Trump And The Democrats Go All In On Immigration

Somebody is really, really wrong. The Democratic presidential candidates have doubled down on the party’s opposition to the Trump immigration policies while supporting sanctuary cities, noncooperation with ICE on detainers and other issues. In the meantime, the Trump Administration is prevailing in litigation over his travel ban orders and it is now expanding the nations subject to the executive order. Both parties seem to believe that they have the voters on their side, including a new showdown in New York where Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed the “Green Light Law” allowing undocumented persons to get driver’s licenses. That has set off a major confrontation with Homeland Security which is vowing to suspend enrollment in the Trusted Traveler Programs (TTP).

There was considerable coverage of the travel ban litigation when lower courts were ruling against the Administration. The litigation was no doubt prolonged by an original order that was poorly written and poorly defended. That order went through a series of changes but, as the challengers noted in court, the underlying claim of executive authority remained the same. Some of us believed that the Administration would prevail ultimately and criticized elements of the lower court decisions, including their reliance on campaign statements and tweets by President Trump. Ultimately, the Supreme Court lifted injunctions and signaled that the Administration would prevail on those fundamental claims.

Now the Administration is adding six new countries — EritreaKyrgyzstanMyanmarNigeriaSudan and Tanzania. Four of the countries —

The Trump administration’s latest travel ban, announced on January 31, targets six countries — Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar and Nigeria — will not be allowed immigrant visas for permanent visas. Two countries — Sudan and Tanzania — will be barred from “diversity visas” that is open to countries will historically low levels of immigration. Since all six have large Muslim populations, the same criticism over religious discrimination will be raised. It is guaranteed to trigger the same controversy — perhaps by design — right before the 2020 election. That will include at least one Supreme Court decision in the area and a number of appellate court decisions. On the travel orders, Trump still holds the advantage on precedent.

The Democrats are equally committed to their course on immigration. Cuomo signed the Green Light Law and joined 14 other states and the Washington D.C. in allowing undocumented persons to obtain driver’s licenses. However, Homeland Security opposes the laws. Thus, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf announced that some 800,000 people will be suspended from the TTP over the next five years. There will be almost 90,000 New Yorkers impacted immediately and barred from programs like Global Entry. Changes will often not occur until the date of renewal for such programs. Cuomo is pledging a lawsuit over the changes.

As with sanctuary cities and ICE detainer conflicts, the travel ban sets up 2020 as an election on immigration policies like no other in modern political history. The only thing that is clear, again, is someone is really, really wrong.

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  1. Sanctuary cities save lives.

    If your neighbor, an illegal immigrant, witnesses a murder, you want her to feel comfortable going to the police. You don’t want her terrified that doing so will lead to her deportation.

    Because if she can’t safely speak with the police, that means the murderer is likely to remain at large, which puts your life in danger.

    It’s really that simple.

    1. Sanctuary laws in sanctuary cities constitute unconstitutional, criminal usurpation of power in that immigration policy is set by the legislative branch of the federal government. All responsible state and local officials must be prosecuted for public corruption, gross dereliction, gross negligence, aiding and abetting criminal acts, usurpation, subversion and treason after their “sanctuary” policies are fully abrogated and dismantled.

  2. Re: Someone is really wrong
    Not necessarily. A well-known Canadian psychologist who occasionally comments on politics says that the Left is big on openness and value very permeable borders to everything, while the Right is lower on openness and puts a higher value on order. Said psychologist believes each view is good at some times, bad at others. It wd be more true to say that each party is going full-tilt on their ideology, which you would expect at a polarized time.

    Me, I think that low-income Americans are just beginning to show larger wage gains, in part because the supply of low-skilled immigrant w whom they compete has slowed. These are people who’ve been harmed by both parties for decades. An appropriate justice and empathy would allow them a good bit of time to improve their lives before throwing open the borders.

  3. As if 50 years of disastrous social policies weren’t enough, influential progs are doubling down against the traditional family. You know, the kind with actual mothers and fathers. If you thought “It Takes a Village” was more than a little creepy, there’s a new cutting edge in progressive social engineering.

    They call it a significant opportunity, a chance to “allow more adults and children to live and grow under the loving gaze of a dozen pairs of eyes.” Imagine the conversation: “Young man, I’d like you to meet your new Aunt Hillary, Aunt Elizabeth, and Uncle Pete, And over there are the loving administrators from the Extended Family Center.”

    They call them “forged families.” Indeed.

    The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake
    The family structure we’ve held up as the cultural ideal for the past half century has been a catastrophe for many. It’s time to figure out better ways to live together.

  4. Someone else has probably said it by now, but I’m surprised you didn’t mention the Democrats’ incredibly extreme New Way Forward Act:

    I’m so angry about the Democrats’ position on immigration, I will only *maybe* not vote for Trump if he starts WWIII. Trump is awful; Democrats want to dismantle the United States. I expect to vote for Trump.

    Incidentally, the identity of the main sponsors of the bill have potentially severe implications for racial politics in this country. I think more whites better start adopting a moderately white identitarian position, and fast. I’m not sure it had to come to this, however.

    1. Rudy, it would be good for whites to think more of their own legitimate social and political interests. Yes.

      However, Trump pulls in support from all loyal, native born Americans, and naturalized persons of good intentions. He has improved conditions for all Americans, indeed, none the least are native born black folks, our fellow citizens, who suffered the most from economic competition coming from low-wage imported workers.

      The Trump coalition is not a zero sum game.

  5. The Democrats and the press cheered when Barack Obama boasted at the beginning of his second term “I have a pen and a phone”, meaning he’d rely heavily on writing executive orders to get policy goals what he and Congress couldn’t agree on. And they were warned by some of us that Obama’s successor would have those same tools. And he does.

    The Democrats have no cause to complain. 15 states and Washington DC are giving an accepted voter ID to ineligible voters with the “Green Light Law”. They ought to have been ready for a fast reaction to that in an election year. They got one. The precedent for Trump’s travel bans is even solider than Obama’s, Bush’s and Carter’s, because SCOTUS has specifically lifted the injunctions on Trumo’s previous travel bans.

  6. As with sanctuary cities and ICE detainer conflicts, the travel ban sets up 2020 as an election on immigration policies like no other in modern political history.

    When politicians pick and choose which laws they will enforce – regardless of their good intentions – they set the stage for tyranny.

    Today it is immigration law in their sights – who knows which law they will seek to circumvent tomorrow for the expediency of the moment.

    If certain politicians do like a certain law they should seek to change it via public debate and a public vote at both state/federal levels.

    Arbitrary application of the law is tyranny.

    1. Seth, not sure of your point, but who in their right mind (as a RE developer) would ignore incentives that the city offered to stimulate a then dying ny city economy. And isn’t it happening again (to a slower degree)?

      1. Trump is essentially turning on a former investment partner. No loyalty to anyone!

        1. The term ‘investment partner’ does not mean what you think it means. New York rejiggered it’s tax structure to encourage certain types of business development. Not the best of public policies and something done in lieu of addressing the most troubling problems depressing business investment. Nevertheless, something open to any entrepreneur in a given business willing to take advantage of it. Now you fancy that Trump having availed himself of legal tax abatements is owned for life by Andrew Cuomo. You’re too obtuse to figure out just how troubling that viewpoint is.

          1. Tabby, we can go round and round and round debating tax breaks. But any president who turns on his home state shouldn’t be trusted by anyone.

            1. “any president who turns on his home state shouldn’t be trusted by anyone.”

              Trump is President of all the people not just some. He didn’t turn his back on NY rather he turned, faced the nation and did what was right.

        2. Are you mentally ill? Inquiring minds want to know. This article is primarily about sanctuary cities and immigration, not some hobgoblin in your tiny mind.

          1. Who is this idiot using the name ‘Allah’s Goat’?? One gets the feeling he’s the same person responsible for all those’Ping Backs’ we keep seeing.

        3. This has nothing to do with the State of New York and 15 other jurisdictions abusing their motor vehicle laws to facilitate fraudulent voting. They are doubtless aware that the end result of giving state-issued ID to illegal immigrants would be a critical weakening of election security, and probably have facile explanations on why they’re doing that drafted by their PR firms.

    2. Peter, you sound like AOC who didn’t know what a tax break was. Amazon was going to supply around 25,000 jobs to I think Queens but her attitude canned the deal. The idiot wrongly thought the tax breaks to Amazon would mean that if Amazon didn’t put a center there that NY would get to keep the amount Amazon would have gotten in tax breaks.

      She is stupid and you follow suit..

      1. Allan, you hate Jeff Bezos for owning the Washington Post. So why do you sympathize with him here??

        1. Who says I hate Jeff Bezos for owning the Washington Post?

          What does hating or liking Jeff Bozos have to do with Amazon building a center in Queens.

          What does your similarity to AOC have to do with Jeff Bezos? You should learn a bit more about the world you live in. You make comments that demonstrate arrogance and ignorance.

  7. You’re right, Jonathan, “someone is really, really wrong”. I lay the blame squarely on Trump. From the day he set foot in the Oval Office Trump has railed against immigrants from “shithole” countries. Thus the Muslim ban, the border wall and now the ban on immigrants from mostly African countries. Trump only wants immigrants that look like you and me. And the conservative majority on the Supreme Court has endorsed Trump policies that would ban immigrants deemed likely to become “public charges”. This harks back to the middle of the 19th century when there was a fear that newcomers would take what is rightfully “ours”. Trump’s racist immigration policies play well with his white nationalist base that fears that immigrants are “taking our jobs”. In the irony of ironies Trump’s own grandfather, Friedrick. who immigrated here at the age of 16 with little education or money, would have been rejected under his grandson’s immigration policies. Emma Lazarus, whose poem adorns the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, would be rolling over in her grave if she saw the effect of Trump’s hateful attacks on immigrants!

    1. “Trump’s own grandfather, Friedrick. who immigrated here at the age of 16 with little education or money, would have been rejected under his grandson’s immigration policies.”

      Dennis, you apparently know very little about our immigration policies of the past and any changes made by Trump.

      Tell us how any of Trump’s executive order bans would have affected Fred Trump.

      1. Well Allan, it seems that you have your centuries mixed up. There was a century when migration to the US was encouraged – with restrictions. Some of those restrictions were health, and a sponsor (financial so they would not become a ward of the state). Once cleared by immigration, they mostly dug in and went to work doing anything they could to make it successful in AMERICA. Compare that to today’s immigrant? Gimme welfare money, gimme free health care cause I was sick when I jumped the border (or pregnant), and a place to live rent free, and a free education. Need I go on? Perhaps you should go on with your thought process.

        1. In fairness to today’s immigrants, the promotion of welfare dependency is, it’s reasonable to assume, the social work lobby developing it’s clientele.

        2. “Well Allan, it seems that you have your centuries mixed up.”

          Not sure what you are saying Bob. I am asking Dennis “how any of Trump’s executive order bans would have affected Fred Trump.” should those rules have been put in place when Fred Trump came to America. Trumps bans would not have affected Fred Trump. so he wouldn’t have been affected by Donald’s immigration policies. I want to hear what Dennis has to say in defense of what he has already said here and elsewhere.

          We had both loose and strict immigration policies in the past. There are a lot of immigrants in my family and all of them came legally. None of them were provided the benefits that illegals get today. Some had difficulty enterring the country and some had to go elsewhere.

    2. You left out the ever-misquoted “both sides” from Charlottesville. Maybe the increased font cut it off your monitor, just like the Des Moines Register’s poll. You also forgot to mention the note in the Dedication Letter from the Translators to King James in the first (1611) King James’ Bible stating that “Thou orangest man who durst becomest President shalt be forever bad. He shalt likewise be forever impeached.”

    3. In the irony of ironies Trump’s own grandfather, Friedrick. who immigrated here at the age of 16 with little education or money, would have been rejected under his grandson’s immigration policies.

      His name was Friedrich Trump. And a youth of 16 in these United States in 1885 would typically have completed his schooling and begun learning a trade. Of my great-great grandfathers, one began working in a sawmill at age 14 and had no further schooling, another began an apprenticeship as a turner at age 12 and had no further schooling, another began an apprenticeship as a cobbler around age 14. Another worked his father’s orchards, &c. That is what life was like at that time. FT would have been assessed as to his likelihood of being a public charge, a screen that the social work / lawfare / Democratic vote farm lobby fancy is unlawful even though antique.

      1. I still argue we go back to a model a bit based like that, apprenticeships after 8th grade w/no or very little state govt involvement & no Fed Govt involvement.

        Big Govt Ed system is a complete failure! Get away from it.

        With all this knowledge available to anyone wishing to learn at their finger tips the old cookie cutter one size fits all w/ all the yellow buses it’s no longer a viable education system.

        IE: Say if you’ve got a smart 12/14 year old kid, if you pay the money, you can send that kid out to learn how to write code for oracle & be certified as an oracle DBA. Other IT companies the much the same. There’s that kids ticket punched.

        Now if you’ve given your kid/s govt/CDC/FDA sponsored brain killing vaccines, he/she is just going to be another retard (Mild to Severe) & a lifetime of making poor life decisions.

        1. Now if you’ve given your kid/s govt/CDC/FDA sponsored brain killing vaccines, he/she is just going to be another retard (Mild to Severe) & a lifetime of making poor life decisions.
          You are describing lead poisoning.
          Something has to replace the lead that they used to put in gasoline and paint.

          1. “he/she is just going to be another retard” Anon @ 6:32 pm

            JT, what an audience you have, here.

    4. Allan, you have used your ‘critical thinking’ skills to understand why some countries want to dump their citizens on other countries. Germany took about 1 million, and the list of Western European countries is long – to the extent that in some countries the police won’t even go in those neighborhoods. Isn’t that just dandy?!
      They wanted to get here so they could get all the freebies that are offered to Americans, which the liberal judges had extended to any one living in America. So, how much money do you donate to those causes? Check your paycheck to see how much in taxes are taken away from you!

      1. Bob, Not sure of what your comments refer to. I’m sure you know what you are talking about and it seems we are in some agreement but sometimes this format can get confusing.

    5. today’s Republicans are not white nationalists.

      the majority that passed the 1924 immigration law certainly were white nationalists.

      and they came from both parties.

  8. So…. Cuomo is suing to make the federal government do something after (honor the TTP et. al) after nstructing his state to ignore the feds’ immigration policy and ICE detainers? “Imma ignore you, but how dare you ignore me!”

    It’s rather comical to see how selectively he invokes supremacy.

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