Iran’s Only Female Olympic Medalist Defects

In what could be an important moment for women’s rights in Iran, the country’s only female Olympic medalist reportedly defected to the Netherlands while denouncing Iran for its “hypocrisy” and making a veiled reference to being required to wear a covering in order to compete. We have long discussed the courageous women in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran who have fought against crushing oppression and discrimination. The defection of Kimia Alizadeh, 21, will highlight that struggle and allow her to speak freely in the West. The defection comes at a time of protests over the false statements made by the Iranian government over the downing of a passenger jet.

Alizadeh stated on Instragram “Should I start with hello, goodbye, or condolences?” The 2016 bronze medal winner further accused the Iranian government of “lying” and “injustice” toward Iranian athletes. She added that no concessions were good enough for the government and referring to being forced to wear the covering and that she “repeated everything they told me to say…None of us matter to them.”

It is a terrible decision to have to leave your country, but the move will allow Alizadeh to speak for other women left behind, particularly athletes. Hopefully, she will eventually return to the country when women are afforded equal rights and freedom of choice.

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  1. “Grandpappy told my pappy back in my day, ‘Son,

    A man had to answer for the wicked that he done.'”

    – Toby Keith

  2. Kimia Alizadeh Zonouzi (Persian: کیمیا علیزاده زنوزی‎, born July 10, 1998) is an Iranian Taekwondo athlete. Alizadeh won a bronze medal in the taekwondo 57 kg weight class at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro by defeating Swedish athlete Nikita Glasnović.try google there is a small foto,

  3. She’s brave to defect, and hopefully she can live a fulfilling life in the Netherlands.

    There is a faction of young Iranians who defy the regime. They really push the envelope, wearing their roosari or hijab pushed back as far on their heads as they can get away with.

    As of now, the regime has the infrastructure to hold control of the country. There simply aren’t enough pro-Western or anti-repressives in the country to seize control. And if they did, it still would not produce a country like the US or Canada. We are the product of people deliberately seeking a fresh start with freedom of religion, self reliance, and justice as the goal. Remaking an existing country would be far more difficult, especially if that country has no history of Judeo-Christian values or Grecco Roman jurisprudence.

    To get through the average day in Iran requires bribing multiple people. No one in government, for example, does their job without a bribe. It’s considered tipping, in a sense. Apostasy being a serious crime is part of the culture. Repression of women is part of the culture. Anti-semitism is part of the religion and the culture.

    It’s not really black and white. I’ve known Persians who were born and raised in Iran, and then later immigrated here. Some were such wonderful people, very devoted to their families. We’d all be hanging out, having a great time, at one of their ubiquitous multigenerational get togethers, where grandma is dancing happily with all the grandkids. And then all of a sudden, someone would say the most outrageous anti-semitic thing. Something you’d expect out of the Klan. And they’d have no idea that it was weird. They’re raised to hate Jews. It’s far easier to find someone raised in Iran who likes Western culture than who likes Jews. Usually, those would be ethnic Persians born here. One guy told me, in total earnest, that the Jews knew in advance about 9/11, stayed home, and didn’t warn anyone else. He said not a single Jewish person died in 9/11. I tried to change his mind, I really did. Showed him a list of the dead, and everything. Nothing would move him. He also said that Jewish people only shop at Jewish owned stores to avoid giving their money to non-Jews. There’s really nothing you can say to overcome that level of brainwashing. It’s not rational, and it’s certainly not open to change. It’s disconcerting. That’s why I believe that many people born and raised in Middle Eastern countries aren’t going to have exactly the same values as commonly found here in the West. I’ve known people from numerous Muslim majority countries. Maybe you’ll like 90% of them, but they’re anti-semitic, and/or they believe in arranged marriages for their daughters. (The latter part is not typical for Iran, but rather other countries like Jordan.) Anti-semitism is foundational in the Qur’an. Moderate Muslims who aren’t anti-semitic are ignoring parts of the Qur’an.

    Up until a few days ago, I would have said the regime has as firm a grip upon its people as ever. However, there is nothing like shooting down a civilian aircraft filled with your own people, lying about it, and then getting found out, to weaken a repressive hold. Instead of chanting, “Death to America” protestors have shouted, “Death to liars!” So, we’ll see. Revolution is part of Iran’s tumultuous history. Those in power now have to be keenly aware that power can dissolve rapidly when they lose the support of their followers.

  4. In what event did she compete? Somehow my eyes haven’t found that bit of information.

  5. (music- from the Saturday Night Live show 30 plus years ago–)
    Bomb, bomb, bomb….bomb bomb IRAN!
    Oh, bomb Iraaan!
    I’ll take my staaand!
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  6. And finally we have a President who is willing to fight for these people. All of the Democrats who gave succor and solace to Iranian government this last week, should be ashamed of themselves. These Democrats and liberals support the Iranian regime that executes gays, violates and demeans women, and supports terrorist activities against us and our allies.

    After years of President Obama international blunders who let Iranian protesters be shot at, let Syrians be gassed, let our embassy in Benghazi be attacked and our diplomat+ others be killed, let Russia roll into Eastern Europe, promoted the Libyan regime change to Islamists, etc. , President Trump is taking impactful and non-ground force measures, which aligns with what most Americans want, except apparently the Press and Democrats.

    1. My thoughts, too. It is all too common among liberals these days to claim to sympathize with these women’s plights, then about face, lionize their oppressors in death, and pretend everything is fine. It is impossible to take seriously over the age of 30, and more than a little troubling. It is exceptionally annoying. Sorry, Prof.

  7. The Liberal press tries to pretend that that there is moral equivalency between the Iranian regime and the Trump administration.

    That is TDS (nice way of saying BS).

    Now if Colin Kaepernick would just defect….

  8. Glorious Supreme Dear Divine Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei seems to be falling out of favor when protesters in Iran call for him to resign. Many of Khamenei’s prophecies have not come to pass including wiping Israel off the earth. There’s another Iranian General on the hit list. Iranians might actually rejoice when this General is gone. Because it’s no fun having a combat boot on your neck.

    1. PCS, 14 children?

      That’s what I’m talkin’ about – making Americans! Since the 19th Dumbmendment, the American fertility rate has sunk to the point of a “death spiral.” The population is being imported and in 100 years, there won’t be an American left in America. More Americans die than are born. America needs to repatriate its economy and treasure, employ men at salaries sufficient to well-support their families and free American women to make the population; to have babies…lots of babies, sufficient to defend and grow the nation.


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