“It’s The Little Things”: NBC Analyst Criticizes Trump’s Order To Lower Flags After Massacre As Implied Salute To White Supremacy

Frank Figluizzi, an NBC News national security contributor, voiced a bizarre criticism of President Donald Trump after Trump ordered flags to be flown at half mast because of the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Figluizzi said that the date, August 8th, meant that the shorthand date of 8/8 could be viewed as a reference to 88 which could be a reference to HH (the eighth letter in the alphabet) which could be viewed as a salute to “Heil Hitler.” Figluizzi explained that Trump could be simply ignorant of the obvious reference. There is another possibility: Frank Figluizzi is a reference to FF which is a reference to 66 (as the sixth letter in the alphabet) which is a reference to Route 66 which is a reference to the song “Get Your Kicks On Route 66” which is a reference to freeing yourself from any obligations or responsibilities . . . like serious commentary.

Figluizzi is the former FBI assistant director of counterintelligence and told MSNBC’s Brian Williams:

“It’s the little things and the language and messaging that matters. The president said that we will fly our flags at half-mast until Aug. 8. That’s 8/8. Now, I’m not going to imply that he did this deliberately, but I am using it as an example of the ignorance of the adversary that’s being demonstrated by the White House. The numbers 88 are very significant in neo-Nazi and white supremacy movement. Why? Because the letter ‘H’ is the eighth letter of the alphabet, and to them the numbers 88 together stand for ‘Heil Hitler.’ So we’re going to be raising the flag back up at dusk on 8/8.”

He then added without a hint of humor or irony: “No one’s thinking about this, no one’s giving him the advice. Or he’s rejecting the advice.”

The reason that “no one’s thinking about this” is that it is perfectly insane. It is even hard to believe that a hardcore Nazi would celebrate an obvious pure coincidence of an abbreviated date memorializing victims. If they do, it is hardly a reason to delay the nation mourning the dead.

This is not the first such controversy of 88. We previously discussed how some people objected to a detergent because it happened to show a jersey with 88 on the box.

One has to give the NBC analyst some credit for finding a way — no matter how contrived — to criticize Trump for honoring the dead of these massacres and to suggest that it is actually a celebrating of white supremacy. I am highly skeptical that neo-Nazis would celebrate the coincidence but if they do it is because they are perfectly insane. That does not mean that Trump should wait until 8/9/2019 to mourn the fallen . . . which would translate to HITS for the alphabetically obsessional.

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    1. Apparently “The Most Dangerous Game” did not horrify them, or sink in.

  1. “This is not the first such controversy of 88.” Well, then I am uncool. I’ve never heard of this before. Why doesn’t everyone not wearing a tinfoil half just laugh off such fantasies?

    What about that band, “Kids of 88” who made the song, “Just a Little Bit”? What if there is a death on August 8th? Would any president actually tell the American people that they have to wait a day to lower the flags, because 8/8 could refer to HH? What if it happens on the 13th? Will they refuse because it’s the devil’s number? Or what about June 6th at 6 PM? Cancel all meetings?

    This is so stupid. I flatly refuse to start demonizing numbers now. I suffer from manufactured crisis fatigue.

  2. Seriously? People think Donald Trump is devious enough that he employs numerology as a means of communicating with racists? Or that the guy with the Jewish family, whom he’s granted access to the inner workings of the White House, but secretly he supports Neo Nazis and wants them all dead?

    This is worse than Illuminati conspiracy theories.

    Trump speaks and Tweets in an extemporaneous flow of consciousness. If he doesn’t like someone, the entire planet will know.

    Republicans and conservatives are getting really tired of the constant, unrelenting harassment and all the false accusations. It just never stops. It makes it quite difficult to be polite to the people who fabricate such nonsense.

  3. Off topic. We need a discussion on the blog about vaping, tobacco, opioids and other methods of suicide.

  4. There are two phrases bandered about this week. What Nationalism and White Supremacy. In the years past White Supremacy was like being in the KKK. It is similar now except the bigots are aiming at latin americans too. The White Nationalist thing has not been defined by anyone who employs the words. They are for America? Bigots for America? Not much is being defined.
    The dirt thrown on Trump is getting disgusting.
    We need to talk about those bigots in Congress who hate Jews. The Gang of Four.

  5. Where in the world is John Durham?

    Having dinner with the elusive Joseph Mifsud?

    They say Italy is nice this time of year.

    Something Wicked This Way Comes!

    The Obama Coup D’etat in America is the most egregious abuse of power and the most prodigious scandal in American political history.

    The co-conspirators are:

    Rosenstein, Mueller/Team, Andrew Weissmann, Comey, Christopher Wray, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Laycock, Kadzic, Yates, Baker, Bruce

    Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Priestap, Kortan, Campbell, Sir Richard Dearlove, Steele, Simpson, Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer, Stefan “The

    Walrus” Halper, Azra Turk, Kerry, Hillary, Huma, Mills, Brennan, Gina Haspel, Clapper, Lerner, Farkas, Power, Lynch, Rice, Jarrett, Holder,

    Brazile, Sessions (patsy), Obama et al.

    1. Trump is the GREATEST President this country has ever seen! Trump 2020! Yeah!

  6. Reminder: Obama’s only “scandal” was when he wore a tan suit. NOT!

    Newsflash: Both Obama’s FBI Director and Deputy FBI Director were referred for criminal prosecution by Obama’s own DOJ IG. But wait! There’s more to come…stay tuned.

    1. Did you see the NEW YORK TIMES report that shows Trump support has grown since 2016???

  7. I suppose it could be viewed as more blood on Hitler’s hands.

    He didn’t just kill millions in the Holocaust and World War II. He is killing yet.

    1. From the article posted above:


      On Thursday, O’Rourke responded to the president’s attack by saying the city “is focused on healing.”

      “Not hatred. Not racism. Certainly not crowd sizes,” he wrote on Twitter. “Our community — and our country — will not be defined by [Donald Trump’s] smallness. We will be defined by the love, compassion, and strength of El Paso.”

      1. Yes, Beto and those Castro brothers are so “focused on healing.” Getting the “truth” out there. Really? All while standing in front of the news cameras lobbing attack after attack, with most of them simply personal opinions being presented as “facts” when they are mostly blatant lies, false attacks and smears, at President Trump. That’s all about “healing.” NOT.

  8. <Allan wrote on August 8, 2019 at 5:09 PM…..The violence from the left and the talk of violence from Democratic Presidential candidates demonstrates the Democratic Party is totally unhinged.

    It isn’t just the Left, though. Let’s practice some intellectual rigor. It’s all of us. Face it: whether you choose to admit it or not, we are addicts to the internet, attention seeking behavior, our hunger for validation, the Dopamine rush that follows pleasurable behaviors, and the enemy is us.

    Americans were once envied in the Western Hemisphere as giants on various strata. Today we are midgets, eunuchs, impotent and, like the David Brock paid agitators, sadists, trolls, spouting off anger, hatred, division and indignation all the while wishing Mitch McConnell to be stabbed and then pounding their chest as moral guardians to our future nation (e.g. Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Betto, Julian Castro, et al).

    It is a dangerous, deep, dark online existence and we seeit here on this forum with the David Brock paid trolls (e.g. Anon1, Peter Shill, Natacha, the crude Anonymous, et al)

    Wall Street Journal:

    The Deep Dangers of Life Online
    The El Paso and Dayton mass murderers reflect a modern epidemic of self-obsession.

    It is conventional wisdom that the internet has become a toxic force. Possibly the past year’s most astonishing news was that parents in Silicon Valley, where life online was created, are trying to keep their children away from screens.

    As far as I know, none of this was predicted.

    The internet was developed in the 1960s mainly by the U.S. government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to ensure the country had a communications system that could survive a nuclear attack. Based on the structure of the internet, the World Wide Web appeared in the early 1990s.

    It isn’t possible to overstate the magic of the web. Or at least its early magic. With just a click, one could summon forth the whole world in pixels on a screen.

    Once software engineers mastered the technology beneath the web, they manufactured countless apps that let everyone do just about anything—texting, image sharing, self-monitoring.

    Cellphones, invented to make personal telephone calls possible anywhere, eventually allowed people to hold the web’s magic in their hands and go deeper and deeper into what it offered. Now, like the sorcerer’s apprentice, we are discovering that the magic can turn uncontrollably malignant.

    Going back several years, I was startled at stories that began to appear in the Chronicle of Higher Education about the high incidence of anxiety among college students, and how university mental-health clinics were hard-pressed to handle their requests for help. “According to data from the 2013 National College Health Assessment,” said one of these stories, “nearly half of 123,078 respondents from 53 colleges and universities across the country felt overwhelming anxiety over the previous year and a third had problems functioning because of depression.”

    A third had problems with depression? At first I dismissed these stories as overstating the normal anxieties and coping problems of young people. But I don’t think that anymore. Even anecdotally the rise in emotional instability is obvious. What happened?

    Anxiety has existed since Adam and Eve. W.H. Auden memorialized its modern version in his long poem, “The Age of Anxiety” (1947). It comes and goes occasionally for everyone. Let us posit for discussion that anxiety runs along a scale of 1 to 100. Below 50, people cope. Above 50, anxiety starts tipping toward neurosis and more difficult coping challenges until it extends out to 100 and personal destruction.

    It’s remarkable to think that across millennia, even after Freud popularized the idea of neurosis, most people managed to stay below 50—until about the year 2000. Then, as surveys suggest, it appears that masses of people—especially in the U.S., for some reason—started finding themselves drifting past 50, into deeper and more dangerous levels of anxiety. It now seems clear that one consequence of more people hitting 100 is more mass murder by young men who simply break down.

    Whether the adaptability of the human brain is the invention of God or Darwin, I don’t think it was designed to endure the volume of relentless inner-directedness that is driven by these new screens. It is not natural or normal.

    Anyone who spends that much time immersed inside their own psyche is headed for trouble—whether adolescent girls staring at images of women Photoshopped to perfection, college students measuring themselves constantly against other students, or young men in a state of daily or hourly anger over immigrants and other enemies. The stakes online become impossibly and inhumanly high.

    A more pertinent question this tragic week is why the American system stands frozen amid what looks like a quiet epidemic of psychological and emotional erosion. The speed with which the system—politicians and the press—defaulted from the killers themselves into a paroxysm over Donald Trump has been, well, depressing.

    Gun-control laws? Maybe, but no serious person can believe they would be much more than thumbs in a dike standing against a more massively destructive force turning young men into zombielike killers. Forget alt-right and alt-left. Life lived online, as practiced by many, is a destructive, dehumanizing alt-reality.

    The screen genies are out of the bottle. Banning them won’t work. Maybe the app masters who elevated self-obsession on Instagram and 8chan could turn toward apps rooted in reality. After last week, we have nowhere to go but up.


    1. Estovir, you’re a troll for the Anti-Abortion forces and we’ve all known that for some time. The only mystery is why you think Professor Turley prefers your participation to mine or Anon’s. Like Professor Turley has a preference for oafish buffoons..??

      1. Funny how pro-abortion folks have changed to the euphemism “pro-choice” or (love this one) “reproductive rights” yet you keep referring to those of us who have a wee bit of a problem ripping out a pain-capable unborn child from its mother’s womb as “anti-abortion.” Actually, we’re pro-life.

        1. Suze, the term ‘Pro-Choice’ goes back at least 30 years. No one is honestly ‘Pro-Abortion’. No woman wants that experience if she can avoid. Yet the number of women who experience is a significant ratio. One can’t say they’re all evil. And many of them wanted to keep the pregnancies they terminated.

          1. Hill – actually it is Pro-Life or Pro-Death. The Pro-Death side can’t deal with that so they changed that to Pro-Choice.

            1. I thought the elites just want to eat the dead babies, like the Cannibal Club in LA.



              Oh, it’s real, alright…

              But you know, when their religion calls upon them…

              ::throws up the gang symbols::

              Just kidding. I kid.

              1. Anonymous – we know what the Cannibal Club does, it is all on their website. Even their club secret gang signals are on there.

                1. CC = 33. Yep. C.annibal C.lub.

                  I am actually curious about their numerology.

                  Is if off of Chaldean or Pythagorean numerology, or the other one, I am blanking right now…??

                  Why use one numerology over a different one? Is one more “sacred” to their religion?

                  Sometimes I see the 33 a lot in news…lots of 3s.


                  1. Anonymous – there is more to decode. 2 Cs 2 As 2 Bs 2 Ls. I think it is Sumerian.

          2. No one is honestly ‘Pro-Abortion’. No woman wants that experience if she can avoid.


          3. No woman wants that experience if she can avoid.

            Really? If only there was a way for men and women to have sex and avoid getting pregnant. Let’s pretend for a moment that such a way was available. What if a way was available everywhere? What if it was free?

            How would you characterize someone that chose to take a human life after avoiding using reasonable means to not get pregnant? How is that not evil?

            Come to think of it, why is birth control voluntary? More human lives have been taken through abortions than by guns. Perhaps our sex lives need to be regulated. We’ll call it sex control. Everyone that wants to exercise their right to have sex will have to go through a background check. And then the government will decide if they can.

            1. Olly, Republicans decided long ago that women’s sex lives ‘should’ be regulated. You’re a little behind the curve on that.

              1. Come on Hill, why is your knee jerk reaction always political? I responded to your comment with questions and they were philosophical, not political. At least not R/D, Left/Right.

                One would think you incapable of forming a philosophical worldview without the tutelage of a political party.

                Give it a go.

              2. “Olly, Republicans decided long ago that women’s sex lives ‘should’ be regulated.”

                Sex life: “That part of a person’s life that is directly concerned with sexual activity.”

                Peter thinks abortion is sexual activity because it gives him pleasure.

              3. Hill – you forget that everyone was regulating sex lives not so long ago. Personally, I support male birth control pills.

                1. Paul what is cheap and can be used over and over again while never losing its value?

                  The penny.

                2. Paul, is that desirable? Do we want government control of sex lives?Should Priests and Preachers have a major say in the regulation of sex lives?

                  1. Peter, Government is not controlling our sex lives. Abortion is not sex. Killing the newly born is not sex.

                  2. Hill – it was the legislature that was controlling our sex life not the priests and preachers. However having said that, priests and preachers have a moral authority to try to control our sex lives. It just depends upon the religion.

            2. “And then the government will decide if they can.”

              Olly, we have gone that route that you described, eugenics, Buck Vs Bell.

              The case was summarized by a Harry Laughlin: “These people belong to the shiftless, ignorant, and worthless class of anti-social whites of the South.”

              “three generations of imbeciles are enough.” __Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

              1. I find it stunning in this age, where information is available at our fingertips, that anyone still believes it’s a good idea to give away your rights to the government. I’ve written before that the 3-legged stool of self-government is civics literacy, civic engagement and self-reliance. To be ignorant of the fact that taking the chains off government means you are putting them on yourself, is unconscionable. This makes you utterly dependent on the will of the government and apathetic towards it’s use of the powers you gave away. This does not end well.

                1. “apathetic towards it’s use of the powers you gave away”

                  Olly, the government removes “the powers” while apathy lets it happen.

                  1. the government removes “the powers” while apathy lets it happen.

                    The government has constitutional powers we gave them. It is we that enable them to take more than that, either through ignorance, apathy and/or dependence. The point is government has always and will always assume more power than constitutionally permitted. I don’t necessarily fault the government for doing what is in their nature. Sadly it’s in our nature to allow it to happen.

                    Perhaps the next constitutional amendment we need should address this aspect of human nature.

                    1. “The government has constitutional powers we gave them. It is we that enable them to take more than that, either through ignorance, apathy and/or dependence.”

                      Yes, but the government removed those powers not granted to them and gave it to themselves. It is at that point that the apathy permitted it to happen.

              1. Thanks Cindy. You undoubtedly noticed the deep thinker aka Hill, took it is as a realistic challenge.

                Paul, is that desirable? Do we want government control of sex lives?

                He did demonstrate he has some capacity to use his left brain, but he’s full stop if that logic and reasoning threatens his right brain thinking.

            3. Olly, Hill’s statement remains true for the vast majority of women, though you question it.

              How would I characterize someone being careless in the heat of passion, or possibly incapacitated, lied to (“I’ll pull out”), forced into, or any number of similar ways of not being in full control and becoming pregnant and later choosing an abortion? I wouldn’t. It’s not my body not my life, future, plans, or situation including maybe an existing family. Many women choose to not abort, even if it means a tough future, many decide to abort and suffer guilt and regret, possibly for their entire life, some it means little to nothing but the inconvenience, though I believe that is a distinct minority.

              How about we work together on limiting these situations through education, availability of birth control, and tougher consequences for the father to be?

              1. Hill’s statement remains true for the vast majority of women, though you question it.

                Hill, take note and learn from how Anon1 reflected and commented.

                He didn’t say the vast majority of women. Had he said all women…, it would be equally false. What’s worse for Hill is the fact in most cases, it is avoidable. So his statement would be more accurately read as, because pregnancy is avoidable, the experience of an abortion is an acceptable option.

                I agree in the cases where the woman’s rights were violated or she had to make a choice between her life or that of the child, she should have the right to choose.

                It’s not my body not my life, future, plans, or situation including maybe an existing family.

                Would that be an acceptable argument as it concerns gun violence? Life is life. Either we value all life or we don’t value any.

                How about we work together on limiting these situations through education, availability of birth control, and tougher consequences for the father to be?

                I believe that is a good approach but tougher consequences for both parties involved when they are irresponsible over their choices.

                1. Olly, Hill said “No woman wants that experience if she can avoid.”. That is true except for those insane, in comas, or otherwise incapacitated. Even the group who find it only an inconvenience, reasonably don’t “want” that experience.

                  I’m sorry, but one of life’s most compelling impulses – necessary for our species survival – bears no relationship to gun violence that I see, but maybe you can clarify what you mean.

                  The women have a built in responsibilty they can hardly avoid, so I’m also not getting your suggestion on that one. There are of course situations where the woman does not want the males involvement, and I believe her wisehs are tantamount if legal. Not because I’m a feminist, but because she’s carrying the fetus/infant. She’s driving.

                  1. I know exactly what he said. What percentage of women that get pregnant are insane, in comas, or otherwise incapacitated? And when I use the term incapacitated, I’m saying not of their own free will. My guess is it’s in the single digits. But let’s say it’s 10%. Then of the roughly 600k abortions done in a single year, Hill would want us to believe 540k didn’t know how to avoid getting pregnant? Does that sound reasonable? Or is it more reasonable that the abortion experience was not a worse option than unprotected sex?

                    Now let’s consider the truly evil. Did you know there are people that buys guns legally and they plan to do harm to other people? Yeah really. Did you know there are women that know having unprotected sex may result in a pregnancy, and they do so knowing they will just go get an abortion? Yeah really. But because the gun nut is an effing nut, we’re discussing laws that will infringe the rights of sane, law-abiding citizens. And the nut that uses abortion for birth control, yeah that’s right, they are celebrated.

                    Do I have that about right?

                    1. For the Irreligious Left, abortion is a sacrament. Thus it is entertaining to see them twist and stammer with their own sputum as they express how “difficult” and “painful” it is to increase Planned Barrenhood’s revenues, lob off the heads of newborn babies and, oh, sell their body parts because…it’s “safe, legal and a womyn’s right to chewz’

                      Pass the dollar

    2. “It isn’t just the Left, though. Let’s practice some intellectual rigor. It’s all of us. Face it: whether you choose to admit it or not, we are addicts to the internet, attention seeking behavior, our hunger for validation, the Dopamine rush that follows pleasurable behaviors, and the enemy is us.”

      Estovir, if you wish to play the game of averages or moral equivalency that is your choice. But it will come back to haunt you. Very few if any are totally innocent but some are worse than others and *today* the guilt weighs heavily on the left side of the aisle with or without the extremists.

    1. From the article posted above:


      On Thursday, O’Rourke responded to the president’s attack by saying the city “is focused on healing.”

      “Not hatred. Not racism. Certainly not crowd sizes,” he wrote on Twitter. “Our community — and our country — will not be defined by [Donald Trump’s] smallness. We will be defined by the love, compassion, and strength of El Paso.”

          1. Reading comprehension obviously isn’t one of your strong suits. This is to Anon @ 8:52 pm

              1. O’Rourke’s response:


                His RESPONSE. Nothing about the man himself being “presidential.”

                1. So you’re agreeing that Beto, the man, the person, is NOT presidential? But his RESPONSE was? Wow.

  9. The violence from the left continues to spiral and could reach a point where it spirals out of control.

    “Tim Hannan, who describes himself as an anti-Trump resistance member and an “average citizen turned activist,” tweeted to his 26,000 followers, “#FireTuckerCarlson – literally light him on fire.””

    1. Allan spouting off without thinking, says: “The violence from the left continues to spiral and could reach a point where it spirals out of control.”

      Hyperbole by Allan.

      1. Hyperbole? Representative Castro (D) released the names on the Republican donor list. This is quite scary because the intent was to scare people and potentially endanger their lives. We have just had two mass murders so things are already hot. I don’t expect the Brainless Wonder to really understand what is going on. Her brainpower is near zero.

        1. His brother did I think.

          Opensecrets has been out there for years. People have been using it to track political donors and ID affiliations for years. I have never seen it so blatantly abused as by Castro. Despicable!

          Castro the candidate wants to legalize border jumping. He’s a traitor to America. These people obviously want to gin up a civil war. They’re wickedly delighted in the massacre giving them an excuse to go hog wild.

    2. Allan,

      Among many other acts of violence Soros, DNC, CNN, etc., re promoting/Paying For all now appear to have have ties to both of the Dayton, El Paso Antifa shootings.

      Interesting to me I seen online 2 warnings to beware of mass false flag shootings coming up by Antifa/Deepstate/DNC/Dark side part of US intel a few days in advance of those shootings.

      Because why? Cause their Pedo corrupt azzes are so busted they are desperate to change the narrative.

      To Late Idiots!

      BTW: Word is tonight Judicial Watch has now received today the 302s from Bruce Orh showing another part of the Obama Deepstate Coup.

    3. Twitter was filled with blatant recommendations to physically attack Trump supporters today. I flagged numerous ones. Twitter does not seem to care, if there is violence advocated, so long as it is aimed at Republicans or “racists”

      people should be very concerned with this. i was encouraged to see that Tulsi Gabbard has been hitting hard at Silicon Valley for censoring ideas. Tulsi is a Democrat, one of the best.

      Beto is a defective. He is the worst.

      1. Freedom of Speech is of the utmost of importance and we are seeing that it is being abridged so that only the PC of the left is becomming acceptable. That happened in Nazi Germany. That happened in Lenin and Stalin’s Russia. That happened in Mao’s China. Do we have to repeat those experiences.

  10. It is baffling why anyone today has accounts or patronizes any “social media” platforms.

    GOP Groups Suspend Twitter Spending After McConnell Campaign Account Is Frozen

    The @teammitch account was locked after it posted this week a video of a protest outside the Kentucky Republican’s Louisville home. In the video, a protester could be heard saying “stab the motherf—er in the heart.”

    Campaign manager Kevin Golden said the dispute showed the subjective nature of what he called the “speech police.” Referring to recent anti-McConnell tweets, Mr. Golden said Twitter will “allow the words ‘Massacre Mitch’ to trend nationally…But locks our account for posting actual threats against us.”


  11. Who ever is this idiot racist scum you are quoting all you are doing is repeating what this fascist filth want repeated and you are stupid enough to be in on it. But what do you expect from a left wing fascist extremist marxist leninist socialist propaganda organizatioin like NBC.

    Greetings from the Constitutionalist Centrists and while you are at it take a hike to Bight, ME.

  12. Some males have little things. That is not a political issue. Lower your flag today.

      1. Joe Biden is quite a narcissist himself. Wearing his cool RayBan aviator shades? Have you seen the Botox and plastic surgery on that 77 year old stretched face? How about the hair plugs? Do you think any of that has to do with vanity? Do you think all that cosmetic “work” has an affect on Biden’s brain??? Just listen to him stumble as he speaks and you will have a very clear answer.

        1. Another pointless and meaningless distraction from the hateful…and the clueless.

          1. Pointless. Really? Biden is running for president. His botoxed brain is entirely relevant. The point is that I’ll take Trump and all his character flaws any day over the race baiting “gonna put y’all back in chains” Joe Biden. Or any of the other Dem candidates, for that matter.

            1. “The point is that I’ll take Trump and all his character flaws any day”

              Go for it.

              1. Good point. We all know Biden is past his prime and he ain’t gonna be “the nominee.”

                  1. Again! We agree! See how much common ground we can find? World peace begins right here, people.

                    1. Gotta love those beauty-queen wanna-be types, squealing “World peace…”

                    2. Gotta love it. World peace? Take it or leave it. This Anonymous Dem/Progressive Trump hater? She “left it.” Anyone surprised?

      1. Another Biden flub from today in Iowa —->

        Old Botoxed Joe actually said, “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

        Wait, what??

      2. The man is working for free. It’s “obvious to most Americans” how much this man is giving up for his love of country.

        1. I live in a Van down by the ocean, like Chris F., and I make way more money off my YouTube/IG stardom than you ever will as an attorney. And I didn’t even get mt GED, or HS diploma. Cheers!



    In 2011 Trump became the best-known face of the birther movement, promoting the notion that Barack Obama was born outside the United States and thus an illegitimate president. “Trump recognized an opportunity to connect with the electorate over an issue many considered taboo: the discomfort, in some quarters of American society, with the election of the nation’s first black president,” Ashley Parker and Steve Eder wrote in The Times. “He harnessed it for political gain, beginning his connection with the largely white Republican base that, in his 2016 campaign, helped clinch his party’s nomination.”

    The lowlights of that campaign and then his presidency include the Muslim ban; the repeated references to illegal immigration as an “invasion;” the characterization of migrants as vermin who “pour into and infest” America; the tweet urging four congresswomen of color to “go back” to their countries, though only one of them wasn’t born here; and, of course, the insistence that there were “very fine people on both sides” of the violence at a gathering of neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Va.

    Some of those “very fine people” shouted “Jews will not replace us,” and yet Trump went on to excoriate the Democratic Party in general and Representative Ilhan Omar in particular as anti-Semitic. That’s what I mean about his big lie. He winks at white nationalists, then points a finger in other directions.

    He stirs up bigots and bigotry, as he did at the recent rally in North Carolina where they chanted “Send her back” about Omar and at a May rally in Florida where he asked the crowd how to prevent migrants from crossing our southern border. “Shoot them!” a man shouted. The crowd erupted in laughter. Trump’s response was a smile.

    Reflect on that in light of what just happened in El Paso. And while you’re at it, go back and reread the presidential campaign announcement speech when he mentioned rapists and drug smugglers from Mexico. It’s not just an aria but an entire opera of grievance, its unalloyed fury trained on supposedly unprincipled actors from places where people’s skin is darker and their names less bluntly phonetic than Donald Trump. It fits with eerie neatness into the “replacement theory” that animated the El Paso gunman, and it’s not meant to inspire or instruct. It’s meant to inflame.

    My Times colleague Peter Baker, who covers the White House for The Times, was precisely right when he wrote a few weeks ago that in regard to race, Trump “plays with fire like no other president in a century.” I’ll say. He’s a moral arsonist, and if he determined that the only way to hold on to power was to burn everything to the ground, he’d gladly be king of ashes. To paraphrase Milton: Better to reign over a ruined country than to be just another crass plutocrat in a noble one.

    On Monday Trump had the audacity to talk about “the perils of the internet and social media,” saying that we must “shine light” on their “dark recesses.” His Twitter account is one of those recesses. He rued how “hatred warps the mind, ravages the heart and devours the soul.” It was the ultimate distraction, decrying what he embodies.

    The biggest lies aren’t discrete. They’re overarching. They’re not incidental. They’re spiritual. And when Trump, having lit one match after another, professes distress over the inferno, that’s a charade as grotesque as they come. As dangerous, too.

    Edited from: “Trump’s Biggest And Most Dangerous Lie” by Frank Bruni

    The New York Times, 8/6/19

    1. Trump is focused on the economy and getting people back to work, making good wages at good jobs. The media and the Democrats are focused on division, lies, attacks, smears, name-calling, and …. you got it…. RACISM! Oh wait, sorry, now they’ve moved on to … WHITE SUPREMACY !!! Trump and all his supporters are racists and white supremacists. Oh, and Deplorables. Irredeemables.

      By the way….whatever happened to… RUSSIA! RUSSIA? Mueller, Mueller? Russia? Anyone?

      1. Tom, we’ve had a few mass shootings since Mueller testified. So the news cycle moves on like always.

        1. Sorry, not “Tom”….

          Oh and nice try dismissing the biggest political fraud/lie/hoax ever perpetrated on the American people that was THE major news story being spun nonstop on CNN and MSNBC for the past 3 years.

          PS Did you see the reports where it shows Trump is MORE popular today than he was in 2016? Yeah.

          1. Anonymous @5:18 PM…..I know you’re not Tom, and you know you’re not Tom. But Peter “Clouseau” Hill is convinced that you are, and in his universe, that makes it a fact.
            ( Be prepared to be called Estovir, Allan, Cindy, Cundy as well…..it seems to depend on his guess de jour).😉


            Anonymous posts allow for hit & run attacks; which is very attractive to gutless weasels. The whole concept is to attack while insulating oneself from attack.

            Commenters using their names build identities allowing others to track their positions. It also allows random readers to track a discussion.

            But the commenter using ‘Anonymous’ has no desire to be tracked. And obviously it takes no particular genius to form this strategy. Any weasel can sign ‘Anonymous’.

            1. True. “The commenter using ‘Anonymous’ has no desire to be tracked. And? So? You get to respond (or not) to the point being made, not the “persona”….

              PS You know there are ‘Anonymous’s’ from both sides of the aisle here, right?

            2. I for one, do not do “hit & run” attacks here. I offer my opinion, my view, my perspective, and my support for Trump. You may want to address your concerns about “hit & run” attacks to the Anonymous from the anti-Trump side of the aisle, though. We Trump supporters are not that kind of mean and nasty. Not at all. That’s why they wear t-shirts that say, “RESIST!” and “NASTY WOMAN” on them. Because they are nasty and resistant. Capiche?

              1. “We Trump supporters are not that kind of mean and nasty. ”

                Now that’s a hoot.

                1. Ooh, ouch, ow….that feels like a “hit & run attack” !! What are you? A “gutless weasel” or sumpin’ ??

                    1. You’re not very pretty are you? And you were always very jealous of the ‘pretty girls’ weren’t you? Yeah, it shows. You’re so OBVI us !!! Sorry, not sorry!!

                    2. “You’re not very pretty are you? And you were always very jealous of the ‘pretty girls’ weren’t you? Yeah, it shows. You’re so OBVI us !!! Sorry, not sorry!!” -crazy anon @ 9:31 pm

                      Oh, honey, you’re projecting again. Get some help with that.

                    3. Oh no, sweetheart, I’m one of the beautiful people. So I can’t relate to your situation in life. Sorry not sorry!

                    4. ‘”Oh no, sweetheart, I’m one of the beautiful people. ‘ -the delusional anon @ 10:20 p

                      Sure you are, honey. But you just keep on dreamin’. The sky’s the limit for a little dumplin’ like you.

            3. Peter, you are right in this one instance. Tell that to the Brainless Wonder. If the other anonymous disappeared and the occasional others disappeared as well only the stupid Brainless one would remain but since she never has content of her own she is very recognizeable.

              1. Correct! She is the one who poo’d on my offer of World peace in a comment above. I mean, who does that, really??? Trump supporters = good, wise and kind. Democrats = Resisters and Nasty Women. Enough said. Easy to spot.

              2. Here’s a good one… Joe Biden today in yet another slip of the tongue, said we should choose “Truth over Facts!”

                He’s letting us in on how it works for Democrats and the Media. What they believe is the “truth” for them! Nevermind the “facts”….who needs “Facts”??? Democrats and the Media sure don’t. If they believe it? That is THE TRUTH….who needs “facts”?? Which is also known as FAKE NEWS!

                See how this works?

                1. Fact vs. Truth

                  “What’s the relationship between “facts” and “truth”? Is there any difference between them? If so, how would you describe it?”



                  You’ve asked a profoundly perceptive question. Yes, there is an important difference between facts and truth. In some ways it’s analogous to the difference between a pile of bricks and St. Paul’s cathedral, or between a list of dates and Arnold Toynbee’s A Study of History. Factum, in the original Latin, denotes nothing more than a “thing done.” An isolated fact is like a stray piece of a puzzle. It’s an object, an article, a fragment of information, a bit of trivia. Truth, on the other hand, is all about meaning.

                  To put it another way, discerning truth is a matter of interpreting the facts. In a courtroom setting, the same facts are available to both prosecution and defense. Each attorney puts his own spin or construction upon the evidence, but this does not imply that both sides are right. There is still one truth. It would be absurd to insist otherwise. Depending on the type of case before the bar, an individual’s entire future may hang upon the jury’s ability to recognize this single truth. The correct meaning emerges when the significance of the pattern and the real relationship between the facts becomes clear. This is why Scripture asserts that Jesus Christ is the Truth (John 14:6). He is the Truth because all things “hold together” in Him (Colossians 1:17).

                  1. Wow, thanks for quoting Scripture and all, but what it comes down to is another Biden flub. He meant to say “Truth not Lies” but as usual, in good OLD Botoxed Joe fashion, he flubbed it and shouted, “Truth over Facts!”

                    NOT the man I would remotely feel comfortable turning over the keys to the Oval Office. Not ever.

                    1. ‘”NOT the man I would remotely feel comfortable turning over the keys to the Oval Office. Not ever.”‘ Anon the harpy @ 10:28

                      Lucky for us, you’re not the keeper of the keys, you little mind-reader.

                    2. Aha! You called me Mind-reader, eh? So I was right, wasn’t I?? You WERE always very jealous of the ‘pretty girls’….I knew it.

            4. Peter Hill – how about people who only use their last name as a title?

              1. Paul, you know my whole name. I have used some variation of my name for the 18 months or so I’ve been posting here. Even random readers of this blog would have no problem remembering who I am. You were gone for months and remembered me.

                1. “You were gone for months and remembered me.” Hill about PCS.



                  Using TabbyCat’s words, “gone” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

            5. Hill doesn’t mean that I’m a coward, since I act as his sycophant when I use the name anonymous. He makes exceptions for me.

          1. Tom, here again you pop in at an hour when we rarely see you. After 2 – 3 weeks away, you’re suddenly very active when I called Gray Anonymous ‘Tom’. How odd.

              1. Thanks, Diane. You might consider finding a name to use. ‘Any’ name! Call yourself Eleanor Roosevelt, or Ethel Mertz, perhaps.

                  1. Hey! We agree!! You are NOT Diane. Not even close. What’s the matter with Hill’s “radar”?? Sheesh….

                1. Hey Hill — I offer you Exhibit A of a “hit & run” attacker/commenter —–>

                  PS Note this nasty “Anonymous” is NOT a Trump supporter. Nope, just nasty and anonymous and full of RESISTANCE !!! ha! Easy to spot.

                  1. You and Hill might wanna meet up and smoke a joint, together.


              2. Anonymous – I support Tom Nash. I will give him all the attention he needs.

                1. This Anonymous scoffed at World Peace. Tells us all we need to know about Dems/Progressives/NastyWomen/Resistance/Antifa/Anti-Americans. Enough said.

      Typical asinine statement from Peter who is blind to statues being torn down, the murals being destroyed and fires set at university campus by the left. Trump has been remarkably rational while Presidential Candidate’s brother a Congressman doxxes Republican donors encouraging violence or killing and while other Democratic candidates talk about beating the President up.

      The violence from the left and the talk of violence from Democratic Presidential candidates demonstrates the Democratic Party is totally unhinged. What is going to happen when Durham’s report comes out. Are they demonstrating that we open warfare in the streets if certain people are indicted?

      1. Alan, rash, racist babble brings out the lunatic fringe of ‘both’ extremes. For that reason presidents have always tried to AVOID rash talk.

        1. What you say is not true and no President and his family in recent years has been abused by the other party and by the media as this President has. He withstood the lies and criminal actions and is having a successful Presidency. That kills your type because you don’t love America. You love your party / crazy ideology and don’t even know what it stands for.

  14. here is a troubling aspect about child abuse. it goes on here and it goes on in other countries too., of course.
    but specifically, one of the countries which has supplied the recent influx of migrants has a particularly bad record, Guatemala.

    my heart goes out to the victims of childhood abuse and neglect worldwide. but America is doing a poor job protecting its own children. I am not sure if we can promise to fix the problems of Central America too.

    moreover one wonders if they are failing to police abuse down there, how many perps have moved up here?

    normally one tries to clean up one’s own house first before you fix the neighbors.


    a similar observation could be made about El Salvador. the civil war was the mother of MS 13. And now they are here and acting out as victimizers instead of victims.

    Is it wise to fling wide open the doors?
    Is it wise to demonize people who humbly suggest to focus on improving the lot of Americans first?

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