Transgender Weightlifter Clears Away For Olympic Appearance Amid Growing Controversy

We have previously discussed the ongoing controversy over transgender individuals competing in female sports where critics say they have an unfair advantage. That debate may now go to the Olympics after Laurel Hubbard dominated the recent weightlifting competition in Tokyo. Hubbard competed for New Zealand in men’s weightlifting before her transition in her thirties. She then transitioned as is now sweeping away the competition.

This month, Hubbard took two golds and a silver in the three women’s heavyweight categories. She was not nearly that successful as a male weightlifter. Women’s groups are objecting that the system gives an unfair advantage to weightlifters born males.

Under the 2015 guidelines of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), transgender athletes can compete in women’s category as long as their testosterone levels are below 10 nanomoles per liter for at least 12 months prior to their first competition.

Many object that there remaining differences of strength and physique. The alternative is to have competitions for transgender athletes.

What do you think?

50 thoughts on “Transgender Weightlifter Clears Away For Olympic Appearance Amid Growing Controversy”

  1. So, I had to check to make sure he wasn’t FtM, transitioning back to female. But nope. He is just straight MtF. Deep set eye sockets, wide 120 degree jawline. He’s a dude, alright. I guess the real q is did go all the way Eunuch, Castrato style. Biebs comes to mind for some reason, idk why…hrmmm…anyway, if it act like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s most likely a duck.

    What was I saying…? Yes, it’s a dude, alright. Thus, stupidity. Kick him/her/it out of the competition. This is just nonsense.

  2. A broader question is why society is more willing to accommodate delusional men than to support fairness for young female athletes, many of whom have trained for years, sacrificing time and effort that could have been spent on academics or other activities. I read just yesterday about a model who was trashed and dropped by her commercial sponsor because she tweeted that “trans women can never be real women.” While her statement is true, she was attacked as a “hater” and “transphobic” and despite apologizing and retracting her comment under pressure, she was nonetheless hounded out of her job. I’m thinking that it’s fear of social abuse that’s behind the athlete issue. Trans “women,” being biologically male, are more aggressive than natural women and will launch a vicious social media attack on anyone who questions their fantasies and sense of entitlement. They have effectively intimidated others into going along with their psychosis. It’s going to get more and more crazy until people start saying “no” to them, and that process will not be easy or pleasant.

    1. It’s really weird behavior. Why can’t people just tell that model that they disagree with her on this topic, and let it go at that?

  3. That 10 nanomole/liter of circulating testosterone requirement can exclude some biological women with virilizing adrenal hyperplasia, while failing to exclude trans women who have conditioned their bodies while wholly functional biological men, then transitioned. So that particular guideline fails to address the athletic performance advantage “trans women athletes” enjoy over biological women athletes.

    It’s relatively easy to become a “trans woman athlete” with hormone therapy, and addition of spironolactone, more commonly used as a diuretic, can (as a testosterone antagonist) even produce breast growth and reduce or abolish male pattern body hair. But those treatments don’t remove or significantly reduce skeletal muscle mass or other factors in athletic performance. They do allow marginal male athletes to compete unfairly against women in sports.

    The Olympic guidelines for determining womanhood in athletes are obviously broken.

  4. What do you think?


    What competition?

    Female athletes need to boycott any sports competition that has been tainted in such fashion.

    Why are there not any transgendered (female to male) competing against men?

    Because physiology matters.

    1. Because physiology matters.

      Physiology is determined by genetics which can not change save by mutation making it a pathology.

      Transgender is Pathology.

      Every cell in the human body, over 40 trillion of them, has a genetic architecture. There are 23 pairs of chromosomes in every cell with the 23rd being the sex determining chromosome: XX (female), XY (male). Brain cells, heart cells, Lung cells, Neurons, Gut cells, muscle cells, etc…each and every one of those cells in those tissues all have a nucleus with 23 chromosomes.

      A man wearing a wig, using makeup, plucking his eyebrows and taking estrogen (like Bruce Jenner & Mr Hubbard in this JT column) does not change his genetics at the very basic cellular level. Their entire human body has grown, matured and aged to reflect the DNA design. Their bodies follow the mandates of the cellular DNA. There is no getting out of it.

      Even if he snips his privates, that does not change the cellular genetic architecture: 40 trillion cells from head to toe. The cells in your scalp and toes either say at the cellular level: XX or XY. That can not be ignored. It is not politics. It’s science

      Taking hormones to push against the genetic template is not only unsound but invites cellular dysfunction, e.g. cancer, psychological pathology, and more.

      The Left have screamed since Roe v Wade that they swear by scientific data. That was until the scientific data evolved and refuted Roe v Wade and now “transgender” (a genetic impossibility)

    2. I agree with all the points you raised, especially the lack of female-to-male trans men competing against biological men in athletics. Athletic training emphasizes physiological differences by intensive development of muscle mass and conditioning of the cardiovascular system to support prolonged physical exertion.
      Biological men have an insurmountable edge over biological women in potential for athletic performance.
      Politics doesn’t change that fact. The traditional way of cheating in women’s athletics over decades has been either to transition male athletes into women surgically and/or with hormones, or to use hormonal and other treatments to move women athletes’ muscle mass and ability to physically perform closer to those of men.

      This isn’t about trans women’s equality. It’s about trans women athletes failing to accept the constraints that biological women work under, and unfairly competing with them with fully-conditioned male bodies which have been tweaked to meet faulty guidelines which have the double effect of excluding some biological women from competition unless they take performance-reducing testosterone antagonists, while permitting men who take the same drugs, but were much more conditioned to compete before transition to make a mockery of women’s athletic competition..

  5. in MMA this is considered a joke

    ironically, one of the significant influences on MMA, the professional sport of Muay Thai, embraced a ladyboy named Nong Toom.

    it was a transparent stunt at the time, to advance the sport’s flagging popularity

    the greats of Muay Thai like Saenchai have condemned the negative trends in Muay thai as often motivated by excessive gambling interests in outcomes, but i have never heard him comment on her/him (Nong Toom). i would like to hear him comment on it.

    Buakaw, another living legend, I suspect would not be very impressed, since he is a Muslim, and they are generally not very forgiving towards gender confusion issues.

    1. sorry i meant Namsaknoi is a Muslim Muay Thai champ. The great Buakaw is not. I would like to hear from any of them on Nong Toom!

  6. Gender segregation in sports exists because of the biological differences between the sexes, not behavioral. In sports involving physical strength, women are no match for men. Without their own sports division, women could never compete.

    Now we have men’s sports, and co-ed sports. There is no more women’s sports division. Women and girls have been shut out of the top spots and many scholarships.

    It is disappointing the lack of critical reasoning and common sense, on multiple levels, for biological males to have been allowed to compete in women’s sports. In typical SJW fashion, women like Martina Navratilova who speak out against this obvious injustice are attacked. Why debate facts when one can resort to ad hominem?

    Kindness towards people suffering from a mental illness does not mean that they should be allowed to compete in women’s sports, which is unfair to all the biological women in their own division.

  7. I knew that getting rid of the beloved boudoir-styled ladies’ restrooms in department stores and other businesses, would not end well.That alone was a huge assault on the feminine way of life in our society. A travesty!
    It is the height of the male ego to wreck our most treasured female traditions by wanting to be a female and pretending to be one.. News flash:You;re not women!
    If you are so needy that you want to show-off and turn revered traditions on their heads….. join the circus!!!!!

    1. Cindy Bragg – no wonder women kept going to the restroom in department stores. All the men get are urinals and a few stalls. 🙂

        1. Cindy Bragg – we got rid of our cooties in the 6th grade. 🙁

            1. Cindy Bragg – you could put the seat up? It is not a mortal sin.

  8. Transgender people in the Olympics is one of the most encouraging things I’ve heard in years. This will be must watch TV. How do you red pill the entire world in one go? We have the answer.

    1. Unfortunately, the Olympics are reported on by leftist media. Remember the Korean Winter Olympics, in which every boring idiot who hated Trump got fifteen DAYS of unearned fame, while the people setting records got blips of coverage? Reporters who raved over the choreographed propaganda show presided over by Sister of Kim Jong-Un?

      Of course, you could well be right, Ivan. We could be much better off if the mainstream press covers “trans women athletes” scooping up Olympic gold sympathetically. Americans will accept many lies about many things, but don’t try to BS them about sports. Watching guys who trained for five years before getting shots and surgery cheat women athletes out of Olympic glory could be the shock that wakes America up.

  9. The fig leaf of “science”(below 10 nanomoles per liter for 12 or more months) that is being trotted out is ridiculous. It does not address the tremendous advantage of having grown up with “extra” testosterone and all the muscle and stamina building benefits it has. After years of normal male development now we want to be female and compete against other females with all our inherited male advantages? The costs for this “program” must be staggering. It sets up a need for a permanent bureaucracy just to take, analyze, sort through, file and database the monthly test results. It makes a mockery of the idea of a women’s competition. The whole concept is quite literally insane. We (normatives) can end the lunacy by non-participation in any event where transgendered females are allowed entry.

  10. It wasn’t until the 2000 Sydney Olympics that weightlifting was even offered to women as an official women’s Olympic sport. How quickly these opportunistic male cheaters have swooped in to steal our medals, hopes and dreams. Even if these males do not win, they are taking for themselves the very limited spots on women’s weightlifting teams.

    These men (in weightlifting as well as the men who have bullied their way into a multitude of female sports) are taking advantage of well meaning people who work toward the goal of inclusivity, but are too blind or stupid to see that by including males in women’s sports, they are excluding women from women’s sports.

    Transgender people definitely need their own sports divisions. Doped up females (“transmen”) who use testosterone to appear male still are not competitive in male leagues; male “transwomen” who lower their testosterone tend to dominate female sports, and even if they do not dominate, are not female and therefore must be disqualified from female sports on that basis alone. Many of these guys argue that if they do not win every single time then they are not dominating, and so must be included in female sports. However, that is not the point. They are not female and so should either compete as males or band together to form their own leagues and divisions. This is what women and girls did when we desired athletic opportunities.

    But rather than being supported in chasing these cheaters out of female sports, female athletes are often told they should refuse to participate or start their own leagues. Women already created our own leagues and divisions, so we should not have to start over from ground zero. And if women refuse to participate, not only do women and girl athletes lose out on precious athletic opportunity, but it is even more likely that women’s and girls’ athletic organizations will be reorganized from the inside to fully allow transgender men and boys to take the places of females in female sports.

    Society needs to stand up with the women and girls who are demanding that males be fully excluded from female sports. Stop telling them that they should either quit or start their own leagues. Female athletes, especially those at the high school and collegiate levels, do not have the power to boycott without being benched or completely cut from the team, or in some cases lose their scholarships.

    1. Transgender people definitely need their own sports divisions.

      No, ‘transgender’ people need to be told to stop pestering the medical profession for ‘treatment’ and stop pestering everyone else for accommodation.

      1. People who claim to be feminist but endorse very loosely-defined trans-woman (such as guys with beards, penises and every other evidence of male gender who “identify” as women) intrusion into every sphere of women’s lives, bathrooms lack good logic.

        So vigilant in attacking intact men of the wrong color for their “priviiege”, and so complaisant as some men usurp the very definition of womanhood and flout what protections there are for women against unscrupulous men such as separate bathrooms.

        The bathroom issue? Those who go to all the discomfort and trouble to get external genitalia and other characteristics of the other gender and aren’t openly seeking to be disruptive get a key to that gender’s bathroom.

        We may have to deal with triouble there, but actual misbehavior in restrooms is rare and easily punished, regardless of gender. Call 911 if someone’s making trouble in the restroom you can’t handle on your own.

        But guys who are pre-surgical, very obvious men, if they want to void outside their home lavatories, need to get with Nature’s program and stop pestering women to use their restrooms.

    2. Why does their need to be a separate division for transgender? They already have a biological male division. That would essentially mean that biological males would get two divisions. Biological females (transgender males) would still not be able to compete with biological males (transgender females), so it would end up with two male divisions and one female.

      The gender divisions are biological, not behavioral.

    3. I get confused when we start telling go means stop and stop means go. I am in no way arguing for men in women sports, but are you also for banning women in men sports?

      1. Patricio Manuel is the only woman athlete I know of who has ever transitioned to become a trans man, then competed against men as a man. He boxes as a super featherweight, and won his first bout against Mexico’s super featherweight Hugo Aguilar by a unanimous decision of three judges.

        Patricio Manuel, as opposed to trans women athletes, competes at a disadvantage. He grew up female and thus wasn’t really able to do more than approach the stamina, conditioning and physical power of his biological male opponents. It’s one of those cases where I’m content to leave it up to the men Manuel boxes with whether or not they wish to compete with him.

    4. well meaning people who work toward the goal of inclusivity, but are too blind or stupid to see that by including males in women’s sports, they are excluding women from women’s sports.”
      The news is the’re not “well meaning.” They’re power mongers seeking to run you and your ideas out of the public square. They don’t want tolerance; they want universal approbation for their “virtue.” And if you refuse them that, they ruin your life. Tyrant? Very Henry VIII vs Sir Thomas More. Who says things change.

      1. Henry II vs. Thomas à Becket, too. Something about the name Henry.

        Even Henry V, who Shakespeare built up as the very model of populist martial ardor (in the St. Crispin’s Day oration and before, walking around the men in disguse to hear their thoughts about him) set things up so that Joan of Arc caught hell later.

        That may be less due to being a Henry than being a Plantagenet, though.

    5. Feminists of the political stripe are failing women by failing to comment on the absurdity of allowing modified biological men to compete on an unfair basis with biological women athletes.

      Then again, failing women who are getting a raw deal is hardly news for political feminists. They were staunch defenders of predatory Bill Clinton and his misogynist wife Hillary “Bimbo Eruption” Clinton during the entire litany of Bill Clinton’s predation on women around him in the White House and before that, in Arkansas politics unfolded.

      Women don’t need feminists like that – they can succeed without fair-weather friends who desert them for marginal male athletes who use the LGBT movement to succeed as ersatz female athletes.

  11. I think that these people need to accept that they are not *literally* their gender of choice, and we need to stop encouraging that belief. A very, very small percentage of the population of the earth is wreaking havoc on the rest because as rational adults, we have replaced our spines with jelly. In no reality is suicidal ideation a sane response to a disappointment, even a big one. Perhaps that is where our attention should be. You could have an arm growing out of your forehead but be raised with real understanding and not be the equivalent of a simpering toddler simply because you exist.

  12. There must be a test. Pull down the pants and observe. Does he or she have a “dong”? He a male had his thing cut off and had surgery to create a vagina did he also get a “g” spot and clitoria?
    Weightlifting: a goofy sport and goofy for women.

    1. A simple rule. If born with a dong you must stay in with the dongs.

  13. What do I think? That it’s high time we stopped accommodating damaged goods. (And allowing ourselves to be bullied by lawyers, judges, and sundry a**holes into accommodating damaged goods). Someone insists to you he’s a houseplant, you don’t pretend for effect his delusion is real and go about a daily schedule of watering him.

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      1. Estovir – Obamacare destroyed healthcare access for the unsubsidized middle class individual policy holders. Those are a minority of the population. Sometimes, people just don’t care what they do to others with their votes. It has to hit them hard personally in order for it to suddenly matter.]

        Perhaps Medicare for All will do just that. Voters will destroy their own healthcare. Perhaps it will be labeled too big to fail, and it will be the disaster they are stuck with. If Democrats hold power, that will mean open borders, millions more illegals, which will be covered, so benefits will trickle down until one day, a doctor will hand you an empty water bottle for your heart condition and tell you to go find clean water, just like in Venezuela.

        1. Obamacare destroyed healthcare access for the unsubsidized middle class individual policy holders.

          Karen, Obamacare destroyed healthcare. It was the last mortal blow. However, long before ACA, other factors weakened medicine considerably: hospital/clinic greed, physician greed, industry, CMS, attorneys and patients all participated equally in destroying medicine in America. It didn’t grow from 6% of GDP (1970) to 17% (2017) because of Obama. Richard Nixon tried to address it with the HMO Act of 1970, but the hunger for money was far more powerful. Even Catholic Hospitals could not compete, and the Catholic Nuns were the best Nurses I have ever met in my profession.

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    1. I thought they did, they’re called psycho wards. These people need help not Olympic categories.

  15. You don’t want to hear what I really think. It’s all sprinkled with cuss words at this obvious lunacy. A man cannot become a woman or vice versa. End of story. Not even if they cut off all their body parts. The skeleton will still be structurally different. Now, why are you participating in the farce by calling a he a she?

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