British Man Lights His Head On Fire In Attempting To Burn Down Synagogue

There have been a highly disturbing increase in anti-Semitic attacks around the world. Not surprisingly, those carrying out such attacks tend to be disturbing or extremist elements. Tristan Morgan fits that profile and showed that his overwhelming hate is combined with an underwhelming intellect. Morgan succeeded in lighting his own head on fire in trying to burn down a synagogue and then walked away laughing in front of witnesses.

A CCTV video shows Morgan, 52, casually walking to the back of the synagogue and breaking a window with an axe. He then returns with a gas can and pours gas into opening. He then lit the gas which blew back on him and left him putting out his own flaming head:

He was arrested at his home where he was found smelling of gas with burns on his hands, forehead and hair. Morgan has reportedly admitted arson and has a long history of extremist and anti-Semitic views.

He is not the first arsonist to light himself on fire.

Morgan works as a hospital X-ray technician and performs as a folk singer on the side.

34 thoughts on “British Man Lights His Head On Fire In Attempting To Burn Down Synagogue”

  1. “British man”? I doubt that this Mohammedan sees himself as British. But hey, whatever you do, don’t mention the Religion of Peace1

  2. One can almost see the anger shown by the synagogue building, when it exacted its revenge upon this arsonist.

  3. He threw himself into the furnace of fire; and the police there found him weeping and gnashing his teeth.

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