Jeffrey Epstein Is Dead, But Questions Remain Very Much Alive

Jeffrey Epstein is dead. Few will likely mourn his passing but some will publicly regret it and others will privately celebrate it. The suicide comes a day after the release of documents implicating an array of powerful figures around the world. Epstein catered to friends from Bill Clinton to Prince Andrew. The timing has already caused some to question whether this was a true suicide or an effort to get rid of a man who was becoming a major threat to major players in politics and business. Close friends have already said that they believe that he was murdered. Given the low likelihood of success for Epstein, 66, in his criminal case and the prospect of spending the rest of his life in jail, a suicide attempt was likely. However, that raises the question of how a man who was once on a suicide watch could be allowed the material, let alone the opportunity, for a suicide. It appears that guards broke protocols during the night.

Prison officials say that Epstein was declared dead at 6:30 am. They say the cause was cardiac arrest but reports indicate it was a suicide. Two weeks ago, Epstein was was found nearly unconscious in his cell with injuries to his neck. 

It is the timing that is likely to spur conspiracy theories. Documents released yesterday detail allegations by Virginia Giuffre that she was told to have sex with an assortment of Epstein’s friends, including former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, former U.S. Senator George Mitchell; asset manager Glenn Dubin, modeling executive Jean Luc Brunel, the late MIT scientist Marvin Minsky, Prince Andrew and Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz. The next day, Epstein is dead.

The problem with the conspiracy theories is that Epstein had every reason to want to kill himself. He was looking at life in prison after a grueling legal process. For a man who had played the angles (and powerful friends) to continue to abuse underaged girls, he was out of both options and friends.

Yet, how could such a high suicide risk be allowed the opportunity for a suicide? At a minimum, a suicide would indicate gross negligence by the prison officials in Manhattan. Much like the murder of Whitey Bulgar at Hazelton, the death would only be possible with an utter lack of competence by correctional management and staff.

This is why the death of Epstein will be the birth of an uber conspiracy theory.

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  1. ” Ivan says:
    August 10, 2019 at 1:29 PM

    JT: “Few will likely mourn his passing…”

    Et al:

    I mourn for our long passed innocence and long for the days when I didn’t know that governments and media around the world routinely protect pedophile rings at the highest level…same as it ever was. ”

    One of the great things I like about Prez Trump is he hates pedophiles guts as I do.

    If you’re an adult and are into weird crap I don’t give a damn what you do in private as long as you’re not harming Kids, others & demanding taxpayers pay for your freak.

    But back to some of the great things P Trump has been/is doing. As others & I that were watching within his 1st year we were seeing he had rounded up/had arrested around 100,000 child molesters as was reported back then. But since then those insider sources of the numbers have dried up.

    I know it’s a sick discussing subject that others & I don’t like to read about, but there are ways we can still help these kids that are under attack by helping those on the front line of Law Enforcement/ Ret LOE/Military/Citizens that are taking the pedos off the streets.

    One way is you can donate to this charity of my friends at

    Surely you can do a few bucks a month/year, maybe setting it up on autopay?

    One of the reasons I’m posting this today is I see some local friends of Ret Special Forces Craig Sawyer have been busy here in the Tulsa & Oklahoma area.

    I seen this news this local news this & it made me feel good & it should make you feel good that there are some decent people still attempt to keep law & order & kids safe in the USA.

    1. “…was being held alone in a cell in a special housing unit.”


      One federal prison official with knowledge of the incident confirmed Mr. Epstein had been taken off suicide watch recently and was being held alone in a cell in a special housing unit. The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of being fired, said guards found Mr. Epstein in an otherwise empty cell during morning rounds. He had hanged himself and he appeared to be dead.

      It would have been extremely difficult for Mr. Epstein to harm himself had he still been on suicide watch, a second prison official said, also speaking on the condition of anonymity for fear of dismissal.

  2. Abraham “Crazy Abe” Lincoln, Lee Harvey Oswald, Vince Foster, William Colby, Ron Brown, Michael Hastings, Seth Rich, Joseph Rago,

    Jeffrey Epstein et al. “outlived their usefulness.”

    1. What a lot of people are missing in the case of Oswald, and your other examples, are pretty simple explanations.

      President Kennedy went through virtually the entire downtown of Dallas at about 15 miles an hour with the top down on his car. Any loon could have taken a shot at him.

      And one of them did. I’m surprised he made it as far as he did in that atmosphere. There just isn’t much more to it than that.

      1. The nature of the beast – the deep deep state???

        Either you’re a complete idiot or you’re a residual agent for the JFK conspiracy whose duty it is to perpetuate the lie.

        JFK grabbed the front of his throat in the Zap;ruder film. Jackie crawled to the rear to pick up brains. The motorcycle cop behind the limo was sprayed with brains and blood. The Parkland emergency physicians said they placed a tracheotomy in a bullet “entrance wound” in the front of JFK’s throat.

        JFK was shot from the front once in the throat and once in the head. Rounds also fired from a team on the Dal-Tex Building in the rear hit Gov. Connolly, the car and the curb.

        Oswald was an asset for the Marines, CIA and Intel. Oswald was a fake defector in Russia, a fake protester in New Orleans, a fake employee at the Reily Coffee Company an actual assistant to Dr. Mary (who was weaponizing cancer to kill Castro) and a fake employee at the Texas School Book Depository.

        Read “Best Evidence” by David Lifton and “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” by Edward Haslam.

        1. Oh brother. Well there’s no hope for you. I’ve got a pretty good idea of that murder scene. And you’re way out of reality.

            1. Look, I’m aware of all of this stuff. The fact is the neck is narrow. So it can make an entrance and exit would in similar fashion — unless it hits the spinal cord — which didn’t happen here. But it does stop the bullet from spinning — which means the bullet starts to tumble. And it is beyond obvious that the entrance wound for Governor Connelly was an oblong entrance wound — unless you want to claim that’s fake too. That’s just the way it happened.

        2. George – Jackie crawled to the back of the car to get the hell out of the line of fire. I do not blame her a bit for doing it. She was not trying to pick up her husband’s brains.

          1. PCS, Next question???

            She made herself a larger and clearer target. Soldiers are taught to never position themselves up on a ridge line. Jackie rose from the seat up on to the deck lid; the highest point on the vehicle. The natural reaction in a situation of live fire is to drop to the ground or behind an object immediately. Jackie would have gone down in the foot well between the seats.

            She was either attempting to grab the secret serviceman or brain matter and skull fragments.

            She had a high probability of retrieving the latter while, regarding the former, she would have had no chance for success.

            Agent who jumped on JFK’s limo recounts fateful moments – Oct 26, 2017 8:16 PM EDT

            DALLAS — When the shots were fired in Dallas 50 years ago, only one Secret Service agent managed to reach President John F. Kennedy. Clint Hill is 81 now, but his memories are sharp. He was assigned to protect Mrs. Kennedy.

            CLINT HILL:

            “Brain matter, blood, bone fragments all come out of the wound … Then Mrs. Kennedy came up on the trunk. She was trying to grab some of that material and pull it back with her. … I got a hold of her and I put her in the backseat. … And when I did that, his body fell to its left into her lap. His face– his head was in her lap. The right side of his face was up. I could see his eyes were fixed. I could see an area through the skull that there was no brain matter in that area at all. So I assumed it was a fatal wound. I turned and gave a thumbs-down to the follow-up car crew. Wanted to make sure they knew. And then I screamed at the driver to get us to a hospital.”

            – Scott Pelley, CBS

            1. George – having watched that video probably about a thousand times, my money is on her try to get the hell out. She is not trained in live fire. Plus, she was crawling (moving) on the trunk of the car. That is just my humble opinion. Clint can have his.

              1. OK. I gotcha. We’ll throw out intuition, logic and unhesitant testimony from a professional witness who was totally involved, focused and only a few feet away, Secret Service Agent Clint Hill.

                How about you do a test from behind a one-way mirror. You surprise the subjects with gunshots and see what the highest percentage reaction is. You can’t be serious. Look a the photos of the people on the grassy knoll a thousand times. They dropped to the ground as fast as they could because they feared for their lives. They heard the gunfire and knew it was immediately behind them and going just past their heads. Read the account of the cop in that area who dropped his motorcycle and ran up the grassy knoll only to be confronted by a “Man in Black” with credentials claiming to be “Secret Service” and on and on and on.

                JFK was shot from the front. Did you expect to see blood and brain tissue on the car’s deck lid from Zapruder’s distance? That material would have been imperceptibly low and in thousands of small spots. It may have been that Jackie saw the material go to the rear en masse but couldn’t locate anything in particular when she got there. She was not going to lift Clint Hill into the car and fear would have driven down, low and behind the seat backs.

                Clint Hill said “…she was trying to grab some of that material and pull it back with her.”

                PCS, you’ve lost your objectivity.

                1. George – Clint Hill’s job was to protect the President, if I remember correctly. That was his whole focus or should have been.
                  Dealey Plaza is a sound canyon, however some people were pointing to the window where the shooter was located. The people on the grassy knoll were in the possible line of fire and wisely decided to make themselves smaller or harder targets.

                  Now, let’s talk about objectivity. The fact that you believe in a grassy knoll shooter means you have lost yours. I offered my opinion and I said it was Clint Hill’s opinion of what went on. Half of what he knew about the event is a recreated memory formed by talking with others to try to make the event make sense. That does not affect my objectivity, but my subjectivity and that of Clint Hill.

                  1. PCS, have you read Best Evidence by David Lifton? It was and remains the definitive work on the JFK assassination. You will see the full course of Oswald from the Marines in Japan into Intel to Russia, New Orleans and Dallas, to his ultimate deployment by the CIA as the “patsy” for the JFK assassination. You will see the course of the conspiracy including Hoover (changed 302’s), Carlos Marcello et al. You will see the reconstructive work at Bethesda on JFK’s head wound, the staged photography and the burning of “autopsy” notes by Dr. Hume. Have you read the statements of the attending emergency room physicians who placed a tracheotomy in the bullet “entrance” wound in the front of JFK’s throat. Dr. Mary’s Monkey will inform you of the assistance Oswald provided, as his CIA assignment, to Dr. Mary Sherman in her research to weaponize cancer.

                    Have you ever heard of David Ferrie or Carlos Marcelo? Have you read any extensive research on the conspiracy and assassination? Did you know that LBJ was on the verge of being indicted related to Billy Sol Estes?

                    You are concerned with everything but the evidence. You are ignoring the evidence and supplanting your personal opinion. That is a loss of objectivity. Jackie went to the rear not, absurdly, to protect herself and not to lift a large, heavy man onto a vehicle moving away from him but to retrieve fragments (which may or may not have still been where she presumed they were), according to Clint Hill himself. The motorcycle cop to the left rear of the limo stated that he was hit by spray of blood and tissue. JFK can be seen grabbing the front of his throat where the first round entered then material can be seen exploding rearward from his head.

                    If you ever want to know the facts and the truth, read Best Evidence…then get back to me.

                    1. PCS,
                      You can read Lifton’s book, or read about a thousand boojks representing scores of competing conspiracy theories.
                      Lifton’s book will be made into a mivie, and playing on a double bill with “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.

                    2. Your state of denial and resistance to the facts and the truth are incomprehensible.

                      What does your deployment of denial as a defense reveal about you – what are you defending?

                      If you care to learn what actually happened, the definitive work on the JFK assassination is Best Evidence.

                      It presents the facts and documentation in 920 pages.

                      Oswald was an “asset” run by the CIA since his time in the Marine Corps; from Japan, Russia and New

                      Orleans to Dallas.

                      Learn about Lee Harvey Oswald’s involvement in a bizarre CIA episode of cancer weaponization in “Dr.

                      Mary’s Monkey” about Dr. Mary Sherman.

                      To reiterate, LBJ was going to be indicted in a matter or months for crimes related to Billy Sol Estes putting

                      LBJ between a rock and a hard place.

                    3. PCS,
                      Uf you’re not satisfied with the “Best Evidence-James Lifton” conspiracy theory, there are many other Wild Goose Chases to be pursued.

                    4. George – I am getting ready to break into Area 51. I rarely deal in 60 year old conspiracies. I appreciate that you are obsessed with it and it can be a good hobby. Just don’t go off the deep end. Remember, what you think is the best book is based on your opinion, not the Word of God.

                    5. PCS, I’m going to take that as a no. You haven’t read anything comprehensive or meaningful in its analysis of the JFK conspiracy. You conclude on “opinion” with a heavy dose of denial as a some kind of personal defense mechanism. I have attempted here to debate the facts, which you refer to as “obsession.” You haven’t mentioned one reliable source or any facts that lead to a different truth. You haven’t described what Oswald did in and after his service in the Marine Corps. You deny Oswald’s history as proven in Best Evidence and supported by most other authors on the subject. You haven’t even seemed to notice that a mobster, Jack Ruby, was ordered early on to take out Oswald and that Ruby was given free open access to the most important area of the most important police station on the planet on that date. You ignore the evidence that most agree on of shots and impacts from the front and a second set of shots and impacts from the rear; from the Dal-Tex Building. Apparently denying the 2 or 3 shots that came from the rear causing damage to cars and curbs, you agree with the “magic bullet” theory that Oswald shot through JFK and into Gov. Connolly with one bullet. Preposterous and dead wrong – CIA disinformation which you have bought hook, line and sinker – especially since there is no “real” bullet entrance wound on Kennedy’s back while there may be a “fake” hole done during the “fake” autopsy in which Dr. Humes burned his actual “autopsy” notes. Some day you might explain why you have been compelled to reach a conclusion without obtaining or considering all, most or even any of the evidence, testimony and facts in this case. Bizarre. Really bizarre.

                    6. George – I waded though both government reports. I was never that concerned with who the assassin(s) was/were. I am aware of the conspiracy theories, including the one where LBJ asked for his rifle back.
                      Although I do hope to be alive for the final document drop.

                  2. PCS, review the Zapruder film, Jackie crawls rearward, stops and reaches for something on the deck lid and returns to the back seat. Jackie did not proceed or intend to leave the vehicle to obtain safety. Jackie did not grab Clint Hill and assist him onto the vehicle. Clint Hill reaches for Jackie and grabs her arm.

                    1. A very common tactic of some of the whackier conspiracy believers is to label any evidence that does not neatly fit into their particular theory as “fake”.
                      Hypothetically, if someone in Dealy Plaza had happened to capture Oswald on film as he shot JFK, that film would be deemed “fake”.
                      The nuttier conspiracy believers latch on to a narrow set of factoids and construct ridiculous stories around those narrow pieces of only their “true”, “acceptable” evidence.
                      So that’s one issue in trying to have a rational discussion with these joker’s. The other problem is that they will, without basis, declare themselves to be the real experts in this area, and that their “knowledge” is superior to anyone pointing out the flaws in their crazy theories.

                  3. PCS, You have not impeached one fact, countered or even challenged one point of evidence. Ad hominem is all you’ve got. You have no credibility and it is dubious if you will ever recover any after your incoherent non-response here.

                    You’ve read government reports. I don’t believe you just wrote that. Next you’ll tell us how Lincoln had the right to suspend Habeas Corpus and that Roosevelt didn’t previously know about and actually cause the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, simply to get America into WWII. You’ve read government reports. You’re the only person left in America who hasn’t roundly rejected the Warren Report.

                    You want to “read” something relevant and accurate? Read the emergency room physicians reports below.

                    How about Ruby? Explain how a mobster ended up in what must have been the most secure spot on the globe on Nov. 24 – the Dallas Police Dept. basement as the assassin of the President was escorted through it.

                    Clint Hill’s attention and focus were on Jackie. Clint Hill was the agent running up to the rear of the limo where Jackie was crawling rearward in search of something lost; fragments of her husband’s skull. If you actually believe what you said, you don’t even know who Clint Hill is or what he was doing during the JFK assassination. Clint Hill was a few feet from Jackie and approaching her rapidly. If anyone knows what Jackie was doing it is Clint Hill because Clint Hill was looking directly at Jackie.

                    CLINT HILL:

                    “Brain matter, blood, bone fragments all come out of the wound … Then Mrs. Kennedy came up on the trunk. She was trying to grab some of that material and pull it back with her. … I got a hold of her and I put her in the backseat. … And when I did that, his body fell to its left into her lap. His face– his head was in her lap. The right side of his face was up. I could see his eyes were fixed. I could see an area through the skull that there was no brain matter in that area at all. So I assumed it was a fatal wound. I turned and gave a thumbs-down to the follow-up car crew. Wanted to make sure they knew. And then I screamed at the driver to get us to a hospital.”

                    – Scott Pelley, CBS


                    Dr Perry :
                    Below the Adam’s apple.

                    Questioner :
                    What was the entrance wound?

                    Dr Perry :
                    There was an entrance wound in the neck. As regards the one in the head, I cannot say.

                    Questioner :
                    Which way was the bullet coming on the neck wound? At him?

                    Dr Perry :
                    It appeared to be coming at him.


                    Dr Perry :
                    The nature of the wound defies the ability to describe whether it went through it from either side. I cannot tell you that. Can you, Dr Clark?

                    Dr Clark :
                    The head wound could have been either the exit wound from the neck or it could have been a tangential wound, as it was simply a large, gaping loss of tissue

                    Parkland Hospital, Dallas, beginning at 2:16pm on 22 November 1963

                    Dr Malcolm Perry and the Throat Wound

                    Dr Perry’s three remarks in the press conference:

                    “There was an entrance wound in the neck.”
                    “Which way was the bullet coming on the neck wound? At him?” “It appeared to be coming at him.”
                    “The wound appeared to be an entrance wound in the front of the throat; yes, that is correct.”

                    His testimony can be found at Warren Commission Hearings, vol.3, pp.366–389 and Warren Commission Hearings, vol.6, pp.7–17.

                    Questioner :
                    What, sir?

                    Dr Clark :
                    We pronounced him at 1300 hours.

                    Questioner :
                    Thirteen of?

                    Mr Hawks :
                    1:00 o’clock.

                    Questioner :
                    Can you describe his neck wound?

                    Dr Clark :
                    I was busy with his head wound. I would like to ask the people who took care of that part to describe that to you.

                    Questioner :
                    What was the question?

                    Dr Perry :
                    The neck wound, as visible on the patient, revealed a bullet hole almost in the mid line.

                    Questioner :
                    Would you demonstrate?

                    Dr Perry :
                    In the lower portion of the neck, in front.

                    Questioner :
                    Can you demonstrate, Doctor, on your own neck?

                    Dr Perry :
                    Approximately here (indicating).

                    Questioner :
                    Below the Adam’s apple?

                    Dr Perry :
                    Below the Adam’s apple.

                    Questioner :
                    Doctor, is it the assumption that it went through the head?

                    Dr Perry :
                    That would be on conjecture on my part. There are two wounds, as Dr Clark noted, one of the neck and one of the head. Whether they are directly related or related to two bullets, I cannot say.

                    Questioner :
                    What was the entrance wound?

                    Dr Perry :
                    There was an entrance wound in the neck. As regards the one in the head, I cannot say.

                    Questioner :
                    Which way was the bullet coming on the neck wound? At him?

                    Dr Perry :
                    It appeared to be coming at him.

                    Questioner :
                    And the one behind?

                    Dr Perry :
                    The nature of the wound defies the ability to describe whether it went through it from either side. I cannot tell you that. Can you, Dr Clark?

                    Dr Clark :
                    The head wound could have been either the exit wound from the neck or it could have been a tangential wound, as it was simply a large, gaping loss of tissue.

                    Questioner :
                    That was the immediate cause of death — the head wound?

                    Dr Clark :
                    I assume so; yes.

                    1. George – I appreciate that you care so much, but frankly I don’t give a damn. I am getting ready for Area 51. JFK is in the past, most everybody to do with it is dead. I am barely alive myself and am pulling it together so I can get to Area 51. As I told you, I hope to be alive for the last document drop on JFK.

                      I remember when they started cleaning the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and the first thing that went through my head was: Think of all the dissertations that will be proven wrong.

                    2. PCS, did you read the Parkland emergency doctors’ words? JFK was hit in the “front of the neck” just below the Adams’s apple – the tracheotomy was placed in an “entrance” wound and the bullet came from the “front.” You don’t need to make this about me. You need to objectively assess the facts as presented by the doctor’s who worked on JFK, Best Evidence, Dr. Mary’s Monkey et al. The doctors say JFK was shot in the front and from the front. Oswald was run by the CIA and placed as the “patsy” in the TSBD. Ruby silenced the “patsy.” Carlos Marcelo probably provided the shooters and the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, et al. provided the “logistics.”

                    3. George – I told you that I am preparing for storming Area 51. I am buying supplies, coordinating groups from all around the world, working in both strategy and tactical sessions. Right now I am averaging about 3 hours of sleep a day, usually 15 minutes at a time. I do not have time for your silly reindeer games.

                    4. I’ll take that bit of incoherence as your white flag of surrender – the fight has gone out of you – you took a position you couldn’t defend.

                      Condolences and thank you.

                    5. George – take it as “I don’t f**king care.” The fact that you think I have surrendered or that the fight has gone out is insane. You do not seem to be reading my post. I am very busy planning for invading Area 51. I am writing this between planning sessions for the invasion. I still have all my packing to do, etc. Until the last document drop comes out, this discussion is meaningless.

                    6. That choatic press conference with two of the ER doctors was about an hour after JFK was pronounced dead. It was a hectic scene at the Parkland Hospital, that had been overwhelmed by not only two victims of the shooting, but the Secret Service, the press, the JFK aides, the LBJ aides, etc.
                      The ER docs had an opportunity to discuss the autopsy results with a pathologist, and they exchanged information. As a result of that exchange, they agreed that the throat wound was an exit wound.
                      Years later, the ER docs were allowed unusual access to autopsy photos and x-rays. With one exception, they all agreed that what they observed in that ER was consistent with the findings of the autopsy.
                      The less honest conspiracy theorist will either ignore all if this, or maybe claim that it’s all “fake” and part of the conspiracy.
                      When the terrorist mowed down and killed the people on the bicycle path a couple of years ago, a police Dept official was VERY careful with his answers at a news conference a couple of hours after the murders. He repeatedly emphasized that the investigation was in its very early stages, and what he was telling them was the best info they had at that point, and that some additional details would come out over time that might be at odds with the in info they had at that point.
                      It’s common sense to assume that is the case, and “it goes without saying” that in the early stages of an investigation, additional information may conflict with something said early on.
                      It should go without saying, and it did in 1963. That was before it was common for every ill-informed conspiracy nut job came up with their pet versions of “what really happened” in Dallas.
                      Those doctors were not happy with the way their statements to the press an hour after JFK was pronounced dead were subsequently used by the conspiracy nuts. Had they suspected that these nuts would latch on to their immediate impressions of JFK’s injuries, they would have either not taken questions, or qualified their answers to avoid misunderstandings and misuse of their remarks at the time.

              2. Mr. Schulte,
                If you ever happen to watch the Zapruder film again you might notice that at the moment if the JFK head shot, the back of his skull apeears to be intact. I think frames 313 and beyond show the spray/ mist / tissue from the fatal head shot exploding toward the FRONT of JFK’s head…….you can observe that the back of his skull is intact.
                This is consistent with a wound inflicted from the rear, and blowing out a larger mass of bone and blood and tissue as it exits from the front of his skull.

                1. Mr. Schulte,
                  You could explain to George the difference between an ER physician and a forensic pathologist. You could explain that the ER physicians supported the conclusions of the JFK autopsy, or that JFK was on his back the entire time in the ER.
                  There was initially an assumption that he was shot through the throat from the front because they did not roll a dead man over to examine the actual entrance would from the back.
                  You could explain to him that ER docs frequently misidentify entrance or exit wounds.
                  If you survive your Area 51 project and decide you want to play raindeer games, you can explain these things to George.
                  I’ll leave it up to you. I won’t bother trying to reason with a fanatical, irrational conspiracy theorist. I also avoid pissing against the wind.

                  1. Anonymous – at this point our plan is for an many as possible to return alive. Given the military bases within range of Area 51, we have planned on using the same techniques the Viet Cong did. We have already done some infiltration and figured out timing on the opening events. However, the best plans fall when the first bullet is fired.

                    1. Mr. Schulte,
                      Those who secure Area 51 also use VC techniques. You mentioned not seeing fences……they have instead dug camaflouged pits with sharp bamboo spikes to dispatch those who fall into the pits.
                      They probably have drones, and infared viseo monitoring of the entire perimeter.
                      I don’t think would be tresspassers get very far.

                    2. Anonymous – we have already droned the entire fence line and picked the best places to break through. There may be an aerial attack as well. There are fences and I think the road is mined with sensors. When you get to a certain point, trucks appear on the ridge line. There are signs warning they will shot once you break the fence line. We are prepared for all sorts of contingencies. Thank goodness for Army-Navy stores.

                    3. Anonymous – Bernie is never going to be President, so we want the UFO info in Area 51 now. We have scanned our computers for Russians bots and not found any, however there may be government stooges we will have to uncover before we go in. That isn’t under my purview though. Strategy and tactics is where I shine.

                      Crowdstrike has cleared all of our computers of possible Russian interference. I am assured they are the best in the business at this. Even the FBI rely on them. Some of the guys may be doing some jail time for gifs they had on their computers, but we are hoping we can get this operation going before there is any blowback.

            2. I didn’t know that Jackie was in the military, and trained how to react under fire.
              She’s in a car crawling along at about 8-10 MPH. Connelly has been shot several seconds before, her husband’s brains are blown out inches from her, and she probably made an instantantins decision to get the heck out of a slow moving car whose occupants were being shot.
              There’s no great mystery involved here.
              One curious factor IMO is the relatively slow reaction of the limo driver. After 3 shots fired in about 8 seconds, and obvious commotion in the car a few seconds before when Connelly and Mrs. Connelly reacted to his being shot, the driver is still crawling along in a strait line.
              Clint Hill dealt with regrets over not reacting sooner, but he did all he could under the circumstances.
              But it was the driver who actually might have made a difference in the outcome had his reactions been quicker.

  3. You omitted a couple of facts that could be relevant: 1. This is a DOJ FEDERAL facility, under the supervision of Trump’s AG, William Barr; 2. Epstein introduced Melania to The Donald. Where, how and why she became acquainted with Epstein is not publicly known. Therefore, don’t look for much in the way of deep investigation into this suspicious “suicide”.

    1. Epstein introduced Melania to The Donald.

      He didn’t. You keep repeating this lie in this thread.

  4. Time to watch the financial dealings of the guards very closely. How convenient for the guards to be somewhere else for a man that was on suicide watch.

  5. …”At a minimum, a suicide would indicate gross negligence by the prison officials in Manhattan.”…

    Gross Negligence? _or_ “COMPLICITY” ?

  6. Correcting my earlier post, NBC is reporting that Epstein was taken off suicide watch on July 29th. The obvious questions now are: Who made this decision, and how did it escape the attention of US Atty. Geoffrey Berman and Federal Judge Richard Berman?? The MCC prison staff have a lot of ‘spainin to do.

  7. Great he is dead. You folks care about suicide? Then call for the outlawing of tobacco sales and use. Guns are quicker. Smokers: get a gun and do it right.

    1. For those who preach “the world is over populated:” I nominate you to stop being a hypocrite. Stop suggesting the unborn must pay a price you won’t pay. Kill yourself. Fertilize the earth. Feed the worms for the future unborn. Stop claiming you have a right the unborn don’t, because you got here first.

  8. He maybe gone, but he leaves a path of human destruction with eye witnesses that can put the finger on other perpetrators. The entire suicide scenario has a rotten smell of underhanded actions taken by those who wish to be hidden in the bushes.

  9. This is a colossal failure on the part of his jailers at MCC. Inmates under suicide watch are supposed to be under camera-recording surveillance. That’s why the FBI is moving in fast, to secure the camera data and analyze it. I won’t accept the “suicide” conclusion without objective proof, and also need to rule out any help or assistance he may have arranged.

    As far as the broader conspiracy case, be prepared to question the motives of any pundit who voices an expectation that the sex-trafficking case will be closed. I fully expect other indictments to follow, in no way impeded by today’s event. The evidence is strong that this was a sex-trafficking ring, run like a business, and co-conspirators (e.g., Ghislane Maxwell) need to be held accountable.

  10. Sounds like Whitey Bulger’s misfortune. Only in his case both the FBI and the mob wanted him dead.

  11. “Mr. Epstein, the financier indicted on sex trafficking charges, was not under suicide watch at the time of his death.”


    General William P. Barr said in a statement that a special inquiry would be opened into what had happened.

    “I was appalled to learn that Jeffrey Epstein was found dead early this morning from an apparent suicide while in federal custody,” Mr. Barr said. “Mr. Epstein’s death raises serious questions that must be answered. In addition to the FBI’s investigation, I have consulted with the Inspector General who is opening an investigation into the circumstances of Mr. Epstein’s death.”

    1. OK, Bob: just HOW did the Clintons get into this FEDERAL facility, under the control of William Barr’s DOJ? How was Epstein acquainted with Melania, such that he introduced her to Trump?

        1. “This is absurd x XI on August 10, 2019 at 3:11 PM
          He did not introduce her to Trump, except in your bilge-infested imagination.”


          Who knows…, but Epstein claimed to have played a role:

          “Jeffrey Epstein boasted that he played matchmaker for Donald and Melania Trump, report says”

          “After the 2016 election, financier tried to play up his connection to new president by saying he introduced him to his third wife”

          1. Was Epstein in the modeling business? He wasn’t. Trump was, Melania was, and the man who introduced the two was.

              1. Again, Natacha, this is your fantasy. It has no reality outside your head. You continue to lie and pretend it does.

            1. “…the man who introduced the two was.”

              Maybe he introduced them and maybe he didn’t.

              Maybe you shouldn’t believe everything you read.

  12. JT: “Few will likely mourn his passing…”

    I mourn for our long passed innocence and long for the days when I didn’t know that governments and media around the world routinely protect pedophile rings at the highest level…same as it ever was.

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