Red Scare: Love Is Never Having To Say You’re Socialist

On this Valentine’s Day, the Democratic establishment is sending out its equivalent of “forget me nots” saying “Love is never having to say you’re Socialist.” Alarm over the surge of Bernie Sanders has turned widespread alarm in Democratic and media circles (sometimes hard to differentiate on some channels) into full-blown panic. With now a double digit lead over Biden in national polls, there is a constant drumbeat in the media against Sanders — the same type of bias that actually pushed many voters toward Trump in 2016.

The latest Morning Consult poll shows Sanders at 29 percent support with Biden at 19 percent followed closely by Michael Bloomberg at 18 percent. While the media tirelessly pumps Amy Klobuchar, she is still at most 5 percent with Elizabeth Warren at 10 percent.

Sanders has also surprisingly taken the lead in Texas. Moreover, Sanders accounts for over half of the young voters in the New Hampshire primary — more than all of the other candidates, including the young Pete Buttigieg, combined. Those voters are not likely to be swayed by figures like Hillary Clinton effectively campaigning against Sanders. To the contrary, this effort seems to be backfiring in spectacular fashion.

With establishment figures like Biden and Klobuchar struggling, the media continues to slam Sanders. We discussed the open bias against Sanders at CNN and MSNBC. It is now even more raw and obvious. Hosts remain undeterred with recidivists like NBC’s Chuck Todd objecting to people calling Sanders a “frontrunner.”

In the meantime, many continue to misleadingly call Sanders a “communist” — most recently James Carville who seems to be assigned the task of hounding Sanders out of the primary.

As I discussed before, the open bias shown in 2020 by media figures is more likely to have the same impact as the bias shown in favor of Hillary Clinton in 2016. There is a total lack of respect for viewers in this virtually scripted attack on Sanders. Notably, Warren’s policies are quite similar to Sanders’ policies but she is not saddled with the label of “communist.” The result is a Democratically-led “red scare” — something I have written about in earlier columns.

The whole point is to get the public to loathe rather than love the authenticity of Sanders.

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  1. What kind of supposed neutral legal scholar and commentator ignores the out front and undeniable corruption of the DOJ by the President and then joins in on trashing jurors who went through voice dire (and volunteered she had run for congress). Trump is so out of bounds that even Barr had to call him on it while Turley remains silent. Further and just as bad. Barr has intervened publicly in a case involving a presidential crony, and not publicly in several other cases involving presidential cronies. This is unprecedented, and is not about some DNA exonerated death row inhabitants, but Trump buddies.

    Turley, if you do not stand up forcefully against this blatant attack an the rule of law, you forfeit any authority you ever had.

    1. What kind of supposed neutral legal scholar and commentator ignores the out front and undeniable corruption of the DOJ by the President

      One who is perfectly aware that this ‘corruption’ is in your imagination. The DoJ is corrupt, but neither the President nor the Attorney-General are the source of it. Ordinary observers understand this. You don’t because you cannot stop wishcasting.

      1. Tabby, the perversion of the Justice Department is now a major story in mainstream media. But you wouldn’t know.

        1. now a major story in mainstream media.

          I know how the Democratic operatives with bylines are trying to spin it. They can fool some of the people all of the time.

  2. Bernie Literally Waved-Off Nora O’Donnell..

    When She Asked About Funding His Agenda

    3 weeks ago Bernie was interviewed by CBS Anchor Nora O’Donnell. In said interview, O’Donnell tells Bernie the costs of all his proposals have been estimated at $60 Trillion over 10 years. She then asks how he intends to pay for his agenda. Bernie, you will see, quite literally waves her off and says he “doesnt know and nobody really knows”.

    This type of vagueness is what I mean when I say Trump and rightwing media will have no trouble labeling Bernie a communist. These questions, about how Bernie intends to pay, will dog him throughout the campaign. Candidates cant just make wild proposals, with no specifics, and get away with it for long. And Democrats dont want to answer for Bernie if he cant answer for himself.

  3. No matter what he calls himself Bernie Sanders is a “Social Democrat”, to use the phrase popular in Europe.

    1. And as I posted on in an earlier thread, so-called Medicare-for-All has the snowball’s chance of becoming law, irrespective of who the Prez is next term.

  4. Well said JT We need logic and intelligence more now than ever before. Please rethink your Democrat roots. Join the same deplorables.

      1. Absurd.x XIV …….Lighten up, Francis! C’mon! It’s funny! Patience and Prudence were singing idols for alot of us little girls in 1956.
        (I know Bernie would like it)

                1. Is Paul okay? I hope so…I was asking Mespo about him. So use to seeing him on this b-law-g. He introduced me to Styx666, which I like to watch on YT. Anyway, hope he is okay….

  5. I can not even believe that the Democratic Party would want Joe Biden as their candidate! He is so obviously crooked. Am I the only one thinking this? And, Chuck Todd should lose his “journalist” badge! Isn’t journalism supposed to be an unbiased look at the news? What happened to our media? When Tim Russert was the meditator of Meet the Press, I never missed a show. I felt like I was getting an unbiased look at both sides of the issues. Where is Big Russ when we need him? Rest In Peace.

  6. Can Barr not resign the crooks in the DC office that are still undermining the President.? That let Mcabe off .

    1. “Based on the totality of the circumstances and all of the information known to the Government at this time, we consider the matter closed,” reads a letter from Justice Department officials to McCabe’s counsel.

      The key words here are at this time. This is not an exoneration. It’s far more likely that the DC office working on this referral have been directed to stand down by AG Barr. Keep in mind that Durham is lurking with a far more expansive criminal investigation that will have McCabe in it’s crosshairs.

  7. AG Barr is older then I & far closer to the really hot fire of the corrupt govt then I.

    I’ve been struggling to figure out what he’s be up to for months.Today he went full in & tipped his had, he’s agreed, illegally, to allow one of the main Coup Implementers “to take down the US Citizens Govt to walk free. Frm DDFBI McCabe.”

    I thought: :Why would he be so suicidal to lock himself in the barn of the DOJ/FBI/Courts/ w/Hay & other fuel & throw in a flammable torch?”

    I’m thinking maybe his an old guy, knows just how corrupt this system has really become & is like none of us really do & he decided, it was beyond a remodel & just made sure, & burnt the whole DOJ/FBI/The current Courts to the Ph’kin ground.

    Regardless of what his motivation was I think it’s a fact the above is what he did. We’ll see.

  8. Dear Nancy, Adam, Jerold, Maxine, Chuck and CNN, Wah Putz, NYT, MSNBC, Rachel and too many others to list:

    Thank you for the best Valentine Day ever.

    Hunter says he needs more cocaine to get him past this little snow bump


  9. Socialist is never having to admit your a fascist, national socialist or a fascist international socialist or a fascist regressive liberal socialist and if an office holder a violator of the oath of office or refuser to take the required oath of office or part of a cabal to get illegally seated. I was reading how Ocasio Castro is preparing to duck the issue by resigning to run for the Senate and there by skate she hopes for another six illegal years. Either that or they can keep claiming to to be Democrats when they are in no way democratic even so that would not matter for much since we aren’t a democracy but a Constitutional Republic with one part of the old Greek system remaining. Just one the reat having been rejected by the founders nine times. Look how long that has been going on century after century …. and nothing to show for it but a mobocracy.

    1. What if I told you Rome is still in power, and the Knights Templar, as well as other Knight groups, e.g., Knights of Malta (I think Nelson Mandela was a Knight of Malta), still exist, would you laugh and call me One Flew Over the Nest???

      ….probably…..I am guessing….oh well, let me get my “tin foil” hat then…SPQR

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