“America Is Not Great”: Trump Supporters Allegedly Forced Off Road In Indiana

We have been discussing how the media coverage on political-related violence often downplays attacks on conservatives. I have repeatedly criticized Trump for his rhetoric, but I also see dangerous rhetoric coming from his critics. That is not covered as much and certainly not treated as a pattern is violence against conservatives and Republicans or motivated by the politics from the left. Another such example can be found in Indiana where Kyren Gregory Perry-Jones, 23, and Cailyn Marie Smith, 18, are accused of using their car to force two twin brothers off a road after they were spotted bicycling with flags supporting Trump.

Police say that the two followed the boys and then pulled up to ask “if they were Trump supporters.” When they said that they were, the driver allegedly swerved at the boys and forced them off the road. The driver then got out, tore away the flags, and then ran over the flags.

Police reviewed a video posted to Snapchat where “the driver turns the wheel sharply as if he saw the boys and wanted to hit them with the vehicle while yelling ‘ya’ll better get home.'” A male’s voice is heard telling the female passenger “pull that flag down” and shows the female trying to reach it through her window while saying, “get closer.” The police then stated that the female is then heard saying “ya’ll scared, just like your president” and “America is not great.”

Perry-Jones and Smith are now charged with two felony counts of intimidation and criminal recklessness as well as one misdemeanor count each of theft and criminal mischief.

My concern is not with the criticism of Trump for some of his rhetoric or the coverage of violence by conservatives. Rather I am concerned that the relative light coverage of the inverse violence is due to the fact that it does not fit a narrative of Trump coverage. As I discussed in a prior column, rhetoric can be triggering but there is plenty reckless rhetoric on both sides to trigger violence.

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  1. Prof. Turley – join the real world.

    It is near certain that the media picks up EVERY instance of even remotely violent conduct be those even remotely related to Trump and sprays it at us all constantly.

    Every confused mass shooter with a schizophrenic manifesto will be painted as a fervent Trump supporter – if they say anything about immigrants, regardless of the overt eco- terrorism dripping through other parts.

    Yet, Portland, has more antifa violence – often targeted at people who MIGHT be conservative, in a month than there is purported Trump supporter violence since the election.

    Trump’s rhetoric may be offensive and unpresidential. But leading lights of the media are equally offensive, and Trump’s voice is outnumbered 1000:1 and would be drowned out except that it is offensive enough at times for the left and the media to cry “see, See, hateful, hating hater!!”

    Regardless, Trump was created by the left. If Trump did not exist or changed – another voice would rise.

    Lots of us would like if Trump spoke more like Romney – Romney too was called a fascist, racist, nazi, and more importantly he lost.

    Trump has demonstrated effectively that the only effective way to fight back against the left is to fight fire with fire. To match insult with insult.

    All that said the actual political violence in this country at this moment is almost entirely from the left.

    The danger is not that Trump’s rhetoric will drive conservatives to violence.
    There is near zero danger of that.
    The danger is that the violence of the left will result in violence from conservatives in response.

  2. Why don’t these types like conservative principles and positions?

    Oh yeah, they demand the right to murder babies and their fair share of unconstitutional redistribution of wealth and social engineering including, but not limited to, affirmative action, quotas, welfare, food stamps, rent control, social services, forced busing, minimum wage, utility subsidies, WIC, TANF, HAMP, HARP, Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Labor, Energy, Obamacare, Social Security, Social Security Disability, Social Security Supplemental Income, Medicare, Medicaid, “Fair Housing” laws, “Non-Discrimination” laws, etc.

    Whatever will the communist parasites do if the Constitution and Bill of Rights are ever accurately and faithfully implemented, understanding that American fundamental law comprehensively precludes any imposition of any of the principles of communism.

    Oh yeah, they’ll end their caterwauling and go get a job.

    Article 1, Section 8, and the 5th Amendment right to private property, being unqualified and absolute, deny any power of Congress to tax for any form of redistribution, to regulate any free enterprise or to possess, interfere with or dispose of private property.

    The singular American failure is the Supreme Court and judicial branch. Impeachment and conviction of Justices is made impossible by the 2/3 majority requirement. The exercise of 2nd Amendment rights, while fully constitutional, may also be impossible.

    “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,…”

    – Declaration of Independence

  3. Yes, MAGA Hats Provoke Trouble 

    That Reflects A Polarizing President 

    A friend of mine, an L.A. Public School teacher, is fond of driving his convertible with the roof down.  He is also fond of wearing his Teacher’s Union baseball cap.  But coincidentally this Teachers Union cap looks exactly like a MAGA hat from more than 5 feet away.

    Consequently my friend is frequently harassed while driving his convertible  wearing the hat in question.  People think he is wearing a MAGA hat and respond with belligerence.  My friend could wear a different hat, of course.  But he actually sympathizes with Trump and seems to enjoy these hassles.

    But the belligerence people show towards MAGA hats is obviously a reflection on Donald Trump; a deliberately polarizing president.  Trump watches Fox News obsessively and frequently acts on stories Fox reports.  Trump’s entire political style thrives on ‘the politics of division’.

    Historically presidents spoke in measured, diplomatic tones.  The concept was to sound like a unifying leader to ‘all’ Americans.  Historically presidents were careful not to incite the lunatic fringe nor to encourage disinformation.

    But Donald Trump is essentially The Fox News President.  His politics represents the angry, in-your-face tone of Fox News.  Trump knows his base consists of Whites in search of simple answers.  So Trump’s style is strictly anti-intellectual; the same as Fox News.

    Therefore it should come as no surprise that MAGA hats and Trump-related symbols incite angry responses.  Trump has done everything possible to promote a climate of polarization.  So it’s peculiar when an academic like Johnathan Turley feigns dismay at reactions to Trump-related symbols.  A professional of his caliber should totally understand the dynamics at play 

    1. Yes, MAGA Hats Provoke Trouble

      Peter fancies Republicans should adopt the disposition commonly associated with battered wives.

      That Democrats are emotionally disturbed really is not a Republican problem.

      1. x XX,
        Maybe people aren’t mistaking his friends hat for MAGA hat, and are just pissed at the teachers’ union.

    2. If you respond to views that you do not like – even ones that are actually heinous, racist, mysoginst, …. with violence – then YOU are wrong, and you are EVIL – PERIOD.

      There is no tit for tat between offensive words and violent actions.

      The core role of government is protecting citizens from ACTS of violence – force.

    3. No Trump is NOT the “fox news president”.

      He is the “deplorables president”

      Those like you created him, by looking down your noses at everyone who you disagree with. By spewing the sewage that you accuse Trump of Spreading – not just at Trump, but at everyone that does not share your views.

      If you accuse others of being racists, mysoginysts, homophobes, hateful hating haters – then you had better:

      Hope there are not many of them. because in slurring them you have lost any hope of persuading them.

      Be absolutely perfectly correct, because if you are not – those who make false moral accusations are themselves immoral – evil.

      1. Anonymous, just this week Trump appointed a Fox News staffer to National Intelligence chief. And ‘yes’, it is a controversial appointment. The Fox News staffer, a Mr Grenell, has no background in the Intelligence field. Yet he replaces as former Navy Seal and Rear Admiral.

        1. The insubordinate schemers you so love are all under contract to either CNN or MSNBC.

          That aside, Fraudo, he’s an interim appointment. If the word confuses you, dictionaries are available. He’s held diplomatic positions on and off since 2001. Trump put him there pending a regular replacement because he trusts him. Trump has to deal with a security state apparatus which has it in for him. It’s a reasonable inference his predecessor was responsible for the appointment of the scheming IG who had previously been employed in the Department of Justice and enmeshed in the scamming being undertaken by Yates, Sztrok, Page, and McCabe.

          1. Absurd, Grenell is supposedly going to remain Ambassador to Germany while serving as National Intelligence chief. So Intelligence is not a fulltime job..?? Not in Trump’s administration.

            1. Think of all the Senators, the oh so important ‘legislators’ doing their public service job on behalf of the American people. Then think of all the Senators who have been “running for president” for what, going on two years now? What does that tell you about the job of Senator? They can go out and campaign full time for a year or more while they keep their full time job of Senator? Must not be much work to do as a Senator, eh? Who else could do a full time campaign for a year!!! and then fail at it and go back to their same cushy job that was being done without them for over a year? Only in the gubment can you pull that off.

              1. Anonymous, your answer here is simply a What About. And that’s all we ever get from Trump and Trumpers. The idea seems to be that we cant possibly talk about Donald Trump until we’ve addressed an endless series of What Abouts.

                1. Oh sorry. Let’s talk about Trump. I think he’s doing an amazing job all around. I also think appointing Ric Grenell is upsetting all the right people which makes me think he’s probably the right guy for the job. And yourself?

                  1. “Trump’s New Spy Chief Used to Work for a Foreign Politician the U.S. Accused of Corruption”

                    “Richard Grenell did not disclose payments for advocacy work on behalf of a Moldovan politician whom the U.S. later accused of corruption. ”

                    “His own office’s policy says that could leave him vulnerable to blackmail.”

                    by Isaac Arnsdorf Feb. 21, 4:34 p.m. EST


                  2. Tom / Anonymous, by firing Maquire, Trump sent a clear message to all Intelligence personnel: ‘Don’t report anything negative about Putin or Russia’.

                    Then Trumpers wonder how he got impeached.

                    1. “The US intelligence community’s top election security official appears to have overstated the intelligence community’s formal assessment of Russian interference in the 2020 election, omitting important nuance during a briefing with lawmakers earlier this month, three national security officials told CNN.”

                      Did you catch that Seth? It was “overstated” imagine that. Sure ooks like the latest Russia paranoia bullsh*t about who Putin prefers in the next election was essentially fabricated. Yet again! Do you ever wonder if it is our own “intelligence” agencies that are doing the “interfering” in our elections? Ya think???

                    2. So Seth — let’s make it even more understandable for you. Not only were lawmakers briefed and given “overstated” and “inaccurate” information, but then someone in on that classified briefing (Adam Schiff??) went and leaked that inaccurate info to the New York Times. Oh my. So are you sure about “the message” you think Trump was sending?

                    3. Of course Seth is sure. But things may look different to him if he ever does make it back to planet Earth.

                2. Seth — here’s how to evaluate Trump’s pick of Amb. Ric Grenell. Did you see who Obama had working on his national security and intelligence team? Enough said. Ric is the right man for the job. Why? Again, because all the right people are smearing him and getting nervous.

                  1. Tom / Anonymous, your logic above is simply a variation of common What Abouts. The idea seems to be that Trump must be doing something right if half the country objects. By that logic Nixon was our best president ever.

                    Now please excuse me. I’m due back on planet earth.

                    1. “Anonymous says:February 23, 2020 at 6:14 PM
                      I think Seth is overdue back on planet Earth.”

                      Many of those who hang out her are “overdue back on planet earth.”

                      Not many people comment. There’s a reason for that.

    4. Seth:

      You are defending terrorist attacks and abuse on Republicans because you do not like the President.

      That shows poor judgement.

    5. “the belligerence people show towards MAGA hats is obviously a reflection on Donald Trump; a deliberately polarizing president.”

      Paint Chips, you are blaming your intolerant and diseased mind on others. Get help. You make yourself sounds like one of those that rapes a woman and then says she was asking for it.

      “Trump knows his base consists of Whites in search of simple answers.”

      The problem for you is that Trump is acting on behalf of most Americans and has benefitted minorities and the country tremendously. That bothers you because to you everyone that disagrees with you is a racist. Playing the race card seems to be part of your lifestyle.

  4. The NYT provides an example of how the Left treat Americans in their skewering of, wait for it, a gay Republican appointed to a Cabinet official, the first time ever

    The hit piece was a nasty roto-rooter of a gay man but the NYT is allowed because ….reasons

    The Left makes Trump look stately precisely because they have done for decades to Americans who disagree with their purity tests what Trump has done on twitter for 3 years. Trump has exposed them.

    Sanders will win the DNC nomination and Trump will hand his old, heart failure, ass on a socialist platter

    Trump Names Richard Grenell as Acting Head of Intelligence

    And then there is this laughable comment:

    “While most of the previous directors of national intelligence have tried to take a nonpartisan tone, Mr. Trump has looked askance at officials who have tried to remain neutral. He has increasingly looked to people for positions who he believes share his views.”

    The horror!!!

    1. Spete17, this is what The New York Times said about Trump’s appointment:

      Mr. Trump’s replacement pick, Mr. Grenell, has little intelligence experience and has never run a large bureaucracy. Before he was dispatched to Berlin, he worked as a public affairs consultant and commentator for Fox News. Before that, he was a communications official in President George W. Bush’s administration.

      Although he is taking on a hugely important new job, Mr. Grenell will continue in his capacity as ambassador. As with so many of his appointments, Mr. Trump has installed Mr. Grenell in an “acting” capacity. This puts the president’s appointees on a short leash and avoids the inconvenience of Senate confirmation hearings.

      Mr. Grenell has been an aggressive public cheerleader for Mr. Trump, fiercely and frequently defending him on Fox News and on social media. That appears to be the qualification that truly matters to this president — especially when it comes to overseeing an intelligence community that Mr. Trump has always believed has been out to get him.

      Mr. Trump’s effort to pack the administration with political loyalists has gained momentum since the Senate acquitted him on impeachment charges earlier this month. In recent weeks, the president has removed multiple officials with connections to impeachment, including top National Security Council and Pentagon officials.

      Edited from: “Cripple The Intelligence Agencies? Not Smart”

      The New York Times, 2/21/20

  5. While Turley will slip it in somewhere in his posts that “both sides” provoke violence in a political arena, his MO with his headlines is always about how the left is to blame. Turley never seems to point out what local high schools have experienced since Trump, and the treatment black football and basketball teams get when they play in mostly white districts. Nor does he ever point out the rise of homegrown white supremacist extremists or militia with ammo belts and flak jackets with AR-15’s showing their strength in public at so-called public events for Trump. Turley and others on this site promoting fear and anger about race and political relations only brings willful ignorance about the matter. If he truly wants to bring attention to the matter, then tell the FULL story, not just what his Trump supporting readers want to read.

    1. Says Fishwings who probably lives in a mostly white neighborhood, and if he/she/it every reproduced, they were careful to send their kids to mostly white schools. And who probably eschews venturing into inner city black neighborhoods,etc.

      And then, feeling guilty about making these uber-rational life choices, projects what he/she/it believes to be their own inner-racism onto other white people.

      But no fishwings, it isn’t “racism” that motivated your choices. It was just good common sense and realism. There really is something badly wrong with the majority of black Americans. They have been taught a pack of lies for decades and it has ruined them as a group. Ignorant, illegitimate, violent, resentful and downright stupid.

      That is a result of their life choices, and it has been made worse by white liberals who have enabled them with money and moral support. But, back to you, you need to go easier on yourself, and become a proud white person again!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Squeaky, you live in an all-White trailer park. And given the choice, you would probably take Fishwings’ majority-White neighborhood of tasteful, single-family homes. So what are you hassling him about?

        1. Says the bitter queen of West Hollywood who is blocked by his gay peers on Grindr.

          Looks like Peter ran out of crystal meth so he is here early to tweak his way through the blog all day

          Fun times


          “Gay men have been reported using hook-up apps (i.e. Grindr, Scruff, Hornet) to sell and purchase “Tina,” the slang word used for meth. The spread of meth through hook-up apps has seen an increase of users in prominent gay neighborhoods like West Hollywood in Los Angeles. As such, meth’s psychological addictive qualities and negative physiological effects on the body (i.e. dry mouth, tooth decay, gum disease) can devastate whole communities like these. The issue reached a boiling point when the mayor of West Hollywood, city manager and three city council members contacted the founder and CEO of hook-up app Grindr about it facilitating the illegal sales of meth and requesting the company look at its policies and procedures,”

          1. Estovir schools me on gay culture. I wouldnt know these things if it weren’t for Estovir. But why is he so knowledgeable???

        2. No. Actually my trailer park has a few Negroes in it, and even Hispanics! But, they are working people and they don’t act like low class hoodrats.

          If they did, I would simply move my trailer to whiter surroundings aka green pastures.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

        3. “Squeaky, you live in an all-White trailer park.”

          Peter Paint Chips where do you get off demeaning people who might live in a trailer park? Many people have lived in trailer parks. Check out some of the famous people that have lived in trailer parks or even their cars. You might be amazed or even a fan of some of them. A lot of actors have been waiters. Do you want to make nasty comments about them as well? You are one of the most intollerant people I have ever dealt with.

          1. Actually, I like my trailer! I got it for a song, and I sold my house to my BFF Penelope Dreadful, ESQ. I have a lot of money going into savings every month and when the SHTF, I can simply have it moved to the family farm. All my stuff is in it, and I will not have to pack up everything. Since I mostly work at home it hardly matters where I live as long as I have a less than one hour commute, so that opens up a lot of options for me. I can probably retire at age 50 if I want to, because of the savings, and I don’t have a monthly house note. My lot rent is reasonable, and about 1/4 of what I would pay for a brick and mortar place. I have 2 bathrooms. 3 bedrooms, and a fireplace. So yes. I am happy.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. Squeeky::

              Life is about setting and managing expectations if you want to be happy. The happiest man I ever knew was my uncle who made at most $280.00 a week working in a warehouse, My aunt stayed home and raised two successful kids. One was an All-American athlete who retired from a Fortune 50 company then opened two restaurants. The other opened his own insurance business. My uncle came home every day ay noon for lunch that my aunt prepared for him. He never took welfare and never asked for anything from anybody. He died surrounded by family who loved and missed him. That’s a happy man.

              Brava Squeeky you learned the secret to being happy!

    2. Turley never seems to point out what local high schools have experienced since Trump, and the treatment black football and basketball teams get when they play in mostly white districts.

      Because there’s nothing to point out.

        1. Drop the tina pipe, girlfriend

          When someone asserts “there is nothing” it means just that.

          Now run along and let the adults dialogue about issues above your IQ level

    3. Fishwings:

      Turley reports on violence and aggressions towards Republicans, because this is routinely ignored by the mainstream media.

      While there are cooks in every party, there is no comparison in the trends between Democrats and Republicans.

      Democrats are not harassed at universities across the country.

      Democrats are not afraid to voice their opinions for fear of getting a lower grade.

      Democrat invited speakers are not blocked at most universities across the country, with threats of violence and riots.

      Democrats across the country are not afraid to wear their political clothing when they leave the house. On the contrary, they confidently can wear shirts emblazoned with murderous dictators like Mao or Chavez.

      Democrats across the country are not targeted with violence and harassment for political views.

    1. The youngsters are free to leave when the adults who escorted them here go home. They are detained because these adults are clogging up tribunals with bogus asylum claims.

    1. The smaller question is why you’re too careless an indolent to click on his link. It was reported by a Fox affiliate who took the report off the AP wire.

  6. Off topic. Trump is going to India for a visit. The Politico media blog has an article about this trip. The article refers to Indians who migrated to the U.S. as “Indian Americans”. There is another segment of humans in America whom we refer to as American Indians. I wonder if our American Indians migrated from India centuries ago. Those of you on the blog we who are either Indian Americans or American Indians should give you thoughts. I have some Osage in my ancestors.

  7. It also surprises me that the lives of Trump supporters and staff that has been abused by Muellers investigators have not been expose. I read a dummary of KT Mc Farland s book and its scary. She worked with Flynn and one day with no warrant they showrd up at her house, took her papers and computers. .Then she was interrogated for 30 plus hours where they wanted to plead guilty for lying and evidentually went to Scotland to get away. This is scary and has happened to others. The violence is not surprising. After you have called someone every rotten name in the book with no bad names left then violence happens. The fact that tjese stories are surpressed are part of it.

    1. The institutional culture of the Department of Justice and the Democratic Party is just rancid. Partisan Democrats are content with that, because they think the monster will never be turned on them.

      1. Institutional culture throughout the bureaucracy of the entire federal government is rancid, period.

        “President Trump was reportedly livid after 14 Diamond Princess passengers infected with coronavirus were flown back to the United States without notifying him and against his wishes, according to the Washington Post.

        Trump and his coronavirus task force were told last Saturday that Americans quarantined for weeks aboard the luxury cruise ship would be brought home on two chartered planes, but that infected patients or those with symptoms would remain in Japan. That decision was overruled without Trump’s knowledge, according to the report.

        Trump was briefed on the decision and agreed that healthy passengers should not be on the plane with sick ones, three senior administration officials said. But the State Department and a top U.S. health official ultimately decided to bring back the 14 Americans who tested positive for the virus on the planes and place them in isolation — without informing the president first.

        Trump learned of the decision after the fact and was reportedly angry that he wasn’t consulted first – as the decision “could damage his administration’s handling of the response,” according to the report.”


        “The State Department and a top US health official ultimately decided” Where’s that fat lard Pompeo on this? Friggin’ neocon undermining Trump, but Trump picked him, so that’s on him.

        My point, and I do have one, is that when lefty, commie bureaucrats are so infected with their “resistance” virus, this is the kind of s–t that happens, and it puts everyone at risk. Cute, real cute, Ian Brownlee, you vicious little f*ck, and the legions of lefties everywhere who think “I gotta right to resist.” Trump had the right idea, they decided to override him and damn the risks. To that degree, they’re no different than the POSs who attack Trump supporters because flags and Maga hats.

        Everyone’s afraid of Bernie? S**t. The commies are already here and now, in charge of stuff, and demonstrating their incompetence and arrogance throughout the bureaucracy of the fedgov.

  8. The criminal charges should include assault with a deadly weapon. The car is a deadly weapon. Also charge them with failure to speak clean English in a single rant. Punishment: strap them on a raft. Put it the middle of the river above Niagra falls and let the raft head down stream. State to them:. “Y’all don’t come back here. Hear?”. Retrieve the raft, not the bodies.

  9. What in the name of God is wrong with so many young people? This isn’t about Trump, it’s about unhinged youth. There is nothing ok with harming children in any context, and clearly these two idiots can’t make that moral distinction. Their lives are tainted before they’ve even begun, and I hope they throw all of the books at them.

  10. Typical Democrats. They can do this sort of stuff because they have been taught that they are special and smart just because they are Democrats. Because everybody knows Democrats are good and Republicans are bad because. Faith. People are Democrats for the same reasons people are Catholics or Protestants.

    They run from questions like, “Uh, how does flooding the country with illegal cheap labor help poor black Americans???” – the same way that Bible thumping Christians who believe the Bible is literally true run from “Uh how did Noah get T-Rex’s and Brontosauri on the Ark???”

    They just call people names and run like Hell before they have to explain anything.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  11. The middle has dropped out in the Trump v. Bernie world. The current officeholders who occupy the middle, the compromisers, the deal-makers, the makers of laws that benefit their big $upporters — they are running scared. Neither fits their worldview.
    This news story is a example of the polarizing of political views.
    The NewsBiz is about views and clicks and eyes on ads. They’re in it for the bucks. You can get more honest news on a legal blog.

    1. Ironically enough, Trump IS the middle.

      If the Democrats had not shoved him right of his default, it would be more obvious, but that’s the very reason he draws so many people from the center left, and the reason he’s drawn so, so many conservatives from the far right back toward the center as well.

      The Democrats could have gotten a lot done in the last three years, but instead they killed that opportunity before it could be born.

      It’s interesting to think about what would have happened if they had chosen to work with Trump instead of trying to destroy him. There’s a good chance we’d be in the process of electing a democrat in 2020. Instead, they’re dyeing the country red.

  12. Agreed on the coverage narrative. As we know, all media plays to its niche/base, they’re in the business of selling ad space, hits, likes, access, etc. and while some facets of it will fight the good fight to remain as neutral as possible, all venues feel pressure, even active mandates to hit with their coverage. Absolutely makes them susceptible to covering one side of a story.

    Also, Trumpism has crossed into ‘insanity breeds further insanity’ territory. I want to tread carefully here in saying this because on the grand scale of things, no, they aren’t the worst. You’d have to, say, look at the very early days of societies going full on repressive to get an accurate comparison of where Trumpism and its corresponding reaction takes things. In fact, if you were to pull back and separate Trump enough from his rhetoric to just grade him on his marketing skill/ mesmerizing abilities, I’d say he’s a an absolute master of subtly making the suggestion and then watching his followers take the ball and run with it. Every time he’s on stage at a rally and pauses with that side glance he does and says something along the lines of ‘you know what I’m talking about’, it’s him working his “skill” at its finest.

    We can also see this at work in reaction to his governing…, bottom line, a typical reaction to a president is not to get impeached. And the Mueller report, in terms of formal conspiracy agreement with Trump and his campaign couldn’t take the final step and pronounce Trump guilty even though painstakingly detailing out what the conspiracy looked like. Trump hints, those around him act, and further still, other forces with true bad intent take advantage of what he’s doing. Michael Cohen’s testimony did the best job at cataloguing this trait.

    Basically Trump, rhetorically speaking, will always push the edges and frankly I’m surprised at the lack of reaction to him relatively speaking. I thought in ’16 almost all his rallies would end up like that one near Chicago where things got really chaotic and it stepped into riot territory. Trump is a master at recognizing the fatigue the public has of an actual overthrow. Truthfully, the public has been largely apathetic about doing this since the days of Watergate. Iran Contra-gate literally ran out of Bush Sr’s office and they had him dead to rights, yet there wasn’t enough political will to remove remove Reagan.

    In my opinion, Trump is fated to answer this dilemma though. He’ll push things to a breaking point somehow. And he’ll generate a counterbalancing insanity that will be at least as pervasive as the one he’s created through his rhetoric. All that has to be determined are the specific instances. They’ll be surprising for sure.

    1. I agree with the statements about media bias. Actually its not bias, but business as usual. It begs the question: we can’t think about or understand our society unless it is reported to us?

      As for the blame Trump for everything narrative I disagree. In fact the most dangerous mentality we have going is “it’s them, not us.” Its s crowd mentality to hide behind, or march with, a crowd.

      It’s not going to be solved by Trump or Sanders or any individual. It may have to be public schools.

    2. Also, Trumpism has crossed into ‘insanity breeds further insanity’ territory.

      He says, in regard to a brief news item about a pair of the President’s supporters being forced off the road.

    3. “Trumpism has crossed into ‘insanity breeds further insanity’ territory.”

      Nope, sorry, you’ll have to back that up, otherwise it’s just an assertion – basic propaganda, the kind of disingenuous smear you tune into cnn or msnbc for.

      I feel bad for those two aggressors actually. It’s no wonder they lash out with violence and hate. Kids like them don’t stand a chance. They spend all day getting pickled in PX-41 by Leftist handlers disguised as teachers, then go home and listen to the Leftist religious services on cable news networks. They’re forbidden from hearing dissent, or contrary opinions. The best thing law enforcement could do for them is put them in solitary for a week and take away their cable, and social media.

      But you’re ignoring the point of the article, and the fact that you’re ignoring it is also the point. The violence and hate of the Left is on the rise. They so desperately wanted to create some kind of Civil Rights movement that they could play hero in, and ironically they wound up on the wrong side of it.

    4. There is alot of Trump (and all his supporters) are evil and insane from one end to the other of your comment.

      How about some evidence ?

      Did Trump use the IRS to thwart political oposition ?
      Did Trump give guns to Drug cartels ?
      Did Trump preside over the weakest economic recovery since the great depression ?
      Did Trump spy on legislators ? Journalists ? Political opponents ?
      Did trump have sex with an intern in the oval office ?
      Did Trump lie under oath ?
      Did Trump blame some peon with an internet video no one had seen for the death of a US ambassador to coverup being unprepared for a terrorist attack on the aniversay of 9/11 ?

      I can go on and on.

      I can also cite you consequential policy disagreements I have with Trump, on immigration, or Trade, or foreign policy. Trump is wrong on these. But he is not “evil” – just as Pres. Obama was also wrong on the same issues, but was not evil.

      I have zero interests in your slurs – not of Trump, not of his supporters, not of anyone left or right. Just as I am not moved by Trump’s insults, or Pelosi’s or Schumer’s or Schiff’s or Don Lemon’s or Rachel Maddows.

      Slurs are not arguments.

  13. My youngest son,
    Kjell Benson MD,
    has written a book entitled
    The Story Addict.
    I recommend it to all, for what it will inform you about the state of medical practice in the USA.

    1. Does Kjell know his father is awake late at night into the wee hours insulting other commenters on a legal blog or, worse, has conversations with himself on said blog?


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