download-1The Fourth is one of my favorite holidays as a time when citizens should put aside our differences and focus on the freedoms that unite us.  The American Republic is still a work in progress, a constitutional system that must be renewed by each generation.  This holiday unfortunately shows how our differences threaten to overwhelm our common article of faith in this representative democracy.  The Nike controversy shows how our differences are now overwhelming our core shared values, including the very symbol of this nation.  Nevertheless, many of us will join today to celebrate these United States and its history and values.  My family will celebrate with a cookout and, of course, fireworks.

The Betsy Ross flag is a wonderful symbol for this day. She has long personified the considerable contribution of women to our Revolution. Women made huge sacrifices to gather material for the Revolutionary cause from saltpeter to clothes to lead. Ross made uniforms, tents, and flags for the Revolution from her upholstery shop in Philadelphia. Her iconic flag remains a symbol of a struggle for freedom around core values that still define our nation.

Happy Fourth everyone.


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  1. July 4 is over and I heard all sorts of media saying how political it would be, how no one would show up and all the typical things we hear from the left as they try to demean America.

    Instead of what the left predicted July 4th was a success. Trump was apolitical and the place was packed.

    I haven’t heard the lefties complain that it was a giant failure and they haven’t demonstrated any proof that it wasn’t a marvelous event that recognized our nation, its founding and our troops.

      1. We expect that from our enemies but that is merely poking one in the ribs. In the meantime we are being threatened elsewhere without the pokes and laughter. Think of the submarine, internet, IP, EMP, etc.

        1. I’m not happy about Russian or Chinese or British meddling and/ or hacking in trying to influence our elections.
          There was also an Israeli diplomat in London…..I think his name was Cohen…..who was reputed to have an intense hatred of Trump.
          The reporting indicates that he was the one who set up the meeting between Papadopolous and the Australian diplomat.
          I don’t know if he’s been interviewed or investigated by our intel agencies, but there’s a question of his objectives in arranging that meeting.
          I think that the foreign meddling issue goes beyond the Russian activity in 2016.

  2. Happy Fourth of July!!!!

    I wonder if the SJWs will accuse our Professor of having posted a racist symbol with Betsy Ross’s flag?


    ‘There are still people in this country who are going hungry — and they’re not free because of that’

    The 4th of July is a day Americans gather to celebrate our independence, self-determination, and … big-government progressivism?

    That, at least, was the theme we heard from the previous president, who regularly used America’s birthday to extol his political agenda.

    Whether it was his campaign to legalize illegal immigrants, the government’s take-over of America’s health-care industry, or the social-justice effort to equalize outcomes among races, Obama regularly peppered his Independence Day remarks with progressive partisanship.

    “We’re still perfecting our union, still extending the promise of America,” Obama said in a July 4th naturalization ceremony in 2012. “That’s why, as another step forward, we’re lifting the shadow of deportation from serving — from deserving young people who were brought to this country as children. It’s why we still need a DREAM Act — to keep talented young people who want to contribute to our society and serve our country. It’s why we need — why America’s success demands — comprehensive immigration reform.”

    In 2010, Obama noted that America was founded by “men of property and wealth” but would eventually give rise to a “new birth of freedom” that included, “civil rights and voting rights, workers’ rights and women’s rights.”

    In 2016, he used the 4th of July to insist Americans aren’t really free so long as some are hungry and without homes.

    “And then people, inside this country, understanding that there were imperfections in our union and were willing to keep on fighting on behalf of extending that freedom to all people and not just some,” he said during a White House celebration. “And that story of independence is not something that happens and then we just put away. It’s something that we have to fight for every single day. It’s something that we have to nurture, and we have to spread the word, and we have to work on. And it involves us respecting each other. And it involves us recognizing that there are still people in this country who are going hungry — and they’re not free because of that. There are still people in this country who can’t find work — and freedom without the ability to contribute to society and put a roof over your head or look after your family, that’s not yet what we aim for.”

    In 2015, amidst a debate over immigration reform, he recorded an address that specifically celebrated Americans who are working to make the country “a better, stronger, more inclusive, and more hopeful place.”

    And a few days earlier, he said that the 4th of July would be even better thanks to ObamaCare.

    “I have these vague recollections of when Republicans were saying ObamaCare would kill jobs, and crush freedom, bring about death panels,” he told a rally in La Crosse, Wisc. “Turns out, we’re still celebrating the 4th of July. The only difference is another 16 million Americans can celebrate it with health care. That’s worth celebrating.”


  4. Can someone make a simple patch of the Betsy Ross flag to cover the Nike symbols on all the crap we bought from this company? It would sell like hotcakes at Waffle House.

  5. If the colonial government hadn’t declared its independence, SLAVERY might well have lasted even longer than it did because England wanted the cheap cotton exported from the southern colonies.

    1. Nike has contracted with more than 700 shops around the world and has offices located in 45 countries outside the United States.[85] Most of the factories are located in Asia, including Indonesia, China, Taiwan, India,[86] Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Philippines, and Malaysia.[87] Nike is hesitant to disclose information about the contract companies it works with. However, due to harsh criticism from some organizations like CorpWatch, Nike has disclosed information about its contract factories in its Corporate Governance Report.
      Kitty W.,
      Nike would not have room, even for a “Bigfoot” Size 16D shoe, to acknowledge and “flag” all of the countries where their shows are made.

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