Single Dad Pulled Before Canadian Human Rights Commission For Asking About Age and Gender Of Babysitter

We have previously discussed some of the more controversial cases coming before Canadian human rights commissions, which enforce vague and ever-expanding rules on hate speech and class-based insults. The latest target of a complaint is Todd, a single Dad who was looking for a babysitter for his boys aged 5 and 8. When he was contacted by an applicant, he asked the applicants age and gender. He is now facing an investigation by the Alberta Human Rights Commission into whether he violated the human rights of the applicant.

Todd posted an ad for a babysitter on Kijiji, a popular classified ad site in Canada, including one from James Crynowski who claimed CPR training and experience. When asked, he said that he was “male and 28 years old.” Todd however said that his dinner plans fell through and he did not hire a babysitter. Instead, he now has a date with the the Alberta Human Rights Commission after Crynowski complained of age and gender discrimination.

This is not the first such complaint by Crynowski. He also filed against a mother of a five-year-old boy seeking “an older lady with experience.” He sought over $1000 in damages but lost the case before the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Human Rights Act states:

Discrimination re employment practices
7(1) No employer shall
(a) refuse to employ or refuse to continue to employ any
person, or
(b) discriminate against any person with regard to employment
or any term or condition of employment, because of the race, religious beliefs, colour, gender, gender identity, gender expression, physical disability, mental disability, age, ancestry, place of origin, marital status, source of income, family status or sexual orientation of that person or of any other person.
(2) Subsection (1) as it relates to age and marital status does not
affect the operation of any bona fide retirement or pension plan or
the terms or conditions of any bona fide group or employee
insurance plan.
(3) Subsection (1) does not apply with respect to a refusal,
limitation, specification or preference based on a bona fide
occupational requirement

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  1. I saw on another blog some story about another event at this Canuck Commission. One of the Commissioner’s name was Samuel Brown. The person being examined said the following diatrible: ‘How bout you! Brown? What color you got? Do you have a Dick or did you work at Dick’s Sporting Goods? You look transgender, do ya have a hole between the legs or you know what? What’s wrong with asking it like it is? What part of the Province of Alberta were you born? Is Alberta named after a man or woman? Is it named after Alvin Berta or Alvin the Chipmunk? Where da white women at in Alberta?
    As for Commisioner Fred: Nuff said Fred, you’ll go to Hell when your dead.

  2. The problem here is that Canada has a border with the U.S. and people cross early and often. Often the people who come across are cross gendered and come when they feel like it. We need simple laws to make humans safe from fags. “No Dongs Allowed” signs should be posted on the Female Restroom.

    (Music- to tune of Short People by Randy Newman)

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    They got little bitty eyes and little bitty feet.
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  3. If the male job applicant had identified as a woman, a la Jonathan Yaniv, he might have had better luck in court. These tribunals really are a boon to scammers, as they costs the plaintiff nothing while the accused had better find the money to to lawyer up and pay, pay, pay. Yaniv is a vexatious litigant and pedophile with a menstruation and feminine hygiene product fetish, who has realized the legal benefits provided by Canadian bill C-16, which gives gender self-identity the same legal weight as actual sex. Yaniv has self-identified as a woman, and uses C-16 and his female gender identity to not only access women’s restrooms in order to target tweens and young teen girls (and tampon bins), but also to force one-woman waxing salons, yes, women who work on their own out of their homes, to allow him into their home to wax his “womanly” male genitalia. At least that is what he is presented during the Human Rights Tribunal cases he is currently pursuing.

    Gender self-ID laws are dangerous, and “lucky USA” has one built right into the Equality Act. I sure hope the Equality Act doesn’t pass, as it will render the terms “woman,” “girl” and “female” meaningless. It will give any male who claims to be a female, woman or girl will have legal access to participate in women’s sports and use women’s facilities such as bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, camp cabins, jobs and scholarships earmarked for women, etc.

    Google Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv. You just won’t believe what you learn. It is so much stranger than fiction but could happen anywhere that laws allow a persons’ gender self-identity to supersede or replace their actual sex.

    1. this fat he-she is such a jerk !

      and if he wanted to go get his weiner waxed he could have gone to various massage parlors in canada and paid for it. touching by hand of the genitals in canada and it would have been legal

      and probably there are a lot of migrants who would be pleased to help give him a hand with that
      so why would he go pick on ones that don’t do the service? Totally outrageous. Fools like this need correction!

      instead Yaniv wants to give people trouble. Yaniv is the one who should have trouble.

      1. Mr Kurtz – I think that after seeing a couple in interviews with Jonathan Yaniv, he is a male predator pretending to be transgender to prey on young females.

      2. Whatever that ‘person’ is, it needs top be locked in a rubber room & given all the mental & psychological help possible. Though just a tad difficult, we need to pray for these beings.

        So, ‘human rights’ for the weird & twisted, but none for a father looking out for his children. This planet is turning more & more into Bizzaro World. Everything is becoming backwards. Or being MADE to become backwards. Hmmm….who would want to do that I wonder? And why? The Bible got another one right.

        Isaiah 5:20

        Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!


        1. As a Mom of two. I have the right to pick & chose, whom is the best applicant for the position.
          All of us look 4 jobs & we all don’t get hired. No questions asked.

      3. The thing is, C-16 gives legal status to any person’s gender self-ID, therefore Yaniv is legally a woman just as much as an actual adult human female is a woman, simply because he decided to identify as a woman. We can demonize Yaniv all day long as the twisted predator that he is, but it is C-16 and in the future (if approved) USA’s Equality Act, which are the real problems, as they give gender self-ID the same legal status as actual biological sex. Therefore, these laws enable twisted fetishistic predators like Yaniv legal access to women-only services and facilities, and if denied, these sickos can sue for discrimination and win.

        Yaniv is a huge problem but gender self-ID being given the legal status of sex is an even bigger one. We are lucky Yaniv is the only male currently suing for female sex discrimination so far, but he is certainly not the only male using these laws to access women and girls, using them as unwilling or unwitting victims to live out his fetish. There will be many more unless the laws enabling these guys are done away with.

  4. The “accused” enjoys the absolute freedom of speech. The “victim” enjoys the absolute freedom of listening or ignoring. This “victim” of freedom of speech must have filed a criminal or civil complaint in court and proven bodily injury or property damage.

    Canadian Human Rights Commissions are unconstitutional, should have never been created and must be expunged with extreme prejudice. These commissions are as abhorrent and heinous as the incoherent and irrational “Inquisition” conducted by the criminal and dictatorial Catholic Church. Canadian “officials” and “authorities” who imposed these “commissions” must be impeached or prosecuted for denial of constitutional rights and freedoms, usurpation and abuse of power. They must be severely penalized.

    Rights and freedoms are natural and God-given according to the American Founders. Nature and God are universal. Ergo, the U.S. Constitution is universal and all citizens of all nations enjoy all natural God-given rights and freedoms; even citizens in Canada.

    Citizens are provided maximal freedom. Government is severely limited and restricted. Government has no authority to interfere with or preclude any rights and freedoms. Property damage and bodily injury must be addressed in criminal and civil court.

    The American thesis is freedom and self-reliance. That thesis is universal. Government exists solely to facilitate that freedom-through-self-reliance. No government on the planet has the authority to deny any conceivable natural and God-given rights and freedoms. Governments that deny these rights and freedoms are illicit and illegitimate and await evolution into extinction.

    People must adapt to the outcomes of freedom.

    Freedom does not adapt to people…dictatorship does.

  5. Well, this is one of the problems with gender discrimination laws.

    I would feel less comfortable allowing a strange male to babysit my child than a female babysitter.

    I am allowed to choose the requirements for whomever watches my child, which means that I am allowed to discriminate. Any interference in that would be, in my view, a human rights violation. Females are statistically more nurturing. Individuals can go either way, of course. Statistically, males are more likely than females to be pedophiles, and those who are attracted to boys are more likely to abuse a child whom they don’t know. Quite obviously, there are men out there with nurturing personalities, who are not pedophiles. But when I don’t know someone, I go with statistics and my gut. Some parents are more comfortable with an older, more experienced sitter than a teenager. There is a reason why Robin Williams’ character decided on his Mrs. Doubtfire costume, over the other options. It inspired confidence in a mother.

    It sounds counterintuitive, but sometimes the right to discriminate is a human right. Dating is another example. We are perfectly allowed to be discriminatory in whom we date or marry, with gender being a big qualifier.

    It is interesting to note that since it seems obvious that an employer should have the right to discriminate in childcare, elder care, or home care, there must be other jobs in which discrimination should be allowed.

    It’s the unintended consequences of laws meant to help.

  6. The law states exceptions in rather broad, ambiguous terms, but the court got it right. It’s too bad the dad had to go through the court. Probably cost him more than the $1000 damages the guy was looking for. Hiring a babysitter should include an interview and there are lots of reasons for rejecting someone for a job, I can think of several off the top of my head. Someone who might sue me for rejecting them is definitely on the list.

    1. The court found against Crynowski in a different case in which a mother advertised expressly for an older female sitter.

      The case in question is still pending.

      Crynowski might be an activist earning money on these types of lawsuits. He is harassing parents to try to force them to grant a strange man access to their children while they are away, or suffer a court case and possible fines.

  7. The answer is immigrate. And it’s easier to cross the border as a Canadian ….however…..stay away from New York, and most of New England AND anything near Washington DC a big chunk of states out to the Dakotas, Colorado, the entire West Coast primarily Washington State, Oregon, and California most of the south now that Florida is improving as far as Arizona but not New Mexico AND any town with a university or college. We only have two decent colleges Hillsdale in Michigan and Grove in Pennsylvania. The rest of the country refers to PC as Political C-Rap.

  8. Crazy. It is amazing how quickly PC can degenerate so that a person loses the choice of who enters his own home. I have been watching this situation degenerate for years in Canada ever since Ezra Levant ran into trouble with this same commission.

  9. 3rd Rock From The Sun

    Description: Dick becomes friends with a new eccentric teacher at the school, played by John Cleese (Can anyone help me with the name of the teacher?), who seems to be better at everything that Dick does. The teacher turns out to be a fellow alien planning to blow up the world.

    Connection: When Dick realizes that John Cleese’s character is an alien he prepares to reveal that he is an alien as well. But before he gets the chance, the new teacher says that he has decided not to blow up the world because of Dick’s fine example of a human being. Afterwards, the new teacher asks Dick what he was going to reveal. Struggling for a response, Dick blurts out that he is a Canadian. Cleese’s character responds, “I’m so sorry.”

  10. The ‘babysitter’ is a menace, trying to turn a $100 gig into a $1000 goldmine. He’s a narcissist who has no business being around kids. Todd’s kids are probably more mature than that guy.

  11. The human rights kangaroo courts need to be eliminated, period. The regular courts can be used in cases of real discrimination.

    However, our “small government” conservative parties do not not actually believe in small government so they will staff these commissions and courts with their own supporters.

    The reason these professional degenerates use these commissions as opposed to the real courts is the real courts take a dim view of frivolous actions and tend to award costs against these sorts of lunatics. The human rights commissions can be used over and over again at no cost.

  12. In the last 50 years, Canada had a ‘conservative’ government from 1984 to 1993, and again from 2006 to 2015. Somehow, this odious bit of Trudeaupian handiwork survived. You have similar agencies in Britain, which, I’m reliably told, had a ‘conservative’ government from 1979 to 1997, a coalition government with ‘conservatives’ as senior partners from 2010 to 2015, and a ‘conservative’ government for the last four years. I love our ‘conservative’ politicians. Bloody capons betray their electorate every time.

    1. conservative is relative as you know. the left drags the Overton window its way with the help of academia and mass media.

      what real conservatives need to do, is stick a metaphorical shiv into the carcass of every faker that takes the mantle and then fails to deliver. then the next would be “leaders” would be more careful.

      metaphorical shiv I say. i would NEVER advocate unlawful violence!

      1. More Freedom

        Policy The Overton Window

        Less Freedom

        The Overton Window moves in both directions between more freedom and less freedom. Government almost always tends to move the Overton Window in the downward direction. It was policy for one to be able to choose a baby sitter based on one’s own personal criteria. Today the window in Canada has moved downward so that such a desire is considered radical enough for one to be called before the Human Rights Commission in Canada.

  13. These people had better be careful. Push back might be around the corner. And maybe hanging, drawing, and quartering may come back into vogue.

  14. The law is flawed. There should be an exception for employees who perform child care, elder care and other personal services. Hiring someone to care for your children, or assist an elderly parent with bathing, etc. is obviously not the same as hiring a bookkeeper or someone to stock the warehouse.

    1. The law should be eliminated. Irritating some litigious deviant is simply not a tort, except in the addled brains of liberals, who fancy the aggression of their mascots should be given an outlet.

    2. Alternatively, people could be free and the government severely limited and restricted – people could conduct their own affairs.

      Oops! That’s precisely what the Founders established: Freedom and self-reliance with government that exists solely to facilitate that freedom-through-self-reliance.

      People were provided all the enumerated rights and freedoms and every other conceivable, natural and God-given right and freedom per the 9th Amendment.

      Tie goes to the runner.

      When in a shadow of doubt, freedom goes to the people.

      This is absolutely none of the government’s concern or purview.

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