Sunday Hikes: From Billygoat to Scott’s Run

I started Sunday with a dawn hike at Billygoat trail. I then went on a hike with visiting family (and our dog Luna) to Scott’s Run. It was a gorgeous fall day with temperatures hovering in the 50s. Scott’s Run is shorter, but you can walk to the waterfall and then along the river. It tends to be quite busy, but it remains a favorite for dog owners.

Here are some pics from both trails:

7 thoughts on “Sunday Hikes: From Billygoat to Scott’s Run”

    1. Another built up guilt-a-day. The Indians weren’t indigenous. They “invaded” across the Bering Land Bridge and visited a “holocaust” against the local animal population. When is Indigenous Animals Day?

      1. Nor were any people indigenous by you reasoning Mespo, except Africans. The rest of us all landless interlopers and tourists.

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  2. Awesome photos! I’d be out there every Sunday if I lived in that area. Luckily I have plenty of trails in my own backyard.

    Perhaps the Sunday morning talk shows should broadcast from the Billy Goat Trail and interview Washington notables as they come hiking by.

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