Professor: Tom Brady’s Popularity Due To White Supremacy

Professor Kyle Kusz, who teaches a kinesiology professor at the University of Rhode Island, has declared yet another example of the culture of white supremacy in America: Tom Brady. Kusz concludes that it is white supremacy that explains the popularity of Brady in his book “Making American White Men Great Again: Tom Brady, Donald Trump, and the Allure of White Male Omnipotence in Post-Obama America.” It is a bizarre theory since, as I have patiently explained in the past, Brady’s success is only explained by the fact that he sold his soul to the Devil decades ago and he is watched over by a barely disguised Cerberus in the form of Bill Belichick.

Kusz does not appear to think that six Super Bowls and three MVP awards would make Kim Kardashian a football icon. Instead, according to Kusz, it is all about his race. Kusz insists that Brady became popular with the rise of “white rage and white supremacy.” He further criticizes Brady for not denouncing Trump and argues that both Trump and Brady illustrate  “how they represent the cultural (re-) emergence and valorization of a white masculinity that unapologetically desires a manly omnipotence ….”

Kusz even compares the “visual aesthetic” of Brady’s Under Armour commercial starring Brady to the Nazi propaganda film “Triumph des Willens.” 

My favorite point is Kusz arguing that Brady’s famously restricted diet shows how his “white masculinity is repeatedly constructed.”

This is what passes for academic work today.

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  1. I think that the topic should edge over towards “the no need for higher education” topic.
    If you have a son or daughter and wish them to do well then buy them books and computers and build them a business which relates to their interests. Why spend a million on school tuition when the money can buy and build up a hotel in a nice neighborhood for them to run as a business. Look at the ivy on the wall at Wrigley Field in May. It is all brown. Ivy League is now fatigue.

  2. If Colon (that’s not a typo) Kaepernick was able to throw a football like Tom Brady, he could have stood on the fifty yard line peeing on the American flag and still had a job in the NFL.

  3. I thought it was that he could throw a football accurately with three 300 pound guys running after him. Live and learn. (Funny how being a white supremist doesn’t otherwise seem to be a ticket to success.)

  4. Time is short. What utter used horse-food. Leave it to an academic professor of kinesiology….

      1. As much as him studying ‘gender and women studies’. I’m trying not to make a rude comment about certain ‘male types’. I don’t embrace stereotypes, but some folks make it real hard.

        1. He evidently has or had a common-law, one Jessica Monique Mulligan, who teaches public policy at Providence College. They have a daughter.

  5. Last year’s MVP, Patrick Mahomes, gets more press than any football player alive. Not because he is half black, but because his play deserves all of the attention he gets.

    When the season ended last year, I figured the League had six months or so and the best football minds in the world that money can buy to figure out how to defend against him this year. Yet he’s led the Chiefs to a 3-0 record so far. And he’s setting records again this year.

    It must be a miserable and exhausting experience to have to pretend everything is about race 100% of the time.

    1. Scott – one of the things I discovered when I was tutoring athletes was that race was never an issue.

    2. Can we get rid of Generational Welfare and Affirmative Action Privilege now?

      Can we have our private property back now?

      Can we re-implement the “manifest tenor” of the Constitution and Bill of Rights now?

      We just can’t let the losers lose can we? We have to prop them up and falsely support them. That’s pure communism, having nothing to do with American freedom and free enterprise.

  6. Before the loss of resolve and the surrender to communism, Americans used to play football, basketball, baseball, etc.

    Is there yellow, red, brown or black supremacy?

    “We gave you a republic, if you can keep it.”

    – Ben Franklin

    America couldn’t.

  7. The author of this inanity grew up in a vernacular suburb in my home town. Quite an embarrassment for those of us who are Rochester loyalists. He should have no position on the physical education faculty. Such faculties should have one purpose: to train coaches. Period.

    He has some sort of joint appointment with components of the arts-and-science faculty, among them the ‘women and gender studies’. This last is not an authentic academic discipline and almost no one ever majors in it. It should not exist anywhere.

      1. Have lived there, but not from there. About 80% of my life has been spent in Upstate NY.

        1. TIAXIV Lucky you! So lovely. We walked the towpaths of the Canal at Medina…..and loved the Finger Lakes area.
          But, Niagra Falls was a little disappointing……thought it would be alot bigger ( we’re Texans ya know 🤠)

          1. Cindy Bragg – have you been to the Grand Canyon? It is just as big as they say. 😉

            1. LOL! very funny, Paul C!……Yes! Hiked it all by myself in one day, when they still allowed that. Was glad it was not any bigger! 😎
              But I’m tellin ya…. Niagra is not big.

              1. Cindy Bragg – I have never hiked down and they still allow it. I was in AZ 25 years before I went. My excuse was that it wasn’t going any place.

                1. LOL…..yep hasn’t moved!…except when I went you could barely see the Painted Desert because of the smog from Los Angeles, we were told. That was 25 yrs ago.

                2. P.S. I meant to say hike down and back up South Rim in one day…..that’s what I did, but heard they won’t let hikers do it now.

                  1. My loco dad had me hike it at 9 yo. I almost collapsed from summer heat exhaustion. A guide on the trail had to tell my dad to stop and give me a break and some shade.

                    He also managed to do the same on half dome…with me vomiting from nerves before the summit. I also was 9 yo.

                    My pops says it all built character…hahaha. Some would say child endangerment, but ya know….good vacay, lots of fun ones.

                    1. Anonymous…… you poor kid. You could have died. i hiked it when it was about 100` at the bottom.
                      Not for kids!.I’m sure he meant well, but you’re lucky you survived.
                      I stopped frequently on the Bright Angel and drank more gatorade than water.

                    2. Anonymous – they are dragging bodies out of the Grand Canyon all the time, mostly tourists who accidentally fall in. I am glad you survived. Do think the hikes built character or need for counseling?

              2. Cindy,

                I would disagree. Is there a bigger falls in the U.S.? No. So to say the falls is not big I guess is to say you are not impressed with water falls in general. To me, what makes Niagara, is how 100 yards up stream, the river looks so calm and inviting. Almost makes you think that you could just walk across it. But then you look at that edge and the violence that is on the other side is amazing.

                As for the canyon, I’ve never been to a place that looked fake even though I was standing looking at it. Amazing. I will give this advice. If anyone wants to see the meteor crater. See that before you go to the canyon. If you do it in the opposite order you will not be impressed by the rock that hit the Earth.

                1. Jim……..The Grand Canyon is just about my favorite spot on earth. I have had dreams about living on the North Rim.
                  I hiked it several times, but only once did the South Rim up and down in one day, as I said. As a middle aged Southern woman at the time, it was the most proud moment of my life (except giving birth to our daughter). It was something I did all by myself ……it was incredibly hard to do, took me 8 hours..but that was thrilling to me.
                  As far as Niagra, I was expecting it to be as tall as Victoria Falls in Africa, for some reason.. It is a lovely place, and has generated million$ as a tourist attraction, and that’s great for NY. I really am not sure why I am not allowed to say it’s not as big as I thought it would be, but that’s ok. You’re a nice guy anyway.
                  So sorry to have offended any NYers…and may I invite you to visit one of our precious places (other than the Alamo) in Texas..The last Comanche Chief, Quanah Parker’s battle was there: Palo Duro Canyon, known as the Grand Canyon of Texas. Feel free to tell me it’s not as big as the real Grand Canyon. And you would be correct.

                  1. Cindy Bragg – I do prefer the North Rim to the South Rim. I find it more peaceful and the views are better.

                    1. Paul C…..yes indeed.
                      Years ago I read about an older woman who lived alone, and simply, in a rustic cabin near the North R.
                      Wonder if she’s still there.

        2. TIAXIV…The video is nteresting and funny. And sorta a hobby of mine. Most of the differences are created by the nasality of the speaker, as well as vowels imo. Minnesotans are the worst…I can’t listen to them for long because it sounds like their nasal passages are going to explode any minute. I don’t know how they can breathe and talk….seriously. Nice people though!

            1. TIA XIV……He says the word “on” very purely….sounds nice …no dipthongs, etc.
              however it’s those “a” ‘s that slay me. It sounds like the sides of mouth are almost pulled into a wide smile, making the long a and short a sound as if they contain an e, if that makes sense. But it is homey, all american-sounding.
              Some of the best accents without a hint of any accent in NY used to be in Manhatten, imo.
              Also, I’ve heard some Iowans with extraordinarily pure sounding.

  8. Another in a long line of articles based on astonishingly bad logical fallicies. Not only does it mistake accidental characteristics with essences, but also casts blame on members of a group for actions taken by others of the group. One hears echoes or resonances or is reminded of Nazis by the merest glimmer of connection to any word or concept which a Nazi may use. “we need better crowd control at this concert” one might say, and then be yelled at for being a Nazi control freak. At colleges , there is very little negative reaction to idiotic fallacies, which, in turn, contributes to the fog of stupidity in what masquerades as erudite public discussion.

    1. …bad logical fallacies…

      You give him far more cognitive abilities than he deserves. I think he has penis envy. He is older (M.S. ‘94) than Tom Brady (B.A. ‘99), looks like a gluttonous, slothful sad sack on his online profiles, is an instructor for the English Dept at Univ of Rhode Island, and “teaches” the most worthless topics known in American academia: “feminist, gender, race” studies. So much for Kinesiology. He even writes for a feminist periodical.

      Curious he doesn’t rail against black masculinity. Why just white?

      Tom Brady is in shape, has been married to a bombshell Brazilian model for >10 yrs, with whom he has has 2 ostensible brown offspring, is wildly successful, commands an audience and in demand, plus doing good work for society.

      Brady is the kind of role model university students need. The other guy no doubt assumes the position with a muzzle and restraints when in bed. Peter Shill has probably connected with him

  9. I think this bozo should continue playing with his balls, soccer balls that is. He was after all a soccer player. PC has brought him into the limelight as it has brought many others. This means we have a lot of soft intellects running around saying a lot of nothings in published works that never deserved being published. I didn’t read this book so I can’t say but from Turley’s description a wise mind would be forced to believe that Brady has a lot more and better attributes than his skin color.

  10. Lol, please. Most humans including whites went Gaga over Michael Jordan too about 20 years ago. People love witnessing prolonged greatness. There’s nothing racist about liking Tom the Golden Boy Brady. The Rock, Shaq, Magic Johnson, Deion Sanders and even Tiger Woods have all enjoyed immense popularity that transcends racial lines. Were it not for the latter’s affair spree he would likely be the most popular golfer of all time.

      1. Anon1……..why should you care? Because all of you Village of the Damned kids need to stick together.

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