Princeton Professor Declares Trump’s Deportation Plan “Terrorism”

Princeton Professor of African American Studies Eddie Glaude took to MSNBC this week to comment on the announcement of President Donald Trump that his Administration will commence with widespread deportations in the coming week. Rather than address the merits of such a plan or the alternatives, Glaude showed how reasoned discourse has become little more than raw (and in this case unhinged) hyperbole. Glaude declared that the Trump announcement should be viewed as a “terroristic act.” I recently published an article on the trend from academics to advocacy on our campuses. Glaude declared just a week earlier that, with Trump, “we’ve moved beyond autocratic to almost monarchical.” It appears now that he has moved by the monarchical to the terroristic.

The scene on MSNBC has become all-too-familiar with the host first refuting Trump’s policy directly before asking Glaude a question. He then immediately declares that we should all just dismiss the arguments made by the Administration because it is obviously based not on deterrence but “cruelty.”

Glaude notably warns that people should not take his words as hyperbole: “What Donald Trump did yesterday, what he announced via Twitter — and this might sound hyperbolic to some folk — it was a terroristic act.”

I have criticized Trump for his tweet and further questioned the ability to deter undocumented migrants without enforcing these same laws as vigorously against large-scale employers.

However, it is hard to see how an enforcement policy under federal law would be an act of terrorism when ICE is saying that it will focus on those people who have failed to appear for their hearings. President Obama also heavily increased such enforcement but I do not recall Glaude calling him a terrorist. Indeed, Obama set the record for deportations.

While calling the move “horrifying,” Gould also insists that it is meaningless in that it will not likely succeed. However, he insists that it is still an act of terrorism: “This was just a political ploy. But what is he doing? He’s terrorizing families in communities who think that they’re going to be snatched from their kids, who have to walk around daily wondering whether an ICE Agent is going to show up at work and snatch them.”

The exchange on MSNBC reflects perfectly our age of rage and the lack of any serious discussion of such policies. People simply tune into shows for echo-chamber media where they will hear an academic holding a prestigious academic chair assure them that the President is little more than a terrorist and they do not have to even discuss the stated rationale by ICE for this action.

As an academic, I feel an added burden to try to add value to the national debate by bringing in detached and substantive analysis. I cannot claim to have always been successful and many can have legitimate disagreements with my understanding of the law or history. However, I believe that professors have a deep duty to the academy, their schools, and themselves to rise above the hyperbolic and reckless rhetoric that reflects our age of rage. One can disagree with this policy without joining a race to the bottom on cable news to come up with the most extreme possible description. It certainly makes for thrilling television and no small degree of popularity. However, as tenured faculty, we have the ability to offer objective analysis, even when our conclusions are neither popular nor well-received by a particular audience. Otherwise, we are just little more than credentialed members of a mob.

Once again, I share Professor Glaude’s skepticism on the ultimate success of such a program. I particularly question how we are going to move from roughly 7,000 deportations a month to such a massive deportation effort. That is a debate that would be worthy and meaningful . . . if only one could find it on any cable or network program.

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    1. That is correct Tom. Trump has killed any deal (two known) offered and the GOP House killed the 2013 Immigration bill which was passed in the Senate on a bi-partisan basis – Obama would have signed it. It would have passed the House, but Boehner wouldn’t let it come to the floor because of the Hastert rule.

      1. “Trump has killed any deal (two known) offered ”

        You lie. If two bills were offered they would have had to be vetoed and they weren’t.

        Trump had recently signed another bill he wasn’t satisfied with and he didn’t veto that one either.

        You lie.

        1. Allan continues to flaunt his ignorance of both current events and how government works in a democracy.

          1. But, anon, though you remark about the ignorance of others you are unable to respond to the issue. Was Trump presented with a bill? No. Did he veto such a bill? No. You lie.

  1. Early in Obama’s second term ICE was deporting around 35,000 a month. Of course those might have been the low hanging fruit. Family units with minor children would be slower and more difficult. It’s good to enforce the laws on the books. Somehow it has to become much more difficult to come here and work. E-verify.

    1. Add in working with the countries where these people are coming from. Not only will it be in our interest and perhaps ultimately cheaper, but we have some responsibility given the drug market we are and around which much of the violence in the region organizes itself, and we were the home of MS13.

  2. Absolutely right. And this is why I’m infinitely more likely to come to your blog for legal analysis than any mainstream news outlet in the current environment. As near as I can tell you do an excellent job of discussing issues in depth and objectively, hardly ever letting partisanship or useless invective creep in.

  3. Democratic Mayor: ‘We Are Sick And Tired’ Of Government Inaction On Illegal Immigration

    The Democratic mayor of a border town in Texas says more federal politicians need to journey to the U.S.-Mexico border to see just how bad the illegal immigration crisis has become.

    Mayor Bruno Lozano of Del Rio, Texas told Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn’s office that “we are sick and tired of the deaf ears” that accounts of the border crisis seem to fall upon, Fox News reported Tuesday.

    1. Here we have another oddly conflicting narrative from Emma. Trump has been carping about illegal immigration since the day he took office. Yet this border town mayor says, “Washington isn’t listening”.

      1. Uh because he cant get the funding?

        The house and senate are in Washington genius and they hold the purse stings…….is this rocket science?

        1. Trump has been offered 2 comprehensive immigration plans from Congress since he has been the president and he shot both of them down without getting anything. One was before the 2018 election and one after. He could get the funding.

          1. “Comprehensive immigration plan’ is code for amnesty.

            1. Amnesty was a bad idea during Reagan’s time. Amnesty by executive order during Obama’s time was its lesser spawn. Amnesty now, for the DACA group, is probably inevitable.

              Should we trade the slim possibility of deporting DACA people, for sufficient border enforcement to staunch the daily invasion today? Yeah actually that would probably be a good trade.

              There’s very good reasons to reject it, but those reasons were eroded back when Reagan tossed them out the window. Now common sense might dictate it’s time to consider a deal. Why?

              What’s coming now is a lot; what’s coming later will be worse. We need to prepare for what’s worse. You don’t worry about plugging the dike with a finger when a bulldozer is what’s needed to do the job.

              Trump is not the enemy here, but traitors in Congress often are, and most of all, the apologizers and fifth columnists in the mass media. They keep it up, and probably, it will get to a tipping point and then some kind of civil war will be the result.

              In general, this quandry presents the very sort of thing Carl Schmitt addressed in “The Crisis of Parliamentary Democracy” even now so many years later.

              from wiki

              In the preface to the Second Edition (1926), Carl Schmitt directly responds to Richard Thoma’s 1925 critique of the first edition (Thoma’s essay is included in the appendix.) Schmit further develops his original argument, reiterates the importance of distinguishing between democracy and liberalism, and explains that appeals to the utility or reliability of parliamentary democracy cannot serve to justify its intellectual foundations, even if pragmatic claims about parliamentary democracy might be empirically correct. Schmitt claims that every form of government – monarchy, aristocracy, democracy, etc. – rest upon some intellectual principle, and explains by way of example that monarchies rest upon the principle of honour. Analogously, Schmitt claims that “all specifically parliamentary arrangements and norms receive their meaning first through discussion and openness.” There are a whole range of constitutionally-recognised measures which would be totally unintelligible if this fundamental principle of openness and discussion was no longer believed in, from the independence of representatives from their constituents and political party and the immunity of representatives while speaking in parliament, to the basic principles of freedom of speech and the openness of parliamentary procedures. In Schmitt’s view, these are all grounded in the principles of discussion and openness; if these foundational principles collapse, so too does the intellectual basis of parliamentarism; Schmitt therefore seeks to demonstrate that the principles of discussion and openness have collapsed and eroded as an explanation for the perceived corruption and decay of the liberal democracy of his time.

              Schmitt argues that “What numerous parliaments in various European and non-European states have produced in the way of a political elite of hundreds of successive ministers justifies no great optimism. But worse and destroying almost every hope, in a few states, parliamentarism has already produced a situation in which all public business has become an object of spoils and compromise for the parties and their followers, and politics, far from being the concern of an elite, has become the despised business of a rather dubious class of persons.” So on the one hand, this is a ‘practical-technical hypothesis’, which can be shown to be true or false based on evidence of whether it actually guarantees the best selection of political leaders. But the conviction, or belief in parliamentarism is also based on a more principled belief in discussion and openness. But this is likewise only valid insofar as public discussion is taken seriously and implemented. Discussion is not merely negotiation – it’s about a conflict of opinions, with reasons given in order to persuade others of the truth or justice of one’s own opinion, not a struggle of interest: “To discussion belong shared convictions as premises, the willingness to be persuaded, independence of party ties, freedom from selfish interests. Most people today would regard such disinterestedness as scarcely possible. But even this skepticism belongs to the crisis of parliamentarism.”

              1. Hey guys guess what. Round up all the DACA people now, and they will get court hearings about four years out.

                Only way to change that is double the number of immigration judges. That would be a start. Then you might cut it to two years.

                People have no idea the strain the system is under and how easily and quickly the situation can deteriorate into something that’s far worse than what we’ve already seen.

                The Democrats and Republicans who have opposed border enforcement– which includes sufficient funding not only for walls, border agents, but also immigration judges– they’re incompetent, and if they are intentionally so, then they are traitors too, just like this foul mouthed phony professor.

                California just voted to give illegals free medical care? that’s insanity, and the very kind of pull factor that will invite another ten million.

                Trust me, immigrants have social networks that provide a lot of detailed information which is relevant to migration. They don’t need to know English to get it either. They are very keyed into what states provide a lot of Medicaid. How many immigrants in New York for example are actually people with savings back home that they flat out lie about? Well, nobody knows, BECAUSE THERE’S NO WAY TO FIND OUT.

                But they are like the DACA folks, probably a small concern compared to the massive numbers of border jumpers that are in the pipe, headed north, squeaking past Mexico’s recent stepped up efforts.

                And whatever we have seen, is small compared to what could happen if there was a major war or environmental disaster in central america. For example, an unexpectedly large hurricane that displaced a millions people. Is that possible? Yes look at coastal population density in the third world and that is not an IF it is a WHEN.

                Desertification was a big factor in the Syrian civil war. Over a million middle easterners flooded Europe. Major disaster not just for the people who took up and left but for Europe too.

                More of that is coming. We are a day late and a dollar short. Trump better come up with more than just vain promises. And Congress better start delivering.

                But hey, if Americans are too stupid to vote the fifth columnist dogs out of office, then as the saying goes, we get what we deserve.

        2. Emma, Peter needs a bunch of classes in civics and the nitwit below, Anon, keeps repeating the same things but I don’t remember Trump vetoing any immigration bill. Trying to explain to the nitwit below how government works is impossible. He will just keep repeating himself.

          1. To the nitwit above who doesn’t understand how government works and is woefully uninformed on an issue he tries to discuss:

            Before wasting their time passing a bill, Congressional leaders engaged Trump twice – once in 2017 led by Lindsey Graham who had played a large part in the 2013 immigration bill which the GOP House killed – and then in early 2018 to work out an immigration bill he would approve. That’s how it works in Washington. Trump was unable to agree to anything that could be passed and he – and we – got nothing, even after shutting down the government in 2018. Both times – and in 2013 – added border security funds was part of the deal.

            1. Before wasting their time passing a bill…

              That’s their job. If they compromised with Republicans and actually passed a popular bill, they would possibly be able to override a veto. But if they fail to do their job and do not pass a bill, then all the blame falls squarely on the legislative branch. Whining about not getting their way is not legislating, it’s toddlerating; something that appeals to their immature supporters.

              1. Olly, read history book and then a newspaper. The first deal brought to Trump was bi-partisan and led by Graham. What are you talking about “compromising with Republicans”. The House and the Senate were Republican. The 2nd bill he had to talk to Pelosi and Schumer but they only had power to the extent they could deliver the votes in both houses. Republicans in the Senate were mjor players.

                In the last 100 years, effective presidents have been the leaders of their party cohorts on the hill and if not the author of most major legislation it’s main supporter and cheer leader.

            2. There are all kinds of “proposals” floating around.
              There is a distinction between “proposals” or “discussions” from a piece of legislation passed by Congress.
              Most people understan

              1. (screen froze up).
                most people understand the difference between a “proposal” or “discussions” an a legislative bill passed by Congress.
                ( Congress is the “legislative body”, for those who don’t know).

                1. Yes, most people who read newspapers understand when a deal has potential – that’s when legislative leaders meet with the president and get his support as the leader of his party and necessary signer of proposed legislation. It has happened twice during Trumps presidency on the issue of immigration and he has failed to agree or make a deal.

                  I guess you missed it.

            3. You are a nitwit. Firstly at that time Graham wasn’t a very big fan of the President so we are not talking about someone who was supporting the President’s every move. Secondly the bills were attempting to do all sorts of things when the issue was sealing the border. That required very little legislation and Democrats along with Republicans didn’t want to pass such legislation. Finally, the House and Congress could have passed a bill and sent it to the President. That was not done. There was no veto. There wasn’t even a completed bil.

              You lie.

              1. Allan’s ignorance of how both how our government works – or doesn’t in the present case – and current events on which he still insists on discussing is duly noted, as is the failure of our president – and his cult leader – to either lead or follow on immigration and the resulting growing disaster on the southern border, for which he alone bears responsibility.

                1. “Allan’s ignorance of how both how our government works”

                  You are a proven liar on this blog over and over again.

                  Trump had no bill before him to veto. He has not vetoed bills he strongly objected to. He doesn’t create the legislation. That is done by the House and Senate. Learn your civics so you don’t sound so stupid.

  4. How is it possible for an illegal alien to live legally in the United States?

    First, they broke federal immigration law and refused to go through the legal process.

    In order to work, they have two options. They can work for cash, illegally not reporting any income or paying taxes. Or, they can illegally steal a social security number. They only way an illegal alien can pay income taxes, that I know of, is by identity theft or using a fraudulent SSN.

    If they illegally work for cash, and don’t pay taxes, that means that if they live in low income or Section 8 Housing, it is fraud, as they are not reporting their income. That means they may be taking affordable housing away from a legal resident or citizen that reports their income, and earns less.

    Outside of a few states, illegal aliens either drive illegally, without a license, or they obtain a drivers license (and are automatically registered to vote) by using fraudulent identity papers or identity theft.

    In order to set up a bank account, an illegal alien would need to use a fraudulent or stolen SSN.

    There are many more ways that illegal aliens commonly break the law. Illegal immigration often starts a domino effect of more lawbreaking. In addition, it is the ultimate entitlement to shove past legal immigration requirements, declare the country has no right to deny you access or have an eligibility requirement, pay the organized crime cartels over $13,000 that cause so much crime in that country, jump the line in front of all the poor people patiently and lawfully waiting their turn, and then demand that not only the country should grant you residence, but also myriad other public service benefits, draining away resources from the poor lawfully there. It is entitlement on steroids.

    I cannot think of a way for an illegal alien adult to function in the country without committing numerous other crimes. This is another reason why illegal immigration is the only responsible method.

    Can anyone think of a scenario where an illegal alien adult could function without engaging in a series of crimes like identity theft and fraud?

    1. How is it possible for an illegal alien to live legally in the United States?

      Instead of poisonous tree doctrine, call it the fruit of the poisonous immigrant doctrine.

    2. And they make a mockery of the legal process…..Im married to an immigrant who came legally with his family who waited their tun and played by the rules.No one is against legal immigration that wont harm US workers .


    Not only did Obama set the record for deportations he put kids in cages and separated families.
    We have a crisis on the border and millions of illegal immigrates in the country .I agree we need to go after employers and that is the best way to ameliorate the pressures against US workers.

    If democrats dont want to deal with the immigration crisis and want Koch brothers dream of open borders they should run on that and just end the party.

    California under control of the democrats that has a poverty and homelessness crisis and people living in the streets and causing a public health crisis has pushed to give illegals healthcare while they fought against single payer for citizens.

    Of course CITIZENS will get fined if they dont purchase health insurance…..”The budget includes a fine on people who don’t buy health insurance known as an individual mandate. The fines were initially implemented as part of the federal Affordable Care Act law known as Obamacare, but Republicans acted in 2017 to roll them back. Newsom and legislative leaders say re-imposing the penalty at the state level will shore up the state’s health insurance marketplace and keep premiums from rising dramatically.”

    Read more here:

    ONLY democrats could lose to Trump.And then wonder why.

    1. Emma Peele gives us an absurdly conflicting narrative.

      First ‘she’ tells us that Obama “set the record for deportations” (which may be true). But then Emma turns right around and says, “Democrats don’t want to deal with the immigration crisis”.

      Based on this comment, one seriously wonders if Emma Peele is the village idiot of ‘her’ community.

      1. Hmm… you dont see how democrats have turned 180 percent?

        Or the blatant hypocrisy?……..Where were democrats when Obama was deporting a record number of illegals and putting kids in cages?……crickets. Democrats even voted for a wall in 2016…….hmmm whats that called again?Think people dont notice?

        The only village idiot is you.And you wonder why we have Trump?……I dont.

        1. Emma, “Democrats even voted for a wall in 2016”..???

          What does that mean?? ..What ‘wall’ did Democrats vote for..???

          1. The same wall they touted for years……. The Secure Fence Act was signed in 2006 by President Bush and supported by 90 Democratic members of Congress.

            Hillary: I Voted for Border Fence to Keep Out Illegal Immigrants

            Video for hillary brags about voting for a wall
            ▶ 0:33
            Nov 10, 2015 – Uploaded by America Rising ICYMI
            At a campaign event last night, Hillary Clinton bragged about something she does not usually mention: her …

            Schumer, Feinstein voted for a border fence in 2006 – YouTube

            Video for hillary brags about voting for a wall
            ▶ 1:35
            Jan 15, 2018 – Uploaded by Washington Post
            In 2006, the Senate passed a bill allowing construction of a border fence on the U.S. southern border. Sens …


            “Schumer went to the White House and told Trump he could have his wall.

            “The president picked a number for the wall, and I accepted it,” Schumer recalled in the midst of the shutdown. He had agreed to a significant sum of money for the wall—reported to be $20 billion, though the Democrat’s office will neither confirm nor deny that figure—in exchange for Trump’s support of permanent protections for the nearly 700,000 young undocumented immigrants covered under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.”


            Schumer pulls back offer of $25 billion for Trump’s wall as immigration fight continues


            Schumer would never have offered if he didnt have the votes……the hypocrisy is outstanding!!

            1. emma peele

              You might not have been aware but this web blog only permits two hyperlinks per comment. I dereferenced two of the links so that your comment would be visible. If you wish the readership to review more than two hyperlinks, this may be accomplished through posting multiple comments of two links each.

  6. Another aca-commie-ician with an infinitely malleable lexicon. How about we clositer the Ivy League and let these slackers fend for themselves in the real world? I see barista in his future.

  7. He certainly didn’t complain when when Obama unilaterally applied it racially to the practice of genocide in the Syrian area or when he applied it with the broad brush of bigotry giving more spaces to the genocidists yet claiming those doing the deed were the ones being persecuted.

  8. This was just a political ploy. But what is he doing? He’s terrorizing families living illegally in communities who should think that they’re going to be legally snatched from their kids, who have to illegally walk around daily logically wondering whether an ICE Agent is going to show up at their illegal place of work and legally snatch them.

    There Turley, that quote now seems reasonable.

  9. Turley seems to be worried about views that go over the top, but Trump rants for over 50 mins last nite, and said nothing but lies distorting BS, but look out for that talking head on TV.

  10. Of course after sufficiently branding doing their jobs and following the law as terrorism
    the next logical step is to begin calling for prosecution of those enforcement personnel who committed terroristic acts by following the law and doing their job.

  11. Glaude commented on the only real effect of this announcement – other than pretending to do something about our immigration problem –
    and Trump’s complete lack of empathy. That’s typical for sociopaths like him and evident in his ego tantrum while the government was closed for over a month last year. The guy’s a selfish d..k and no amount of BS will hide that.

  12. No sir. What is terrorism is the Democrats latest round of heinous, borderline, psychotic propaganda that mocks, ridicules, trivializes and dismisses the suffering and deaths of the victims of terrorism who were incinerated in the Twin Towers and at the Pentagon.
    Who slowly died extraordinarily painful deaths from cancer and other diseases and disorders that resulted from the acts of 9/11.
    Who slowly suffocated to death in their own lung fluids.
    Whose loved ones underwent untold horror, suffering and hardship that changed their lives forever.
    That is a REAL act of terrorism.
    And while we are at it, add to the Democrats list of grisly hate filled evil goebbelist machinations of terror, Ocasio-Cortez’s contemptuous derision of the hellish torment the Jewish victims of the Holocaust underwent, by branding giving illegals food, water, shelter, medical care, money, defacto immunity from prosecution, signing them up for thousands in benefits, giving them safe passage on air conditioned buses and planes into this country and releasing them with no vetting for deadly communicable diseases into communities completely absolved from following the laws of this country, the equivalent of the Holocaust, thus making inconsequential the REAL suffering of the millions of Holocaust victims.
    Even worse her despicably USING the Holocaust victims suffering and deaths as tools for political hacking with full Democrat approval and defense of such behavior that conveniently leaves out the fact that the Jews and all others victims of the Holocaust were innocent victims who were hunted down and slaughtered by a madman, NOT a bunch of hired and paid for foot soldiers of the Democrat Party who are here of their own volition, imported with the sole purpose of collapsing the economy, creating anarchy and committing acts such as establishing voting blocks, drug cartels and murdering American Citizens.
    The Democrats have taken their phony support of the Jews, African Americans and All Citizens who love this country as far as they can. They don’t need their political support anymore because things have gone from garnering support to forcing submission to their subversive unConstitutional Rule. They are now openly revealing their real thoughts and agenda toward America since there is no reason to hide their hatred and contempt any longer. The Democrats are now giving to America a preview of the fate of American Citizens under Democrat Rule and like the Jews under the Nuremberg Laws, it doesn’t look good for those who want to remain a Constitutional Republic.

    1. Anon1 speaks for itself.
      Anon1 is the perfect example of a person who trivializes others suffering, thinks the Holocaust and 9/11 was funny, The Jews and 9/11 victims deserved it, and neither went far enough. Anon1 is someone who fully approves of death and suffering as just another tool for the cause.
      Anon1 is someone who trivializes others because for Anon1, other people are just ants to he stepped on and crushed if they get in the way. Way to embrace the cause Anon1 and way validate my post.
      You may kiss Queen Nancy’s as….ring now.

      1. Dawn, my wife is Jewish, which makes my kids Jewish according to that religion and Nazis. and my extended family is therefore Jewish. I don’t need a lecture from you on what the Holocaust means or the dangers of racism.

        You can GMA.

        1. Well you need something Anon1 the way you are completely onboard with Democrats treating Americans the same way Hitler treated the Jews in 1930’s Germany and the Democrats using Hitlers Playbook to foment hatred of whole segments of Americans by designating them Second Class Citizens worthy of nothing but having their Constitutional Rights and Civil Rights stripped.
          The arrogant pride in your own obvious hatred shows are lying to yourself, your wife and your children.

  13. Following federal immigration law is terrorism.

    But they’re not for open borders.

    Political warfare.

    Meanwhile, there are millions of homeless lurching around on the street, many mad and/or addicts. We can’t take care of them, so let’s pour millions more on top of it until the support structure collapses. Why have a legal immigration system, at all, if it’s “terrorism” to enforce it?

    1. One more example of the politicization of academia hard Left, and the proliferation of SJW majors and soft sciences that leave most graduates uncompetitive in the job market.

      Most universities are no longer serious institutions of higher learning, teaching students how to critically reason.

      Why do taxpayers fund free marketing and recruitment for the Democratic Party? PBS and NPR long ago abandoned the principal of merely bringing the arts to the public.

  14. Professor Turley’s point here is well taken. MSNBC is a liberal sewer just like Fox News is a right-wing sewer. And professors have exactly the obligations that Professor Turley says they have with respect to even-tempered, factual analysis. Journalists have these obligations, too, but it has become clear that faithful attention to them on the part of many of these supposed professionals is all but out the window, proving that they are not immune to general trends. However, even-handedness only goes so far when it works to suppress an appropriate sense of urgency. Professors (and journalists, lawyers) also have obligations as public intellectuals to speak plainly, with the degree and kind of moral response to an issue that is warranted under the circumstances, and not to soberly hide behind their respective guild’s rules of decorum when calling a thing what it is, is what is called for. That in itself is a denial of reality.

    Trump, however, is indeed terrorizing immigrants (the poorer ones, that is), by locking them, including children (and then letting them die) in cages in incipient concentration camps (which will be used against all of us sooner or later, if they are not shut down), shooting at them across the Mexican border, sexually assaulting them, separating parents from their children, denying them food and water and arresting activists who try to give them those things, and otherwise hunting them down in ICE raids or constantly threatening to. Meanwhile, Trump, if he has not used the word “terrorist” to describe the influx of desperate people fleeing violence and poverty in their own countries and coming across the border, he has certainly used similar language to radically misrepresent them, and to hype the supposed threat to national security they present. With this rhetoric backed by this vicious policy, he is building and validating a xenophobic, neo-fascist movement, which itself is terrifying. This is not a difficult case to make, so I don’t find this Princeton guy’s “gaffe” as bad as I might otherwise, because what he said is ultimately true, and it needs to be addressed with the outrage it deserves.

    1. “Trump, however, is indeed terrorizing immigrants (the poorer ones, that is), by locking them, including children (and then letting them die) in cages in incipient concentration camps (which will be used against all of us sooner or later, if they are not shut down), shooting at them across the Mexican border, sexually assaulting them, separating parents from their children, denying them food and water and arresting activists who try to give them those things, and otherwise hunting them down in ICE raids.”

      The photos of children in “cages” was under the Obama Administration. Border Patrol is overwhelmed by tens of thousands of illegal aliens. Amazingly, the border is not comprised of an unbroken chain of nice hotels or hospitals. The border is in desolate areas, and we do not have unlimited facilities to process everyone. Sometimes, people are temporarily separated by chain link fences…such as are used in playgrounds. Children must be separated from adults to figure out which ones are their parents, and which are pedophiles, sex traffickers, cartel members, or complete strangers using an unaccompanied minor as a passport past our laws. Unless you want to enable a pedophile to rape a child, you’d darn straight better separate the two where the adult cannot intimidate or frighten the child into answering how he demands.

      Concentration camps were used to exterminate Jews, or work them to death, starving them in the meantime. It is a grave insult to Holocaust survivors, Jews world wide, and anyone of a bare minimum of intelligence to compare processing overwhelming numbers of illegal aliens to concentration camps. What kind of complete suspension of morality and common sense is required to compare processing and taking care of illegal aliens with the border with Nazi death camps?

      Border Patrol occasionally engages in shootouts with the cartels who run human trafficking, gun running, and drug smuggling. You may want to watch the video of cartel members armed with rifles smuggling a woman and her two children. Wonder what they did to her. Wonder what those kids saw.

      Illegal aliens, especially vulnerable children, arrive at the border near death. Citizens and legal residents wait 5 hours to be seen at an ER. The Border Patrol cannot teleport people in a medical crisis to an ER. They render first aid. They transport to medical assistance. Recently, the cartel smuggled a group with children across an inhospitable stretch of desert in brutal heat. A mother from India and her two children got separated or left behind. The illegal aliens who made it to the border reported them missing. Border Patrol launched an areal search and rescue mission, pouring resources into looking for the little family. They found the 7 year old girl dead. Tracks seemed to indicate the mother and surviving child turned back. I don’t know if they made it. Is it Border Patrols’ fault she died? No. They did everything they could. We spend vast amounts of money rendering medical assistance to people who show up very sick, with communicable diseases, anti-biotic resistant TB, scabies, the flu, measles, heat stroke, dehydration, or whatever. We search for people reported missing. Sometimes, they don’t reach them in time, or they were found too far gone to save. That is the fault of the parents who paid upward of $13,000 to a cartel to smuggle their children across inhospitable deserts in order to jump in front of everyone waiting in line to legally immigrate.

      Your immigration remarks are ignorant, uneducated, and untrue.

      There are around 324 million people living here in the US. There are around 7.4 billion people around the world. Most of them live in countries without liberty, and in poverty. We cannot house 7.4 billion people. A country has the right to say who, how many, and when, and to adjust immigration to match the job market, housing, benefits availability, etc, and screen out criminals.

      It is not a human right to demand to live in any particular country outside of your own, in defiance of its laws.


        The United States is one of the highest consumers of child sex in the world. It is also one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Simple economics tells us what follows. Child traffickers, who currently control millions of enslaved children worldwide, want to get these children into the United States where they can force them into this lucrative illicit market. The State Department reports that around 10,000 children are smuggled into the U.S. annually and forced into the commercial sex trade. Add adults, and that number almost doubles. And when these evil actors act, we don’t want to lose the opportunity to stop them and liberate their captives. The wall gives us an opportunity to do just that.

        The story of one survivor of this transaction — let’s call her “Liliana” — illustrates the point. Liliana was kidnapped at age 11 from her village in Central America. After two years of grooming her for commercial sex, she was taken by her captors across the southern border at a location where no wall existed (approximately 70 percent of the border is wall-less). Her traffickers easily transported her to New York City, where she was raped for money up to 30-40 times a day for five years. She eventually escaped and my foundation is now caring for her as she prepares to testify in federal court against her captors. In accordance with U.S. laws, as a survivor of sex trafficking in America, Liliana has been granted legal status and will soon be a U.S. citizen. (The U.S. Attorney’s Office has requested that we not share more details about this case until the trial is completed later this year).

        Having reflected on her tragic plight, Liliana has recently weighed in on the current national debate. “Had there been a wall for me,” she declared, “my captors would have been forced to take me to a port of entry. A U.S. officer might have seen my distress. I might have yelled out to them. I am currently working with Homeland Security agents on my case. I love them. I think they would have rescued me at the port of entry.”

        1. I suspect the ‘reporter’ has misplaced a couple of decimal points.

      2. Too bad that under Trump our immigration problem at the southern border has worsened dramatically and he has no realistic plan to better the situation, has shown no leadership on the issue, and has turned down 2 plans in Congress to comprehensively address the problem – one while the House was Republican and the leader on it was Lindsey Graham.

        1. Too bad you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. Trump has done a complete reversal of the past administration’s non-enforcement policies. He has incentivized “allies” to assist all this in spite of a Democratic Party (and their PR firm the main stream media) that is pushing for open borders and amnesty. The “comprehensive” plans you speak of were nothing short of amnesty with very little that would change the current trend. There will be over one million apprehensions (and maybe as high as 1.4 million) at our southern border. This puts apprehensions at a minus the most in a decade and could reach all time highs of the early 2000s. The demographics are totally different than years past. Instead of 95 percent male Mexicans these are 70 plus percent family units/UACs that are being released into the country. These family units/UACs will almost certainly never be removed (only approx 2 percent will ever be deported regardless of losing their cases). Make no mistake this is a crisis and if something isn’t done (Trump’s agreement with Mexico could help) these numbers may reach 175-200k apprehensions a month. What Are the Democrats solution? To say there is no crisis, call ICE Nazis, compared to Hitler, compare detention facilities to concentration camps and for the grand finale push amnesty (the Democrats in the house just passed an amnesty bill).

          Who is looking out for the average US citizen? It’s definitely not the Democrats.

          1. Trump fully owns the border crisis and doesn’t have a clue what to do about it, even if he was willing to give it up as a campaign issue. God knows he’s got plenty of fools roped in on that.

            Both offers Trump received for comprehensive immigration legislation included increased funding for security, but because he wanted more for the wall we were supposed to get for free, he turned them down.

            As to his “agreement” with Mexico, which he tried to keep secret – it embarrassing – it looks like a contract from Joe Izuzu.


            1. Again since you are obviously clueless as evident by your post. The number one factor right now is the releasing of Family Units and UACs. Due to the Flores Settlement and current immigration law these family units/UACs know that they can surrender at the border and will be promptly released. A physical barrier (wall) is needed but will do very little with the current trend because everyone is surrendering. Why evade Border Patrol when you can surrender and they will release you. Anytime “comprehensive” immigration reform is mentioned it means amnesty first. This entire issue began under the last administration and has only worsened. Obama almost completely destroyed Immigration Enforcement in this country. Obama prohibited ICE Officers from arresting many/most of the illegal alien population with his priorities/DACA. Certain criminal convictions were required before an Immigration Officer could arrest an illegal alien. Countless ICE Officers were prevented from arresting illegal aliens because they hadn’t been convicted on their local charges. I am talking about illegal aliens arrested for sexual assault, gang participation, drug trafficking, attempted murder, manslaughter, crimes against children and every other crime imaginable. Obama then attempted to give blanket amnesty/protection through DACA 2.0/ DAPA. Obama let sanctuary jurisdictions flourish and promptly challenged any local/state laws that supported immigration enforcement (see Arizona). He allowed the Immigration detainer to be completely gutted. He closed hundreds of thousands of immigration cases that were with the immigration courts. He set up a program where illegal alien parents would have their illegal alien children brought to the border and would surrender at the border. These children would be turned over to HHS and essentially delivered to their illegal alien parents. The US government completed the smuggling of these children and didn’t pursue any action against the parents. DACA was/is a huge magnet and actually started the current Family Unit/UAC trend.

              Since I am a current Immigration Officer and have worked in all three current Immigration agencies in my career as well as legacy INS I am well versed in this subject. Trump is far from perfect but is one million times better than his predecessor.

              Again… almost every Democrat calls the current crisis on the border “manufactured” and the media pushes their agenda like a hired PR firm. While there are some Republicans that share the blame they are nowhere near the current crop of open borders Democrats.

              1. Democrats are not for open borders and have supported increased border security in all offered legislation and Obama’s deportation record supports that fact.

                Trump does not have a plan and is not able to swing a deal with Congress to get one, no matter which party has power. He has abandoned dealing with the problem at it’s source, as if we are not among the main victims of that inaction and as if our drug market does not cause much of the problem. A focused joint program in Columbia has been highly successful in turning that country around.

                ICE enforcement is not going to solve the problem by itself and there are alternatives which ave been successful in following up on asylum applicants and getting them to hearings.The Alternatives to Detention efforts of some agencies have been highly effective at this and at much cheaper costs – about $4 a day – than detention.

                1. Again…. I am a current Immigration Officer and regularly utilize ATD as part of my daily duties. The issue is that we will only remove 1 or 2 percent of these family units after they are released. Many will abscond (yes they simply cut the GPS unit off). For the few that actually attend the hearings this will progress over many years and finally they will receive a removal order and after losing all appeals are now removable. Since 5 to 10 years will have passed for their due process a family of say a mother and two kids has added 2 or more US citizen children. They are now removable but how should we take a family unit plus two or more US citizen children into custody and where should we house them while we try and secure travel documents and make arrangements for their removal. Democrats ARE for open borders and have regularly said so.

                  As to the myth of Obama’s deportation record. It is a misrepresentation.

                  I have been an Immigration Officer since 1997 so I think I might have a better ideal of how immigration enforcement has been handled over the past 20 years, spanning 4 presidents, than you.

                  For decades almost all of the people apprehended at the border were returned to Mexico voluntarily. These voluntary returns were not counted as deportations because the alien would simple admit entry without permission and be allowed to return to Mexico. A voluntary return is not a Deportation. In the late 90s early 2000s the Border Patrol was apprehending over a million illegal aliens per year and almost all were returned voluntarily. Later during the Bush administration there was an expansion in the use of expedited removals. This is when someone was caught at entry (within 14 days of entry) is issued an expedited removal order (deportation order) by an immigration officer and removed to their country of origin. Obama expanded the use even further of Expedited Removals (a good thing) but this padded his deportation stats. So when he was claiming record deportation numbers he was actually increasing deportations at the border and decreasing them in the interior of the United States. So technically he had more deportations but actually fewer were removed from the US under Obama then Bush. It is a slight of hand. If Bush would have used Expedited Removals at the beginning of his term and at the same levels of Obama he would have been deporting over a million per year. The truth is that as an Immigration Officer I was severely limited in who I could arrest under Obama. Under Obama tens of thousands of illegal aliens in removal proceedings had their cases administratively closed because the didn’t meet an enforcement “priority”.

                  Don’t trust my word for it.. read the “conservative”LA times

                  “Immigration activists have sharply criticized President Obama for a rising volume of deportations, labeling him the “deporter in chief” and staging large protests that have harmed his standing with some Latinos, a key group of voters for Democrats.
                  But the portrait of a steadily increasing number of deportations rests on statistics that conceal almost as much as they disclose. A closer examination shows that immigrants living illegally in most of the continental U.S. are less likely to be deported today than before Obama came to office, according to immigration data.
                  Expulsions of people who are settled and working in the United States have fallen steadily since his first year in office, and are down more than 40% since 2009.
                  On the other side of the ledger, the number of people deported at or near the border has gone up — primarily as a result of changing who gets counted in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency’s deportation statistics.
                  The vast majority of those border crossers would not have been treated as formal deportations under most previous administrations. If all removals were tallied, the total sent back to Mexico each year would have been far higher under those previous administrations than it is now.
                  The shift in who gets tallied helped the administration look tough in its early years but now may be backfiring politically. Immigration advocates plan protests across the country this week around what they say will be the 2 millionth deportation under Obama — a mark expected to be hit in the next few days. And Democratic strategists fret about a decline in Latino voter turnout for this fall’s election.”


                  1. I’ll defer to your greater knowledge of this field due to your experience, and thanks for the link to the LA Times article. On ATD,

                    As to your contention that Democrats are for open borders and have said so, I’d like to see those quotes, while I remind you that democrats have always been on board for added security at the souther border as reflected in legislation they have been part of, including the 2013 Immigration bill which the GOP shot down in the house (Obama wanted it and was ready to sign) after it passed on a bi-partisan basis in the Senate. On border security, it included:

                    “What additional resources does the bill dedicate to border security?

                    The bill makes enormous investments in border security, including the following: deploying at least 38,405 full-time Border Patrol agents along the southern border (including an additional 19,200 more than currently in place); mandating an electronic exit system at all ports where Customs and Border Protection agents are deployed; constructing at least 700 miles of fencing, including double fencing; increasing mobile surveillance; deploying aircraft and radio communications; constructing additional Border Patrol stations and operating bases; hiring additional prosecutors, judges, and staff; providing additional training to border officers; and increasing prosecutions of illegal border crossings. The bill specifies mandatory area-specific technology and infrastructure that includes watch towers, camera systems, mobile surveillance systems, ground sensors, fiber-optic tank inspection scopes, portable contraband detectors, radiation isotope identification devices, mobile automated targeting systems, unmanned aircraft, radar systems, helicopters, and marine vessels, among other minimum requirements. The bill mandates 24-hour surveillance of the border region using mobile, video, and portable systems, as well as unmanned aircraft, and deploys 1,000 distress beacon stations in areas where migrant deaths occur. Interior enforcement against visa overstays is also increased. The Department of Homeland Security is required to initiate removal (deportation) proceedings, confirm that relief from removal is pending or granted, or otherwise close 90 percent of the cases of immigrants who have overstayed their visas by more than 180 days in the last 12 months. A pilot program is created to notify immigrants that their visas are about to expire.”


                    Both packages offered to Trump included added border security.

                    As to what is a viable plan, we are constrained by both reality – on deporting all the illegals in the US presently – and on a humanitarian basis – on denying asylum hearings to those at the border now. You have not responded to the strategy of working with the host countries to improve conditions, so I am curious on your thoughts on that.

                    I also refer you to the “liberal” CATO institute review of various ATD methods involving 3rd parties and reported high rates of success.

                    “….Intensive Supervision Appearance Program (ISAP)

                    This program started as a five-year pilot in 2004 and was for “immigrants in deportation proceedings who have been released from detention. The goal of the program is to avoid detention and allow immigrants to live with their families and continue working while their deportation proceedings are pending.” The second phase of ISAP began in 2010 and relied on electronic ankle monitors, telephone checkups that used biometric voice recognition software, unannounced home visits, employer verification, and in-person reporting to supervise participants. By February 2014, 95 percent of the participants in the ISAP II program were only monitored electronically.

                    ISAP II data in 2012, the last year for which data is reliably available, showed that 17,524 people left the program. Of those, 4.9 percent absconded and 4 percent were arrested by other law enforcement agencies. The other 91.1 percent complied with their court orders and either left the country or earned some sort of legal status. Appearance rates at immigration courts were 99.6 percent….”


                    The present plan is not working and I assume you recognize that ICE can’t do this all.

                    1. Democrats Not only by rhetoric but also by actions refuse to address the current flood of economic refugees “claiming asylum”. I work on the west coast and deal with sanctuary jurisdictions constantly. These politicians regularly release hardened criminals to the street and refuse to contact ICE. Who does those kinds of things? Who would release sex offenders, child predators, drug traffickers, gang members and other human scum back into the community instead of turning them over to ICE. Democratic politicians is who…. These are all policies pushed by Democrats. Time after time illegal aliens encountered by local law enforcement are not turned over to ICE and sometime later they go on to commit heinous crimes. The public doesn’t get to see this side. The media refuses, for the most part, to report the cases because it goes against their agenda. Even when the crime is reported they refuse to cover the perpetrators immigration status.

                      i am a non-detained docket officer that oversees aliens that are out of custody. This includes ATD. Is it better than straight Releasing them? Yes it is but ATD (GPS units) are not used for the entire duration of removal proceedings and are usually removed after 3 to 6 months. A detained immigration case is decided in 2 to 5 months on average. Non-detained cases can last decades. It is extremely difficult to remove aliens that are not being detained. 92-95 percent of all deportations (removals) are made up from aliens that were detained during their proceedings. Very very few aliens not in custody are removed from the US. There is the issue with small children but also they continue filing appeals. I had a case of a couple from a country in Asia that fought their case for almost 20 years and filed a total of 7 appeals between the BIA and Circuit Court. These were frivolous appeals and they lost each and everyone of them. We finally were able to remove them and they couldn’t believe it. The answer is not releasing more illegal aliens into the US.

                      The number one way to stop or decrease this flow of Family Units from a Central America and the rest of the world is to actually deport them. These people are coming because they are certain that they will be released (and they are) from custody. Start deporting them and people will stop making the trek. That’s why after Trump took office these numbers plummeted because they thought things had changed. After they realized that he couldn’t change the laws they came in greater numbers. You also haven’t considered far left organizations actually funding these caravans and enticing them to come.

                      As to the Cato institute….yes they are for open borders..

                      The stats you posted on ATD is no where near what I see daily. Many aliens begin by going to court because they know that they can fight for years. Towards the end is when they start to no longer comply (again most GPS units are removed around the 6 month mark) and don’t show up to court or refuse te report to ICE offices. That is why there are hundreds of thousands of unexecuted removal orders.

                      There needs to be outreach to these Central American countries but we have been giving them hundreds of millions of dollars yearly and they haven’t helped at all. The GameChanger is the safe third country rule. If Mexico and Guatemala sign on to that treaty it could actually solve a big part of the problem.

                      Bottom line is that the Dems will absolutely refuse to address any of these issues. They refuse to admit there is a problem and instead are pushing amnesty. They know that they greatly benefit from illegal immigration and will do everything they can to keep the flow coming.

                    2. Anonymous, thanks for discussing your experiences. I’d appreciate your thoughts on a few things.

                      You talked about failure of local police to work with ICE as sanctuary city issue, but I life in southern state with zero sanctuary cities. Putting aside what they do in sanctuary cities, our local sheriff has very restrictive policy of complying with ICE based on 3 factors, and as I understand it, this policy is common among local police
                      1. ICE detentions are extra work for low rewards. They are too busy, and jails too full to take on detaining non-criminal illegal immigrants.
                      2. Fear of ICE detentions stifles reporting of crime and other cooperation from those who are illegal or friends or family.
                      3. The legal issue of detaining people on the basis of ID is unsettled at best.

                      Also, as to democrats and open borders, the 2013 immigration bill from which I quoted the section on added border security, was supported by every Senate democrat. Similarly, that is part of every immigration proposal in the Congress I have ever seen. As often cited by republicans, many miles of wall have been voted up by democrats in the past.

                      The focus of our two parties are different, but simplifying them into “open borders” and “separating families” does not lead to a constructive solution. I don’t think ICE is going to solve it by deporting 12 to 22 million illegals, nor do Americans want us to try. Comprehensive means just that and must work within the limits of reality, national and regional, legal and constitutional, and economic. It would be nice if we had leadership on the issue rather than demagoguery.

                    3. I can’t speak to every jurisdiction and every scenario but let me say this…

                      1- I assume that you are talking about aliens arrested by local authorities and are due to be released before any conviction (thus non-criminal term used by you). In this scenario these individuals have already been arrested by locals and may or may not have prior convictions. Many times local authorities are not privy to an alien’s entire criminal history. Regardless of prior convictions the alien is likely to have committed 8USC1325 or 8USC1326 plus a wide variety of identical crimes. At this point ICE issues an Immigration Detainer after probable cause has been established (same level needed to make an arrest) of alien’s removability. The local department can hold the alien up to 48 hours on the detainer alone or if there are other issues (bed space, not wanting to hold anyone past release date/time) they can simply notify ICE when they intend on releasing the alien and ICE will, on most occasions, arrest the alien upon release.

                      ICE has it’s own detention facilities (or contracts with locals) to house immigration detainees.

                      2 – This claim is totally bogus. I have never arrested a witness that went to “report” a crime to local authorities. Keep in mind we are talking about people ARRESTED by local and state officials and detained in a local jail/prison. So unless the locals regularly imprison witnesses this doesn’t happen. Could someone report a crime then PD realizes that this individual has a warrant for their arrest and take them into custody? Yes of course but his arrest and subsequent contact with immigration enforcement would be due to the warrant and zero to do with reporting a crime.

                      3 – This again is where you are not informed. When ICE lodged a detainer it has already determined that probable cause for an arrest exists. This is the same level needed to make any warrantless arrest across the nation by any law enforcement agent/officer. This is usually verified through fingerprints. Example – A three time deport with a couple of DUI convictions is arrested by your local Police department and booked into the local jail. The moment he is fingerprinted this information is passed onto DHS and ICE. This individual already has an FBI number based on his prints. A positive match is found and establishes PC to arrest/issue the detainer. Nobody is detained based on their ID. PC has to be established. If an alien in custody at a local jail has no previous encounters history an Immigration Officer will need to determine alienage and removability before an arrest/detainer can be issued. It doesn’t matter if he is foreign born and a no match. Being born abroad and a no match in our system is not enough to arrest/issue a detainer. Every foreign born individual legally present in the US will be easily found in DHS or DOS databases but a no match still is not enough for an arrest.

                      As to the enhanced “security” in these “comprehensive” immigration proposals. They are worth almost zero. The Dems always want amnesty now and then enforcement later but the later never happens. Look at the 86 amnesty bill. They estimated 800k would qualify and turned out to be 3 million. Now Just look at Obama. You can claim (and the media) that he was all enforcement but as I have explained above nothing could be further from the truth. I had to watch illegal alien gang members, drug dealers, people arrested for numerous violent crimes walk out the door even though by law I could arrest them but due to his “priorities” they were untouchable. Any enforcement laws can simply be ignored by the next president with a D next to his name.k

                      As to hiring more Border Patrol Agents (a position that I occupied for almost a decade) that is a pipe dream. Border Patrol can not hire enough agents. They are currently around 2 thousand short of congressional mandated numbers. Over the next 5 years over 25 percent of their work force will retire and there is no way to even match the retirement numbers.

                      The number one thing to halt the invasion but would require the assistance of other countries. Here’s what we can do by our selves?..
                      1 – Change Asylum laws
                      2 – Hire additional IJs. Mandate that they make decisions on these cases and not let them take a decade to decide. These IJs will allow the alien to continually delay hearings because they are “looking for an attorney”. I’m talking about 5 year delays based on that reason alone.
                      3 – Change the Flores agreement/settlement with either legislation, rule change or through the courts.
                      5 – Detain everyone arrested at the border until their case is resolved. This alone will deter many from coming.
                      4 – Eliminate the U visa (fraud is in the 90 percent range) or rework the approval policy to eliminate fraud.
                      5 – Build/complete a barrier. The wall actually works to deter and assists Border Patrol greatly but it doesn’t help with people surrendering. Plus you any subsequent administration’s non enforcement policies won’t change the wall.
                      6 – Sanction countries that refuse to repatriate their citizens. We have tens of thousands (maybe even hundreds of thousands) of criminal aliens that we are unable to deport because their country of citizenship refuses to issue a travel document. Many are hardcore criminals with every conviction imaginable (murder, rape, child rape, drugs, assault, etc). Obama dis very little on this front. Under Trump things have greatly improved but the DOS still resists following these policies.
                      7 – Build more bed space (probably should be listed higher on this list).
                      8 – If possible hire more Officers (Deportation Officers, CBP Officers and Border Patrol Agents)

                      BTW I am a registered independent and believe that both parties have failed us but I especially despise the Democratic Party. I truly feel that they (Dems) hate this country.

                  2. Roguedo just made the BEST AND MOST INFORMATION POST OF THE YEAR

                    Thank you so much!

                2. America is like a dysfunctional family where Republicans bring home the bacon and Democrats are an indulgent mommy. And they fail to cooperate and except when they both annually agree to spend more than the budget. The children fail to be disciplined sufficiently and when there’s a home invasion rather than banding together to repel the interlopers, by whatever necessary and appropriate means at hand, rather, mom and dad just stand around arguing.

                  This is what Carl Schmitt talked about in his 1926 book “Crisis of Parliamentary Democracy”

              2. thank you for that informative post.

                “The number one factor right now is the releasing of Family Units and UACs. Due to the Flores Settlement and current immigration law these family units/UACs know that they can surrender at the border and will be promptly released. A physical barrier (wall) is needed but will do very little with the current trend because everyone is surrendering. Why evade Border Patrol when you can surrender and they will release you. Anytime “comprehensive” immigration reform is mentioned it means amnesty first. This entire issue began under the last administration and has only worsened. Obama almost completely destroyed Immigration Enforcement in this country. Obama prohibited ICE Officers from arresting many/most of the illegal alien population with his priorities/DACA. Certain criminal convictions were required before an Immigration Officer could arrest an illegal alien. Countless ICE Officers were prevented from arresting illegal aliens because they hadn’t been convicted on their local charges. I am talking about illegal aliens arrested for sexual assault, gang participation, drug trafficking, attempted murder, manslaughter, crimes against children and every other crime imaginable. Obama then attempted to give blanket amnesty/protection through DACA 2.0/ DAPA. Obama let sanctuary jurisdictions flourish and promptly challenged any local/state laws that supported immigration enforcement (see Arizona). He allowed the Immigration detainer to be completely gutted. He closed hundreds of thousands of immigration cases that were with the immigration courts. He set up a program where illegal alien parents would have their illegal alien children brought to the border and would surrender at the border. These children would be turned over to HHS and essentially delivered to their illegal alien parents. The US government completed the smuggling of these children and didn’t pursue any action against the parents. DACA was/is a huge magnet and actually started the current Family Unit/UAC trend.”





        2. Too bad we have to out of politeness give fair warning when ‘some’ consistently fail to back up subjective nothingness with a never ending stream of nothing.

  15. “Glaude declared that the Trump announcement should be viewed as a “terroristic act.” “

    This makes one wonder about how Glaude ever became a professor at Princeton.

    ” Glaude showed how reasoned discourse has become little more than raw (and in this case unhinged) hyperbole.”

    This is the problem when the university grants professorship not based on true scholarship. I am not saying that Glaude in particular doesn’t have true scholarship rather the granting of professorship seems to have to provide too many grants based on ideological or politically correct viewpoints.

    Turley is correct when he says, “I believe that professors have a deep duty to the academy, their schools, and themselves to rise above the hyperbolic and reckless rhetoric that reflects our age of rage”, but the universities have given into the rage and have forgotten all about scholarship.

    Congress could stop all the foolishness tomorrow but the real terrorists are Democrats who are throwing the bombs of illegals at American citizens who are expected to pay for the clean up.

    1. So now we’ve gone from being a sovereign nation to becoming terrorists for enforcing the law of the land. It seems as if the world has been turned upside down and whatever what bad is good and whatever we considered to be good has become bad.

      1. You don’t have to be a genius to see where all this is going. First you flood the country with illegals then you give them driver’s licenses and all kinds of free stuff. And last but not least you give them the right to vote, even though they broke our laws and disrespect all those who came here legally and did things the right way.

        1. and then they vote for the Fifth Columnists that will let in all their friends and family from back home so they can plunder the carcass of America too.

      2. Nietzsche called that “trans-valuation of all values”

        Genealogy of Morals lays it all out and it’s elaborated in his other works

        Will to power is where it all ends up.

        Either be clever enough to see through the lies, band together, and reimpose sovereignity, or the invaders, their patrons, and the rest of them will have you in stronger and strong chains as you and your children and grandchildren slave away for their future prosperity, indefinitely

        Nature always favors the strong but sometimes strength comes in very deceiving packages. Fecundity is a type of strength all its own. one day all more complex organisms may have expired and the Earth will be populated by mice and cockroaches.

        Nature doesn’t care about any species’ fate; but do you?

  16. The Pinkos are getting more and more deranged – it plays well to other Pinkos, but to the majority of Americans it sounds remarkably like ranting.

    Americans know how to treat ranters and they give these people the respect that they deserve – very little.

    The Pinko echo chambers love this ranting and because they listen to each other, they think that a national majority thinks like they do; fortunately, normal Americans just snicker when these idiots mouth off.

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