North Carolina Hunter Injured After Shooting Bear Out Of Tree

Dept. of Interior

I still do not get the thrill of big game hunters, but a case in North Carolina shows that even the most one-sided hunts can take a bizarre twist.

Two hunters used dogs to force a black bear into a tree so they could stand below and shoot it. The bear tumbled out of the tree but was still alive and chased one hunter off a small cliff in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The hunter suffered bites and other injuries.

The hunter also was treated for a fractured pelvis.

Capt. Andrew Helton of the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission insisted that hunter injuries remain “a very rare occurrence.” That is not surprising when you use dogs to tree a bear and then shoot it with a high-powered rifle.

I readily admit to an aversion to this type of hunting as an avid hiker who loves to see these animals in the wild.

This 350 pound bear made it to a nearby creek where it died.

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  1. The right to arm bears is set forth in the second amendment. The framers were distorted when they published it.

    1. They made it legal for the Citizens to own Cannons so they didn’t have to aim that close to hit their Commie/Nazis targets azzes.

  2. People eat black bears. They are hunted by subsistence hunters, along with those who just want to shoot bears.

    This is not the same as trophy hunting.

    I like bears, and personally would just take their picture. I have friends and family who hunt, but I don’t. My parents weren’t raised to it, and so we weren’t. I would just end up naming it and then the hunting trip would be over. I have had run ins with black bears and it can be exciting.

    In general, a wild animal has a better life, and a better end, than a factory feedlot steer or factory farmed poultry. They are wild, and a good shot is swift. They are spared the fear of the slaughterhouse. Obviously, a series of events went wrong on this hunt.

    I have no idea who these hunters were, and if they were subsistence hunters or they just wanted to shoot a bear, so I can’t judge. I just know that bear meat is common in some parts of the US. It can also happen that a bear becomes a nuisance, which can be a serious problem. They can get into your coop and kill everything, and I mean everything. They can get into your house. Utterly demolish your garden. If people have fed them they can get aggressive. There was no motivation in the post, so it’s really unfair to judge the hunters as shooting at this bear for no reason.

    It’s very sad that the bear’s life was wasted. It was found dead the next day, and taken away for rabies testing. Since the hunter was seriously injured, they had a lot on their hands. However, an injured bear can be very dangerous.

    If you kill something, it should be for food, self defense, or to cull over population when the predator/prey balance has been disturbed by humans.

    1. Another great post Karen!

      One these days I should stop & figure out how to use the like button for the better post like this one.

  3. The reason you will never understand hunting is because of where you were born. For we westerners and Alaskans it is often second nature.. Different strokes for different folks.

    1. As i recall city hunters were the most dangerous animal in the woods being for the most part drunk. Then came the ‘one with nature’ fanatics who insisted on getting a photo with the bear or other animal. Yellowstone is famous for such idiots

      As for those of us fortunate enough to grew up in such places we didn’t need to pay exorbitant fees and pollute with vehicles to get to such places. Just step outside.

      Annually we butchered one beef, two swine two dozen chickens, three turkeys, two or three deer and half dozen ducks. Not counting fishing. No geese.

      That was food for the year and joined hundreds of jars of canned products from our own gardens and many hours of picking black, elder, straw and marion berries with applies, mushrooms, pears and cherries.

      part of the job was checking fences, gates and signs for trespassers the same drunk city hunters normally and turned them over to the local sheriffs department.

      however we made money for the college fund by taking their rifle and tag and while they played poker we brought for their home the bacon but let them make up the story. All under the leadership of the country sheriffs.

      no one got hurt and we didn’t bag does, fawns or the farmers cattle.

      As Alaska said …. it’s a different envirionment and to this day I dislike being in cities and see no useful purpose doing so except to get shot.

      1. Double sadly the city came to us and turned the acreages into californio style slums. Now it’s too dangerous to live in the USA and the cost of living thanks to Obamas 30 percent reduction in the value of the dollar made grocery shopping also to dangerous to bear ha ha. So I moved. Where too? For get that.; Last thing we want is another California or Washingotn DC in our new neighborhood

  4. All Right! Go Bears!

    And I seen the Deers are up to at least 2 wins this years.

    I figure the odds are very lopsided in humans favor so I cheer for the animals to get some payback.

    1. Oky1…..Out at the ranch, our son-in-law got his first buck of the new season over the weekend.. After field dressing and doing all the necessary prepping, he said every muscle in his body was sore. and still is.. (he’s in his 50’s).
      Isn’t that some sort of punishment for him?🤠

      1. Cindy,
        I’m always glad to hear about real Americans that have real families & are involved in skills & activities that have helped everyone survive over the centuries.

        LOL;) I don’t remember what the world’s govt’s had for state welfare programs 4-5 hundred years ago.

        Every muscle is sore. They used to tell me learn to enjoy the pain. That never seemed to have worked…. Next up, I’m going for some copper infused gloves.

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    1. City hunter in need of psychiatric help with side effects of alcoholism? City people should Never be issued a hunting license nor allowed to purchase a weapon except for self defense in places like San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, NYC and Washington DC. in which case the psychiatric help is to determine why they are living in such places to begin with.

    2. some bozo who can’t grow a beard, likes Guan Yu because he heard of him in a video game? lol. how people learn such things these days.

      he was not just a ‘god” he was a real man. meet the hometown of Guan Gong.. his ancestors keep a family tree book with their actual ancestry back 1900 years….

  6. “Capt. Andrew Helton of the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission insisted that hunter injuries remain “a very rare occurrence.” Can’t have the public think negatively of barbaric activity.

  7. N. Carolina has the highest black bear population on the east coast and world record weight. The hunters returned and found the bear, taking the hide and meat. It is being checked for rabies. That you do not care for big game hunters is your right. I don’t care for tree huggers and that is my right. I was a big game guide for many years in the mountains of New Mexico. According to N. Carolina G&F their bears eat mostly acorns, berries etc. Ours in New Mexico ate anything. If they smelled of carrion then that is what they would taste like. Mountain lion are often hunted with dogs also. A good friend and ranger in N. Mexico has the skin of his hanging on the wall. Perhaps when hiking the mountains professor you will experience like I did, the “meow” of a lion above, in the scrub oak and behind you thinking you just might be an elk or deer walking in the crunchy snow. I do believe my hair stood up so far my cowboy hat was off my head…lol. Safety immediately came off my .300 mag. and I checked the thumb strap on my .357 service revolver. Made a lot of noise and exited post haste, stage left. Watch a house cat hunt, you will see a miniature mountain lion, tail twitch, meow and all. I and my hunters watched one stalk a cow elk for almost an hour before I said shoot, it’s going for the cow now. Sorry to disappoint tree huggers, there are many, many bear and lion out there.

    1. Allowing some hunting seems a decent solution to overpopulation of a species, I wish they would allow deer hunters in Westchester, NY. They’re everywhere eating everything. And the coyotes seem to ignore them in favor of small dogs and cats and children. Then again, it’s NY: on Fire Island they have instituted a program of birth control to deal with deer overpopulation. Not a clue how that works.

      1. “Then again, it’s NY: on Fire Island they have instituted a program of birth control to deal with deer overpopulation. Not a clue how that works.”

        How that works? It’s simple. They use an anti-sperm receptor vaccine on the doe. (And for good measure, thought about training the bucks to always use condoms! But then the right-wingers stepped in and insisted on abstinence 🙂

        1. Biologist – I want to see the training video of them training the bucks to use condoms.

  8. I am assuming this was in season or they would have ticketed/arrested the hunters. This is perfectly legal. Hunter know they can be hurt which is why they usually go out in at least pairs. I think this was a culling period.

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