Et Tu Muti? Actress Convicted Of Fraud For Claiming Sickness To Go To Dinner With Putin

Calling in sick is a fairly common practice for many people. However, most people are not famous actors who are contracted to do a recital in in Pordenone, in the northern region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. More importantly, most people are not then all over the news seating with Russian President Vladimir Putin and having the time of their lives. One can certainly understand a contractual case against Ornella Muti, but Italy often tries contracts and torts as criminal matters. Muti was found guilty of criminal fraud and given a suspended prison sentence pending payment of damages.

Muti has starred in such films as Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love and was scheduled to appear in the Verdi Theatre. However, she called in sick with a fever and chronic laryngitis.

The sponsors however were surprised to see her laughing and chatting at dinner with Putin at a children’s charity ball. She was charged with attempted fraud and ordered to pay compensation of €30,000 to the Verdi theatre in Pordenone as well as a fine of €500 (£445) by Italy’s Supreme Court.

She could face six months in jail because she has run into hard times. In 2015, she was evicted from her apartment in Rome for her failure to pay €80,000 in her rent. She also previously told the court that she could not pay €30,000.

I fail to see why Italy tries these contractual violations as criminal matters. As we previously discussed, they also criminalize tort claims like defamation.

Muti was a dishonest dummy in first faking sickness and then sitting next to Putin in a high visibility crime. Yet, that does not strike me as criminal but rather a contractual violation.

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Et Tu Muti? Actress Convicted Of Fraud For Claiming Sickness To Go To Dinner With Putin”

  1. Different country, different laws. If Ms Muti defaulted on a contract to perform at a hall which had to be rented for the occasion, tickets were sold, but lied about the reason why she did to make it an excusable absence, it was fraud. Might not have been fraud if Muti saw a physician that day, but it seems she didn’t.

    Italy’s entitled to define criminal fraud within reasonable limits. That’s what I think.

  2. Wait. Hillary deleted 30,000 e-mails as but one of her many multiple crimes since taking that bribe from Tyson Chicken as the governor’s wife. She should have been convicted and given life based on what occurred in this case.

    1. Sounds like you’ve been listening to the Swanson™️ Tevee dinner heir (Tucker Carlson) and his misleading ilk.
      Why don’t you run for office?
      Your cold little heart and marginally fascist attitude will serve you well with the Trumper types.

      Stop reading, watching, and listening to the right wing propagandists. They’re telling you lies.

      Are you a billionaire too? Probably not.

      Don’t you realize your carrying water for the Devils cause?

      Smoke some weed and relax. Maybe you’ll be able to use your mind.

    2. Hillary May be a horrible person but she’s nowhere near the criminal that DJT is on his most honest day.

      Those are the FACTS.

  3. Italy passed such laws so as to level down the organized crime responses to such things. In days of old she would have been killed.

  4. Italy like e England are getting a little strange but then….maybe our leftists would be more at home. Either way it’s a new foreign language to learn the only thing stopping them. Or they could import Californio with it’s eight word one punctuation mark vocabulary. Both have the higher taxes for those that work free stuff for those who mooch syndrome and Greece not far away to give lessons.

  5. At least she won’t have to worry about getting kicked out of her apartment for the next six months

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