Trump: Any Jewish Person Who Votes Democratic “Shows Either A Total Lack of Knowledge or Great Disloyalty”

In a disturbing statement to the media, President Donald Trump declared Tuesday that “any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat – I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.” American Jews have long fought against the common trope that they vote solely on Israel and put the interests of that country above their own. Weirdly, Trump appears to be adopting the trope with this comment. It is a deeply insulting suggestion for Jewish Americans who vote their consciences on the future of this country. Trump seemed to suggest that they are expected to be one issue voters.

This follows equally disturbing comments suggesting that four Freshman Members go back to their “original countries.” It also follows the disastrous decision of Israel to bar the entry of U.S. Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan due to their political views. Trump reportedly encouraged the move that prompted Jewish groups in the United States to denounce the action.

In his comments in the Oval Office next to Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, Trump lashed out at the suggestion of Omar that the United States use its aid to Israel to ensure “full rights to Palestinians.” Trump said that “Five years ago, the concept of even talking about this … even three years ago, of cutting off aid to Israel because of two people who hate Israel and hate Jewish people… I can’t believe we’re having this conversation.”

Later Trump questioned whether Tlaib’s tears in a recent interview were genuine.

Trump also retweeted a statement from a commentator referring to him as “King of Israel” and the “second coming.”

If the politics are changing on Israel, it will be in part due to the bone-headed move against Omar and Tlaib by Israel. Trump and Israel succeeded in the impossible: getting Jewish groups to defend two members viewed as anti-Israel. Now various leading Jewish groups have denounced Trump’s loyalty comments, though Trump has refused to back off the comments.

This statement about “disloyal” Jewish voters is deeply offensive and only strains the alliance with these voters even further. Trump was already having problems. According to a Gallup poll published in March, only 26 percent of Jewish voters approve of Trump’s work at president while 71 disapprove.

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  1. “The final key to the way I promote is bravado. I play to people’s fantasies. People may not always think big themselves. but they can get very excited by those who do. That is why a little hyperbole never hurts. People want to believe that something is the biggest, the greatest and the most spectacular.”
    ― Donald J. Trump, Trump: The Art of the Deal

  2. The Democratic Party increasingly, openly supports BDS. Democrats elected two open anti-semites to Congress, with AOC offering her full support to them. It is perplexing why Jewish voters would continue to associate so strongly with them. BDS is antisemitic, not just an attack on Israel. Antisemitism is harmful to our own Jewish citizens. There is more to this issue than Israel.

    BDS is mostly run by Hamas, whose goal is the destruction of Israel, and therefore another Jewish genocide. That makes it an issue for American Jews.

    I believe that Leftism attracts Jewish voters because of its promise to care for the masses. Having suffered from thousands of years of diaspora, and the Holocaust, this can be seen as a humanitarian choice. However, it is ironic that Jewish voters seem unaware that Nazism was more Leftist than right. It dissolved individual rights and formed a brutal authoritarian regime. The 1% remarks common in the Democratic Party are very similar to that used in the German Socialist Party (the Nazis) to target successful Jews. Then there is the racist identity politics, where your worth is judged by your race, sexual orientation, and gender. There are movements to politicize speech. The Qu’ran encodes antisemitism, and yet Democrat politicians encouraged migration from undifferentiated cross sections of highly anti-semitic societies, rather than choosing from among them those who would assimilate with Western values. They advocated for more migration, such as was seen in Europe with devastating consequences.

    So it is legitimately a quandary why so many Jewish people vote Democrat in our country. However, such a ham handed Tweet is surely not going to explain the contradiction. He could have succinctly stated the position.

    That said, it is difficult to compete with a politicized mainstream media that provides free advertising to Democrats. There really is no cushion for Trump to give away points on missteps like this.

    1. Let me quote from the Hamas governing charter article 7:

      “… the Islamic Resistance Movement aspires to realize the promise of Allah, no matter how long it takes. The Prophet, Allah’s prayer and peace be upon him, says: “The hour of judgment shall not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them, so that the Jews hide behind trees and stones, and each tree and stone will say: ‘Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him,’ ”

      How does one deal with an entity whose governing charter is to kill the Jews?

      What happened when Israel gave up the land of Gaza with nothing in return. Hamas sends missiles into Israel on a frequent basis intended to kill. They locate these missiles at schools and hospitals so the Israeli’s won’t respond.



    In a normal news cycle, in a normal America, this one controversy would be enough for any president. Trump is flatly asserting that Jewish voters are both disloyal Americans and disloyal Jews unless they support him.

    Yet this morning Trump has drummed up another mindless controversy by calling off a trip to Denmark he was scheduled to make in 2 weeks. Incredibly the reason is Denmark’s refusal to discuss selling Greenland! It almost sounds like a joke but it’s now a headline on mainstream sites. Trump confirms it with a tweet.

    One has to seriously ask why this president keeps igniting endless controversies. And such needless controversies! Like why should Denmark be pressured to sell Greenland?? Why should Jewish voters have to choose between Trump and loyalty?? None of it makes any sense.

    1. Peter – there are good reasons for the US to buy Greenland. People thought it was silly until they started looking into it. Greenland is a net loss for Denmark, but could be a net gain for the US. It would help us control those sea lanes the Russians and Chinese want. It has rare earths that we are currently getting from China, meaning we could control our own rare earth sources. And it isn’t big enough to make a state. 😉

        1. Hill – word got out that Trump had discussed with aids about buying Greenland. The Danish PM mocked the proposal in public, calling it absurd. That was not a diplomatic move just ahead of meeting that very President.

          The leak should not have happened. Trump should not have addressed the rumors by forwarding the meme with a Trump tower in the barren Greenlandic landscape, saying he would not do that. The Danish PM should not have mocked Trump just before meeting Trump. It is poor diplomacy. Is anyone suggesting that Denmark was incapable of reaching out through channels with a simple, “No, thank you?”

          So, there was a lot of should-nots going around.

          There was discussion several times about the US acquiring Greenland. Such discussions should have been kept quiet, of course.

          Since is not fully autonomous, being comprised of something like 50,000 people, it depends upon Denmark. This of course means that it has a higher probability of changing hands than an autonomous country with a robust economy. Puerto Rico is another example of a country that has a high likelihood of changing, whether that means it will be autonomous or a state.

          Of course acquiring land through purchase is not an absurd idea. That’s how we got Alaska and the Luisiana Purchase. Of course there is nothing absurd about broaching the idea. It just should not have been all over the internet and the news during the process. Past presidents did not have this instant gossip channel of the internet and media.

          1991 AP Article on US interest in Greenland (not absurd):

          1. Karen, you’re right. Negotiations like the purchase of Greenland should be kept completely quite. But it was Donald Trump who raised the issue with a mindless tweet. Which leaves discriminating minds to wonder if Trump’s main goal was simply alienating ‘socialist’ Denmark.

            This comes on the heals of that stupid rift with Sweden. So Trump is dissing socialist, Scandinavian countries knowing his base won’t mind. Just giving Scandinavia the finger while yelling F U. That’s Donald Trump.

            1. ” But it was Donald Trump who raised the issue with a mindless tweet”

              I thought the idea got out to the public through gossip that preceded the tweeting. But it doesn’t matter. There was no tweeting possible when Harry Truman proposed buying Greenland but then again Harry Truman was a Democrat. Then again there was the purchase of Alaska, Seward’s Folly. Stupid people laughed about that as well but I think Alaska is an important state even thought the residents don’t dress like the people in Hollywood.

              Peter, you take every opportunity to deride the President but when one thinks a bit deeper (deeper than a snail can think) they realize that certain things might make sense.

  4. Is ANYONE here aware that there is a LAW in Israel that denies entry to supporters of the BDS movement? Besides, Talib and Omar’s itinerary said they were going to Palestine so why should Israel let them in?

    As for why Jews vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, I’ve been asking the same question for years. Any of you geniuses know the history of the ocean liner St. Louis? Any of you aware of how the NY Times buried the news of the Holocaust? Anyone know anything that happened before last Thursday?

    1. Israel is on a collision course with itself. And it’s hilarious to bring up the Holocaust with regard to what is happening to Palestinians on the West Bank by the State of Israel. Now Israel has annexed Judea and Samaria — despite what their kangaroo courts want to say — decisions that are every bit as embarrassing as the Dread Scott decision that happened in our own country.

      When you’ve annexed something, everyone who lives in the annexed area gets to vote. But not here. So they better do something about it.

      This is not an apology for the Palestinian behavior — which leaves a lot to be desired.

      But you have an impossible situation developing for a country that calls itself a beacon of freedom.

  5. When the other political party keeps putting their foot in their mouths, you just ought to let them keep doing it. But Trump just can’t seem to leave well enough alone and wants to put his own foot in his mouth as well.

    He already won one election by default, not because anybody particularly likes him. But I don’t know if he gets that.

  6. Some of the comments here are truly mind bending. The President accuses Jews of being disloyal if they don’t agree with him and what we see are accusations against Democrats for being anti semites! One comment alleges bias by JT by saying his wife is Jewish! Good grief.

    The President is anti anyone who disagrees with him. He views disagreement as disloyalty. He’s going after the Jews because they are easy targets. I’m appalled and saddened. It is just another step to the bottom.

    1. Just-us Holmes:

      “The President accuses Jews of being disloyal if they don’t agree with him and what we see are accusations against Democrats for being anti semites! ”

      Oh grow up! I get better analysis in a high school class. He’s calling out American Jews by defending Israel from radical critics like Oman and Talib??? Flashcard: He’s asking American Jews the same question he asked American Blacks: why are you voting for people who so obviously have no interest in you?

      Conclusion jumping isn’t an Olympic Sport! Being willfully obtuse isn’t either.

      1. mespo is easily fooled and you have to be to remain a Trump supporter. He doesn’t GAF about Isreal, he does about trying wedge issues on Americans. As to blacks, he’s the f..king president. Do something to earn their vote besides claiming he didn’t inherit, but created what is now the longest period of economic growth in America since WWII. It was the 2nd longest when he took office and jacked up the debt.

  7. Once again, Trump violates his oath of office to protect and defend OUR Constitution. It is not disloyal to the US to not support Israel, whether one is Jewish or not. Not supporting or even criticizing Israel is a free speech, free association right of every citizen. That Trump and many of his supporters do not understand our Constitution is shameful.

    The president shows his own disloyalty to our nation by refusing to uphold his oath of office.

    If he wants to say that in his opinion, all Jewish people should support Israel, that is his right. If he wants to say, in his opinion, Jewish people are idiots for voting Democratic, that is his right. But no citizen should be accused of being disloyal. Accusations of disloyalty for failing to agree with the president about criticizing Israel is an action which has the potential consequences of jail. This is a complete abrogation of his oath of office and he should apologize to the American people for this abrogation, retract such a horrible action and never do such a thing again. He should be deeply ashamed.

    Donald Trump, this is the US. You are president of the US. You are not president of Israel. If Israel wants a loyalty oath from their citizens, that is for their citizens to decide. Israel and any of their lackeys in this government (such as yourself) may not decide that our Constitution is null and void! If you want to run for office in Israel, please feel free to do so!!!

  8. deeply disturbing, deeply insulting.

    Damn Turley, I can’t tell if you’re virtue signaling or becoming as fragile as the Brits. What should be deeply disturbing and equally insulting is the extremes to which the Democrat candidates have gone to pander to whatever is left of their party. In the meantime it’s apparent the Democrat party leadership has made the conscious decision to just use the squad to speak their antisemitism without blowback on the party. All of that is the result of Trump’s policy success and him stealing the Democrat’s communication playbook.

      1. mespo…..we miss him, too.
        When our daughter, our only child, turned 13, hubby thought the perfect rite-of-passage would be to take her to see Carlin, who happened to be performing in Austin on her birthday.
        The two of them went and she had a blast. She still talks about it, fondly, today.
        There was no one like George Carlin.

      2. He speaks with such clarity. Do that as a comedian and your appreciated and loved. Do that as a politician and your attacked and hated.

    1. Good catch, Cindy. I doubt we’ll find out but Jews, like everyone else, tend to vote their economic interests. No one watching Trump could conclude he’s antiSemetic.

      1. No one watching Trump could conclude he’s antiSemetic.

        Trump is the elephant everyone has been watching for years but just can’t seem to agree on what he is. Watching the watchers reminds me of the Blind Men and the Elephant parable.

        It was six men of Indostan,
        To learning much inclined,
        Who went to see the Elephant
        (Though all of them were blind),
        That each by observation
        Might satisfy his mind.

        The First approach’d the Elephant,
        And happening to fall
        Against his broad and sturdy side,
        At once began to bawl:
        “God bless me! but the Elephant
        Is very like a wall!”

        The Second, feeling of the tusk,
        Cried, -“Ho! what have we here
        So very round and smooth and sharp?
        To me ’tis mighty clear,
        This wonder of an Elephant
        Is very like a spear!”

        The Third approach’d the animal,
        And happening to take
        The squirming trunk within his hands,
        Thus boldly up and spake:
        “I see,” -quoth he- “the Elephant
        Is very like a snake!”

        The Fourth reached out an eager hand,
        And felt about the knee:
        “What most this wondrous beast is like
        Is mighty plain,” -quoth he,-
        “‘Tis clear enough the Elephant
        Is very like a tree!”

        The Fifth, who chanced to touch the ear,
        Said- “E’en the blindest man
        Can tell what this resembles most;
        Deny the fact who can,
        This marvel of an Elephant
        Is very like a fan!”

        The Sixth no sooner had begun
        About the beast to grope,
        Then, seizing on the swinging tail
        That fell within his scope,
        “I see,” -quoth he,- “the Elephant
        Is very like a rope!”

        And so these men of Indostan
        Disputed loud and long,
        Each in his own opinion
        Exceeding stiff and strong,
        Though each was partly in the right,
        And all were in the wrong!


        So, oft in theologic wars
        The disputants, I ween,
        Rail on in utter ignorance
        Of what each other mean;
        And prate about an Elephant
        Not one of them has seen!

        1. im aware of that historical connection and marx and the predominance of jews among the top communist cadres of the soviet union. this is not a controversial assertion but factual
          Solzhenitsyn wrote a book 200 years together which covered a lot of that. it’s only fully translated in bootleg copies. Talk about English “samiszdat,” lol

          i used to find this troubling. But, now i see it in a light more favorable to jewish people. they have a sense of the group. this pervades the Jewish religion of course, but it also informs their cooperativeness in politics, whether it’s their past connections to various socialisms, all the way to the nuances of LIkud party zionist politics, or their networking in the DNC or GOP today…. they have strong “team” instincts! This is not a fault, it’s a cultural asset. Obviously, they show the same talents in commerce, too.

          “the West” has become hyper-individualistic. To a fault. Socially atomized, “we” can’t seem to get together and resist one detrimental social trend after another. Jewish cohesion, is an admirable trait, and one that “the nations” can emulate.

          misrepresented as an antisemite, Fred Nietzsche grasped this as well. see, Genealogy of Morals.

  9. In my opinion, people will continue to defend and support those to whom they’ve grown accustomed over the years…..even long after the “sell by” date has expired.
    It’s more a cozy habit and comfortable security than actual benefit……..similar to women who stay with abusive husbands.

    1. Alllan’s comment, below, is an opinion piece from the following site:

      Its author is Rabbi Aryeh Spero, whose name you’ll see at the end of Allan’s very long comment. Allan, predictably, doesn’t give credit to the author at the beginning of the piece where one might expect to see it. In fact, one has to read or skim the entire posting to see that these are not Allan’s words but, rather, those of Rabbi Aryeh Spero.

      “Rabbi Aryeh Spero is author of Push Back and spokesman for the Conference of Jewish Affairs.”

      It’s Allan’s style; it’s the way he operates. He’s done this before and he’ll do it again.

      1. It’s Allan’s style; it’s the way he operates. He’s done this before and he’ll do it again.

        Charlie Brown, is that you? If you know that’s his style, if you know he’s done this before and will do it again, then scroll to the bottom of every post from Allan to see his attribution. Your whining about it is pathetic.

          1. Allan does it when he wants to try to pass something off as his own.

            Get over myself? Perhaps you and Hill need to be spoon fed information in easily digestible formats, but broadcasting your shortcomings as Allan’s fault is as self-centered and myopic as it gets. Yes Charlie, Lucy is going to pull the football away and Allan will “hide” his citations at the end of a post. I don’t even know if the latter is true and I don’t care. If he cites, great; if he doesn’t, then challenge that. But damn, show an ounce of personal responsibility, because your whining is embarrassing.

              1. “Blah, blah, blah…”

                That is something Diane said a long time ago when she was Diane and now anonymous is repeating the same thing. Hmmm.

                1. LOL, Allan. Many people say ‘blah, blah, blah’. Kurtz, too, recently, if I’m not mistaken.

                  Go find that 8 year-old girl who wasn’t being chased by Antifa.

                  1. Unlike you and the other lefties, if I see something that contradicts what I said I immediately provide that information. The 8 year old was a lot older than formerly thought by news articles and myself. I think she is an adult. I said that quite awhile ago and more than one time along with providing a distinct name.

                    However, since you focus on the age you apparently think very little about two people being surrounded and then chased by Antifa member and all the other violent activities of this group. But what should we expect from someone that believes Andy Ngo is at fault for his own injuries by putting his head between Antifa fists.

                    There have been other word groups that link anonymous to Diane. Anonymous has the ability to take a fictitious name and run with it but she likes the confusion created by so many anonymous’s and doens’t like to take responsibility for the Diane nonsense.

                    1. Allan knows that she’s an adult (and has other information, too) because one of the anonymous posters provided that information.

                      Allan just kept running around like a chicken with its head cut off posting the same falsehood over and over…until he was corrected. There was no effort on his part to be certain that what he was posting was accurate. One can’t trust what Allan posts. Accuracy is not one of his strengths.

                      And he continues with the silly “Diane” business.

                    2. You are a liar, anonymous. AS soon as I saw the evidence and evaluated it I commented on it and said I thought she was an adult though she looked like a child to some reporters and myself. You don’t even post under a name wanting to be deceitful and hide yourself among a bunch of others. That doesn’t say much for you.

                      Yes, anonymous you focused in only on the age not knowing how old she was either at first but you weren’t at all concerned that a man and a woman were surrounded by Antifa and then when they ran over the bridge or whatever you weren’t concerned with the Antifa mob chasing them. That too is bad. A mob attacking a man and a woman and persuing them? Andy Ngo being beaten up so he has a life threatening bleed? Are you crazy? Are you a woman prone to violence or do you just get vicarious pleasure from the violence demonstrated in Portland?

                      AS far as the Diane business goes frequently you have sounded like Diane who at times used the anonymous label. You complain about being associated with her but you should more concerned with how you sound to others. You sound crazy like Diane and might bery well be her. If you don’t like it pick a name.

                    3. “You’re the liar, Allan”

                      No, anonymous you are the liar and that is clear to see and proven the second you post with a generic anonymous name. You never correct anything you write that is in error. You can blame it on someone else who posts under anonymous. If I make a mistake I correct it under my own individual name. Liars don’t do that and in fact liars don’t have names.

                    4. “Same old BS ”

                      Anonymous, you created a mess of your identity all by yourself so stop whining and complaining. A little bit of introspection might help as well. Just keep a barf bag available.

        1. Anonymous is even more pathetic than that. Her own posts are labelled with the generic anonymous She wants to hide herself among other anonymous posters. One can’t scrolll down on her posts to find out who is posting.She is trying to hide her rubbish.

            1. The question is whether or not anonymous can think. She doesn’t bu that is beside the point.

              Thank you for making my postings that much more visible.

  10. Trump Is Fighting the Battles No One Was Willing to Fight
    The president won’t let phony charges of “racism” cow him into accepting the unacceptable and bowing to liberal demagogues and hypocrites. And neither should we.

    President Trump is broadening the effect of the presidency by taking on issues no previous leader was willing to address. First, he alerted us to a media no longer impartial but zealously preoccupied in manufacturing fake news on behalf of a radical-left wing agenda.

    He then exposed us to the dangerous reality of a vast government bureaucracy, akin to a shadow government, operating on behalf of its own interests and concerns and not those of the American people. The deep state, operating confidently and without checks and balances, ignores representatives elected by the people while pursuing a globalist and self-serving agenda.

    Now Trump is challenging the unofficial rule that people dare not criticize those whom the liberal community considers icons, personalities who may never be questioned or probed due to their liberal credentials.

    Well, it’s about time!

    It started when the president tweeted about the deplorable conditions in some of our major urban areas. He began pin-pointing what we have all seen, namely, how Democrats have run these cities for decades, contributing to their degradation and decay, and causing severe harm to their inhabitants. The liberal “icons” that have controlled these municipalities for decades have allowed urban centers, through their enforced and sanctimonious liberalism, to devolve from once-great cities to districts akin to war zones and rubble. It’s not about the race of the leaders, but their left-liberal policies, as may be seen in parts of New York City under Bill de Blasio and in Chicago until recently under Rahm Emanuel.

    Once-untouchable liberal icons, such as U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), are a major part of the problem. Trump points this out. Grandstanding about conditions along the U.S. southern border, Cummings has stood idly by as his own West Baltimore district has fallen apart. His only purpose seems to be to demand more money for the district’s power brokers.

    People belittle Trump’s tweets as unpresidential and unbecoming of his office. In reality, he is using the platform to deny and challenge the assertions of the people—media manipulators and rabble-rousing liberal politicians—who would disdain and debase this great country.

    Similarly, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continually shrieks about the southern border. She might pay more attention to the inferior conditions in large swaths of her Bronx and Queens district. President Trump is spotlighting these conditions as well as the actors involved.

    No person is above criticism. Not Cummings, not Al Sharpton, nor “squad” members Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), or Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.). If they can dish it out—as they do daily, often by tarring their opponents as racists and white supremacists—they should be able to take it.

    The assertion that racism is an exercise of power and that “people of color” do not hold power is an absurd dodge here. Cummings, Sharpton, and the “squad” hold immense power in the public sphere. To claim the privilege, as they do, of being beyond legitimate criticism based on their status as a member of a minority group is disingenuous. They ascribe to themselves a certain supremacy, which is itself a species of racism. Political correctness is eating away at the fabric of the body politic. Exploiting one’s victim status to deny others their rights, such as freedom of speech, stifles political debate, fosters corruption, and threatens essential public accountability.

    This new, (il)liberal lack of accountability manifests itself in different ways. In recent years, for example, many liberals have embraced a raw hatred of Israel, the demonization of decent white people, and a virulent anti-Semitism. Such views had long festered in the outlying provinces of the far-Left and have bubbled up on college and university campuses from time to time over the past two decades.

    But now the hatred has moved into the mainstream of the Democratic Party, under the banner of “social justice” and “progressive” civil rights politics. Long-standing identity politics grievances have given Democratic activists license to hate political conservatives, Jews, and really anyone (white, suburban female Trump voters; black conservatives) who departs from the party line

    Thankfully, President Trump is fighting back, calling them out, and not letting them get away with it. He is doing so not merely to defend himself, but to fight for us, something his predecessors and most Republican Senators are unwilling to do in our behalf.

    The president showed how it’s done Tuesday, when tweeted that he doesn’t “buy” Rashida Tlaib’s tears over being denied entry into Israel because of her anti-Semitic views: “I have watched her violence, craziness and, most importantly, WORDS, for far too long. Now tears?” The president refused to mince words with the freshman legislator: “She hates Israel and all Jewish people. She is an anti-Semite.”

    Donald J. Trump

    Sorry, I don’t buy Rep. Tlaib’s tears. I have watched her violence, craziness and, most importantly, WORDS, for far too long. Now tears? She hates Israel and all Jewish people. She is an anti-Semite. She and her 3 friends are the new face of the Democrat Party. Live with it!

    What a difference from a few short years ago, when Barack Obama used his presidential perch to criticize and malign the United States, chide America as a racist society, weaken us around the world, diminish the importance of Christian religious freedom, and extol racialists like Al Sharpton and traitors like Bowe Bergdhal.

    In contrast, President Trump, proud of being an American, is standing up for the dignity of the country. He, like so many others, is saying: It’s time to stop the baloney and farce of lionizing self-serving agitators simply because they call themselves civil rights leaders. He will not let phony charges of “racism” cow him into accepting the unacceptable and bowing to left-wing demagogues and liberal hypocrites. Neither should we.

    People mischaracterize and belittle Trump’s tweets as unpresidential and unbecoming of his office. He can be crude, to be sure. In reality, the president is using the platform to deny and challenge the assertions of the people—media manipulators and rabble-rousing liberal politicians—who would disdain and debase this great country.

    President Trump is trying, heroically, to put a halt to all this, to stop the slide. He does not want America to fall into socialism, moral relativism, anti-Americanism, and bogus propaganda designed to eat away at society and our historic moorings. He understands how cultural and social attitudes impact politics and the future of a country.

    Unlike the NeverTrumpers and too many in the Republican establishment, including previous candidates Mitt Romney and the late John McCain, President Trump is willing to put his finger in the dike to stop the onslaught against the country. For truly, when Trump’s opponents smear him over his position on immigration, borders, nationalism, patriotism, or they call him a racist, they don’t mean just him. They are talking about you and me and anyone who holds similar positions. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo revealed precisely this sentiment when he told conservatives a couple of years ago: Leave this state, you have no place here.

    We once were a country of straight-talking, commonsense, rugged individuals. One hopes we can become so again. It has not been in our American make-up to quiver and shake in our boots simply because someone will call us a name or label us a racist or Islamophobic. Part of the Trump presidency—maybe the most vital part—is meant to free us finally from the liberal tyranny and speech police, with their politically correct absurdities, and show us a courageous path so that we might return to sanity and regrow some spine. __Rabbi Aryeh Spero Aug 20 2019

    1. Alan, your long-winded, prefab comment here is divorced from any reality on the ground. It makes me seriously wonder ‘who’ you represent.

      1. Alllan’s comment, below, is an opinion piece from the following site:

        Its author is Rabbi Aryeh Spero, whose name you’ll see at the end of Allan’s very long comment. Allan, predictably, doesn’t give credit to the author at the beginning of the piece where one might expect to see it. In fact, one has to read or skim the entire posting to see that these are not Allan’s words but, rather, those of Rabbi Aryeh Spero.

        “Rabbi Aryeh Spero is author of Push Back and spokesman for the Conference of Jewish Affairs.”

        It’s Allan’s style; it’s the way he operates. He’s done this before and he’ll do it again.

            1. Diane changed her name probably out of embarrrassment and also mixed her comments with different signatures including anonymous. You don’t identify yourself as Diane, but you don’t use an alternative name so Diane is an appropriate name for you and your breed. Why should we think you are not Diane? Your different voices are frequently in the voice of Diane.

          1. You didn’t need to suspect, Hill. The name was clearly written at the bottom of the piece you commented on but obviously didn’t bother to read. You make yourself look like a fool.

        1. When one is dealing with the likes of Peter one shouldn’t tell them where it is written or who wrote it because such banal brains draw conclusions based on things other than what the writen word says Typical because leftists of today judge a person by his skin color, ethnicity, etc. rather than on his character.

      2. Peter, I know Rabbi Spero’s op-ed was a bit long and after 2 sentences you lose focus, but your comment doesn’t even demonstrate that you finished the first sentence. It was a superb op-ed that you figured would be easier to criticize through name calling than deal with the content. We all know, Peter that you are unable to cogently discuss anything of importance.

  11. Trump’s exact words might not have been stated in the best way possible but what lies behind those words was correct and clear. The words were directed at the anti-Semitism coming from the left and in specific the squad.

    Trump Twitter statement: “Rep Tlaib wants to cut off aid to Israel. This is the new face the of Democrat Party? Read the AOC PLUS 3 statements on ****their hatred of Jews**** and Israel. Check out Rep. Omar (the great people of Minnesota won’t stand for this).” (****mine)

    Trump notes the hatred of Jews in remarks made by Rep Tlaib (and others). I have to agree. Even the group setting up her trip was linked to terrorism and blood libel. If someone hates you and wishes you were dead one would be stupid to support them. Jews face death in the middle east on a continuous basis as their neighbors refused peace and the objective was and is to drive the Jews to their deaths (take note of the constitutions of Hamas). They already drove ~700,000 jews out of the rest of the middle east while taking all their belongings and threatening them with death. How many were killed is unknown. Tlaib is no different. She would be pleased if all Jews were dead or subservient to her cause.

  12. ” …only 26 percent of Jewish voters approve if Trump’s work at president while 71 disapprove”.
    This closely mirrors the percent of Jews voters who vote for Democratic candidates. The Democratic party has had black and Jewish voters in their back pocket for decades.

  13. Any Jew who votes for any Democrat for any office votes for a candidate who has not stood up to the anti Jewish Gang of Four. That Gang of Four are Hitler infested Bitches From Buchenwald. The Dem Party has gone to Hell in a Handbasket. Vote Not For The Hitlerites Who Wish To Be. Vote for Americans. Send the Holocaust promoters back to Minnesota or where they came from.

  14. The are calling the people who vote for Trump “racists.” I don’t see why JT is complaining about Trump.

  15. He obviously meant disloyalty to their Jewish heritage which of course it is. It’s blame Trump time now that’s he’s up in the polls. Trump has done more for Israel than any other President in memory and they love him for it, He has a Jewish son-in-law and loads of Jewish grandchildren. Enough of the ludicrous smear.

    1. When Jared eventually distances himself from Trump after Trump leaves office, we shall witness how he demeans his Jewish son-in-law. When Melania sues for divorce, Trump will attack her as a gold digger. The only person in this entire world Trump may not turn on might be Ivanka. Everyone else is expendable. Wait for it…

        1. Possibly. I just hope you will be man enough to admit my prognostication was correct. I’ll remind you. Trump will be nearly all alone in the end. Very few will remain loyal. Some may be Dead Enders who will never admit they were duped or “went along to get along.” What will be your excuse, my friend? Or will you take your allegiance to Trumpism to your grave?

          1. ” I just hope you will be man enough to admit my prognostication was correct. ”

            Jeffrey, it is strange that you ask such a thing as you have not been man enough to prove your points with fact nor have you been man enough to admit to so many prognostications that have been correct despite your being on the wrong side of those prognostications..

          2. JS:
            “Possibly. I just hope you will be man enough to admit my prognostication was correct.”
            I’m happy to admit when I’m wrong since there is no shame in unreliably predicting the future as nobody knows it and eventual correctness is as much a function of luck as insight. I wonder if the Russian hoaxers, Steele dossier hoaxers, Trump racist hoaxers, No-Crisis-At-The-Borders hoaxers and failed coup plotters are so equally introspective and honest.

          3. I think several here are just not willing to admit they were conned – how’s that free wall going? – or they’re not as smart as I thought.

            1. ” .. how’s that free wall going?”
              Pretty good, thanks. Mexico’s expenditures of troops and materials have stemmed another migrant invasion and the threat of tariffs will keep that process in place. Border jumping is being reduced with the concomitant drain on resources so I’d say Mexico is paying quite nicely for all wall in terms of reducing spending we’d otherwise have to incur. If things fall through tariffs on avocados, tequila, copper and those cool ponchos sounds lucrative to me.

              1. Yeah, maybe we can bring those levels down to where they were under Obama. In the meantime, we pay for tariffs placed on foreign goods, so unless you’re in the avocado business, I don’t think it will be lucrative for you. But hey with what you’re begging to pay in taxes for the “wall”,any you spend on buying avocados will be chicken feed – Big Spender!

                1. “Yeah, maybe we can bring those levels down to where they were under Obama.”
                  Well, nobody could deport like O-outahere, but it’s an aspirational goal. Buy bus company stock!

        2. Says the guy who tries to win arguments by predicting elections.

          It is a provable fact that Trump is loyal to no one except himself and no principle beyond self aggrandizement. His recent dictation to Israel was done for his own sake – he’s trying to cash it in with these pronouncements – and was damaging to Israel.

    2. I predict that come Election Day you will find that the vast majority of Jewish voters disagree with your explanation.

      1. Mike, the majority of Jews have been voting in a predictable fashion for years so one can expect your statement to be true come election day. If you wish to make a prediction why not make one that is more realistic such as what percentage will change their voting habits. That would be a prediction that merits your intellect.

    3. mespo, what do you know of Jewish heritage, which includes long held moral and social consciousness? Trump is damaging US Israeli relations for his own purposes, and Netanyahu couldn’t get elected water commissioner in NYC, so your entire premise – and his, but that goes without saying – is false.

      As to the polls, from Fox News:

      “Trump trails the top four Democratic contenders. His favorability rating is under water. The strong economy he touts is anything but…..

      Fox News Poll that shows Trump losing to the top four Democratic candidates for president. He loses to Joe Biden by 12 points (50 percent to 38 percent), Bernie Sanders by nine (48-39), Elizabeth Warren by seven (46-39), and Kamala Harris by six (45-39). Not only does Trump lose, but his numbers are also stuck in the high 30s. The president has only broken out of the 30s on this measure once since 2015, when he hit 40 percent in March 2019.

      Trump’s job disapproval rating with women is 59 percent overall. It’s 52 percent among white women and 77 percent with non-white women. He has a 60 percent disapproval rating with women under 45 years old and 53 percent with women over 45. Trump’s disapproval rating with women who make less than $50,000 is 59 percent and 54 percent with women who make more than $50,000. Independent women voters disapprove of Trump by 64 percent and suburban women disapprove of Trump by 61 percent. …

      The strong economy Trump touts is anything but and the signs are obvious.

      First, Trump cut taxes and said it would pay for itself. Instead, it has exploded the deficit. President Barack Obama inherited a trillion-dollar budget deficit in 2009, but it was down to $600 billion by the time he left office. In just two years, thanks to tax cuts, Trump has taken the deficit back to a trillion dollars. And on “Fox News Sunday,” White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow admitted that the administration is looking at more tax cuts….

      The fact is Trump’s best economic growth is 3.5 percent in two quarters out of the 10 quarters he’s been in office, CNBC’s John Harwood reports, adding that same growth figure, 3.5 percent, is Obama’s seventh best quarter, George W. Bush’s eighth best, and Bill Clinton’s 17th best. Yet, Trump claims his economy is the best ever. ..”

      1. Trump got just over 46% of the vote in 2016. That was another time since 2016 that he “broke out of the 30s”.

          1. I don’t know what “outlier” you might have found to support your claim that Trump has only been out of the 30s once since 2015.
            That is clearly false, but if it is your belief, it might be true in your mind.
            Or maybe even you don’t believe it, and you’re just an out and outliar to see what crazy claims you can get away with .

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