The Mark of [Mc]Cain: Mulvaney Declares That Ordering The Removal Of The USS McCain Was “Not Unreasonable”

I wrote recently about the demand from the White House that the military move the USS McCain from Yokosuka Naval base during Donald Trump’s visit to Japan. It was a disgraceful insult to McCain, our military, and the country. My hope was that the White House would do that right thing and fire the staffers responsible for treating an active U.S. warship as a petty prop. Instead, Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said Sunday that it wasn’t “unreasonable” for the demand to be made. In doing so, Mulvaney confirmed that the White House cares little for the principles of separating our military from politics or pettiness. Thus what might have been denounced as a terrible mistake is now embraced by the Trump White House as a reasonable use of our military to protect the President’s sensibilities. It not only makes Trump look like a unhinged egotist but also his Administration as cringing sycophants. It also contradicts the position of the Acting Secretary of Defense. That is quite an accomplishment even for a White House known for self-inflicted wounds.

Mulvaney said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he believes it was a “probably somebody in the advance team” who told the Navy to hide the ship and that “The president’s feelings toward the former senator are well known.” He added “some 23- or 24-year_old person went to that site and said ‘Oh my goodness, there’s the John McCain we all know how the president feels about the former senator maybe that’s not the best backdrop can somebody look into moving it,’ that’s not an unreasonable thing to ask.”

First of all, there is little need to guess about “somebody” since these were emails and saved communications. Moreover, why are the President’s feelings toward McCain relevant? This is about ordering a warship to be moved for politics or pettiness or both. It would be as improper if the President ordered it himself. We are not some banana republic where our military is ordered to secret itself so not to offend the commander-in-chief.

Mulvaney’s comments directly contradict the view of the military which has clearly indicated its opposition to this order as forcing the military into politics. What is most disturbing is that this was an easy call. All Mulvaney had to say is that it was an outrageous order given without the knowledge of anyone at the White House and that the staffer has been fired or suspended or sanctioned in some respect.

Instead, the White House has conveyed to these sailors and their families that they are serving on a vessel with a mark of [Mc]Cain.

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  1. A lot of lefties have a bad case of TDS. But I do believe our President has a bad case of MDS.

  2. Actually, I saw the same interview and thought what Mulvaney was saying was: 1. It wasn’t the president who suggested the ship be moved and he knew nothing of it. 2. The person who “suggested” it, was right out of college was merely concerned that the obviously hostile media not be provided another opportunity to raise the McCain-good, Trump-bad meme. 3. They weren’t planning to fire the kid. I see nothing wrong with that analysis. Perhaps Professor Turley would prefer to destroy a young person’s career for being a tad zealous, but I disagree. P.S. Ships should never be named after politicians! I pity all who might someday serve on ship named Trump!

    1. debinry, why would a kid just out of college be in any position at all to order the moving of U.S. navel ships? And why should they be concerned with catering to Trump’s very fragile ego?

  3. John McShame – Unconstitutional Anti-American “Savior” of Obamacare

    John McShame was a disgrace to America. John McShame. after 38 years of absolute political power, was absolutely politically corrupt. John McShame loved John McShame and the sycophants who loved John McShame. John McShame was a cult hero whose groveling lemmings profited handsomely through blind, slavering support. John McShame, like his daughter, used parents and grandparents as a resume and protective benefactors. John McShame was a failure perpetuated and protected by the reputations of his father and grandfather. John McShame could not follow orders but was not kicked out of the Navy because his father and grandfather were admirals. John McShame caused an explosion and fire on an aircraft carrier by not following procedures according to Wiki. John McShame’s claim to fame was failure on a routine bombing mission. John McShame was shot down because he failed to follow procedures according to accounts. John McShame never had a job or met a payroll. John McShame was a parasite feeding on taxpayer dollars his entire life. John McShame was a sheep in wolf’s clothing, a fraud, a liberal RINO who violated the Constitution by perpetuating irrefutably unconstitutional Obamacare and the entire American welfare state. John McShame was extremely generous with and gave away other people’s money (i.e. taxpayer’s dollars), happily redistributing wealth to his favorite parasites and losers.

  4. This is sad Turley that most of your readers feel or have any shame at all about what Trump has brought to the table in this country. Far right-wing talking points about McCain is about as low as anybody can do about a man and his family who have given much to their country. And to the Trump cults members, you say this is about nothing? I didn’t agree with a lot of positions that McCain did politically, but it’s a sure bet he loved and cared for this country a hell of a lot more than Trump and his supporters. We will see what happens when a Democratic President moves a ship with a republican name on it.

    1. “I didn’t agree with a lot of positions that McCain did politically, but it’s a sure bet he loved and cared for this country a hell of a lot more than Trump and his supporters.”

      More statements of condescension, comparison and virtue signaling that the author can’t possibly know or prove. It all distills to: Agree with me, good; disagree with me, bad.

  5. What tripe. Another manufactured “controversy” and glowing moment for the fake/manipulated news hack media. John McCain was a stain on the body politic and, his entire political career a disgrace. Make a note.

  6. The real disgrace is that I read this tripe. The entire “controversy” is yet another glowing moment for fake/manipulated news “journalism.” Oh, and John McCain was a stain on the body politic, his entire career a disgrace. Do make a note.

    1. How one could look at the histories of Trump and McCain and decide Trump is good and McCain is bad remains an absolute mystery to me. How one could overlook the misadventures of Trump and make sweeping judgments about an imperfect McCain requires a level of bias and stupidity which is overwhelming. Everyone makes mistakes, and of course the anon public is swift in jumping to judgment regarding them, but I have seen no one in recent years who comes close to mirroring Trump’s immoral, illegal and intemperate behavior. McCain had his problems, but put his integrity and service to his country along side Trump’s, and the winner is an easy pick. It remains a source of continuing amazement to me that there are those who love Trump regardless of his crimes and his monumental lack of intelligence and sophistication. Trump has inflicted wounds upon the Republic from which we will likely never recover.

      1. Chatles I agree with everything you said though I hope you’re wrong on the prediction.

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