Not-So-Funny Girl: Streisand Retweets Image Of Pelosi Impaling Trump On Her Heels

As apparel company Dhvani displays huge images of Trump being assaulted in Times Square, Barbra Streisand has added her own violent commentary with an image showing Trump impaled on the heel of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Streisand considered the violent bloody image to be worth sharing. For those who have long objected to Trump’s rhetoric as violent or inciteful, there seems a tolerance for violent imagery targeting Trump or conservatives.

Barbra Streisand@BarbraStreisand

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Streisand has also called Trump  the “moron-in-chief”.

The point is not to excuse Trump’s rhetoric that I have long criticized. However, critics cannot have it both ways. If Trump’s tweeting of violent images is wrong, so are these images by Streisand and Dhvani. Yet, the coverage is only a fraction of that involving Trump’s prior tweets.

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  1. Shocking, actually. Where’s Colin Powell in all this violence? He spoke out during the 2016 elections saying that the “nasty tone” of the elections were hurting us abroad and that foreigners were distressed over how we were behaving. This picture makes “nasty tone” look nice. Thanks a lot Streisand for hurting us abroad. Shut up and just try acting again.

  2. “The point is not to excuse Trump’s rhetoric that I have long criticized.”

    We know sweetheart. You routinely stomp your Dolce and Gabanna shoes, get your Brooks Brothers suits all wrinkled, sweat stains accumulate in the collar and armpits of your $225 appointed white dress shirts, and silk ties get flacid plus the keys on your keyboard get routinely stuck because you feverishly tap, tap, tap your way to express indignation about Trump’s x, y, z behavior

    You could try and butch it up a bit, missy. Your blog web traffic has tanked in the last 90 days, according to alexa, and these estogen laced tantrums do nothing for your complexion or to be taken seriously

    Grow a Pair Bruh

  3. I do not support violent images no matter who publishes them but the idea that this is a liberal phenomenon is pure bunk. The violent images used against Obama and his wife surpassed these and the actual violence and physical intimidation engaged in by Trump supporters and either blessed or invited by Trump cannot be denied.

    1. More important than whoever has so much time on their hands that they follow Barbara Streisand Tweets, is the right winning on the body counts from political violence.

      I share your opposition to any violence in our politics and I’d like to see that expression by some of our posters here who like to threaten or relish a coming blood bath, and without any “tsk, tsk”ing by one way concern trolls like Karen This is a group that mostly enjoyed and defended as either play or just another “what about” posting opportunity the fantasy Trump church killings, and of course their leader – unlike any President in my long memory – has fantasized and actually encouraged physical violence against fellow citizens.

    2. Justice, there are outrageous individuals who belong to any party.

      The difference is that this has mainstream approval. Cancel culture, harassment of conservative students, running Republicans out of restaurants…it most emphatically is one sided in its tolerance.

        1. Places where harassment and bigotry against Republicans is accepted and encouraged:

          1. K-12
          2. Universities
          3. Golden Globes/Acadamy Awards
          4. Most newspapers
          5. Most news channels
          6. Democrat politicians – Maxine Waters – you need to make a crowd. They aren’t welcome anywhere anymore. Pelosi – I don’t know why there hasn’t been an uprising
          7. Movie Stars and Singers – Madonna, Johnny Depp, Chelsea Handler, Naomi Judd, et al fantasizing about killing Trump
          8. The meme in this article has been forwarded by prominent people
          9. Disney – exec posted a meme about dreaming about feeding the innocent Covington Catholic Highschool kids screaming, MAGA hat first, into the wood chipper
          10. The idea that the MAGA hat and other Trump/Republican apparel counts as hate speech or an “assault” and therefore it is perfectly reasonable to rob/beat up the wearer
          11. Antifa
          12. Candace Owens getting chased out of a restaurant and water bottles thrown at her
          13. All the other Republicans chased out of restaurants
          14. Studies show that Democrats are statistically more likely to unfriend or disown friends and family who are Republicans than vice versa

          There are 324 million people here in the US. Less than half of them are Republicans. A certain percentage of any party is comprised of bad people. But their bad behavior is not encouraged. Democrats are not afraid to wear pro-Democrat clothing. They are not afraid to voice their opinions. They are not afraid that people at their school will find out they’re Democrat. They aren’t afraid their professor will give them an undeserved bad grade if they find out they’re Democrats.

          You’re half right. One of us doesn’t read or is willfully blind.

  4. The Christian Louboutins really give it that elitist touch, crushing the Bourgeoise contemptuously beneath their heels.

    This is what they think of middle America. Farmers, Ranchers, blue collar workers, the middle class, and anyone who got rich in business. Meanwhile, artists are respectable feudal lords commanding their betters.

  5. If Dhavani wants to only dress far Leftists, then I suppose that’s their niche.

    Intersting. From a marketing perspective, actively alienating potential customers is not a typical marketing strategy. There seems to be a cottage industry of hateful apparel and shoes. So, to avoid wearing hate and funding division, I choose my garments and shoes carefully.

  6. Bigotry, harassment, threats, and cancel culture is mainstreamed against Republicans.

    The same people who object to Trump’s rudeness on Twitter gleefully applaud assassinating him in effigy. They lack all self awareness.

    Here’s the thing. Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler, and the rest of Tinseltown do not have opinions that carry any more weight than the corner gas station attendant. Nothing about their jobs makes their political opinions noteworthy. They are just people who are apparently bloodthirsty, despotic and would see a Single Party State. If they believe they have the right to harass Republicans, then they are using harassment and terror to try to demolish a dissenting political party.

    How Leftist of them.

    1. Karen S – when you are so famous as to have an effect named after you, i.e., the Streisand effect, you have the right to be unaware.

  7. “Those who have long objected to Trump’s rhetoric as violent or inciteful” have multiple times distorted what has been said and want to repress free speech. The media blantantly lied about the Charlottesville statement – if you have a brain you can see that he DENOUNCED the Nazi’s. When President Trump spoke at rallies, he was RESPONDING to violence the liberal protesters were inciting against conservatives and Trump supporters. However, DAILY there are violent, disgusting, untrue, and inciteful statements about President Trump and conservatives – the lies of the last 2 years about Flynn, Papadapolous, Conway, Sarah Sanders, Ivanka Trump, Justice Kavanaugh, Covington Catholic, etc. For 2 years Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Schumer, Blumenthal, and the cabal lied stating that the President, his staff and campaign were treasonous. Lies made every day since his election. Time to call strikes. The Democrats, Liberals, and the Press have incited violence and vitriol at a rate of 10-1. They are the offenders.

    1. The Democrats, liberals and media have been inciting violence since election day. Now Hillary Clinton is out on yet another book tour, this time with daughter Chelsea, and she is STILL getting away with making outrageous statements that some Democrat candidates are actually Russian “assets”!! along with Donald Trump!!

      Plus Hillary is making comments about Trump and Republicans having “numerous advantages” such as “voter suppression” !!! She is still going around saying that she “won” the popular vote and was cheated. They are brainwashing idiots like Nuttychacha on this blog who believe this trash.

      Hillary continues to say WITHOUT EVIDENCE that Stacy Abrams “won” the governor’s race in Georgia! So yes, Democrats, let’s talk about who is the real threat to our democracy — it’s YOU! the Democrats and their media!

      The Clinton’s, especially Hillary, are shameless, greedy, sociopaths who have no business being anywhere near the levers of power in this country. None.

      But just watch…Chelsea is being groomed to run for her first seat in Congress as soon as one opens up for her to make her move. How utterly disgusting to even consider putting another generation of Clinton greed and graft into public office.

    1. And now I am channeling Jane Fonda, same burnt out old has-been using America’s problems to bolster a flagging career. how sad.

  8. There is a large difference between the idea of Trump violence toward others and those others’ toward him. He can say what he wishes, but responding with a threat or hint of a threat of violence/assassination is a federal crime which carries some serious lockup time. Be careful what you post; you do not have his immunity.

  9. What would have been funny, is if there was a cartoon where Hillary went limp, like she did that time in front of her limousine, and landed on Trump.

    But Babs’ retweet – not so funny, and not worth retweeting. I put a retweets in a whole nother category than I do the stuff like Dhvani crap. Not nearly as bad, IMHO.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  10. Yet, the coverage is only a fraction of that involving Trump’s prior tweets.

    Of course it is. The media are Democratic operatives with bylines and chyrons. This is who they are, that’s what they do, and at this point your complaint is jejune.

  11. After a person has been called every horrible name from racist to Nzii to Hilter and the name calling has no empact and there are no more horrible names to call someone the next step is violence. That is what is now happening with President Trump and i am not defenfing him.

  12. At their advanced ages, it’s not bloody likely that either Pelosi or “Babs” could stand upright, let alone walk two paces, in a pair heels as pictured.

  13. Barbra Streisand’s net worth is $400 million

    Barbra was acting up way back when Bush was president. She was planning on moving to Canada. If elected president, Elizabeth Warren will tax the hell out of Barbra. Moving to Canada will be back on the table again.

    1. Has a single one of these celebrity loudmouths actually left the country? After Trump’s re-election will they all finally move? These liberal hypocrites will fit right in with Prime Minister Blackface who is an insufferable, weak, ineffective, corrupt, embarrassment to the great country of Canada. God help the ‘peoplekind’ of Canada if they let that sap get re-elected. Barack Obama’s endorsement of Justin Blackface should be reason enough to send the jerk packing.

    1. And daily, in every single interview and public address, or else she isn’t really, really denying it.

  14. Sounds like the Democrats are desensitizing the People to the idea of Trump’s assassination.

    1. Honestly, that’s what it sounds like to me, too. Trump is indeed a loudmouth, but up until recently, it all paled in comparison to the violence and hate of the left. I have never seen anything like this in my life, and our good professor appears to have wee bit of TDS himself. In these comments, I can see that the majority of us agree the DNC and its minions gave become a legitimate *out in the open* regime intent on usurping our rule of law. You’d think that would matter on a law blog.

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