Nerdgasm: Visiting The Woodrow Wilson Library Room

The Library of Congress has always been my favorite building in Washington (though the Capitol building is a very close second). After decades of working on the Hill, I still find amazing historic rooms tucked away in these buildings. This week, I spoke on impeachment at the Library of Congress next to the Woodrow Wilson library. I had to take a couple pictures to share. It is an amazing room with a breathtaking view of the Capitol dome.

The personal library of Woodrow Wilson is the result of a gift to the Library of Congress by Edith Bolling Galt Wilson in 1946. Among the collection are books from Wilson’s childhood, college, and law school. Wilson was of course a distinguished academic and was the 13th president of Princeton University. The library also includes one hundred diplomas, medals, and personal mementos. There are 6,792 volumes and 1,122 pamphlets as well as the presidential papers that are part of the Wilson donation to the Library.

If you visit Washington, a visit to the Library of Congress is essential. It is a gorgeous building dripping with history — a monument to American education.

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  1. Anonymous – I went to the library and out to lunch today. Should I do more?

  2. BBC and The Guardian overwhelmed by stories about the royal family. Are they the only British celebraties?

  3. Why are 95% of the comments on this blog by the same 10 people, as if engaged in chatroom talk?

    How do you say in French “get a life” ?

    oui oui

      1. Mr. Schulte,
        I think at least 6, maybe 8. TEN if I count one of my comments being worth three of any other “anonymous” comments.

        1. The way to be anonymous is to hit enter without providing an email address or name.

          There is no telling how many people use that feature and with VPN involved, the sky is the limit

          For this entry here is my IP address and “location”
          It will change for my next entry…anonymously of course

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  4. The Wilson Library sounds like a beautiful and grand place to explore. It sure would be nice to take a trip back East. I haven’t been in a while. Although, to be honest, the Smithsonian will always be my favorite. So many museums to explore.

  5. I guess I will just never vote for a prof for the office of President of the U.S. Why? Because Woodrow a ND WWI did not make the world safe for Democracy. Hypocrite heathens teach.

  6. As I drive by, I have come to the conclusion that Fran knows way too much about brothels.

  7. As I drive by, I have come to the conclusion that Fran knows way too much about brothels.

  8. An empty room ist a fitting tribute to our first Socialist progressive liberal ‘our boys wont be sent to fight in forieign wars’ war monger who chalked up four that I know of. Mexico/Vera Cruz, WWI, Invasion of Russia near St. Petersburg , invasion of Russian Siberia besides causing the near death of checks and balances and the hijacking of the citizens earned money and oh yes…making the military draft a permanent fixture and that remains in force to this very day.

    From a self governing educated citizens point of view an empty room signifies a Constitutionally empty administration.

  9. OT:

    Democracy Dies in Darkness

    While watching Clint Eastwood’s great new film “Richard Jewell,” about the heroic security guard of the Atlanta Olympics who saved lives only to be savaged by the media mob, I thought about another innocent.

    It was only a year ago that Sandmann was all over the news, branded as a hateful racist in a MAGA hat. The media got it wrong. Sandmann was in the news again the other day, after CNN settled that $275 million libel suit he filed. Terms were not disclosed.

    Jewell and Sandmann were each publicly stripped of their honor through no fault of their own. Yes, “honor” is a terribly old-fashioned word, a bizarre medieval concept to some, but others can’t live without it.

    Jewell was a security guard at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. He spotted a bomb in Olympic Park and police began pushing people away. If it weren’t for Jewell, many would have died. But he was torn apart by the media mob in wild, speculative stories pinning him as the prime suspect in the bombing.

    I’ve been a reporter most of my life, and “Richard Jewell” was unsettling. I’ve been in media packs staking out a story on some front lawn, the people frightened and unprepared and hiding inside.

    “Richard Jewell” has been criticized for hinting that an Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter — the woman who broke the story that Jewell was a suspect — offered to trade sex to an FBI agent for the leak on Jewell.

    It wasn’t proved, and was a terrible accusation against a now-dead reporter, and Eastwood should not have included it in the movie.

    And still, for all that, Richard Jewell is an important film because it illustrates the herd mentality of journalism on a breaking, emotional story and how that can go horribly wrong.

    Sandmann, Jewell and the destruction of reputation is old news now for some. Don’t worry. There’s always something new to grab at your eyeballs.

    Trump is the only story for some. Look at any newspaper or TV network news show, and you’ll see a few who can only write and talk about Trump. And when they’re not talking Trump, they’re insulting his supporters and vowing revenge — perhaps hoping for another French Reign of Terror? — against any American who doesn’t hate Trump as much as they do.

    Trump impeachment is a story. Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, and what of Megxit? That’s a fine story, because the saga of Prince Harry and Meghan fleeing the royal family is amusing, like some madcap romantic comedy, unless of course, the stress kills elderly Queen Elizabeth.

    And in Chicago we had a man who said he was bit on the buttocks by a coyote in the wealthy Gold Coast neighborhood. Anytime you see “buttocks” and “coyote” in a headline, copy editors get their wings.

    CNN settled, but NBC is being sued too, as is The Washington Post and others. Let’s hope the dollar amounts, if any, are made public because, as we’re told, democracy dies in darkness.

    Sandmann, then 16, was branded as a racist over a video confrontation with an old man, Native American activist Nathan Phillips, who pounded a drum in Sandmann’s face.

    A CNN analyst wanted him punched in the face. Other journalists and commentators at major news organizations, and comics, poseurs and wits, called him terrible names and allowed his reputation to be destroyed.

    1. That’s a great post. I would add that of all the mob who jumped on the Covington High School boys, what horrified me the most was a Disney executive who fantasized about killing them by feeding them, MAGA hat first, screaming, into a wood chipper. He even posted a bloody screen grab from Fargo. I cannot imagine how that would have frightened these teenagers and their parents. A representative of Disney wants to torture them to death.

      If a conservative wears a MAGA hat, they can assume they have a high risk to be harassed or assaulted. People are afraid to wear Republican political clothing out in public.

      By contrast, there is no such nationwide harassment or threat against the far Left. They can wear the image of mass murderers like Mao or Chavez or Maduro emblazoned on their t-shirts, and expect to have a good day. They can wear shirts that say “Feel the Bern”. Socialism causes deprivation, mass murder, and the abuse of human rights. Yet someone can walk around declaring they love Socialism without fear. Nor should they.

      The trend is clear. That is why it makes me extremely worried if the far Left get too much power in government. Look at what they are already doing, the intolerance, the physical threats against dissenters. There is something decaying in our culture.

      1. Karen: MAGA stands for Trumpism: someone who cheated to get into the White House for the perceived power and glory, who brags about assaulting women, who is a chronic, habitual liar, who is a racist, who praises White Supremacists, who cages migrants for seeking asylum in the United States, and in the broader sense, Republican gerrymandering, voter suppression, voter intimidation, all of which constitute cheating Americans out of their votes, misogyny and xenophobia. These are far more existential threats to American values than Bernie Sanders. You equate Sanders with socialism, which is because you aren’t well educated and you faithfully watch Fox News, and this is some of their indoctrination talking points. Now, Trump has the blood of the 50 mourners at Soleimani’s funeral and the 176 victims of the Ukrainian plane that got shot down on his tiny little hands, all because Trump is behind in the polls and needed something to divert attention away from his pending impeachment. That’s what MAGA stands for, not conservatism or even Republican party values, and that’s why American patriots, of which there are more of us than you Trumpsters, are so upset.

        That smirking little Covington HS turd is a disgrace to the Catholic church. Fox has been harping about him lately, too, so this is the source of your information.

        1. Natach — “That smirking little Covington HS turd is a disgrace to the Catholic church.”

          Actually, as Mother Teresa tells us, “peace begins with a smile.” That young man showed more restraint than the toothless wack job adult who got up in his face banging his dam drum.

          1. “That smirking little Covington HS” kid

            He’s a little jerk, no matter who “settles” with hiim.

            1. Sure, a 16-year-old kid, being confronted by an in-your-face toothless nut job activist looking for trouble, stands there and smiles. Oh the horror.

              I hope his attorney settles and keeps on settling suits until that kid, and all his classmates, are made independently wealthy beyond their wildest imaginings.

        2. Natacha – the Mueller Report showed Trump did not collude with Russia. No matter how many times you say an untruth, doesn’t make it true.

          “That smirking little Covington HS turd is a disgrace to the Catholic church.” That’s an innocent teenager you’re snarling about. What kind of adult talks that way? When Nathan Phillips, with his track record of lying, got right in his face and banged a drum, Sandmann didn’t raise a finger to him. With his youth, he was probably stronger than the elderly man, but he stayed his hand. He didn’t yell at him. Didn’t curse him. He said a silent prayer to God, and smiled quietly, trying to diffuse the situation.

          Yet there are adult bullies like you online still savaging this kid. Shame on you.

          Then when Iran shot down its own plane, and then lied about it, you blame Trump? How about you blame Iran? Soleimani is the terrorist that the hard Left has fallen in love with. It’s disgusting.

          There can be discussion on Presidents taking out terrorists. There certainly was plenty of debate about Obama’s drone strikes. But to claim it’s Trump’s fault that Iran forced people to attend Soleimani’s funeral, that anyone got hurt there, or for shooting down their own civilian aircraft is morally bankrupt.

          Iran is trying to blame its mistake on the US. Iran has been threatening America for decades. Iran shot its own passenger plane, and then lied about it, compounding their negligence and bungling with perfidy. And then there are hardliners like you, cheerleading. It might make sense, however, if you are a Russian troll intent on spreading misinformation to weaken the country.

          You lack judgement.

          1. Iran shot down the plane in the heat of escalated tensions started by Trump to divert media attention away from his impending impeachment. This incident did not happen in isolation, and responsibility for this lies squarely with Trump, who in addition to causing the deaths of the 176 passengers, is also responsible for the deaths of the 50 mourners at Soleimani’s funeral. Iran came clean about shooting down the plane, which was in error and which happened at the time it was responding to Soleimani’s assassination, but Trump still won’t admit there was no IMMINENT threat from Soleimani. No one is in love with Soleimani, and despite the lie told by Nikki Haley, no commentator on media other than Fox ever mourned his passing or defended him. It is simply the fact that Trump had no right to order Soleimani’s assassination, or to lie about there being an IMMINENT threat.

            You have never read the Mueller Report. You repeat what you hear on Fox. You think that little turd with the MAGA hat and the a-hole smirk was praying to God? MAGA mentality represents the antithesis of God and what the Catholic Church stands for. Why did he confront this Native American, anyway? Why was he wearing the MAGA hat, which people who are American patriots find offensive, since it is associated with racism, xenophobia, misogyny, lying and worship of a malignant narcissist who cheated his way into the White House?

            You lack both judgment and education. Why have you ignored my numerous requests for your educational background? I think I have a right to an answer, since you think you have superior knowledge and judgment.

            1. I think I have a right to an answer, since you think you have superior knowledge and judgment.

              She does. And you may have better luck demanding your oompa loompa now.

            2. Natacha – I fear for your clients and hope that you only do backend work for your firm. Any litigator worth their money would cut you to ribbons in the courtroom. My god woman, how can you be so ignorant? BTW, you have my educational background and operate on emotion, not logic.



    1. Mr. Schulte,
      Is Fran advocating that Darren hire security guards to patrol this blog?🧐
      I ask because she points out that the Library of Congress has them, but this blog does not.

      1. Anonymous – I am aware, because of pearl clutching comments, that someone(s) is deleting comments. Personally, I do not check to see if my comments are still there.

        1. There we go, makes sense….haha….that would not explain though 6-7 year old searches, I suspect something else….I clear my stuff out CCleaner, DiskClean, etc., etc.

          1. I guess I could have always just Torred + VPN, placed myself somewhere remote….eh, oh well!

          2. WW33 – Darren has access to your IP address through WordPress so he can ban you if necessary. 😉

                1. Cindy – The place looks haunted, for reals….I also noted how close it is to the water….what happens if it floods?

                  1. I’ve never been around there, btw….It looks high enough from the water based on Google Maps. I see some tunnel semi-underground near by. I’ll stop by the park next to that area next time in NYC….

                    Still noting the place looks haunted though, I bet someone has died there, guaranteed. Or at least around there…

            1. Paul is a dumb sh!t and Darren knows IP addresses are useless in an age of VPN and Tor

              But Paul is a retired old man and leads a life that is sad as f

  10. The best thing about the Library of Congress, once you get past the tourists, climb the centrally located marble stairs inside the building, and enter the study spaces, is this: you desire to immerse yourself in research, read edifying material that broadens your knowledge and generally makes you a wiser person

    Your blog is doing none of this

    We all know your passion for freedom of speech but vitriol, ad hominem, a culture that is toxic, do not edify nor do they make your blog a place where one grows to be a wiser person.

    Brothels have their right to exist as does a website that is > 80% sludge. Consider tweaking your blog. Have commenters like me post use a standard email address registered via WordPress so that we, like operators of brothels, are held accountable.

    Your blog, unlike the Library of Congress, which has security guards throughout the facility, continues to grow in attracting drive-by shooters, a mushrooming of scorched earth comments and otherwise foments the worst that our society offers. At least brothels have parlors where patrons can have a drink and exhale unassailed

        1. I beg to disagree. That’s YOUR opinion, Anonymous. MY opinion is that I rather enjoyed Cindy Bs comment. And! I am one discerning and smart cookie if I do say so myself. So there. 😉

              1. Paul C…I wouldn’t leave home w/o it! LOL

                P.S. I’m watching mespo’s alma mater JMU play for the football championship of their conference. They’re playng in N. Dallas, and are a little behind ar the beginning of the 4th. Having fun.

                1. Cindy Bragg – those ND teams are tough. My mom and dad graduated from UND and I went there for a summer session. Beautiful campus. However, they play football in -40 degrees.

            1. Bless your heart Cindy. 🙂

              And my word, you don’t sound anything like a “drive-by shooter, mushrooming off scorched earth comments and otherwise foments the worst that our society offers”….not one little bit.

              But this Fran commenter? Whoa Nelly.

              Perhaps Fran needs to find a brothel that has a parlor where the ‘working girls’ such as herself, and not just the patrons, can have a drink and exhale unassailed? 😉

    1. Fran, unlike in places that require security, you are in no physical danger from opinions with which you don’t agree.

      Free speech does not protect popular speech. It protects all speech, including that which you may find distasteful.

        1. By “gone after her” do you mean disagreed with her? Fran mentioned a brothel. Paul said it sounds like she knows a lot about them. Cindy said Fran might pass out.

          This does not equate with violence or a physical threat.

          Having the freedom to speak your mind is a basic human right. It is immaterial if anyone agrees with you.

          1. As Anonymous at 4:02 PM stated, the pushback on Fran has been confirmatory of her comments

            the “blog continues… grow in attracting drive-by shooters, a mushrooming of scorched earth comments and otherwise foments the worst that our society offers.”

            Professor Turley assails the news media, President Trump, Members of Congress for doing the same thing Fran accuses the members of the blog

            Fran appears to have been absolutely corrrect and the regular drive-by commenters are shooting Fran because they drive the very comments Fran articulated…just like Turley does about other sectors of society

            How ironic!!!! LMAO


            1. Anonymous – whichever of the five you are. Some twit comes on and knocks the blog and expects to get away scot-free. Not going to happen on my watch.

          2. Karen S – I think someone else refered to her intimate knowledge of brothels, I said my knowledge came from Iceburg Slim. 😉

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