Ha, Ha . . . Trump: Hillary Laughs About Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Epstein’s Death

Recently, a leading coroner declared that the autopsy of child abuser Jeffrey Epstein (who died in prison) was more consistent with strangulation than suicide. That proved material for jokes by Trevor Noah, the host of the Daily Show, with his guests Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. asked Hillary Clinton in an interview about conspiracies that suggest the Clintons have murdered people.  Noah asked Clinton “I have to ask you a question that has been plaguing me for a while, how did you kill Jeffrey Epstein?” That led to a great laugh. However, it was a tad off-putting because they were discussing a child rapist and abuser who entertained Clinton’s husband repeatedly and reportedly flew him on Epstein’s infamous “Lolita Express” private jet. Ha, Ha . . . Thump. Or more accurately “Ha, Ha, . . . Trump.” The point was that the Clintons are the subject of wild conspiracy theories by Trump and his supporters — a fair point. However, when it comes to a sexual predator who was friends with your husband, Bill Clinton, there might be another source for late night humor.

It is certainly fair game to mock the conspiracy theories that swirl around the Clintons. Noah remarked “Well, it’s a constant surprise to me. Because the things they say, and now, of course, it’s on steroids with being online, are so ridiculous, beyond any imagination that I could have. And yet they are so persistent in putting forth these crazy ideas and theories. Honestly, I don’t know what I ever did to get them so upset.” 

Yet, Bill Clinton has been repeatedly accused of sexual assault by women and admitted to sex with a White House intern (after denying it under oath). Worse yet, Hillary Clinton is still criticized for her attack on these women as “Bimbo eruptions” and dismissing their allegations as part of a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” That was one conspiracy theory that was not treated with mirth.

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  1. I like to believe in the afterlife because I know Bilary will be eternally fried to a crackly crunch in it. Natural and divine justice are always the best kinds. “Satisfying” as Emerson might say.

      1. and leftists, our brilliant, ivy league educated, gifted, superior, elite, intellectuals cannot imagine why most of America hates our mainstream media. the dishonest, radicalized, leftist media are responsible for the Trump phenomenon.

  2. Turley pedaled the Seth Rich murder theory. When it comes to Clintons, derangement somehow seems to rule the day, even for some law professors!

    1. Oh it’s worse than that. If Turley is going to discuss Epstein, he should be talking about how his buddy Bill Barr fell down on the job by not properly supervising the Bureau of Prisons before Epstein died. The problems with that prison, and with the BOP in general, were not secret. Barr was apparently “too busy” to ensure that his subordinates took the steps necessary to avoid Epstein’s death, whether the death was or was not suicide. (Whatever happened to the investigation that was to take place?)

      Turley Can’t bring himself to criticize Barr, who is doing far more damage to this country than Hillary is right now.

          1. the exposure of Whitey Bulger to a 100% predictable outcome for an old guy in a wheelchair who is one of the most notorious snitches in American history, wheeled out into GP by staff who full well knew what would happen, is not a snafu it would have been at best negligent homicide and conceivably was a green lighted termination of some sort. Mistake? Phooey. Everybody knew who he was.

            I believe that the same thing happened with Epstein, albeit with more intentional and covert means. Here’s a hypothesis. In all seriousness. If Epstein was an intelligence asset, and there’s evidence he might have been, they might have terminated him for national security reasons. I don’t know if they’re supposed to be doing title 50 operations on US soil but I bet if they have we won’t find out about it. I mean if other prisoners can bribe guards to look the other way, while somebody gets whacked, then do you think it’s above the means of the CIA to do as much the same?

            that’s not a conspiracy theory, those are just hypotheses. pure speculation on my part! i have no proof nor information about any such facts.

            Barr would have been late to the show for these in both cases. I can’t find fault with Barr for this, except that yes the BOP is understaffed. However, CONGRESS appropriates the money to pay guards, not the AG!

            1. Clinton assaulted numerous females and the radical leftists love him. He’s made a hundred million bucks through the sale of his book and his speeches which never address why he allowed 800,000 Rwandans to be slaughtered.
              He is the most disgusting, vile, corrupt criminal who he remains free to continue his attacks on innocent women when he belongs in the cell next to Cosby.

        1. lol how is bill barr responsible for the African tribal genocide in Rwanda? total BS, preposterous. go ahead, talk

      1. AG Barr runs the Department of Justice. In the comparatively short time he had been AG, he had delegated oversight of the Bureau of Prisons to the same hands that AG Holder, AG Lynch and AG Sessions left it to.

        Further, “suicides” in the DoJ’s Manhattan Correctional Center are said to be exceedingly rare, as was the four-hour lapse in observation of Epstein, something that AG Barr could not reasonably have anticipated would happen.

        Nice reach, but you fell short on facts, trying to accuse Professor Turley of coddling AG Barr from criticism only an ideologue would make.

  3. like a bad penny you can count on Hillary to always show up …again, and again.

    Please HC, go work pro bono for a worthy charity , doing good work out of the public spotlight.
    Go back to Afghanistan and help those women you promised you would help or teach literacy classes in any one of the US cities that needs this. So many opportunities to do real good, but no, these politicos thrive for the spotlight, seeking to convince people they are relevant.

  4. Bill Clinton: Epstein’s Cause Of Death Depends On What Your Definition Of ‘Suicide’ Is

    PHILADELPHIA, PA—Speaking to a packed 30-seat arena, Bill Clinton remarked on Jeffrey Epstein’s recent passing, saying that Epstein’s cause of death “really depends on what your definition of ‘suicide’ is.”

    “Did Epstein commit suicide?” asked an attendee at the event.

    A wide-eyed Clinton shrugged his shoulders. “I mean, it really depends on what your definition of suicide is, heh.”

    An awkward silence ensued. Bill turned to look at Hillary for support, but she just glared at him and ran her finger across her throat, a metaphor that means “death.”

    He went on, “Heh, I mean, well, we’ve got to define terms here, alright? If you mean, ‘Did he hang himself without any outside assistance?’ then I’d say that does not fall under the definition of what may or may not have occurred.”

    Hillary held up a pair of finger guns to her husband’s head in a threatening fashion, another metaphor that means “death.”

    Bill gulped. “But, well, heh, if you mean did he hang himself and then shoot himself three times in the back of the head just to be sure? Then yeah, I’d say he committed suicide.

    “Hillary and I did not have murderous relations with that man!” he insisted as Hillary beckoned him backstage.


    1. and luvin it.
      slick is the most vile, sick, demented, filthy, disgusting, lying, violent psychopath in our nation’s history. and hilary was smart enough to hitch her wagon to his star. what a couple.

  5. Sorry but true you found them to have no sense of humor but even worse is you didn’t say Squat about referring to her as Lizzie Borden Warren and The Axis. I’m equally sure referring to her four greatest supporters was a woosh over the Heads which works in two dimensions. .

  6. According to the left Clinton is the smartest woman in the world that ever was. That explains why we call the left The Stupid Party. Just imagine cutting your own throat so as to be able to use Vodka as part of the treatment

  7. Prof T… please tell me what the “wild conspiracy theories by Trump and his supporters are”. Is it a wild conspiracy theory that:
    1.HRC and the DNC paid a foreign entity to gather fake dirt on DRT and then backchannelled it to the FBI and DOJ?
    2.That the BHO administration illegally submitted FISA court evidence 6 times in order to spy on, smear and ruin conservatives after setting them up?
    3.That HRC emailed Classified info on a private server and that the classified info was intercepted by foreign countries?
    4.That HRC staff destroyed subpoened emails and bleachbit servers?
    5. The FBI was blocked from accessing Clinton Foundation emails?
    6. The Clinton library refused to hand over info on Epstein and Clinton was a close friend and travelled with Mr. Epstein?

    Please provide some of us supporters all of the WILD CONSPIRACY THEORIES before you make such false assertions and ad hominem attacks. It is weak-minded and false equivocation to add such a bogus claim to your article,

  8. Perhaps Hillary could be cast in a remake of ‘Murder, She Wrote’. People are murdered wherever she goes, but she had nothin’ to do with it.

    People’d believe it…

    1. Prairie Rose……….please do not defile the honor of that saintly sleuthette, Jessica, by mentioning Hillary Corleone in the same comment….(😎lol)

      1. Cindy,
        Sorry, it was too tempting. 🙂

        I loved Murder, She Wrote as a kid, watched it all the time. Angela Lansbury is awesome, very diverse. She plays a great Ruth in Pirates of Penzance, and is also the voice of Mommy Fortuna in The Last Unicorn, I’m sure among other great roles.

        1. LOL Prairie…….I loved that show and Angela. It was a special show to my parents because all of their friends thought my mother
          favored Angela, esp with that hairdo! So they watched faithfully.
          Manchhurian Candidate was her finest hour, in my opinion……..but in college, I wore-out my Broadway soundtrack album of “Mame” featuring Angela and Bea Arthur!

            1. Prairie……….Angela’s role as Mame in the musical, is not on film, just Broadway….Lucile Ball was chosen for the musical film version…but that was a disaster.
              If you have never seen the original (non musical) film version of “Auntie Mame” (1958), with Rosalind Russell, you might enjoy it.
              It’s a classic!

              1. Cindy,
                Thank you for the tip! I guess her Broadway performance was not filmed, which is too bad. I do enjoy soundtracks, though.

                The Pirates of Penzance Broadway production was filmed, so I was hoping for the same.

                The Pirates of Penzance movie had many of the same lead actors (perhaps the producers learned from other’s mistakes). Angela Lansbury was in the movie version, while Patricia Routledge (who is also excellent) played Ruth in the filmed Broadway production.

                1. Prairie Rose….thank you for telling me about Pirates . OMG I can’t believe Patricia Routledge is in it!
                  what a great cast! You can check about the filming of Angels’s Mame, but don’t think so. They never used to film Broadway productions……just film versions of stage production….and slmost always, some musical numbers were axed, with a couple of new songs written to replace….and sometimes cast changes……

                  1. Prairie Rose – My Fair Lady got Julie Andrews an Oscar for Best Actress because they cast Audrey Hepburn, who was a clothes horse, in the role and had Marni Nixon dub her voice. Julie thanked them in her acceptance speech.

                1. Thank you, Prairie! That’s a treat! Wish I could have seen that show….!
                  Did you know she couldn’t dance before she got that role….but she told the director she had “danced for years”
                  because she really needed that job for family reasons.
                  Best song on the album….”Bosom Buddies”.her duet with Bea Arthur

                  1. Cindy Bragg – in the theatre or film, if you are an actor, and they ask you if you have done it, your stock answer is “Done it for years” because you have the weekend to learn the rudiments if you get the part. Remember, actors are liars by profession. 😉

              2. Was the Mame film the one where she pretended to know how to ride a horse and then got invited on a hunt?

          1. Cindy Bragg – I was always amazed at the number of murders they had in that small community, it was like a cottage industry. That was until I started following the British series Midsomer Murders where they have they “official” murder capital of the world. 🙂

              1. Cindy Bragg – as best I can tell there will be two full-length films to finish the show.

                  1. Cindy Bragg – well, if they keep to average, that should be about 12 deaths. 😉

                1. Paul C…….my grandson got my photo of me, hiking in Arizona 20 yrs ago, as my avatar…It was taken in Boynton Canyon, Sedona.. God I miss hiking! so sad I can no longdr do it!

                  1. Cindy Bragg – I used to hike the Sedona area often. Stopped after I got blood poisoning when I found out where the bear did it in the woods. Think it was on the Boynton Canyon Trail. 😉

                    1. Paul C…..oh wow…. Boynton was fairly flat with a dry creekbed, as I recall. I hiked Bear Mt. too….That was not rough at all. Gosh I miss those days.

                    2. Cindy Bragg – I scratched my leg on a log on the trail and being a “manly man” decided not to treat the scratch. About a week later my wife noticed my wife noticed my leg had changed color. It was a long and painful procedure to get it cleared up.

                    3. Cindy Bragg – like most men, if it doesn’t fall off, I don’t worry about it. However, my wife does monitor my health and has put me in the hospital a couple of times. 😉

      2. And let’s not drag the name of the Corleone family through the mud. I’m sure that, like the Borgias, they produced at least one saint (St. Francis Borgia, SJ).

        I prefer to think of Bill Clinton, his wife and daughter as the Lannisters of America – just without anyone remotely resembling Tyrion Lannister.

        1. loupgarous – I see Bill Clinton as King Lear, less two daughters and with a bats**t crazy wife who wants his throne.

    1. he was in protective custody. they will shank a sex offender in general population but epstein was supposedly in a more secure lockup. nearly all prisons in the US have three important parts: general population, the usual garden variety offender’s home; a segregated housing unit which is a prison inside the prison; and thirdly, some sort of protected custody lockup, where they send all the snitches, informants, sex offenders, and gender-confused and homosexuals who would all otherwise likely face intentional violence from the regular inmates who hate all such kinds.

      Epstein was a pervert, sex offender, and on his way to being a snitch, which made him maximum hated by normal inmates, but as a high value defendant, his detention would have been under some even more careful form of protective custody. one wonders how he was capable of hanging himself so hard on a sideways tie-up that he could have broken his own cricoid cartilage.

      that was a conspiracy theory until the new expert pathologist came on the scene and came to the same conclusion other people already had. to call it a conspiracy theory now is lame deflection of facts from conclusions.


    Here Professor Turley howls with indignation; as Republicans often do when casting revolted judgement.

    The venue here is a comedy show. Hillary and Chelsea are guests. Should Hillary have reacted with stone-faced silence? Should she have blinked nervously while glancing off her daughter?? How bizarre would that have looked???

    Last week Ambassador William Taylor gave what was widely hailed as devastating testimony to the impeachment inquiry. That night Donald Trump called on all Republicans to fight impeachment with scorched-earth ferocity.

    Since then Professor Turley has attempted to distract us with frivolous columns about the ‘fragile state of free speech’. But Turley has generally steered clear of developments with the impeachment inquiry. Colonel Vindman’s testimony was all but ignored by Professor Turley to the disappointment of his readers.

    Yet here have this silly excuse of a column where readers should think Hillary was grossly out of line for laughing on a comedy show.

    1. Peter – Rep. Ratcliffe says he took Taylor out in 5 minutes, that is how underwhelming his testimony was.

      1. Paul, that ‘revelation’ is only known to people inside the rightwing bubble. I doubt that Trump issued his scorched earth alert because Taylor was a dud.

    2. Anything on Hillary draws multiple posts from the Trump cult members. Anything to avoid the news.

  10. That’s a long standing joke about the Clintons. A surprising number of people have died or committed suicide who were connected to them. My personal favorite goes along the lines of Hillary Clinton accidentally hired a death cult.

    It’s gallows humor, because obviously none of the deaths, or the crimes the Clintons have been accused of, are funny.

    Just like I wouldn’t want my husband to star in a film alongside the talented Angelina Jolie, I also wouldn’t want to work for the Clintons.

  11. If Hillary is “in” for the Democratic nomination fight then I am “out” as a Democrat. The Beto dork leaves and soon she will be officially “in”. In like Flynn. In like Bill was in Monica. Inn like the Swiss Inn in Bern. I hate seeing her photos on the blog.

  12. Your MO of ….. BUT…BUT….BUT….HILLARY…. is going to be on fire with your trump supporter base today. While they wipe the drool from their chin as they write about Hillary, you are sure to get a least 200+ responses from the flat earth crowd that believes “Truth is not truth” and “Alternative facts”.

  13. Clinton criticizing Republicans for conspiracy theories is hillarious.

    Clinton and her cabal are the source of
    the Hunter Biden story
    Trump/Russia Collusion
    Jill Stein as a russian asset
    Tulsi Gabbard as a Russian asset.

    Further so much about Bill Clinton that should be a lunatic conspiracy theory is true
    that it makes all other accusations more plaisible.

  14. Crooked Hillary’s laughter on this video you posted here sounds like the identical Crooked Hillary laughter on the video in which Hillary says

    We came
    We saw
    He died

    1. hocuspocus13 – you expected Hillary to change the “perfect” laugh??? 😉

  15. Classy lady.

    Politicians in general need to up their game in regards to courtesy, dignity, and self restraint.

    Dems, as the aspiring party are particularly prone to excess right now.

  16. Clinton may be waiting for a brokered convention where she will step in and will never have to have challenged any of the others. She won’t have gone through the “test of fire” that got Beto yesterday (after he was sourced at a speaking event) because I do not think she is over her health problems.

    1. As stated she cannot win in any other way and even in that way probability is high she cannot win unless the election itself is brokered. None of that adds up to definitions of a democracy but is precisely how a socialist system functions, regardless of cost in lost human lives and lost human values.

      One only has to look at the value changes from basic democracy to end product democracy or follow the steps taken by the development of the Roman Republic system or Res Publica ‘of,by and for the citizens’ not people but ‘citizens.’

      Through the dark ages and the enlightment where it turned out the leaders of the formers Britishi Colonifes saw the light while the French smothered it in a form of mental cement the changes slowly progressed.

      Thus the formation over two years based on those lessons learned and provided and then applied objectively to the reality of the 13 nation states, if you will notice, always provided a way, even a time limit to make needed changes.

      How successful? In 240 years of which over a hundred have been spent on relearning the truth of socialism as a failure, the nation has survived.

      Occam…. when all else has failed that which is left is the correct answer. Our Constitutional (social contract) Republic (of, by and for the citizens) based on the finest precepts of democracy as a system (ridding itself of the remainder) and at the same time never mentioning the previous system evolved.

      So what is it? A finely tuned combination with each part in balance with and able to to check the parts.

      Something which monarchies and socialist dictatorships can never do.

      Two questions?

      So why not take what the founders gave us and objectively continue on that path?

      What exists to make sure we go back to a Constitutional Government?

      Two answers.

      Citizens as the well spring of power and their right to vote backed by the oath of office of the USA military to preserve, protect, and defend Our Constitution and Constitutional Republic

      and if that means using the provisions of The Patriot Act especially it’s rules on terrorism – so be it. Let the military tribunals begin. Supported by the ‘citizens as the well spring of and only source of power.’

      2016 saw the military in their off duty form lead us in a ballots not bullets application of their Oath of Office.

      Thus the illegal resistance is toe to toe with the counter revolution of Constitutionalism versus Socialism.

      You will know we have one when a few things disappear. The DNC and the GOP replaced by a Constitutional Republic Party and it’s counterpart.

      The second is the draft. and the income tax. Both are fascist methods of controlling thje population and especially the citizens.

      Be honest check the change of the democrat party to the socialist party in terms of wars and body counts. Then compare that honest evaluation with your expectations and dreams of the future. Add to that the portions of the GOP who are in fact part of that unacceptable conclusion they wish upon us and nothing to do with what we can have by returning to Constitutionalism and as Sweden did over a decade ago banning socialism as a part of government .

  17. Professor, I’m surprised that you have forgotten that only the Democrats can decide what is, and is not, funny in our culture….
    for example:
    Holding a likeness of President Trump’s bloody, decapitated head = Funny!
    Trump calling Liz Warren “Pocahontas” = NOT funny.

      1. Paul C……indeed…and they want ours gone, too!
        They’ll have to pry my Groucho fake glasses w/ nose and mustache off my cold, dead face first! 🤓lol!

        1. Cindy Bragg – don’t think they won’t try. At least Beto isn’t after our guns anymore. 😉

          1. Paul…….did you notice the similarity between him and Obama?
            Both lost their fathers rather young…….both were so so students academically…..both got into trouble in their late teens, early 20’s….both were skinny and cute and knew it………both craved attention and seemed charismatic…….both uber liberal.
            The difference. Obama had HUGE money backing him, and was groomed tl be a winning presidential czndidate.

            1. Cindy Bragg – I think Obama was groomed from the time he was in college.

              1. Useful idiot, empty suit, prima donna, academic figurehead of the Deep Deep State (i.e. global communism) groomed to appeal to and rouse all the insatiable parasites.

    1. “Fauxcahontas” would have made the President’s point cleanly and precisely.

      1. loupgarous – did you see the Fauxcahontas now has a team to make memes?

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