One-Third of Americans Say Media Is “The Enemy of the People”

donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedFor years, some of us have criticized President Trump for his reference to the media as the “enemy of the people.”  While Trump has indicated that he adopted the attacks to appease his supporters, the danger is that many would believe it.  Now a new Hill-Harris X poll shows that one-third of Americans say the news media is “the enemy of the people.” Not coincidentally, that figure matches Trump’s core base that remains firm in the polls. However, it shows that this mantra is believed by millions of Americans, who are now viewing the media as the enemy.

I have repeatedly called out the media about a self-defeating bias against Trump, a trend that has fulfilled the stereotype advanced by the President.  Indeed, CNN and MSNBC is risking not only this type of backlash against the media but, again, fueling a desire in some voters to vote for Trump to stick it to the establishment.  There is no need to warp the news.  Trump is justifiably criticized on many fronts. However, some networks have become openly partisan.  Watching CNN cover breaking news is like watching open advocacy from the anchor chair — immediately contesting statements and leading guests to the most critical possible take on developments.

None of that however excuses Trump’s reckless attacks on the free press, the very cornerstone of our democratic system of government.  While the bias against Trump in palpable on some outlets, the vast majority of media in the United States remains professional and unbiased in their reporting.  Indeed, the New York Times, Washington Post, and other major newspapers have continued to report on important stories despite the constant threats and badgering from the White House.

I have long objected to this rhetoric from Trump. Past presidents have attacked the media but never in these terms.  They have maintained presidential in reminding the public of the importance of our free press while disagreeing with specific stories.  The use of the “enemy of the people” language is perfectly chilling given its use in authoritarian nations like China to crackdown on free speech and the free press. Most presidents would view this poll as a terrible legacy in convincing one-third of Americans that the free press is actually the enemy of the people.

The percentage of people buying into this view is higher outside of major cities.  Forty-six percent of rural Americans said they believed the news media to be the “enemy of the people.”  Moreover, 51 percent of Republicans polled said they thought of the press as “the enemy of the people.”

On the good side, according to Gallup, trust in the news media is the highest it has been since 2009. Most importantly, there remains 67 percent of us who believe that the “news media is an important part of a democracy.”

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    The consulting firm Moody’s Analytics says climate change could inflict $69 trillion in damage on the global economy by the year 2100, assuming that warming hits the two-degree Celsius threshold widely seen as the limit to stem its most dire effects.

    Moody’s says in a new climate change report that warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius, or 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit, increasingly seen by scientists as a climate-stabilizing limit, would still cause $54 trillion in damages by the end of the century.

    The firm warns that passing the two-degree threshold “could hit tipping points for even larger and irreversible warming feedback loops such as permanent summer ice melt in the Arctic Ocean.”

    The new report predicts that rising temperatures will “universally hurt worker health and productivity” and that more frequent extreme weather events “will increasingly disrupt and damage critical infrastructure and property.”

    Moody’s Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi said that the report was “the first stab at trying to quantify what the macroeconomic consequences might be” of climate change, written in response to European commercial banks and central banks.

    Climate change, Zandi said, is “not a cliff event. It’s not a shock to the economy. It’s more like a corrosive.” But, he added, it’s one that is “getting weightier with each passing year.”

    Moody’s Investors Service, a major credit ratings agency, has already said that it wants to take climate into account when weighing the financial health of companies and municipalities.

    The new report highlights the harm done to human health, labor productivity, crop yields and tourism.

    It says that “water- and vector-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever will likely be the largest direct effect of changes in human health and the associated productivity loss.”

    The report also says that rising temperatures will allow mosquitoes, ticks and fleas to move to new areas, resulting in more sick days. It would also raise public and private spending on health care.

    Labor productivity will take a hit, especially among outdoor workers, including those working in agriculture.

    Edited from: “Moody’s Analytics Says Climate Change Could Cost $69 Trillion By 2100”

    This Evening’s Washington Post

    1. Regarding Above:

      Trump and his supporters keep howling that the media is against him. But the above story illustrates how positions taken by Trump challenge the media on a daily basis. Trump’s denial of Climate Change is a good example.

      When a business consulting firm as established as Moody’s issues a report like this, the media can’t possibly cover the report without contradicting Donald Trump. Does that mean the media is hostile? Or does it mean Donald Trump stakes positions at odds with not just the Science community but the Global Business community as well?

      1. “When a business consulting firm as established as Moody’s issues a report like this”

        What does the report mean? You don’t have the slightest idea. It’s an economic forecast plug in calculation that is based on the data and criteria given to them. Someone else could go to Moody’s with their scientific data and criteria and Moody’s will say the economy will be better off by $69Trillion dollars.

        Why is it you know so little?

          I’m an “agnostic” on the issue of the climate change debate.
          Moody’s has been on the clinate change/economic risk side of the debate for at least a few years, so it’s not surprising to see them repeat and modify that warning.
          Moody’s and those those with like-minded views on climate change will cite a report like this as gospel, but that view is not unchallenge.
          So at the risk of being labeled a climate change heretic😈, I posted this link.

            Even in areas that are more directly related to their specific area of expertise, these rating agencies can make huge blunders.
            Linking predications about a long-term, external factor like climate change to other more evident and tangible factors like cash flow, debt load, ability to service debt, etc. probably increases a rating agency’s likelihood of missing the mark.

            1. Didn’t Moody’s have to pay almost a billion dollars to settle with federal and state authorities regarding its ratings of risky mortgage securities for the 2008 crisis?

              That is how bad Moody’s judgement is where they have more control over the data, but I don’t think Peter can link this lack of competency with his recent climate change article. He doesn’t have the necessary critical thinking skills.

                1. Tom, how serious are you about NewsPunch?

                  The first thing I noticed were cheap ads on the right sidebar. A woman’s breasts were very prominent in the top corner. Then I noticed the motto, “Where mainstream Fears To Tread”. At that point an irritating flash made ditch the site but quick. That strobe effect usually means one’s computer will crash if they don’t exit promptly.

                  1. Not at all serious, Peter. I rely primarily on The Onion, Weekly Wolrd News, and HHHNN for the reliable, objective reporting . 😁😂🤣

                    There were citations given in the NewsPunch article, like the one I’m linking here. As far as an ad with a woman’s breasts prominently displayed, I checked the article again and daw a popup ad with a fisherman, but little else.
                    It may be that the ads are different for the Hollywood market that Peter is in. Either that, or he’s been very lonely and deprived, and is having mirage- like visions.🤓

                  3. A woman’s breasts were very prominent in the top corner.

                    Resolved. Peter Shill is jealous his/her breasts are not as large as women and hence has transgender (MTF –FTM, LGBTQIA-EIEIO) envy.

                    I didn’t follow the comments so Peter be a pal, and provide me the link to the offensive breasts you find distasteful. I would like to look at them…for educational purposes of course since my wife is still sleeping


                    1. Estovir, big brother is always watching and not infrequently knows what one is looking for. The adds can represent that desire.

                2. Tom, you “click” on the colored letters – called a “link” – and then read the article. On my other post, you’ve heard of the “Pentagon”, right? No, not the witches cult, the one the Dept of Defense runs.

                3. NewsPunch is a Los Angeles-based fake news website that frequently spreads conspiracy theories and political misinformation mixed in with real news stories.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] Originally named Your News Wire,[3][9][10] it was founded in 2014 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai and Sinclair Treadway.[1][4][11] In November 2018, it rebranded itself as NewsPunch, and began redirecting traffic to[9]

                  A 2017 Buzzfeed News report identified NewsPunch as being the second-largest source of popular fake stories spread on Facebook that year,[4] and a June 2018 Poynter analysis identified NewsPunch as being debunked over 80 times in 2017 and 2018 by Poynter-accredited factcheckers such as Snopes,, PolitiFact, and the Associated Press.[5]

                  The European Union’s East StratCom Task Force has criticized NewsPunch for spreading Russian propaganda, a charge Adl-Tabatabai denies.[1]

                  Regular contributors to NewsPunch include Adl-Tabatabai, a former BBC and MTV employee from London previously employed by professional conspiracy theorist David Icke[12], Adl-Tabatabai’s mother Carol Adl, an alternative health practitioner, and Baxter Dmitry, who had previously been posing as an unrelated Latvian man using a stolen profile photo.[13][14]

                  Maybe someone should take away Tom’s keyboard before he hurts himself.

                  1. “NewsPunch is a Los Angeles-based fake news website that frequently spreads conspiracy theories and political misinformation mixed in with real news stories.”

                    I see. You are equating NewsPunch to CNN, MSNBC… I’ll have to review News Punch (I don’t recall if I have read their articles) and see how far down they are. I think CNN is at the bottom for any recognized news source so they will probably rank somewhat higher.

                    I was looking to post a rather strange article from a couple of sites to demonstrate the violence seen on the left. Today’s leftist violence was directed towards an 8 year old. Strange, but they had an article on the subject as well.

                    ‘Mini AOC’ Closes Social Accounts After Family Doxxed and Sent Death Threats


                    Take note I couldn’t find an article on this violent behavior against Ms Martinez on the Washington Post. Does that mean it isn’t true?

                  2. JanF/anon/anon1,
                    Click on the highlighted blue links in the article and read the coted material. Or have someone read it to you. Also, I provided one link separately from that article that you may have someone read to you.
                    I don’t automatically reject reports from Soros cultists like you, who are attracted to a forum like Davos. Your guru George Soros seems to have a lot of influence there, but that does not automatically discredit all reports/ advocacy coming out of Davis.
                    Feel free to continue to “shoot the messenger” and pre-emptively ignore any material presented here simply because you disgard the source, rather than actually trying to dispute the cintent.
                    Given your personal friendship with Bernie Sanders your involvement in the early 1960s civil rights movement, your “inside track” knowledge of the FBI and DOJ, I have to wonder if you were at Davis as well.🙄

              1. climate change is totally real and accelerating

                who knows the precise causes, obvioulsy Democrats want to cook up a tax scheme to enrich themselves; that doesn’t mean the problem isnt real

                and when some of the big hurricanes etc hit Central America it will displace so many millions more. We better build that wall and fast! and get serious about infrastructure upgrade and resiliency. adaptation is the name of the game not “prevention.” that ship has sailed.

            2. “The U.S. Defense Department has issued a dire report on how climate change could affect the nation’s armed forces and security, warning that rising seas could inundate coastal bases and drought-fueled wildfires could endanger those that are inland.

              The 22-page assessment delivered to Congress on Thursday says about two-thirds of 79 mission-essential military installations in the U.S. that were reviewed are vulnerable now or in the future to flooding and more than half are at risk from drought. About half also are at risk from wildfires, including the threat of mudslides and erosion from rains after the blazes.

              “The effects of a changing climate are a national security issue with potential impacts to DOD missions, operational plans and installations,” Defense Department spokeswoman Heather Babb said Friday in an email.

              The report contradicts the view of President Donald Trump, who has rejected the scientific consensus that climate change is real and man-made. The report’s premise echoes the findings of the National Climate Assessment, written by 13 federal agencies and released in November. It concluded that the effects of global warming are accelerating and will cause widespread disruption….”


              1. Thanks for the linked article.

                ‘report’s premise echoes the findings of the National Climate Assessment, written by 13 federal agencies and released in November. It concluded that the effects of global warming are accelerating and will cause widespread disruption….”’

              2. this stuff is totally real. at the very least we are in an increasing solar activity cycle., that alone could explain the climate change. co2 is a greenhouse gas, but it’s phony to pretend that we “know” the exact causal mechanisms. a system hardly gets more complex than global climate. so whatever the causes however the trends are real

                a massive Democrat enrichment tax scheme is not the answer but serious bipartisan approaches need to happen, to adapt and create infrastructure reliliency

                addressing border security is a huge necessity in light of this, for us and for Europe. the third world invasion is underway

          2. Tom thanks for the report that is a useful tool for people to see both sides of the coin. I don’t care which side of the coin Peter takes. His problem is a lack of critical thinking skills. He looks for things to verify what he choses to believe without any thought going into the process. If he were my child I would be worried about his future. I made sure my own children had these skills but apparently he wasn’t taught them or didn’t have the capacity to learn them.

          3. Tom, how long can global business concerns ignore Climate Change? They can’t! Business has to be realistic with regards to changing weather. The scientific evidence continues piling up. Unprecedented temperatures keep breaking out all over.

            The United States is supposed to ‘lead’ the world. But we look like imbeciles when our president denies Climate Change. The cows have left the barn on Change. It’s ‘denial’ in the literal sense!

            Denial plays like bad acting. The show where actors can’t deal with the scene at hand. They deny what’s happening on stage. Continuing in auto pilot to play the scene as ‘they’ envisioned.

            1. You guys are fools. if you were really serious about this very real problem, then when talking about it you would not be insulting the CIC you would approach the topic with respect. this is why Democrats so often fail both strategically and at grass roots levels. Your bitter acrimony turns people off!

              as a result, many grass roots Republicans think it’s another one of your lying scams, another cry of wolf. well this time Peter cries wolf and the wolf is for real; but you’re insulting the very shepherd who could come help you out. how much sense does this attitude make?

  2. On the question:

    Is the media the enemy of the people?
    Two words: Judith Miller.


    Newspaper Depiction Of The USS Maine Exploding In Havana Harbor

    Frederic Remington, the famous artist who brought to life American images of the west was hired by newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst to illustrate the revolution erupting in Cuba.

    He wrote back to Hearst one day in January 1897:

    “Everything is quiet. There is no trouble. There will be no war. I wish to return.”

    Hearst sent back a note: “Please remain. You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.”

    When the USS Maine exploded in a harbor in Cuba on the 25th of January 1898, Hearst’s newspapers soon ran a story entitled: “The War Ship Maine was Split in Two by an Enemy’s Secret Infernal Machine”.

    This was, of course, the Weapons of Mass Destruction of its day. The notion that Spain would sink an American warship unprovoked was itself specious. So the claim that the Spanish destroyed the USS Maine with an explosive device was a bald-faced lie, concocted by Newspaper magnates intended primarily to serve two purposes.

    The first purpose was to sell newspapers. The first thing that slipped beneath the waves in this battle was the truth. A salacious lie, a fact free presumption, innuendo and dog whistle journalism was leashed upon a trusting public, all wrapped in slick newspapers, and a newborn sense of national entitlement. The story was wildly successful to media magnates everywhere.

    The US was the new kid on the block; like an adolescent, hormones skeining through our bloodstream, what we could take we probably should take. Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst and Isaac Temple of the New York Journal were midwifing another Manifest Destiny.

    Why should the United States accept the presence of the Spanish Navy in the Caribbean waters near our own coast? Gosh we sure could use the resources for a growing nation when this moribund empire and its shaky naval vessel can hardly maintain combat patrols around the Caribbean. Weren’t these poor Cuban peasants under the thumb of the Spanish oppressors just like the American Revolutionaries who only two generations previously fought and died to shed the colonies of the clutches of the Royal Crown?

    The first attempts to go after Cuba actually began before the American Civil War. A short period of isolationism set in after the bloody war ended and the country licked its wounds. It wasn’t long before the Expansionists began another narrative of the old empire, lurking in our territorial waters, profiting on the suffering of people who were mostly portrayed by newspapers as small black children in need of supervision and guidance, not a proud and indigenous population.

    Just the talk of empire sold newspapers.
    On the other side was the outrage. There was an entire political party engaged just to oppose the purloining of land because it happens to be within our sphere of influence. George S. Boutwell was the president of the Anti-Imperialism League, a band of people who argued that this was the most important question of the day. In fact, the Anti-Imperialist League made the case that the US Constitution compelled us to gain “the consent of the governed” before establishing rule anywhere as it is written in the Constitution. The Constitution built a republic, argued the Anti-Imperialists, not an empire.

    The evil genius of Hearst and Pulitzer was that they rendered the Spanish occupiers as implacable and brutish overlords. They could, at will, paint the Spanish occupiers with any color they wished and no amount of oversight or warning could stop the campaign or balance it out with reasonable counters.

    Did the Spanish mistreat the Cubans? Well, not overtly. But facts were no reason to present a true depiction of circumstances. A few strokes with paint brush and before you know it there are ditches filled with Cuban peasants who only wanted to keep their own lands or defend the purity of their daughters.

    The model for Yellow Journalism was templated in the Spanish American War. A media magnate decides to sell a war, and discovers how lucrative it can be. The media magnate discovers his innate power to affect the path of the world and like an addict, continues to prevaricate and manipulate.
    It must be heady.

    Hearst. Ailes. Pulitzer. Limbaugh. The names are different, but they represent almost the exact same institutions. The New York Times was not exactly Fox News, or Clear Channel because the Times still covered important news and in other stories the Times did their due diligence in regards to responsible journalism. Then again this was not unlike the New York Times in the lead up to the war in Iraq. Judith Miller lied and the paper of record supplied the smoking gun. But mostly the rest of the paper maintained a high level of function.

    As if to double down on the falsehood, the Hearst newspapers published technical diagrams of the secret Spanish torpedoes they used to sink the US ship.

    And was this any different than Colin Powell, who later disavowed his claims claiming he was mislead, who sat in front of Congress and told us with certainty about the chemical weapons and the yellowcake shipments? With his pluck and charisma, he confidently convinced a nation that Saddam had WMDs and could or would distribute them to our enemies.

    Just like the New York Times in 1898, he had diagrams, very impressive ones. But yes, this was different. These two events were about 100 years apart, plenty of time for the implications and the build up to go down the memory hole. In both cases, the casus beli had been recapitulated so many times and in so many forms that it took on its own truth and those in power felt powerless to turn the machine off. If it’s any consolation to General Powell, Captain Sigsbee of the Maine also came to believe in the torpedo theory that he first pooh-poohed. Yes, the right wing propagandists had us all bamboozled, then and now.

    Today the discomfiture comes upon the realization that the Internet didn’t save us. The promise of digital technology was still trumped by our atavistic reflexes so deftly played by conservatives, that when one squawks “we’re under attack” loud enough, eventually everyone ducks and covers.

    In the run up to hostilities between Spain and the United States the public was divided. Expansionists wanted to attack Spain immediately while there were voices of moderation that wanted confirmation that the stories were true.

    Of course this was the same with Iraq II. There were the Center For A New American Progress dutifully repeating the narratives scripted by new organizations and think tanks. On the left was MoveOn and Code Pink and a nascent and tenuous Air America.

    In both cases, the liars, backed by the media, skilled purveyors of rot, won out.
    Films of Spanish occupiers shooting Cuban insurgents to death turned out to be reenactments filmed in New Jersey. Woops. Well you see it was just to give the audience a flavor of the action. It’s as if our own involvement in the perfidy becomes invisible to us.

    Thumping war drums in 2002, Fox News couldn’t say enough about Saddam being a threat to the world as he gassed his own people. Of course, they didn’t say a thing about Alcolac International and Phillips, US raw chemical manufacturers actually provided Saddam’s government with thiodiglycol, the precursors to nerve agents used at Hallabja. That little bit of dissonant information was left out. Pictures of the dead bodies at Hallabja were aired on Fox every hour on the hour before during and after the invasion.

    And when the invasion turned into an occupation/insurgency/civil war, the Hallabja pictures were posted even more often to remind us why we entered into this debacle.

    Propaganda, in its rawest form was in full swing 1899, as it was after 9/11. In that 1899, Clemencia Arango, a Cuban woman, was held and questioned by Spanish authorities on the New York bound passenger vessel Olivette.

    It didn’t take long before Hearst and Pulitzer spinning the story and crafting the headlines:
    “Spanish Officials On Board American Vessels“, and “Refined Young Women Stripped and Searched by Brutal Spaniards While Under Our Flag on the Ollivette”.

    Were we going to allow a young woman to be brutalized by the imperial occupiers of her homeland? Would we allow this on a US vessel? This more than just an affront to American authority. It was an affront to manliness.
    Victor Lawson’s two Chicago newspapers sold the war from the other end of the argument. Spain was an empire in decrepitude and this island meant something for our economy. An invasion and replevin of Cuba would serve everyone, especially the oppressed masses.

    Sounds a lot like Saddam’s brutal dictatorship.
    The poor American citizen.
    We all trust so acutely our journalists, even at the worst possible times.

    In 1910, the Maine was raised in Havana Harbor and made a symbol of American might. Bodies were removed from the wreckage and the ship towed to deeper waters and sunk officially in a ceremony in front of the USS Birmingham, and the USS North Carolina. In 1974, Admiral Hyman Rickover examined the ship evidence again and determined that a fire in the coal-bunker sank the ship, not the Spanish.

    Oh, and there were no weapons of mass destruction.

    “… Remember the Maine, Operation Northwoods, Gulf of Tonkin, Kuwaiti incubator babies, Saddam’s WMD’s, Qaddafi soldiers’ Viagra spree, Last Messages From Aleppo, Douma, burning aid on Colombia-Venezuela bridge, and now attacks in the Gulf of Oman…”

    And so it goes… Freedom of the Press.

    dennis hanna

    1. it was a big jingoistic lie. the Spanish were not brutal overlords. that was just fiction. and this was the very type of a false flag attack. pathetic lying media, long in need of mistrust and a spanking

  3. It still amazes me that some people just can’t get over the simple fact that Trump won the election. And these people are getting loonier and loonier. One thing Trump did do, he got inside their heads.

  4. Considering how conservatives are treated by the mainstream media, do they view the Leftist media as a friend, foe, or benign?

  5. If President Trump followed the model of “Crazy Abe” Lincoln, the presses would be destroyed, publishers thrown in prison and free-speaking opponents entirely “neutralized.”

    I say, “Go for it, Mr. President.” What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. America has suffered the decline and deterioration of its Constitution since Lincoln. It’s time for the annihilation of the principles of communism and the resurrection and re-implementation of the “manifest tenor” of the literal Constitution for the benefit of the people, by the people, for the people.

  6. Let’s See If This ‘Fake News’ Comes True


    The White House and Republican National Committee have spent the past week scrambling to distribute VIP tickets to President Donald Trump’s Fourth of July speech at the Lincoln Memorial.

    Now, White House officials and allies are wringing their hands over the risk of the hastily arranged event morphing into Trump’s Inauguration 2.0, in which the size of the crowd and the ensuing media coverage do not meet the president’s own outsized expectations for the event.

    “They started this too late and everyone has plans already,” said Dan Eberhart, a Republican donor and CEO of the drilling services company Canary, LLC. “Everyone will be there in spirit, but in reality, people planned their July 4th activities weeks ago.”

    Less than 36 hours before the event, White House aides were crafting Trump’s speech, while administration and RNC officials finalized the guest lists.

    A White House official declined to explain the system for handing out tickets or the various tiers of VIP access, except to say the reserved seating area — extending from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to the middle the reflecting pool — will feature veterans, Trump family and friends and special guests. The first lady, vice president and second lady, and a number of Cabinet officials are expected to attend, as well as several senior White House officials — though the aide stressed this, too, was still coming together.

    “They are creating this thing from scratch, and I do not know if anyone knows how it will go off,” said another White House aide. “There are questions about the ticket distribution and who will show up. The weather might be bad. Heads are spinning.”

    An informal survey of more than a half-dozen Trump donors and allies showed that none plan to attend. Several Republicans close to the White House returned POLITICO’s calls from beaches at least one plane ride away from Washington.

    While the RNC is trying to use Trump’s speech to woo high-end donors, few, if any, seemed to want the tickets because they’d already escaped D.C.

    One Republican close to the White House said he has not heard any chatter among the donor class about attending the speech, even if it meant securing top-notch seats before one of Washington’s most majestic memorials. A Republican political operative called the week of July 4 normally a “dead zone for donors.”

    “It’s not a very tough ticket to get,” said another Republican close to the White House. “They’re not going to give it away to anyone off the street, but if you have any juice at all, you can probably get the tickets.”

    The White House allowed staffers to enter a lottery to receive up to 10 tickets per person — a sign of the administration’s rush to fill up that space on the mall, said a third White House aide.

    Edited from: “They Started This Too Late: Trump Officials And Allies Anxious About July 4 Fest”

    Today’s Poltico

      1. Good news for TDS sufferers. Ketamine has been approved by the FDA for Major Depressive Disorder…. and by extension TDS.
        Peter, Natacha, Diane, Jill, Fishy…there is hope for you if ECT wasnt covered by David Brock


        Esketamine for Treatment-Resistant Depression — First FDA-Approved Antidepressant in a New Class
        July 4, 2019
        N Engl J Med 2019; 381:1-4

        The FDA recently approved the S-enantiomer of ketamine, esketamine, a rapidly acting drug shown to be effective in patients with treatment-resistant depression. Ketamine, a noncompetitive antagonist of glutamate receptors of the N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) type, was approved in 1970 as an anesthetic. Ketamine subsequently gained notoriety as a drug of abuse (“Special K”) owing to its dissociative effects. Subsequently, researchers presented preliminary evidence suggesting that ketamine has rapid (within several hours) antidepressant effects4 — an attractive property, given the need for urgent relief of depressive and suicidal crises and faster restoration of social and occupational functioning. The longer depressive episodes last, the greater the burdens and costs for patients, their families, society, and the health care system.

    1. Trump opponents have secured a permit to launch an inflated Trump baby blimp like those seen in London. That should rile old fatty!

      But the real question pertains to VIP turnout for Trump’s speech at the Lincoln Memorial. Apparently this event was planned on short notice and anyone who really matters tends to leave Washington on July 4th. The city is notoriously hot and humid in the summer. The weather forecast calls for temperatures in the upper 80’s, humidity at 65 percent with scattered thunderstorms.

      1. Take note how the fake news media will expend energy, money and time to try and make a mockery of Indepedance Day but they won’t raise a flag or salute those hero’s that created this great country they live in.

        1. They’re too stupid to realize they’ve unwittingly become part of the committee to reelect the president.

    2. Who cares? Only the fake news media that is looking for an opportunity to pounce but generally the news is good so they either have to lie or hide.

  7. Olly, Peter sees a “what about Hillary” theme in every comment he disagrees with.
    And he sees Estivor damn near everywhere, even in comments not posted by Estovir.

    1. Peter,
      You commented that “the Trumpers” no longer trust Turley”. That’s what I was responding to…..a foolish and sweeping exaggeration.

    2. not posted by Estovir.


      I post sporadically on these forums as my day allows, so it is flattering to read that Peter Shill sees me under every rock, nook and cranny…as opposed to him having a mancrush on me. He probably throws milkshakes at men when they reject him. Maybe he was that squirrel on crystal meth?

      1. I’m obviously trying to gaslight Peter by posting a couple of comments under the “Max Sand” alias.😁

        1. Max, obviously you’re trying to gaslight. And that’s par for the course with all the Trumpers here. Funny how that goes.

          1. Unfair……not all Trumpers here try to gaslight Peter.
            Maybe a majority but not “all the Trumpers”.

            1. I’m not gaslighting. that’s when somebody makes fake opposition. my opposition is real. see my middle finger?

    3. Estovir is usually found in drains and cracks along the baseboards.

      1. Peter, don’t go psycho on us but God is found all over including drains and cracks along the baseboards.

        1. I don’t think Peter is in any danger of going “all” psycho unless Trump is re-elected.

  8. OT: From the NYTimes!

    Minority Women Are Winning the Jobs Race in a Record Economic Expansion
    The economic and social trends that have long kept Hispanic and black women from making job and wage gains appear to be shifting.

    1. and they’re the fools who hate trump. i have to say, let’s get a president that puts money in our pockets too eh? now you can see why some people like andrew yang

  9. The main screed media: enemy of the American People

    The Media Was Complicit In A Brutal Assault On An Innocent Journalist

    No responsible journalist would support a domestic terrorist organization that assaults the members of the press, yet here we are again with another clear example of the liberal media’s complicity in Antifa violence.

    But most members of the establishment media, many of them recently exposed as de facto pro-Antifa activists in a report by one of Ngo’s colleagues, decidedly did not speak out against this criminal attack that was caught on film in broad daylight.

    Instead, many of the people who consider themselves vocal defenders of “journalistic freedom” remained silent, or even disgustingly implied that Ngo got exactly what he deserved for daring to expose the truth about Antifa’s acts of political violence.

    One HuffPo writer, for instance, has made a career out of working closely with Antifa members to dox and harass people they believe are “fascists” under the guise of “journalism.” Perhaps still annoyed after Quillette revealed his affiliation with Antifa “contacts,” he leaped onto Twitter to justify Ngo’s beating, calling him a “fascist enabler” and a “giant f***ing snowflake” for daring to complain about a cement-laced milkshake being thrown at his head.

    A staff writer at Slate went even further, arguing that Ngo’s work exposing hate crime hoaxes such as Jussie Smollett’s “MAGA Country” farce makes him worse than the masked thugs who mercilessly punched him in the face so hard that his brain started bleeding. According to Slate, words — especially true words that hurt his left-wing causes — create an “atmosphere of violence.” In the value system of today’s left-wing “journalists,” that’s apparently worse than actual violence.

  10. Wanta a lot more explaining and defining. if they are including as media the left wing extremists that in former decades were known as the main stream media then right off the starting blocks the statement would not be true. Look at the hash that segment of the media made of a simple assignment of colors.

    Unless of course when referrring to the GOP as red they really meant to say RINOs. But not if they were referring to the Constitutional Centrists where Red, White and Blue would be accurate.

    Or the same media referring to the DNC including DINOs as blue when they are known for well over a century as being in the same camp as La Bandera Rosa crowd

    i see no reason to give any credence to such groups especially since they have been rejected and ejected to fringe lunactic status not by their right wing counterparts or even The Constitutional Center but by their very own collectioin of group gropers. .

  11. Seriously? Those network news organizations have been the enemy of the people long before Trump became POTUS.

  12. “Major U.S. media networks ABC, CBS, and NBC announced Wednesday that they are all snubbing President Donald Trump’s “Salute to America” celebration on the Fourth of July and plan to stick with regularly scheduled shows.”

    Fortunately they no longer own the airwaves.

    1. Olly: that’s because Trump co-opted a non-partisan Independence Day celebration and turned it into a campaign rally and vainglory rally. Predecessors in the Oval Office steered clear of doing this because they are patriots. Trump is a narcissist and is disliked by the majority of Americans, so why would any network other than Faux News cover this campaign rally masquerading as an Independence Day celebration?

      1. Bwahahahahaha!

        When this nation’s Independence Day rally has all the appearances of being a campaign rally for the sitting president, then I’d say that campaign is on the right track.

  13. No surprise that one-third of the country feel that way, they have been conditioned well. Truth isn’t truth, Don’t believe your ears or eyes. Alternative facts. Modern day propagandists, FOX, Frank Luntz, Hannity, Rush, and the like. And they have gotten the mass of the willfully ignorant to love this President, who believes Putin more than our own intel, right there tells you something about the one-third.

    1. Send your generous financial contributions (large bills in small brown bags) to the lying leftwing jurinalists since they are losing their jobs…your peeps need your money now more than ever


      Journalism Job Cuts Haven’t Been This Bad Since the Recession: Reporters become bartenders and baristas while looking for work

      The news business is on pace for its worst job losses in a decade as about 3,000 people have been laid off or been offered buyouts in the first five months of this year.

      The cuts have been widespread. Newspapers owned by Gannett and McClatchy, digital media companies like BuzzFeed and Vice Media, and the cable news channel CNN have all shed employees.

      The level of attrition is the highest since 2009, when the industry saw 7,914 job cuts in the first five months of that year in the wake of the financial crisis, according to data compiled by Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc., an outplacement and executive coaching firm.

      The firm’s tally is based on news reports of buyouts and layoffs, and includes downsizing at printing operations and advertising and tech executives at Verizon Media Group, home of HuffPost and Yahoo, which announced in January that it was laying off about 800 employees.

  14. American agree: liberal media is garbage just like Congressman Frederica Wilson, Dem…..

    CNN Death Spiral Continues with Double Digit Q2 Ratings Collapse

    The far-left fake news outlet CNN came in 15th place in primetime during the previous quarter and lost nearly 20 percent of its already pathetic viewership.

    Let’s go straight to the numbers…

    During the second quarter of this year, here’s how the average viewing audience stacked up…


    FOX: 2.4 million

    MSNBC: 1.67 million

    CNNLOL: 761,000

    Total Day

    FOX: 1.32 million

    MSNBC: 900,000

    CNNLOL: 541,000

    Viewership drops compared to this same quarter last year…


    FOX: -2%

    MSNBC: -4%

    CNNLOL: -18%

    Total Day

    FOX: -6%

    MSNBC: -3%

    CNNLOL: -18%

    Obviously, what the above numbers prove is that CNNLOL is not the victim of a downturn in the overall news cycle but rather a victim of its own horribleness, of Suicide By Fake News and Hate.

    In all of cable TV during primetime, FOX was number one, MSNBC number two, and CNNLOL was number…. 15.

    So much for the Left speaking for Americans

      1. yet you felt compelled to respond. Hows that tolerance and love of America going?

        send your generous financial contributions to help your distorted jurinalist since they are hemorrhaging financially to

        Jeff Zucker, CEO CNN
        One Time Warner Center
        New York, NY 10019-8016

        And drop your milkshake. You almost killed the gay journalist in Portland

  15. The line between news and opinion is so blurred, there is no line anymore and we talk about opinion shows as though they are News. While I don’t consider the news media as the enemy of the people, there are precious few journalists I like and trust what they say.

    1. picking news has always involved value judgments. now its more obvious. is that a bad thing? not so sure

      1. No, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. But it’s disheartening to see the bias and lack of depth in reporting and how little substance it takes for people to feel as though they’re informed. News has gotten lazy. . . They report on opinions, they sometimes let their own bias leak into their coverage. Investigative reporting? Pretty much gone. Because the fourth estate has gotten lazy, politicians have gotten lazy in what they are able to get away with. They can make an appearance somewhere, make an outrageous statement which goes on the news as their 15 second sound bite with no follow up. They just let it stand as the truth. And people believe that and base their knowledge on that.


    President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign has been using stock video footage of people purporting to be Trump supporters in its Facebook ads to prove how Trump’s popularity is “higher than ever.”

    Despite being edited with voiceovers singing Trump’s praises, “Tracey from Florida,” “Thomas from Washington,” and “AJ from Texas” can all be found on–and for just $170, you too can own footage of Thomas, aka “Bearded and tattooed hipster coffee shop owner posing.”

    “President Trump is doing a great job,” a female voiceover gushes over footage of “Tracey.” “I could not ask for a better President of the United States of America.”

    For a few seconds, minuscule faded text appears in the bottom left of the videos that says “ACTUAL TESTIMONIAL. ACTOR PORTRAYAL.”

    Journalist Judd Legum first flagged the fake footage last week.

    Ironically, the videos of these “supporters” are captioned with Trump’s rant against “the constant stream of lies from the FAKE NEWS media” about his unpopularity.

    Full Article From: “Trump Campaign Ads Use Stock Image Models To Portray Trump Supporters”

    Today’s Talking Points Memo

    1. The problem is that real time pictures show his rally’s filled to the brim and people outside listening as well. Maybe you are confusing this with Hillary’s crowds that can’t even fill up a bus.

      1. Maybe Hillary should have asked Obama to redirect the thousands of illegal immigrants locked in cages and pens at ICE Processing Centers to her campaign rallies? Though she would had to act quickly since they were largely empty because he kept deporting them out of America….but I digress

        1. Good idea, but maybe she should have filmed herself on the Mexican side of the wall where thousands were pressing themselves to get in with people actually on top of the fences. Do you think she would have charged these illegals for listening to her speak?

      2. You do realize that Hillary a. Isn’t president; b isn’t running for anything and c. Trump won and hasn’t stopped whining since he got elected!

        1. Trump won and hasn’t stopped winning since he got elected!

          There, fixed the typo for you.

          You’re welcome.

          Have a great American Independence Day!

        2. You realize that the same people who lied about Trump also lied about Hillary and didn’t bother to adequately investigate her or her security lapses. We need to get to the bottom of these conspiracies and clean up our bureaucracies.

          You sound like a quack that puts a non effective potion on an abcess and then bandages it up.

        3. Justice, the Trumpers on this blog have never gotten beyond the ‘What about Hilary?” phase. Professor Turley used to pander to that mentality. But he’s the only Trump who got past it. And for that reason, the Trumpers here no longer trust Turley.

          1. the Trumpers on this blog have never gotten beyond the ‘What about Hilary?” phase.

            Fortunately, they have good company with Barr, Horowitz and Huber.

            Stay tuned.

            1. The TDS group that comments here “have never gotten over’ the fact that JT does not attack Trump in every column.
              The wild speculation that he is angling for a court appointment, a Fox News job, the “right -wing'” commentators here, etc. goes on and on.
              They “know” Prof. Turley’s plans and his dark motives.
              A realist would like at the accusations that JT is pro-Trump for this or that reason, or anti-Trump for this or that reason, and conclude that both Trump supporters and the TDS crowd gripe about either a pro-Trump or an anti-Trump bias on his part.
              A favorite and common and somewhat slimey activity here in these threads is for people to make a comment like Peter just did, or to gripe about JT being “anti-Trump”.
              It’s not likely that he’s simultaneously both, but very likely that he’s neither in his Trump-related columns.

              1. Tom, JT has pretty much given up on Trump. And I don’t blame him. He knows Trump is largely indefensible. JT is already looking beyond.

                1. Trump is quite defensible and I will defend him and even compare him to Obama or the one’s presently running for the Democratic nomination. It’s really amazing how little you know of your own party.

                  Today a Democrat icon JFK would be considered a right winger perhaps as bad or worse than Trump
                  Today in comparison to the present Democratic contenders Obama would be considered to be on the right of the party or perhaps out all together. That is how the goal posts move with Democrats so that they are able to defend very little of what they say.

                  On that score you said there was no evidence of significant voter fraud and I provided you with a good example. You ran away just like you did all the other times when you asked for evidence. You are quite disingenuous.

                2. “Tom, JT has pretty much given up on Trump”. For one thing, the JT columns are largely about Trump- related ISSUES, and not necessarily “Trump as a candidate”, of “fatso”, or “the orange one”. And JT might oppose Trump or concede when Trump has a point.
                  For another thing, Peter might relay that message to the TDS crowd here. Fishwings and others “know” that Prof. Turley is trying for an appointment on the Court, a fat-paying$$$ job at Fox News, that JT is pandering to the pro-Trump readers, etc.
                  Tell them that “JT has pretty much given up on Trump”, because they’re the idiots whining about these columns being biased in favor of Trump.

                3. You should look beyond too at the serious problems and how your Democrat leadership sabotage is undermining our border security and national tranquility. Trump will be gone in one or five years, but the damage they do will persist, even against best effort. Saboteurs and in some cases like Julian Castro outright traitors.

              2. The TDS group that comments here “have never gotten over’ the fact that JT does not attack Trump in every column.

                “They were abused children”
                – Goose (actor Anthony Edwards) to Maverick (actor Tom Cruise) in the film “Top Gun”

            2. Olly, funny you should mention Horowitz. Today we learn that Horowitz is investigating why the FBI called-off their long-planned move to suburban Washington. It appears that Trump wants the FBI to stay at their Downtown Washington site across the street from Trump’s Hotel. Trump fears that if the FBI leaves the site to private development, the site could become a hotel that competes with ‘his’.

              1. Again Peter you are creating fact out of nowhere. If I were Trump I wouldn’t permit any move by the FBI until the mess was straightened out and the FBI organized appropriately.

              2. Fake news. Good for the FBI to stay inside the urban perimeter. Do you want DC to collapse like so many other urban enclaves? FBI, talk about a good tenant. Wow. More Democrat sabotage ! Trump’s solid developer instincts serve our great nation!

            1. Kurtz, I don’t understand how Peter draws his conclusions. One can disagree with a person’s opinion and trust him. My doctor’s political opinion is 180 degrees opposite mine and I trust him and he trusts me. Turley is a lawyer and an expert. I trust Turley to correctly state the law. I don’t necessarily trust Turley’s opinion especially since he appears to be left of center and seems too attached to big government.

    2. who cares? trust me there’s plenty out there. they just dont want to pay royalties

  17. There is only one media outlet that could be termed and “enemy of the people” and that is FOX. It’s never been about news. It’s always been about money….they will do and say anything for profit. Even Fox Occasionally speaks the truth.

    The real enemy of the people is our President and his kleptocratic cronies in the GOP. A man who moans jealously about having to deal with Congress while praising a dictator isn’t someone who is committed to the oath of office he took.

    The president doesn’t want a free press. His version of journalism is a bunch of people who pat him on the back, stroke his ego and praises his every utterance no matter how crazy or dangerous.

    1. Sucking on the Democrat Talking Point Hookah much are ya? Or is it your just so deep down in the sheets of the corrupt Democratic State Run Media sources.

    2. “The president doesn’t want a free press.”

      So far the only President to spy on the press in the last decade was Obama.

      1. You are out of it, really. Your president shook the hand of a man who ordered the murder…a cruel and violent murder…of a journalist.

        1. You have chosen to be an idiot and perhaps a warmonger. You seem to prefer going to war than winning the peace.

        2. Your left wing agitprops caused a brain hemorrhage and bruises to a gay journalist and have warned freedom loving Americans to stay home.


        3. Trump did shake Kim’s hand. He also threatened to nuke Kim’s country to kingdom come if they continued down the path they were on. Hopefully, we take the road to peace rather than nuclear destruction.

    3. Peter posted this earlier and even though it’s from the comedy show, this is not a gag. They really talk like this on Fox and judging from the cultists on this board, some people suck this up.

      1. I often skip over links from cultists like JanF/anon1/Anon post, but I may read it later.

  18. The name “free press” is today a misnomer. Journalists aren’t “free” and today they are completely under the thumb of corporate control. Any journalist working for the mainstream media who steps out of line and/or refuses to push the corporate-driven agenda will be terminated and, correspondingly, those who follow the party-line to a “T” are rewarded. Some 6 companies control nearly all mass media. And today, more than ever, mass media speaks as though from a single voice, much like Russia’s TASS (Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union). Furthermore, contrary to Professor Turley’s “interpretation” of the Gallup survey, distrust of the mainstream media remains extraordinarily high. From 2008 to 2018, for example, Gallup’s poll indicated that the percentage of those who trust the media “not at all” or “not very much” ranged between 55% and 57%. I view this trend as a very good thing. The general public largely gets it. Moreover, when the general public largely distrusts liars and manipulators, they will make better decisions at the ballot box.

  19. Turley speaks of media being “openly partisan”, mentioning CNN and MSNBC, but left out the most-absurdly partisan network of all: Fox News. Is this because we all assume that Faux News isn’t really media, but rather, is Trump’s personal propaganda platform?

    Turley mentioned that in rural areas, more people are willing to buy into the “enemy of the people” rhetoric, which is true and which also is the reason for Republican gerrymandering: to skew districts so that rural areas are over-represented to the detriment of urban, more densely populated areas, all of which favors Republicans. Rural dwellers are less educated, too, which is why they believe Hannity, Carlson, Rush and Trump.

    Turley assumes, without citing any specific supporting facts, that CNN and MSNBC are “palpably” biased against Trump. How so? Please explain to me how any news outlet can report migrants being held in concentration camps under unsafe conditions and crying children not being allowed to bathe or see their parents or even play, without bias. How about the daily, endless lying? What is the neutral way to report, for example, that Trump lied about Obama begging for an audience with Kim Jon Un? What about fawning and deference shown to murderous dictators? How about the Mueller report, the contents of which Faux News consistently lies about and Trump and Putin treating Russian hacking and interference like a big, fat joke? What about the endless turnover and failure to fill key administrative positions going on 2 1/2 years now? How about appointing industry insiders and lobbyists to leadership roles in agencies, for instance, the EPA? What about Trump’s obvious ignorance of how the government works? How about the truth about health care: he does not have, and has never had any health care plan, much less one that is better than Obamacare. Trump’s Administration has done everything possible to obstruct justice and refuse to cooperate with valid Congressional investigations. Are media supposed to ignore or soft-pedal the facts that support the inescapable conclusion that Trump is the most-divisive and least-qualified person ever to occupy the Oval Office?

    Now we are on the eve of the 4th of July, which Trump is trying to turn into a campaign event. To soothe his tender feelings and avoid the truth about the extent of his unpopularity, to keep back demonstrators and to prevent a repeat of small crowds at the “inauguration”, the RNC is providing tickets and demanding that key Republicans sit on bleachers right in front of the dias, so that all the fat Dotard will see is cheering supporters. It’s all staged and fake, but Faux will report it as a truthful representation of Trump’s greatness and popularity. Oh, and he’s also demanding “new Sherman tanks”* to be driven in a parade, so he can appear to be the grand leader. He demands that generals flank him at this event. This, from a draft dodger whose family has never worn the uniform. These are facts. No bias involved. Those of us whose family roots go back to the Revolutionary War are nauseated by this fat narcissist who requires that brave service people salute his cowardly ass. That he is a narcissist is also a fact. It’s not possible to be “neutral” in the face of such obvious and outrageous incompetence and defiance of American values and the rule of law.

    *Sherman tanks haven’t been used since Viet Nam. They were inferior as far back as WWII to German Panzers. Shush! Don’t tell the Dotard. He’s on a roll.

      1. In response to “This is absurd”………… you are what is absurd. Only you and patriarch Democratic State Run Socialist Media consider Fox to be controlled by Trump. Every since Fox came on the scene the lefty media and democrats have suffered great losses at the hands of their being a balanced network.

        1. You do realize Roger Ailes started FOX for the MONEY.

          The media is controlled by corporate interests. They are hardly leftists!

      2. DSS, doesn’t Natacha’s icon look like a roasted chicken on its back just brought home from the grocery store? The two squares on top are the wings and on the bottom the squares create two legs. I only mention this because what she writes sounds like it could have been written by a dead chicken.

    1. i suspect there’s a lot of Trump supporters better educated than you. I take myself for example.

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