“God Has Raised This Man Up”: Christian Leader Declares That The Mueller Hearing Was A Divinely Engineered Flop

Many of us viewed the Mueller hearings as a “flop” or “disaster” for the Democrats. However, most of us viewed the failure as a clearly befuddled Robert Mueller, conflicted findings, and a lack of new information. It turns out, according to Lauri Cardoza-Moore, there was another reason: divine intervention.

The founder of a Christian Zionist group, Cardoza-Moore told TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program last week that the failure was due to God protecting Trump due to his support for Israel. Host Perry Atkinson asked “Do you think, because of the president’s protection of Israel,“[that] is one of the reasons why the whole attack against him yesterday fell apart?”

Cardoza-Moore responded

“I do believe that. God said he would utterly destroy anyone who came against Israel and if we don’t understand the spiritual dynamics that are going on; God is not going to allow this man to be attacked. He is like Teflon. It rolls right off of him. They can lob and throw things that him and it doesn’t stick, it only causes the people of America who supported him to dig in their heels and do what they can. I have never seen anything like it . . . It has to be because of God’s blessing. God has raised this man up for such a time as this.”

That divine protection may be increasingly needed since Trump is now facing state laws requiring the turning over of his tax records as a condition to appear on state ballots as well as a growing number of members calling for impeachment.

I confess that I am not convinced. Now, Green Lantern, was a divinely ordained flop. That was obvious. The Mueller hearing? Not as much.

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  1. “I confess that I am not convinced. Now, Green Lantern, was a divinely ordained flop. That was obvious. The Mueller hearing? Not as much.”
    You can’t prove it wasn’t anymore than he can prove it was. Russell’s teapot is still flying out there.

  2. Trump is now facing state laws requiring the turning over of his tax records as a condition to appear on state ballots as well as a growing number of members calling for impeachment.

    That’s rich. Twenty years back, defenders of political establishments ran to the federal courts who obliged them by annulling state laws which placed conditions on ballot access for candidates for Congress – specifically limiting the number of x in succession someone could, as an incumbent member, so appear. Now they’re hoping the numerous lawfare artists in the federal judiciary will sustain them again by endorsing a perfectly extraneous requirement requirement to stand for President – which, like a bill of attainder, is aimed at one man.

    I gather it would be status-lowering for you to attack this directly.

    They’re calling for his impeachment because moving the Overton window is intolerable to them. Liberals fancy they’re proprietors of all they see: the public square, the courts, institutions, other peoples businesses.

  3. If one doesn’t rely on God in one’s daily personal life, then what in the hell is your relationship with God for??
    I, like most Christians, pray all the time and pray for His will to be done. Please someone tell us why Mueller and the Dem’s house of sand caving-in because Truth is winning, is not God’s will?

    1. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.

      “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:8-9

  4. I hope the government is watching those Amish kids. You never know what the hell they are going to do.

  5. Let’s see, 243 years ago believers in Divine Providence brought us this great nation. Fast forward to today and we have believers in the opposite and the results are not surprising. John Marshall believed in providence and he only spent 34 years on the court. Do you trust the collective wisdom of the founding fathers, or those representing this nation today?

    Three things seem to stand out in his account as the decisive variables in the long war for independence. First there was mere contingency, both within and without the reach of human control, in the form of weather, tactical blunders on both sides, the American forces’ chronic shortages of men and materiel, and the like. Second was the intervention of Providence, which Marshall professes to see several times, such as in the seemingly chance apprehension of the British officer John André, which unraveled the treason of Benedict Arnold and saved the strategically important fort at West Point on the Hudson.

  6. Yes, thy god is full of love and has a plan. Also, many thanks for 9/11 and childhood leukemia.

  7. “Trump spiritual adviser says ‘demonic networks’ have aligned … – TheHill”


    “Jun 18, 2019 – President Trump’s spiritual adviser, Paula White, said in the opening prayer before his campaign kickoff rally in Orlando, Fla., on Tuesday that …”

    “Demonic networks have aligned.”

    Well, of course they have.

    1. “Demonic networks have aligned.” Well, of course they have.

      Well you are posting more than usual probably because David Brock is begging you and of course Satan is at work in you, so there are these to consider

  8. No one is as befuddled or confused or ignorant than our President. In fact he the most befuddled, the most confused and the most ignorant president ever int the history of the presidency. His ignorance is truly historic!

    Mueller did what he said he would do. He basically said that his report would speak for him. People who were looking for high ratings or a boffo show have no understanding of what he was doing. The one thing we do know is that Mueller did not exonerate the President!

  9. Dr. T – Can you believe (and shouldn’t you be railing against) states have implementing targeted prosecution laws to specifically charge an individual? Can you imagine if conservative states had designed a law to ensure certified birth certificates were released prior to election day, or proof of college and law school GPSs, or proof of non-use of illegal substances or proof of ALL emails sent on government servers? How about a law that requires ALL elected officials to do the same? This type of targeted and politically biased law making is an abuse of power – PLEASE start noting these abuses. They have become a rampant hysteria among the liberal left and Dems.

  10. No shortage of the crazy (and the angry) in the US of A and many of them are nutty “Christians.”

    What’s Paula White up to, I wonder…

  11. Then there is the other side of the equation:

    A subset of President Donald Trump’s supporters sincerely believe that his presidency was preordained by God. While this conviction has been widely reported (and ridiculed), it might be surprising to learn that more Americans associate the president with a figure from the opposite end of the spiritual spectrum.

    New research reports that, while 17.2 percent of Americans believe Trump’s election “is a reflection of God’s will,” 27.7 percent believe he is “working for the devil.” That same percentage replied affirmatively to the statement: “The devil is using Donald Trump for his purposes.”

    This tendency toward demonization, along with the even more widespread belief that Trump’s election amounts to a desecration of American values, “may help to explain the heightened levels of distress” following his election, writes a research team led by psychologist Serena Wong of Bowling Green State University.


  12. “Many of us” sure. Trumpsters. Many more of us found Mueller’s report as proof that the 1% and the ignorant % truly are pathetic and not particularly patriotic.

  13. Looks like the Pinkos aren’t the only ones with loonies in their camp.

    1. Gee, what took you so long, monument-man? You’re just now figuring that out? Not a surprise, of course: You’re someone who calls other Americans “Pinkos.”

  14. Since these self-described “Christians” can’t recognize the AntiChrist when he’s Tweeting in their face on a daily basis…..why should we even consider their comments?

  15. You know that California can not set the standards for a FEDERAL election.
    There will be a CONSTITUTIONAL challenge.
    And that is what you should be commenting on.

    Also, I hate that you are mocking a Christian’s belief.
    What does that belief do to you?
    Does it make your life worse in some way?
    Or are you using your national platform to demean someone?
    I find that revolting.

  16. You know damn well there is no way California can set standards for a FEDERAL election.
    There will be a constitutional challenge.
    THAT is what you should be commenting on.

    Also, who gives a damn that a Christian believes Trump was chosen for our country?
    You appear to be mocking them for that belief.
    And I find that revolting.
    Do I sound angry?
    Damn straight I am!

    1. If you can’t show an ID for a federal election, you can’t be forced to show your taxes.

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