or ” You won’t believe what I heard today!”
    “I’ll tell ya in Study Hall!” LOL

    But I do thank you for blog. 👍

  5. Fact is, POTUS visits are always extremely disruptive of normal military routine, they’re a big production, and lots of petty details are attended to before, during and after. Even if the Trumpster wanted the McCain covered up or not there, that would hardly have been the worst historical excess ever in connection with the many “honors and ceremonies” the USN conducts fairly frequently. It’s petty, but VIP demands are often petty. Like everything else Trump, this whole thing seems to be blown out of proportion.

  6. “Moreover, why are the President’s feelings toward McCain relevant?”
    I suppose because prior to his death and even after through surrogates, McCain made his feelings toward Trump so public and thus relevant. Egos bruise easily the bigger they are and perhaps McCain felt slighted. Like Luke Bryan says:

    Two weeks ago that was you and me
    Riding down these old back roads, singing our songs
    Now everybody ’round our towns been whisperin’
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    Goodbye’s ain’t ever easy

        1. mes…aw, niw, thsnks. It’s hard to beat a Neil Finn (Crowded House) song, and I love these sisters from the Smokey Mtns!
          Simply gorgeous song.

      1. Cindy,

        Yes, I’m guilty, I love pretty gals as in your vid, I’m not queer in the least, but I tell you there is nothing to compare to my wife mouthing to me, visually, I was leaving on a short trip, “I Love You”.

        One can’t pay forward enough money & buy that.

        And her momma is’nt going to kick my azz as much I suppose in the here after. LOL:)

  7. It’s petty to move a warship. McCain had his bitter feud with Trump, and personal issues in his life, but he was also given the great honor with the naming of a warship.

    The feud needs to dissolve. It must be painful for McCain’s family to keep seeing the reminders pop up.

    Trump should not care about a McCain warship. I don’t even know if he does, or if this was just someone’s suggestion. That said, honestly, the press would have had a field day photographing Trump in front of the McCain. So what?

    I don’t think whoever requested it be moved should be fired. That’s ruining someone’s career because they wanted to move a boat because of optics? But those kind of decisions are wrong.

    This is rather like my comment about the Markel kerfuffle. People must leave aside their petty personal differences and lead.

    1. Karen wrote:

      “People must leave aside their petty personal differences and lead.”

      Uh, seriously? You know Trump’s life would have no meaning absent that reason to get up each morning, right?

  8. Sounds like Mr. Turley is making a mountain out of a small mouse hole. Also the lot of adoo about nothing article says “… the demand from the White House…:”


    “Instead, the White House has conveyed to these sailors and their families that they are serving on a vessels with a mark of [Mc]Cain.” These are rich. Sounds like tacit accusations against Mr. Trump that Paul Ryan or Pelosi’s people or other lefties would make. There is no iron in the article’s words.

    Where is Mr. Trump quoted or positively shown to be the one giving the order. Sounds like a set up against Mr. Trump to me. I used the search term @ dudkduckgo, ” proof positive that trump ordered the USS McCain moved” & the closest I came was an AP report that headlined “AP sources: White House wanted USS McCain moved for Trump”.

    I couldn’t find the “proof positive’ that it was Mr. Trump that gave the order. Just that it came from the White House. Sounds to me like more small minded scripted jive to use against the President.

    McCain, big hero? Read these & then decide if what the articles say is true or not. .

    I live in AZ. Born & raised. I was SOOOO glad when McCain left office. I was not thrilled that he died though. I doubt McCain had time or the inner inclination to repent & ask God to forgive him. I didn’t like McCain AT ALL. but I never wanted him to die.


  9. Sadly, we spend so much time on nothing burger events like some aide mentioning Trump might not like seeing McCain’s ship and then there is the “who cares”Markle event where the comment by Trump can be read different ways depending on your political side of the aisle. Meanwhile, a gigantic SOS is coming from people at the border who wonder when they are going to get help and relief for the onslaught happening in their communities. The border patrol is beyond overwhelmed and FOX seems to be the only media covering it on the ground. It’s time to get rid of the day to day minutiae and solve some of the real problems. Unfortunately it will probably take a major tragedy from the illegal onslaught before something gets done.

    1. Gabby, very good points. Fake Stream ‘News’ will grasp at ANY straw in their efforts to derail & deride Mr. T. And divert away from the very serious border crisis.

      Shawn H, Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs & Tucker Carlton & a few others at Fox are reporting fairly on the border. So Is One America News Network & NewsMax.

      Dennis Michael Lynch’s site does also @ The DML Report. Dennis made videos not that far back, They Come To America.

      As bad as it was about 4 years ago or so when DML went to the border to film the invasion & make his video series, the crisis is MUCH worse NOW!


    2. Hoo Rah, get’ch some, come on, come, get’ch some!

      You like Ft Sill Artillery fire , or maybe some no stop machine-gun fire.”

      It’s over you Ph’in leftist retards.

      The the best result is you race to ground for cover as your American Hating Azzes are fully exposed & we, patriots are going to finish cleaning this toilet of our commie/fascist/islimic Pedo Scum once again!!!

      Welcome to American!

  10. First, yes, it conveys cosmic levels of stupidity to ask the Navy to shuffle warships around or drape tarps around them for a Presidential visit. Whoever did it made Trump look more petty than he likely is, and probably did it to make brownie points.

    Second, it falls short of disgraceful conduct which ought to result in termination. It’s the sort of flackery endemic in politics, whether it’s the White House or the House on Capitol Hill. Reassigning whoever did this to schedule access to the tennis courts and type up menus for the White House Mess sounds about right.

  11. No Prof Turley you are so wrong, it’s not unreasonable to remove that garbage scowl called the USS McCain named after one or more Known Tratiors .

    Knock on wood, so far your endorsement of Bob Barr seems to be working out for the better. In a recent interview the reporter ask if he was worried about his rep, (Paraphrasing) he said no, we’re all going to die some day & he was just going to do the right thing for his family/grandkids & the nation.

    My 6 sense P Turley is you or someone in your family or circle of friends has caused you to become deeply compromised.

    And I don’t like it.

    Whatever you’re running from you have to expose the blackmail & take the heat, we’ve sinned but I think it best you repeat & move on.

    But the reason I mention is not that I’ll do anything but I’ll tell you straight up & warn you that others are seeing you’re selling out yourself,your postion, family & friends.

    I know you know some military history as do I, and thus you know they can send a someone out to take me or anyone out anytime they wish.

    People should recognize that’s just the way the real world works.

    I the reason why I know you are compromised is you are ignoring the single biggest story in our lifetime & maybe the world’s history, the ongoing Coup against the citizens of the USA & OUR President Donald J Trump.

    Not only are you ignoring it appears you’re an active participate in cover it up.

    Well, to Ph’in late, take a look at Trump finally grabbing the steering wheel of the Nation & the extinctive branch & calling in the DOJ’s Anti-Trust division against the American Hatin Traitors Google(goog) Down 33%, Apple/AAPL, Facebook/FB, Twitter/TWTR.

    Plus all the lawsuits coming from Alex Jones/Us supporting Infowars, Gateway Pundit…

    I don’t know what you drink but get some, take a shoot or two & get your head out of your azz.

    Thanks for your site here, & my comment is meant as tuff love to a friend that appears to have went astray.

  12. Anyone who watched McCain’s funeral was disgusted how political it was. It was a week of Trump-bashing. You can’t all of a sudden pretend it wasn’t. McCain had it all planned out. McCain is like someone who cuts people out of his will from the grave. I’d never admire someone like this nor should Trump.

    1. I had better things to do than watch a grown man be petty by proxy, from beyond the grave. The President wisely avoided being snubbed by the McCain family, who are now in the unenviable position of defending the dirty political tricks which probably provoked the President’s anger to begin with.

      1. I was mostly appalled by Meghan McCain who really at a go at Trump during her eulogy. Who does that at her father’s funeral? But now they’re all surprised that Trump’s not a big fan of McCain. Trump gave him a presidential funeral.

        McCain’s legacy would have been so much better if he’d voted for the repeal of Obamacare. He’d be remembered as a savior of our healthcare. But since he had a brain tumor, I’ll cut him a break. RIP John.

        1. I felt outraged when McCain refused to repeal Obamacare. What were all those campaign promises? Promises he never intended to keep?

          Trump tried to remove the humanitarian crisis of Obamacare right out of the gate, but the Republicans in Congress couldn’t get their act together. That lost them votes in the midterms.

          In any case, McCain’s passed away and, no matter his faults, his family loved him and misses him.

          1. Karen McCain voted no because the “repeal” vote was preceded by zero committee work and almost zero debate on the Senate floor and there was no “replace”, though GOP leadership promised to put something together behind closed doors.

            They didn’t and still haven’t.

            1. McCain voted “no” so he could stick it to Trump. Everyone knows that. The replacement plan can’t be voted on until they repeal the whole “kit and caboodle.” I hear Cruz has one waiting in the wings.

              1. betteroff, so you mean all politicians have no principles and are motivated by the kind of petty trolling practiced by your cult leader?

                Can’t wait for the …. what is it Cruz has waiting in the wings?

              2. better off,
                My understanding was that the Better Care Replacement Act ( BCRA) was to be a “placeholder”, and watered down version of an earlier proposed outright repeal of OnamaCare. It was then to be followed by a more comprehensive and detailed GOP bill to replace ObamaCare ( I think one bill in the works was to be co-ponsored by Linsay Graham, but I don’t know how far along that bill ( or alternative replacement bills) were, or when the final “repeal and replace’ bill was to be presented for a vote down the road.
                The initial repeal and replace’ bill the GOP was considering was opposed by about 6 GOP Senators, so it had no chance of passing. The BCRA got most of those 6 on board, and it came down to McCain with the “thumbs down” theatrics. I think McCain had undergone surgery early that summer when it was found that he not only had the blood clot but also glioblastoma.
                He may have already strarted chemo, and I think it was his final and only Senate appearance in the last year or so of his life.
                His vote may have been influence by the animus between him and Trump; I felt at the time that McCain might be trying to cement his “Maverick” label for his legacy, so he may have voted against it in any case. He had a lot on his plate with his medical issues, and I don’t think he participated in any of the process or debate leading up to the vote.

                1. Hey Tom….good to see you.
                  In response to the Larry Johnson thing…..
                  He was a source for Judge Napolitano’s assertion in Spring of 2017 that the British were the ones spying on Trump.
                  Larry said the judge got the story wrong, or something,…..but it was too late. Within about 48 hours, as I recall, Larry’s web log, No Quarter, ceased to exist. Poof….It was gone, he was gone. He had our email addresses but no one I knew heard from him……Somone said he had gone underground because his life had been threatened.
                  It was heartbreaking…It was such a great blog, and he was/is a complex guy, but interesting, and heart was in the right place. Some of us had been on that blog since early 2008. Anyway…….I have no idea what happened to him…and don’t know anyone who does know.

                  1. I didn’t find any verification of Johnson’s disappearance or “going underground” in any published reports, Cindy. From what I remember of Larry Johnson’s 2? interviews that I saw 15-20 years ago, he was talking about bin Laden, terrorism, the fragility of the Saudi regime.
                    Don’t know what his background/ specialty was with the CIA, but his focus in the long interviews I saw was on those issues.

                    1. Tom……There is no evidence about anything about him. Period. So where is he? He is gone from public life after 9 years of writing on his blog daily. Poof. No explanation …. I am talking March 2017.

                    2. Cindy B.,
                      Sometimes people just drop out of sight and are never heard from again. Look at Mueller.😄

                    3. Tom!!! OMG THANK YOU. I quit googling his name last year because there was nothing new!
                      I am so glad he’s back !! and I really appreciate the link!!
                      You are a miracle worker (or better search engine….lol) I owe you.

        1. Excellent question. I guess your name suggests the kind of reason, objectivity, and high principle your cult leader is known for.

          Or something like that.

              1. L4D says–BOW-T sees Trump as a living person doomed to compete in a funeral contest with a dead man who wins because . . . well. It’s so unfair. The unmitigated gall of the man to die for the express purpose of upstaging The President of the United States.

                [Should I put the sarcasm alert on this one?]

                1. As far as the statement that Trump is engaged in “a funeral contest with a dead man who wins”, Sen.McCain was defeated, by a wide margin, when he ran against Obama in 2008. Trump won in one area where McCain didn’t; he got elected.

                  1. L4D asks–So why didn’t Trump run against Obama in 2008?

                    L4D answers–Bone spur flare up?

                    Do I still need a sarcasm alert on those two as well as the previous one?

                    1. –So why didn’t Trump run against Obama in 2008?

                      That’s obvious. Trump ran for pres. to restore America back to what it was before radical, “no-scandal” Obama took office. Obama’s failure inspired Trump to run.

                      Promises Made–Promises Kept!

  13. First of all, there is little need to guess about “somebody” since these were emails and saved communications.

    He didn’t inquire because he doesn’t care or his didin’t say because he’s not interested in grassing up a subordinate over a misunderstanding.

    1. Yeah, absurd right. No doubt it was 24 year old that told the Navy to turn the fleet around.

      JFC are you kidding me?

  14. Best to stop using 23,24 year olds in the advance team and giving them the authority to request “moving a ship” ( as in that’s an easy thing to do).

    Saw the interview with Mulvaney – is he really that dense?

  15. The last time I looked the President was the commander in chief. McCain screwed this country when he voted not to overturn the ACA after he said he would vote to overturn it.

    1. McCain voted no because the “repeal” vote was preceded by zero committee work and almost zero debate on the Senate floor and there was no promised “replace”, though GOP leadership promised to put something together behind closed doors.

      They didn’t and still haven’t.

    1. i really like a lot of the things Tulsi Gabbard says. that’s one of them.

      i had heard that NSA was collecting data, from sources, but people would say oh you’re a cranky conspiracy theorist.

      then Snowden proved it, and people shut up about that for a while

      Snowden always will have a big thank you from me and I would approve of a Presidential Pardon for him

  16. WTF JT,

    More hand wringing as if the WH made a PR mistake instead of another clear statement of who they serve and who they are. He says:

    “It not only makes Trump look like a unhinged egotist but also his Administration as cringing sycophants.”

    Helllloooooo JT! He is an unhinged egotist and whatever 3rd team is left in the WH are cringing sycophants. Cripes!! Wake up!!

    OK, time for another hand wringer from our host about Mueller and the Democrats’ impeachment strategy.

    1. L4D says–Hearings only. No articles of impeachment. Unless . . .

  17. Sailer is misspelled. The correct word was sailor.

    Sorry, but i always wanted to correct a professor after all the times they corrected me.

    Keep up the good work Turley, and thanks for the grist for the mill to discuss here in comments.

  18. Look at all the REMF staffers follow the adage

    When confused
    And when in doubt
    Run in Circles
    Scream and Shout

    The BUFARists have stepped in it again so

    BOHICA or do an about face.

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