“Past Due”: Court Declares Hunter Biden The Father Of Child In Arkansas

In a long expected order, Arkansas Circuit Judge Holly Meyer has declared Hunter Biden, son of presidential candidate Joe Biden, to be the “biological and legal father” of a child he fathered with former GW student, 29-year-old Lunden Alexis Roberts. Biden has long denied being the father and has refused to support the child. He has also refused to turn over information on his assets, part of discovery that Meyer referred to as “past due.” It was obviously not the only element past due for Biden with regard to this child.

Roberts, reportedly was a stripper at a Washington, D.C., club that Biden liked to party with while in Washington.

In the order, Meyer ordered the Arkansas Department of Health to issue a birth certificate listing Biden as the father. Biden has children by at least three different women. Roberts filed papers that portrayed him as a deadbeat father, stating that Biden “had no involvement in the child’s life since the child’s birth, never interacted with the child, never parented the child,” and “could not identify the child out of a photo lineup.”

The next hearing is set for January 29th on child support. That could create some fireworks as Biden has resisted disclosures of his wealth — information that could reveal how much he received from dubious Ukrainian and Chinese contracts.

Ironically, Joe Biden has been attacked for a 1981 op-ed entitled “Congress is Subsidizing Deterioration of Family.” In the column, Biden suggested that families with more income should not receive tax credits for child care because one parent should stay at home while the other works. Biden bemoaned the loss of “individual responsibility and said that day-care centers were “monuments to our growing unwillingness to accept personal responsibility.” Of course, that is particularly difficult when one of the parents not only does not support his child but denies that he ever had an intimate relationship with the mother.

When asked about the court previously ordering DNA tests confirming Biden’s status as the father, Joe Biden snapped at a reporter and said “No, that’s a private matter and I have no comment.” He then told the Fox reporter “Only you would ask that. You’re a good man. You’re a good man. Classy.”

Joe Biden, like many presidential candidates, has long identified deadbeat dads as a major national problem. He even used the issue to defend a controversial bankruptcy bill in 2001 when he was a senator. In a 2001 Senate floor speech, Biden defended the law by arguing that the bankruptcy bill would actually improve the situation for women and children. By including a requirement that “deadbeat dads” who file for bankruptcy must make child support payments above nearly all other creditors, Biden insisted “This bill empowers women. It gives them a say in the bankruptcy proceedings relating to her absent spouse.”

Hunter Biden is also reportedly expecting a child with his new wife, Melissa Cohen Biden, whom he married this past May.

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  1. No competent and serious candidate for president would expose his campaign to this sort of baggage, not to mention the Burisma and China allegations. The fact that Biden ignored the urging of Obama to not enter the race, especially with the prospect that all of this would become public knowledge, proves he is neither competent or a serious candidate.

    There are two and perhaps three rational explanations for why he’s still in it: 1. His supporters are not concerned, if not ignorant, of the alleged corruption swirling around the Biden name.
    2. He is trying to hide behind his active campaign as a shield against investigations and potential indictments.
    3. Democrats have hitched their impeachment efforts on an abuse of power charge, tied directly to the ridiculous notion he wanted dirt on a political rival.

    With Biden out, not only is he not able to hide, any evidence to prove his alleged corruption would destroy everything in his orbit, including the Democrat party’s hopes for legitimacy in the near future.

    1. Olly, you speak of the Biden family’s corruption as though “corruption” is considered to be a bad thing by the general population of Democrats. They don’t think of corruption in the way that you and I understand and use that word. Rather, they think of it as similar to “initiative” and as “a program intended for the greater good,” at least when a Democrat does it. And even the practitioners of what you and call corruption don’t think of it as “corruption.” They think of it as a “business model.”

      1. It would seem the two major political parties function as businesses competing for power. What are they selling? The illusion that their constituents are shareholders and not paying customers. Corruption then is anything that threatens the other party’s illusion.

  2. Jon: why should the world care about a paternity suit against the adult child of a presidential candidate? How does this involve Joe Biden? What does Hunter Biden’s paternity suit have to do with anything relevant to the American public, or are you just feeding into the Fox News pivot to smear the Bidens to deflect attention away from Trump’s impeachment and the war he’s trying to get started in the Middle East? Ironically, Trump accused Obama of trying to start a middle eastern war to get votes.

    Also noted is your comment about getting into Hunter Biden’s financials, How ironic: why do you believe Hunter Biden’s financials are more important to the American people than Trump’s? You support Trump hiding his financials from various investigators, forcing them to go to court and Trump’s endless appeals, but you somehow believe Hunter Biden’s financials should be made public. Jon: you’ve become a Fox News troll.

    1. Jon: why should the world care about a paternity suit against the adult child of a presidential candidate?

      You’ve obsessed over a 15 year old private conversation between Trump and Billy Bush

      1. No obsession. That comment was a glimpse into what passes for Trump’s soul. The comment was made at or near the time Barron was born, and was an undeniable example of his arrogance and narcissism.

        1. she thinks Trump is a narcissist puxxy grabbing dangerous man but Sulemani was some kind of humble feminist liberation icon perhaps? grow up Natch

        2. Sulemani’s disembodied soul thanks Natacha for her insults of Trump.

          Natch, I hear they’re looking for birth control clinic volunteers in Iran, why not buy a one way ticket to paradise? There you will be free from Trump’s influence.


          I try and look on the bright side about the whole global birth control movement. That bright side is shining in Iran. good work, mullahs! We’re sending you feminist named Natacha to help spread the word and her name is Natacha and she’s a real peach! You’re going to love her!

    2. Natacha:

      “Jon: why should the world care about a paternity suit against the adult child of a presidential candidate?” Why do you persist in shortening Turley’s name to a pet name, as if you two were buds? That’s a symptom of a delusion of grandeur. Ironic.

      What is also ironic is how obsessed you have been with Trump and Fox. Why do you care so deeply, passionately, and with great worry about what Fox is airing, what they’ve spoken about, what they plan to speak about, or what Hannity might say?

      Hunter Biden’s financials are part of a child support case, which is typical. If you’ve been divorced or applied for child support, you know this.

      Tax returns are not a requirement to run for President. Democrats are demanding what they are not entitled to. They plan to hit him for each and every legal deduction he took, as well as desperately comb through them, frantically hoping they will catch what the IRS hasn’t. If that fails, then they would declare that the IRS misinterprets the tax code, and if they take a really convoluted approach that would apply to no one else in America, let alone themselves, Trump might be a tax criminal.

      Congress is the legislative branch. If it wants tax returns to be a condition of applying to be President, then it has the means to do so.

      However, if tax returns are going to be required to run for President, then they should absolutely be required to run for Congress or serve as Secretary of State. After all, these people are infamous for conflicts of interest, self dealing, and even bribery.

      1. Do you know how Fox News came into being? It was as a result of Nixon’s impeachment. Republicans were upset that the truth about Nixon was being aired by all mainstream media. They couldn’t get any outlet to defend him–to push back against the truth of what a total turd Nixon was and the crimes he was directly involved in so they set up Fox News as a push back to defend Republicans. That is what Fox News does—defend Trump with “alternative facts”, but mostly with anti-Democratic spin. The sad thing is they rope in people like you, who don’t have a higher education and whose fealty to Trump is mostly based on racism, anger that Obama was so popular and successful, both here in the US and abroad, angry over women and minorities getting good educations and good jobs, and feeling threatened by such successes because it undermines their view of white supremacy.

        Why can’t you explain how or why the adult child of a presidential candidate, who hasn’t even been nominated yet, is relevant to anything? Even if Hunter Biden is a bad person, what does that have to do with the 2020 election, other than some reason to smear his father to pivot away from Trump’s unfitness for office, and/or to try to dissuade Biden from running to protect his family? It does not explain nor excuse Trump’s crimes, nor is it a grounds to defend him against his efforts to leverage aid to Ukraine for political reasons.

        What does Trump have to hide? Everyone who has been a candidate for office for the past 40 years has voluntarily disclosed their financials. We already know that Trump is a cheat. His own lawyer testified that he keeps 2 sets of books–one for Forbes, wherein his assets are exaggerated and his liabilities are minimized, and another set for the IRS. Public filings in NY state matters also show major discrepancies in reported assets and liabilities. Fact is, Trump’s cheating on his taxes wouldn’t matter to someone like you at all. You are a disciple, not a patriot. Then, there’s the issue of his foreign entanglements. What Russians does he owe money to? Which Saudis have loaned him money? We know he had to go overseas because of his business failures here in the US–too many bankruptcies. How much does he owe? Are the actions he is taking motivated by his indebtedness to foreigners? All other presidential candidates put such concerns to rest by voluntarily disclosing their financials, and this is for patriotic reasons. Such grounds don’t matter to Trump or his faithful followers.

        1. “Why can’t you explain how or why the adult child of a presidential candidate, who hasn’t even been nominated yet, is relevant to anything?”

          Explain why one should not investigate Joe Biden for bragging about the quid pro quo where he threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine unless the prosecutor was fired. Then Burisma sent their lawyers to the government to apologize for untruths that were spread about the prosecutor by American officials. This was the company who paid Hunter Biden $83,000 a month, with no oil and gas experience, and a cocaine habit that got him kicked out of the Navy one month after he was commissioned…in his forties. What were they buying, if not his job skills?

          Of course Hunter Biden is relevant news.

          You keep pretending that Trump is owned by Russia, while refusing to acknowledge that it was Democrat Hillary Clinton who collaborated with Russian intelligence through Steele, who used that information to get the FBI to spy on her political opponent, and it was Democrat Joe Biden who did a quid pro quo.

          Over and over again, Democrats are guilty of what they accuse Republicans of doing. You can lie about it all you want. It doesn’t change anything.

          As for Fox, Rupert Murdoch started a conservative media because existing news had become little more than Democrat propaganda. It’s popular because viewers are tired of hearing Democrat talking points. Like yours.

          Again, are you a Russian troll spreading misinformation to try to weaken the US, a political activist without regard for the truth, or do you have a mental disorder?

          1. Karen: why not read the Mueller Report instead of relying on Hannity, Limbaugh, et al, for your information. Russia did help get him elected, and he has tried to return the favor in several ways, all of which I’ve laid out before, facts which you can’t refute. I didn’t say he was “owned by” Russia, but we need to see which Russians to whom he is beholden, and why everything he does seems to benefit Russia. We know he has tried to do deals with them, and borrows money. How much? We need to know. Who are his creditors? We need to know. How are his actions motivated by paying back his creditors?

            You keep repeating the same lies about the Steele Dossier, which was started by a Republican opponent of Trumps, then handed to Hillary’s campaign. The FBI absolutely did NOT spy on Trump. If you watched something other than Fox propaganda, you’d know this. The IG investigated this and found there was NO spying, but that’s not going to stop people like you from believing the “alternative facts”.

            What does Hunter Biden have to do with Joe Biden? Again, how do his failures and problems implicate his father, and how on earth can this be anything other than a smear campaign? Where is your proof for these outlandish allegations? Joe Biden isn’t even the candidate at this point, and how come Trump only wanted the Bidens investigated after polls showed him losing to Joe Biden? How on earth can Hunter Biden’s financials be more relevant than Trump’s?

            Fox is NOT conservative, it is Trump propaganda, motivated to create a means to respond to Nixon getting nailed for the Watergate break in. It was started as a way to push back to keep Republicans in office when they get caught like Trump has and mainstream media report facts that make a Republican look bad. Real conservatives dislike Trump, too. He is NOT a conservative. He is an egomaniac, driven by arrogance and narcissism, not US values.

            1. Karen: why not read the Mueller Report instead of relying on Hannity, Limbaugh, et al, for your information. Russia did help get him elected

              Something isn’t true merely because you wish it were so.

            2. Natacha – there you go again, misrepresenting what was in the Mueller Report, as well as Joe Biden.

              Are you a Russian troll, an activist who doesn’t care about the truth, or do you have a mental disorder?

        2. Why can’t you explain how or why the adult child

          Thanks for the projection. Been an education.

        3. Nixon resigned in 1974. The Fox News Channel started in 1996. If we are to believe Natacha, there was a delayed reaction of 22 years in starting Fox News because the GOP didn’t like the media’s coverage of Nixon!?!?
          Her posts involve her own “unique” theories, unsubstantiated accusations, and her wildly inaccurate set of “facts”.

          1. I do give Natacha credit for her mention of Hannity, Fox News, etc. hundreds of times.
            That makes her so much more believable.🤗

            1. She has probably done more to boost the ratings at that network than any one individual on social media. 🙂

    3. “ Jon: why should the world care about a paternity suit against the adult child of a presidential candidate?”

      Natch and all leftists hate families, hate women who raise their children alone because they bring attention to the immoral, irresponsible father of the children

      Leftists like Natch hate Americans but love terrorists who kill Americans

  3. I agree that Hunter Biden is a deadbeat dad. She told him he’d fathered a child. All he had to do was a paternity test, and then support that child, but he refused and had to be made. He was wealthy but abandoned his own blood. Despicable.

    That said, would you really want a guy who couldn’t pick his own kid out of a lineup to share custody and parenting responsibilities? Good fathers are critical to a healthy family. Men are needed. But if the father is a dead beat drug addict, I hope she gets financial support and he does not try to get any custody. I’d be scared if it was my child, worried to death that something terrible could happen if this guy had partial custody. I would feel exactly the same way if it was the mother who had abandoned her child, was a drug addict, and had destructive behavior. In normal circumstances, the child should spend time with both parents, and I firmly support fathers’ rights. In the case of such neglect and any current drug or alcohol abuse, however, I worry for any child’s safety.

    Kids do best in a stable, loving home with a Mom and a Dad. If either of the parent is a drug addict or a dead beat or neglectful, that’s a threat to that child. So tragic.

    1. Why why why would Hunter Biden refuse his own child, making the mother drag this through court? There is no fighting a paternity test result. All this while his father is running for office. This shows how absolutely determined this guy was to have nothing to do with his own kid. It doesn’t matter if he now loathes the mother, or doesn’t think anything of her at all. That’s his kid, and that kid is entitled to his support.

      Meanwhile, I don’t see Joe Biden swooping in to care for his grandchild when his deadbeat son let him or her down, either.

      Seems like a family trend.

      1. Why why why would Hunter Biden refuse his own child,

        Deadbeat dads are deadbeats because they do not consider themselves dads. That’s the logical corollary of all this femino-babble about ‘choice’. Women’s mag blatherers begin with the assumption that women have options, and men have obligations, and hardly give the assumption any critical scrutiny. Your deadbeat dad fancies he should have his choices too.

        1. Equal rights does create that paradox of reasoning, does it not? If a woman has the right to abort a child, against the father’s wishes, then does the father have the right to refuse child support of a child that he wanted aborted? Her body, her choice; his wallet, his choice?

          Divorced from sentiment, the argument could take an interesting turn.

          I personally find those who refuse to care for their children, male or female, to be unsavory and unethical. It’s abandoning or neglecting an innocent little life for their own convenience.

          1. Well, yeah. But the people who say that no law may restrict the practice of abortion dominate the appellate judiciary, the establishment bar, the law professoriate, and the word-merchant class generally. Deadbeat dads have no advocate whatsoever, even though they haven’t advocated killing anyone. Some evils are more equal than other.

      2. All the chest-thumping Joe Biden did about wanting to take Trump out back of the shed and whup on him, and now we see that Honest Joe Biden is willing to let his own grandson suffer to keep his son’s books private.

        I’m not exactly sure how you can go from having hundreds of thousands of dollars from overseas investing to being so poor you can’t pay child support. Maybe those hundreds of thousands of dollars are connected to improprieties commited by Vice President Biden while representing US interests in the Ukraine.

        At this point, even the excuse of “better a smart crook than… ” doesn’t work for Joe Biden. He opened this whole can of worms by bragging about holding foreign aid to the Ukraine held up to get some prosecutor fired – just to show what a big cheese he was Just think of what happens when the phone rings at 3 am wnen he’s in the White House.

    2. Something for his new wife to consider: Hunter Biden clearly does not practice safe sex, and he has a history of doing so with strippers, and abandoning his offspring.

      It is not smart, either emotionally or health wise, to get involved in such a man, or allow him to sire her own children. This is the train wreck you can see coming for miles.

      1. Belt and braces, Karen. She knew going in he was divorced, she knew from the briefs filed in that divorce case that he had a history of drug use and adultery. She knew he’d bedded down his brother’s widow. Hunter is what she wants. A great many women find bad men enticing and amusing (and hardly respond to ordinary men). She pretty much deserves what she gets from him.

  4. Next question. How much of the Chinese Billions will the mom and child be awarded?

    1. What if Hunter Biden told the court the truth and he’s actually broke? Where’d the money go? Dad?

  5. So glad JT is covering this. I missed ET yesterday.

    For those wondering about Joe’s wealth – unlike their hero, his tax returns are available – since leaving office they have made about $15 million in book royalties and speaking fees.

    For those worried about Hunter, he’s not a WH employee at the same time he’s swinging deals in countries with active family businesses we know little about.

    I understand that many Trump loyalists are not very bright, but what’s JT’s excuse?

    1. Hunter Biden was dishonorably discharged from the military for drug use. He trolled homeless encampments for drugs. He was hired at 5 times the salary of the average Exxon executive by an energy exploration and production (oil and gas) company named Burisma operating in Ukraine. What did they pay for, if it wasn’t his skill, his work history, or his expertise?

      Joe Biden, meanwhile, said on camera that he, and not Obama, was in charge of Ukrainian policy. He bragged about a quid pro quo to get the prosecutor fired. Shortly afterward, Burisma went to the government and apologized for false statements that American officials made about that prosecutor.

      I guess Burisma got their money’s worth.

      Of course Biden has his tax returns available. The man has been trying to become President for decades. He’d be a fool not to tailor his tax returns accordingly, for years. They were planned far in advance. Meanwhile, anticapitalist rhetoric goes after any successful businessman’s tax returns. Any legal tax deduction becomes immoral if it’s a Republican or a wealthy person who uses it, while the average American gladly uses every deduction possible.


      1. No, he got a general discharge.

        What was amusing is that his used his contacts to pull strings to get a commission in the Navy Reserves (and a fairly soft posting in the public affairs apparat) that someone of his age (44 at the time) would not be eligible for absent a special waiver. Then he couldn’t keep off the nose candy long enough (72 hours) to pass a drug test at the time of his 1st drill.

        1. Thanks for the correction. I knew he’d failed his drug test, and thought it was a DD. This article states that the nature of the discharge was not given.


          “The term “administrative discharge” can cover several types of military discharges from honorable to general to other-than-honorable conditions. Perry would provide no other details.

          “Like other junior officers, the details of Ensign Biden’s discharge are not releasable under the Privacy Act,” he said.”

          In an ongoing trend, it was denied that his commission, one of 6 in the nation, was due to his father’s connections. He was discharged about a month after receiving his commission.

      2. Of course Biden has his tax returns available. The man has been trying to become President for decades.

        Any candidate for Congress has to file summary financial disclosure forms. Harry Reid was astonishingly wealthy for someone who’d been on government salaries since the mid 1970s (after nine years of law practice in a 3d tier city). Triggered no inquiries.

        1. Trump also had to file a financial summary and reorganize his business interests.

          Democrats are demanding his tax returns. Why don’t they require full tax returns to serve in Congress?

          1. Because members of Congress do not individually have the power that a president has.

    2. – since leaving office they have made about $15 million in book royalties and speaking fees.

      [citation needed]

      1. What would really be nice would be (but unlikely to exist) the publishers’ records pertaining to sales of those books. Particularly mass sales outside the normal sales and distribution network. I’ve always suspected that books by politicians which wind up at Dollar Tree on the back aisles got there after having been purchased by influence-seekers and billion-dollar outifts like Organizing for Action.

      2. Too difficult for TIA to locate:

        “Joe Biden and wife made more than $15 million since leaving Obama administration”



        Book deals bring millions

        “The bulk of the Bidens’ income, more than $10 million, came from payments from a memoir, Promise Me, Dad, he wrote after he left office in January 2017. Jill Biden was paid more than $3 million in 2018 for her book, Where the Light Enters. The couple’s total income in 2017 was $11 million and nearly $4.58 million in 2018.

        The former vice president, who is the frontrunner for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, made forty-seven speaking appearances, including 30 of which were a part of the book tour.

        All together, his speaking fees totaled $4.29 million. Biden was paid as much as $234,820 for a single speaking engagement, a VIP book tour event, according to his disclosure form.

        Jill Biden also collected $700,000 in speaking fees from 18 events, paid to her S-Corporation.”

          1. “Smart” guy like you, TIA. Maybe you should look for a book deal. (All of your comments would probably fill a book…)

            1. TIA and Karen S could collaborate using their comments. Together the two of them have posted almost 50% of the comments to this thread of 48 comments.

  6. the sad thing is that the kid is probably better off only in the custody of the stripper mom than this irresponsible derelict. so its for the best he’s not sought joint custody, i suppose. and this is saying a lot, as strippers are not known for being exemplary mothers, sorry folks but its true.

    but he has to pay up for clothes, food, medical, etc. lame bastid!

    1. I just read that the mother was a stripper.

      This kid is so screwed. It’s not fair.

      1. Hopefully the mother has matured out of that phase of her life and has her head on straight now.

        1. Karen, it’s not a deficit of ‘maturity’ which makes – uh – exotic dancing an attractive way to make a buck.

      2. And? Melania’s a former stripper, and Barron’s father is a pathological narcissist, serial bankrupter of businesses, and is on his third marriage. His father cheats on his mother with porn stars and nude models..

        1. Melania’s a former stripper,

          She isn’t.

          Barron’s father is a pathological narcissist,

          You’re not in a position to adjudge others pathological.

        2. Natacha – this has been disproven about Melania. She did a photo shoot typical of European models.

          Are you a Russian troll, whose goal is to spread misinformation, an activist who doesn’t care about the truth if it serves your political purposes, or do you suffer from some kind of disorder?

          1. Have you seen the photos of Melania? I have. Lesbian soft-core porn– spooning naked with another woman, posing naked with a huge gun and full frontal, with Melania’s hand covering her mons veneris, with her pubic hair peeking out. I don’t know where you got the crap about what is “typical” for “European models”, but her photos are not typical for a U.S. First Lady. So, what has been “disproven”, and how was it “disproven”? How do you define “stripper”? I say it is a woman who removes her clothes and poses naked or mostly naked for money.

            1. I’d take Melania as First Lady, with all her photos, before I would accept the First Lady of France who was a teacher who seduced her student and later married him! Yes, life is complicated. Who are we to judge? Melania is a magnificently classy First Lady and makes our country proud.

              1. How do you define “classy”? High cheekbones, tall, slender, wears clothes, makeup and jewelry well? That describes any high fashion model and female mannequin, but most Americans aren’t that shallow and don’t find much about Melania to feel proud about. Most Americans have consistently disapproved of Trump. She has lied about her lack of education, she did pose nude, but mostly, she is a total hypocrite. Her phony “be best” and anti bullying campaigns in the face of her husband imprisoning young children to punish their parents for trying to enter the US, as well as his petty name calling, profanity and endless lying are so hypocritical. Then she goes along with the fake hand-holding charade. We all know where those tiny hands have been. He insults her by bragging about assaulting women, having sexual liaisons with a porn star and nude models, but she appears with him to provide cover. If she had any self-respect, she’d refuse the fake PR campaigns and take Barron back to Slovenia with her. Maybe she’d meet a nice man there who could be a proper role model for her son. He won’t get it from Trump.

                If you want a classy first lady, read up on Eleanor Roosevelt, or maybe Jackie Kennedy. Both were well-educated women of substance, good role models for young girls. Not Melania. Eleanor could have been elected President if she had run for office, and she could have handled it, too.

                Brigitte Macron: as a child molester, she’s no prize, either. She’s too old to give children to Macron, too.

                1. By classy I mean Melania is strong, kind, smart, elegant, stylish, graceful, impeccable in her appearance, behavior and words. She is respectful and appreciative of the privilege of being in the White House. She represents our country well. She speaks five languages fluently. She is a devoted mother who protects her son. That’s what I mean.

                  And by no means would I call Michelle Obama ‘classy.’
                  She had her own style, and her own way of speaking and behaving, but I would not call her classy. She dissed our flag, our country, she complained and whined about being in prison in the White House and not being able to roll down her car windows. She took full advantage of every perk and privilege she could get away with over 8 years and yet she still complained. And now? She whines about wanting to travel more now that she is out of the WH, but she wants to go back to some places she’s already been and go through the front door! Oh yes, she actually said that. You ingrate Michelle. You traveled in first class luxury all over the world with your mother, your daughters, your friends and you STILL whine about how hard it was to go in the back door??? OMG. Michelle Obama was NOT what I would call classy. Not by a long shot.

                2. “How do you define “classy”? High cheekbones, tall, slender, wears clothes, makeup and jewelry well? That describes any high fashion model and female mannequin, but most Americans aren’t that shallow and don’t find much about Melania to feel proud about.”
                  Blindness is an infirmity but Jealousy is vile emotion.

                3. Oh and Natacha, Eleanor was probably having lesbian affairs while hubby FDR had his own affairs. And if I had to choose, I would prefer to ogle Lady Melania over Eleanor any day.

                  As for Jackie O, sure she had class, elegance and refinement, but my god, she was treated like crap by her womanizing husband and she put up with the public humiliation until his brains were splattered all over her. Not exactly role model material in my view.


              1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26VGc_C6vw0

                Here is the official trailer, what I linked before doesn’t do it justice.

                I should also add, that these women, if the end up in NYC, as teenagers or young adults, they will be brought in from their original country of origin, and put in these bunk-bed dorm room style housing units, paid for by the modeling agencies who brought them over to the U.S.A, and then they will be FORCED, yes that’s right, forced to go out to the CLUBS as UNDERAGE GIRLS or LEGAL AGE, BUT MAYBE NOT LEGAL DRINKING AGE, and FORCED again, to entertain WALL STREET men and other HIGH ROLLERS, all NIGHT LONG at the clubs…or at least until they close.

                These girls, and young women BARELY speak English a lot of times, and they are told if they don’t do this at night, they’ll be sent home and then NO MODELING CAREER.

                Then, they have to try to wake up after being out until 2 am or 4 am entertaining men, wake up at 8 am or 9 am, and go do a PHOTOSHOOT auditions, with black bags under their eyes, tired, sick…..and ppl wonder why the models “age in dog years.” Its like IDK, maybe stress, bad diet, forced work without pay.

          2. I am not particularly a fan of Melania as FLOTUS, but I will say her nude photo shoot are standard of ALL models both AMERICAN and EUROPEAN.

            Believe me, I was SHOCKED to see one of my BFF from childhood FULLY NUDE on the cover of VOGUE Italy. Not going to name drop, but her mother was a very famous model, and the father a trust fund baby turned Director/Producer.

            Naturally, the two daughters couldn’t care less about school, both practically flunked out of high school from lack of trying…and both were already running off the pursue their MODELING careers, like mommie, like daughters….in high school. The mom was their main manager, which is pretty typical for Hwood, and all entertainment fields (i.e., modeling, acting, singer).

            Since both daughters are now approaching 30, yes that’s right, 30 yo…you’re like 70 yo in modeling, though things have been changing somewhat in recent last 5 years…

            Both women are now pursuing acting careers, e.g., that means you’re consider like 50 yo in Hwood, so I presume both of them are looking for “rich husbands” via “dates” set up by mutual acquaintances, managers, talent agents….whatever

            1. WW33 – Leonardo de Caprio finally got his GED. I hope that makes you feel better. According to a very suspect documentary, his favorite author is Hemingway.

              1. Paul – Hey, that’s good. ::thumbs up:: Eh, not really, but good for him. Anyone who goes back and finishes should be proud of themselves. I think Wahlberg did the same for his kids, to make a point to his kids. Bc a lot of times, the kids don’t end up making it like the parents. I see Jamie Foxx running around with his daughter promoting her. WIll Smith and Jada promoting their kids. It’s tough. Its a “right place, right time” sort of industry….

            2. There is actually a wonderful, well wonderfully sad documentary about the modeling industry, and how they send young girls 13-16 yo home to their respective countries, more so poor/broke, and even more in debt, just for an opportunity to be a model.


              The documentary is called, “Girl, Model.” And it’s hard to watch at times, it’s THAT BAD.

              This is another industry, that if your parent doesn’t have connects, and you won’t be “protected” from all the predators (and theire are A LOT OF PREDATORS), then stay out of it.

              You’re more likely to come out of the experience with health problems and mental problems, if you don’t end up dead first.

              The lucky ones find a wealthy man, marry and get out of the industry. For the unlucky ones, nothing good is to come.

              1. And I do recommend watching the full doc on this, if interested. If not interested, then disregard. But it shines a very needed light on a very ugly industry.

                E.g., Every time I look at a modeling ad for women ~ 25-35 yo for say “business attire.”

                I ponder if I am looking at a very tall and very thin TEENAGER who looks older for their age, bc of makeup and height, but is really only 16-18 yo, modeling clothes for fully developed adult women. Bc that is the norm in this industry.

                My neighbor was also a very gorgeous child/teen model, who traveled the world, who is now an aspiring actress….and she is super nice, we have chats sometimes. She didn’t marry rich, but she did marry a police officer who is super built, like a body guard. I’m like whoa, is that your body guard, or your husband….oh, it’s both!

                She told me she would never ever put her two children into modeling bc of what she went through….again, did ads/traveled the world, but never became a Gisele or a Heidi, and she did have the height and the looks for it, but so does say, idk, 100,000 + other women. If you do the math, you realize it’s bleak.

  7. Joe & Jill Biden’s net worth is about $15 million dollars.

    I’m sure uncle Joe & Jill will do what son Hunter refuses to do.

    1. He quite practicing law in 1972 (nb, he was never more than an associate) and collected a federal salary from 1973 to 2017. She was a school administrator.

      1. Which makes Joe Biden’s $15 million dollar nest egg remarkable. He seems to have parlayed a stint in the Senate and as vice-President into big bucks. Pity we’ll never see the parts of his tax returns which explain his wealth on a US Senator’s and vice- President’s salary.

  8. Homeboy working his stripper game. Crucial point: did he get her to spank him with a rolled up magazine and get his lawyer to pay her off?

  9. Hunter Biden keeps reminding the world of what a jerk he is.

    Having made his money off his father’s position, Hunter is now letting his personal issues interfere with his father’s career.

    Both common decency and self interest would suggest that settling the issue quickly (and well) would be the right move.

    If Joe Biden wins the nomination, Hunter could expect more lucrative contracts, but the bozo seems incapable of seeing more than a few weeks ahead.

    1. Hunter is incompetent in life, so, he probably was incompetent hiring that lawyer, too

      a capable fixer could have buried it before it got filed.

  10. The message is: former VP Biden is unfit to be president. He does not set a good example. Trump is morally superior. All in all, a good father who has helped his
    (known) children how to succeed in business…without really trying too hard.

    1. bill:

      True but that’s easy. True. True. You couldn’t possibly know what help he gave or how hard they tried.

      Better work but still only a C+.

  11. I am willing to put up a dollar that he will short-change the new child as well. He does not have his moral compass back. I put it down to poor parenting.

  12. Mr. Biden met Ms. Roberts, mother of his child, when he spoke as a guest lecturer regarding Eastern European international policy in Georgetown University’s Department of Foreign Service. Ms. Roberts, a PhD student, served as Mr. Biden’s graduate assistant.

    The child, Joseph Biden Roberts, was born with the ability to cry out of one side of his mouth while laughing from the other side, and pinched one of the OB nurses on the ass while in the maternity ward.

    1. Joe Biden refuses to acknowledge his own flesh and blood, his grandson. What do you think he cares about the little guy in the USA?

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