Father’s Day On Billy Goat Trail

I did my usual dawn Sunday hike on Billy Goat trail today. While it is Father’s Day and the kids offered to join me, I let them sleep in. It was a lovely morning for a hike with only a couple people on the trail. It gave me a quiet time to think of my own father, Jack Turley, and how much I still miss him.

Today Leslie is making my favorite pasta dish (a truly indulgent dish with cheese, fresh basil, tomatoes, and of course a ton of garlic.

Here are a few pics from the trail today:

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  1. From: theconservativetreehouse yesterday

    Happy Father’s Day
    Posted on June 16, 2019 by Menagerie

    Fatherhood is the job that pays the least in monetary terms and the most in benefit to the world, along with motherhood. When a man chooses to become a father, biologically or with his heart, he makes a commitment that is lifelong and its impact is to be felt longer than his own life, into the future of his children, grandchildren, and yes, even great grandchildren.

    Through his steadfast presence, his wisdom (most of it on the job, but maybe lots of it gained from his own father), his protection, his teaching, his prayers, sacrifice, love, discipline, encouragement and pride he tempers and builds the character and lives of his children.

    Today, in gratitude and love, we pause to thank God for His precious gift of fathers, modeled in His own image. For all of you, we give thanks, we pray, we love you. And please, keep up the good work dads, in your job that has no off days, but great benefits.

  2. I miss my father. He has been gone for 39 years and my thoughts are more “respect’. He did a lot for me and three siblings– and his wife, our mom. He put four kids through private colleges. He sacrificed some of his retirement money and hence retirement fun by doing so but his stock broker could not talk him out of sending us all to private colleges. I was thinking about him when I opened up the Turley blog just now and thought I should chime in.

  3. Beautiful pictures and Happy Father’s Day! My husband was in the Chicago Woodturner’s Club with your Dad and we both enjoyed your parents so much when they came to our home for a visit. Lovely, lovely friends.

  4. Happy Father’s Day, JT. Looks like a great place to hike; I had a couple of favorite walking/ running trail areas in my hometown.
    My Mom would accompany me sometime until she was in her late 80s. There were occasionally cougar sightings in one area and I joked at a family gathering that I brought her along because a cougar would be more likely to go for the smaller, slower target, and leave me alone.
    About half the relatives who best knew my warped sense of humor busted out laughing, and the other half sat there in semi-shock!

  5. Has it really been that long. Attending schools for the military it was a pure pleasure to get out of classrooms and find places like this.

    But as for your fall leaves, probably but the real glory of fall will be up on the Appalachian Trail and is usually announced on the news the best being in the North Carolina section. Just a tip. The leaves turn after the first fall frost.

    I reckon these trail systems are what keeps the city folk from forgetting there is a ‘country’ out there and the reminder is one of the better ways to spend our money. i often thought how sad life must be chained to concrete.

    The park area is on the NW side of the east bank and it’s easy to get literature on the ‘net.’

  6. Happy Fathers day, Professor Turley, and to all the wonderful fathers, and father figures, out there!

  7. This looks like a cool trail. And I notice its just north of Washington. Probably a great place to go for autumn colors in the fall.

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