Trump Reportedly Orders Strike On Iran But Then Rescinds Order

Washington is on edge this morning after congressional leaders were briefed on a strike on Iran and the military deployed assets for the pre-dawn attack only to have President Donald Trump rescind the order. Democrats briefed on the attack urged Trump to deescalate and he appears to have heeded such calls, not only from congressional leaders but some in his own Administration. Frankly, the decision to pull back is reassuring for many who felt like there was an orchestrated effort to push the U.S. into a war with Iran — a war reportedly encouraged by allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia.

I have never hid my disinclination for such attacks or my view that presidents (and Congress) routinely ignore the constitutional requirements for declared wars. I continue to view economics, not military force, as the primary driving force for change in the world. That may be a bias from my time at University of Chicago but I believe that our wars, particularly in the Middle East, have shown a poor record of success while costing us trillions as well as thousands of dead soldiers, sailors, and airmen. In this case, it would seem that the placement of the mines and the targeting of an unmanned aircraft were designed to control possible damage and loss of life. That does not mean that the United States should not respond. However, I am leery of using military force in the region with no long-term plan other than the desire of some for a long-awaited war with Iran.

One of my hopes was that, as a businessman, Trump would not be so keen as some like John Bolton to see war as a viable avenue for global political influence. There are reports that Trump gave Iran a prior warning of the attack and sought a dialogue as an alternative to war. Trump reportedly canceled the operation when the estimate of projected deaths rose to 150.

The attack was reportedly designed to minimize Iranian deaths by hitting installations in the early hours. Media is reporting that on Thursday night, the military was moving forward with the attack deployments of planes and ships in position when Trump rescinded the order.

The response to the shooting down of the unmanned, $130 million surveillance drone risked touching off a powder keg in the area and possible closing the key Strait of Hormuz to shipping.

The media has reported that National Security Adviser John Bolton (a long advocate of military force and proponent for confrontation with Iran) was supportive of the strike. CIA Director Gina Haspel also supported a strike according to these reports. However, Pentagon officials reportedly voiced their concerns that we could easily find ourselves in a full-fledged war that could escalate out of control.

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  1. Reportedly, purportedy and allegedly have one thing in common. No Proof. Come back when there is some substance.

  2. The good old days….

    We begin bombing in five minutes

    On August 11, 1984, United States President Ronald Reagan, while running for re-election, was preparing to make his weekly Saturday radio address on National Public Radio. During a sound check before the address, Reagan made the following joke to the radio technicians:

    My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.

  3. About 40 years ago the Saturday Night Live! show had a great person named Gilda Radner. She sang a song about our involvement with Iran.

    Bomb, bomb, bomb!
    Bomb, bomb Iran!

    Oh, Bomb Iraaan!
    I’ll take my staaaand!
    Rockin and a rollin,
    Rockin and a reeling Bomb Iran!


    1. With Democrats and Turley having grand mal seizures every time Trump passes gas, he might as well just drop the bombs to put them into a catatonic coma to shut them up. It’s not like anyone will care about the Iranians given the infidels that they are.

      M (Judi Dench) said it best in the James Bond film “Casino Royale”

      M : Who the hell do they think they are? I report to the Prime Minister and even he’s smart enough not to ask me what we do. Have you ever seen such a bunch of self-righteous, ass-covering prigs? ……Christ, I miss the Cold War.

  4. What this also shows is a lack of investigative reporting in the MSM. Various govt. cabals are feeding information to their pets in the MSM. The gobble up their dog cookies then puke them out as directed. It’s a disgrace.

    An actual reporter would listen to the source and investigate what is going on for her or himself. They would have their ear to the ground in many places and try hard to get real information.

    Most of the MSM wants this war badly. I really have no idea why. I guess they think they will be taken to Elysium, or walk through the Star Gate, or shoved down a silo to underground bunkers–whatever! I believe they miscalculate their own importance as they will hardly be needed when neocons are through destroying the earth or at least large swaths of it.

    Meanwhile our population seldom seems to question the need for massive govt. spending when it comes to more war. Children in the US going without food? No problem! People going bankrupt because they got sick? No biggie! Bridges crumbling! Who cares really? We need a war!

    Oh those awful Muslims! Well, except Saudi Arabia chopping off people’s heads, crucifying dissidents, murdering children and other civilians in Yemen–they need our help! Well, maybe the UAE is o.k. too. And Israel told us to do it.

    This is what we have become. I never thought we would sink to this level in my life and I am so sorry that we are causing such pain and suffering in this world. We should be so much better.

  5. Maybe Trump was smart enough not to take the bait from Iran. One more thing, revenge is a dish best served cold.

  6. >”an orchestrated effort to push the U.S. into a war with Iran — a war reportedly encouraged by allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia.”<

    Excuse me, Mr. Turley. Exactly what evidence do you have to support making such a statement? Fess up or shut up! I'm tired of the term "reportedly"! Sounds like you have joined the Israel bashers! Any war with Iran would obviously mean the destruction of Israel by Iran. Why would the Israelis support their own destruction?



    In 2016, Donald Trump waffled over whether he would accept the election results if he lost.

    Since then, Trump has repeatedly joked about staying in office beyond the two terms the Constitution allows. Jerry Falwell Jr., Trump’s most prominent evangelical supporter, has suggested Trump should get two years tacked on to his first term as “pay back” for the Mueller investigation. The president’s own former lawyer, Michael Cohen, has warned that “there will never be a peaceful transition of power” should Trump fail in his reelection bid.

    The scenarios all seem far-fetched — “It’s almost a question for science fiction movies,” cracked a former top Secret Service official — but the constant drumbeat nonetheless has people chattering in the halls of Congress and throughout the Beltway: What if Trump won’t accept defeat in 2020?

    And one scenario in particular has Democrats nervous: the lawsuit-happy Trump contests the election results in court.

    Constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley said a lingering incumbent would simply become irrelevant once the new and duly elected president is sworn in. At that point, the defeated president is nothing more than a guest, “if not an interloper,” in the White House, the George Washington University professor noted.

    “The system would make fast work on any president who attempted to deny the results of the election,” he said.

    But a court battle over a presidential election is not unprecedented. And Trump has shown a willingness to tie up his disputes in winding litigation. The Democratic National Committee and Trump’s campaign were in court all the way up to Election Day 2016, fighting over charges of voter intimidation and ballot access.

    “All candidates have a right to contest results in federal court,” Turley said. “It’s not up to the candidate to decide if an election is valid. It’s not based on their satisfaction or consent. They have every right to seek judicial review.”

    Even so, contesting the results of the election in more than one state would be “a massive undertaking,” said Bradley Shrager, a lawyer specializing in election litigation who has worked with several Democratic campaigns. He added that “given the time frames to launch recounts and election contests, you’d have to be preparing months in advance to be able to do that.”

    There are also deadlines for submitting an official electoral vote tally, Shrager said, so a legal battle wouldn’t drag out indefinitely.

    Trump continues to talk up the prospect that he could serve past the constitutionally mandated period. On Twitter last weekend, Trump pondered, “do you think the people would demand that I stay longer?” The line mirrored language he used at a rally in Pennsylvania last month where he talked about living in the White House for 20 years.

    “We ran one time and we’re 1-and-0. But it was for the big one. Now we’re going to have a second time. And we’re going to have another one. And then we’ll drive them crazy,” Trump said. “And maybe if we really like it a lot — and if things keep going like they’re going — we’ll go and we’ll do what we have to do. We’ll do a three and a four and a five.”

    Trump also promoted Falwell Jr.’s line from May that the president should get two extra years “as pay back for time stolen by this corrupt failed coup”, retweeting the Liberty University president.

    The president has long casually toyed with the idea that he could stay in office beyond the constitutionally set maximum.

    In March 2018, Trump praised the ruling Communist Party of China for abolishing presidential term limits. Then, a month later, he publicly pondered why he couldn’t be in office for 16 years, an apparent reference to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who died during his fourth term. The 22nd Amendment, ratified a few years after Roosevelt’s death, prohibited future presidents from serving more than two consecutive elected terms.

    It’s not just talk of extending term limits that have raised questions about the president’s respect for the next cycle. During the 2016 campaign, Trump stoked fears among his supporters that the election would be “rigged” and he refused to state during his final debate with Hillary Clinton that he’d concede to his Democratic opponent if she won.

    The stakes for Trump in 2020 are high. If he loses, the president will lose his immunity from criminal prosecution the moment his successor is sworn into the White House. And several Democratic presidential hopefuls have suggested their Justice Department would be hard-pressed not to bring charges against Trump for obstructing justice, using the evidence in special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report. Federal prosecutors in New York have also been reviewing potential campaign finance violations.

    Edited from: “What If Trump Won’t Accept 2020 Defeat?”

    Politico, 6/21/19

    1. Excellent post, Pete, and for those of you who don’t know, FDR did NOT want to serve 4 terms. He only did so because the country didn’t want to change leaders in the middle of the war, and being a patriot, he acquiesced for the good of the country. He was very ill, not only with the effects of the polio, but he also had uncontrolled high blood pressure, for which the only effective treatment was sedation and rest. Doctors would literally knock him out for a time to bring down the pressure, which caused pounding headaches and kidney problems. He died of a stroke due to his high blood pressure. Despite all of his health problems, he was well-respected around the world and was a very effective leader. His speeches are still inspiring. His calm demeanor and patriotism dispelled fear and encouraged Americans not to be afraid–“nothing to fear but fear itself”.

      Someone like Trump hasn’t a clue about any of this. The contrast could not be more stark–patriot vs. narcissist; poised, patriotic, respected woman vs. cheap nudie model. Eleanor was so well-respected and self-effacing that if she had decided to run, she would have been elected President. Many urged her to do so. Eleanor would do things like go down into coal mines to bring attention to the working conditions of coal miners, which was unheard of at the time. She carried her own luggage. She demanded that Marian Anderson be allowed to sing the national anthem, despite the racism at the time. It is appalling that Trump would even bring up FDR. He is not fit to utter his name.

    2. The fact is that Trump has been in office for over 2 years and the Democrats along with Clinton are still litigating the election in a public fashion. How much more cr-p can Peter write?

      1. “How much more cr-p can Peter write?”

        Probably about as much as you can, Allan.

        1. Yes, but I also write things that are based on fact not opinion. That is something neither you, Peter or Fish down below seem to be able to do.

  8. After reading your post I’m left wondering what Constitution you are referring to when you say they must follow Constitutional requirements!

    Here’s what the Constitution Requires; Article 2. Section. 3.” He (The President) shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient; he may, on extraordinary Occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in Case of Disagreement between them, with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper; he shall receive Ambassadors and other public Ministers; he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed, and shall Commission all the Officers of the United States.

    Article 2. Section 2. Clause 2. “He (The President) shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur;” for those of you too arrogant to understand, all Foreign Policy is governed through Treaties, because a treaty is nothing more than a bargain, an agreement or disagreement, between foreign nations.

    Article 5. “…and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.”

    Summing these three clauses together means that the President must consult the States as they are assembled in the Senate with this, or any, matter for their consideration and Senate will instruct the President what actions to take by a concurrence of 2/3 of the States. The President has no authority to proceed to take any action, and an assembly of party leaders in Congress is insufficient to to form the necessary assembly of the States as a Union to make any decisions in this country.

    And for all those that say that the President has Authority as Commander in Chief; Article 2. Section. 2. Clause 1. “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States;”, this means that the President will be instructed by a Vote of 2/3 of the States when the military has been called into service and for what purpose and then the President will be empowered to carry out the Military action as the Commander in Chief overseeing that particular action as determined by the Union itself, while still under the control of the States as they are assembled in the Senate as Equals.

    What recourse does the Senate have if the President ignores their authority, Impeachment for insubordination, something the States can agree upon 100% of the time, that their authority is predominant!

    The States as the Union Governs our Country, Not The President, and Definitely Not Parties!

  9. Jon: you seem surprised that Trump would go overboard with a knee-jerk threat, only to back down. That has always been his MO. He has threatened multiple journalists and even filed suits, none of which came to anything. His fixer, Michael Cohen, used to make all kinds of over the top threats, only to back down. He has no plan for the Middle East, to force Mexico to build a wall, or for much of anything else, for that matter, other than preening before cameras and pretending to be an important person. Jon refers to Trump as a businessman who, by virtue of that, might understand how to deal with people, but the truth is, he has had multiple business bankruptcies and has never answered to any Board of Directors or shareholders. He relied on his father to prop up his failing businesses well into his forties. He alienates people who don’t flatter him, which is proven time and time again. He thrives on flattery, which Kim Jong Un knows all too well. Kushner supposedly owes money to some Saudis, so it would be just fine with them if American soldiers got killed fighting Israel’s and Saudi Arabia’s war with Iran. Well, it’s not OK with the rest of us. I wouldn’t be shocked to discover that either SA or Israel is trying to set up some confrontation with Iran to start a war we pay for with the lives of our sons and daughters, because they, too, know that Trump is an idiot who listens to people like Bolton.

    And, don’t forget, Trump rescinded the deal with Iran that President Obama crafted, so Iran is not bound by this any longer.

    1. He could always improve the quality of life in your vicinity by ordering a drone strike on your apartment.

  10. Hong Kongers keep up the pressure on Beijing stooge Carrie “Crocodile Tears” Lam

    live feed from another protest, yesterday about 12 hours ago

  11. Our allies don’t trust Trump, 60% of our country don’t trust him, and you can bet our military and intelligence don’t trust him. The speaker said she was not informed beforehand. And at this point, anything Trump says or does should be looked at very closely. It’s the same MO he uses every time, start crap and then cancel and walk out to TV and say what a good job he’s doing. But this time he is risking the lives our sons and daughters.

    1. “trust trust trust”

      who do you trust?

      Do you think any heads of state “trust” each other, really?
      Is that why we had to spy on Angela Merkel’s cell phone?

      Trust is the fiction normal people like us use to interact with each other.
      Trust does not exist among the heads of large corporate entities, states businesses, whatever
      confidence perhaps; different levels of belief in predictability perhaps,
      but “trust” is not a thing at that level..

      1. Your dear leader trusts Putin above our own. Oh, and he exchanges love letters with North Korea.

    2. The entire world is split politically so your over-arching statement that our allies don’t trust Trump is clearly false. We are seeing mini-Trumps show up everywhere now- the political tide has turned. The anti-Globalists are on the march and Trump is the biggest of the bunch.

      Do I want a President that is “trusted” by the corrupted leaders of our intelligence/military community? No way. The soldiers do love him though and that does matter. Trump wants talk, not war and the soldiers know it.

      1. Ivan, show us documentation that our soldiers ‘love’ Donald Trump. I don’t think I ever saw that poll.

        1. The last time you asked for “documentation” was over my stating that there are approximately 23 million illegal aliens in the US. You made it sound like I just made up the number! I pointed you in the direction of the widely reported 2018 MIT/Yale study saying just that. I don’t take you seriously.

          1. Ivan, I showed you that study had been roundly rebutted.

            In other words, you don’t have any documentation to show our soldiers ‘love’ Donald Trump.

      2. Ivan, do you think Fish is able to think that deeply? He runs from one talking point to the next so very little thought is involved.

        1. If you have any thought at all you are not a true Trump believer, he has said many times do not listen to anybody but him. somebody is going to come over your house and take your little red hat.

        2. No one would ever accuse Allan of being a deep-thinker, that’s for sure.

    3. Fish, So far with regard to foreign policy Trump makes Obama look like a kid in short pants drooling all over himself. He actually has excellent gut feelings.That is a sign of wisdom that I hope some day you will achieve.

        1. I’m not quite sure how your mind came up with that response Fish so I have to assume it was due to a lack of intellect. I urge you to try again.

          “Fish, So far with regard to foreign policy Trump makes Obama look like a kid in short pants drooling all over himself. He actually has excellent gut feelings.That is a sign of wisdom that I hope some day you will achieve.”

  12. Washington is on edge this morning….

    While employed Americans worked, earned money, solved problems, got closer to realizing goals and otherwise demonstrated a purposeful life.

    Pity Trump did not order the attack on DC to rid the country of the parasites, leeches, hanger-ons that all of the US Congress and Federal Govt have become.

    1. Estovir, at least half the officials in Washington are Republicans. Your comments above indicate that you think Trump is the only Republican there.

      It was ‘you’ who caused traffic to drop on this site. Comments like the above give viewers the impression this site is for idiots and losers.

      1. No, it’s only been taken over by idiots and losers. Everybody knows the names, they think that this is their site, and if you do not agree with the dear leader, you will be attacked with anything FOX tells them. It is so bad now, there could be bots here. Their responses are predictable.

    2. A single ten-kiloton device detonation on Washington DC isn’t realistic. although the agent-based approach to modelling individual responses to attacks does seem to have unearthed new truths and ways to deal with undesired crowd behavior after a nuclear attack.

      Restoring cell phone service after a small nuclear attack such as the one modelled could conceivably be done quickly if an long-loiter aircraft like the EC-130J Commando Solo civil affairs broadcasting aircraft were prepared at a distant location to overfly the blast area with cell phone transponders attached to its fuselage. The same thing could conceivably be done with long-loiter time drone UAVs.

      In a society where families are often connected throughout the day by mobile phone service, panic could be controlled more effectively by allowing families to locate each other without clogging post-nuclear streets.

  13. It is difficult to know what happened. Here is what we do know. Iran has been a target of the US for years. We overthrew their elected govt. we have sent stuxnet into their civilian infrastructure, we have ringed their nation with bases, we are starving their people and have provided no evidence to back up 1. what appears to have been a false flag (read craig murrey at Consortium News for a good explanation about that) claims about Iran mining a Japanese ship (which the Japanese crew doesn’t believe either) and 2. Iran says they have proof that the US drone, which had its transponder off in violation of the law, was in their airspace. Meanwhile, we withdrew from a treaty which nearly every other nation thought was a good idea. We are a close ally to Mr. Bone Saw, who strong evidence points to having ordered the dismemberment of a journalist while selling weapons to Saudi Arabia. They and the very corrupt, arparthite regime in Israel, along with the UAE, would like to take out Iran. And yet, we call Iran the aggressor who wants war. B.S.

    If any nation did even one of those things to the US, we’d call out everything we had to take them out. We would call drones flying off the east coast in international waters exactly what that would be, a provocation to war. USG hypocrisy is as out of control as USG’s blood lust.

    Even the EU thinks that self proclaimed president Bolton is running the show.

    The military should not engage in yet another war crime, this being the ultimate war crime-a war of aggression. Do not obey these orders and please arrest the person giving them.

    For some reason, all these people think they are showing US strength by failing to use trade and diplomacy in the world. What they are actually showing is we are a weak and dying empire thrashing about. The US isn’t strong, we are falling apart. We don’t value human life, not our own people and certainly not the people in other nations. We don’t care what we are doing to the earth, our source of life. These are not the actions of thoughtful, intelligible individuals. They are the works of psychopaths. I fear for this planet and all it’s life.

      1. The same could be said for most of us “This is absurd x 9.” Even you.

    1. “Even the EU thinks that self proclaimed president Bolton is running the show”

      Jeez Jill calm down. You’re really going haywire with this.

      Dirty tricks are part of every nation’s intelligence and strategic arsenal. Just saying that false flags have happened, which is true, does not establish that anything actually was a false flag. Same thing, lies in general. Yes, nations lie. Yes, the US has used false flags and lies. But that doesn’t prove anything about these specific events concerning Iran one way or another.

      as for the Brazil story, i see that there is corruption. That was a dog bites man story. Kind of like saying Brazil has a lot of murders. Yes, not really news that. But keep in mind, and I respect gay Glenn, and follow his stories, but gay Glenn doesn’t like Jair, he makes fun of gays. That’s most of what you need to know about that. “Steve Bannon asset Jair Balsonoro” wow, come on guys. Grow up! Do you really think Steve Bannon has any pull anywhere in Brazil? LOL

      1. Mr. K,

        There is no reason to council me to be calm when I haven’t done anything but lay out reality. if reality upsets you, then please try to calm yourself!

        I have provided evidence of this being a false flag which you can read, along with any other person. You can make up your own mind but I do urge looking into things instead of having a mindless belief in a lying govt. I didn’t mention Brazil so I don’t know if you are responding to someone else on that point.

        The US should not risk even escalating the situation against Iran. If we had a functioning government it would be at a truly neutral negotiating table with the best people we could find. We would immediately diffuse this situation which will otherwise result in mass numbers of people getting killed. We would end sanctions and start getting along with other nations through trade.

        That is what a smart, competent and just nation would do.

        1. I’m all for staying out of a hot war with Iran. but if they block the straights of Hormuz, with something more than whatever the lame thing with the two tankers was, but like a real blockade or mining program, well, you can be sure that they will get a strong military response and even peaceniks like me will approve.

          I veered off into brazil because that’s what Glenn Greenwald’s been talking about recently. it interests him mostly because he lives there. Not a big issue for the rest of us.

          Also about false flags. Trust me if the US wants to stage a false flag, it will be an ugly one. A lot uglier than whatever little mess happened with those tankers. Read your history and you will see my point. I dont know what that was but it was no seriously planned false flag.

          Iran is a big country and they let the Quds battalions do a lot of crazy stuff., Quds are a Maoist tactically inspired irregular force and it’s in the nature of irregular forces that they have poor command and control compared to regulars, and moreover, they try a lot of asymmetrical warfare things that may not work out. That is their weakness but also their strength, in their creativity and their unpredictability. I don’t know if they were involved but they have an interesting history

          See sometimes we call a thing that’s a false flag, actually what is actually a bona fide enemy action, which looks in retrospect like a false flag because the government had a bunch of informants and provoacateurs and fake “allies” emplaced into a hostile group. And then it gets out of hand. After the fact, people find out about the government spies and snitches and so forth that were in place, and wonder why the government didn’t stop the enemy action, and say, um that must have been a false flag. But sometimes they look like false flags but they’re not. A lot of things in history are causally obscure and they will always just be the source of speculation after the fact/.

        1. I do he is a smart guy, good journalist. We all owe him deep gratitude for helping Snowden prove that the NSA was spying on us against our constitutional rights. I will forever praise him for this good work. And he has done much fine reporting since then.

          He lives in brazil and has a lot of good insights from his sources on the ground. i respect that too.,

          I also understand that homosexuals are big on having their sexual preferences inform what they consider proper policy. Him being gay is a minus not a plus, when it comes to what he writes. He writes well and informatively in spite of that not because of it.

          When will the Left get it through its thick skulls that homosexual orientation is not a plus. It doesn’t mean we should harass or oppress gays but neither should we toss millenia of wisdom that it’s a problem overboard with such arrogance in our own superior current preferences. But you guys are good at that.

          For example, did you know that homosexuality is not considered a good thing in India and China? That’s about half the world’s population there and one that we are told we should respect due to diversity and multiculturalism etc etc. Except of course when they think precisely the same thing that our own ancient wise men did in the West! and then they MUST be wrong!

          Now that’s all about i have to say about gays and that garbage, We talk too much about them already.

          1. ok indian and china is about a third of the world’s population., but i hear the rest of asia outside thailand is not super keen on gay rights either. and throw in africa where it’s a taboo, and the entire muslim world, and pretty much it’s only white people that think gay is ok.

            why the leftists who want us to praise and tolerate and respect diversity and cultural differences from the third world colored nations, don’t want us to respect their opinion on gays? I notice they never touch on this at universities. preferring instead to keep the spoon fed students massively ignorant, that’s why a lot of universities seem to exist, not to educate but to propagandize. pathetic!

            Here’s where i Have to admire the Chicoms. They don’t tolerate this gay nonsense. It’s considered an affectation of decadent bourgeois western society,. And I rather agree with them on that. And so gay marriage is on the ballot in Taiwan– not the PRC. Of course they don’t have any ballots in the PRC but if they did I suspect “gay marriage” oxymoron would not be an issue!

            Now that we have yet again wasted keystrokes on that 1-2% of the population which has already had far more attention than it ever deserved, back to insulting Trump eh?

          2. “When will the Left get it through its thick skulls that homosexual orientation is not a plus.”

            Who said it’s a plus? It just is what it is. Let people be who and what they are. It’s not hurting you or anyone else. Glenn and David have a warm, loving and caring relationship with two beautiful adopted boys who appear to be quite happy. There is nothing to mock or hate…

            1. I am all for Glenn and his partner having a good life. I just mention it because i find his big story about horrible jair balsonoro suspect. Jair has made various antigay remarks. And he said Jair was a Steve Bannon asset which I thought was laughable.

              Brazil is teeming with gays and trannies from what i hear. So I am sure Glenn will be ok. I don’t need to verify whatever he’s saying about Brazil that is outside my concerns.

              I’ll keep on tuning into Glenn Greenwald, he has my respect as a journalist, a real one not like the fakes who attack him from the American mass media propaganda machine all the time.

              1. “I’ll keep on tuning into Glenn Greenwald, he has my respect as a journalist…”

                I have a lot of respect for Glenn, as well. And I agree that we’re being fed a steady diet of propaganda.

    2. “The US isn’t strong, we are falling apart. We don’t value human life…”

      Obnoxious and hysterical.

  14. lots of talk and chatter. we get what they feed us. picture is unclear. don’t take too many conclusions from weak information



    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 3h3 hours ago

    ….proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. I am in no hurry, our Military is rebuilt, new, and ready to go, by far the best in the world. Sanctions are biting & more added last night. Iran can NEVER have Nuclear Weapons, not against the USA, and not against the WORLD!

    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 3h3 hours ago

    ….On Monday they shot down an unmanned drone flying in International Waters. We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights when I asked, how many will die. 150 people, sir, was the answer from a General. 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it, not….

    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 3h3 hours ago

    ….Death to America. I terminated deal, which was not even ratified by Congress, and imposed strong sanctions. They are a much weakened nation today than at the beginning of my Presidency, when they were causing major problems throughout the Middle East. Now they are Bust!….

    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 3h3 hours ago

    President Obama made a desperate and terrible deal with Iran – Gave them 150 Billion Dollars plus I.8 Billion Dollars in CASH! Iran was in big trouble and he bailed them out. Gave them a free path to Nuclear Weapons, and SOON. Instead of saying thank you, Iran yelled…..

    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 3h3 hours ago

    ….”This Russia Collusion Hoax was perpetrated in part by people inside the government, and in part by a compliant (Fake News) media.” Mollie Hemingway. @TuckerCarlson @foxandfriends The facts are starting to pour out. Stay tuned!

    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 3h3 hours ago

    Just revealed that the Failing and Desperate New York Times was feeding false stories about me, & those associated with me, to the FBI. This shows the kind of unprecedented hatred I have been putting up with for years with this Crooked newspaper. Is what they have done legal?…

    From “The Real Donald Trump”, Twitter, 6/21/19


      1. Tom, why should ‘I’ be disappointed?? I don’t want another Iraq to wipe-out the U.S. Treasury and leave thousands of our soldiers with lifelong injuries.


      Why should he be in a hurry? He’s not going to engage in a war. Right now he is considering utilizing some of our firepower, but why would you want him to be in a hurry? You are sounding like Hillary.

      Above you have demonstrated that Trump is well tempered for leadership and isn’t happy with the NYTimes lying, but he has only responded in kind and hasn’t done anything based on Presidential power that was done by Obama.

  16. This report of Turley’s comes from MSN through Turley. No names are named. As usual with the MSM anonymous sources are used to permit MSN to embellish the news in whatever fashion it wishes.

    I am sure there was consideration for a limited attack but whether or not the President ordered one and rescinded it is unknown. It could have just as easily been that the President considered an attack but didn’t order it at this time.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the Pentagon like with every other hostile nation has a bunch of attack plans against Iran but it is irksome to hear the news media printing guesswork (under the guise of anonymous sources) in the news section.

    Of course another rationale might exist for this bit of news. Trump may have wanted Iran to know he considered bombing them and was restrained. This might have been a way to alert the Iranians that the US is nearing a decision to attack Iran so it would be best for them not to provoke the US any further.

    I don’t think Trumps desire is to go to war rather to warn and use a singular attack in response to Iranian provocative actions. He has done that twice before in the Middle East.

  17. This is a win-win for Bolton. It may look like Trump “backed away” and showed “restraint”, but the real message was to Iran. The whole operation was designed to show them how costly it would be to play these “chicken” games like mining tankers or downing our drones. Every detail of our attack was made known to them, and it scared them. They were totally unprepared until Trump warned them. They had to be shaking when they found out. Bolton doesn’t want war; he only wants victory. If scaring Iran will get us there – without actual violence – what’s better than that?

  18. Honest Abe never lied unlike the current occupant of the White House who I would not trust to give me the time of day.

      1. Look it up Allan, he averages 12 lies a day. 10’s of thousands since Jan 20, 2017.

        1. Fish, it is doubtful you even know what the word ‘lies’ means. You can’t even produce and defend significant lies he has made. That is why no one can take you seriously.

    1. So? are you important? and since you have nothing to back up your statement it leaves only one responsible response. REJECTED.

  19. Kind of amazing how you take at face value anonymously sourced cr!p

  20. “The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend.”
    Abraham Lincoln

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