Professor Luna Teaches Animal Liability At GW Law

Professor Luna returned to my Torts class last night to teach animal liability under the common law and various state statutes. This is a picture with a few of her academic devotees during the break. The students did not seem to mind that the Professor would occasionally doze in front of class. Such is the life of a tenured canine academic.

Luna is renowned for her erudite treatment of strict liability of animal-based torts and personally demonstrated the concept of animus reverend (habit of return). Her following is worldwide (In Germany, she is simply called affectionately “Herr Hair Professor” and is known to work for biscuits).

Of course, it is hard not to resent the level of attention and acclaim for Professor Luna when she visits. I also sit upon command and increasingly fall asleep in class. Yet, I have never experienced the level of attention shown by these young Luna acolytes.

21 thoughts on “Professor Luna Teaches Animal Liability At GW Law”

  1. JT, you get this type of attention from your students and you will be divorced and homeless. Luna will be with your ex-wife. 😉

    1. I told my ex that I am dog-pet-napping when i break out of this joint, this hell hole, no really, it is, 2 light bulbs exploded over my head today in the kitchen, pow-pow.

      Well, i guess the lights don’t work now. Good thing it has a glass container around it…would have been a huge mess, while trying to make a sandwich. But that’s a sidenote.

      As well as if we were hypothetical married, and subsequently getting a divorce, i would bring doggy treats to the dog custody hearing bc ya know, I like to get my paws dirty, and I’m pulling out all the tricks.

      1. And glad Luna showed up to flex 💪her legal knowledge, she shows up late, if at all. Likes to get into it with a squirrels right before class.

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