Poll: 62 Percent Of Americans Disapprove Of President Trump

President Donald Trump has been facing an array of polls showing rising disapproval of voters. A new poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows just how much ground has been lost with over 6 out 10 voters now disapproving of his overall performance. What is notable is that much of the disapproval registered in polls concern Trump combative and unpredictable public statements on Twitter and the media. As with his recent controversy over retweeting references to himself as the “chosen one” and statements about “disloyal” Jews who vote Democratic, Trump has been driving wedges with Suburban women voters and other voting groups as the GOP struggles to retain control of the Senate.

Even with the general view that Trump polls artificially low because some people do not want to admit to supporting him, these polls — and the rising negative numbers — reportedly has White House officials worried.

The poll shows again a core of 36% that remains committed. However, that is not enough to secure reelection.

What is striking on the other side however is the loyalty of Republicans. Only 12 percent are opposed to Trump and his numbers with Republicans has been polled as high as 86 percent support. That makes a primary challenge unlikely to succeed — and unlikely to drain Trump’s campaign of funds while two dozen Democrats fight over their nomination. It also however means that, absent a self-defeating choice like Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race, Republicans may be left with a candidate going into the general election with 6 out of 10 voters expressing opposition months in advance.

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  1. I guess the Dim candidate (who/whatever it/she/he is) has 97% chance of winning! I hope the Dims and their Dim-owned MSM beat this to death 24/7 right up through the close of voting booths! Instead of voting, all the beer-drinking pot-smoking Cheeto’s-eating food-stamp-selling Dims can stay home watching Oprah, SAME AS 2016!!!

    “Why u’s voting, Shaymeela an’ Trayvonz, it’s in the bag, pickup another case o’beer, and roll another doobie…”

    It’s almost like the Dims never heard of something called The Art of War.



    We are now in the 10th year of a record-long economic expansion. Few economists believe this expansion can last much longer. Expansions never have.

    If indeed a recession looms, it won’t necessarily be Trump’s fault. However Trump’s trade war with China combined with his propensity to ignite weekly controversies may create the strong impression Trump’s leadership brought on whatever downturn comes.

    Trump’s irresponsible tax cut of 2017 could also become a major negative. That tax cut will hinder any efforts to stimulate a recessionary economy without bloating the budget deficit to dangerous levels. A report by the CBO just this week showed we are looking at trillion dollar deficits in the very near future. As a percentage of the overall economy, those deficits will be the highest since W W II.

    Trump can only win reelection if the Democrats self-destruct completely. And Bernie Bros could quite possibly reprise their role as useful idiots to Trump. If that happens, however, this country is looking at perilously troubled times ahead. Trump’s reelection, I believe, could lead to civil war, or a dramatic erosion in America’s global leadership.

    1. if trumps reelection leads to civil war then let it come. the more i hear you guys say that the more i welcome it.
      perhaps you or rather others who repeat this a lot now, are trying to intimidate the salt of the earth american voters who like trump.
      that backfires.

      1. Kurtz, those ‘salt of the earth Americans’ are disgruntled Whites in small towns disconnected from larger urban centers. Perhaps the Electoral College will come through for them again. But two Electoral College victories in a row would surely convince everyone under 50 that the Electoral College is a dinosaur of an institution.

        1. “disgruntled Whites in small towns disconnected from larger urban centers”

          Gotta love the Racism of the Left but in this case, the commenter is a shill, a Nazi and a hater of Americans….such is the Left today.


          The Left Hates America, And Rashida Is Fighting With Bill Maher…

          Well, it’s official. The left loathes America, y’all. If it wasn’t obvious last week, then it’s become blatantly clear in the rhetoric of presidential candidates like Robert O’Rourke. They simply cannot STAND this country, the people in it, and they will do anything to get power – including dividing all of us.

          SO despicable.

          Speaking of gross and despicable, Rashida Tlaib is asking for people to boycott Bill Maher now, because he said things that were true. And God knows we can’t have THAT.

          Poor, butthurt, squad-member ANTI-SEMITE RACIST Rashida.

          Happy Monday, y’all.

          1. Anonymous, if your comment has any merit to speak of, why can’t you use your name?

            Answer: You’re either a cowardly weasel or the link you posted is frivolous. Though both answers are probably right.

            1. Respond to the content.

              But JT certainly attracts some winners (/sarc) like the anonymous poster @ 12:38. Who cares if the person posts anonymously.

        2. having lived in Chicago I would think you know better than what you say Hill about rural small town whites being racist and voting for trump. if I paraphrase you correctly. You can say if I was wrong in my restatement.

          Chicago was a city that used to be “notorious for its segregated neigbhorhoods,” and which used to be full of whites, who after the disastrous Jane Byrne and Harold Washington regimes, left the city in droves— a lot of them to small towns in the “Collar counties,” and how citywide have largely been replaced in housing by mexicans predominantly; and yet which still supposedly has notorious socalled white racists on the police force etc etc etc., urban centers are perfectly capable of organizing into tribal, national and religious factions.

          There are a lot of those Chicago born racist old white guys who still yet drawn breath and are out there voting. Whereever they may be. Will they convince their wives and daughters to vote their tribal interests, or will their influence be drowned out by the constant yammering in mass media and social media? I guess we won’t know until we find out.

          I learned something recently.

          Some say the white racist gangs are strongest in Texas. Apparently prisons in Southern California are considered by others the “most racist” anywhere. Of course it has the largest prison population. Apparently by contrast in northern california, less so,. San Quentin (norcal) has a reputation of higher rates of mixing among inmates for sure.

          Apparently, out east, less racially divided as well. this is what i have heard anecdotally. Such things are hard to measure. One also hears there is a lot of cooperation between homies and woods and the blacks are almost always the odd man out. One could draw a lot of possible inferences from such data if it is accurate.

          one thing YOU should draw from it, is that there is nothing inherent in rural versus city areas that makes rural people more racist. This is a sort of Marxist trope that draws on the notion that tribalism is feudalistic and the workers will eventually just kind of “Get over it.” This is not borne out by experience. The left has a kooky notion of what is “inevitable” in such matters. Tribal and national self segregation is a habit inherent in human nature. Easily confirmed by one’s own eyeballs if you take a walk in any neighborhood in say New York so long as it is outside the high rent district. People prefer their own.

          Yes of course the high rent districts have a visible nonwhite element. Green is always the key color in the high rent district. But outside those rarefied spaces, people act the way they usually do, they prefer their own, they huddle together, and “integration” is an exception and not a rule. It can be a rule of law for the next thousand years but if there are any people left they will still value nativity and ancestry. That is simply how we are conformed.

          People can call my views racist if they like but I will stick with what I have learned from facts my entire life against all the propaganda i have been fed daily in the media and from the fine universities i have attended as well. Mostly people who are too well educated are the biggest fools of all. I am fortunate I saw through a lot of the indoctrination and can still think straight like a regular guy

          1. I actually think that white people from urban centers where there are a lot of non-whites and migrants will tend to be more conscious of race than those who have grown up in lilly white suburbs.

            maybe in different ways. and to be sure they will tend to vote Democrat more. but, I reject the Republican propaganda which calls the Democrats racist. I just can’t get into that. It’s not accurate in my mind. Nor is the Republican party racist. Both parties will take voters where they can find them. Democrats do way better with blacks, and better with other nonwhite groups too. That does not prove racism in either direction, Race is an issue and people should relax and be free to talk about it with some detail, complexity, and subtlety.

            The experience of the working class whites with respect to integration and migration are most of all, that they got the short end of the stick. And Democrats gave it to them when LBJ turned on a dime. About the same time they did it with the 65 Immigration reform act, too. That’s why Democrats have lost lower income white voters and it’s been a reality ever since. Its a reality more than ever. Democrats answer for this is to always call the white guy who did not go to college and learn the manners they like, to call him a racist.

            but Republican elites share the same class interests with Dem elites. they eschew “racism” and “nativism” just as much. Trump offends this just based on how he talks. He has the manners of a working class dude. plain and simple. He offends the elites. He is no racist, he is not against migrants. But he echoes the concerns of his construction crews. He can put on a hard hat and relate to the construction guys. This is an asset Trump has that feminists like Hillary, goofballs like Bernie and silkstocking boys like the Bushies will never have.

            There is a bedrock reality about Trump that came clear during the election. The elites do not like him in either party. He makes them uncomfortable because he nakedly appeals to the interests of working class people. Yes whites most of all but really the interests of all the working class. The working class who work that is. I do not mean the poorest 29% here I mean say from 20-50%. People that have been harmed by globalization, free trade, immigration, most of all. Trump did better with nonwhites than other Republican candidates had in recent elections, was a funny thing, and the reality may be understated by the polls, which are often wrong.

            In his presidency he has advanced the interests of the working class in ways that elites simly can’t grasp. If at times, only rhetorically. For example, do you think that the average working Joe gives a damn about denmark? The NPR people are so ashamed of that on the radio today. Breathless and stammering! But these are the elites and not the average. There is a huge class divide in America. The leadership of the Democrats is often out of touch with the native born workers. But they are tuned into the college crew thats for sure!


            The flip side of this, the actual irony that this article captures, is that Trump gets a lot of pushback from white university indoctrinated suburban Yuppie liberal types. The country club crowd, basically. They do not have the manners of a construction crew and they don’t like Trump.

          2. Kurtz, I didn’t say ‘racist’, you did. Small town Whites are disgruntled by all the changes that passed their towns by. And it’s not a good thing, either. Small towns used to be far more important.

        3. “those ‘salt of the earth Americans’ are disgruntled Whites ”

          This is the type of grunt made by a racist.

            1. Kurtz, that statement of Peter’s was not to open a conversation or look for points of agreement rather it was to shut anyone else up by playing with the race card. Unforfurtunately, Peter is not sophisticated enough to avoid entrapping himself as a player of the race card and things generally backfire on him.

        4. “two Electoral College victories in a row would surely convince everyone under 50 that the Electoral College” is working exactly like it is supposed to.

    2. “However Trump’s trade war with China… may create the strong impression Trump’s leadership brought on whatever downturn comes.”

      Peter Shill wishes America to sit on its hands while China continues to gobble up our IP and cheats where trade is concerned. Peter Shill prefers a slow death to fighting for his family and future generations. He is a nihilist. It is his type of thinking that leads the human condition to deteriorate so much that they try and enter this country from there own because people in this country were willing to stand up for themselves rather than die a slow death.

  3. When polls start offering a range of Trump approval (at least 4 scale, better 7 scale), results might tell us more … also approval by categories (economy, trade battles, country sanctions, social issues, etc.) might be insightful … probably many will hold the nose and give the Dems a divided congress and four years to get themselves together

    1. Pamela,
      Polls could tell us something now, if people bothered to look at more than the results of just one poll that is way out of the range of all other polls.
      We are seeing an example of “McNews” ; incomplete and incompetent reporting, and of the herd instinct of the media.

  4. Face it, Trump finds new ways to make unnecessary enemies every day, and it’s finally stopped him cold. He did some good and necessary things, but he’s over. For lovers of liberty, we have to accept that. But we survived eight years of Obama, and protected our way of life before we took power. Its looks like that will have to be the way it is again….for a while.

    1. Hello Justin Amash. Feel free to collect your pity party ticket and slither off back to the liberterian ghetto. Will you be safe from the Democrats there? Nah, but you can quiver like jelly with a few friends before they come.

  5. So they don’t like how he does his job not that they wouldn’t vote for him again because he’s doing his job……polls are so trite!!!!

  6. Yeah, everybody hates a great economy and a country at peace. Trump’s raised more money than the first four Dim front runners combined. Oh and the WSJ journal says Trump beats all his Din rivals, so I guess its lies, damn lies and polls,

    1. Ole, you’re overlooking one crucial difference here. Obama’s economy was constantly improving as we approached the 2012 Election. It is likely to be the opposite for Trump.

      1. Hill, you’re overlooking one crucial difference here. Obama had the MSM working overtime to spin everything he did in a positive light. It has been and will continue to be the opposite for Trump.

        1. Olly, the MSM excuse is a crutch that Trumpers lean on way too much. If Obama got better coverage it’s because he was capable of acting like a rational adult; something Trump is utterly incapable of.

          There is a theory that ‘Trump Fatigue’ will become a major factor in next year’s election. Trump Fatigue could be defined as America’s growing weariness of 24-7 Donald. No president has ever demanded as much attention as Trump. And there comes a point where even Republicans get sick of Trump’s narcism.

          1. the MSM excuse is a crutch that Trumpers lean on way too much. If Obama got better coverage it’s because he was capable of acting like a rational adult; something Trump is utterly incapable of.

            LOL! Well good for you. It’s refreshing to see your admission that you and the MSM were easily bedazzled by an eloquent, but empty suit. That’s just one more example that Gruber was spot on in his assessment of you and your ilk.

            Regarding Trump, I don’t blame the media for focusing all their attention on his style. Honestly, I’ve never liked it. But I didn’t vote for him because of his style. I voted for him because of what I wanted him to actually do. And if you eliminate the style and focus on the substance, he’s doing what I expected. That is what the MSM won’t report. They can’t report that because 2020 would be a no contest win for Trump.

        2. Don’t forget — Obama ran a “scandal-free” administration! Hahahaha. That’s what HE keeps telling us, anyway. Some of us know what a bunch a malarchy that is. Total malarchy – as Uncle Joe would say. Remember how Obama gave Joe Biden a presidential medal of freedom or one of those awards and ol’ Joe got all ferklempt? Yeah, he got a medal of freedom for doing his job for 8 years. That right there, is a scandal.

      2. a recession comes. it always does. presidents take more credit and more blame than they truly deserve in either direction. one man does not do all the work of many hundred millions.

        maybe someday people will understand this better, who knows

    2. It’s an interesting replay of the 2016 coverage, when the media seems to move in lockstep based on the negative results of one poll that is way out of the range of the results of all other major polls.
      The herd instinct seems to be overwhelming. The range of major polls show 36%- 48% favorability rating for Trump. Averaging them out, Trump is right where he has usually been; in the low 40%.
      I think the poll cited in this column just happens to be the only poll that shows Trump below 40%.
      Based on a first read, I don’t think that was even mentioned in this column. I know that several other “news” reports have pretented that there is only this one, single poll.

      1. https://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/464689-new-poll-further-casts-doubt-on-impeachment-effort

        This is related to the comments I made here in August. One poll, far out of line with almost every other poll, shows a very low Trump favorability and makes headlines.
        Not just in this column, but it is a ” popular” headline across the spectrum of the MSM.
        While an outlier poll that has Trump favorability much higher than most, like the one covered in the link, barely makes a headline ripple.
        It’s a fairly consistent pattern of “reporting” that has gone on since the 2016 campaign.
        And an interesting pattern.

    1. As if a worst president – or human being – is imaginable steve.

      Is there somebody less truthful, with less of a clue what to do, with less knowledge and curiosity about reality, and who can cause greater damage to our institutions, our nation, the world and our leadership than Trump?

      I’m thinking. No one within spitting range so far.

      1. Turn off CNN. Oh wait, they just hired disgraced former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe as an “analyst”….you know, the guy who was referred for *criminal prosecution* by the DOJ inspector general after lying under oath *multiple times* has been hired by CNN. But of course they did. This is CNN.

      2. “Is there somebody less truthful, with less of a clue what to do, with less knowledge and curiosity about reality, and who can cause greater damage to our institutions, our nation, the world and our leadership than Trump?”

        Interesting question. The only names I can come up with all happen to be riding in the 2020 Democratic presidential clown car. You may not like trump; I don’t particularly like trump; but the current slate Democratic hopefuls are all out of their minds in ways that Trump is not. Trump’s position on immigration is indistinguishable from Bill Clinton’s or Barack Obama’s. Now, in 2019, very few Democrats seem to want a southern border at all. They are saying crazy stuff on just about every issue there is. Green New Deal, reparations, cancelling student loan debt, free college, et cetera.

        Listen, I’ve voted for Democrats for president in every election starting with J. Carter in 1980 all the way to H. Clinton in 2016, but there is no way I’m voting for any of the America-hating nimrods that are vying for the nomination this time around.

        I would very much prefer the first republican I vote for to have been someone like J. McCain or B. Dole or M. Romney. But it looks like it will be D. Trump. I blame the democrats for this.

        1. Jay, I’ll take your claim to be a Democrat at face value, but if you think Trump has a “policy” on immigration or anything but stroking himself, scoring points on other reality TV stars, or doing whatever Putin needs I don’t know where you’re getting that. He doesn’t know anything, doesn’t want to know anything, and prefers making s..t up as needed for his ego at the moment.

      3. now he’s not literally hitler to you, he’s worse than hitler huh?

        i’m hoping he’s a lot more like mao myself. a middle american mao is what we need now, to rally the core, and vanquish the foreign quislings and their lackeys holding the coasts

      4. this is your worst case of hyperbole so far. the good news is you usually get less strident as the day wears on

      5. If one is keeping score one would find President Trump ranging at close to 100 if compared with Anon who can only be found way below the zero line. Just listen to your rhetoric that contains little true fact and repetitive opinion that seems to rely more on the F words than on common sense.

    2. Kamala Harris as POTUS?? Unimaginably bad choice. She’s even more fake and phony and incompetent than Hillary if that’s even possible. Mayor Pete running the world? Uh, no way. Is that a joke? Pocahontas? Yeah, no. God help us. Bernie? Come on, is that a joke? Uncle Joe? No way. Not ever. Nor should he be anywhere close to the Oval Office. The man is losing it right before our eyes. Thank God for Trump. Seriously we owe that man a debt of gratitude.

  7. What is notable is that much of the disapproval registered in polls concern Trump combative and unpredictable public statements on Twitter and the media.

    No worries. Let’s see the polling after Horrowitz and Durham release the findings of their investigations and voters begin to understand exactly what this president has had to deal with for the last 3 years. They may still not like his style, but they’ll have the opportunity to measure what he’s accomplished given the criminal obstruction he’s faced in the process from the Democrats. I like his chances.

  8. Months in advance? We have a good year before any election.

    We have plenty of time to get sick of reading polls about the lot of them.

  9. I thought polls are now irrelevant considering 3 million people voted illegally in 2016. Look at the tremendously tremendous evidence produced by the fantastically successful Kris Kobach.

    It’s like the tremendous work that was done by Trump’s tremendous investigators in Hawaii, who discovered tremendous things about Obama’s birth. Obama wasn’t even born!

    Or ask any of the undocumented immigrants who worked and still work at Dump’s properties.

    Anyway, if the polls don’t align, just fire the pollsters. Although Trump wouldn’t do that.

    1. Phillip E.B.,
      You are actually willing to skip the thousands of polls, the millions of words of “analysts” and “journalists” until November 2020?!?

  10. I agree that Pres. Trump is a disgrace; I certainly disapprove of him.

    But he is better than any alternative running and I will vote for Trump if nothing changes.

    1. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-area51-feature/tiny-nevada-town-near-secretive-area-51-braces-for-alien-hunters-idUSKCN1VB1R5
      Mr. Schulte,
      You have probably found out by now that no nearby motel rooms are available for the dates of you’d planned to storm Area 51. The few dozen motels within a radius of 50 miles were booked weeks ago, mostly by federal agents who’ll be assigned to deal with scofflaws like you.😉
      If you survive your attempt, please fill us in on the details. If we don’t hear from you after the September date set for the incursion into Area 51, we won’t assume the worst.
      Maybe they’ll just hold you incommunicado for an indefinite period of time instead of shooting you on sight.

      1. Anonymous – the Feds are weenies. I am camping out. Right now the estimate is 2 million “invaders.” How many Feds?

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