Mischief or Misfud? Barr Calls Reveal Ongoing Investigation, Not Incrimination

Below is my column in the Hill newspaper on the allegations that Attorney General Bill Barr is now somehow “implicated” in the Ukraine controversy because he spoke with counterparts in England, Italy, and Australia about assisting in the investigation by U.S. Attorney John Durham. If those calls were truly about the Durham investigation, it would be entirely proper for Barr to ask for such assistance. I have always maintained that the Congress has a legitimate interest in investigating the Ukraine controversy. However, the chorus of recriminations on the Barr matter reveal the hype triggering much of the hypoxia.

Here is the column:

With all of the breathless headlines of the last two weeks, it is astonishing that the entire city of Washington is not swooning from hypoxia. Much of the media have blasted out the news that Attorney General William Barr is “implicated” in the Ukraine scandal, after sources said he pressed leaders in Australia, Italy and England to supply evidence about the origins of the Russia investigation. Esquire Magazine was a tad more descriptive, proclaiming Barr was now “far up s–t creek” because of his calls.

Yet not only is there a valid reason for such calls, but they could indicate that the creek could become a storm of sorts for Democrats over the coming weeks. The calls made by Barr were reportedly linked to the ongoing investigation by United States Attorney John Durham into the origins of the Russia investigation. It is not uncommon for an attorney general, or even a president, to ask foreign leaders to assist with ongoing investigations. Such calls can shortcut bureaucratic red tape, particularly if the evidence is held, as in this case, by national security or justice officials. A call to request assistance for the Durham investigation would “implicate” Barr in nothing other than an official investigation.

I supported the appointment of a special counsel after President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. I also supported an investigation into the origins of the FBI investigation. The country is divided on the merits of both with legitimate concerns raised on each side. With the start of a House impeachment inquiry, it is more important than ever to have transparency along with a review of both investigations.

Moreover, Durham could answer some disturbing aspects of the origins of the Russia investigation, including the mysterious role of Professor Joseph Mifsud. Efforts by Durham to gain cooperation from Australia, England, and Italy likely concern figures such as Misfud. The professor seemed eager and focused in revealing that there were “thousands of emails” in the hands of the Russians in conspicuously opportunistic meetings with key figures. 

An academic from Malta, Mifsud has long been tied to Russian interests and appears at critical moments throughout the Russia investigation. He met with former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos in both Rome and London. In one of those meetings, he referenced the existence of hacked emails.

We have never established the real facts or loyalties of Mifsud. Some have suggested that he may have been a Western asset working for American, British, or Italian intelligence services. Fueling that speculation was the fact that the special counsel report indicates Mifsud lied repeatedly to investigators on sensitive national security issues. While Robert Mueller charged others for minor discrepancies in the stories that they told investigators, Mifsud somehow escaped any such charge.

Information on Mifsud would be found in countries like Australia, England, and Italy, as would be information on the work of former British spy Christopher Steele. The Clinton campaign paid him and an American opposition research firm a large sum of money to seek dirt on Trump, including Russian and other foreign sources. Such information is not easily shaken loose without a high level prompt from someone like Barr.

However, many of the very same figures in Congress and in the media who previously called for full disclosure of every aspect of the Russia investigation are now criticizing the effort to gather evidence in the Durham investigation. It appears the public “right to know” does not extend that far. The reason is that a key report by Durham likely would come at a most importune time in advance of the 2020 election.

Democrats already are moving to impeach Trump on the Ukraine matter. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others have told fellow Democrats to focus on Ukraine instead of on Russia conspiracy or obstruction, which led to more than two years of investigation. One reason for this is that Trump would be able to call his own witnesses during a Senate trial, particularly with a Republican majority dictating the rules. If the Russia investigation winds up as part of an impeachment trial, then Trump would be able to use these reports and earlier disclosures to place the conduct of the Obama administration under the spotlight before the public.

Trump would have plenty to work with in such a trial. The original focus was on his campaign aide Carter Page, who ultimately was not indicted on any crime. Mueller could not find a single crime by George Papadopoulos other than a marginal false statement that led to a whole 12 days in jail. Mueller ultimately found that no Trump official knowingly dealt with Russian hackers or trolls. If Durham finds irregularities and improper conduct in the Russia investigation, it will reinforce the claim by Trump that his campaign was improperly targeted by hostile FBI officials.

Even worse is there could be a one two punch coming on the Russia investigation. Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz is said to be close to releasing his report on the secret surveillance targeting Trump officials. The report is expected to be both comprehensive and damaging for many involved in the start of that investigation. Durham and Horowitz will not be easily dismissed. Both are widely respected and are working with career investigators. If either finds improper conduct, it could reinforce the position of Republicans and moderate Democrats in voting against the impeachment or removal of Trump, who strongly maintains that the Obama administration not only improperly targeted his campaign for investigation but proved lax in investigating allegations against Democrats ranging from Hillary Clinton to Joe Biden.

Convicting a president in an impeachment trial requires evidence and clarity. Even if Democrats only proceed on the Ukraine call, Trump will be able to claim that he sought evidence tied to the Russia investigation to assist Horowitz and Durham in their own investigations. He will be able to call witnesses like Hunter Biden on his business dealings in Ukraine while his father handed out more than a billion dollars in aid.

It is doubtful that Democrats could resist references to the Russia investigation in an impeachment trial, which would trip the wire for Trump to bring in countervailing evidence from the Horowitz or Durham reports. Esquire Magazine could right about the nature of this river, but while it may lead to many things, clarity is not likely one of them.

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. You can follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley.

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  1. https://www.cia.gov/about-cia/leadership/courtney-simmons-elwood.html

    Courtney Simmons Elwood

    General Counsel, Central Intelligence Agency

    Courtney Simmons Elwood is the General Counsel of the Central Intelligence Agency, the chief legal officer of the Agency. She took office in June 2017, following confirmation by the United States Senate.

    Prior to joining the CIA, Courtney was a partner at the law firm of Kellogg, Hansen, Todd, Figel & Frederick, PLLC. She joined the firm in 1996, after clerking for Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist on the Supreme Court of the United States, and for Judge J. Michael Luttig on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. From 2001 to 2007, Courtney served in a number of senior positions in government, including as Associate Counsel to the President, Deputy Counsel to the Vice President, and Deputy Chief of Staff and Counselor to the Attorney General.

    Courtney is a graduate of Yale Law School and a summa cum laude graduate of Washington and Lee University.

    Posted: Jan 09, 2018 05:37 PM

    1. surprise surprise CIA coup


      ya know it kind of makes that loud guy alex jones seem like a prophet since from day one he was saying the CIA would pull a coup on Donald. Gee maybe that’s why Google youtube facebook etc all have banned alex jones? and here I though it was just because he said the fluoride is making us all weak and dumb

        1. WASHINGTON — Weeks before the whistleblower’s complaint became public, the CIA’s top lawyer made what she considered to be a criminal referral to the Justice Department about the whistleblower’s allegations that President Donald Trump abused his office in pressuring the Ukrainian president, U.S. officials familiar with the matter tell NBC News.

          The move by the CIA’s general counsel, Trump appointee Courtney Simmons Elwood, meant she and other senior officials had concluded a potential crime had been committed, raising more questions about why the Justice Department later declined to open an investigation.

        2. Yeah Rehnquist, do you think he’s my hero? He’s not. And I know the kind of people who clerk and they are oftentiems not very impressive. Smart and hardworking but plastic putty in their bosses hands.

          So this lady. a pantsuit wearing, Yalie backstabber at CIA. Socalled Republican. Reminds me of a lot of the lilly livered Republican pukes that I came to hate before Trump entered the scene and reactivated me.

          Allow me to explain appointments for you. I thought you knew this but perhaps i need to refresh recollections.
          Trump appointed thousands of people dude. it’s not like he knew even half of them,. you know about the Plum book?Let me introduce you to it.


          see a lot of the people from either party who are “suitable” and “qualified” for haughty federal service are a bunch of brownnosing backstabbers with zero loyalty,

          in case you havent noticed it, in our society, what with the nuances of capitalism and the bureaucratic state which manages it, faceless, soulless, heartless, yes-man lackeys are EXACTLY the kinds of people who race up the ladder

          i dont mean all people in federal service. probably a lot if not most are decent hard working people! but to advance and rise quickly, you have to be a tepid, dronelike amoeba, not a man with a backbone. Or a woman, lol.

          and Trump acts like an old fashioned leader, with no clue how Deep the Deep State is. Now we see and are reminded. Let’s find out how this all goes down. I hope for this to end in fire not ice.

          1. Kurtz, that’s not even internally consistent. A “yes” man describes someone who does whatever his boss says. Political appointees have other political appointees as bosses, not staff.

            From your post, loyalty to Trump is the highest and only value in your moral universe.


            1. Sometimes, loyalty IS honor.

              Loyalty to people of flesh and blood, and not just some abstract words or papers.

              1. You’re the poster coming down “yes men” but everything you post on this thread is guided not by principle, but by saying yes to an AH, and here you spell it out.


            2. I cant challenge or speak to your ethics so I’ll just say a couple things about my own. First of all Im no saint and not seeking to be a role model.

              Secondly, I dont subscribe to vague notions of universal love and brotherhood. No way. Only God can love everyone. Let Him do that if it pleases Him. Or not. For me, if a thing is everywhere, it might as well be nowhere. Only the dark can frame the light.

              I am just a humble person. I love people who have some relationship to my place where I find myself thrust into the world. Facts delimit my existence not just some vague empty slogans.

              Loyalty is manifestation of love, shown in actions which prove commitment.

              For people who think the nation, rather lets say, our nation, is just “Creedal” — well, i understand what they mean, and, there is a valid basis for that assertion. But it is not mine. It is not the feeling I have toward my “nation” and it is not anything I would pledge “loyalty” towards, a bunch of disembodied vague abstractions that any featherless biped could recite and then be my fellow “countryman” That creedal nation, is just an abstraction, shibboleths like this ersatz freedom which can mean anything in anybody’s mind and so they come to mean nothing in practice.

              Creedal nation: to me it is not glory it is vanity.

              “…but a walking shadow, a poor player,
              That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
              And then is heard no more. It is a tale
              Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
              Signifying nothing.”

              No, if you follow an older, more antiquated, outdated, feudalistic, whatever you want to call it, old? morality like I have absorbed, received, and been inculcated with by the living and dead people who benefited me and brought me into this world, then, you see a nation as something like a far extended family. Not a “set of ideas,”

              A family that persists throughout generations not only through material factors but also spiritual values like love and truth. Love, which manifests in loyalty, and truth which manifests in disciplined work.

              See you guys take trivial fibs from Donald and think he’s a liar. but to me he’s speaking to deeper truths that other politicians mostly deny. He is the authentic voice whose impulsive and sometimes incoherent remarks contain more truth than a thousand stale, overly sophisticated pages of “Fake News”

              He is a leader of our nation. Whether he is or remains however long a leader of our nation-state or not, he is still a leader of our nation. For that, for letting us know what it was like to actually have one for a time, we can feel love and love breeds: loyalty.

              And not the kind that is fear, which is inspired by legions of cops, judges, lawyers, tax collectors, bureaucrats, bankers, beancounters, backstabbers and brownnosers in a country that can always hire more cops and more social workers to hold down a fort that now incarcerates more than any other on Earth, and whether inside or out, mostly all mental and wage slaves fiddling with their phones all day who call themselves “free”

              Loyalty. What does it mean?
              Nation. What does it mean?

              These are questions every authentic person must answer. Or if not, then you are just a robot receiving orders from around you without your own agency to confirm them.

              We are all thrown into the stream of existence. But do we float like a cork bouncing about, or do we will to emplace roots in the river-bottom? Choice exists. I have been told all my education that values are all relative and I can choose this that and the next thing. Well ok. I chose then, to be old fashioned, blood and guts, facts over fiction, ideals over ideas. If I have to pick between two French slogans like “patrie, travaille, famille” versus “egalite, fraternite, et liberte,” wow that’s an easy one. As Jean Raspail said: Patrie Oui, Republique, Non!

              1. Kurtz, blood and soil is a relic of barbarism last openly promoted in fascism.

                It didn’t go well and there are too many people with too many weapons for us to survive as a species – your DNA didn’t begin in northern Europe – if we go that way again. If you have progeny, this should matter to you and I’m sure those ancestors you claim fealty to would choose survival for their genes, not extinction.

                By the way, the only “truths” Trump recognizes is whatever fits his self interest at the moment. It’s no deeper than that and a blind man can see it.

                1. ” blood and soil is a relic of barbarism last openly promoted in fascism”

                  one thing I have learned through my multiculturalism studies is that people around the world still subscribe to “blood and soil” they just don’t used the words “blut und boden”

                  just because a bad guy did something bad with those words on his lips does not mean the concept of cultural and ancestral continuity is illegitimate

                  you can think so if you like, however. that’s freedom. feel free to live as an atomized particle if you like

        3. a really clever one effectuated with subtle means, death by a thousand paper-cuts, enacted by faceless pencil necked geeks who teem like ticks on the backs of the American people, lead by a sarcastic arrogant loser named John Brennan. Who probably leeched and lied his way to the top too.

          Any weak willed Republican pukes that turn coat on Trump better never leave their cloisters. They’re worse enemies than Democrats in general, by far. Nobody likes a snitch. A turncoat, a traitor, a stool-pigeon.

          Courtney Simmons Elwood

          There’s a name to go in the infamy list right there. Right at the top.

        4. She is just the kind of scheming backstabbing phony who would elevate the CIA above the one they pretend to serve.

          I bet they love that kind at CIA. Probably the first criterion of recruitment is “WILL THIS CANDIDATE BE MORE LOYAL TO CIA THAN THE POTUS?” They think they are the real leaders of America. This was clearly well known and laid out by some smart Democrats in decades past but you failed to get the memo. Well they may or may not do in the Donald but now that everyone has got the message who has half a brain will they ever get anybody on board that place again except faceless soulless upwardly mobile brownnosers. Good luck with that CIA.

          I used to admire the institution, when I was a callow youth weaning phony dreams of patriotism. Now I utterly revile it. I had tamed my loathing of it, until the past week, when it all came back like a new bout of the flu making me want to puke my guts out.

          The only thing that would life my opinion of the CIA now is if they would go to work sanitizing these would be coup plotters from their own ranks with “extreme prejudice.” I wont hold my breath!

          here, here’s a movie about how the bureaucratic pencil necked geeks at the CIA told a group of contract security shooters to stand down and not go save the US Ambassador in Libya, when they were literally a few miles away watching his building get over-run. Probably this actually wasn’t Hillary’s fault, not directly, rather some lame weak willed schemer at CIA who thought it might affect his pension and froze up under pressure of a real group of adversaries actually pulling triggers instead of writing memos! Until it was too late and the security team just disobeyed the flunky’s orders and went to try and extract whomever had not been killed already. Watch it and see!

          Probably when the Republicans were harping on Hillary for Benghazi, they should have just been attacking the CIA! But who the heck wants to attack them? Remember what Schumer said to Trump, they have seven ways to Sunday to get back at you!

          1. So we have all these people that do the real jobs on the ground like those at Benghazi, & then we have all those pencil necks DC type Traitors like John Brennan, Obama, Hillary, etc,etc.. phoning it in like their so tough….

            Let’s just say “If we were Betting everything on the outcome”, my guess is the American Hating Traitors are Ph’d & soon.

          2. OMG, that guy is super hot! Love to have him one night in bed with me

    2. Democrat anti-Trump conspiracy theorist circulating lies that Bannon will be executed for treason and maybe Trump too. I am not making this up.


      Send Secret Service to detain this irrational person

      CIA’s coup plotters activating the fruitcake squad now guys, this may get ugly.
      Dont think the peasants will take this lying down

  2. https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-trumps-the-bidens-and-china-11570210513

    The Trumps, the Bidens and China

    The upside of Washington’s influence scandal.

    James Freeman

    Oct. 4, 2019 1:35 pm ET

    President Donald Trump talks to reporters before departing the White House for Florida on Thursday. Photo: Stefani Reynolds/Zuma Press
    Even Hunter Biden doesn’t deserve the Chinese judicial system. But there is a silver lining to Donald Trump’s suggestion that foreign governments scrutinize unusual financial arrangements involving relatives of people at the center of American political power. There is value in a U.S. President telling the world that the Clinton Foundation will not be the model for how this country conducts its foreign affairs.

    Was it really that bad? The Journal’s James Areddy reports:

    Hunter Biden, a 49-year-old lawyer and the second son of the former vice president, owns 10% of a private-equity firm called Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co.
    Over the past roughly six years, it has channeled $2.5 billion or more on behalf of its financial backers into automotive, energy, mining and technology deals, according to interviews with people familiar with the private-equity firm and a review by The Wall Street Journal of financial filings and other official business records.
    Hunter Biden is one of nine directors of the firm, known as BHR Partners, which is controlled and funded primarily by large Chinese government-owned shareholders.
    In 2014, the Journal’s Chao Deng reported from Shanghai that this esteemed group was raising a fund to invest outside China, “with the yuan-denominated portion of the fund to be converted to U.S. dollars through Shanghai’s free-trade zone.” Mr. Deng noted:

    The Bohai-Harvest fund is likely one of the biggest Sino-foreign collaborations in private equity to take advantage of the free-trade zone’s benefits in converting yuan to dollars that can then be invested in foreign companies. The funds are raising a combination of yuan and U.S. dollars. The effort is the latest example private equity pushing boundaries in an area that China hopes will help drive the country’s economic transformation. Normally, China restricts free conversion of its currency.
    And which experts in private equity did the Chinese government want involved in this important international venture? Did Beijing seek out Blackstone co-founder Steve Schwarzman, who leads the American buyout giant—or perhaps John Doerr, the legendary venture capitalist who helped build Amazon and Google?

    No offense to those guys, but Chinese officials obviously saw something very special in Hunter Biden, the former lobbyist. And given the management fees typically collected by private equity managers, it’s possible the China venture could ultimately make his $50,000-a-month Ukraine gig look small.

    Once again this column should emphasize that to this point the Biden family operations do not appear to be on a Clintonian scale, but the possibilities are intriguing, especially if Joe Biden becomes President.

  3. “During Gina Haspel’s later time as COS-London, much of the action on CIA/FBI spy op on Trump took place in London.”

    Professor Turley are you deliberately not seeing the forest for the trees? Who was Chief of Station, London and protege of CIA Director John Brennan, when the FBI/CIA spy op, “Crossfire Hurricane,” was launched against Trump and Christopher Steele et al. created the fake Trump “dossier?”

    “I know nothing!”

    – Sergeant Schultz

    “Who Ran Crossfire Hurricane?”
    Barr’s investigators should focus on John Brennan and Gina Haspel.

    – American Spectator


  4. Misfud claimed that his Russian contacts were mostly concerned with academics and spreading peace.

    Sounds like Dialogue of Nations, or the like. That is one of the Active Measures employed by Russia, in order to strengthen Russia’s position geopolitically and weaken the US. It is pro-Socialist and anti-capitalist. It employs American academics.

    The rise of socialist Democratic Presidential candidates and congress people are like tracks in the snow leading back to Russia. The phenomenon most certainly would not have occurred if the US taught an accurate history of socialism in the education system, and universities. Slowly, subtly, socialism got whitewashed and capitalism became vilified. The rhetoric grew that the US was a racist country. These are all positions of various Russian think tanks, whose goal is to fight a war of propaganda.

  5. The attorney general works as the presidents lawyer. So he can go after anyone the president wants to get. But dims want to make it seem like Barr cant Thats a bunch of hooey. Trump can use Barr anyway he wants.

    1. The Attorney General represents the interests of the people of the United States NOT Trump. When Trump commits a crime, the AG, as OUR attorney, is supposed to go after Trump.

      1. the executive leadership of “the people” is vested in the POTUS. The AG serves at pleasure of POTUS. So you have a pretzel logic situation as do all the others who throw around vague assertions like that.

        I hear the same sort of thing stated in corporate disputes sometimes. Oh, so and so is working for the shareholders! Yeah, but meanwhile, he’s the executive in command of the thing they own so we have to deal with offices not vague abstractions.

        there are rules which address this but one thing is for sure. The Democrats do not just get to pretend that suddenly they are “the people” and the elected candidate is not the POTUS.

        1. The POTUS appoints and can fire the AG, but the AG’s first duty is to uphold and defend the Constitution on behalf of the American people. The AG does NOT represent the POTUS, and if the POTUS violates the law, the AG is duty-bound to prosecute him. Barr has so trashed the integrity of his oath and office that there aren’t enough superlatives to describe the depth of his depravity. He would do well to consider what happened to Nixon’s AG.

          Trump cheated to get into the White House. He is NOT legit and never will be. Barr’s running interference for Trump is a violation of his oath. He may well end up in the graybar hotel.

      2. That’s a flat out lie. The AGUSA is s Presidential appointee. Within the scope if that job, POTUS can direct him to investigate any crime he wants.

  6. There will be no impeachment. Just a lot of smoke and mirrors and the spewing of hot air till the 2020 elections. The establishment Democrats now that an impeachment of Trump would be toxic for them. Sit back and enjoy the theater.

    1. I am “…concerned if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.”

      – Rep. Al Green

      This dunderhead shamelessly tells his parasitic democrat colleagues that they must abuse power and abuse impeachment, using it as a political tool, or they will lose the next election.

      Hey guys, let’s commit a crime to win an election. Yep, sounds good to me. The ends justify the means. Anything to get our tons of free stuff from the taxpayers money; from the white man’s money. We’re his burden, don’tcha know?

      How long do Americans take this —-?

      1. All green is stupid as dirt. It is impossible to hide such ignorance.

      2. They have a goal and it is not to win impeachment. it is to force errors on Trump, who is new to electoral politics, to cause him to be discouraged, and to cause defections and traitors to emerge from the Republican ranks of the federal bureaucracy and essentially freeze operations and force him out.

        Traitors such as this:

        Courtney Simmons Elwood

        If we peasants make it known loud and clear to the elected representatives that we abhor this CIA coup and that any Republican defections will be hated forever by the people, then it may give them pause before they try and run away like the so many cowards I always thought they were before Trump came on the scene and he bucked up their nerve.

  7. The Obama Coup D’etat in America is the most egregious abuse of power and the most prodigious scandal in American political history.

    The co-conspirators are:

    Rosenstein, Mueller/Team, Andrew Weissmann, Comey, Christopher Wray, McCabe,

    Strozk, Page, Laycock, Kadzic, Yates, Baker, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Priestap, Kortan,

    Campbell, Sir Richard Dearlove, Steele, Simpson, Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer,

    Stefan “The Walrus” Halper, Azra Turk, Kerry, Hillary, Huma, Mills, Brennan, Gina Haspel,

    Clapper, Lerner, Farkas, Power, Lynch, Rice, Jarrett, Holder, Brazile, Sessions (patsy),

    Obama et al.

  8. Yada, yada, yada!

    Professor Turley sees criminality throughout the Trump administration but he is not bothered to the degree of resignation over Hillary Clinton’s absolutely illegal private server and her willful destruction of evidence consisting of 30,000 e-mails destroyed deliberately by Bleachbit. Professor Turley is not off-put to the degree of formal protest by the criminal acts of Comey who corruptly refused to prosecute Hillary (allowing targets and her co-conspirators to act as her attorneys in her “interview”) after proving her guilt in a 15-minute dissertation and saying no prosecutor would pursue charges in front of a horde of prosecutors frothing at the mouth, chomping at the bit, to prosecute Hillary with extreme prejudice. Hillary Clinton should have gone to jail 35 years ago for taking a bribe from Tyson Chicken as the Arkansas governor’s wife.

    We sit here and watch and read all this inane prevarication and corruption. The inmates have taken over the asylum. How did we get here?

    By not enforcing the law in the first place.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    – Sir Edmund Burke

  9. Oh, come on now, Turley, really? Talk about trying to put lipstick on a pig. Could there be any legitimate non-political grounds for delving into “the origins of the Russia investigation”? Emphasis on NON POLITICAL. The Russia investigation proved that Trump cheated, with the assistance of Russian hackers who got information from his campaign on where to target a social media disinformation campaign against Hillary Clinton. One other result: Trump repeatedly obstructed justice. The only logical reason for Barr’s actions is to try to help Trump’s re-election bid. Turley says that asking other countries for help in criminal investigations isn’t unusual. So of all the potential criminal matters to investigate, including international crimes, like money laundering, drugs, organized crime, sex trafficking, etc., Barr needs to globe trot at taxpayer expense to investigate the origins of a closed investigation that makes Trump look bad. And, we’re supposed to buy this as legitimate?

    It’s just like the Ukraine scandal: the alleged basis was to help root out corruption. Like Mitt Romney said, of all the possible corruption in Ukraine, why is it that Trump is only interested in corruption involving the leading Democratic candidate? Neither dog will hunt.

      1. Let’s take some of Nutchacha’s word and switch a few names —>

        “The only logical reason for Obama’s actions (thru his DOJ, FBI, CIA) is to try to help Hillary’s election bid. Turley says that asking other countries for help in criminal investigations isn’t unusual. So of all the potential crimes to investigate, including international crimes, like money laundering, drugs, organized crime, sex trafficking, etc., Obama went and used government resources to globe trot at taxpayer expense to initiate and manufacture the origins of a crime to make Trump look bad and catch him in a crime. And, we’re supposed to buy this as legitimate?”

        Couldn’t agree more, Nuttychacha.

        1. More fundamentally, Obama, ostensibly a legal scholar, willfully and deliberately perpetrated an egregious and colossal fraud on America and was ensconced by the Deep Deep State as a tactic in its strategy of globalization.

          To wit,

          Barack Obama will NEVER be eligible to be U.S. president.

          Barack Obama’s father was a foreign citizen at the time of his birth.

          – A “citizen” could only have been President at the time of the adoption of the Constitution – not after.

          – The U.S. Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5, requires the President to be a “natural born citizen,” which, by definition in the Law of Nations, requires “parents who are citizens” at the time of birth of the candidate and that he be “…born of a father who is a citizen;…”

          – Ben Franklin thanked Charles Dumas for copies of the Law of Nations which “…has been continually in the hands of the members of our Congress, now sitting,…”

          – The Jay/Washington letter of July, 1787, raised the presidential requirement from citizen to “natural born citizen” to place a “strong check” against foreign allegiances by the commander-in-chief.

          – Every American President before Obama had two parents who were American citizens.

          – The Constitution is not a dictionary and does not define words or phrases like “natural born citizen” as a dictionary, while the Law of Nations,1758, did.


          Law of Nations, Vattel, 1758

          Book 1, Ch. 19

          § 212. Citizens and natives.

          “The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages. The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights. The society is supposed to desire this, in consequence of what it owes to its own preservation; and it is presumed, as matter of course, that each citizen, on entering into society, reserves to his children the right of becoming members of it. The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent. We shall soon see whether, on their coming to the years of discretion, they may renounce their right, and what they owe to the society in which they were born. I say, that, in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.”


          Ben Franklin letter December 9, 1775, thanking Charles Dumas for 3 copies of the Law of Nations:

          “…I am much obliged by the kind present you have made us of your edition of Vattel. It came to us in good season, when the circumstances of a rising state make it necessary frequently to consult the law of nations. Accordingly that copy, which I kept, (after depositing one in our own public library here, and sending the other to the College of Massachusetts Bay, as you directed,) has been continually in the hands of the members of our Congress, now sitting, who are much pleased with your notes and preface, and have entertained a high and just esteem for their author…”


          To George Washington from John Jay, 25 July 1787

          From John Jay

          New York 25 July 1787

          Dear Sir

          I was this morning honored with your Excellency’s Favor of the 22d

          Inst: & immediately delivered the Letter it enclosed to Commodore

          Jones, who being detained by Business, did not go in the french Packet,

          which sailed Yesterday.

          Permit me to hint, whether it would not be wise & seasonable to

          provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the

          administration of our national Government, and to declare expressly that the Command in chief

          of the american army shall not be given to, nor devolved on, any but a natural born Citizen.

          Mrs Jay is obliged by your attention, and assures You of her perfect

          Esteem & Regard—with similar Sentiments the most cordial and sincere

          I remain Dear Sir Your faithful Friend & Servt

          John Jay

          1. I find life simpler to ignore George’s foolish rants but sometimes he says things so ignorant they must be pointed out.

            ” Every American President before Obama had two parents who were American citizens.”

            Think real hard George about the validity of that statement. Plus, America developed special rules for black people that they followed the bloodlines of the mother. That’s so all the children of rapists like Jefferson weren’t born free with rights and everything. Your constant need to make Obama an illegitimate President says more about you than him.

            1. “America developed special rules for black people that they followed the bloodlines of the mother”

              i dont know what you mean, but i thought about it, and maybe you mean the rule that anybody can inherit from their mother, out of whose body they came, but only from a father acknowledged on a birth certificate, by a court in paternity action, or by adoption.

              that’s not because of race, that’s because you come out of your mom’s body and people watch it happen. but they can’t see who put the seed in her body in the first place.

              this is still the rule of inheritance most everywhere as far as I know, and that at least, has nothing to do with race. nor did americans invent it. it goes way, way back. there are rules for inheritance in the OT and probably hammurabi had them before Abraham lived.

              1. Sorry to disappoint but happy to educate. It had everything to do with race.

                PARTUS SEQUITUR VENTREM The primary legal principle used to perpetuate African American slavery from one generation to another was that of partus sequitur ventrem, meaning that the child inherits the status or condition of the mother. Running contrary to the English tradition which determined the status of children according to the status of the father, partus sequitur ventrem ensured that African American slavery would continue indefinitely.

                Children of two slave parents, of course, would automatically be classified as slaves. Concurrently, a child born of an inter­racial union between a free white man and a black slave woman would also be classified as a slave. On the other hand, a child born of an interracial union between a free white woman and a black male slave would legally be free, inheriting the status
                of its mother. Since miscegenation between free white women and black slave males was relatively rare in the antebellum South, the products of such unions were numerically fewer than the children born of free white fathers and black slave mothers. See also: MISCEGENATION.

                1. Enigma, it may relate to race in your special interest area, as you have demonstrated. but, it does not have “everything to do with race” it generally relates to the biological fact you come out of a woman’s body and many cultures put heavy stock in this fact. hate to have to educate but here here’s an intro to the general topic


                1. in your habitual quest to attack white america for its racism, you under-rate and under-state the significance of the fact of birth out of the woman’s body and its significance across cultures around the world into antiquity. now, it may have had the specific social function you attribute to it, but you act as if that rule was invented by white slave massas just for oppression purposes. well, i encourage you to broaden your horizons


                  “Matrilineality is the tracing of kinship through the female line. It may also correlate with a social system in which each person is identified with their matriline – their mother’s lineage – and which can involve the inheritance of property and/or titles. A matriline is a line of descent from a female ancestor to a descendant (of either sex) in which the individuals in all intervening generations are mothers – in other words, a “mother line”. In a matrilineal descent system, an individual is considered to belong to the same descent group as their mother. This matrilineal descent pattern is in contrast to the more common pattern of patrilineal descent from which a family name is usually derived. The matriline of historical nobility was also called their enatic or uterine ancestry, corresponding to the patrilineal or “agnatic” ancestry.

                  In some traditional societies and cultures, membership in their groups was – and, in the following list, still is if shown in italics – inherited matrilineally. Examples include the Cherokee, Choctaw, Gitksan, Haida, Hopi, Iroquois, Lenape, Navajo and Tlingit of North America; the Kuna people of Panama; the Kogi and Carib of South America; the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra, Indonesia and Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia; the Trobrianders, Dobu and Nagovisi of Melanesia; the Nairs of Kerala and the Bunts and Billava of Karnataka in south India; the Khasi, Jaintia and Garo of Meghalaya in northeast India; the Ngalops and Sharchops of Bhutan; Muslims and the Tamils in eastern Sri Lanka; the Mosuo of China; the Kayah of Southeast Asia, the Basques of Spain and France; the Akan including the Ashanti of west Africa; virtually all groups across the so-called “matrilineal belt” of south-central Africa; the Tuareg of west and north Africa; the Serer of Senegal, The Gambia and Mauritania; and most Jewish communities.”

                  1. In other cultures, they may have arrived at maternal lineage in other ways. In America, they revoked the existing law in England and elsewhere in Europe to come up with a way to perpetrate slavery and make rape of slaves not a crime. The “white massas in America” did exactly what I claimed and were proud to do so, only applying the rule to black people and not themselves.

              2. You “…find life simpler…” with generational welfare and affirmative action privilege. Your motto: Generational welfare and affirmative action privilege – don’t leave home without it. Enjoy the money and status you steal in concert with your communist comrades. One hopes free Americans never take back their republic, right?

                You go directly to ad hominem; do not pass go, do not collect $200! An attempt at obfuscation is necessary after your abject failure even to address much less challenge the irrefutable facts above.

                Obongo will never be eligible because he did not have two parents that were citizens at the time of his birth and his father was a citizen of a foreign country. Obongo failed to meet not only the letter of the law but its spirit. Obongo was not a full and “natural born citizen” of America and his father imbued “foreign influences” in Obongo making him a potentially treasonous foreign agent as commander-in-chief which the Jay/Washington letter would provide “…a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government, and to declare expressly that the Command in chief of the american army shall not be given to, nor devolved on, any but a natural born Citizen.”

                Who gives a —- about residual British slaves. Lincoln could not have cared less about slaves. Lincoln’s sole focus was saving the Union as he planned to repatriate the unequal, inferior slaves to their country/continent of origin for their own sense of nationhood and self-esteem and he knew they were not and could never become “equals” as the imperative of emulsifiers as generational welfare and affirmative action privilege proves beyond a shadow of doubt.

                Slaves were black. The Naturalization Acts of 1790, 1795, 1798 and 1802, which were passed four times by the American Founders and in full force and effect in 1863, required citizens to be “…free white person(s)…” requiring the immediate deportation of freed black slaves on the date of the issuance of the unconstitutional emancipation proclamation. No person may gain from a criminal act (i.e. criminal illegal entry and criminal presence in America) and the descendants of freed slaves must commit to the same deportation which will occur once America repeals and abolishes the unconstitutional “Reconstruction Amendments.”

                Your blather about wholly immaterial “Partus Sequitur Vendrem” is incoherently off topic. 4% of holdover British subjects in America kept slaves. Nobody (96% of Americans) gives/gave a —- about slaves.

                Obongo will never be a “natural born citizen” and Obongo will never be eligible for the office of president. To be sure, every aspect of the American welfare state is similarly unconstitutional. The communist “shadow government,” the Deep Deep State, running America imposed the unconstitutional welfare state and ensconced the definitively ineligible Obongo in the office of president.

                P.S. Every president prior to Obongo had two parents who were U.S. citizens.

          1. Thank you Karen S. I hope Nutchacha enjoys it as well. I was debating whether to attach a fire burning or a head exploding. But exploding heads leave such a mess behind, so… 😉

    1. A reminder to federal officials:

      There is no limit on the number of individuals who can use the whistleblower statute.

      If you think you were involved in unlawful activity as a result of a directive from Mr. Obama or Mr. Brennan, now is the time to report it.

      Sen. Ted Cruz Tweet in response to ——->

      John O. Brennan’s Tweet on Sep 28:

      A reminder to federal officials:

      There is no limit on the number of individuals who can use the whistleblower statute.

      If you think you were involved in unlawful activity as a result of a directive from Mr. Trump or someone doing his bidding, now is the time to report it.

      1. chaos and anarchy suborned by the CIA’s errant former boss. utterly despicable invitation to sabotage and insurrection.

        I do hope all the saboteurs will unmask themselves in open rebellion as their Master Brennan has commanded. INdeed gumming up the system with thousands of whistleblower complaints will be a fine thing to bring this into the next phase of conflict wherein the likes of Brennan reap their karmic due

    2. +1 Natasha. JT is celebrating a fishing expedition that even Trump’s former National Security Director has described as “nothing there”. This is in line with Trump’s self serving attempts at criminalizing the FBI and intelligence agencies he is charged with leading, and as expected, stooges like our Trumpeter posters here suck it up like caviar.

      1. I’m not a stooge but “Trumpeter” has a nice ring to it. “Trumpeteer” is even better. thanks!

    3. oh yes there could be. it’s called “counter-intelligence”

      how putin used judoka on hillary using a forked attack on both candidates, as a form of hedging, and in the event of the unlikely Trump victory, having lead her by the nose with disinformation to use against trump, via the corrupt collaborators in the agency, to undermine the strength of our Republic for his entire presidency

      a strategy that keeps on giving today

  10. polls favoring impeachment are up. not favoring conviction just impeachment

    count me in. I want to see Trump impeached so he can PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS AND EXPOSE IT ALL!

    Then the Senate can vote the articles down and ON TO VICTORY IN THE ELECTION!

    The traitorous dogs who’ve undermined the election victory of the POTUS from even before day one, can be removed by voting, even now. It’s saner and safer for transition of power to happen that way.

    Pray for a fair and impartial process that gives Trump a fair hearing, because the people are angry, not just on the liberal mass media side, but us peasants out here in flyover are hot too. And with a lot less to lose than the ensconced lordships of the federal bureaucracy and mass media.

    If this goes hot, you never know where it will end. The US is the longest constitutional state regime standing today. Generally history shows, regimes don’t last forever.

  11. Hunter Biden got busted in Arizona for crack cocaine. A crack pipe was confiscated.

    Two questions. Did Hunter snitch on the drug traffickers? Is the crack & crack pipe still in the evidence room?

    Hint: There was an increase in cocaine drug trafficking in Ukraine while Hunter was hanging around.

    1. DEA
      This is evidently not connect to the “less than honorable” discharge H.Biden got from the Navy?

      1. Hunter Biden got a Navy dishonorable discharge. Hunter Biden did not snitch to NCIS.

        Cocaine crack heads don’t snitch their drug trafficker source.

  12. The Democrats will lie & smear anyone who gets in their way on their quest for power. Democrats have used their vile “lie & smear” technique since Alinsky introduced it. The last 2 years we’ve seen that in full force where they will try to ruin people with lies: Kavanaugh, Covington Catholic, Ben Carson, any African American conservative, any female conservative, Neil Gorsuch. And of course they tried innumerable times over the last decades: Bork, Romney, McCain, Palin, Reagan, Justice Thomas, both Bush’s. Then the media, where over 90% of Press members vote Democrat, acts as promoters and perpetrators of the lie & smear campaigns. Democrats with any honor need to stop supporting the Lie & Smear version of politics of Schumer, Shiff and the cabal and call them out forcefully.

  13. The media is going wild about these latest texts, and it will really hurt the impeachment initiative. The ONLY thing that holds water is the money. Did Trump misuse authorized funds for Ukraine by withholding it until they found dirt on Biden. That won’t be easy, but the Dems are destroying their chances by trying to scoop up every recorded word by any bozo in the administration that MIGHT be linked into Trump’s conspiracy. This is so strained and confusing that public interest will tank fast. Millions will go see “The Joker” and wait the whole thing out. If this goes on, Pelosi may thumbs down any impeachment vote for the entire House. Then see how far the Dems get with Schiff’s subpoenas.

  14. ” … Attorney General Bill Barr is now somehow “implicated” in the Ukraine controversy because he spoke with counterparts in England, Italy, and Australia about assisting in the investigation by U.S. Attorney John Durham. If those calls were truly about the Durham investigation, it would be entirely proper for Barr to ask for such assistance. I have always maintained that the Congress has a legitimate interest in investigating the Ukraine controversy. However, the chorus of recriminations on the Barr matter reveal the hype triggering much of the hypoxia.”
    If it’s kosher for the AGUSA, a member of the Executive Branch, to ask for foreign assistance to investigate Hunter Biden, it’s kosher for the head of the Executive Branch to ask for foreign assistance to investigate Hunter Biden. I can’t find any provision in the Constitution or the US Code conferring immunity from criminal investigation on the family of possible contenders for President, nor can I find a word about the illegality of asking a foreign head of state to help out to investigate crime. I’m happy to see on point counter-authority but don;t bore me with the usual foreign assistance on campaign claptrap. Criminal investigations trump campaigns and candidates. Ask McCabe, Rosenstein and Mueller. That’s their defense.

    Oh and the correct diagnosis isn’t hypoxia, its mania. Like they say on Dr. House, “it fits better.”

      1. ha, idiots. they say:

        “Consider what it will mean if we decide that what Trump and Giuliani have already acknowledged doing in Ukraine becomes an acceptable practice for all future presidents. Sending the signal that other governments can curry favor with a U.S. president by helping to dig up dirt on his or her political opponents would open our political system and foreign policy to intervention and manipulation on a global scale. Every government in the world wishing to influence U.S. foreign policy will have an incentive to come to a sitting president with information on his or her potential political opponents.

        That information might be related to investments or other financial dealings in a particular country, as in Ukraine. Or it might have to do with the behavior of a particular individual while traveling abroad — who he or she sees and what he or she does. Other governments will therefore have an incentive to conduct surveillance of political figures traveling through their countries on the off chance of gleaning some bit of information that could be traded in Washington for some favor. Nor would other governments be limited to what they can see in their own countries. They would have an incentive to dig into the lives of potential opposition politicians in the United States, through monitoring their social media and other Internet presences, their bank accounts and other personal information — as already happened in 2016, and which Trump openly welcomed then, too.”





        it seems to me that the average person in America is taken by the liberal mass media as a total rube who will believe anything they say. the whining and hand wringing act has reached a fevered pitch these days.

    1. Yes, “mania” fits the Democrats today. And their media sycophants.

      One word to describe the Democrats in Congress, especially Adam Schiff?


  15. JT: “We have never established the real facts or loyalties of Mifsud. Some have suggested that he may have been a Western asset working for American, British, or Italian intelligence services.”

    JT: “An academic from Malta, Mifsud has long been tied to Russian interests and appears at critical moments throughout the Russia investigation.”

    Golly gee, how could a “Russian agent” who interfered in our Presidential election and lied to the FBI get away with it? He was in DC in 2017, so he could have been easily apprehended. How is this “Russian agent” freely living in Rome? Why was he working for Link Campus, a school for Western spies? Look at all the pictures of him with top Western intelligence agents on google! And this was the guy that Papadapolous’s employer(also tied to Western intelligence) insist he meet before leaving to work for Trump. Golly gee indeed.

    1. John Solomon, investigative reporter for the Hill, reports that Mifsud’s lawyer(Stefan Rowe) told him Mifsud was working for Western intelligence and was specifically directed to connect Papadapolous to Russia(starts at 1:50):

    2. here the coup leader John Brennan former CIA director advises his stay behind minions to drag their feet, sabotage, and gum up the federal government with whining:


      “John O. Brennan
      A reminder to federal officials:

      There is no limit on the number of individuals who can use the whistleblower statute.

      If you think you were involved in unlawful activity as a result of a directive from Mr. Trump or someone doing his bidding, now is the time to report it.”


  16. Its a hype its a hype. Its a hype all the way.
    From your first vote for Carter.
    Till your last dying day.

    If my name was Barr … I would sit on a stool.
    I’d wait for the BS to cool down to a school.
    Then flunk all the students whose names are pukette.
    And ask all the Dems to puke when they cool.

  17. Oh, and here is some more perverted entanglement:

    “New emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit reveal the details surrounding communications between Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller in the days leading up to the former FBI Director’s appointment as special counsel in the Russia probe. Mueller would go on to assemble a team comprising “13 Angry Democrats” as Trump called them, due to their obvious animus towards the president.

    According to the 145 pages of documents obtained by Judicial Watch, Rosenstein and Mueller were discussing just three days after President Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey, and ostenisbly for some time before that.

    “The boss and his staff do not know about our discussions,” Rosenstein wrote Mueller on May 12, 2017 as the two tried to nail down a time for their next conversation.


    There is more at the link. Including Rosenstein cozying up with the MSM.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter


      if they get what they’ve been asking for, they may be very surprised how it turns out

      the Democrat leadership is at a critical juncture, where it decides how far it will go down this primrose path laid out for it by timid, yet tenacious, CIA schemers!

  18. From the article” “Durham and Horowitz will not be easily dismissed. Both are widely respected . . .”

    Huh??? Do you think that will matter one whit if these two come out with damaging info on the Democrats??? Hogwash. Adam Schiff will start calling them names and “investigating” them. MSNBC, CNN, WAPO, NYTs, and the rest of thre MSM will invent numerous reasons to ignore them.

    No, Reputation is dead when it comes to partisan Democrats, and doesn’t mean squat. Sheeeesh, look at how they have trashed Trump.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Adam Schiff will start calling them names and “investigating” them. MSNBC, CNN, WAPO, NYTs, and the rest of the MSM will invent numerous reasons to ignore them.

      This is the only play they have remaining and it will fail spectacularly. They will flood the news cycles in a vain attempt to control the narrative, knowing full well they are lying their asses off. 30% of viewers/readers won’t be moved by facts and evidence. The remaining that still have a functioning left half of their brain will be thoroughly disgusted. Then they will connect who did what, who supported what, with the choices they will make in the 2020 election cycle.

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