Report: No Spinach On Mars

Good news for kids around the world! Researchers at Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands have determined that it is possible to grow food on Mars except for spinach. Of course, Matt Damon was the first to demonstrate this finding. Unfortunately, the selection thus far is not what many of us would prefer: garden cress, rocket, tomato, radish, rye, quinoa, chives, peas and leek. Only spinach failed to grow.

The article, “Crop Growth and Viability of Seeds on Mars and Moon Soil Simulants“, was published in De Gruyter’s open access journal, Open Agriculture.

The same success applied to Lunar soil so that human bases on either Mars or the Moon could grow sustaining crops.

Personally, as an Italian-American, I cannot wait for Martian Marinara.

7 thoughts on “Report: No Spinach On Mars”

  1. “No spinach on Mars.”
    When I read that phrase, the meter reminded me of the below:

    This is one song among my favourites, particularly and especially the analog synthesizer heard beginning at 2:30. Call me strange but listening to those kinds of instruments while watching their waveforms on an oscilloscope presents an elegance akin to the appreciation of fine old-world craftsmanship melded with the purity of and simplicity of the art. This is especially so in simplistic tone music as in this example. An “analogue” to this appreciation of the waveform and the overlying craft can be found in the example of the Hamon on a traditional Katana sword associated with a particular maker who is the sum and basis for the sword itself.

    Moreover, in the video itself the creator makes a “low-res” depiction of the dancer superimposed over 70’s iconography such as the peace symbol and other images. In a way it shows us a timeline toward today’s technology but doesn’t lose sight, or sounds, of the music of the 70’s.

  2. I do not garden and I am not volunteering for a trip to Mars. However, to the gardeners out there, does spinach require a special soil?

  3. No spinach on Mars? I guess the treasonous commie snowflake leftie libtards won’t be going there. (sorry, my evil troll twin made me post this).

    1. Nope you are the evil and dumb and let’s face it, unfunny twin. What this story had to do with politics, I have no idea, but you had to drive some agenda. What, you can’t go 10 minutes without calling someone a “libtard” or “snowflake”? Seriously man, you have a problem. And by the way, I love spinach

      1. Jerome, It was clearly a joke from Al, but having said that, on this site it’s only a matter of time before someone would ask why hasn’t someone investigated why Hillary and the democrats have stopped spinach from being on Mars.

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