Turkish President Throws Trump Letter Into Trash as Aides Promise “Necessary Steps” Over Disrespect

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s aides made a point of telling U.S. media that Erdogan threw Donald Trump controversial letter to him into the trash and promised to take actions against the United States for the disrespectful content. In the meantime, the Turks are promising to “crush the heads” of the Kurds if they do not withdraw entirely from border areas. Erdogan himself said “we have not forgotten” the letter or its insulting tone.

Trump’s letter has shocked the world for over its content. He tells Erdogan “Don’t be a tough guy. Don’t be a fool!” He also says that he will ruin Turkey’s economy if he does not comply.

The Turks were enraged and promised that they “will not forget this lack of respect. This is not a priority for us. But when the time comes we would like it to be known that we will take the necessary steps.” 

Trump is still portraying his moves with Turkey as a master stroke of diplomacy and even said that the Kurds, who has lost hundreds of fighters, are delighted with what he has done. Even top Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have condemned the moves in Syria.

While Trump again describes Erdogan as his close friend, Erdogan is promising to pay him back for the insulting letter and is now heading to the Russian resort city of Sochi on Tuesday to meet with President Vladimir Putin.

82 thoughts on “Turkish President Throws Trump Letter Into Trash as Aides Promise “Necessary Steps” Over Disrespect”

  1. enigma: “Except for not having thought about how to get our own troops out, blowing up our own bases, and **leaving Nuclear weapons behind**.”

    Does anyone what this person is talking about? Does enigma know what enigma is talking about? Or is he just used to talking absolute nonsense because he knows nothing?

    1. Removing 1000 troops from Syria is simple. And blowing up a base we built in Syria that we are evacuating is logical. Enigma is yet another warmongering poster who’s talking out his ignorant ass.

      1. Ivan, someone favoring our placement of 1,000 troops in Syria to continuing to successfully keep the peace and protect our interests is not war mongering. War is what Trump green lighted as we now move our 1,000 to Iraq, not home.

        By the way, since Ivan has accused me also of being a war mongerer, these were and are my positions. I opposed VN, Gulf War I, and the Iraq war, from the beginning. I favored Bush’s sending troops to Liberia, the Afghanistan invasion – so did about 85% of all Americans – but not the extension Obama did against Biden’s advice – the bombing of Qaddafi though I agree with Obama that he f…d up not sending more support once the revolutionary government was set up – and like most honest people, don’t know with conviction what we should have done in Syria, where we were faced with a humanitarian crisis and a incendiary political scene which can affect us and our allies.. Anyway who says they do know is lying or a fool.

  2. If we get in a major dispute with Turkey what happens to the Americans and munitions at Incirlik?

  3. Why are we responsible for the Kurds, Assad or patrolling the Syrian border? Please explain the vital national interest justifying losing one soldier, sailor, airmen or marine.

    1. You see, according to yet another of Prof Turley’s “Trusted old Fake News Media” sites, ABC News, apparently the Kurds, in a strategic move retreated to “Knob Creek Kentucky”.

      It seems the Turkish President Erdogan ordered Turkey’s military to give chase & attack according to ABC News Turkey’s Airforce, Artillery & Infantry opened fire at Knob Creek Kentucky & Slaughtered all the babies in incubators at the hospitals.

      Ooops Typo, strike that babies killed in incubators, wrong war, that was one of the Bush’s BS wars.

      Anyway the ABC story seems to be 1000’s , maybe even millions of Kurds were killed in Knobs Creek Kentucky.

      So everyone knows not to yell “Fire” in a crowded theater, that’s illegal, but it’s just fine with ABC, Turley & the rest of their gang to Make Up Lies about war events that didn’t happen & in a vain attempt at Subversion & Espionage against us US citizens, Pres Trump, that could cause actual Civil War in the states & more real wars abroad. You see, they think that’s not a Crime.


      1. 1 Typo correction:

        So everyone knows not to yell “Fire” in a crowded theater, that’s illegal, but it’s just fine with ABC, Turley & the rest of their gang to Make Up Lies about war events that didn’t happen & in a vain attempt at Sidition & Espionage against us US citizens, Pres Trump, that could cause actual Civil War in the states & more real wars abroad. You see, they think that’s not a Crime.

    2. They have no answer. They are ignorant keyboard warriors. Children playing war with other people’s children. This is the modern left.

  4. Now that’s a border patrol!

    50 people with the large “Pricks 19” would be fully capable of accessing every form of airborne military asset and munition in theater up to the Hammer of God commencing in minutes.

  5. From one of the articles posted by Jonathan:

    ‘The letter, first obtained by Fox Business’s Trish Regan on Wednesday and which I confirmed shortly afterward, goes against every tenet of decorum and presidential communication. It’s brash, nasty, and lacking any diplomatic tact whatsoever.

    ‘“Having helped draft a few presidential letters to foreign leaders, I want you to know that this is not what they normally look like,” Kelly Magsamen, a former official who worked under both the Bush and Obama administrations at the State Department, Pentagon, and National Security Council, tweeted about the letter.’

    1. Clutch those pearls: “It’s brash, nasty, and lacking any diplomatic tact whatsoever.”

  6. I would like one of you geniuses to explain to me how leaving 50 people in between the Turks and the Kurds was going to stop anything. I wonder how many of you have carried a weapon in combat. Turley and the rest of you weekend warriors make me ill.

      1. Now that’s a border patrol!

        50 people with the large “Pricks 19” would be fully capable of accessing every form of airborne military asset and munition in theater up to the Hammer of God commencing in minutes.

    1. We have more than 50 troops and economic power we can threaten any two bit dictator in the world with, including Erdogen, but you do it before, not after you green-lighted his aggression and changing his mind would include a complete and public retreat and capitulation on his part.

      We don’t know what was said on that phone call except that Trump caved right then and there.

  7. Erdogan has already started taking “the necessary steps” in retaliation for Trump’s letter.
    He’s been pestering Trump with prank phone calls, asking if Trump has Prince Albert in a can, leaving flaming bags of poop by the doors of guests at Mir a Lago, etc.

  8. You seem to have missed the part where Russian troops have moved in and many ISISsoners have already escaped, who knows where they’ll turn up next. Other than that (and letting every US ally know our word is meaningless if they hadn’t already figured that out from the Iran Peace Treaty, TPP, NAFTA, and Kyoto Protocol) Trump’s plan is perfect. Except for not having thought about how to get our own troops out, blowing up our own bases, and leaving Nuclear weapons behind.

    1. Russia was invited in by the Syrian government. They are there legally, we are not.

      The US does not have nuclear weapons in Syria. What are you talking about?

      1. A government which gases and otherwise slaughters it’s own citizens does not have legitimacy to grant anything legally.

        1. and you see yourself as judge, jury, and executioner.

          If you think that Syria gassed it’s own people in Duma, then you are one dumb mofo.

          1. Perpetrator Number of killed civilians Men Women Children
            Syrian government forces 199,411 164,213 11,854 22,733
            Russian forces 6,514 3,717 908 1,928
            Islamic State 5,004 3,454 584 952
            Other unnamed parties 5,239 3,156 734 1,164
            Other rebel forces 4,131 2,451 873 981
            International Coalition Forces 3,037 1,455 656 924
            Syrian Democratic Forces 1,157 768 152 203
            Hayat Tahrir al Sham 455 301 74 64
            TOTAL 224,948 180,165 15,835 28,948


    2. You poor dear! I have always said that you do not live in 2019 like the rest of us but somewhere 80+ years ago. I guess that you are now up to the 1950s and you are going thru your Red Scare phase. Where there is a Russian behind every tree.

      So sad for you.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Squeeky, Squeeky, Squeeky, the Russians take over a US base (not 80 years ago but within the last week) yet you fail to notice. Russians financed Rudy’s recent escapade in Ukraine but you can run with Mulvaney’s redo and say there was no Quid Pro Quo. The Trump effort to “look back” at the 2016 Election is to suggest Russia didn’t hack our elections it was Ukraine so we can then lift the sanctions on Russia. Maybe in time for Trump to lead them back into the G-8 after Trump forces Ukraine to settle with Putin. Then he can lift the rest of the sanctions against his friends who have bought millions (billions?) worth of real estate from Trump at inflated prices. Don’t believe me, check with Eric and Don Jr, who used to brag about it. The beneficiaries of Trump’s foreign policy escapades in this case are Russia, Iran, and Turkey. Is all of this current enough for you?

        1. 1. When the US has a base in another country, it either has a lease, or an agreement for the base. Do you have a copy of the lease and/or agreement between the US and Syria???

          If you do not, then we were probably squatting there, and had no legal rights in the first place. In other words, we were trespassing in a war zone.

          2. Can you give me the name of the FBI agent who examined the DNC server? Can you tell me what Julian Assange said when Robert Mueller interviewed him? I suspect that you can not, because neither of these things happened. For your homework, go look up where the story about Russian hacking the computer came from.

          3. What is your opinion of Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg? Do you think they should be executed next week???

          Your very concerned friend,

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

              1. I know you and your cohort would like to forget all about the inconvenient past. Texas isn’t moving fast enough to change all the history books so you wantb to shame me into letting you forget. Sorry, I have to stand up when Trump says we were allies with Italy in the days of ancient Rome and troops taking over airports during the Revolutionary War. I also stand up when you want to “whitewash” American history because somebody’s got to do it.
                BTW, I honestly have sympathy for those of you who have to get up every day and figure out what crazy positions you have to adopt because Trump said or tweeted something crazy you never believed before.
                On a related note; did the Jim Jones followers that didn’t literally drink the kool-aid, feel relieved or wish they had? That after kool-aod moment is coming for many of you.

                1. Hillary is a dinosaur of the past. Why carry her dirty, deranged, paranoia provoking water?

                  She lost because she is a stupid beatch who alienated more than half of the voters! How dumb can a political candidate be?!?! Thats Hillary!

                  A bigger man and woman would be introspective but not entitled Hillary. She wont admit her many failures within herself. Hillary is a crazy malcontent desperate for validation by others given her “open relationship” marriage which has done more harm to her than she is ever willing to admit. Now she is attacking along with her online warrior trolls a highly decorated female military office running for the Executive! Hillary has no shame and you do well to admit the cancer she is.

                  We have no enemies abroad though we do have quite a few nutjobs in the Democrats

                  Evolve buddy

                2. It is not about forgetting the past, it is about not living in it. If you still think racism is what is keeping blacks down, and looking back at Jim Crow, while ignoring the fact that 77.3% of black kids are born to unwed ghettopotami, then you are LIVING IN THE PAST. I have told you this before.

                  If you were German, I bet you would still be b*tch*ng about those B-17s bombing your great-grandparents hog farm by accident. Instead of getting on with life.

                  And, if you think America was sooo fundamentally flawed, then move to Nigeria or something. You don’t have to stay here. You can hop a jet and be there in hours. With your education, and your assets converted to cash, you could be a wealthy man there. And you could still do your blog and make comments here.

                  If not, then you should thank God that somebody kidnapped whoever your ancestors were and brought them here because if that had not happened, then you would not be here now, b*tch*ing about America while comfortable in a nice home, and plenty of food, and a steady income, and Obamacare!

                  Nope, if you were like most Africans, you might have two whole sets of clothes, and be living in some hut made out of pallet wood and discarded tin roofing, and dodging diamond-mining slave patrols, evil black warlords, and wondering where your next meal was coming from, as you were out pooping in the jungle somewhere, and trying to not get bit on the a$$ by a black mamba. Oh, and with no toilet paper.

                  Squeeky Fromm
                  Girl Reporter

                  1. Squeeky, Because you have such a warped view of history (I don’t blame you personally for that, you’ve been taught what they meant for you to absorb). You don’t get that America not only was a flawed country. It never stopped. Long past Jim Crow our housing restrictions, lending laws, mass incarceration, stop & frisk, redlining (yes that’s included in housing restrictions but deserves special mention) segregation, and of course, votr suppression, either existed long after Jim Crow or have morphed into something less recognizable.
                    You also have a misguided view of Africa where even the shithole countries wouldn’t have been so without colonization. I was doing some research for another project and was surprised to read (and see pictures) of Yoruba palaces. How much better would Africans be off were they still not making payments to their former colonizers. How much better off would they be if Europeans hadn’t conscripted them (another word for enslaved) to fight in their wars and work in their factories.
                    It sounds like your need to blame black people for the conditions of some of them is partly to deflect the responsibility of your forebearers.

                    1. enigma – I think we have discussed this before, but I have lived in a redlined area. It effects everyone regardless of race. Where I lived people sold houses and business by quit claims and new contracts by carry the note themselves. The house I lived in had two notes on it. I paid off both before I sold it.

                      And who do you think captured Africans to sell them to Europeans? It was Africans.

                    2. Paul – Africans selling Africans did represent a fair amount of those taken into slavery. Keep in mind, nothing in their experience with slavery where children of slaves were generally born free and in the vast majority of cases the slaves were treated benignly would suggest what was gong to happen during the Middle Passage and once they arrived where they would be subjected to slave breeding and mostly horrible conditions.

                    3. enigma – as you well know, I do not support slavery, however Africans selling Africans represented the major, or in fact whole, amount of those taken into slavery.

                      As a little side note, as a breeding industry they were poorly operated. They should have separated the prime male, who will do all the breeding. And then geld all the other males, just in case. However, they didn’t. They seemed to do some selective breeding and then let some breed at will.

                    4. Paul – Buying captured slaves from tribes was convenient but an expense. Many of the slavers when given the opportunity simply took what they otherwise would have had to pay for. Cutting out the middle-man. I don’t claim to know the percentage but it certainly occured.
                      As far as the flaw in the selective breeding process, it was the owners themselves that insisted on constant access to the production line that gummed up the works. They changed what had been the law in Britain to ensure slaves followed the mothers bloodline and all those tan babies were also slaves.


                    5. enigma – there seem to have been three ways to get African slaves for sale to Europeans. 1) African tribes would sell capture opponents to the slave merchants 2) Arabs would capture and sell Africans to the slave merchants 3 ) Europeans would capture Africans for resale.

                      On the production side, let’s not let the Portuguese off the hook. They started the slave trade in the New World and deserve all the blame we can heap on them. The colonies were under benign neglect until the Stamp Act and the American colonists started getting uppity. And slavery was only a problem in some states, not all states, as we know. The key thing is, we never really followed the British and then you have the who New Orleans thing, which is French law (who are we going to blame for that?).

                      And you talk about the owners having constant access to the production line as a flaw, but is it a flaw? Isn’t it genetic modification? And genetic modification is something breeders have been doing since Mendel.

                    6. Paul – I don’t let the Portuguese off the hook, they did as much damage in South America as well.
                      Regarding the flaw in the production line, I meant as a means to get the biggest and strongest as a result. They were good for producing indoor servants who were liked a bit less dark (although the female were more likely to get raped like the previously discussed Sally Hemings and her mother who was raped by Jefferson’s wife’s father.

                    7. enigma – taking this as a theoretical exercise, on a large plantation you have house slaves and field slaves. Therefore, breeding for the purposes of the house slave would be perfectly alright just as breeding for the field would be alright. It is the difference between breeding for miniature and standard Poodles, from a breeding standpoint.

                      And there are perks to being a house slave, so I can see some hanky panky going on to get you kid in the big house. Happens today, happened then. Now, I do not know anything about Sally Hemmings mother, however, I do know that the DNA tests showed her first child was from an African-American.

                    8. enigma – sorry, I had forgotten the connection to Jefferson’s wife, I am sure you had told me before. My bad. I did have to look him up though.

                      I disagree that a house slave is a different hell. This is the stage where you can earn money to buy your freedom, etc. Often you are staying in the main house. You are eating the same food the family is eating, etc. Let’s say it is moving from lower lower class to upper lower class. If it is such a bad thing then why is it a pejorative to call a black a “house ni**a”?

                    9. Well Jefferson did free two of the over 600 slaves he owned in his lifetime while he lived. One of them, his rape victim’s brother paid $200. BEing in the house gave you close proximity to the master, his wife, and family; any one of which was entitled to beat, rape, or kill you on a whim. You might be resented by the field slaves who didn’t understand all the risks and pain they endured. It may seem like they got the best deal but it’s debatable.

                    10. enigma – how do we know that Sally didn’t seduce him? That it wasn’t all consensual? She was going to age-out as his daughter’s companion, so if she was going to need a new spot in the house or she was going to end up in the fields. You don’t think a black woman is smart enough to see which side her bread is buttered on?

                    11. enigma – age is a construct. I have taught students her age and you have to make sure another adult is in the room with you at all times. The age of consent almost did not exist at that time.

                    12. enigma – neither you nor I have been slaves. So, would you admit that black woman are hormonal?

                    13. Enigma, bear in mind you’re arguing with a woman whose name is borrowed from a Charles Manson disciple. Squeaky is a caricature of Trump deplorables. It’s a culture where mean is cool. But outside the rightwing bubble, Squeeky’ is about as uncool as they come.

                    14. I still hold out hope for Squeeky, she’s bright and funny, just terribly misguided. I’m trying to believe like the late Elijah Cummings said that she’s “better than this.”

                    15. Being opposed to slavery is a bold step Paul, but welcome to the last half of the 19th century. Your suggestions on slave husbandry are well thought out and we can only assume part of a text book you are working on. For myself, I’m just glad someone is putting thought into this.

                      By the way, if a woman helps a gang of pedophiles trap young girls, that does not somehow make both sexes equal participants, or somehow make any descendants of the girls equal parties to the wrong committed. You might want to consider a relative being victimized in that way and how you would feel about it.

                      Nah, probably not capable.

    3. Isn’t it ironic how the parasitic anti-war communists who demand generational welfare, affirmative action privilege and endless variable reams of “free stuff” from the white man’s money are now pro-war?

      Go figure. They said they wanted “free-dom.” What they really wanted was “free stuff,” oh, and the country too…and endless war.

      We gave you “…a republic, if you can keep it.”

      – Ben Franklin, 1787

      We gave you “…a republic, if you can take it back.”

      – Ben Franklin, 2019 (paraphrased)

        1. That was brilliant, simply brilliant; completely predictable but brilliant!

          Racism is discrimination which is the first step of freedom and, therefore, eminently constitutional. May we prefer apples over oranges? You do know that America persists under the dominion of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, don’t you? You conflate the two: Freedom and “Free Stuff.” It’s genetic. I understand. A reference to affirmative action privilege is not the racist aspect, affirmative action itself constitutes the actual racism. How about you and that intellect.

          P.S. My emphasis is not ad hominen or, in your terms, racist, it is the fundamental law in America. Affirmative action is irrefutably unconstitutional but communists perpetrate and perpetuate it illicitly. But then, that’s how ya’all roll. Engender sympathy and appeal for alms for the poor based on your “victim” status, right. Freedom and Self-Reliance? We don’t need no stinking Freedom and Self-Reliance.

          1. I would agree with you that racism is embedded in the law in America, in the Federalist Papers, in the Constitution, and throughout. Why do you believe that’s a good thing?

            1. I notice your fraudulent claims are accompanied by no citations. That works well for charlatans.

              People must adapt to the outcomes of freedom. Freedom does not adapt to people…dictatorship does. You communists don’t believe in freedom – freedom of religion, belief, thought, speech, socialization, assembly; the right to private property; constitutional immunities from redistribution of wealth, control of the means of production (i.e. regulation) and social engineering. You believe in dictatorship. The entire communist American welfare state is unconstitutional. Whatever will happen when Americans awaken to discover their republic has been stolen by thieves?

              So can we abolish generational welfare, affirmative action, quotas, welfare, food stamps, rent control, social services,
              forced busing, minimum wage, utility subsidies, WIC, TANF, HAMP, HARP, Dept.’s of Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Labor, Energy, Obongocare, Obongophones, Social Security, Social Security Disability, Social Security Supplemental Income, Medicare, Medicaid, “Fair Housing” laws, “Non-Discrimination” laws, etc., now?

              1. You are due no citations George, we know full well who you and what you are. You could give a whit about any citations I provided. Others here would be welcome to them.

                You yourself have demonstrated your knowledge of the actual content of the Lincoln/Douglas debates. I could point you to Article One: Section Nine of the Constitution but you’d only misconstrue it. I give you those off the top of my head but you aren’t worth one ounce of research. You are who you are, drag yourself back to your cave.

                1. So you’re saying you still need generational welfare and affirmative action privilege to be a real person and that merit doesn’t matter when it comes to making a living off of “free stuff” and entitlements from other people’s money?

                2. You are due no privileges, rights or freedoms.

                  America is a nation of laws.

                  The Naturalization Act of 1802 required citizens to be “…free white person(s)…” and was in full force and effect when “Crazy Abe” Lincoln issued his Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. Upon the date of the issuance of the proclamation, the status of slaves changed from “property” to “illegal alien” and they must have been deported post haste. That “Crazy Abe,” the freed slaves and their descendants violated fundamental and statute law is irrefutable. Perpetrators and accomplices, including the freed slaves and their descendants, shall not benefit from a criminal act.

                  In a nation of laws, Lincoln, his successors, freed slaves and their descendants egregiously violated them.

                  “Crazy Abe” won 1860 by 38.9% and 1864 by brute military force. Everything “Crazy Abe” and his similarly invalid successors did was unconstitutional, illegal and illegitimate with emphasis on the “Reconstruction Amendments” which were improperly ratified at gunpoint under the duress of post-war military occupation, immediately subsequent to Sherman’s March to the Sea, consisting of barbaric and heinous total war against defenseless civilians, their industries, equipment, farms, livestock and homes.

                  “Crazy Abe” Lincoln’s brutal and violent “Reign of Terror” was a violent, treasonous act of nullification against the Constitution and America, as is the entire contemporary American welfare state. Ben Franklin admonished against losing the republic by advocating to keep it. Ultimately, the American republic was lost. The only question that remains is whether it will be taken back.

                  We gave you “…a republic, if you can keep it.”

                  – Ben Franklin

                  “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

                  – Barack Obama

    4. As you note enigma, Trump has dismantled or injured one international alliance or treaty after another since in office and the winner has been Russia (Syria, NATO,), China (TPP), and N Korea (defense agreements with S Korea and Japan).

      If he’s not a traitor he does an excellent impersonation.

  9. Remember the days of Barack Obama when he stood firm when it came to dictators, tyrants and assasins decimating innocent people in foreign lands?

    Yeah we dont either. Obama a waste of an empty suit when the globe witnessed growing number of unholy leaders

    Trump is doing exactly what a leader should do: call the infidel out for acting like a “tough guy” and to deescalate. Look at how the Left react: “outrage”

    At least there was no “red line” that the black as$ hat made a mockery of America for being a global puzzy


    Obama’s ‘Red Line’ Debacle From the Inside

    Ex-aide Ben Rhodes’s memoir reveals the White House team as indecisive, irresponsible and self-absorbed, but he portrays it all as a success.

  10. The Syrian government has already moved to protect the Kurds and together they are creating an internal border(along the highway) lined with Syrian Army troops. However, Turkish backed forces have control of part of that important highway connecting east and west in northern Syria. If war happens, it will be Turkey vs Syria(including the Kurds). The only thing we should do is threaten strong economic sanctions on Turkey- Trump has done this. We should also discuss whether they belong in NATO.

    1. “…provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare,…”

      Preamble to the Constitution

      “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

  11. I wonder what it is about overthrowing Assad that keeps the War Machine going? Is it just to sell munitions? Does some member(s) of the elite stand to make a lot of money if Assad goes. It must be some serious money at stake for Hillary to make an a$$ out of herself calling Tulsi Gabbard a Russian asset.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. When a man named ike was leaving the white house on his last day in office he warned us about the military industrial complex.

      1. I know. But what specifically is behind the whole “Let’s overthrow Assad!” crap. Because it is a campaign. I mean, think about the canard, “Assad is killing his own people!” I do not believe for one minute that the folks shilling out that line do not know that in a civil war, that is what happens and BOTH sides do it. Who re the Syrian rebels killing? Duh! Their own people. Anybody with a half brain knows that. Yet when some idiot on TV spouts it out, no one ever asks that obvious question. Who are the Syrian rebels killing? Heck., Lincoln killed his own people, too. So it is a campaign. But who stands to profit? Is it just to sell munitions, or is there more?

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

    2. There are a number of different motivations, more money for the military-industrial complex is a huge one. The most powerful motivation is the never ending war for global hegemony- in this case, once again, it’s our struggle with Russia. Our aim is to change the regime into a pro-Western one. Lebanon and Iran are up next in that struggle. There are other motivations as well: the struggle for dominance between Sunni and Shia in the Arab world, the struggle between the Arabs and Israel, etc.

      1. Not only does the US have multiple motivations for overthrowing Assad, but each of the individual countries involved in our war against Assad have their own particular motivation for war. Even Israel found itself working with ISIS- there was a pocket of ISIS fighters right on it’s own border fighting the Assad government. Rather than kill the ISIS fighters, the Israelis provided them with medical aid and allowed them to stay to fight Assad. This isn’t disputed, but it also is never discussed. Saudi Arabia wants the historic city of Damascus, and others, to return to Sunni hands…they are obsessed in their struggle vs the Shia. Erdogan has visions of a return of the Ottoman Empire where Turkey would return to it’s rightful position at the head of the Arab nations.

        And on and on it goes…there were many different wars being fought in Syria. Fortunately, our allies in this dirty war realized the war ended back in Sept 2016 with the Russians entering the war and defeating an alliance of all the various jihadi forces in the brutal battle for Allepo.

        Small side note: that battle started with a serious of 10? massive suicide attacks by Al-Qeada and the operation itself was named for a previous mass slaughter of captured Syrian soldiers.

        Turkey and ourselves are the only ones left that are still at war. Turkey’s involvement is on the front pages. Our’s isn’t: (1) we have been threatening to destroy Assad if he moves against al-Qaeda in Idlib in a fight for Syrian territory, (2) Our forces are stopping Assad from regaining control of Syria’s oil resources in the south-east, and (3) We’re still sitting at the at-Tanf border crossing into Iraq in southern Syria- we have no business being in this location. I hope Trump follows through and withdraws all troops.

    3. If you were so inclined, here is a starting point.

      Iran–Iraq–Syria pipeline


      Qatar–Turkey pipeline


      I neither endorse nor vouch for the credibility of Wikipedia, which is not unlike N.P.R, which is National Propaganda Radio.

      There are some extremely well researched, documented and written articles on the pipelines, however.

      There are always multiple interests, parties and end results desired.

      Perhaps, another good starting point is
      “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm”
      First neocon report calling for Iraq invasion. Delivered to Israel in 1996.
      “Yinon Plan”

      Please enjoy journey, should you decide to go.

      dennis hanna

      1. My comment was for Sqeeky Fromm Girl Report, which apparently was misdirected.
        Please accept my apology.
        dennis hanna

  12. By the time we are rid of him, if ever we are, it will be entirely too late to save the country. He has thrown us under the bus, and there we will remain for decades if not millennia.

    1. I don’t think we will get rid of Erdogan and the bus he has thrown us under has three wheels. The millenials will remain there for decades until they are old and in the way. Tukey should not be in NATO. They are not situated on the North Atlantic and they think a treaty is an ice cream bar. We Americans need to listen to folks from days of old who were against the Vietnam War. There ain;t no time to wonder why… whoopee we’re all gonna die!

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