Red Scare: Love Is Never Having To Say You’re Socialist

On this Valentine’s Day, the Democratic establishment is sending out its equivalent of “forget me nots” saying “Love is never having to say you’re Socialist.” Alarm over the surge of Bernie Sanders has turned widespread alarm in Democratic and media circles (sometimes hard to differentiate on some channels) into full-blown panic. With now a double digit lead over Biden in national polls, there is a constant drumbeat in the media against Sanders — the same type of bias that actually pushed many voters toward Trump in 2016.

The latest Morning Consult poll shows Sanders at 29 percent support with Biden at 19 percent followed closely by Michael Bloomberg at 18 percent. While the media tirelessly pumps Amy Klobuchar, she is still at most 5 percent with Elizabeth Warren at 10 percent.

Sanders has also surprisingly taken the lead in Texas. Moreover, Sanders accounts for over half of the young voters in the New Hampshire primary — more than all of the other candidates, including the young Pete Buttigieg, combined. Those voters are not likely to be swayed by figures like Hillary Clinton effectively campaigning against Sanders. To the contrary, this effort seems to be backfiring in spectacular fashion.

With establishment figures like Biden and Klobuchar struggling, the media continues to slam Sanders. We discussed the open bias against Sanders at CNN and MSNBC. It is now even more raw and obvious. Hosts remain undeterred with recidivists like NBC’s Chuck Todd objecting to people calling Sanders a “frontrunner.”

In the meantime, many continue to misleadingly call Sanders a “communist” — most recently James Carville who seems to be assigned the task of hounding Sanders out of the primary.

As I discussed before, the open bias shown in 2020 by media figures is more likely to have the same impact as the bias shown in favor of Hillary Clinton in 2016. There is a total lack of respect for viewers in this virtually scripted attack on Sanders. Notably, Warren’s policies are quite similar to Sanders’ policies but she is not saddled with the label of “communist.” The result is a Democratically-led “red scare” — something I have written about in earlier columns.

The whole point is to get the public to loathe rather than love the authenticity of Sanders.

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  1. Maria Fuertes, Ortiz’s grandmother, was raped and murdered last month in Queens, New York. She was 92.

    Now go ahead and vote for Ocasio who supports the kind that did in Maria.

    1. Nobody likes AOC…I can think of a handful of late 20s/early 30s that would do a way better job than her. And I don’t mean me…who the ____ wants to work on the Hill, is beyond me….what a horrible job….legislation, no thanks….Congress, pass…..LOL.

      AOC is brainwashed puppet…..she doesn’t know what she is talking about….blowing smoke….

  2. Bernie Sanders should fix the Democrats and run for office as a socialist and as a member of some left wing progressive party in a general election.Now wouldn’t that fix the democrats.

  3. Standards are socially agreed constructions for weights and measures but now much more. In the USA the federal government agency for much of this is the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST. But there is more: for the proper operation of electricity grids which span more than one state the standards are specified by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, FERC. But as the Texas grid ERCOT spans but most of Texas and no other state, it need not follow FERC dicta. But largely it does.

    So in some aspects of life we are all socialists. By the way, I do hope that you follow the socially set policy of driving on the right.

    1. Forget it Jake, It’s Baltimore.

      Lest you forget, this is also the Democratic Party. Marilyn Failuretheatre was re-elected, btw

  4. The drama of it all. Dems can not run on issues.

    Instead Dems run on big money, aging hated liberals and breaking the law to win by any method possible


    Sources close to Bloomberg campaign tell DRUDGE REPORT that candidate is considering Hillary Clinton as running mate, after their polling found the Bloomberg-Clinton combination would be formidable force…

    DRUDGE has learned that Bloomberg himself would go as far as to change his official residence from New York to homes he owns in Colorado or Florida, since the electoral college makes it hard for a POTUS and VPOTUS from the same state… Developing..

  5. Liberals have gone completely bonkers.
    the tragicomedy of these white, millionaire, narcissists, aged liberals


    ”Bloomberg reportedly considering Hillary Clinton as his running mate”
    “Bloomberg’s internal polling has found the combo “would be a formidable force,” campaign sources told the Drudge Report Saturday.”


    1. See Wm. Schneider on this point. Collating survey research done on this question, your single best guess would be that your choice of a running mate will net you 2% of the vote in the running mate’s home state. Period. Per Schneider, the principal task in selecting a running mate is risk avoidance so you don’t get someone who generates embarrassing distractions (viz. Thos. Eagleton, Geraldine Ferraro).

      The last occasion old-school ticket balancing was tried was in 1976, when Carter selected Walter Mondale. You could argue that mollifying an activist constituency is a species of ticket balancing, one practiced by Ronald Reagan in 1980 and Donald Trump in 2016. Since Hellary is not running this year and whatever banner she might carry that would transcend her own ambition had be swiped by Princess Spreading Bull and Klobberherworkers, there isn’t any point in putting her on the ticket.

      NB, Hellary has no home state to speak of. She hasn’t lived in Illinois since 1968, she was never congenially ensconced in Arkansas and hasn’t lived there since 1992, and her advantage in New York politics was derived from name recognition (among the public) and implicit threats (to other pols). In any case, both she and Bloomberg are domiciled there. The electors could not cast a ballot for her while voting for him unless one of them transferred their domicile to a different state. (Presumably Bloomberg has vacation properties which would allow him to do that).

      Someone was trolling the reporter. Or he made it up out of whole cloth.

  6. Best tweet I’ve seen about Joe Biden —-> “You’re a lying, face-lifted, hair plugged, senile pony soldier.” Ha! Yes, he is!

    Let’s say it again, shall we? Joe Biden is a “lying, face-lifted, hair-plugged, senile pony soldier.” hahaha so true! and the Democrat/media complex all know it, but does Joe??? hahahaha.

  7. If there’s a “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” figure in the Democratic race this year, it’s Tulsi Gabbard, who ran an honorable campaign while bravely representing her constituents, and not the whim of Nancy Pelosi. Gabbard and Bernie Sanders are being traduced by Tailgunner Joe McCarthy figures like Hillary Clinton and her attack dog James Carville.

    Historians of the future will marvel at how the one-time Party of the Liberals had a nervous breakdown and didn’t just resort to cheap McCarthyism, they whole-heartedly embraced it. They’ll also be unforgiving at the national political press’s endorsement of McCarthyist narratives in the 21st century that the same press (but not the same journalists, sadly) condemned in the 1950s.

    1. Loupe, most Democrats dont consider Tulsi a Democrat. She tends to say too many things pleasing to Republicans.

      1. “Loupe, most Democrats dont consider Tulsi a Democrat. She tends to say too many things pleasing to Republicans.”

        Paint Chips believes that Democrats must conform to exact criteria just like paint where companies use a 3 or 4 digit number system to describe the color desired. It seems like Peter Paint Chips is right and that is why Bloomberg has reversed long held positions 180 degrees just to fit into the mold. It seems all the candidates have moved to the same color except Bernie who is the prime color all are trying to copy. I wonder why they don’t settle on Bernie since he seems to be the perfect color of the Democratic Party today.

  8. OT: Senate Democrats Insist Babies Born Alive After Abortions Should Be Left To Die

    Why should one baby down the hall be given care while another is left to die? Sen. Joni Ernst asked the Senate Judiciary Committee. Not one Democrat in the room could answer the question.

    Krystina Skurk
    The Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act is not about restricting abortions but about giving newborns a chance to survive no matter where they are born, said Sen. Ben Sasse, the bill’s lead co-sponsor, at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday.

    During the hearing, called “The Infant Patient: Ensuring Appropriate Medical Care for Children Born Alive,” Republican senators questioned why a baby born in a hospital should be treated differently than a baby born in an abortion facility. Democrats, lacking an answer, changed the subject.

    Thirteen committee senators heard from five female witnesses, three who shared powerful testimony and two who expressed concerns about the bill.


  9. “Those voters are not likely to be swayed by figures like Hillary Clinton effectively campaigning against Sanders. To the contrary, this effort seems to be backfiring in spectacular fashion.”

    Streisand Effect should be renamed, at least in politics, to “Clinton Effect”.

    Hillary Clinton’s incurable hectoring bent, her willingness to turn the US State Department into her family ATM, and deafness to irony when it comes to calling other people “Russian assets” (she and John Kerry are in a dead heat for “most productive Russian assets, ever”) make anything she says automatically counte-rproductive. Her final achievement in political life was to resurrect McCarthyism, which she did very well.

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