Biden Campaign Pressures Networks To Silence Giuliani

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been hammered for the windfall contracts given to his son, Hunter, in Ukraine and China when Biden was making critical trade and aid decisions. Now, in an attempt that should have resulted in a chorus of condemnation (but barely registered in the media), the Biden campaign asked the networked to stop allowing Giuliani on the air. It makes considerable hubris to make such a request and it should have been denounced. However, just last week, MSNBC cut off a press conference of President Donald Trump because it declared that he was just going to lie.

It does not matter that Giuliani is a major player in this unfolding controversy and his comments are major news. Biden wants networks to stop him from accusing the Biden family of profiteering during his time as Vice President.

I have previously written how the Biden allegation raises legitimate questions over the effort to influence the Vice President through his son.

According to The Daily Beast, Biden aides Kate Bedingfield and Anita Dunn wrote NBC News, CBS News, Fox News and CNN to object to how they “continue to book Rudy Giuliani on your air to spread false, debunked conspiracy theories on behalf of Donald Trump.”

It is simply astonishing that the Biden campaign would try to silence a critic and argue that “by giving him your air time, you are allowing him to introduce increasingly unhinged, unfounded and desperate lies into the national conversation.”

I have been very critical of Giuliani but the letter reflects an expectation that media will align itself with Biden on the merits of a controversy. Given MSNBC’s decision, it is easy to see why such an expectation has been created by the coverage of these stories.

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  1. The Washington Post changed the motto on its masthead to “Democracy Dies In Darkness” after their candidate lost the 2016 Presidential election. That motto mocks that paper now, for they have sold their journalistic honor cheaply.

    Every news organization which has not treated Biden’s demand with the contempt it deserves is his accomplice in drawing the hood over their viewers’ and readers’ eyes.

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